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 . Pershing School .
Oconto County, Wisconsin


contributed by:
Larry Grady

Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

Pershing School
c: 1910
Some of the students shown are:
Esther Allie, Violet Carey, Ray Molitor, Dewey Boyce, Marvin Pagel, Joe Kania, Philip Graef
contributed by: Jilaine

The portrait is of teacher 
Mr. Landon O'Grady. 
He taught at Pershing School
during the 1930's
contributed by: Jilaine

February 1937.
Grades 1-4 as identified by number

 1.  Bernard Graef
 2.  Margaret Shussler
 3.  Billy Prausa
 4.  Marie Graef
 5.  Vernon Christopherson
 6.  Eileen Schrader
7.  Lila Mae Scheffen
 8.  Lydia Sellen
 9.  Leslie Scheffen
10. Kevin Christopherson
11. Catherine Garrigan
12. Emil Ripley
13. Marvin Christopherson

contributed by: Jilaine

February 1937.
Grade 5
1.Viola Earley
2. Harry S. 
3. Gilbert Earley
4. Harley Garrigan
5. Betty Prausa
6. Alfred Sellen
7. Robert Ripley
8. Clifford Rouer
9. Roland Prausa
10. James Garrigan
11. Ila Mae Christopherson
12. June Prausa
13. Mary Jane Garrigan
14. George Shussler
15. Dorothy Garrigan
16. Robert Scheffen
17. Geraldine Ripley

Teacher:  Mr. Landon O'Grady

contributed by: Jilaine

Article contributed by:
Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1953 and 1954 news article)

This is the 9th in a series of articles
sponsored by the Oconto County Teachers Association 
to promote better public relations in the schools of our county. 

The articles were  found in the scrap book of his late mother.

The Pershing school district was organized in the year of 1887 by the town board of Little River. The following school board members were elected: Frank Brown as clerk, George Schlosser as treasurer, and Frank Pelkey as director. Plans were organized for purchasing a school site and the building of a school house, 28 feet by 36 feet. The first teacher in this school was Miss Edna Russell who taught for eight months at thirty dollars a month. The children had to buy their own books at first. Then in 1895 the district voted to furnish free text books. At some of those Annual Meetings the voters authorized the school board to hire a male teacher some years and a female teacher other years. It seemed their wishes varied from year to year.

In 1he year 1903 plans were made to build the present two room brick school house. The price was not to exceed $3,200.00. Twenty-eight hundred dollars was borrowed from the Kellogg National Bank of Green Bay to finance the greater part of this building project. Special meetings were called that same year to exchange school grounds and to drill a well on the new school ground. William Harley of Lena drilled the well for $150.00. The old school house was sold for one hundred dollars. A wood furnace costing $155.00 was installed in the new building by the Libal Brothers of Lena. Wood was furnished for two dollars a cord. The first teachers in the two-room school were Mary Muiller and Mrs. M. E. Bergman who received $45.00 and $35.00 per month. The school board at this time was George Schlosser, William Brown, and William Lorenz. The district became a joint district with a part of Lena Township being added to it. During the early years of the school the walls were whitewashed and later on they were kalsomined. The floors were oiled. Down through the years improvements were gradually made for the school and the grounds, such as the large bell and slate blackboards. This article is the ninth of a series of articles sponsored by the Oconto County Teacher Association to promote better public relations in the schools of our county.

In the year 1931 the eighth graders of Pershing School went on a tour to Washington, D.C. Marie Wondrash of Lena was the upper room teacher at that time. some playground equipment and the piano were purchased while Miss Wondrash was teaching here.

In the year 1949 a slide was added to the school ground equipment. Running water and indoor toilets were installed that same year. The toilet rooms were both installed in the basement.

For many years the school had been heated by two wood stoves, which were purchased back in the year 1923. but this fall an automatic oil burning furnace has been installed. Many other improvements and supplies were added this year. Both class rooms and the hall were redecorated. New locks and automatic closer were put on both the front an back doors. Glass windows were put in the front doors. Good cement steps were built for the front and back entrances. Eight class chairs were purchased for the lower room. A set of book shelves has been built for the lower room and another set for the upper room.

The District has a 4-H Club, Parents' Club, and an active school board that takes much interest in the improvement of their school. The present school board includes August Christopherson as clerk, Oscar Schloser as treasurer, and Oliver Shallow as director. The present total enrollment is forty-five pupils. Miss Norine Otradovec is teaching the lower room and Mrs. Robert Christopherson the upper room.