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Sampson School
 County "C"
on the north side of the road
immediately east of where Schwartz Road dead ends into "C".
town of Chase

Oconto County, Wisconsin

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Photo above contributed by:
Bob Reim 
This photo is of the 1890s when women wore bustles, synced waist corsets ideally at
16 inches, feathered hats and full "mutton chop" sleeves in the "Gibson Girl" fashion.

Sampson School was in use in the 1880s and was still found on the 1898 and 1905 town of Chase plat maps. By 1912 it was no longer in use. It's location was southeast of the village of Sampson, in town of Chase on what was the L. Blaser property, section 3. There is an old metal pipe near the road, possibly part of the well pipe pictured in front of the boys standing on the left of the photo. The pipe stands along the north side of "C" and is now used as a fence post at the spot where the school once stood.

Sampson school was replaced in Fall of 1905 by North Chase School at the corner of Holowinski Road and County Road "C" when town of Chase decided to build three new schools due to increasing population, originally named North, Central and South. These three schools would cover the east side of town of Chase. Lincoln, Sunny Side and Good Cheer would cover the west side of the township.

 Although there is some local lore that says North Chase - Roosevelt School was built in 1908, school records show classes being held in the building in the Fall of 1905. Other descendants of local residents remember being told that Sampson School was open until the Spring of 1905, closing at the end of the 1904 - 1905 term. To save the expense of constructing a new building when Sampson School building was not old, during the Summer of 1905 a new foundation for Sampson School building was constructed at the Holowinski and County "C" Roads corner and the building was moved east along highway "C" to that new spot. The building was then renamed North Chase School.

The North Chase School was later renamed Roosevelt School in 1908 after then president Theodore Roosevelt was elected. As attendance dropped to the point that Roosevelt School could no longer be kept open, it was closed in 1940. The following year it was sold and moved to the city of Pulaski, being used as a doctor's office until being remodeled into a private residence. Please see the Roosevelt School  for more details: click here

Photos below contributed by:
Judith Anderson
Taken 2011

I have photographed pages from a Sampson Public School 1901-1902 booklet which lists the students attending for this school year. My grandfather's sisters and brothers are the Rasmussen children. I am also related to the Plautz family. The booklet is in wonderful condition and even has the original tassel. I thought this might be of interest to others in the Oconto area. Judy Anderson

Front Cover

District No. 2
Town of Chase, Oconto County, Wis.
Belle V. Le Clair,  Teacher.
1901 - 1902
Lulu Cleveland
Benjamin Harteau
Louis Rasmussen
Ella Krieser
Ruby Harteau
Mary Major
Florence Waldron
Margaret Wendt
Melvin Major
Leo Forcier
Samuel Major
Etta Horsch
Adelaide Major
Amos Forcier
Eulalia Major
Josephine Harteau
Viola Major
Clarence Rasmussen
Herman Rasmussen
Herman Wendt
Harry Harteau
Clyde Rymer
Margaret Pankratz
Clara Rasmussen
William Rasmussen
Ida Rasmussen
Robert Harteau
Elsie Jahnke
Minnie Alt
Edna Wendt
Edward Pankrantz
George LeMere
Walter Alt
Nellie Horsch
William Huck
Wilfred Forcier
Annie Jones
Wand Gerring
Jerome Poquette
Edward Jahnke
Artencia Lampman
Oscar Rasmussen
Gertia Bauers
Albert Krieser
Lottie Major
Laura Krieser
Thomas Major
Westly Krieser
Amy Harteau
Frederick Jahnke
Antone Margus
Bartlet Whelan
Clarence Harteau
Florence Pankratz
Addie Major
Wallace Harteau
Willie Jones
Martha Schliep
Earl Rymer
Stewart Waldron
August Horsch
Marie Duffy
Johnny Jones
                                      Marion Goodwin                                Ivie Goodwin
                                                             SCHOOL BOARD
                             Thos. Goodwin                        -            Clerk
                        Edwin Cleveland                  -        Treasurer
                        Chris Horsch                    -              Director