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  Sunshine School
7708 Sunshine Rd.

Oconto County, Wisconsin

Built 1882
Photo contributed by:
Jill Gondek
Taken 2010

Article contributed by:
Larry Grady

(transcribed from the 1953 news article below)


The Sunshine School District dumber One was formed in the year of 1881, as District Number Five of Little River. It is located two miles West of Lena on County Trunk A. The first school board consisted of C. W. Halstead, and R. Cashman the other officers.

The original log school and benches were built in 1882, on the present plot of land by F. Pellessier who also taught the first term. The rest of the school term being taught by E. L. Widger and Jennie Grandie.

When the school was built it was on land belonging to Holt. The District did not acquire title to this property till May 1892. In the fall of 1892. Sol Pelkey was awarded a $500.00 contract to build a new school. The old school was used while the new one was being built. It was of wooden exterior, painted red and in 1909 it was refinished with brick veneer. At present it is finished with wood siding and painted white.

The present school board consists of Alvin Glime, Director; Loyd Kieffer. Clerk; Paul Magle, Tresurer. The present teacher is Miss Theresa Steffeck.

When the new school was built a large type stove was installed which burned wood. Wood in the year of 1896 sold for about 95cents a cord. Today we have a modern oil burner that keeps the school at even temperature day and night. About 1930 a group of ladies in the District gave a home talent play and bought a piano for the school as well as dishes and cooking utensiles.

The first County Superintendent was Mr. Gilkey and the supervising teacher Miss Birr. They had nine months of school the first year, divided into three terms; fall, winter, and spring.

In 1944 to 1946 the Sunshine School was voted closed and the children conveyed to the Lena School. Then in 1946 they consolidated with Meadow Brook and the pupils came to the Sunshine District. The Meadow Brook School is now used as a Community Club House.

Throughout the years improvements have been added, such as a basement, larger playground, playground equipment, water system, indoor plumbing, and a new floor.