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A Victorian Celebration of Love
All from Oconto County!

Dedicated to my sweet Valentine.

The Penny Postcard was the e-mail message of the early 1900's and was especially popular at holiday time. While you waited for your order to be wrapped in brown paper and string at the local general store, you picked out cards to write in the few moments while "catching your breath" between chores. With the inception of mail rural route delivery, there was almost no one that you could not keep in touch with, regardless of how near or far. If you could not read English, the mail carrier or a neighbor would read it to you. And you could write your note, in any language, to the folks back in the "old country". Many of the illustrations used below were reminiscent of what had been left behind. 

Language of the Flowers.

Flowers had special meanings to Victorians. If you knew the meaning, you knew the special  message being sent to you. Roses, alone, had 37 different meanings, depending on type and color. Lily of the Valley signified "the return of happiness". Pansies meant "thoughts" and coupled with Lily of the Valley meant "thoughts of happiness returning". Blue (purple) violets were often sent to mothers signifying their "faithfulness".  Wild white daisies and red poppies told from the sender "I will think of you with consoling thoughts". To see an extensive listing of flowers and their Victorian meanings please click Here (this is a link to another site, click "back" at the top of your page to return).

Who received Valentines?

At this point in the late Victorian era, anyone could send their Valentines cards to everyone. Beside the usual romantic couples, best friends sent cards of loving care to each other. Single men often sent comic or even naughty cards to their good buddies or cards that wished a friend luck and offered encouragement in a romantic venture. Grandmas and favorite aunts could expect them from the young cookie loving boys in the family. Daddies and grandpas read loving messages from the young girls. Mothers were sent all kinds of messages. Neighbors sent kind thoughts and a little local news. Old friends caught up on the latest family happenings. Young ladies were offered dreams of swooning in the arms of one who loved them. There was also the romantic allure of visions of exotic places in the world. And there were always the exciting anonymous messages of love from secret admirers. No one, from all walks of life, was to go without a Valentine if at all possible.

You are my Valentine!

Please take a few moments to enjoy these century old Valentines sent with love from one person to another in my own family. Join me in a chance to again celebrate their passion,  kindness,  love, caring, compassion and their lives.

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