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researched, transcribed and contributed by:  Lisa Janzer

History of Company "M" - Oconto, WI

Company "M" 2nd Wisconsin National Guard Unit was originally formed on May 2, 1889, the first in Oconto,  and were offically sworn to duty in 1893. They continued afterward as an active national guard unit  through World War I. Their first call to active duty was the Spanish-American War (1898), then the Mexican-American War in 1916, and World War I (1918)

     Lisa Racine Janzer here. My sister Bobbi found a wallet we believe to have belonged to my Grandfather, Norman M. Racine. He and his family were from Little River.
     In this wallet was a newspaper clipping of the first Guard Company formed in Oconto. My Grandpa's family,  N. Racine and William Racine. are included in the picture, along with many other names that could possibly  help in the search of their ancestors.

Lisa Janzer 

Oconto's First National Guard Unit
(transcription of photo caption at left)

This is old company "M". The first National Guard unit to represent Oconto. The uniforms were cast offs purchased from the government.  Brigadier General Wilbur M. Lee of the 32nd Division, who served with  distinction in France, was it's first captain and it was due, in a great measure, to his efforts that the unit is still in existence. A picture of General Lee will be found to left. Following are members of the original company.

 From Left to Right.
Top Row: Harry Meyers, Nerenhausen, Dave Dillon, Paul Wilhelm, Ed Batten, Frank Ansorge, unknown, Finegan, next four unidentified, Joe Schauers, Albert Cummings, 1st Lieut.: Major W. M. Lee; Captain W. B. Hall; George Murphy, Frank Heath, 2nd Lieut.; George Calligan, unidentified, C. Werth; George Pecor; Unidentified, Joseph Housner, Carl Johnson, Phil. A. Badour, Dud Burns.

Center Row: 
Boker, Steve Richard, Dennis Keefe, William Racine, Mineau, N. Racine, William Ryan, Ed Richard, Alfred Klass, Frank Pecor, Irving Harris, Joseph Burkhardt, Claude Simpson and John Follette, Cook. Bottom Row: Theo, Teske, William Lacourciere, John Seymore, Kuehl, Ed Harris, Joseph Heller, Fred Bloch, Charles Freward, Burt Simpson,  "Smokey" Haskins, Henry Pettigrew, Buglar Pe??(Pecor), Nelgard, and Louis Follette.

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