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Amiot-Villeneuve to Gauthier to Brunet to Larocque Line

Phillipe Amiot, born about 1602 Soissons, Chartres, France; died September 26, 1639 Quebec;
married November 22, 1625 Soissons, Chartres, France, to Anne Convent, born about 1607 Soissons, Chartres, France, daughter of Guillaume Convent and Antoinette DeLongeval; died December 25, 1675 Quebec.
Anne Convent also married Jacques Mahew on September 26, 1639, and Etienne Blanchon on September 10, 1666.

Known children of Phillipe Amiot and Anne Convent were:
Jean Amiot, born about 1625; died May 23, 1648 Trois Rivieres, PQ, Canada; married to Marguerite Poulin about 1645
Mathieu Amiot, born about 1628 in Chartres, France; died December 19, 1688 in Quebec; married to Marie Miville November 22, 1650 in Quebec
Jean Gencien Amiot, born 1635 Soissons, Chartres, France; died April 16, 1708 Quebec; married August 7, 1673 to unkown woman
Charles Amyot, born August 26, 1636 in Quebec; died December 10, 1669 in Quebec; married Genevieve DeChavigny on May 2, 1660 Notre Dame, Quebec

Pierre "LeSuisse" Miville, born about 1602 Fribroug, Suisse, Can. Fribourg, Suisse, son of Francois Isaac Miville (who was the son of (Jacques Miville) and Salome Lomene; died October 14, 1669 Cote de Lauzon, PQ, Canada;
married about 1629 Charentes, Maritimes, France to Charlotte Maugis, born about 1607 St. Germain, Saint Onge, France, daughter of Alphonse Maugis and Louise DeMerle; died October 10, 1676 Cote de Lauzon, PQ, Canada.

Known children of Pierre "LeSuisse Miville and Charlotte Maugis were:
Amyee Miville, born about 1629 in Switzerland
Gabriel Miville, born about 1630 Notre Dame, de Brouage, France; died November 11, 1635 Notre Dame, de Brouage, France
Jacques Miville, born about 1632 Switzerland
Marie Miville, born December 13, 1632 Notre Dame, de Brouage, France; died September 5, 1702 Hotel Dieu Quebec City, PQ, Canada;
married November 22, 1650 to Mathieu Amiot in Notre Dame, Quebec, Canada
Francois Miville, born May 16, 1634 Notre Dame, de Brouage, France; died November 23, 1711 Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, PQ, Canada; married August 10, 1660 - spouses: Marie Langlois & Jeanne Savonet
Aimee Miville, born August 12, 1635 Notre Dame, de Bourage, France; died December 10, 1713 St. Anne Beaupre, Montmorency, PQ, Canada; married July 2, 1652 Notre Dame, Quebec, Canada to Robert Giguere
Madeleine Miville, born November 18, 1636 Notre Dame, de Bourage, France; married November 20, 1652 Chapelle Pere, Jesuit, Quebec, Canada to Jean Cauchon
Jacques Deschenes Miville, born May 2, 1639 St. Hilaire, Hiers-Brouage, Saintonge, France; died January 27, 1687/88 Riviere Ouelle, PQ, Canada; married November 12, 1699 Notre Dame, PQ, Canada to Catherine DeBaillon
Suzanne Miville, born January 24, 1639/40 St. Hilaire, d'Hiers-Brouage, France; died August 29, 1675 Ste. Famille, Montmorency, PQ, Canada; married April 12, 1655 to Antoine Poulet/Paulet

Next generation:
Mathieu Amiot-Villeneuve, born about 1628, and Marie Miville, born December 13, 1632. Information above.

Known children were:
Charles Amiot-Villeneuve, born October 20, 1651 Quebec; died October 23, 1711 Quebec; married October 22, 1677 Quebec City, New France to Rosalie Duquet
Marie Catherine Ursule Amiot, born April 21, 1664 Quebec; died November 29, 1715 Lauzon, PQ, Canada; married November 1, 1683 Neuville, PQ, Canada to Jean Duquet-Desroches
Etienne Amiot-Villeneuve, born November 10, 1672 Quebec; died December 17, 1730 St. Augustin, PQ, Canada; married October 15, 1708 Quebec to Jeanne Campagna; married August 13, 1721 to Marie Anne Poitras, born October 20, 1709
Pierre Amiot-Villeneuve, born January 27, 1653 Quebec; died between 1708 and 1714 Portneuf, PQ, Canada; married October 12, 1681 to Jeanne Renard; married Before 1687 to Louise Jeanne Taudiere
Anne Marie Amiot, born March 21, 1654 Quebec; died December 16, 1737 Levis, PQ, Canada; married April 30, 1670 Notre Dame, Quebec to Jean Huard, son of Marin Huard and Julienne Bouillet
Marguerite Amiot, born January 24, 1656 Quebec; died February 26, 1724; married June 19, 1670 Quebec to Jean Jolly/Joly
Jean Baptiste Amiot-Villeneuve, born June 25, 1658 Quebec; died September 19, 1685 Quebec; married July 20, 1682 Notre Dame, Quebec to Genevieve Guyon du Rouvray
Francoise Amiot, born July 12, 1660 Quebec; died February 8, 1735/36 St. Augustin, PQ, Canada; married November 5, 1675 Quebec to Charles Gingras
Jean Amiot-Villeneuve, born May 10, 1662 Quebec; died 1681
Daniel Joseph Amiot-Villeneuve, born October 4, 1665 Quebec; married September 9, 1709 to Marie Kapiouarnokoue/Kapi8arnok8e; second marriage to Domithilde Oukabe/Nepveuouikabe/LaFourche, daughter of KeWaNoQuat, sister of NisSoWaQuet - an Ottawa Indian Woman; Daniel died about 1726.
Mathieu Amiot-Villeneuve, born August 23, 1667 Quebec; died December 2, 1684 Quebec
Philippe Amiot-Villeneuve, born April 9, 1669 Quebe4c; died March 13, 1722 Portneuf, PQ; married October 25, 1694 Portneuf, PQ, Canada to Marie Harnois
Jeanne Amiot, born November 22, 1670 Quebec; married February 26, 1691 to Paul Tessier
Marie Amiot, born 1674 Quebec; died November 7, 1714 Quebec
Marie Francoise Amiot, born June 13, 1676 Quebec; died November 23, 1758 Montreal, PQ, Canada; married November 24, 1699 St. Augustin, PQ, Canada to Jean Baptiste Thibaut
Genevieve Amiot, born November 5, 1678 Quebec; died November 13, 1678 Quebec

Daniel Joseph Amiot-Villeneuve, born October 4, 1665 Quebec, and Domitilde/Domethilde Oukabe/LaFourche. Information found above.
Domitilde later married Augustin Langlade in 1728 (I have some information
on his ancestors)

Known children of Daniel Joseph Amiot-Villleneuve and Domitilde Oukabe:
Daniel Villeneuve, born 1712; baptised September 27, 1712 at the Mission of St. Ignace de Michillimakinak; married to Madeleine _____
Anne Villeneuve, born 1715; baptized March 8, 1716 at the Mission of St. Ignace de Michillimakinak; died 1757; married to Antoine Guillory
Marie Louise Theresa Villeneuve, born 1720; baptized January 10, 1720 at the Mission of St. Ignace de Michillimakinak; died 1749; married October 2, 1736 to Claude Gautier
Jean Baptiste Villeneuve, born 1722; baptized May 13, 1722 at the Mission of St. Ignace de Michillimakinak; died 1759
Nanette Villeneuve, born 1723; died 1757; married to Charles Chaboillez
Constant Villeneuve, born 1725; died 1759 Agathe Villeneuve, born 1726; died 1801; married 1745 to Francois Boisguilbert; married to Pierre Souligny; married to Amable Roy

Claude Gautier/Gauthier (also listed as Claude Charles Germain Gautier/Gauthier de Verville); died 1757; and Marie Louise Villeneuve, born in 1720. Information above.

Known children were:
Claude Charles Gautier, born about 1738; died 1803; married January 1, 1779 Prairie du Chien, WI to Magdeleine Paschal Chevalier (had many children by Panis Indian Woman owned by his uncle, Charles de Langlade before his marriage to Magdeleine Chevalier)
Jean Baptiste Gautier, born 1740
Marie Gautier born May 19, 1742
Joseph Augustin Gautier, born October 3, 1745
Claude Germain Gautier, born October 3, 1745

Claude Charles Gautier/Gauthier de Verville, born February 3, 1737/38. Information above. (Panis was used by French to denote a Slave)

Known Children with Sioux Woman:
Catherine Gautier; married to Jean Baptiste Brunet
Marguerite Gautier; married to _____ Rollett Known

children with Winnebago Woman:
Charles Gautier; married a Chippewa Woman
named Josette Bartemi Gautier _______ Gautier

Known children with Ottawa Woman:
Joseph Gautier Victor Gautier

Known children with Sac-Fox Woman:
Francois Gautier; married to Rosalie LaPoint
Jean Baptiste Gautier; married to Ursule LaPoint

Known children with Menominee Woman:
Pierre Gautier Antoine Gautier

Known children with his wife, Magdeleine Paschal Chevalier:
Magdeline Gautier, born 1780; married to Henry Monroe Fisher
Domitille Madeleine Gautier, born 1781; married to Michael Brisbois, Jr. (births and marriages of these two children took place in Prairie du Chien)

Jean Baptiste Brunet and Catherine Gautier/Gauthier.
Only known child at this time was Catherine Brunet who married Basile
Larocque on July 27, 1811 at Notre Dame, Montreal, PQ, Canada


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