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Submitted by Dave Cisler



George and Fanny
Barribeau c:1930 

George Barribeau Sr.  Born on March 14, 1850. In 1867 at the age of 17 he came by foot and train, along with brothers Adelore and Telesphore from St. Leon, Canada to the Oconto area.  No trace had been found of Adelore or Telesphore until recently when a check of the 1895 state census found them both living in the city of Oconto along with their families.  A younger brother, Antoine, born Sept. 29, 1857, came to the Oconto area in 1880 and settled in the county, farming for many years. A sister is said to have moved from St. Leon to Lynn, Mass, where she married but her married name is unknown.

Fanise, "Fanny" Barribeau, Born March 2, 1860 came to Oconto at age 7 with her father and mother.  Dominic Barribeau and Rosalie Burley Barribeau and two sisters.  One sister died in route and was buried on shore.  It is said that they were met at the dock in Oconto by one of the Pecor brothers and that they stayed at his house until suitable housing could be found for them.

George and Fanny though having the same last name, though not related were married on 13 June, 1874. The family lived in Frenchtown, now a historic area in the city of Oconto, and had 12 children.  George Sr. died on May 9, 1933, age 83.  Fanny died August 21, 1950 at the age of 90.

BarribeauFamily c:1907 Left to right

Top Row Melina (John Perarteau), Xavier (#1 Ellsie Kahr #2Mary Kureck or Miller), Oliver (single), Maragette (Charlie Werth), George Jr. (Annie Seibert), Elizabeth (MacMcCoy), Clare (Clarence Smith), Joseph (Victoria Brisson), Fanny (Mother), Francis (Emma Bittner), Melvin (On father's knee "died young"), George Sr. (Father), Vida (Harry McLeod), Gertrude "Belle" (Fred Pecor).


Youngest child of the Barribeau family, Francis [sitting], during an August visit with his niece Miriam Cisler, daughter of George Jr. and Annie Seibert Barribeau. Mrs. Cisler is 91 years old at the time of the picture, Francis is 97.

Though George and Fanny had the same last name, they were not related, and they married. Their oldest child, my Grandfather, George Jr. was born on May 13, 1883. The family lived in Frenchtown, now an historic area of the city of Oconto, and had twelve children. George Sr. died on May 9, 1933, age 83. Fanny died August 21, 1950 at the age of 90. One of George's brothers had a daughter who fell off a bridge when she was little and broke her back. She recovered but had a hump on her back. She later married a man named Whiting, and lived in the area. (That was my Aunt Blanche and she didn't marry a Whiting; she married Bill Koster. Deanna Housner Stich)
Where George Sr. and Fanny's children settled after they married.
Maragette.........Stevens Point-Calf.
George Jr. ........Oconto
Francis..............Milwaukee-Appleton within the last year. The only child still living.
Melvin................Died young

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