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 Barribeau Descendants

Generation 1
1. Charles Barribeau 4  (Louis 3, Francois Josephe Barribeau 2 Baribaud, Jean Baptiste1 Barribeau)
    born Abt. 1817 in Quebec, Canada.
    married Marguerite Marcotte 01 Apr 1845 in St. Leon Le Grand, Maskinonge, Quebec,
    daughter of  Benjamin Marcotte and Ursule Frachatte.
    born Abt. 1827 in Quebec, Canada.

Generation 2

Children  of  Charles Barribeau and Marguerite Marcottei.

ii.       TELLESPHORE BARRIBEAU married Amanda LaFrenier. Children born in Oconto County.
iii.      CAROLINE BARRIBEAU, b. 24 Jan 1846.
iv.      GEORGE  B. BARRIBEAU, b. 14 Mar 1850, St. Leon,  Canada; d. 09 May 1933, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
v.        ANTONE BARRIBEAU, b. 27 Sep 1857, Montreal,  Canada; d. 06 Nov 1941, Little River, Wisconsin
vi.      AMABLE TELESPHORE BARRIBEAU, b. 26 May 1867.
vii.     ROSE DE LIMA BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1847.
viii.    LEON BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1849.
ix.      GEORGINE BARRIBEAU, b. Unknown.
x.        JOSEPHINE BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1856.
xi.      ASILIE BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1860.
xii.     ADELARD BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1864.
xiii.    ALDEA BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1866.
xiv.     VIRGINIE BARRIBEAU, b. Abt. 1870.

Generation 2

1. George B. Barribeau

George B. and Philomene Barribeau


     born 14 Mar 1850 in St. Leon,  Canada,
     died 09 May 1933 in Oconto, Wisconsin,
     burial: 11 May 1933
     married Philomene (Fannie) Barribeau .1874 in ?,
                  daughter of  Dominic (Dominique) Barribeau and Rosalie Brule
                   born 02 Mar 1860 in St. Alesis du hunt?,  Canada,
                   died 21 Aug 1950 in Oconto, Wisconsin.
                   burial: 23 Aug 1950, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin

More About Philomene Barribeau:
Census1920: 05 Jan 1920, Oconto, Wisconsin
Census1930: Apr 1930, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
Member: St. Ann Society
Personal note: Also has her name as Francis

Notes for George B. Barribeau:
Census 1930: Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
    1. George Barribeau Head 80 French Canada
    2. Fannie Barribeau Wife 70 French Canada
    3. Gafriel Barribeau Son 49 Wisconsin

More About George B. Barribeau:
Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorhage
Census 1920: 05 Jan 1920, Oconto, Wisconsin
Census 1930: Apr 1930, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
    Immigration: 1868, Wisconsin
    Occupation: Day Laborer
    Residence: 1930, 1044 McDonald St., Oconto, WI

Generation 3
Barribeau Cousins



Children of George Barribeau and Philomene Barribeau are:

                   i. Margaret Barribeau,
                      b. 1885;
                      d. 13 Aug 1963;
                      m. Charles August Worth;
                            b. 29 Aug 1887, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                            d. 16 Jun 1972, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                            burial: 19 Jun 1972, Evergreen Cemetery Oconto, Wisconsin

Census 1930: 09 Apr 1930, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
Occupation: 27 Mar 1937, American Plywood Corp. Oconto WI
Personal note: 09 Apr 1930, Living with Mom
Residence: 1930, 549 Washington St., Ococnto, WI

                 ii.   Clara Helen Barribeau,
                       b. 07 Jan 1894, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin;
                       d. Sep 1970.
                       married Clarence Smith 1920 in Wisconsin.
                                      born 1888 in Wisconsin
                                      died 1964.

More About Clarence Smith:
Military: WW1
Occupation: 1930, Laborer at the Sawmill Oconto, WI
Personal note: 1920, Living with wife Clara's parents
Residence: 1930, 909 Fabry St., Oconto, WI

                 iii.   Melvina Barribeau,
                       b. 13 May 1875, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin;
                       d. 15 Sep 1966, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin;
                       married. John Peranteau - see  PERANTEAU Family Page
                                    b. 1869;
                                    d. 01 Nov 1939.

                 iv.  Joseph Barribeau,
                        b. 29 May 1879, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                        d. 20 Aug 1959, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                        burial: 22 Aug 1959, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
                        married Victoria Brisson 1901 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.
                                      born 1885 in Canada
                                      died 30 Nov 1955.
                                      burial: 02 Dec 1955

More About Joseph Barribeau:
Hospital Death: Oconto, WI  Hospital
Occupation: 1930, Oconto Lumber Co. Saw Mill
Residence: 1930, ? Hanson St., Oconto, WI
Retirement: 1949, Oconto Lumber Co. Saw Mill

More About Victoria Brisson:
Immigration: 1890

                  v.  Oliver Charles Barribeau,
                        b. 30 Aug 1880, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                        d. 04 May 1972, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                        burial: 06 May 1972

More About Oliver Charles Barribeau:
Census1920: 05 Jan 1920, Oconto, Wisconsin
Occupation: 1920, Lumber Mill
Personal note: 1920, Living with parents:
Census 1930:(first name mispelled Garfriel) Apr 1930, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
Occupation: 1930, Laborer at the Sawmill Oconto, WI

                vi.  George X. Jr. Barribeau,
                        b. 13 May 1883, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                        d. 18 Mar 1972, Oconto, Oconto,  Wisconsin.
                  burial: 20 Mar 1972, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
                        married Annie Siebert 23 Oct 1907 in Oconto,  Wisconsin, St. Peter Church,
                                    daughter of William Seibert and Catherine Horne.
                                    born 10 May 1884 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
                                    died May 1973 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                                    burial: May 1973, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin

More About George X. Jr. Barribeau:
Funeral Home: John Crooks Oconto Wisconsin
Hospital Death: Oconto Memorial
Occupation: Oconto Lumber Co. Saw Mill
Retirement: 1948, Oconto Falls, Oconto,  Wisconsin

               vii.   Elizabeth Barribeau,
                        b. 1887;
                        d. 13 Sep 1968;
                        m. John I. McCoy;
                                b. 30 Jan 1889;
                                d. 05 Jun 1963, Ramsey, Minnesota.

Lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Notes for JOHN I. MCCOY:
State File Number:    030701
Mother's Maiden Name:  HARDEN
Death Certificate: MI #030701

                 viii.  Gertrude B. Barribeau,
                        b. 20 Mar 1892, Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                        d. 26 Nov 1988, Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                        burial: 28 Nov 1988, Oconto, Catholic Cemetery
                        married Fred Joseph Pecor 01 Sep 1914 in St. Peter's Catholic Church, Oconto, Wis.,
                                     son of Joseph Pecor and Mathilda Belongia.
                                     born 13 Nov 1889 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
                                     died 29 Mar 1975 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                                     burial: 31 Mar 1975, Oconto, Catholic Cemetery

More About Gertrude B. Barribeau:
Hospital Death: Oconto Memorial WI
Member: St. Anne's society of the church and VFW Auxillary
Children of 
Hector and Ila Belongia Barribeau.

Religion: St. Peter's Catholic Church
Residence: 1930,  Fabry St., Oconto, WI

More About Fred Joseph Pecor:
Occupation: 19 Nov 1936, Oconto Company
Retirement: 1955, Holt Hardwood Company

                  ix.   Xavier Francis Barribeau
                        b. 30 Dec 1896, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin;
                        d. 07 Apr 1978, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin.
                        burial: 09 Apr 1978, Evergreen Cemetery Oconto, Wisconsin
                        married (1) Elsie Kahr 1920 in Oconto,  Wisconsin.
                                       born 1900 in Wisconsin
                                       died 14 Jan 1953 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                                       burial: 17 Jan 1953, Evergreen Cemetery Oconto, Wis.
                        married (2) Mary Kurek Formiller 12 Jul 1958 in Holy Hill, Wis.

Notes for Xavier Francis Barribeau:
Lived in Berlin, Green Lake, Wisconsin.
Funeral Home: Wiecki Funeral Home Berlin, Wisconsin
Hospital Death: Veterans Admin Madison, Wisconsin
Military: WW1
Occupation: A.O. Smith Co. Milwaukee, WI a Foreman

                  x.   Lavida May Barribeau
                        b. 02 Feb 1899, Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                        d. 19 Jul 1988;
                        m. Harry McLeod.

Lived in Appleton, Wisconsin and Manhattan Beach, California.

                  xi.  Francis J. Sr. Barribeau,
                        b. 20 Dec 1901, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                        d. 19 Nov 2001, Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin.
                         burial: 21 Nov 2001, Evergreen Cemetery Oconto, Wisconsin
                         married Emma Bittner 1921 in Wisconsin
                                      born 16 May 1904 in Wisconsin
                                      died 27 Feb 1995 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
                                       burial: 01 Mar 1995

More About Francis J. Sr. Barribeau:
Funeral Home: Rhodes-Charapata Funeral Home Oconto, WI
Occupation: Sheet Metal Worker Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Residence: 1930, 1023 McDonald St., Oconto, WI

Eliza and Anton Barribeau home gathering

Barribeau - Exford - Colson Families
1. Ruth Exford  2. Lil Freeward  3. Mrs. George Barribeau 
4. Lib Exford  5. Maggie Whiting  6. Gert ?  7. Emma ? 8. Laura Colson 9. Eleanor ?   10. Allen Ehlers wife Marge Wheeler.


Generation 2

Antone Barribeau Family

2. Antone Barribeau
             son of Charles Barribeau and Marguerite Marcotte.
             born 27 Sep 1857 in Montreal,  Canada
             died 06 Nov 1941 in Little River, Wisconsin.
             married Eliza R Peranteau  1882 in Wisconsin - see  PERANTEAU Family Page
                        daughter of William Peranteau
                         Born 27 Jun 1866 in Kewaunee, Wisconsin or Daggett, Michigan,
                         Died 26 Feb 1947 in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin.
                         Burial: 01 Mar 1947, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin

More About Eliza R. Peranteau:
Cause of Death: Hypostatic Bilaxeral
Medical Information: Pneumonia, Total Heart Failure, Malignant Hypertention
Residence: 1930,  Fabry St., Oconto, WI

Generation 3

Children of Antone Barribeau and Eliza Peranteau.

i.  Lydia Barribeau,
     b. Bet. 1880 - 1907, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
     d. 11 Nov 1937, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin.
     burial: 13 Nov 1937, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
Antone Isadore Barribeau
and friend.

     married Edward Sr. Boucher.
              born Bet. 1896 - 1932
              died Bet. 1902 - 1985.
              burial: Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin

 iiMargaret Philamean Barribeau  - see WHITING Family Page
      b. 22 Mar 1884, Daggett, Michigan;
      d. 31 Jul 1938, Lawrence, Oconto, Wisconsin.
      burial: 03 Aug 1938, Evergreen Cemetery Oconto, Wisconsin
      married David Lorenzo Whiting 31 Jul 1899 in Oconto,  Wisconsin,
               son of James Whiting and Addie Colson.
                born 11 Aug 1875 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
                died 10 Jun 1945 in Hanna, Wyoming.
                burial: 15 Jun 1945, Evergreen Cemetery  Oconto, Wisconsin

More About Margaret Philamean Barribeau:
Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Hospital Death: Hickory Grove Sanatorium Wisconsin

More About David Lorenzo Whiting:
Marriage Certificate: 02 Jun 1895, WI Pg. #0129   Vol. #02
Occupation: 1930, Farmer

 iiiAntone Isadore Barribeau
        born 07 Feb 1886 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin,
        died 08 May 1941 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin. Hospital
        death: Hickory Grove Sanitorium WI
         burial: 10 May 1941, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
         marriage.- remained single,  no children  
Wilfred John Barribeau
World War I

More About Antone Isadore Barribeau:
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis and Diabetes
Census1920: Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
Occupation: Graded Lumber
Personal note: 1920, Living with parents

iv.  Wilfred John Barribeau
        born 31 Mar 1892 in Michigan
        died 08 Jun 1964 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin.
        burial: 10 Jun 1964, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
        married Rose Mary Lemirande Bet. 1920 - 1930.
                  born 1895 in Oconto, Oconto,  Wisconsin
                  died 1959 in Oconto, Oconto,  Wisconsin.

Notes for Wilfred John Barribeau:
Military: WW1 PFC COE 107 Engineer 32 Division
Occupation: 1930, Laborer at the Sawmill Oconto, WI
Personal note: 1920, Living with parents
Residence: 1930, 1005 McDonald St., Oconto, WI

Ella Casey and Blanche Barribeau Koster

  v.  Blanche Barribeau,
         born. 07 Dec 1897, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
        died. 1981, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
        burial: 1981, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
        married. William Koster, Bet. 1911 - 1944;
                  b. Bet. 1880 - 1900;
                  d. Bet. 1915 - 1986.

 vi.  George Reuban Barribeau,
        b. 08 May 1902, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin;
        d. 09 Oct 1981, Oconto Falls,  Wisconsin;
         burial: 12 Oct 1981, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
         married. Gertrude Colson;
                 b. 1919;
                 d. 1975, Oconto Falls,  Wisconsin.
                burial: 1975, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
More about George Reuban Barribeau
Occupation: Laborer - Holt Hardwood Lumber

Willie and Marie Barribeau Piper
La Crosse, Wisconsin - 1938


 viiMary Georgiana Barribeau
         born 07 May 1903
         died Nov 1980 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin
         burial: Nov 1980, Kelly Brook Cemetery WI
         married William C. Piper
                  born 12 Jul 1887 in Kansas
                  died Jun 1964 in Wisconsin.
                  burial: Jun 1964,  Kelly Brook Cemetery WI
                  second marriage of William Piper - Claudia
                   born 1896 in WI..
(in random order)


 viii.  John Elmer Barribeau
          born. 17 Jun 1905, Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin;
          died. 03 Aug 1979, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
          burial: 05 Aug 1979
          married. Ida May Colson
                   daughter of Roy Colson and Laura Exferd.
                   b. 29 Mar 1928, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
                   d. 03 Dec 1994, Oconto, Oconto,  Wisconsin
                   burial: 05 Dec 1994
Charles Barribeau


ixCharles Edward Barribeau
        born 02 Feb 1907 in Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin,
        died 11 Jan 1967 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
         burial: 14 Jan 1967, Catholic Cemetery Oconto Wisconsin
         married Marion May Follett 09 Oct 1935 in Oconto, Wisconsin,  8 children
                  daughter of Louis Follett and Emma Sermerski.
                  born 24 Mar 1917 in Oconto, Oconto,  Wisconsin.

More About Charles Edward Barribeau:
Funeral Home: Mischler's Home for Funerals Kenosha, Wisconsin
Hospital Death: St. Catherine Kenosha, Wisconsin
Occupation: Watchman Furniture Mfg.

Clara Jean Barribeau

   x.   Clara J. Barribeau - see WHITING Family Page    
         born. 07 Sep 1909, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
         died. 12 Jul 1945, Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin;
         married. Anson Elroy Whiting Bet. 1922 - 1941;
                  son of James Whiting and Mary Exford
                   born. 04 Feb 1897, Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin;
                   died. 16 Mar 1959, Stiles, Oconto, Wisconsin.
                   burial: 19 Mar 1959, Evergreen Cemetery

More About Anson Elroy Whiting:
Military: WW1 Pvt. Bty D 315 Field
Occupation: 1930, Laborer Farm WI
Personal note: 1920, Living with parents

Colson Kin


Bob Colson

Irene Wallace Colson
Ella Whiting Casey
6 - 1919

Clyde Colson