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 .Henry F. BECKER Family.

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From four to ten pieces
Music furnished for all occasions. Prices reasonable. Correspondence solicited.
Advertising Handbill
Pictured are:
Harry C. Becker, clarinet; Leslie C. Becker, cornet; Arnold W. Becker, flute; Henry C. Becker, cornet; H. F. Becker, violin and director; Fred C. Becker, organ.
NOVEMBER 16, 1911
The committee in charge has arranged with the Schedler and J. W. Classon barns to take care of all out-of-town rigs hereafter for all dances and shows. The famous Becker full orchestra will furnish a special program. Mr. Roy will manage the floor and introduce all strangers. If you miss this grand affair, you will regret it.

The Becker Family, including Henry F. Becker, came from the area of Wolkow, Prussia (Pommerania), in the year 1869, where his father John had been born. John, Caroline (also known as Dorothy Sr.), Henry F, age 9 and youngest sister Ida, age 5,  first settled in Sullivan, Jefferson County, Wisconsin where John worked as a farm laborer. In 1871 the family moved to Pensaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin where John worked in a saw mill. John and Caroline Becker continued to reside there until Caroline's death in 1889.  John then moved to city of Oconto, at first living with his son Henry F. Becker where he is found on the 1900 Federal census, later moving to the home of his married daughter Dorothy Becker Meinecke and her husband William. John Becker lived with them in Greenwood until his death in 1908. John and Caroline Becker are buried in Brookside Cemetery, Oconto County. The had 10 children, with only 3, Henry F., Dorothy and Ida having been identified and living at the time of John Becker's death.

Henry F. Becker married a local Oconto woman, Annie Behling 2 Dec 1885. They went on to have 10 children in their homes, first on Commerce Street and later on Jefferson street. Henry became director of the Becker Symphony Orchestra as his sons matured and played a number of instruments. The Becker Orchestra, in full force, numbered 10 members, but any number could be hired to provide musical entertainment. It enjoyed considerable success before the US entered World War I in 1817. Four Becker sons were in the military during that war and afterward moved on to various parts of the country. Some went on to other jobs while some remained in the entertainment fields. Daughter Clara became and worked as a school teacher in the early 1900s. Henry F. Becker was also known as a helpful neighbor who, more than once, risked injury in efforts to help others. Henry and Anna lost two young sons; one to Scarlet Fever.

Wolkow, Prussia (star),  is now in the north east of today's Germany

Generation 1

John Becker
   born: October 31, 1817 in Wolkow, Prussia
    died:  April, 1908
    buried: Brookside Cemetery
    immigration: 1869
    occupations: 1870 farm laborer in Sullivan, Jefferson, Wisconsin, 1880 saw mill laborer in Pensaukee, Oconto, Wisconsin

Oconto County Reporter
April 30, 1908

John Becker Dies Suddenly

At home of His Daughter, Mrs. Meinckie, Saturday

John Becker, father of H. F. Becker of this city, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Meinckie, of old age, last Saturday afternoon, aged nearly 90 years.

Deceased was born in Wolkow, Prussia, October 31, 1818. In 1871 he came to this country and lived about three years in Jefferson county, when in 1874 he moved to Pensaukee, where he resided until his wife died nineteen years ago, when he came to Oconto and lived with his son until about two years ago, when he went to live with his daughter, Mrs. Meincke, at Greenwood. These two are the only ones that remains of the family of ten children.

Mr. Becker had not been ill enough to be confined to his bed at all, but ate dinner Saturday and went out the doors for a little time, but later came in and told his daughter he would lie down and rest. About half an hour later she looked toward him just as he was breathing his last.

The funeral was held from the German Evangelical church at Brookside Tuesday afternoon and his remains laid to rest beside those of his wife in Brookside cemetery.

+Caroline ?  - wife
    born: 1821 in Prussia
    died: FEB 10, 1889 in Pensaukee
    married: in Prussia
    buried: Brookside Cemetery
   Children of John and Caroline were 10 in number,  7 unfound: all born in Pomerania/Prussia
     1. Henry F. Becker
    2. Ida Becker    born in Pommerania 1864;  in 1880 Ida was age 16, single and working as a servant housekeeper  in Pensaukee at the Michael Farrell residence Boarding House.
     3. Iva "Dorothia" Becker Meincke - born in Prussia 1852.Iva died 1937 at 85 years of age. Immigrated with husband William, born 1844,  died in 1869 in Oconto County, Wisconsin. Please see:MEINCKE Family Page

1870 Census - town of Sullivan, Jefferson County, Wisconsin
John Becker   - age 52; farm laborer; born in Prussia
Caroline Becker - age 48; keeps house; born in Prussia
Henry Becker - age 10; born in Prussia
Ida Becker - age 6; born in Prussia

Generation 2  1900 - City of Oconto, East Ward - Commerce Street

Henry F. Becker - Head;
    born October 15, 1859  in Germany
    died: Sep. 30, 1943
    immigration: 1869 from Pommerania, Prussia, (31 years in 1900);
    married: 02 Dec 1885
    occupations - 1880 farm laborer in town of Rosedale, Fond du Lac Wisconsin; 1900 Orchestra Director, music teacher, Agent Sawing Machines; 1905 Music Dealer; 1910 Merchant pianos; 1920 1930 Shoemaker shop.
Oconto County Reporter
14 April 1888

Henry Becker, Mrs. Anna Reedy, and a boy whose name we did not learn, had narrow escapes from drowning while attempting to cross the sawdust heaps on the south side of the river between Superior and Section streets. The water had lifted up great cakes of sawdust that had the appearance of solid, dry ground, but as soon as a person stepped upon one of them, the cake parted and down went the unfortunate pedestrian. In the case of Mrs. Reedy and the boy, the arrival of timely help saved them; while Mr. Becker effected his own escape by herculean efforts.
Oconto County Reporter
Aug, 5, 1898

It Might Have Been a Fatal Accident

Mrs. Mary Freward, aged 60 years, mother of George M. and Henry Freward and Mesdames W. M. Lee and F. E. Rice, had a narrow escape from death yesterday morning. The family had arranged to attend a picnic at the bay shore, and Henry Freward and his mother drove over to the millinery store for a box containing lunch. While Mr. Freward was in the building, Mrs. Freward raised her parasol, which so frightened the horse that it ran away, and at the intersection of Main and Superior streets Mrs. Freward was thrown from the vehicle and sustained sever injuries. D. E. Wilcox and H. F. Becker hastened to her rescue and assisted her into the millinery store, where a physician was summoned to dress her wounds. The upper portion of her face was badly cut, the skin was removed in several places and her right hip was hurt. The horse was stopped in front of Heller's meat market.
Annie (Behling) Becker - Wife
    born: February 19, 1864  in Pomerania; both parents born in Pomerania
    died: Nov. 24, 1928
    immigrated in 1870
    married: 2 Dec 1885.
    Mother: Caroline Dorothy "Minnie" Schulz
    Father: August Behling
Oconto County Reporter
Mar. 3, 1894
Friday, Feb. 23, August Behling died at his home in Brookside, aged 56 years, 6 months and 13 days, the funeral being held from the Lutheran church at that place on Monday. He had been president of the church for years, was influential and popular, and was followed to his last resting place by sorrowing neighbors and life-long friends. He leaves a wife and five children: Herman, Albert and Charles, and Mrs. Charles Peters, of Brookside and Mrs. H. F. Becker of this city.

Children of Henry F. and Anna Behling Becker: all born in Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin; gave birth to 10 known.
    1. Ella Becker - Daughter;
            born October 15, 1886
    2. Clara Becker -  Daughter;
            born April 6, 1888 ..
            occupation: 1906 Clara Becker , Teacher,  Little River, WI.
            married Alfred Isaacson born in WI in 1883; death Aug 1962
Oconto County Reporter
Thursday September 5, 1918
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Isaccson of Pulcifer spent Monday with the latter’s parents , Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Becker, on Jefferson St.
1930 lived in Washington township, Shawano County, WI on home farm; one child, son Lynn, 3 years 6 months old.
    3. Edward Becker - son
            born 1889
            died: June 18, 1893
            buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto
    4. Harry Carl Becker - Son;
            born November 12, 1891
            occupations: Professional Musician, Vocalist, Actor; WWI Veteran
WWI Draft Card 1917 -  age 25, born in Oconto; single, actor with Geo. D. Sweet Amusement Co. Traveling. Tall, slender, blue eyes dark brown hair.
George Sweet and Company specialized in opera performances in English, Italian, German and French. George Sweet was a professor of operatic and dramatic arts and music.
Oconto County Reporter
Thursday September 5, 1918

Henry Becker, Jr., will leave to join the colors Friday morning.  He is the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Becker in the service of Uncle Sam.  Arnold W. across the seas, Harry C. at Camp Grant, Ill., and Leslie at Great Lakes, Ill.

Handbill photographed in California in 1923

    5. Frederick C. Becker - Son
        born November 30, 1893
        died: : May 1966 Angie, Washington, Louisiana
        occupation: Professional Musician
        Notes: WWI Draft Card: age 24 born in Oconto, musician; Brunks Comedians of Toledo Ohio; enroute, married; medium height, medium build, dark blue eyes, Dark brown hair. BRUNK'S  COMEDIANS / Band and Orchestra / New Plays and Vaudeville / Tent Theater. Henry L. Brunk and Brunk's Comedians -- 1902-1958. 1930 Frederick was widowed and an Orchestra Musician in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, living as a lodger.
    6. Arnold W. Becker - Son
        born June 20, 1895;
        died: Jan 1980 North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
        married: Elizabeth O., born in Indiana
        occupations: Musician, WWI Veteran; Shoemaker
        WWI Draft Card 1917 - Born in Oconto, 808 Liberty Street, Flint, Mi; Shoe Repair; Walkover Shoe Co.; single; medium height, medium build, blue eyes, dark brown hair.
Oconto County Reporter
Thursday September 5, 1918
Henry Becker, Jr., will leave to join the colors Friday morning.  He is the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Becker in the service of Uncle Sam.  Arnold W. across the seas, Harry C. at Camp Grant, Ill., and Leslie at Great Lakes, Ill.
1930 Shoemaker at Rufus Shoes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Ca. Married to Elizabeth O. born in Indiana, parents in Germany. Sons Arnold W. age 5 years 6 months and Richard D. age 4 years and 5 months were born in Michigan. Daughter Patricia  age 2 years 1 month was born in California.
    7. Henry Charles Becker - Son;
        born: January 13, 1897
        died: Feb. 20, 1967
        buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
        occupations: Professional Musician; WWI Veteran
WWI Draft Card 1917: age 21, born on Oconto January 13, 1897; employed by the Simmons Company of Kenosha, WI; single; next of kin father Henry at 238 Jefferson in Oconto; medium height, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair. Lives in Maple House, Kenosha. 1930 living in Oconto with widowed father and youngest brother Clarence. Single
Oconto County Reporter
Thursday September 5, 1918
Henry Becker, Jr., will leave to join the colors Friday morning.  He is the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Becker in the service of Uncle Sam.  Arnold W. across the seas, Harry C. at Camp Grant, Ill., and Leslie at Great Lakes, Ill.
    8. Leslie Becker - Son
        born: February 21, 1900
        died: Feb. 14, 1973  in Green Bay, Wisconsin
        married: Agnes B.  born: Sep. 16, 1898; died: Dec. 26, 1976 ; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto Wisconsin; one son listed in 1930, Donald L. Becker who later enlisted 30 Nov 1944 and served in the military during World War II
        buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto Wisconsin
        occupations: Professional Orchestra Musician, WWI Veteran Wis. US Navy WWI Musician 1/C,
Oconto County Reporter
Thursday September 5, 1918
Henry Becker, Jr., will leave to join the colors Friday morning.  He is the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Becker in the service of Uncle Sam.  Arnold W. across the seas, Harry C. at Camp Grant, Ill., and Leslie at Great Lakes, Ill.
    9. Carl Becker - son
        born: 18 Jun 1904
        died: Jan. 16, 1908
        d: buried Jan. 23, 1908 Evergreen Cemetery

Oconto County Reporter
Jan. 16, 1908

Died of Scarlet Fever
Carl, the Three Year old Son of H. F. Becker

Carl, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Becker, died at their home this morning at 12:30, after an illness of 4 days of scarlet fever.

The little fellow was born June 18, 1904 and had therefore had lived 3 years, 7 months and 5 days.

The funeral will be held from the home at 9 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the community not only in the loss of their little one which has been taken away but also on account of the illness of another son, Leslie, with the same dread disease.
     10. Clarence E. Becker - Son
        born  1909
        died: Jan. 23, 1981  W.W.II US Army ; single; born in Wisconsin
        married: Mary C. ? Becker born 9 Aug 1920; died  24 May 1989 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
       occupations: Laborer in veneer factory