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Researched and contributed by descendant: - Janet McNeil

This research is still a work in progress.  I'm sure there are mistakes, omissions and people I couldn't find. Any feedback is welcome. I'm always eager to add new relatives.  And a big thank you to the many people who have given me names and dates and shared family histories.

Descendants of Stanislaus Chappue


Generation No. 1


1.  STANISLAUS1 CHAPPUE1 was born Abt. 1766 in L'Assumption, Quebec, and died 06 May 1854 near the Menominee River, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA2.  He married  Ke No Ny Ka THERESA THRASH Abt. 1840 in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA, daughter of UNKNOWN THRASH and UNKNOWN woman of the Menominee Tribe. She was born Abt. 1821 in Wisconsin, USA3, and died 01 Jun 1886 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA4.




A Brief History of Marinette, Excerpts from a 1990 study of the Surviving Architecture of a Menominee River Boom Town, © 1990, 1996, City of Marinette, Wisconsin:  The first known white settler on the Menominee River was Stanislaus Chappu, or Chappee, a French-Canadian fur trader who operated a log trading post at the site of Marinette between 1794 and 1824. Another fur trader, William Farnsworth, arrived at the Menominee River Basin in 1822. Two years later he usurped Chappee's position as the area's fur trader as he forcibly ejected Chappee from his trading post with the help of nearby Chippewa Indians.


The Wisconsin Creoles, page 222:  The Chappue Family:  Stanislaus Chappue (b. 1766 at L'assumption, Quebec d. 1854) was described as a big, brave man who came to the Menominee River as a trader in 1796. During the 1798-1804 time period, he clerked for Laframbois and Mirandeau in Milwaukee, By 1813, he was a clerk for John Lawe and being at Mackinac in 1814, he assisted in its defense. He was also there in 1816, when he guided one of the American troopships to Green Bay. He was naturalized in 1820. He remained in Lawe's employe for many years on the Menominee River, where he also had a farm. When an Indian bit off his thumb in 1823, the court decided that they had no jurisdiction over Indians in Indian territory. His wife was Ke No Ny Ka.   Their children were:   Jacques; Pauline (who married John Place in 1860 at Peshtigo); Louis; John (b. 1841 and lived at Duck Creek with his wife, Chele born 1848) and Therese (b. 1845 d. 1890). Mo Now Way Noc married Darwin McPherson).  The last three children (Louis, John and Therese) received Menominee mixed-blood payments. Jacques Chapeau received $600 for his three children at Milwaukee under the 1833 Indian Treaty.


Page 161:  An example of these payments (of various treaties) can be found in the 1833 Treaty at Chicago, where the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Pottawatomi signed over all of Southeast Wisconsin. A sum of $100,000 was provided in the treaty to pay off individuals with claims against the tribes; many Creole (Meti) names appear among these claimants, e.g., Laframboise, Miranda, Chevalier, Bourassa, Chappue, Beaubien, Juneau, Rabbie, Viewu, Grignon, Lawe, Thibeau, Porlier and Provencal.


Marinette and Menominee, Illustrated and Described, published 1887, page 4:

     Somewhere about the year 1796 Louis Chappieu, an Indian trader, came to Menominee and established a post on the Wisconsin side of the river where the office of the Menominee River Manufacturing Company now stands just opposite (Queen) Marinette's house. That point on the river looking from the railroad bridge which crosses the river a short distance below. Chappieu, as stated in other sketches, was an agent of the 'American Fur Company' but this could not have been true, though he was a trader, and doubtless came here as an agent to traffic with the Indians and it is probable that he was an agent of the "British American Fur Company", which at that time was operating here. He was a bold powerful man and many instances of his nerve and prowess are related. He carried on a successful business for many years but was finally forced to remove by William Farnsworth who came here in 1823. He afterwards crossed the river and built a new trading post near the foot of Chappieu's Rapids about five miles up the river where he remained until his death in 1852. He was eighty years old or upwards at the time of his death. The name is pronounced "Shappee."


Green Bay Advocate, Thursday Vol. 8, No. 34, P. 3, Col. 2, 25 May 1854: Death Of An Old Pioneer.   We take the liberty of taking the following extracts from a letter written by Mr. John O. Kittson communicating the intelligence of the death of one of the oldest inhabitants and traders of this whole region:"I have to inform you of the departure of another of the old pioneers of the west, Mr. Staneslaus Shappee, who died on the 6th of May, 1854, at his residence on the Menominee River, at the advanced age of eighty-eight years and four months.  The deceased was well known to all the old settlers of this entire western world.  He lived a strange life in the bosom of primeval forests, and saw strange and startling changes in his time.  

     He was a native of the parish of L’Assumption, Canada East, and came to Green Bay when he was only seventeen and consequently has resided here about seventy-one years.  During the greatest part of his life, he was in the employ of the American Fur Company as a trader and traveler and had roamed the broad country between the lakes and the Rocky Mountains.  He was respected and highly esteemed by all who knew him, and his loss is deeply mourned by all his relatives and friends."

     It is a singular fact, which has often been observed that nearly every one of the hardy hunters and trappers, those adventureous and light-hearted--courrires de bois--who came here at an early day, and finally made it their permanent abode, attained to a hale, hearty healthy, enjoyable, serene old age--some of them standing erect over the weight of more than a hundred years--so favorable to longevity has our climate proved to be.


Marinette County, Wisconsin, Centennial page on website:  John Place (Chappu's son-in-law) worked as a sawyer, but also farmed 46 acres.


(Marinette County Centennial 1879-1979, p. 7)


     Agriculture, as we think of it today, began in the county with John Kittson, the fourth white man to locate on the Menominee River. He arrived on August 23, 1830, as the representative of the American Fur Company. Kittson was the son of a British Army officer who had immigrated to Canada and settled near Montreal. He was able to assist the Menominee with the communications to the USA government, and was affectionately known by them as "The Writer." He is described as extremely intelligent, with the temperament and strength to adapt well to pioneer life.

     Kittson soon began operating a farm on the Menominee River, just above the trading post of STANISLAUS CHAPPU, the first known white settler in this area. Here Kittson taught the Menominee improved ways of farming, and ran a very hospitable house and table. He established an Indian cemetery on part of his farm, and his friend, CHAPPU is buried there.

     Kittson's second, and larger, farm was located at the Ox-bow of the Menominee River, at the Wausaukee flats area, opposite the mouth of the Wausaukee River. He also operated a trading post here to serve the Indian settlement. He built a large, two-story log house, and a huge two-story log barn which contained accommodations for horses at one end and cows at the other, with a threshing floor in the center; a haymow on the second floor covered the entire area. About a quarter of a mile downriver from his farm house, Kittson built a pelt storage house, octagonal in shape, also two-story log-hewed, over a large basement, the walls of which were lined with logs. The roof was covered with blue clay from the river. The hot summer sun dried the clay, and it became impregnable to water and the heat of the sun. The pelts were stored in the basement and first floor; the second floor was filled with ice in the late winter and early spring, to preserve the pelts in good condition until they could be taken down to the American Fur Company office at Green Bay, after the ice melted on the Menominee River.

     As agent for the American Fur Company, Kittson established several satellite trading posts, the largest of which were at White Rapids and on the Pike River.

     In the 1860s, with the decline of the fur trade, Kittson returned to live at the smaller farm at Chappee Rapids, where he died early in 1872. His death is attributed to exhaustion and exposure while fighting the Peshtigo Fire of October 8, 1871. In 1881, his wife, Margaret, and son, Robert, sold the Ox-Bow farm to Albert Beach. This farm is now owned by Peter Webber.


History of Northern Wisconsin, pub 1881: An Indian trader, Louis Chappee, or Chappieu, came to Menominee in 1796, and as an agent of the American Fur Company, established a post on the Wisconsin side of the river near where Marinette's house now stands. He was a bold, energetic man, a soldier in spirit and a trader by instinct. For many years he retained the monopoly of the trade. When William Farnsworth, also an agent of the company, and Charles R. Bush came in 1822, they saw a flourishing of the trade and effecting the release from Fort Howard the release of two Indian chiefs who had been imprisoned, through Chappee's influence.


Menominee Mixed Blood Payments: Stanislaus Chappen for children, 2 boys, 1 girl; $150 paid 7/9/1849


More about THERESA TRASH:  4.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Book 1, Page 52.  Theresa Shappe, Indian, born 1821, died June 1 1886 in Peshtigo of phthise pulmonate. Buried Upper Sugar Bush.




                      i.    JOHN2 CHAPPUE, b. Bef. 1840, Michigan, USA; d. Michigan, USA; m. CHELE; b. Abt. 1848, Wisconsin, USA; d. Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA.  Residence: 1850, MacKinac, Michigan5


2.                 ii.    PAULINE CHAPPUE, b. 04 Jul 1843, Michigan, USA; d. 14 Jul 1914pt, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


                    iii.    LEWIS CHAPPUE, b. Abt. 1845, Michigan, USA.  Notes for LEWIS CHAPPUE:  Centennial History of Menominee County (Michigan), Chapter XII, P.73: Louis Chappee, Company F 14pt, Wisconsin Volunteers.  Residence: 1860, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin6


3.                iv.    THERESE CHAPPUE, b. Abt. 1845, Wisconsin, USA; d. Bef. 1890, Wisconsin, USA.


                    v.    JOHN CHAPPUE, b. Apr 1848, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA7; d. Wisconsin, USA; m. CHELE; b. Abt. 1848, Wisconsin, USA; d. Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA.


Notes for JOHN CHAPPUE:   7.  Register of Deeds, Brown County WI Birth Record, Volume 1, #265.  John Chappins, male, white, born Green Bay, ___ Chappins and Therese.


Centennial History of Menominee County (Michigan), Chapter XII, P.73: John  Chappee, Company 17 Wisconsin Volunteers:  About the year 1794 Louis CHAPPEU, or CHAPPEAN was established as an Indian trader on the Wisconsin side of the Menominee, on or near the site where John B. JACOBS residence formerly stood, and where the Boom Company¹s boarding house now stands. He occupied a log house which would seem to have been calculated for defence. He is said to have lived there twenty eight years, when the premises were taken possession of--during his absence it is said--his effects turned out and the house demolished...


In October 1842 David JONES and Erastus BAILEY entered lots 3 and 7 Section 19, township 30 Range 23, embracing both sides of the river, where the mill dam was built and being nearly the same as the present mill site. About the same time, viz: in October 1842 JONES & BAILEY deeded one third interest to Jesse H. LEAVENWORTH for $4,000.


For some reason, the entries by JONES & BAILEY were cancelled in June 1844. In Sept. of the same year, PLACE re-entered the west side of the river, that is lot 3. The east side was not re-entered until 1848 by Alex STOWE. At this time the property was about the same as above described. Lumber was then and for years afterward, rafted and run down the river and out to vessels upon the anchorage, a distance then rated at sixteen miles.


Supplies were loaded in scows or boats at the mouth of the river and drawn in wagons or sleighs to the mill a distance called eight miles. There was no road from Peshtigo mills to either of the other principal rivers. The only road between the Peshtigo and Menomonee was from PLACE¹s to CHAPPEN¹s trading post and then down the Menominee about four miles to the mills. This was a pretty good road in the winter; by careful driving a cutter could get through without more than two upsets. The young people maintained that it was a good road....Richard Hall, Centennial History of Oconto County, pub. 1876


History of Oconto County, researched, written, and copyrighted by Rita Neustifter, 1998: After 1865 the majority of children born in the Great Lakes were Metis. Prominent names of Métis families in Oconto County included Cappe, Rankin, Grignon, de Langlade, Tourtillott, Gauthier, LaBelle, Porlier, Gillett, Pecor, Courchaine, Mechaquette and Chappiere. Gradually English, Jewish and Scottish were added to the mix, but the result remained Métis. Names of these families included Farnsworth, Lawe, Bush, Moses, Wilber, Warrington, Tomas, Baxtor, Adams, Kenny, and Dodge. Some prominent Indian names of the time were Oaskash (The Claw), Ok-ko-me-chum (Great Wave), Sthai-ke-tok (Scare All), Kikatosh, Machickanee, Okachelum, Nikamiskamus, Kapous, Wapoose, Kachtey, Danpoose, Miokowico, Shawanokacik, Askenit, Corn, Shawanometer, Mazoma, Markinat, Kajachsiu, Opehtans, and Nacuti. Because the Indian did not originally have a written language using an alphabet, the spelling of their names was left to the skill and mercy of the record keepers. The result was different English, Germanic, and French interpretations of the same names.  


List of Mixed Blood of the Menominee Indian Nation - 1849, Originally published by the Green Bay Advocate - 28 June 1849:  There is a Stanislas Chappee and children listed.


In 1870 census, Gillett, Oconto, Wisconsin, a John Shappy, 23y, born 1847, born Canada, Canada, Canada, farm laborer.



Generation No. 2


2.  PAULINE2 CHAPPUE (STANISLAUS1)8,9 was born 04 Jul 1843 in Michigan, USA10, and died 14 Jul 1914pt in Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA11,14pt,13,14,15.  She married JOHN PLACE16,17,18,19,20 Abt. 1858 in Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA21, son of LYMAN PLACE and SUSAN JACKSON.  He was born 07 Feb 1836 in Vermont, USA22, and died 21 Aug 1908 in Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA23,24.


14.  Marinette Eagle Star, Wednesday, Jul 17 1914pt, P.5,   FUNERAL HELD. The funeral of the late Mrs. Plina Place, who succumbed Sunday morning after several years of illness was held this afternoon from the M.E. Church at Harmony at 2 o'clock, the Rev. A.D. Hastings of Peshtigo officiating. Interment was made in the Harmony cemetery in Grover. Mrs. Place was 69 years old at the time of her death. She is survived by two daughters and a son all of whom have reached maturity. Her husband John Place has been deceased for over four years. Both were well known in Grover where they resided for many years.


More About PAULINE CHAPPUE:  3.  Marinette County WI  Death Record, vol. 7, p.326, 1914pt.  Plina Place age 69 yrs 10 days. b. Mich, widow, father-John Shapee, B. France;  mother-Theresa, b. Wis.  Date-14 Jul 1914pt in Grover. Cause-Apoplexy, Dr. Tibbits.  Funeral home-J.M. Harper, cemetery-Grover, informant-??????? Place.


Burial: Harmony Cemetery, Harmony, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


15.  Marinette County WI Probate Records, (Book.3, p.211, Jan 27 1913).  Heirs: Children: Lyman Place, Maria Phillips, Marion Miller; children of Kate May, a deceased daughter: William Harper, Howard Harper and Stanley May.


Residence: 1870, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin25


Notes for JOHN PLACE:  History of Northern Wisconsin, Volume II. P. 600.  John Place, farmer, Sec. 2, P.O. Peshtigo, is a native of Bombay, St Lawrence, New York. In 1855, came to Peshtigo and worked five years in a sawmill as sawyer. Soon after, he located on his present farm, consisting of forty-six acres of land. Married in 1858 to Paulina Shappey. She was born in Peshtigo. They have five children, two sons and three daughters.


From Marinette County Centennial 1879-1979: John Place (Chappu's son-in-law) worked as a sawyer, but also farmed 46 acres.


More About JOHN PLACE:  Residence: 1850, Canton, Saint Lawrence, New York26


24.  Marinette Eagle Star, funeral page, 1908.  The funeral of John Place, who died at his home in the town of Grover, on Friday last of appendicitis, will take place this afternoon at 1 o'clock from the family home and at 2 o'clock from the M.E. church at Harmony Corners. The Rev. John T. Fish will have charge of the last sad rites and interment will be at Harmony cemetery. The deceased leaves, besides a wife, one son, Lyman Place, who still resides with the family and two daughters, Mrs. Frank Phillips of Grover, and Mrs. Marion Wilson of Milwaukee, also two brothers, F. Place of New York; who is expected here this morning, Job Place of this city, and a sister, Mrs. John Butler, also a resident of this city. Deep sympathy is extended to the bereaved family in their tribulation.


23.  Marinette County WI  Death Record, Vol.5, p.415.  John Place age 72 yrs 6 mo 14 days, b. 7 Feb 1836 in New York, father not listed, mother-Susan Jackson.  Died 21 Aug 1908 at Porterfield, cause ruptured appendix and senile debility. Dr. C.J. Wilson.  J.M. Harper funeral home.  Burial-Peshtigo Cemetery, 25 Aug 1908.




                      i.    LYMAN3 PLACE28,29, b. 09 May 1861, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA; d. 14 Jul 1924, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA30,31,32,33.  Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA34


30.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol.13, p.4598.  Lyman Place age 63 yrs 2 mos 5 days. B. 9 May 1861 in Wisconsin. Single.  Father-John Place, b. Vermont, mother-Paulina (Chappee), b. Peshtigo. Date-14 Jul 1924 at 2101 Sherman St., Marinette. Cause-Cystitis and chronic nephritis, enlarged prostate, Dr. H.F. Schroeder . Funeral home, L.D. Martin.  Cemetery, Harmony.  Informant-Maria Phillips.


31.  "Marinette Eagle Star," Tuesday, P.5, July 15 1924.  TWO WEEKS' ILLNESS TERMINATES IN DEATH. Lyman Place, 63, born in Peshtigo, died at 5 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of his sister, Mrs. Maria Phillips, 2101 Sherman Street. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the L.D. Martin mortuary chapel, the Rev. C.R. Bulley officiating. The survivors are sisters, Mrs. Harry Miller of Milwaukee and Mrs. Maria Phillips of this city with whom the decedent had made his home for fourteen years. Burial will be in Harmony cemetery.


32.  Gravestone, Harmony Cemetery, A189 Sec. A, Row 22-23. Place, Lyman, 1861-1924.


33.  Harper Funeral Home records, 1902-1970, Lyman Place. Born May 9 1861 Died July 14 1924. Father: John Place, Mother: Pauline Chaffee. Two sisters survive. Burial: Harmony.


                     ii.    KATHERINE PLACE, b. 28 Dec 1868, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA35; d. 14 Apr 1904, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA36; m. (1) MAY, Abt. 1880, Grover, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; b. 1850; d. Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; m. (2) FRED A REED, 23 Jul 1892, Marinette, USA37; b. Abt. 1855, Canada.


More About KATHERINE PLACE:  Residence: 1870, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin38


36.  Harper Funeral Home records, 1902-1970, Kate May. Born 1859 and died April 14 1904. Cause: cancer. Buried: Grover.


37.  Marinette County WI  Marriage Record, Volume 2, #14pt8.  Bride:  Kate Place, daughter of John Place and Pauline Chappie. Groom:  Fred A. Reed, born in Canada and residing in Peshtigo, son of A.A. Reed and Lucy A. Davis. .


41.  Gravestone, Harmony Cemetery, Harmony, Wisconsin.


4.                iii.    MARIA PLACE, b. 23 Feb 1862, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA; d. 26 May 1946, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


55.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol. 22, P. 340.  Mrs. Maria Phillips, widow, age 81 yrs, 3 mo, 3 dy.  B. February 23, 1862, Peshtigo. Residence-2313 Sherman Street, Marinette. Spouse-Frank Phillips. Father-John Place, b. Vermont. Mother-Pauline Chappee, b. Vermont. Died-May 26 1946, Marinette General Hospital. Cause-Influenza and bronchitis due to arteriosclerosis. Funeral Home-Glen B. Lein, Marinette. Cemetery-Harmony, May 28 1946. Informant-Mrs. Nick Noll, Marinette.


5.                iv.    MARION PLACE, b. 02 Jun 1868, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA; d. 23 Jun 1931, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


6.                 v.    CATHERINE PLACE, b. 26 Dec 1868, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; d. 15 Apr 1904, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


                   vi.    JOHN PLACE40, b. 22 Sep 1874, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA41; d. 02 Oct 1894, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA42,43.  More About JOHN PLACE: Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA44


42.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol.2, p.246, #439.  John Place, age 19 years. Mixed white and Indian. B. Peshtigo Bush. John and Pliny Place. D. 24 Oct 1894 at Peshtigo Sugar Bush, cause-Diphtheria. Undertaker-Mrs. F. Harper. Harmony Cemetery.


43.  Gravestone, Harmony Cemetery, A190, Sec. A, Row 22-23. Place, John, Jr. Sep 22, 1874-Oct 23 1893. (Death records cites 1894).


                  vii.    ELECYAN PLACE, b. Feb 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; d. 28 Oct 1893, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA45,46.  More About ELECYAN PLACE:  Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA47


45.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol.2, p.240, #403, 1893. Elsia Place, age 14, b. Peshtigo Sugar Bush.  Father-John Place, Mother-Paulina Place. D. 28 Oct 1893 at Peshtigo Sugar Bush, Cause-Diphtheria. Undertaker-Mrs. F. Harper and Son. Harmony Cemetery.  Name was Elise on record.


46.  Gravestone, Harmony Cemetery, A191, Sec. A, Row 22-23. Stone: Place, Elsia, Feb 7 1880 to Oct 27 1893 (death record has 28th).



3.  THERESE2 CHAPPUE (STANISLAUS1) was born Abt. 1845 in Wisconsin, USA, and died Bef. 1890 in Wisconsin, USA.  She married DARWIN MCPHERSON48,49, son of MOSES MCPHERSON and SALLA JACKSON.  He was born 15 Jun 1828 in New York, USA, and died 17 Mar 1905 in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA50,51.


More About DARWIN MCPHERSON:  Residence: 1860, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin52




                      i.    JANE3 MCPHERSON52, b. Abt. 1858, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.  More About JANE MCPHERSON:  Residence: 1860, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin52


                     ii.    KATE MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1859, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA.


                    iii.    CORDELIA MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1860, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA.


                   iv.    MARY MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1861, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA; m. MITCHELL.


7.                 v.    GEORGE MCPHERSON, b. Oct 1866, Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA; d. Nov 1928, Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA.



Generation No. 3


4.  MARIA3 PLACE (PAULINE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)53,54 was born 23 Feb 1862 in Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA55, and died 26 May 1946 in Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA55.  She married (1) FRANK ELIJAH PHILLIPS56,56 13 Jan 1891 in Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA56,57,58, son of ROYAL PHILLIPS and CORNELIA JACKSON.  He was born 14 May 1865 in Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA59, and died 13 Nov 1936 in Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA60,61.  She married (2) IRWIN ALBERT MARSH 15 Jul 1878 in Oconto, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA62, son of WILLIAM MARSH and MARY.  He was born 1860 in Pennsylvania, USA, and died in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


More About MARIA PLACE:  Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin63


57.  Marinette County Wisconsin Marriage Record, Vol.2, P.200, 1891.  Husband-Frank Phillips. Father-Royal T. Phillips. Mother-Cornelia Jackson. Wife-Mrs. Maria (Place) Marsh. Father-John Place. Mother-Tharesa Chappee. Date- January 13, 1891 in Marinette by Chas. C. Daily, J.P. Witnesses-Nate Fisher and W.K. Moore. Date of Certificate-January 13, 1891.


58.  County of Marinette, Wisconsin, Marinette County WI Wisconsin Circuit Court, File #3287, P.355, January 14, 1907., Maria Phillips, Plaintiff vs Frank E. Phillips, Defendant. At a regular term of the circuit court of Marinette County, begun and held at the courthouse in the city and county of Marinette and State of Wisconsin on the 14th day of January, 1907, A.D. Present-Hon. Samuel D. Hastings, Circuit Judge presiding the summons and complaint on the above-entitled action having been duly served upon the defendant, Frank E. Phillips, and due proof of such service having been made and filed and the time for answering having expired, and due proof having been made, and filed that no answer or demurrer has been served on or received by the plaintiff's attorney, and that the defendant has in no manner appeared in this action, and the court having heard the evidence in open court, and found that the allegations of the complaint are true and proven, and that the defendant is guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment as charged in the complaint, and that the plaintiff is entitled to the judgment prayed for therein. Now therefore, on motion of J.B. Kirkland, the plaintiff's attorney, subsisting between the plaintiff, Maria Phillips and the defendant, Frank E. Phillips, be, and the same hereby are wholly dissolved, dated at Marinette, Wisconsin, this 14th day of January, 1907, A.D., by the court. Samuel D. Hastings, Circuit Judge.


60.  "Marinette Eagle Star," November 13, 1936, F.E. Phillips passes away. Survivor of Historic Peshtigo Fire Succumbs Early Today. Frank E. Phillips, 71, passed away in this home, 2210 Thomas Street, early this morning. Mr. Phillips was born in the town of Peshtigo, May 15, 1865, and at the time of the Peshtigo fire lived there with his parents, who owned a livery stable. One sister was claimed by the fire. For the past sixteen years, he has resided in Marinette. Surviving are his wife and five children: Mrs. Delmar Marrett, Matt Frances, Harris and Beverly, all of Marinette. One sister, Mrs. Robert Nelson of Milwaukee. Two brothers, Fred Phillips of Portefield and John Phillips of Marinette, and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be held on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Hansen and Onion Funeral Home, with the Rev. H.G. Trost of the First M.E. church officiating. Interment will be in Forest Home Cemetery.


61.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol. 19, P.67.  Frank E. Phillips, age 71 yrs, 5 mos, 29 days, b. May 14 1865, Town of Peshtigo. Spouse-Mary Nash. Father-Royal Phillips, b. Massachusetts. Mother-Cornelia Jackson, b. New York. Died-November 13, 1936 at 2210 Thomas Street, Marinette. Cause-Chronic myocarditis, auricular fibrillation. Funeral home-Hansen and Onion. Cemetery-Forest Home. Informant-Matt Phillips, 2210 Thomas Street, Marinette. .


More About FRANK ELIJAH PHILLIPS:  Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin63


More About IRWIN ALBERT MARSH:  Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA67




                      i.    MATTHEW4 PHILLIPS, b. Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


Children of MARIA PLACE and IRWIN MARSH are:


                     ii.    ALICE4 MARSH, b. Dec 1878, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA. More About ALICE MARSH:  Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA69


                    iii.    KATE MARSH, b. May 1882, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


                   iv.    WILLIAM MARSH, b. Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


5.  MARION3 PLACE (PAULINE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)70 was born 02 Jun 1868 in Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA, and died 23 Jun 1931 in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA71.  She married (1) HARRY MILLER.  He was born Abt. 1865, and died in Wisconsin, USA.  She married (2) WILLIAM ARCHIBALD GRANDAW 11 Oct 1885 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA72,73, son of BOZIEL GRANDAW and SOPHIA DEMILLER.  He was born Jun 1861 in Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Québec, Canada74.


More About MARION PLACE:  Residence: 1900, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin75,75


More About WILLIAM ARCHIBALD GRANDAW:  Arrival: 186676,76

Divorce: Abt. 1900, 1905 census lists him as divorced; wife on 1900 census

Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA77,77,77.  SSN issued: Wisconsin78



William "Archie" Grandaw states he is divorced on 1910 census. He is living with Sophie, his mother, in Peshtigo.      


71.  Harper Funeral Home records, 1902-1970.  Marion D. Miller. B: June 2 1868. D: June 23 1931. Father: John Place, Mother: Lena Chapman. Husband: Harry. One daughter survives. Burial: Harmony Cemetery.


72.  Marinette County Wisconsin Marriage Record, Vol.2, P.3, #83. William Archibald Grandaw, b. Montreal, Canada, resides Peshtigo, carpenter joiner. Father-Bozeal Grandeau. Mother-Sophia DeMiller. Marion Place, b. Peshtigo. Father-John Place. Mother-Paulina Schappie. Date- October 11, 1885 in Peshtigo by P.O. Philbrook, Jr., J.P., a legal marriage contract. Witnesses-John M. Harper and Kate Harper.


73., Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907, Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000, 1-106, Lists Wm. A. Grandeau and Mirion Place marrying on 11 Oct 1885. .




8.                  i.    DELLA M.4 GRANDAW, b. 01 Jan 1886, Wisconsin, USA; d. 08 Mar 1969, Amberg, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


6.  CATHERINE3 PLACE (PAULINE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)81,82 was born 26 Dec 1868 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA, and died 15 Apr 1904 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA83,84.  She married FREDRICK A. MAY  on 23 Jul 1892 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA85, son of ALFRED MAY and LUCY DAVIS.  He was born May 1867 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA, and died Aft. 1930.


More About CATHERINE PLACE:  Residence: 1900, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin86


More About FREDRICK A. MAY:  Residence: 1880, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA87,87


85.  Marinette County Wisconsin Marriage Record, Vol. 2, p.248, #1 (same info, but with name of Fred A. 'Reed'), Fred May of Peshtigo, lumberman.  Father-Alfred May. Mother-Lucy Davis. Kate Place. Father-John Place. Mother-Pauline Chappie. Date July 23 1892 at Peshtigo, Wisconsin, by Charles Daily, J.P. Witnesses: Mrs. Nellie Daily and John Esaldt.


83.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol.4, P.81, #243, 1904.  Kate May, age 35 years, 3 months, 20 days. B. 26 Dec 1868 in Grover. Spouse: Fred May. Father: John Place, b. New York. Mother: Paulina, b. Peshtigo.  Date: April 15 1904.  Cause: Cancer, one year.  Burial:  Grover Cemetery.


84.  "Peshtigo Times," Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA, P. 1, Saturday evening, April 16 1904.  WIFE OF FRED MAY PASSES AWAY AT GROVER ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Mrs. Catherine May, wife of Fred May, died at her home in Town of Grover Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock after a lingering illness with cancer. The deceased, whose maiden name was Catherine Place, was a daughter of John Place, one of the early settlers of this county. Mrs. May was 35 years of age and leaves a husband and three sons, William, Howard, and Stanley, to mourn her loss. The funeral will be held from her late home Sunday morning at 9:30 and 10:30 from the Harmony M.E. church. Burial will be made at the cemetery on the Lake Road.




                      i.    WILLIAM4 MAY, b. Abt. 1893, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.


                     ii.    HOWARD MAY, b. Abt. 1895, Wisconsin, USA.


9.                iii.    STANLEY ARTHUR MAY, b. 30 Dec 1896, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; d. May 1980, Reedsport, Douglas, Oregon, USA.


7.  GEORGE3 MCPHERSON (THERESE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)89,90,91 was born Oct 1866 in Peshtigo, Oconto, Wisconsin, USA, and died Nov 1928 in Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA.  He married CELIA OC COM MO WA SHEE MOSES91 Abt. 1885 in Wisconsin, USA92, daughter of MITCHELL MOSES.  She was born Abt. 1867 in Wisconsin, USA93.


Notes for GEORGE MCPHERSON:  Advocate, December 5, 1928: Badly weakened by a long chronic illness, George McPherson of Neopit died last week at 62 years of age. He was for twenty years a resident of Neopit and during this time has become well known in the Shawano community. He was born in Marinette in October of 1866. He married Celia Moses in 1885 and about twenty years later they settled in Neopit. Four children survive: Frances Monroe, Mrs. Margaret Rentmeiscer (sic), Milwaukee, Herbert, Spokane, Richard of Wilton, North Dakota.


More About GEORGE MCPHERSON:  Native American.  Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin93,93


More About CELIA OC COM MO WA SHEE MOSES: Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin93,93,93,93




10.                i.    GEORGE EDWARD MCPHERSON JR4, b. 11 Jun 1885, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA; d. Bef. 1928, Barton, Washington, Wisconsin, USA.


                     ii.    FRANCIS MCPHERSON95,96,97,98, b. 1889, Wisconsin, USA99; d. Aft. 1928; m. UNKNOWN MONROE; b. Abt. 1885.  More About FRANCIS MCPHERSON: Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin99,99


                    iii.    LUCY MCPHERSON99, b. 1891, Wisconsin, USA99; d. Bef. 1928. More About LUCY MCPHERSON:  Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin. USA.99


                   iv.    LAURA MCPHERSON99, b. 1895, Wisconsin, USA99; d. Bef. 1928.  More About LAURA MCPHERSON: Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USWA.99


                    v.    MARGRET MCPHERSON99, b. 1897, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA99; d. Aft. 1928; m. JOSEPH HENRY RENTMEISTER100; b. 06 Jul 1897, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA100.


More About MARGRET MCPHERSON: Race: Native American, Menominee Tribe. Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.101


More About JOSEPH HENRY RENTMEISTER: Other-Begin: Shawano County102  Residence: 1920, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin103


11.              vi.    HERBERT MITCHELL MCPHERSON, b. 09 May 1899, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; d. Dec 1983, Shawano, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA.


14pt.             vii.    RICHARD T MCPHERSON, b. 13 May 1907, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; d. 18 Jul 1989, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA.


Generation No. 4


8.  DELLA M.4 GRANDAW (MARION3 PLACE, PAULINE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)104,105,106 was born 01 Jan 1886 in Wisconsin, USA107, and died 08 Mar 1969 in Amberg, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA108,109.  She married AMASSA BURTON UTTER 1905 in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA110,111, son of JACOB UTTER and EMMA CORBETT.  He was born 26 Sep 1885 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA, and died 28 Aug 1968 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA114pt,113.


More About DELLA M. GRANDAW:  Residence: 1920, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin114


More About AMASSA BURTON UTTER:  Residence: 1920, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin114

SSN issued: Michigan115


111.  Marinette County Wisconsin Marriage Record, Vol.D, P.139, #352.  Husband: Amassa Utter, age 25, b. Wisconsin. Father: Jacob Utter, Mother: Emma Corbett.  Wife: Della Grandow, age 24, b. Wisconsin. Father: Archie Grandow. Mother: Marion Place.   Date: Nov 29 1910 at Menominee by Guy V. Hoard, Methodist Minister. Witnesses: Ralph Place, Peshtigo and Florence Phillips, Marinette.


109.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol. 41, P. 295.  Della Utter, born January 1 1886 in Wisconsin, died March 8, 1969 in Amberg, Wisconsin, heart. Father: Archie Grandaw, Mother: ??. Informant: Mrs. Clarence Boesen, Wausaukee. Burial Harmony Cemetery.


113.  Marinette County WI  Death Record, Vol.41, #58.  Amassa Burton Utter, age 82, b. September 26, 1885. Retired fireman, furniture manufacturer. Spouse: Della Grandaw. Father: Jacob Utter. Mother: Emma Corbet. Died August 28, 1968, 11 am at Badger Nursing Home, Peshtigo. Cause: Coronary occlusion, arteriosclerosis. Funeral Home: Hansen and Onion.  Cemetery: Harmony. Informant: Della Utter, 961/2 Water Street, Marinette.


14pt1.  Gravestone, Harmony Cemetery, Marinette, Wisconsin.




                      i.    MARION R.5 UTTER118,119, b. 25 Apr 1914pt, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA14pt0; d. 10 Oct 1947, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA14pt1,14pt2,14pt3.  More About MARION R. UTTER: Residence: 1920, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin. USA14pt4


14pt2.  Marinette Newspaper.   MARION R. UTTER IS STRICKEN HERE. To Conduct Funeral Services Saturday.  Miss Marion R. Utter, 35, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Amassa B. Utter of 640 Ogden Street, died Thursday evening at Marinette General Hospital. Death followed an illness of several years. Final rites will be conducted Saturday at 2 pm in the Hansen and Onion funeral home. Burial will be in the Harmony cemetery. Miss Utter was born April 25, 1914pt, in the town of Porterfield and resided there before coming to Marinette with her family many years ago. Surviving her in addition to her parents are four sisters and a brother. They are Mrs. Fred Hopfensperger, Jr., Mrs. Frank Kamin, and Mrs. Clarence Boesen of this city, Mrs. Edward Petrie of Milwaukee and Stanley Utter of Fort Mead, Maryland.


14pt3.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol.25, #111.  Marion R. Utter, b. April 25, 1914pt, age 35 yrs 5 mos 14 dys. Father: Amassa B. Utter. Mother: Della Grandaw. Died  October 9, 1947 at 5:45 pm, Marinette General Hospital. Cause: Bronchopneumonia terminal, 1 day; coma from acute nephritis, 2 days; born with spinal bifida, had flaccid paralysis both legs since birth, atrophic ulcer buttocks and rectal area about two weeks. Funeral home: Hansen and Onion. Cemetery: Harmony. Informant: Amassa B. Utter, 648 Ogden Street, Marinette.


                     ii.    MELVIN UTTER, b. 20 Apr 1914, Porterfield, Wisconsin, USA14pt5; d. 24 Apr 1914, Porterfield, Wisconsin, USA14pt6.


14pt5.  Marinette County Wisconsin Birth Record, Vol.7, P.135.  Melvin Utter. Father: Amasa Utter, age 18. Mother: Della Grandaw: age 26. # in order of birth-2. # of children of this mother-2. Born April 20 1914, Grover. Physician: William H. Dohearty.


14pt6.  Marinette County Wisconsin Death Record, Vol.8, P.824. Melvin Utter. Father: Amasa Utter, age 18. Mother: Della Grandaw: age 26.  Born-April 20 1914, Grover.  Date: April 24 1914 in Grover. Cause: Convulsions. Physician: William H. Dohearty. Funeral home: A.B. Ally Cemetery: Harmony. Informant: A.B. Ally.


                    iii.    HAZEL M UTTER14pt7, b. Aug 1915, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA14pt7. More About HAZEL M UTTER:  Residence: 1920, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin14pt7


                   iv.    OLIVE MAY UTTER14pt7,14pt8, b. 18 Aug 1918, Goodman, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA14pt9,130; d. 10 Nov 1996, New Berlin, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA131.  More About OLIVE MAY UTTER: Residence: 1920, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin132


130.  Marinette County Wisconsin Birth Record, Vol.14pt, P.3843.  Olive May Utter, b. August 18, 1918, Goodman. Father: Amassa Utter, age 33. Mother: Della Grandaw, age 32. # of children of this mother-4, # living-3. Ida H. Hunt, Physician.


131., Social Security Death Index, Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2010, Olive M. Strasen. Last Residence: 53151 New Berlin, Waukesha, Wisconsin. Born: August 18 1918, Last Benefit: 53051 Menomonee Falls, Waukesha, Wisconsin. Died: November 10, 1996.



                    v.    FLORENCE MARIE UTTER133, b. 14pt Jul 1921, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA134; d. 01 Sep 1995, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA135; m. FRANK STANLEY KANIA, 02 Mar 1946, Menominee, Menominee, Michigan USA136; b. 1908, Menominee, Menominee, Michigan, USA. 


More About FLORENCE MARIE UTTER: Residence: 1930, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin137


134.  Marinette County Wisconsin Birth Record, Vol.15, P.6149. Florence Marie Utter. Father: Amassa Burton Utter, age 36. Mother: Della Grandaw, age 35. Born: July 14pt, 1921 10:30 pm, Town of Peshtigo. Midwife: Maurice Baird.


135., Social Security Death Index, Provo, UT, USA, Florence M. Kania. Last Residence: 53224 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born: Jul 14pt 1921. Died: September 1 1995.


136.  Menominee, Michigan Marriage Record, Husband: Frank Stanley Kania, age 38, b. Menominee, resides Menominee. Father: John Kania. Mother: Catherine Barch.  Wife: Florence Marie Utter, age 24, Marinette, resides Marinette.  Date: March 2 1946 in Menominee by Francis Geynet, Catholic priest. Witnesses: Fred and Hazel Hopfensperger, Marinette.


                   vi.    INA MARIE UTTER139, b. 25 Mar 1925, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA; d. 10 Dec 1997, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA.  Notes for INA MARIE UTTER: Peshtigo Times, December 17, 1997, Ina Mary Boesen. Funeral Services for Ina Mary Boesen, 72, Wausaukee, were held Sunday, December 14, at Morasky-Messar Funeral Home. Rev. John McLaughlin officiated with burial at Evergreen Cemetery in Wausaukee. She died Wednesday, December 10 at Bay Area Medical Center. Born March 25, 1925 in Marinette to Mrs. and Mrs. Amassa (Della Grandeau) Utter, she married Clarence Boesen in Marinette on September 30, 1944. He preceded her in death July 11, 1990. Survivors include three sons, James of Green Bay, Gerald of Crivitz and David (Cindy) of Niagara; two daughters, Mrs. Rus (Connie) Olson and Mrs. Don (Roberta) Weinhart, both of Crivitz; 16 grandchildren; one brother, Stanley Utter of Milwaukee and one sister, Hazel Richards of Appleton. She was preceded in death by two sisters, Olive Strassen and Florence Kania.


More About INA MARIE UTTER:  Residence: 1930, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin139


                  vii.    STANLEY BURTON UTTER139, b, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA140; m. JOAN MUNRO, 28 Apr 1956, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA141.  More About STANLEY BURTON UTTER: Residence: 1930, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin142 


140.  Marinette County Wisconsin Birth Record, Vol. 21, P.757. Stanley Burton Utter. Father: Amassa Utter Mother: Della Grandaw. Born March 5  at 4:30 am at 2200 Sherman Street, Marinette. Midwife: Mrs. Munson. # in order of birth-7, alive-6, dead-1.


141.  Marinette County Wisconsin Marriage Record, Vol.23, #157.  Husband: Stanley Utter, age 28, b. in Marinette. Father: Amassa Utter. Mother: Della Grandaw.  Wife: Joan Munro, age 18, b.. Father: Frank Munro. Mother: Irene Beattie.  Date: April 28 in Marinette at First Methodist Church by Rev. Jerome H. Magler. Witnesses: Dennia R. Behnke and Germaine Behnke.


9.  STANLEY ARTHUR4 MAY (CATHERINE3 PLACE, PAULINE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)144 was born 30 Dec 1896 in Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA, and died May 1980 in Reedsport, Douglas, Oregon, USA of America145.  He married MARGARET E SHIGLEY146 10 May 1926 in Wisconsin, USA146.  She was born 21 Jul 1901 in Michigan, USA146.


More About STANLEY ARTHUR MAY:  Residence: 1900, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin148,148  SSN issued: Wisconsin149


More About MARGARET E SHIGLEY:  Residence: 1930, Prentice, Price, Wisconsin150




                      i.    BRUCE E5 MAY152, b. 1927, Prentice, Price, Wisconsin, USA152.  More About BRUCE E MAY: Residence: 1930, Prentice, Price, Wisconsin152


                     ii.    NANCY K MAY152, b. 1928, Prentice, Price, Wisconsin, USA152.  More About NANCY K MAY: Residence: 1930, Prentice, Price, Wisconsin152


10.  GEORGE EDWARD MCPHERSON JR4 (GEORGE3, THERESE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)153 was born 11 Jun 1885 in Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA154, and died Bef. 1928 in Barton, Washington, Wisconsin, USA.  He married AGNES LA ROCK.  She was born 01 May 1885 in Wisconsin, USA.


More About GEORGE EDWARD MCPHERSON JR:   Native American,  Menominee Tribe.  Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin155,155


More About AGNES LA ROCK: Residence: 1910, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin156




                      i.    MITCHEAL W C5 MCPHERSON156, b. 30 Jun 1909, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA156. More About MITCHEAL W C MCPHERSON: Residence: 1910, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin156


                     ii.    LUCILE MCPHERSON157, b. 11 Apr 1911, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA157. More About LUCILE MCPHERSON: Residence: 1920, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin157


13.              iii.    BLANCHE M MCPHERSON, b. 28 Jul 1913, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA.


   iv.            CYRIL RAYMOND MCPHERSON, b. 09 Sep 1915, Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA158.


158.  Shawano County, Wisconsin, USA, Shawano County Records, Birth Record Volume 14, #220, Cyril Raymond, male, Indian. Father: George McPherson, Indian, 30 years, born in Wisconsin. Mother: Agnes La Rock, 29 years, Indian, born Wisconsin  Reservation.  More About CYRIL RAYMOND MCPHERSON: Residence: 1920, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin159


   v.             WOODROW JOSEPH MCPHERSON, b. 08 Dec 1917, Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA160. 


More About WOODROW JOSEPH MCPHERSON: Residence: 1920, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin161.


160.  Shawano County, Wisconsin, USA, Shawano County Records, Birth Record Volume 16, #659, Woodrow Joseph McPherson, born December 8, 1917, male, Indian. Father: George McPherson, Mother: Agnes La Rock, 5/5 children.



      vi.            REYNOLD MCPHERSON, b. 13 Apr 1921, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA162.


162.  Shawano County, Wisconsin, USA, Shawano County Records, Birth Record Volume 21, #102, Reynold McPherson, male, Indian, born Keshena. Father George McPherson, born Marinette, Wisconsin, Mother Agnes, born Keshena. 7/5/2 children.



11.  HERBERT MITCHELL4 MCPHERSON (GEORGE3, THERESE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)163 was born 09 May 1899 in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA163,164, and died Dec 1983 in Shawano, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA164.  He married AGNES FRECHETTE165,165,165, daughter of MOSES FRECHETTE and MARGARET WINNEKENS.  She was born 10 Aug 1898 in Michigan, USA166


More About HERBERT MITCHELL MCPHERSON:  Residence: 01 Jun 1905, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin168,168   SSN issued: Oregon169


More About AGNES FRECHETTE: Residence: 1930, Township 29, Shawano, Wisconsin170,170,170




14.                i.    ALFRED HERBERT5 MCPHERSON, b. 06 Mar 1920, Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA; d. 09 Apr 2005, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA.  Shawano County, Wisconsin, USA, Shawano County Records, Birth Record, Volume 19, #391., Alfred Herbert, male, Indian, born March 6, 1920. Father: Herbert McPherson, residing Neopit, Indian, born Wisconsin. Mother: Agnes Frechette, Indian, born Wisconsin.


                     ii.    ARNOLD MCPHERSON, b. 06 Sep 1921, Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA; d. 03 Dec 1924, Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA171.


171.  Shawano County Records, Death Record, Volume14, #242.   Arnold McPherson, white male, single, 3y 2m 28 d, born September 6, 1921 in Neopit. Died, ate rat poison. Father: Herbert McPherson, born Wisconsin. Mother: Agnes Frechette, born Wisconsin. Buried Neopit.


                    iii.    CARL E MCPHERSON172,172, b. 11 Jan 1925, Neopit, Menominee, Wisconsin, USA173; d. 28 Feb 1951, Korea174.  More About CARL E MCPHERSON: Military: Wisconsin174  Residence: 1930, Township 29, Shawano, Wisconsin175   SSN issued: California176



14pt.  RICHARD T4 MCPHERSON (GEORGE3, THERESE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)177,178 was born 13 May 1907 in Marinette, Wisconsin, USA179,180, and died 18 Jul 1989 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA of America180.  He married MARTHA C CHARLES181 07 Dec 1934 in Menominee, Wisconsin, USA182, daughter of UNKNOWN CHARLES and ELIZABETH LA FRAMBOISE.  She was born Abt. 1914pt in Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA183.


More About RICHARD T MCPHERSON:  Residence: 1910, Menominee Indian Reservation, Shawano, Wisconsin184  ;; SSN issued: Minnesota185


More About MARTHA C CHARLES:  Residence: 01 Jan 1940, Menominee, Wisconsin186


More About RICHARD MCPHERSON and MARTHA CHARLES:  Marriage: 07 Dec 1934, Menominee, Wisconsin, USA187


187.  Menominee Tribal Records, Martha Charles married Richard T. McPherson on December 7, 1934, by Justice of Peace, in Menominee County, Wisconsin.




                      i.    LOIS CECELIA5 MCPHERSON188, b. , Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA188. More About LOIS CECELIA MCPHERSON:  Residence: 01 Jan 1940, Menominee, Wisconsin188


                     ii.    RICHARD T MCPHERSON JR 188, b. 05 Jan 1933, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA188; d. 17 Aug 1986, Neopit, Menominee, Wisconsin, USA189; m. LORETTA SOMAN190, 28 Dec 1973, Menominee, Wisconsin, USA; b. Abt. 1934; d. Wisconsin, USA.  Notes for RICHARD T JR MCPHERSON:


Shawano Leader, dated August 18, 1986: Richard T. McPherson, born January 5, 1933, died August 17, 1986 in Shawano. His parents were Richard McPherson and Caroline Prickett. On December 28, 1973, he married Loretta Soman in Shawano.


More About RICHARD T JR MCPHERSON:  Residence: 01 Jan 1940, Menominee, Wisconsin191  SSN issued: Wisconsin192


                    iii.    ROLLAND J MCPHERSON194, b. 29 Dec 1936, Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA194; d. Jul 1980, Wisconsin, USA195.  More About ROLLAND J MCPHERSON:  Residence: 01 Jan 1940, Menominee, Wisconsin196  SSN issued: Wisconsin197


                   iv.    REGIS F MCPHERSON198, b.  Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA198.  More About REGIS F MCPHERSON: Residence: 01 Jan 1940, Menominee, Wisconsin198



Generation No. 5


13.  BLANCHE M5 MCPHERSON (GEORGE EDWARD JR4, GEORGE3, THERESE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1)199 was born 28 Jul 1913 in Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA199.  She married WILLIAM GRIGNON200,200,200,201,202, son of JOSEPH GRIGNON and JOSEPHINE PETATAH.  He was born 25 Feb 1908 in Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA203,203,203, and died Oct 1971 in Shawano, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA204.


14.  ALFRED HERBERT5 MCPHERSON (HERBERT MITCHELL4, GEORGE3, THERESE2 CHAPPUE, STANISLAUS1) was born 06 Mar 1920 in Neopit, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA209, and died 09 Apr 2005 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA.  He married MILDRED MARIE DICKIE 23 Jun 1943 in Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA, daughter of LESTER DICKIE and EVELYN DICKIE.  She was born 16 Jun 1925 in Keshena, Shawano, Wisconsin, USA210, and died 01 Jan 1966 in Neopit, Menominee, Wisconsin, USA.


Notes for ALFRED HERBERT MCPHERSON:  Shawano County Leader: ALFRED “MAC” MCPHERSON, age 85, of Neopit, passed away on Saturday, April 9, 2005, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Green Bay. Mac was born March 6, 1920 in Neopit, the son of the late Herbert and Agnace (Frechette) McPherson. On June 23, 1943 he married the former Mildred Dickie. She preceded him in death on January 1, 1966.  He was a member of St. Anthony Catholic Church in Neopit. Mac had been employed and retired from Menominee Tribal Enterprise (MTE) in Neopit. He graduated from Shawano High School and was a member of the Shawano High School 1938 State Championship Basketball team as a point guard. He participated in all sports, loved boxing and enjoyed woodworking. He was a veteran of the USA Armed Forces and served overseas in WWII with the Army Air Force.  Mac is survived by his children, Reynold of Green Bay, Karen and Milton of Rhinelander; Carol of Colorado Spring, Colorado; Yvonne of Buena Vista, California, Donna, Leroy and Dennis of Green Bay, Roger and Deborah of Neopit, Lester and Michelle of Keshena and Naomi of San Francisco, California; 47 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, wife Mildred and two brothers.


More About ALFRED HERBERT MCPHERSON:  Military: 17 Mar 1941, Wausau, Wisconsin211

Residence: Shawano, Wisconsin211


More About MILDRED MARIE DICKIE: Residence: 30 Jun 1929, Menominee214pt