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.Oconto Falls Methodist Church.
 Submitted by Richard La Brosse

Oconto Falls Methodist Church
Celebration Marks 75th Anniversary of Church

Fording streams and rivers, riding horseback or walking along logging trails, that is what the Rev. Robinson Henry traveled through when he came to Oconto Falls in 1863 to help organize the Methodist Episcopal church 75 years ago.  This event is being elebrated today, Sunday and Monday by the church, with programs planned by the present pastor, the Rev. David Johnson.  The first service will be held Saturday evening, when a former pastor, the Rev. E.J. Symonds, Waupun, will preach.  The anniversary sermon will be preached by the Rev. E.J. Mathews, Waukesha, also a former pastor, Sunday Morning.  On sunday evening a jusicale will be presented by the church's vested choir under the direction of Mrs. Benson Schaub.  District Superintndent I.E. Schlaugenhauf, Appleton, will present the message.  At 10 o'clock Monday morning a period of reminiscing will be conducted, and at noon the women of the church will serve dinner.  All will participate in the city memorial services in the afternoon after which Oconto Falls High School bank will present a concert under the direction of Mr. Wright, the music instructor.

The next partial paragraph is missing, so I will continue from the point it is legible....  locality by the city's first pioneers, Mr. and Mrs. John Volk, who were converted in New York City, before their trek into the wilderness of the middle west.  Among early pastors were the Rev. Henry, who served from 1863 to 1885; the Rev. Thomas Walker, whose years were 1866-8; the Rev. J. Banta, 1869; the Rev. Hugh Yarwood, 1870 to 71 and again in 1883-4; the Rev. H. Couch 1873-4; the Rev. O.B. Clarke, 1875-6; E.R. Hayward, 1877; the Rev. Sanford, 1878; V. Charrion, 1879.  The Rev. H.A. Misdall, now at Waupaca, served Oconto Falls from 1927 to 1931; and the Rev. V.T. Nearhoff, now at Manitowoc, was here from 1931 to 1934.  The Rev. A.W. Barlund served the conference in 1935-36 and the Rev. David Johnson is completing his second year here.  At various time Methodists in Maple Valley, Gillett, Abrams, Little River and Lena were connected with the Oconto Falls circuit.  The oldest living couple married in the chursh is Mr. and Mrs. William E. Volk, who were married by the Rev. H. Couch December 22, 1872.  Other guests of honor of the celebration are Poterfield Johnson, James Reynolds, Dr. C. Elliott, Mrs. James Hoar, Mrs. Anna Heath and Elizabeth Slaughter.