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.St. Anthony Church .

.Oconto Falls.

This photograph is C: 1913 which shows the 1896 St. Anthony Parish church building on the left  (formerly St. Anthony Mission Church building) when it was about 14 years old. The building labeled "Public School" on the right was Lincoln School of Oconto Falls. It was built in 1893 and remained a public school until 1915. In 1917 it was purchased by St. Anthony Parish as a supplement school building and church hall.
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St Anthony Church in Oconto Falls 1908

This picture was taken in either 1984 or 1985, as the new church was built in 1985. My son was attending school there and took the picture before the old church was taken down.
contributed by:Jill Gondeck

The Catholic Church In Wisconsin
History of The Catholic Church In Wisconsin
Written 1895 - 1898
Printed in 1898

"The congregation of St. Anthony's at Oconto Falls is attended from Stiles. The mission, which is at the present time composed of some 60 Irish, German, French, Holandish, Belgian and Swiss families, was established by the Rev. Father Vanier on January 1, 1896. There is a nice church at this mission built of brick veneer, which cost $3500. This building was dedicated on December 27, 1896, the Right Rev. S. G. Messmer, D. D., Bishop of Green Bay, conducting the services. The mission is visited regul
arly twice each month. "

Oconto Falls 1969—
“Every year we are surprised that we are both here to celebrate our wedding anniversary.”  That is the sentiment of Joseph and Mary (Carriveau) Sounier who have lived all of their 71 years of wedded life in this community.  They do not have any formula or special secret for their longevity, but the simple pure faith which blends into their every day living....   They were married (1898) in Oconto Falls, in the first structure known as St. Anthony’s Catholic mission.  The priest from St. Patrick’s at Stiles officiated at the nuptial mass.  (note: Joseph Sounier was born in Canada and was 96 when this was written, living to age 99 from 1873 - 1972; Mary Carriveau Sounier was born in Canada, and was 89 when this was written, living to age 91 from 1880 - 1971. They are both buried in St Anthony Parish Cemetery)