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George Lince, last surviving Civil War Veteran in Oconto County, died at Abrams in 1940; age 91 years
The following tables have information on the Oconto County people who served in the Northern Army of the Republic during the American Civil War, 1861 - 1865.  During the Civil War, Oconto County covered the whole northeastern part of Wisconsin along lake Michigan. G.A.R. posts found in what are now neighboring counties have been included because, at the time of the war, this whole area was Oconto County.

If you are interested in first hand accounts of the American Civil War as it happened please visit this site. The content offered is direct scans of microfilm shot of nearly every issue of the New York Times published during the Civil War years, all presented online in an easy-to-navigate format.
New York Time Archives On Line

George Beyer of City of Oconto

For information about a Civil War Veteran's military records please write to:

Textual Reference Branch (NWDTI)
National Archives and Records Administration,
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20408
and request form 80.
or go to:
Wisconsin State Historical Society Wisconsin Civil War Service Records

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Infantry to Cavalry in 1863

Civil War Soldiers Memorial Poster

This treasured original 12th Regiment Co. F memorial poster has been in the Bartels Family for generations.
contributed by:
Samuel & Melissa Bartels

OCONTO COUNTY Civil War Service Stories
 Information on US Civil War Veterans who lived in Oconto County at some time in their lives, either before, during or after the war.
GAR POSTS MEMBERSHIPS 1880 's Scroll Down On This Page
Oconto, Pittsville, Antigo, and Shawano Counties, WI
PENSIONERS from 1812 to 1865 - LIST 1883, Oconto County, WI
VETERANS LIST 1890 - Oconto County, WI
VETERANS LIST 1895- Oconto County, WI
These veterans served in Wisconsin units,
and were living in Oconto County in 1895.
OTHER VETERANS LIST 1895- Oconto County, WI
These veterans served in non-Wisconsin units,
and were living in Oconto County in 1895.
VETERANS LIST 1905  Scroll Down On This Page - Oconto County, WI 

Hon. Edward Scofield of Oconto County - later Governor of Wisconsin


Oconto , Pittsville, Antigo, and Shawano Counties, WI

Submitted by Jan Cortez

Oconto, No. 74 E.W. Ramsay
Date of Charter --------
Commander: J.A. Don Levy
Adjutant: S. W. Bird


Lewis T. Bailey
James A. Glynn
D.P. Moriarity
E.F. Paramore
Andrew McFadden
Henry Clark
Carl Bentz
Joe Williams
John Follett
W.J. Classon
H.E. Haines
E. Pulford
Henry Sheffen
W.H. Young
C.H. Forestal
R.W. Hubbel
James A. Don Levy
Joseph Lawe
Antone La Count
Timothy Thomas
Orson Nickerson
Wm. Luck
Hannibal Tibbett
Peter Lenhardt
Thomas Tourletotte
Daniel O'Keefe
Paul Prickett
Fred Beyer
Henry Lenlfehr
Joseph Morrsi
Sam'l Lynes
M.A. Eggleston
Andrew Ennis
Antone Guimmer
S.W. Bird
Homer Don Levy
Frank Ruell
Andrew Jackson
Peter Jacques
Geo. A. Baldwin
Alex McGloughlin
Edwin Aldrich
Frank Leneville
Alexander Daupenet
Christopher Farrel
Peter Jessey
Alfred Debeck
Michael Sutton
Robt. A. Spice
J.V. Harriman


Pittsville, No. 73. James S. Alban
Date of Charter _________
Commander: Wm. Downing
Adjutant: M.F. Hubbard

B.B. Tarbox
J.W. Vaughn
J. Scorous
Orren Gray
E. Smart
John J. Elliot
M.F. Hubbard
E.S. Vaughn
A.C. Dowd
C.H. Finley
J.W. Knapp
Elmer Eighme
H.M. Montgomery
A. Collier
Loran Shumway
John Merritt
Henry C. Allen
Chas. Galloway
Jas.. Robinson
Daniel Kennedy
R.A. Krueger
H.N. Robinson
David St. German


Antigo, No. 78 J.A. Kellogg
Date of Charter: May 15, 1883
Commander: W.H. Blinn

Adjutant: S. W. Chamberlain

Henry Smith
J.B. Beemer
B.F. Dorr
E. Daskam
S.W. Chamberlain
W.H. Blinn
James Kennedy
F.E. Allen
J.A. Spencer
A.O. D. Kelley
Stephen Scott
Gaul Wood
George Costley
John F. Sacks
A.D. Rice
John W. Goodwin
Peter Hilger
J.N. Keifer
John R. Leykom
Theo Groves
August C. Ludkey
W.D. Badger
Daniel Sweeney
F.A. Deleglise
L. Zahn
J.A. Keith
Gates Saxton
Ed Boyle
Mority Muller
Thoas. McDonald
H.O. Beard
E.D. Stewart
Chas. Ferguson
C.H. Steele
Lloyd Breck
C. O'Neil
A. Kling
H.A. Mills
W. Laing
W.J. Hagan
John H. Reader
Henry Rust
R.J. Hitchcock
D. Fowler
C.G. Burdick
Z. Hammond
Geo. Fehl
David Dix
C.M. Beatie
John Newberry
Ira Lake
W.W. Wheeler
George Jones
Jerry Phelps
H.C. Shipley
John Dixon
August Schoepke
Wm. Stacey
W.B. Brainard
F.M. Sherman


Shawano, No. 81 Wm. Hawley
Date of Charter -----
Commander: H. Bauerfeind
Adjutant: C. H. Newton

J.M. Schweers
C. R. Klebesadil
August Koeppen
Chris. Hill
W.H. Murdock
J.M. Robinson
J.D. Magee
Antone Zerwas
C.H. Newton
B.B. Huntington
Fred Schweers
Fred Eberlein
H.J. Wallar
W.E. Westcott
N.C. Bruce
Wm. Schultz
Chas. Kiliam
J.G. Perkins
John Sears
Samuel Howard
C.G. Schmidt
Chris Wheeler
Fred'k Mivert
Nathan H. Lake
Chas. A. Culver
David G. Perry
Isaac J. Vosburgh
Simeon Gardner
Edwin Lane
O.A. Risun
A.M. Post
Henry Bauerfeind
Joseph Piaset
Alfred Boyd
August Villandre
Wm. Kishkatahpieso
August Westphal
R.W. Meinhard
W.W. Hollister
T.H. Dodge
Chas. Howe
R.W. Jackson
Daniel Davis
O.H. HUntley
Russell R. Smith
David Gorham
John Darrow
E.J. Monroe
Michael Devlin
Henry Hayter
Chas. Rasch
William Wolf
John Klickman
James F. Chase
Elmore Lee
Abile Richmond
David Zindas
Abram Denney
John Mills
W.J. Melvin
H. Tourtillotte


According to the Wisconsin Census Enumeration, there were 9521 ex-soldiers and sailors of the Civil War in the state of Wisconsin in 1905. Of those, 140 were from Oconto County. Below is a list of the names gathered in this survey. This does not include those who remain at VA Milwaukee.

For information about ancestors military records write to:

Textual Reference Branch (NWDTI)
National Archives and Records Administration,
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20408
and request form 80.

Index done May 1997 by Carol Vendt

Ahoesawohiquah, Jim Private K 17 Infantry
Barrett, Martin Private K 4 Cavalry
Bostwick, A. E. Private E 38 Cavalry
Bowers, Jasper Private H 4 Cavalry
Burchart, Felix Private F 27 Cavalry
Cardinell, Joseph Private G 2 Cavalry
Chase, N.S. Private H 39 Infantry
Classen, W. Private K 27 Infanty
Dauphine, Alex Private G 17 Infantry
Desbeck, Alfred Private G 17 Infantry
Digeneffe, John Private A 27 Infantry
Donkle, H. P. Private F 11 Infantry
Don Levey, James Sergeant H 39 Infantry
Eggleton, Madison A. Sergeant E 40 Infantry
Ferrier, Joseph Sergeant H 31 Infantry
Fields, Lemuel Corporal H 48 Infantry
Fraker, Polaski Corporal I 3 Infantry
Goddard, John H. Corporal F 12 Infantry
Goodwin, Edward Private K 1 Heavy Artillery
Grotendorst, Herman Sergeant D 1 Cavalry
Hall, Joseph Corporal H 39 Infantry
Hazen, Alfred Private F 39 Infantry
Jacques, Daniel Private G 36 Infantry
Jamieson, Pete Private F 33 Infantry
John, F.W. Sergeant G 38 Infantry
Koquette, Louis Sergeant F 13 Infantry
Kreischer. George Sergeant F 50 Infantry
Labs, August Corporal I 51 Infantry
Langer, William Corporal F 6 Infantry
Law, John Corporal K 17 Infantry
Law, J.R. Sergeant F 12 Infantry
Lenhard, Peter Segeant B 3 Infantry
Lennaville, David Sergeant G 2 Cavalry
Lentfoehr, Henry Sergeant H 9 Cavalry
Loughry, James Lieutenant C 12 Cavalry
Lowell. Abram C. Private H 4 Cavalry
Marr, Conrad Corporal H 4 Cavalry
McGlachlin, Alex Corporal D 8 Cavalry
Middlestadt, Christian Corporal A 21 Cavalry
Morris, J.S. Corporal F 12 Cavalry
Moshaquette, Lewis Corporal H 12 Cavalry
Paramore, E.F. Sergeant H 4 Cavalry
Partlow, Hollis Sergeant F. 12 Cavalry
Payowaukee, Simon Sergeant K 11 Cavalry
Peck, George W. Private F 44 Cavalry
Pfeiffer, Charles Sergeant I 45 Cavalry
Rabe, Henry H. Private G 38 Infantry
Reandeau, Louis Private G 17 Infantry
Richer, William P. Private C 16 Infantry
Richer, Reuben T. Corporal A 3 Infantry
Roaries, Clement Private D 27 Infantry
Samson, Julius Private E 21 Infantry
Schaal, Fred Private F 50 Infantry
Schadel, Fred Private D 18 Infantry
Schwair (Swaer), Charles
Provided by great grandson:
Dean Swaer
Served  Aug 31, 1864-June 13, 1865
Sheffen, Henry Corporal F 12 Infantry
Shawanomiter, Mitchee Private K 37 Infantry
Shurtliff, William Corporal H 4 Cavalry
Smith, Fred C. Private F 26 Infantry
Smith, Joseph Private H 12 Cavalry
Spice, Robert Private H 4 Cavalry
Suydam, Charles Lieutenant C 47 Infantry
Temple, Daniel P. Private H 4 Cavalry
Trudell, O.F. Private I 21 Infantry
Waukkamhut, Joe Private G 38 Infantry
Whipple, John W. Private F 31 Infantry
Whitcomb, Wallace W. Private F 12 Infantry
Whitney, Charles Private I 51 Infantry
Young, W. H. First Lieutenant H 4 Cavalry
Zenas, Antone Private I 32 Infantry

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