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Contributed by  Sandy LaRouche

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Back row (from Left) Robert Burns Duket, Stuart H. Duket, Elton Roy Duket, Joshua Cramer, Jeames Stuart Duket, Charles H. Duket.
Front Row (from left)  Genevieve Duket, matriarch in this group, Janet Drummond Duket and Josephine Duket Cramer (Mrs. Stuart H. Cramer).

The information supplied is from Robert Burns Duket, son of Elton Roy Duket.

Family of Joshua Cramer

1st generation: Joshua Cramer Sr. married Cochiqua (Mary).
   2nd generation Son born abt. 1857: Joshua Cramer Jr. married Josephine Duket.
        3rd generation Grandson: Stuart Hamilton Cramer married Iva May Etchison Cramer
            4th generation Great Granddaughter: Arla June Cramer
                    5th generation: contributor  Sandy LaRouche

 My ggg grandmother was Cochiqua AKA Mary Cramer married in Indian tradition to Joshua Cramer in the Peshtigo area.

 I would like to find out the name of Cochiqua's parents and what her name might have meant.  It would mean so much to me and to my mother who is now 83.

Cochiqua's son, Joshua Cramer, escaped the big fire (The Great Peshtigo Fire of October 8, 1871 - for more on the largest natural disaster in US history click HERE ) when he was 13 and went to live with the Duket family. He married their daughter Josephine, producing Stuart Hamilton Cramer, who was my mother's father My grandmother, Iva Cramer was the wife of Stuart Hamilton Cramer and she lived in Marinette and Florence, WI during the teens and 20's, where Stuart owned a pool parlor there. My grandmother, Iva May Etchison Cramer Fehrmann told me that the scars on Joshua Cramer's back were like deep furrows in the ground from where he
had been burned when he rose above the icy river water to breath.  She told me that he said he had "hung onto a log" all night.

Iva survived small pox in 1919 while pregnant and delivered my mother, Arla June Cramer. Iva had two small pox scars or pits and my mother who had smallpox en utero has two small scars also.  She is now 83 and is immune to smallpox vacination.

My Mom  still wishes she knew what happend to Gordon Hamilton Cramer, an adoptive son of Iva and Stuart's.  Iva lost the child when she was supporting her children by herself.  His original name was Willard Secor or Secord.  He would have been born about 1900.  When he was taken away, my grandmother was told that "his family had been looking for him for a long time"

My husband is a LaRouche--originally a Gauthier dit LaRouche.   I need to make one or two connections in his LaRouche linage and I should be in pretty good shape there.

Once again--Thanks!
Sandy LaRouch.

Update June, 2005:

I did finally find out that the name of my Menonimee grandmother Cochiqua or Kee-chee-wa  means Little Big Woman, apparently a common name among the Menominee at that time prior to my Mother's death.

On some unverified records Mary (cochequa) is listed as having the last name of Brown but I have never gotten anyone to respond saying how/where there is any documentation of that name