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Photograph: Funeral Cortage of John Quinn, who drowned working on a log drive near Stiles, Oconto County - 1885. Photo shows the downtown of the city of Oconto. 

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Reports of Deaths in Oconto County Newpapers by Year

* Deaths - St John Evangelical Lutheran Church - Suring 1896-1985

* Deaths - Emmanual Evangelical United Brethran Church - Morgan 1899-1950

* Deaths - St. John Evangelical Church - Gillett 1892 to 1980 Listed by year.

* Barribeau Diary List of County Death Dates

* Pre 1907 Wisconsin Death Index - Oconto County

* Death Certificate Transcriptions

* Newspaper Records of old Oconto County Deaths

* Deaths - Immanual Lutheran Church, Gillett 1885-1985

* Deaths - St Johannis Evangelical Lutheran Church, Underhill   April 18, 1909 thru April 10, 1949

* List of Professionals From Burial/Interment Records For Evergreen Cemetery
compiled and published in 1997 by the late Nadine McKee Korotev of Green Bay WI.
Contibuted by Jane Mason
"The following names are of Physicians, Undertakers, Clergymen, etc. found
while copying the Burial/Interment records of Evergreen Cemetery in Oconto,
WI.  They are not all from (city of) Oconto.  Sometimes the name of the physician or
undertaker will indicate where the person died.  Most of the time only the
surname was given"

* General Oconto County Deaths -
Short bits of death information gathered from various sources: death announcements, contributors, newspaper articles, etc. These important bits do not fit in any specific category and list people with Oconto County ties who were born in the county, lived in the county at one time, or died in the county. All available information has been added to the tables to help researchers. An ongoing project.


* Various Residents of Oconto County - contributed from the files of a private genealogist. ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION IS POSTED.


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The following list was forwarded by Debie Blindauer, Coordinator for several Wisconsin County WIGenWeb Sites. This list is the Oconto County part of the accumulated work offered by a retired genealogist, who wishes to remain anonymous, with the hope of helping visitors to the county sites.

Various Residents of Oconto County

Name  Birthdate  Deathdate in Oconto County  Spouse 
Behnke, Ferdinand  May 12, 1841 Germ.  Jan. 16, 1922  Rosa Becker 
Belden, Nancy  Connecticut  1888  Henry Newberry 
Beveridge, John Todd  March 22, 1833  Scottland Dec. 29, 1911  Catherine Rainey Hunter 
Bromund, Charles Lewis  June 17, 1872 WI  March 14, 1953  Amelia Trojahn 
Bromund, John  May 24, 1845 Germ .  Jan. 6, 1923  Augusta Corrow 
Caldie, Edwin Elwin  1861/63 Canada  Feb. 8, 1907  Margaret A. Butterfield 
Caldie, Thomas  Dec. 20, 1824 Scot.  March 24, 1908  Jane McFarland 
Clark, Elizabeth Jane  Oct. 29, 1841  Canada Feb. 12, 1918  Martin Riley 
Corrow, Augusta  1845 Germany  1934  John Bromund 
Couillard, Thomas Howard, Jr.  1825 ME Elizabeth A. Lawrence 
Couillard, Jerome Jacob  May 28, 1849 ME  Oct. 3, 1920  Josephine E. Aslan 
DeJean, Stephen Louis  1785 France  1863  Marie L. G. Coco 
Gauthier, Clement Joseph  Nov. 1, 1812 Belg.  Marie F. A. Swillen 
Gauthier, Constantine Gregoire  March 13, 1860  June 9, 1825  Leocadia L. Binon 
Glynn, George Ashley  March 17, 1849 NY  Feb. 11, 1934  Julia M. Johnson 
Glynn, James A.  Dec. 19, 1819 Germ.  Nov. 22, 1900  Susan M. Reinhart 
Haggerson, William J  Oct. 7, 1851 MA  Dec. 14, 1924  Nelly Perkins 
Harris, Elizabeth  1840 Eng.  Jesse Birmingham 
Higley, George Gordon  1850  Aug. 15, 1935  Eunice Rule 
Higley, Lewis Hix  Aug. 7, 1869 WI  July 23, 1934  Sadie J. Caster 
Kocher, Anton  Dec. 24, 1831 Boh.  April 15, 1907  Theresia Rummer 
Lawrence, Elizabeth Adeline  1828 ME  Thomas H. Couillard, Jr.
Mayhew, Charles  Laura St. Ores 
Mayhew, Lucy Mary  Sept. 27, 1866 WI  March 15, 1907  William F. Seidel 
Minnick, Bernard E. Feb. 18, 1815 NY  Oct. 18, 1900  Elizabeth Parkinson 
Minnick, Lucy Acelia  Nov. 6, 1845 NY  1926  Joseph E. Dodds 
Moerchen, Conrad  Sept. 21, 1829 Germ.  June 16, 1914  Dorothea Schnurrenberger 
Newberry, Henry  CT  Oct. 8, 1871  Nancy Belden 
Newberry, William P.  1836 CT  Ellen J. Wolcott 
Parkinson, Elizabeth T.  April 4, 1817 NY  April 14, 1860  Bernard E. Minnick 
Perkins, Nelly H.  Oct. 4, 1857 NH  Aug. 3, 1940  William J. Haggerson 
Peters, John H. Sr.  Dec. 9, 1840 NY  April 1, 1916  Delite Plouff 
Peters, John H., Jr.  May 18, 1867 WI  Nov. 22, 1949  Lily Burdick 

Picard, Felix 
 Feb 20, 1828 Quebec Canada  Nov 11, 1914 Catholic Cemetery, Oconto Philomena (Grenier) Picard
Michael McGowen gggrandson
Picard, Philomena (Grenier) 9/15/1832 Quebec Canada 5/16/1921. 
Catholic Cemetery, Oconto
Felix Picard 
Michael McGowen gggrandson
Plouff, Delite  Nov. 1, 1843 Can.  April 1, 1896  John H. Peters Sr. 
Pristdin/Presteen, August  1830 Germany  Nov. 18, 1899  Sophia Tauchtmann 
Pristdin, Friedrich  1853 NY  June 19, 1934  Katharine Schwarten 
Reinhart, Susan M.  March 5, 1831 Ire  Sept. 15, 1857  James A. Glynn 
Riley, Martin  June 15, 1846 Can  Sept. 27, 1929  Elizabeth J. Clark 
Riley, Mary Alice  Feb. 3, 1870 Can  May 4, 1923  Alexandre Arseneau 
Rule, Eunice  1850  Sept. 8, 1906  George Gordon Higley 
St Ores, Laura  Dec. 4, 1848  Aug. 2, 1908  Charles Mayhew 
Strecker, Caroline  Oct. 10, 1820 Germ.  Nov.2, 1892  Ferdinand Birr 
Swillen, Marie Francoise Angelique  Belgium  Clement J. Gauthier
Tachtmann, Sophia  Sept. 25, 1828 Germ.  June 25, 1908  August Pristdin 
Tesar, Peter  April 3, 1854 Boh.  Sept. 1, 1928  Dora Kunesh 
Wolcott, Ellen J.  Dec. 15, 1844 Ohio  Jan. 13, 1921  William P. Newberry 


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