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Contributed by Jane Mason

List of Professionals From Burial/Interment Records For Evergreen Cemetery compiled and published in
1997 by Nadine McKee Korotev of Green Bay WI.

"The following names are of Physicians, Undertakers, Clergymen, etc. found
while copying the Burial/Interment records of Evergreen Cemetery in Oconto,
WI.  They are not all from Oconto.  Sometimes the name of the physician or
undertaker will indicate where the person died.  Most of the time only the
surname was given"

Ackrill, W. C.
Alcock, W.
Alt, Rev.
Armstrong, Dr. G. E.

Atkinson, H. C.
Atkinson, Dr. W. S.
Atwood, J. B.
Bailey, Donald M.
Bellin, Paul C.
Bitters, D. N.
Brigden, C. A.
Burdick, C. R.
Carey, J. J.
Coopman, Gerald
Crooks, John
Davis, Dahl or Pahl
Deimer, F.
Denton, Fl.
Draeger, M. L. or Melvin
Drager, M. L.
Duffy, Rev.
Dufresne, A. A.
Dunton, Florence
Eisenbach, Rev.
Etzholz, Rev.
Gagnon, H. J.
Gallagher, N. C.
Gallagher, W. J.
Gaunt, Dr. J. C.
Goggins, M. J.
Goggins, G. F. (1923)
Gordon, W. A.
Grant, P. F.
Hansen, P. C.
Hedlund, Rev.
Honish, Dr. John S.
Hopkins, Barrett
Hopkins, Rev. L. D.
Hopkins, M. M.
Jersild, J. N.
Johnson, Rev.
Jones, S. P.
Koehler, J. P.
Krumbeigel, Dr. E. R.
Kwapy, Dr. C. R.
Linger, Dr. E. A.
Lloyd, Rev.
Manning, M. F.
Martineau, Guy
McCartney, J. K.
McKeiver, John D.
McQueen, D.
Mitchell, W. B.
Mohr, Karl A.
Murphy, Frank
Neckodan, J. J.
Netzer, L. L.
O'Keef, Dr. P.
O'Keef, J. R.
Oshwaldt, H. F.
Oviatt, C. M.
Paramore, E. F.
Pinkart, R.
Proko, Gerald
Reed, Florence
Reiff, Rev.
Robinson, M. M.
Rogers, Dr.
Rugg, G. W.
Safford, Orton
Shinners, A. W.
Shinners, G. M.
Staney, A. F. (1955)
Staney, Dr. W. H.
Smart, Rev. T.
Smith Rev. G.
Smith, W. C.
Staffelelt, Earl
Stanard, Rev.
Steffen, G. E.
Stewart, Wilbur
Stoelting, Dr. G. M.
Walter, H. A.
Watkins, W. C.
Whiting, D. E.
Winther, Rev.
Wittkopf, E.
Wolter, Rev. C. J.
Wright, W. D.
Young, A. L.
Zuehl, A.