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Researched by  Richard LaBrosse

Doheny Family History  As of February 8, 2002

Walter Doheny 1 was born between the dates of 1768 and 1801 in Tipperary, Ireland.  He married Catherine Connelly who was born between the dates 1775 and 1802 in Fethard Co. Tipperary, Ireland.  They had three known children.  Dennis Doheny 1, birth date unknown, Patrick Thomas Doheny, born on August 10, 1818,county Tipperary, Ireland and died April 6, 1893 at Jessenland, Sibley, Minnesota, and Walter Doheny 11, birth and death dates unknown.

Dennis 1 and his two brothers, Patrick Thomas and Walter 11, came to the United States in 1840.  The three brothers went to Friendsville, Pennsylvania, county of Susquehanna.  They moved into a house right next to the Grimes family.  Michael Grimes 1 was the head of the family and they came to the United States from Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland in 1835.  Patrick Thomas married Honorah Morrissey on February 6, 1837 in Ireland before they came to the US. They had six children before their family made the final move to Minnesota.  They were, Catherine, born 1841, John, born 1838, in Ireland, Walter, born 1839, Margaret, born 1844, Mary, born 1845, and Annie born in 1850.  There was a seventh child, Thomas born on May 4, 1866 at Jessenland, Sibley, Minnesota.

In 1852, Michael Grimes 1 and Patrick Thomas Doheny and his two brothers, Dennis 1 and Walter, went to Minnesota to a place that later became Doheny Landing.  It was located at what later became Jessenland Township, Sibley county, Minnesota.  Michael Grimes 1 stayed in Minnesota becoming the first white settler in Sibley county.  Patrick Thomas Doheny went back to Pennsylvania for the rest of his family.  In 1853, he went back to Minnesota and they all settled in Jessenland Township near Michael Grimes 1.

Patrick Thomas Doheny was a carpenter and a farmer.  The Doheny brothers lived and worked at Doheny Landing.  This land was finally given to Patrick Thomas and his heirs on June 1, 1861.  The actual deed was signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

Patrick Thomas's daughter, Catherine, married Michael Grimes 1's son, William Thomas Grimes, at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Jessenland in 1862.  That was the first marriage between the Grimes family and the Doheny family.  Right after that, most of the Grimes Family moved to Sleepy Eye Minnesota in Brown County about 1865.

It appears that the Doheny brothers were Minnesota Civil War Soldiers.  Walter was inducted on September 22, 1864 as a Private at the age of 24 in B Heavy Artillery.  The same for Patrick Thomas, his induction date was October 1, 1864 at the age of 30.  Dennis 1 was inducted on September 16, 1862 at the age of 33.  He was in the G Mounted Rangers.

Walter was discharged on June 17, 1865, Patrick Thomas on June 17, 1865 and Dennis 1 on November 28, 1863.

Dennis Doheny 1 was married three times.  First to an Alice Cunningham in Pennsylvania who died soon after moving to Minnesota, then to Mary Ann Miller who also died, and finally to Mary Brown Barger.

Dennis Doheny 11 was the son of Dennis 1 and Mary Ann Miller.

Dennis Doheny 11 married Mary Grimes in 1889 at Sleepy Eye Minnesota.  Mary Grimes is the daughter William Thomas Grimes and Catherine Doheny.  William Thomas is the son of Michael Grimes 1 who came to the US in 1835.  Catherine Doheny is the daughter of Patrick Thomas Doheny, Dennis 1's brother, and Honorah Morrissey.

Dennis Doheny 11 and Mary Grimes moved to Devils Lake North Dakota and had eight children.  William born 1889, Catherine Born 1891, Eleanor born 1893, Robert E born 1895 and died in 1914, Alice born 1897 and died in 1899, Irene born 1899 and died in 1936, Dennis 111 born 1901 and died in 1936 and Eugene born in 1905 and died in 1941 at Devils Lake ND.

Catherine married James Mc Cann and moved to Montana.  Eleanor married William G. Riggin and stayed in Devils Lake ND.  Eugene married Inez Peterson and had one daughter, Rosemary.

Eleanor Doheny and Willaim G. Riggin had three children, Wayne, Leslie Lyle and Clinton.

Leslie Lyle Riggin married June Hoven and they had five children.  Maureen, Kathleen, Kevin, Rory and Dennis Leslie Riggin who married Karen Nash.  Karen is the person who sent the Riggin family information.

Karen (Nash) Riggin's e-mail address is: