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List of Names of persons burned at
Peshtigo taken to the Dunlap Hospital - October 1871
Researched, transcribed and contributed by : Cathe Ziereis

The Dunlap Hotel was located on the old Hotel Marinette property. It was once owned by Mr. Joseph LeRoy. Later this building was moved across the street to make room for the Hotel Marinette, 1895. No doubt it took on the name “Hospital” as it was used for the victims of the Peshtigo fire. Jacob May was the Steward during this time and these are some of his notes.

Bartels, Charles, German, burned face slightly.

Bush, Mr. John; Irish; burned both feet, hands, arm and face. Badly burned, with acute bronchitis. Died one week after being burned.

Cary, Frank burned both feet and legs;

Cary, Israel burned both legs and side. Lost uncle, aunt and cousin.

Curtis, Mrs. Wm.; English; burned badly in both lower extremities and upper’ Lost husband and adopted child.

Halswafer, Mrs.; German; burned both knees with acute bronchitis. Died October 30, 1871. Her son Charles Halswafe burned both hands and feet also with acute bronchitis, died four days after fire.

Hare, Peter German, burned both hands and face.

Highmore, Hiram American; burned both hands, lost wife and 6 children.

Hussock, Mrs. Mary; German Widow burned badly in lower extremities, the back and arms.

King, James; English; burned face. Lost uncle, aunt, 3 cousins, Father, Mother and brother.

Maxon, Mrs.; Mr. Maxon and son sick with typhoid fever.

Joseph Helm; German; burned all over body and extremities with acute bronchitis. Died three days after fire, lost wife and child.

A young Swede girl sick with fever from exposure

McMaan, Silas Irish; burned both hands. Lost wife and brother-in-law and sister-in-law and 2 nieces.

Newton, Mrs.; American; burned in lower extremities with acute bronchitis.

Prestine, Mr. Joseph; German; age 74 burned on both hands and face; lost wife, daughter with husband and five children; another daughter with husband and three children.

Peter Peterson; Swede; burned both hands and face and knees.

Joseph Leisure; French; burned both hands and face. Lost wife and five children.

Race, Lorenzo; English; burned both hands and acute bronchitis. Lost parents and brother and sister.

Reed, Mr. Loved; American; burned both feet, hands and face. Lost 2 cousins, uncle and aunt. Dreaded being burned alive, he attempted to take his own life by stabbing himself twice in the direction of his heart.

Westfall, Mr. German; burned extremities & body with acute bronchitis; died 2 days after fire, lost wife and son.

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