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Sept. 9th 1864

Local Matters

THE 39TH REG’T- A Correspondent furnishes us with the following list of causalities in the 39th regiment, during Forrest’s recent raid into Memphis.


Missing- Crop. Giles Spear, clerk in the city; James Austin, do; Ammi Thomas captured on picket post.


KILLED- Corp. Frank E. Woodruff and Wm. Jones, both of Oconomowoc.


MISSING- Cor.------, captured from picket post; Gersham Sherman, captured on picket post.


KILLED- Issac Stinson.

MISSING- Henry F. Knight and Larkin Hawes, captured on picket post.

The United States Draft.- if the undernamed men drafted last November, will call at the office of Joseph Hall, in this village, he will pay them their traveling fees, &c., in United States draft. We requested to state that all will be paid shortly, and that due notice will be given in the LUMBERMAN. Please call within 30 days and bring your vouchers,

Phenas Eames                 John Burns
        A. C. Brown                       Joseph Brappre
                 Nicholas Gasper               Seraphene La Loon
            H. Y. Bomlass                   Geo. F. Hammond
             R. Stephenson                 Henry Vanderhigh
         Horatio McFadden           Andrew Finigan
      Marvin James                    Lewis Woroff
W. C. Morgan                     Abel Pluff

EXAMINED.-Out of ten physical disabled citizens of this village, only two were struck from the enrollment list, by the doctors who examined 300 men the same day.

Frederick Beyer, of Co. F, 12th Wis Regiment, arrived at Harvey Hospital Madison, on Friday last. He was wounded in the late battle before Atlanta, Ga., and his wounds have been very bad since.

WE ARE pained to learn that Lieut. H. GINTY, of this Village, was killed in action on the Weldon Railroad on the 20th ult. It will be remembered he took an active in raising the 100 day company, and exertion, Gov. Lewis promoted him to Lieutenant of Co. E, 36th regiment. He was wounded severely in the right arm, in the first battle of Bull Run, and at a later date was on the ill-fated steamer Mound City at the time she blew up in the Mississippi. On recovering, he came to reside in this place, publishing the Pioneer, of which he was part proprietor. Henry was a patriot, a warm friend, and a true soldier. His death is a public loss.

PERSONAL.- The old Philosopher, Jas. Farrish paid us a visit this week. He looks and feels well, and is ready to put his ‘collateral’s’ on Abraham Lincoln being elected. Long may he smile!

RECUITING.- Captain Rube Beckwith and Ben High, left here with twenty-eight recruits, quiet a number of them well to do farmers of Pensauke. We regret exceedingly, to see so many go from there, for out of a voting population of 82, there are already 64 in the army. They were credited as follows: To Peshtigo 8; to town of Oconto 8; to borough of Fort Howard 4; the others scattering. We are prepared to enlist, by commission from Gov. Lewis, for the 5th; 38th; 42d, and 43d Regiments. Every man obtains for himself the highest local bounty, with a good chance for Non-Commissioned offices in new regiments.

To date, no quota has been assigned or time for draft published. The number on the corrected enrollment list for this county up to September 1st, is as follows.

Marionette – 58
Town of Oconto – 48
Village of Oconto – 140
Pensaukee – 38
Peshtigo – 63
Stiles – 52
Little Suamico – 67

The corrections are not made for the latter town, but in the hands of the board.