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Flash From The Past - 1902

Oconto County Reporter
February 6, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil


L. S. Heyman to returned Wednesday from Racine and while there bought a half interest in the New York Leader department store owned by his brother-in-law, Simon Sklute. Mr. Sklute's business in Racine had grown to such proportions that a partner was a necessity and while Mr. Heyman was enjoying a good business here this was an opportunity be could not afford to miss. The stock here will be reduced as much as possible during the next month and the remainder shipped to Racine and added to the stock there.


The city council held its regular monthly meeting at the council chamber Tuesday evening and transacted the usual routine business of accepting reports and allowing bills.

In the matter of the bill of N. Trudeau for $100 for value of horse killed referred to city attorney at last meeting, the city attorney reported the city not responsible and claim was disallowed.

E. Schumacher was granted a rebate of $2.50 on taxes.

The bill of John Dagen for $250.35 which was disallowed at the December meeting was again filed and on recommendation of the city attorney no action was taken.

Nick Strack was allowed a rebate of  $100 on the license of Joseph Nicholas the amount of excess paid by him.

Two petitions were received for sewers, one to be located on Pecor and the other on Center street, which were referred to the committee on public works.

J. J. Porter of Milwaukee appeared before the council in regard to compensation for land for an alley through his property and refused to take the amount, $10, offered. Mr. Porter claims a fair compensation would be $35 or $40.

The poor committee was instructed to investigate the case of Frank Peak who is being cared for at the home of Hugh Murphy.


Last Saturday fire broke out in the J. Porter house, occupied by Mr. Sharpley and family, considerably scorched the stairs, wall, one room and burned through the ceiling and roof. The fire department responded promptly and extinguished the flames before they had gained great headway. The loss was more than covered by an insurance of $450 placed through the G. C. Morrow agency in the Insurance Company of the State of Illinois.


A meeting of the stockholders to organize a new bank to be situated on the east side of Green Bay was held last Friday evening and the name of Farmers' Exchange Bank of Green Bay decided upon and the following directors elected, W. P. Wagner, J. H. Taylor, Andrew Reis,  J. S. Johnson, Fred. A. Rahr, H. C. Erbe, Henry Clermans, Phil Haevers and S. H. Cady.


The following scholars have not been absent during the month of January: Lou Emma Van Cleve, Genie Quinn, Bertha, Dudley, Clayton and Ruth Van Cleve, Anna Kehoe, Mary Christenson, Julie Good; and Mamie Quinn and Alma Christenson were absent one day. Mina Saunders, Teacher 


County Clerk Leigh hands us the following from the administrator of the estate of John McCuen of Ward, Colorado - 
RYE, COLORADO, Jan. 10, 1903 to the County Clerk, Oconto, Wisconsin. Lost track of an only brother of the late John McCuen, who recently died at Ward, Colorado.  John McCuen stated just before death that he had an only brother somewhere in the state of Wisconsin. This brother if found falls heir to a small fortune and the administrator would like to find him. FRANK E. ECKEL, Administrator, Rye, Colorado.


Ex-gov. Scofield and E. G. Mullen of Oconto, are in Boise City, Idaho, and it is thought that their visit is for the purpose of closing the option on the J Goodwin sawmill and canal, which would run out Feb l. There is a rumor that the ex-governor will build a large sawmill and box factory employing several hundred hands if he can secure title to certain timber lands on upper Boise river. - Marinette Eagle

The entertainment at the town hall Saturday evening for the benefit of the Catholic church was a success both socially and financially; about 200 people were present and the net proceeds were about $50. The curtain rose at 8 p. m. and the amusements lasted two hours. Mr. and Mrs. Martens assisted by their son Louis and daughter Florence furnished the music which was fine. Miss Edith Armstrong spoke in  a very able manner. Special mention should b made of how well Miss Nellie Dwyer spoke her temperance piece, and we hope that our young men who are taking their first drink will remember Nellie's words. In the farce "The Rascal Pat." C. C. Rice played as Chas. Livingston and came out without any egg spatters on his silk hat. Miss Kitty Dwyer played Laura (Livingston's sweetheart) in a very loving manner. Jas. Maloney made a good looking old major in playing the part of Puff Jacket (Laura's Uncle.) Ollie and Lilly Dwyer played their parts well, and Toney Gniot made a good desperado. Our Pat was an Irishman if there ever was one. Mrs. C. C. Rice was stage manager. This entertainment will be reproduced at Crivitz Thursday evening February 12.
H. L. Russell and wife returned to Oconto Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Rice drove to Marinette Tuesday.  
Mrs. Rice returned by train Wednesday. C. C. is snow bound.
Miss Nellie Dyer returned Monday to resume her duties with Mr. Cole at the court house.

Lembcke's mill expects to cut nearly two million feet of logs, the coming season.
Master Otto Shaumberg gave a sleigh ride party to his schoolmates last Saturday afternoon. All report a good time.
Miss Cora Sutton, teacher in District no. 2, has gone home for a week. Miss Jessie Magee has charge of the school during her absence.
Miss Exora Lessor of Coleman is visiting friends and relatives here.
Miss Susie Clossor of Spruce is spending the winter here.
Miss Eva Bacon and Miss Prudhome Coleman spent Sunday at John Magee's.

Notice was given last week that Fred Green was very sick with pneumonia. He is a little better but not able to be out.
Harry Hines is confined to the house with the mumps.

Miss Emma Schmidt of Green Bay came down last Saturday to pass a few days with her mother, Mrs. J. Schmidt.
We are glad to welcome Rudolph Baars once more as night man at the depot:
Mrs. Chas. Chase of Oconto returned home yesterday after an extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Fenske .
A sleigh load of our jolly people were in Oconto one day last week at a party given by Mrs. Frank Richard.
Herman Fenske came home last Saturday from the Green Bay hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wensing attended the married people's dance last Friday at Stiles, given by B. Van Laanen and a good time was reported.
Felix Richard was at Green Bay last week for medical treatment returning home on Saturday.
W. E. Smith made a flying trip to Oconto last Saturday.
J. B. Wensing was at Oconto on business last Saturday.
The home of G. A. Grosse, Sr., has been made more pleasant by the appearance of a young gentleman from Chicago who is spending a pleasant visit there.
George Smith, who is employed at Powers by the railroad company, was home between train time.
Grosse Bros. have their men at work hauling sand to fill in the ditch in front of the Little Suamico House. It will greatly improve the place after it is finished.
G. A. Grosse, Jr. had one of his special sales on shoes and rubbers  last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Marshal Marten did business in Lena Tuesday.
Miss Gusta Pomp, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. Mienke, the past three months, returned to her home in Suamico last week.
Charles Jarvey is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Colson of School Section visited their daughter, Mrs. Jarvey, last Friday and attended the married people's dance Friday night.
Mrs. Chas. Kutckie of Lena, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. H. Brunke, returned home Tuesday.

The Old Folks' dance at the Chatell House last week was well attended and much enjoyed by all.
The Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Mel Whitney Thursday at supper.
Miss Julia Svoboda is taking a vacation. We miss her pleasant face very much and hope she will soon return.
Miss Margaret Hogan of Green Bay was the guest of Miss Olive McKinnon Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Cora Dutton visited at Pound several days last week.
Mrs. Lear returned Tuesday from visit out of town.
Edward Classon of Oconto is the guest of Mrs. J. D. Moody.
Harry Shultz was a Green Bay visitor Saturday.

Miss Nettie Rabe has been down with the grip.
Ed Rabe has quit hauling stone and is working on the Oconto Company' landing.
J. Johnson has purchased a new span of colts.
Mrs. C. Rouseau and two daughters drove to Oconto Sunday.
J. McGinnis has broken his ankle.
Frank Rouseau lost four of his famous pets.
Miss Jennie Eparvier was the guest of her friend Miss Nettie Rabe Sunday.
George Rabe is busy hauling stone for George Duncan.

Dr. R. S. Elliott has been called down the line on account of sickness.
Guy Delemater who has been very sick is not much better.
Miss Alice Lafferty is spending her vacation with her parents.
Mrs. Farrar has been quite ill.
Mr. Sherwood of Aniwa was here last week.
M. Surprise of Oconto came up the line Monday.
Dr Elliott was called to Carter to treat a sick child of Mr. Hamman's Saturday.
The family of M. Pettengill have moved here from Sheboygan.
Wm. Lentz of Gillett cut his foot severely with an ax.
Mr. Uttkee has moved to Milwaukee.
A son of Mr. Hughes, who has been very sick, is recovering.

Rev. A. J. Andrewsen was home from a trip to Marble, Wis.
Mrs. N. Andrewsen is on the sick list.
Will McMahon has purchased a fine new horse.
P. Peterson was unable to carry the mail through Tuesday on account of the storm and many were obliged to stay at home from their work.
Miss Addie McKenni is learning to sew at Mrs. Henry Johnson's. We wish her success.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
T. H. Phelps has been on the sick list this week.
Frank Smith went to Gillett Monday on business.
Rev. Eisenbach was a visit to Marion last Monday.
Willie Flynn is visiting friends in Stiles this week.
Fred Richard  of Menominee was in the city yesterday.
Willie Burns has been home from Madison this week.
Len Sargent of Laona was in the city on business yesterday.
J. H. O'Niel of Stiles transacted business in the city Tuesday.
Allen Classon went to Birnamwood Monday on legal business.
Fred Grosse of Little Suamico visited friends in the city Sunday.
Miss Anna Baldwin has recovered from an attack of the grip.
Carl Schoenebeck of Lena transacted business in the city Wednesday.
Ed Richards made a business trip to Gillett and Oconto Falls Monday.
Alex Caldwell was home from Suring to spend Sunday with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Russell have returned home from a visit at Pound.
Levi Hale of Lena was in the city Wednesday and yesterday in business.
Miss Lura Heath came from her school at Stiles to spend Sunday at home.
Miss Susie Hubbell of Green Bay spent Sunday with relatives and friends here.
Harry Keith left Tuesday for a week's visit with friends in Milwaukee and Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Spies made a trip to Gillett and their farm near there Monday.
Mrs. Charles Chase has returned from a visit with her parents in Little Suamico.
W. E. Smith and J. B. Wensing of Little Suamico were in the city on business last Saturday.
Miss Louise Morrow went to Green Bay Sunday for a few days with relatives and friends.
Fred Ford came over from Oconto Falls to spend Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Ford.
E. Baldwin, who is employed at Spruce, came home to spend Sunday with his mother and sisters.
Deputy Game Warden McGee confiscated a fine fishing craft on section 6, Spruce last week Wednesday.
Mr. Archer of Chicago canvassed the teachers of the city for the E. O'Vallie publications Wednesday.
A number of young people enjoyed a sleigh ride to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brennan on the Oconto Company's farm.
A number of neighbors enjoyed a rag carpet bee Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the home of Mrs. Peter Brazeau.
Bernard Paradise of Racine came Wednesday to assist in the Heymin Department store during the remainder of his stay here.
Ernest Wittkopf and George Bond made a trip to the Oconto Company's camp in Spruce last Saturday and returned Sunday.
Mrs. H. H. Porter, who had been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Baldwin, for about a month returned to her home in Duluth last week Thursday.
J. L. Lince and James Barney of Brookside are in the city today. Mr. Lince brought with him the scalp from a large wildcat which he caught in a trap near his home.
George H. Drewry of Sheboygan, state inspector of graded schools, is out through the county this week with county superintendent Heath inspecting Oconto's graded schools.
J. H. Driscoll, who visited with his daughters at Gladstone and Vans Harbor, returned home Wednesday. He was accompanied by his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. Deloria.
Ed Mayberry is confined to his home by sickness this week and his is being taken by Engineer Palmer of Antigo.
John Crawford has been confined to his bed with grip the last two days.
Mrs. Nick Strack very pleasantly entertained the Kaffee Kraenzchen and other friends at the Pierce House Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. J. A Ramsay has been very ill this week.
Rev. Katterdoll of Marinette was in the city, the guest of Rev. Breitenbach, yesterday.
The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Mooney is quite sick.
Miss L. Friedstein of Marinette arrived in the city today for a visit at the home of L. Breakstone.
Dr. Minehan of Green Bay was called here yesterday to see Miss Arline Nelligan, who has been very ill.
Dr. D. J. Ryan of Oconto Falls is in the city today.
The Hon E. A. Edmonds of Oconto Falls is in the city on business today.
Arthur Gamach and Robert Wickert of Escanaba, Mich., who are attending the Green Bay business college spent Sunday with Oscar Brazeau.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Kalk came Saturday from Lena where Mr. Kalk has been running a drug store in partnership with Carl Schoenebeck. The business has been discontinued, the partnership dissolved and Mr. and Mrs. Kalk will in a few days go to Racine, where Mr. Kalk is has accepted a position in a drug store.

Oconto County Reporter
February 13, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil


W. A. Taylor came home Monday from Lakewood, where he had been employed at the Holt Lumber Company's camp on account of an injured foot. While at work on a skidway just at dark a log dropped on his foot crushing the end of the toe and breaking a bone farther up.


As the result of what hardly reached the dignity of a fire, Tuesday, in the Schwaab Stamp Company's establishment in Milwaukee, the following are dead from the fumes of nitric acid on the floor from a broken carboy in which it was carried: James Foley, chief; Andrew White, captain of truck company no. 2; Edward Hogan, pipeman chemical company no. 1; and Thomas Droney, pipeman chemical company no. 1 and thirteen others are still in more or less danger. The bodies lie in state in the city hall and will be buried with public honors tomorrow.


Judge Jones returned Saturday from the hospital at Milwaukee much improved in health and is again prepared to grind out justice in county and justice court. At a special term held Tuesday the following matters were disposed of:
Estate of Emma Rohrlock, petition filed to prove will and ordered heard at March term.
Petition to prove will in estate of Chas L. Shores was filed and ordered heard at March term.
In the estate of John Kaminski petition for appointment of administrator was ordered heard at March term.
The petition for the appointment of a guardian of Charles Blase, incompetent, of Little Suamico, was filed and ordered heard March 10.
In estate of Catharine Maloney notice to creditors was given.
The consent of the mother of Frank Peak to his adoption by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McNulty of the town of Oconto was filed and he will be adopted next week.
On Wednesday Herman Bielka, who had been brought here from Mountain Monday night by Sheriff Duncan, was adjudged insane and committed to the State hospital at Oshkosh.
Charlotte Moody, who with her father figured in the unsavory case before Justice Reinhart last week, was recommitted to the State hospital at Oshkosh as a chronic insane, she having been released by parole from the Brown county asylum about four years ago.


Pound, Wis., Feb. 9. Aug. Rowe of Oconto, and a fellow workman, Aug. Raimer, both in the employ of Holt Lumber Co., in their camp near here got into an altercation Monday with the result that Rowe received a blow on the head with a club that felled him to the ground. He soon recovered consciousness and proceeded to town, where he had his head dressed, and also had a warrant sworn out for his assailant, which resulted in the fellow getting fined $10 and costs, in all about $17.


Manager Ellis of the Oconto Company shipped from the company's farm last week, two thousand bushels of wheat to Marinette for which the highest market was received. This is one of the largest shipments ever made from a single farm in this county.


The Kuskie cattle poisoning case came up in Justice Reinhart's court Monday and defendant was dismissed while the Moody case was adjourned until Monday when a similar disposition will probably be made of it.

Mr. Menkee has informed us that Judge Classon makes an ideal "Capt Cook," one of the leading comedy roles in his operetta, while Johnny Martineau and John Cota make a truly valiant crew. 

Colonial Dinner 

Do not forget the dinner in the Presbyterian church parlors. Thursday evening, Feb. 19, at six o'clock. A partial list of those who have it in charge follows: Mrs. Beyer, Mrs. S. W. Ford, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Pamperin, Mrs. Scofield, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Young. The Faithful Workers have not lost their culinary skill, so all who enjoy a good dinner are cordially invited to be present.


Dr. T. D. Ryan, who has been practicing dentistry at Random Lake, Wis., for the last two years has opened up an office in the rooms over the Citizens National bank for the practice of his profession and is now ready for business. Dr. Ryan is a graduate of the dental department of Milwaukee Medical College, comes very well recommended and will undoubtedly receive liberal support from Oconto citizens.

Miss Margaret McCarthy has returned to Green Bay.
Mrs. Marshel Colburn and daughter, Mildred, are visiting friends, in Green Bay.
Mrs. J. A. Devereaux who has been visiting friends in Stiles for the last two weeks has returned to her home in Green Bay.
Brazil La Ferse of Brookside was seen on our streets Saturday.
Miss Alice Jarvey is working for Mrs. John McIver.
The Misses May Sanburn and Lura Heath attended the teachers' meeting at Oconto Saturday, Feb. 7.
County Superintendent F. W. Heath and State Inspector G. W. Drewry visited our school last week.
James Anderson is back to old Stiles again, glad to see you Jimmie.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ryan visited friends at Oconto Falls Sunday.
The Misses Alice Ryan, Lena Foss, Margaret McCarthy, Emma Foss, Bridgeta Devereaux, agreeably surprised Miss Ella Stoll at her home last Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Maloney visited friends at Oconto Falls Sunday.
The Anson Eldred Company are hauling ice out of the river.
Eugene Van Laanen transacted business at Underhill last week.

Mrs. B. Gisenaas left Wednesday night for Chicago, where she will take a course of treatment at a hospital.
Mrs. Elmer Stone, who was very ill is recovering.
Miss Nellie Dwyer is home from Marinette on a vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Churchill of Harmony called at C. C. Rice's store while passing through here Tuesday.
Miss Martha Adams, who is attending the high school at Marinette, is here visiting her parents.
Geo Reeve and Gus Bramer, teamsters in the employ of the Holt Lumber Co., had an altercation, during which Bramer hit Reeve on the head with a club. Reeve immediately took the trail for Pound, where he swore out a warrant for the arrest of his assailant. Bramer was taken before Justice C. C. Rice and upon entering a plea of guilty was fined $10 and costs amounting to $18.91. It don't pay to be bad at Pound.
C. C. Rice and John Corbett are putting up ice Bill Milan is walking boss.
There will be a public auction of household goods at the residence of N. .W. Shew, Feb. 18.
The school is progressing nicely under the management of Miss Mary Birr.
Fred Cole was seen on our streets Wednesday.

J. Anderson and E. Bratz did business at Lena Wednesday.
The Royal Neighbors surprised Mrs. Alex Lucas Wednesday. All reported a good time.
Jim Anderson returned from the pineries last week.
Mrs. McGuire spent Wednesday with Mrs. McIver.
Misses May and Deal Scanlon drove to Oconto Falls Sunday.
Mrs. Will Ryan returned home Monday from the Green Bay hospital and is now quite well.
Mrs. Sheridan left this week for the Oshkosh hospital to have an operation performed.
Mrs. Joe Stoll spent Sunday with Mrs. Otto Brunke.
Eugene Van Laanen is hauling ice.
Miss Annie Foss visited friends in Brookside last week.

John Miller, our meat market proprietor, is filling his icehouses this week.
Nels Hansen is on the sick list this week under the care of Dr. Conard of Lena.
W. J. Thielke contemplates going to Milwaukee soon to buy his new line of dry goods for spring.
Louis Sampson of Oshkosh is visiting with Will Fredenberg this week.
Aug. Kuehl of Bonduel was a caller here on Wednesday.
Art Gilkey of Hayes was in town Tuesday.
Mr. Elliott of Oconto Falls did business here Tuesday.
Mrs. S. Donald and son Bennie have returned from Kingston and are again with us.
F. Elliott of Oconto Falls is a frequent visitor in our town.
Mat Gardner returned home Saturday evening from Pentoga, Mich., where he has spent the last three months.
Miller Elliott and Neal Larson went to Herman Dieck's camp on the Waupee the first of the week to cut poles for Post & Johnson.
H. B. Smith and Art Gilkey spent the first of the week at the camps on the reservation.
Mrs. Aug. Giese and son, Herman, drove to Pulcifer last week and spent a few days with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Scott spent Sunday at Willie Holmes'.
A cow belonging to Mat Gardner broke through the ice on the river last Saturday and was drowned.
Nels Hanson, who has been quite ill, is much better.
Hon. Henry Johnson spent Sunday at home. 

The Misses Clara and May McCraw of Commonwealth, who have been visiting with their aunt, Mrs. Juneau for the past two weeks, have returned home.
Louis Paranto was out here visiting relatives and friends a few days last week.
Homer and Elsie Pelkey and Hugh McAuliff attended the teachers' meeting at Oconto Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Allie drove to Oconto on business Saturday.
Wm. Whiting has gone to Couillardville on business.
Wm. Walsh is busy hauling hay to Oconto.
Wm. Allie has purchased Chas. Valley's farm.
Ed. Corey is hauling logs for Mrs. Gray.
Mrs. A. Pelkey will leave Friday to go to see her sister, Mrs. N. Fortier, who is very ill at Coleman.
Eli Ruelle came down from the woods Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Myer and little daughter Maggie and Mrs. Graef have returned home after a visit with friends and relatives at Seymour.
A large party of boys and girls surprised Amy Whiting last Friday evening and presented her with many presents, it being her fifteenth birthday.
Libbie Pocan, who is working at Niagara, is expected home on account of illness.
Louis Whiting, who has been at Madison for some time, has returned home.
Wilfred Barribeau drove to Lena on business Monday.
Mr. Harmen is pressing hay for Pat Curley.
The Ladies' Aid held their card party at Frank Pocan's last Tuesday night. It was well attended.
Gust Bitters is home from the woods.

Last Friday Emil Hankwitz and wife and Theodore Hankwitz and wife of Lomira, Dodge county, came here to visit H. Hankwitz and family. Mr. Hankwitz is a brother of the two gentlemen.
H. Hankwitz and his two brother, Emil and Theodore went up north last Tuesday to look at the rocks and mountains.

The infant daughter of Chas. Herteau is seriously ill.
Mr. Bovee of Abrams was seen on our streets one day this week.
J. U. Waldron and Chas. Ghering visited friends here Sunday and Monday
Earl McDermid is sick with pneumonia.
Dr. Faulds made a professional call here Monday.
J. C. Harteau has returned to his home in Sampson after spending a week visiting friends in Green Bay and Bay Settlement.
Miss Elsie Pagel is teaching school the past week on account of the illness of her sister, Bertha.
Miss Annie Bauers is visiting friends in Coleman.
Miss Mary Rowell of Abrams visited her parents the past week.
Miss Emma Yanke came home to spend a few days with her parents.
Mrs. Rose Waldron and daughter, Eva are visiting friends in Green Bay.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
Robert Bartel of Green Bay spent a few days of this week here visiting relatives and friends.
Miss Tressa Zeigers of De Pere visited friends in the city over Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. Curren who has been ill the last week is much better.
Alex Brazeau made a business trip to Green Bay and Oshkosh Monday and Tuesday
Mrs. Cornelius Van Harpen is very seriously ill at her home in the west ward.
Miss Marie Anderson, who is taking a course of instruction in the profession of a trained nurse at Trinity hospital of Milwaukee, has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. R. A. Nelson, this week.
Ernest Rhode whose leg was broken while at work in the woods about three weeks ago is able to get around among his friends again.
Henry Deloria and James Driscoll returned Tuesday afternoon from Milwaukee where they attended the funeral of the firemen overcome by nitric acid fumes. Mr. Driscoll's son is a member of the Milwaukee fire department.
Peter and John Vanderheyden went to De Pere this week for a few days visit with relatives.
William Pry, who has been quite ill is able to be about again.
Henry Van Gall returned from his work in the woods the latter part of the week.
Miss Addie Pocan of Coleman was called home Saturday by the serious illness of her mother.
Elmer Curren made a flying trip to Gillett yesterday
Frank Starkey enjoyed a vacation from his work at J. W. Runkel's store by visiting Pendleton & Gilkey's camp at Shea Lake this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deloria, who have been visiting relatives and friends in the city the past two weeks, returned to their home at Vans Harbor, Mich., yesterday.
We are in receipt of circulars and prospectus from the Lewiston Business College conducted at Lewiston, Idaho, by Miss Margaret Slattery. Instruction is given in the Benn Pittman system of shorthand, typewriting and commercial branches.  Miss Slattery's numerous friends in this vicinity will wish her abundant success in the new undertaking which they believe her capability warrants.
Mrs. Mose Armstrong and daughter, Mildred of Beaver, Wis., are staying with Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Armstrong is taking X-ray  treatment for cancer from Dr. Minnie Hopkins.

Mrs. S. B. Simpson, who has been north visiting with friends and relatives came home Thursday.
Herman Feigus of Racine is in the city, the guest of his sister, Mrs. L. S. Heyman.
J. B. Chase purchased the residence of F. Lenz in the north ward on Thursday for consideration of $1500.   
Frank Thomas of Brookside was in the city Saturday.  
Mr. Thomas reports the recent loss of a valuable horse.   
W. E. Wilcox of the Lincoln school faculty was confined to the house Monday and Tuesday. Miss Sadie Fulton was installed as substitute.
Bruce Birmingham of Waukegan, Ill., was the guest of his sister, Mrs. T. A. Pamperin Monday and Tuesday.
Dr. Armstrong has resumed work on his residence.
Mrs. Flynn is recovering from her recent severe illness.
Mrs. John Van Able is very seriously ill at her home in the east ward and very little hope of her recovery is entertained.
About forty people attended a benefit social at the home of David Pecor one evening this week which netted about eight dollars to the experience club treasury for St. Peter's church. Games and refreshments were enjoyed.
A number of the friends of Conductor and Mrs. Langois surprised them at their home Tuesday evening.
Miss Lillian Ratchford is recovering from an attack of typhoid fever.
Dr. C. W. Stoelting went to Oshkosh yesterday to assist in an operation for tumor at St. Mary's hospital on Mrs. Fred Solway. Her friends will be pleased to learn that she passed through the ordeal in excellent condition and is doing nicely.
G. H. Armstrong was called to Marinette Monday by the serious illness of his brother in law with appendicitis.
Joseph Coleman went to Chicago yesterday for a few days' visit.
Miss Carrie Warner returned Tuesday from an extended visit with relatives and friends in Rockford and Chicago, Ill.
On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. C. S. Hart entertained in her usual pleasant manner about twenty of her lady friends at a five o'clock tea at her home, which had been beautifully decorated for the occasion.
Mrs. Anna Bentz has been granted a pension by the United States pension department of eight dollars per month.
An operation was performed Tuesday on S. W. Klass for necrosis of the right femur and he is now improving.
H. Frewerd suffered a broken nose about noon today by being jerked into a projecting board by a frisky calf which he was leading.
Miss Adelaide Hart went to Green Bay this afternoon to be present at the funeral of Capt. Hart.
Miss Mabel Hart returned from Milwaukee Tuesday for a ten days' visit with her parents and other friends.
Mrs. W. H. Young very pleasantly entertained the ladies' birthday club Thursday afternoon.
C. S. Hart began suit February 6, against twenty-two insurance companies for $35,500 in the circuit court at Green Bay on account of the loss by fire of cedar in his Stephenson yard.

Oconto County Reporter
February 20, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

The preparations for Oconto County Fourth Annual Fair are being pushed. Everything possible to make the fall a grand success is being done by those having the arrangements in hand. The only way to make the fair a permanent success is to secure the hearty cooperation of the farmers throughout the county. This is fully realized by the management and for this reason the pre-mium list will be in the hands of the farmers in May. This will give them a chance to plan ahead and have a large exhibit of live stock and agriculture; products ready for the fair which will be held September 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. A meeting of the superintendents of the depart-ments will soon be called to discuss changes and additions to premium list. The following are the officers and superintendents for 1903:  O. A. Ellis, President; H. D. Whitcomb, Vice President; J. P. Frank, Secretary; John A. Lindgren, Treasurer; J. J. Duncan, Marshal; Sup't of Grounds, O. A. Ellis; Sup't. of Speed, T. H. Phelps; Sup't of Concessions, Frank Smith; Sup't of Gates, W. S. Whiting; Sup't of Industrial Bldg, F. A. Knapp; Sup't of Draft Horses, David Wedgwood; Supt of Cattle, Sam McDowell; Sup't of Swine, Sheep and Poultry, J. Chas. Meyer; Sup't of Field and Garden, J. A . Haskins; Sup't of Dairy Products, John Thiede; Sup't. of Fruit Products, Mrs. Sarah Taylor; Sup't  of Wagons, Buggies, Farm Machinery, J. Dieck; Sup't of Art Department, W. M. Lee; Sup't of Plants and Flowers, J. Sylvester; Sup't of Domestic Manus and Fancy Flowers, Mrs. R. B. Ellis; Sup't of Pastry and Pantry Stores, Mrs. Chas. Hall; Sup't of Daily Program, L. C. Harvey.

Wednesday Marinette was visited with her share of fires. Five calls for the department being sent in. However only two proved to be serious, these were the Oconto Exchange Hotel and Dr. Frank Gregory's home. The Oconto Exchange Hotel was owned by J. H. J. Lauerman, and Dan Madagin and leased by John J. McGillis; loss on building, $5,000; in insurance, $3,500; loss on con-tents, $2,700; insurance $1,000. Dr. Frank Gregory's home, Liberty street, loss on building, $1,200 insurance, $1,500 loss on contents $1,000; insurance $1,500.

 Last Monday night was the last night of the target practice of Company M for the month and the final scores of the month were reckoned. The result was as follows: Wm. Zeitler of first class, who won the medal four weeks ago, will continue to hold it for the coming month. Edward Richard won in second class and Herman Modrow won in the third class. A great deal of interest is shown at these meets and a large number of the company are always present.

Last Friday evening at about nine o'clock the citizens of Abrams were startled by the alarm of fire. The location of the fire was discovered to be in the building owned by John Chatell and occupied by his hotel, the Abrams House, and the General store of Baudhuin & Svoboda. The cause of the fire is unknown and there is a difference of opinion as to where the fire originated some claiming that it started in the back part of the store others claiming that it started upstairs in the hotel. The fire spread so rapidly that by the time Messrs. Baudhuin and Svoboda reached their store, from their homes, after the alarm was given that it was too late to save any of their stock. In one hour after the fire started the building was burned to the ground. Only a small amount of furniture from the hotel was saved. The building was insured for $2,250.00 in the Harvey and Phelps agencies of this city. The hotel furniture for $750.00 with the same agen-cies. The merchandise of Baudhuin & Svoboda was insured for $5,000.00. Part of this was placed with the L. C. Harvey agency and the balance with a Green Bay agency.
Vie Germond gave a Valentine party at her home last Saturday night to about twenty of her schoolmates and friends. The evening was merrily spent in playing games.

The pupils of the High School have organized an Athletic Association. The following officers were elected: President, Carrol Higgins; vice president, Hugo Stoelting; secretary, George Ingram; treasurer, Stella O'Connor.

On last Saturday night the village board of Gillett appointed George Crawford as supervisor to represent the village of Gillett on the County Board of Supervisors in place of R. A. Miniely resigned.

 Deputy Game Warden W. J. McGee returned Monday from Wausaukee where he had been investigating the illegal hunting of deer in that vicinity. It was near that place that J. C. Hubbard on Feb. 8, was struck by a stray bullet while looking after some of logging operations. Mr. McGee found that the scene of the accident was not in Wisconsin but about twelve miles over the line in Michigan and hence out of his jurisdiction.

 John Langlois, for many years a passenger conductor on the old Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western road, and later the Ashland division of the Chicago North Western, has been appointed to the position of division  super-intendent of the Chicago Great Western road, which he will assume March 1. He will have charge of the division between Fort Dodge, Ia., and Omaha, Neb. Mr. Langlois is a brother of C. A. Langlois of this city who is conductor n Ashland Division, running between here and Clintonville.

School for Month Ending January 30 
The following were present in the primary department every day last month: Amy Martin, Christine Martin, Freddie Brennen, Charley Benkey, Edna Maloney. Those absent one day during month were: Mayme Ryan, Arthur Brunke, Agnes McCarthy, Irene Maloney, Earle Brunke, John Devereaux. Miss Mabel Taylor, very much to the regret of her many friends, is yet confined to her room owing to sickness it is earnestly hoped that she will soon recover. Miss Taylor is another of our most helpful workers.

Cyrus Wardwell is slowly recovering from an attack of the grip.
Mrs. Stein from Green Bay is visiting relatives and friends here.
Mrs. George Pelkey is able to be around once more, having been on the sick list for some time.
Mrs. George Schlosser and
Mrs. Peter Netzer
called on Mrs. Albert Dionne Tuesday.
Peter Peetz wears and eight by ten smile over the arrival of an eight pound girl.
Jos. Weir is getting out timber for a barn.
Mrs. P. H. Ruelle returned home Monday from an extended visit in Menominee.
Mrs. P. Graefs and Mrs. Geo. Schlosser visited Mrs. Frank Nerenhausen has week.
P. Netzer has purchased a new trotter.
A card party given by the Catholic sewing circle was held at Albert Dionne's Tuesday evening.
Hugh McAuliff, our school teacher, is always on hand with his friendly smile. He is well liked throughout this district.
A thimble party will be held Thursday at Geo. Pocans.


William Huebner, who built a blacksmith shop here last fall, is doing a fine business. He is well known in this vicinity, strong and brawny, knows how to swing the sledge and a specialist in shoeing horses.
Miss Annie Olson of Mountain is visiting relatives and friends here.
Mrs. O. H. Zahn, who has been on the sick list, is recovering, we are all glad to see Mrs. Zahn again.
Miss Olga Mosling is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. D. Larson, at Hintz.
Mrs. J. P. Anderson is on the sick list.
Some of the farmers are employed in hauling brick for J. P. Mosling's new store.

Miss Jennie Cooley and Mrs. Hershel Cooley drove through town yesterday.
The Ladies' Aid of the Congregational church met at Mrs. G. Ericksen's this week.
Miss Gertie Bowman is still the guest of her sister, Mrs. H. Cooley.
Mrs. H. N. Andrewsen who has been ill for some time was able to attend the ladies' aid this week. We are pleased o see her out again.
A number of young friends spent Sunday evening at Mrs. H. N. Andrewsen's, there being no service at the church as our pastor, A. J. Andrewsen, was absent.
A number of young friends gave Miss Emma Johnson a surprise Tuesday evening, it being her eighteenth birthday. A ring was presented to her as a remembrance.
F. Briggs is still seen driving through town making his usual calls at Suring.
L. S. Lord of Hickory lost a horse last week.
Mrs. J. Mackholm is very sick. We hope she will soon recover.

Hilbert Hankwitz went up to Mountain last Sunday to visit Peter Lundquist's lumber camp.
Mrs. Martin Wick and family returned home last Monday from a seven week visit from Gresham.
Julius Nadler and Fred Habeek both from Bonduel, were here last Tuesday on business.
H. F. Mueller and family went to Green Valley Saturday on a visit.
Pastor Uppleger is laid up with lung and throat trouble. He will probably make a trip south, to a milder climate.
Wm. Roeder of Bear Creek was here last week visiting Herman Yakel and Leo Hischke's family. Mr. Roeder is a brother of Mrs. Yakel and Mrs. Hischke.

Miss Lillie Dehut of Oconto was the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Rouseau.
Miss Nettie Rabe has recovered from her illness.
Mrs. Rabe and daughter were the guests of Mrs. Simon Yound Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Teigs was the guest of Mrs. Rabe Monday afternoon.


Fred and Albert Bloy of Dundas were visiting C. Zahn's Tuesday.
Willie Ostrich is laid up with a sore foot.
John Leubkie and a crowd of young people drove to Willnow's Sunday.
Bonnie Mosling of Wiltcombe visited his sister Sunday.
O. Zahn of Mosling was seen on our streets Saturday.
A pleasant surprise was tendered Mrs. C. Zahn, Tuesday evening.
Mr. Rush took the job hauling cedar poles for J. P. Mosling.
We are glad to hear that E. F. Wieckert is on the gain.


E. F. Wieckert, Sr. is very ill.
Miss Nell Burns is on the sick list.
Jas. Sampson and wife attended the Odd Fellows supper given at Green Valley Wednesday evening.
Lena Bender of Cecil is visiting friends here.
Dr. H. S. White was seen passing through here a number of times this week.
E. F. Wieckert, Jr., makes quite frequent calls to Gillett.
Mr. and Mrs. Begalky have gone to Shawano for a visit with relatives.
Will Groninger and Henry Raisler made a business trip hero Monday. Come again boys.
A. Suring, the machine agent, has been spending the past week here.
Margaret Roddy spent Sunday with her friends, Miss Lela and Lettie Simpson.

A. W. Breed did business in Oconto this week.
Peter Edline is down from the camp on a vacation.
Word reached here Wednesday of the death of Mrs. Gustav Anderson of Mosling that morning.   Mrs.  Anderson the mother of John G. and Albert Anderson, both well known here.   We sympathize with the bereaved family.
Nels Peterson transacted business at Oconto this week.
S. Olson and N.  Nelson of Mountain was here Thursday.
Johnson Brothers are complaining because they cannot get cars for wood shipping.

Jos. Marek of Oconto has just finished the carpenter work on Henry Youngermann's new house in place of the one destroyed by fire last fall.
Miss Eva McDowell was sewing at the homes of Mrs. Jos. Smiley and Mrs. Olly Feifarek last week.
F. B. Feilfarek's cheese factory is now running twice a week, Mondays and Fridays.
Fred Taylor made a flying trip to Ingalls last week.
Miss Mary Mroz of Oconto is visiting at the home of Emma Feifarek .
We are glad to see Laurence Finger about his work as usual after a long attack of appendicitis.
John Quirt has returned home from Washington, where he visited his brothers, Will and Tom.
Miss Mable Taylor is confined to her home this winter with an attack of rheumatism.
Rev.: Boteler of Oconto visited at the homes of J. Quirt and J. Smiley recently.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ellis of Sugar Bush were the guests of Mrs. Ellis' mother, Mrs. J. Quinn, last Sunday.

Ed Farrell and Vic Johnson of Carter Siding were in the village Wednesday.
Atty. Crawford and Nathan Keller were at Rollman's Siding Wednesday on legal business.
Atty. Winters of Shawano was up the Klondike branch Wednesday on business.
John Yance, who was injured while breaking on the log train is able to be around again and is on a fair way to recovery.
H. Berndt, Sr., and J. M. Clark were in Chicago the first of the week on business.

Sheriff Duncan
passed through village Wednesday on his way to Breed and had Ira Moody in charge. Mr. Moody has just passed through an ordeal at Oconto which is shocking to humanity. Game Warden John McGee is to be commended on bringing this case before the authorities and the least can be said of the town of Breed is that it is surprising this case has not been prosecuted before.

O. M. Saunders
of Oconto Falls and Allan McMahon of Hickory settled a grievance in Judge Lentfoehr's court Monday.
Albert Zahn, the man that makes the noise in Gillett, was suddenly quieted last Monday. Mr. Zahn, while getting out of Wm. Warner's ice house which was nearly filled with ice, fell about 15 feet striking with his back on the sharp corner of the ice. It was not as serious as was first thought and we trust the noise will soon be beard again.

The masquerade ball at Van Laanen's hall last Friday evening was well attended, over seventy-five masked people were present. Prizes were given to the most popular people: First prize was given to an unknown Indian girl; second prize, Miss Alice Jarvey, flower girl; third prize, Miss Lizzie Kehopt, poverty girl; Jas. Anderson, first gentlemen's prize, trapeze boy; second prize, Henry Jarvey, "Bum Pat" and Harry Leigh, horse jockey.

Otto Foss did business in Green Bay last week.
M. Scanlon did business in Lena last Friday.
Mrs. J. Brennen spent Sunday with Mrs. J. McIver.
Misses Edith Miller and Ida Colson of School Section visited Mrs. Henry Jarvey last week and attended the dance.
John McIver spent a few days at home.
E. Bratz did business in Abrams one day last week.
Miss Delia Scanlon called on Miss Alice Jarvey one day last week.
Jas. Anderson visited relatives at Suring Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Alice Jarvey is staying with Mrs. J. McIver until the return of her daughter, who is visiting at Farley, Minn.
Miss Annie Van Boven of Oconto is visiting friends here.
Bert Brennen of Chicago visited his parents last week.
George Tripp, who came down from the woods some time ago, returned again last week.
Mr. Welock drove to Oconto Falls last Friday on business.

Miss Susie Hubbell will direct the music at the entertainment to be given here Feb. 23rd, for the benefit of the new Catholic church in Pound. There will be mandolin, violin and guitar selections, which promise an enjoyable treat.

An auction of household goods was held Wednesday at the residence of N. W. Shew. The bidding was active, nearly everything being sold.
Mrs. Ed Ketcham is ill with the measles, at the home of her father, Dr. L. G. Walker.
Mr. W. F. Marr, principal of the Abrams school, was the guest of C. C. Rice Saturday.
Miss Olle Dwyer has gone to Marinette to do dining room work at the Arlington.
Go to Rice's for hot peanuts.

The body of little Verne Wieting was brought to Abrams last week Wednesday for burial. The funeral was from the Methodist church, interment at Brookside. He was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. H. Wieting of Adell, Wis. Mr. Wieting is station agent at that place. Mrs. Wieting was formerly Hattie Rifenberg of Abrams. The little one was instantly killed by a boiler explosion in the foundry owned by Heiminger Co. Several persons were severely injured. The foundry was completely demolished, also a hotel that stood beside it. Every building in the village was damaged more or less, the shock being felt for miles around, and it seems a miracle that more lives were not lost. Little Verne was nearly six years old, a bright sweet little fellow, the pet of the whole community. All that thoughtful loving kindness could do was done for the bereaved parents. Messages of sympathy and beautiful floral tributes came from far and near. Mr. and Mrs. Wieting re-turned Monday to their saddened home.

Frank Rifenberg and Mrs. J. Porter went to Adell last week to accompany their bereaved sister and her husband on their sad journey to Abrams

Fire last Friday night completely consumed the Chatell House at this place. Everyone in town went promptly to the rescue but the fire was well under way and nothing could save the building. Every effort was made to save the contents and most of the furniture on the lower floor together with some bedding and clothing were rescued, nothing more.

A surprise whist party was sprung on Mr. and Mrs. Dell Dutton last week Thursday evening. Everyone had a jolly good time. The head prize was awarded to G. A. DeLano and Etta Whitcomb, while the '"booby" was captured by Miss McKinnon and E S. Bent.

   I desire to thank my friends and neighbors who so willingly helped me in saving my store building at the recent fire at Abrams, Wis.  Albert W. Grunwaldt

The literary met at Mrs. J. D. Moody's Tuesday evening and enjoyed a very pleasant time.
Mrs. Thomas Austin of Waterloo, who was visiting her sister, Mrs. Birmingham, returned to her home last Thursday taking her niece, Margaret, with her. .
Mr. F. T. Graufell and daughter Melba, have been visiting relatives and friends here recently.
Mrs. Brooks will feed hungry travelers in Abrams for the present.

Alex Caldwell transacted business at Tigerton the first of the week.
C. D. Post was called to Oconto Saturday by the illness of his son, Clinton.
Mrs. Hamilton of Claywood called on friends here last Wednesday.
Thos. Gilkey of Oconto is in town contracting with the farmers in our vicinity to raise sugar beets the coming season.
Serier Bros, received a carload of crockery last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kaufman spent Sunday at Mrs. G. Erickson's at Maple Valley.
Peter Netzer was in town Sunday; also W. H. Cooley of the Waupee.
T. E. Mills of Hickory shipped a carload of shingles from here Tuesday.
Miss Lillian Best, who has been visiting friends and relatives at Oshkosh for the past four  weeks, returned home Friday.
Miss Bertha Wick and H. Hankwitz visited P. Lundquist's camp last Sunday.
Aug. Kuehl, who is going in partnership with W. J. Thielke, will move his family to Suring next week.
Matt Wagner visited with his family at Bonduel the first of the week.
Mrs. Mayme Surprise and daughter left for Green Bay last Friday.
Mrs. G. Hool left for Escanaba last Tuesday to visit with her daughter, Mrs. J. Fagen.
Mrs. A. Goodschild is spending a few days at Gillett.
Miss Valeria Hool is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Ghoeke.
J. Block of Shawano was in Suring Wednesday.

About forty of Rev. W. W. Soule's friends surprised him last Friday by their presence and left as a token of their esteem a red letter bible. A very pleasant  evening was spent and refreshment were served.
Mary Rierdon spent several days in  Oconto last week.
Dr. and Mrs. F. w. Briggs enjoyed a ride to Suring Wednesday morning.
J. Trever and Fred Coy came very near measuring the depth of White Lake while cutting ice Monday.
T. P. Gilkey of Oconto  was visiting farmers in the interest of sugar beets last week.
Chas. Hanson is loading cars with hay at Suring.
Jas. Smith spent Sunday with his family and returned to the woods Monday.
T. E. Mills was unable to run the shingle mill during the coldest weather.

George Laplant, who is working at Covillion's camp, had the misfortune to sprain his foot quite badly last week.
Miss Susie Closser attended the masquerade at Spruce, last Saturday night and reports a good time.
Miss Cora Sutton, who has been spending the last two weeks at her home in Green Bay, resumed her school duties Monday.
Gilbert Cardinal, who has been quite ill, is now able to be outside.
Miss Vina King, who has been sewing at Oconto for the past year, is now prepared to take in sewing at home. Vina is diligent and painstaking and your correspondent wishes her success.

The Misses Edith, Annie and Nellie Nelson of New Denmark are the guests of their sister, Mrs. Henry Hendrickson.
Louis Rasmussen has left for Milwaukee, where he will remain some time on business.
The Misses Zora and Lizzie Couillard, with teachers of this town, spent Sunday at their home in Couillardville.
Ed Plautz may be seen going to Little Suamico on his wheel Sundays, not even the heavy snow storms prevents him.
A private dancing party was given at Sobieski, on Friday night, in honor Richard Krouse. Music was furnished by Messrs Nick's orchestra.
Miss  Emma Bertcher visited a few days with her parents.
Walter Harvey was seen on our streets last Saturday.
James Kiley did business in Green Bay Thursday.
C. S. Blondheim attended the M. W. A. meeting at Angelica last Saturday.
Miss Havy Knudsen has returned to Green Bay.
Aug. Plautz, who has been quite sick, is improving rapidly.
The latest up-to-date sleigh  is owned by Gust Zembiskie.  He expects to apply for a patent soon.
John Krouse and railroading have had a falling out and will probably not make up again.
The dance given in Kolojeskie's hall last Wednesday was well attended from Chase and a good old time reported.
The people of Chase are glad to welcome Peter Willis back once more.

John Goddard of Brookside was in the city Friday night.
David Dillion,  who has been  quite sick is improving.
A. J. Caldwell of Suring spent Sunday with his family.
J. Simpson of Underhill was in Oconto on business Saturday.
The reading circle will meet with Mrs. Hart Monday afternoon.     
Mrs. R. Funke spent  Monday  with relatives at Green Bay.
P.  L. Stack of Gillett was is the city on business Wednesday.
Eugene Fitzpatrick of Abrams was in the city the first of the week.
George Crawford was in the city on legal business last Wednesday.
Sol. Hirsch came down from Marinette to spend Sunday with his family.
L. Bowman and wife of Pensaukee visited at Rev. Boteler's last Saturday.
Mrs. C. E. Wright returned to her home in Dunbar, Wis., last Monday.
Miss Gale Forbes of Peshtigo is a guest of her aunt, Mrs. E. Hantschel this week.
Mrs. George Beyer and daughter Mildred spent Sunday with friends at Green Bay.

A large number of the friends of Mrs. Annie Corboy surprised her last Saturday evening on her fifty-first anniversary of her birth. Progressive pedro was  played. The prizes were given as follows: First prize, Miss Hattie Connor; second prize, Mrs. Dan. O'Keef ; foot  prize, Mrs. Dick Cullen.  Refreshments were served.

Conductor Mort Williams has just received notice that he is soon to take a main line passenger run between Milwaukee and Antigo.
Paul Muehreke  expects to leave for a few days at Milwaukee and Chicago.
Mrs. Casimer Gryzeel went to Marinette Thursday for a few days visit.
Editor L. P. Perry of Gillet stopped in the city while on his way to Milwaukee.
B. A. Mosling was in the city today.  He has purchased controlling interest in the store formerly owned by his father J. P. Mosling.
L. W. Brazeau and A. F. Enson represented Oconto grocers at the meeting of grocers held at Madison this week.
Mrs. M. Sipple is enjoying a visit with her daughter, Mrs.. H. M. Malmberg, in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Martineau were made happy last Sunday by the arrival of a baby boy.
Mrs. R. A. Nelson returned home from a few days' visit with her sister in Gillett.
Mrs. Louis Olson and Miss Maggie Briggers of Little River visited at Oconto Falls last week.
Mrs. Conrad Strack very pleasantly entertained the Kaffee Kraenzchen Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. G. C. Jeske went to Milwaukee Monday for a three weeks' visit with Mr. Jeske's parents.
H. N. Bradley came down from her Hermansville Saturday to remain over Sunday with his family.
Quite a number of Oconto people attended the Tople dance at Pensaukee last Monday evening.
Gladys Friday of Hermansville was a guest of Jesse and Irene Bradley from Saturday until Monday.
Geo. Starr and family have moved into the house in the east ward formerly occupied by P.W. Johnson.
The dance at  J. B. Wensing's at Little Suamico Wednesday evening was well represented by Oconto people.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ullman and children went to Milwaukee today for a week's visit with relatives and friends.
Fr. Barrett went to the Archdeaconry at Fond du Lac, last Wednesday, going from there to Milwaukee on business.
R. J. Reid and family expect to start Monday for Tacoma, Washington, where Mr. Reid will engage in the hotel business.
Mrs. George Gallagher of Escanaba, who was a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Young, for several days returned home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S.  Hart and daughter Mabel went to Green Bay Sunday morning to attend the funeral of Mr. Hart's brother, Capt. H. W. Hart. They returned Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Hall, and T. P. Gilkey went to Green Bay to attend the funeral of Capt. H. W. Hart They returned to Oconto Sunday evening.
John Quirt of Little River returned recently from a three months visit with two brothers in the state of Washington. Mr. Quirt says that while the new state has a bright future, he considers Wisconsin far ahead of it.
Mrs. Louise Wiseman purchased a fine Smith & Barnes piano this week from Menkee's Music House. This piano was selected by her in preference to two pianos handled by out-of-city firms which had previously been tried by her. This goes to prove that in actual value you can receive better value from your  home merchants.

Oconto County Reporter
February 27, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

LOCAL - city of Oconto
Roland Stoelting is a Marinette visitor today.
J. A. Don Levy was a Marinette visitor Monday.
Clinton Post  is still quite seriously sick with pneumonia.
O. Wardwell of Lena was in the city on business yesterday.
W. H. Mathews is slowly recovering from a severe illness.
C. McAllister of Kelley Brook was in the city on business Tuesday.
Louis Nathan, now of Green Bay spent Sunday with friends in the city.
Mrs. C. C. Rice of Pound is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Russell.
Mrs. E. J. McCall entertained her Sunday school class at tea Friday evening.
Joseph and Louis Liegeois of Abrams were in the city on business last Saturday.
S. W. Ford returned last Friday evening from his visit to Milwaukee and Chicago.
Albert Schultz  has been quite sick during the last week but is now some better.
Mesdames M. P. Bellew and Ph. Lingelbach were Marinette visitors last Saturday.
H. C. Hanson of Kelley Brook transacted business in the city Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. Dr. Stoelting very pleasantly entertained the Kaffee Kraenzchen (German - Coffee Gathering) yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. C. A. Best has sufficiently recovered from her recent sickness to be able to be out again.
A. J. Caldwell came down from Suring Wednesday for a visit with family and friends.
Miss Agnes Welsh came home from Marinette to spend Sunday with friends. She returned Monday.
Clarence Post came home Wednesday from his work in the Pendleton and Gilkey camp at Mountain.
Mrs. Henry and son George of Daggett, Mich., spent the week at the home of G. C. Morrow.
Joseph Stackpole of Lena transacted business in the city Wednesday  and Thursday of this week.
Mrs. Harry O'Neil of School Section spent the last week in the city visiting at the home of Mrs. Michael and Mrs. Lucy O'Connor.
A. M. Martineau started yesterday morning for Chicago and New York to purchase additional spring and summer goods.
Ex. Sherriff and Mrs. Orr came down from Abrams last Saturday to transact business and incidentally meet friends in the city.
Levi Hale of Lena went to Madison Monday to be present at the meeting of the Supervisor of Assessment held Wednesday.
The Hon. Henry Johnson of Suring stopped off here between trains Monday while on his return to his duties at the state capital.
A number of the young lady and gentlemen friends of Miss Vergie Miner surprised her at her home last Friday evening. All present enjoyed the occasion.
Mrs. Lucy O'Connor entertained about fifty of her lady friends at a rag-bee at her home in the west ward Tuesday evening. All enjoyed themselves until a late hour.
I. S. P. Hoeffel returned last Saturday evening from Chicago where he had been to purchase goods. He stopped off on his way home for brief visits at Oshkosh and Green Bay.
Village Attorney George Crawford of Gillett was in the city Tuesday and Wednesday on business connected with the new water works system which the village is about to construct.
Howard Knapp, Alphonse Pierre, Ernest Wittkopf and Peter Brazeau made a trip to Marinette on Mr. Knapp's ice boat Sunday. The party returned Sunday evening on the train.
The Misses Emma and Eva Spice entertained a number of their friends at their home in the south ward Tuesday evening. The evening was pleasantly spent and all report a good time.
Henry Dienberg, who has filled the position of cashier at the Northwestern depot so acceptably in the past, has accepted the position as agent at Pensaukee made vacant by the recent death of Agent Duvall.
Miss Rose Radley of Waupaca was a guest at the home of her cousin, L. C. Harvey, the first of the week. She went to Marinette  Wednesday for a visit with other relatives after which she will return here for a few days.
Mort Williams, who has been assigned to a passenger run on the main line of the Ashland division of the Northwestern between Milwaukee and Antigo expects to start on his new run Monday. He will make Milwaukee his home but for the present his family will remain here.
Frank Knapp and Ralph Flanders  enjoyed a trip across the bay and back Sunday on Mr. Knapp's ice boat. The return trip of about fourteen or fifteen miles notwithstanding considerable snow on the ice was made is an hour and ten minutes from which should be deducted time taken to get across two ice cracks, which would reduce the running time to not more than forty minutes.
Misses Laura Mulvaney and Mae Bohan left last Saturday for a visit with friends in Manitowoc and Chicago.
Bernard Mulvaney and Miss Edwardina Bluteau will return to Mountain tomorrow to resume their school duties after their vacation.
Miss Agnes Duffy and Kathryn Herald will leave for Mountain, tomorrow morning to teach school in the town of Armstrong.
A. McAllister made a business trip up the Northwestern line Wednesday.
A. Pierre was in Suring on business Wednesday.
S. VV. Ford was a business visitor at Marinette yesterday.

Wednesday morning at 1:50 o'clock the night watchman at the Woodenware factory at Gillett discovered fire in the rear of the brick veneer building owned by Elsinore Camp No. 1297, M. W. A. He immediately sounded the fire whistle and aroused the sleeping citizens. The building was occupied by the general store of William Burse on first floor and the M. W. A. hall on the second floor. The building and contents were completely destroyed. The contents included the paraphernalia of the M. W. A.  camp and of the Knights of American Brotherhood and the Fraternal Reserve Association, who rented the hall. Eight of the band instruments used by the Gillett band and owned by the M. W. A. Camp and an $82 Conn baritone, with all the band music, were entirely consumed. Tuesday evening the Eph. Williams' Minstrels gave a performance in the ball and their costumes, trunks, etc., which were left in the hall were burned. It is thought that the fire originated from a cigar stub dropped in the stairway after the performance. When Mr. Burse reached the fire, it was still confined to the rear of  the building and he was able to get some of his books which had not been placed in the safe. However, before returning from depositing his books in a place of safety a tank containing about seventy gallons of kerosene exploded and spread the fire throughout the building. In about an hour the building was burned the ground. This is the fifth large building that has burned in Gillett in about a year. The new fire department which was organized in the village February 17 and had only practiced once did excellent work in saving the buildings occupied by the Gillett Bank, Stuelke's drug store and the Catholic church. The windows were cracked by the heat and the roof and steeple of the church caught on fire several times. The fire company is a voluntary one and consists of twenty-five members. The building was insured for $1,250 and the contents for $250. The estimated value of the building was $2,800. Mr. Burse carried $3500 insurance on the stock valued $5,000.

The entertainment given by the men of Frenchtown at the parish hall was a decided success. A large number were present and enjoyed the occasion although the program prepared was necessarily postponed on account of the absence of some who were to participate. Progressive pedro was indulged in and five prizes awarded as follows: Miss Agnes Belongia and Paul Neuville, head prizes; Lucille Brazeau, middle prize and Maime Felix and Alvin Gall consolation prizes. Refreshments were served.


Frederick William John, whose portrait we present herewith, is one of the best known pioneers of Oconto county. Mr. John was born in Prussia, March 3 1827 and resided there until 1852, when he came to this country and resided in Milwaukee until the fall of 1854, when he came to Oconto in one of the Ludington lumber vessels and worked for Mr. Hubbell in the Ludington mill. Here he remained until forty six years ago this coming May when he, with Mrs. John, who at first remained in Milwaukee, but had now joined him, moved to Gillett where together, out of the virgin forest they carved a home in which the weary and hungry traveler or woodsman was always welcome and assured of needed rest and food.

When they first sought a home in this now thriving county of Oconto, the only way to reach it was by water or over the ice or by an Indian trail without bridges from Green Bay. The only white woman they saw on their way to their Gillett home was a Mrs. Timothy Casey in a small shanty up the river in the town of Gillett, on the site of what for a number of years after was his home. Mr. John first erected a small shanty in which he and his wife and four small children resided cheered at night by the howling of the wolves outside, which at that time abounded. When flour was needed for their subsistence, Mr. John was compelled to carry it home on his back and when the oldest son and daughter first attended school they were compelled to go five miles through the woods without a house on the way. Fish and game were abundant but so monotonous did this become that the children occasionally murmured over the unchanging venison diet. One of the hardest experiences of their lives, however, came in 1871, when the sun was obscured by the smoke for two weeks during all of which time the woods surrounding them was on fire. They carried water and fought fire day and night without rest. On the night of October 8, which old residents remember with horror as the night of the famed Peshtigo fire, the children spent the night on a blanket in the road while their parents fought off the fire, the parents not daring to allow them to remain in the shanty for fear it with the children would be consumed.

Mr. John has seen considerable military service, first in his native country, where as a member of the heavy cavalry, he assisted in putting down the revolution of 1847-8, which drove Carl Schurz and General Sigel out of Germany, and later in the 38th Wisconsin Infantry in which he enlisted in this city in 1864 and served until the end of the war, participating in the battles of Hatcher's Run, siege of Petersburg and capture of Petersburg and in the big review at Washington returning with the rank of Sergeant. He is the present postmaster of the village of Gillett and has filled the offices within the gift of the people of his town including that of treasurer when the town was a large one and the treasurer required to give a bond of $25,000.

Mr. John recalls many interesting incidents of the early days among which is one of Senator Philetus Sawyer when out on one of his campaigning trips through the lumbering country. It seems that while attempting to drive from Shawano through this county, Mr. Sawyer was overtaken by night, became lost and off the road, stopped his team and alighted from his vehicle to search for the road but after finally finding it was unable to find the team, but succeeded in reaching the John's home and secured assistance and lanterns by means of which the team was recovered and made comfortable for the night.

The prevailing prices about this time were, cotton batting; $1.00 a pound, calico 40 cents a yard, sheeting 50 cents, beans $8.00 a bushel, flour $12.00 a barrel.

Mr. and Mrs. John celebrated their golden wedding on the 21st of last November and have, now living, as this (remainder of article was missing)

About fifteen of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arnold gave a surprise party at their home Monday evening, it being Mrs. Arnold's birthday. After presenting her with a handsome chair, progressive cinch was indulged in for several hours, after which refreshment were served. All enjoyed themselves immensely. Prizes were awarded as follows: Wm. Arnold first and Mrs. Carroll second, while Mrs. Sunberg received the consolation prize.

 For the information of those interested in the success of Oconto band, we desire to state that the sum of $103.45 was cleared above all expenses at the recent minstrel performance, every cent of which has been placed to the credit of the uniform fund and in behalf of the band we express thanks to the public for their generous support.  D. H. Mooney, Manager, Hugo Stoelting, Secretary, Robt. Hall, Treasurer.

A. Pierre has rented the grain elevator owned and run by Chris. Daniels at Suring and will take possession August first, the beginning of the next buying season. The people of Suring are to be congratulated on the addition of a gentleman with Mr. Pierre's push and enterprise to their list of businessmen. Mr. Daniels will, after Mr. Pierre takes possession, give his entire attention to the sale of farm machinery and implements of all kinds.

The Drop in Card club held its last meeting preceding Lent at the home of Mrs. W. F. Westfall Monday evening. Twelve members were present and a very pleasant evening enjoyed. The head prize was won by Mrs. McGoff, while Mrs. Beyer carried off the consolation trophy.

Mrs. Willett gave a party at her home in Frenchtown Monday evening in honor of her sister, Mrs. Clamp, of Dakota. Refreshments were served and the evening very pleasantly passed at cards.

W. C. T. U. 
The Women's Christian Temperance Legion will hold its next meeting at the home of Mrs. N. C. Gilkey.

A mardi gras party was given at the home of L. Bluteau, in Frenchtown, Tuesday evening. About sixty were present and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Refreshments were served very pleasing vocal and instrumental music rendered. Among the costumes and characterizations that elicited special remark were a black silk wedding dress, thirty years oId, worn by Mrs. Farrell, Jos. Destiche as a colonial professor, Mrs. Antoine Sharrow as a Japanese and Miss Agnes Belongia as an old maid.

Florian Liegeois of Abrams was arraigned before Circuit Court Commissioner Reinhart Saturday for contempt of court and found guilty but on account of the circumstances was let off with a small fine. It seems the defendant had failed to appear to answer to a summons that had been served upon him, but that this was because of his not being fully explained to him at time of service and his ignorance of the language, he failed to get the purport of the document.

John Checota and son, Joseph, of Spruce pleaded guilty before Judge Jones yesterday to the charge of assault and battery on the person of George Teiche, also of Spruce, and paid fines and costs amounting to $16.50 each. The trouble grew out of a too ardent celebration of Washington's birthday at a dance at Joseph Hoffman's, house in Spruce on last Saturday night.

Sixteen members of the Ladies' Card Club were entertained by Mrs. Ed Links Monday evening. Each lady present was masked and in costume and the evening very much enjoyed. The first prize was won by Mrs. McGoff and the second by Mrs. Solway.

The Richard brothers are preparing the room on the first floor of the Music Hall block, corner of Main street and Park avenue, for a stock of paint and wall paper, which they will open for next week.


Joseph Marek of Oconto is doing some graining in Jacob Petcka's house.
Miss Mary McDowell is going to teach at Mountain and leaves for that place Saturday.
Lawrence Finger, Mary Votava, Joseph Votava and Anna Feifarek attended a dance at Menominee Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dohnel visited friends at Kellnersville last week.
J. Petcka received word Monday morning of the death of his father at Cooperstown. Mr. Petcka took the first train for that place.
F. B. Feifarek drove to Marinette Wednesday on business.
Mrs. J. Quirt is visiting friends at Ingalls this week.
Miss Eva McDowell enjoyed a visit at Green Bay last week.

Frank Down transacted business in Oconto Tuesday.
M. A, Martindale was a caller here Monday.
Abe Fredenberg and L. Sampson were business callers here Monday.
Wm. Flynn and J. Hamburg drove to Gillett Monday.
The radiant countenance of Geo. Merline shone in upon us Wednesday.
Geo. Magee, logger from Johnson Siding, made us pleasant call Wednesday.
Thos. Gilkey expounded the sugar beet doctrine to our farmers this week and we trust his words fell into fertile  soil.
Louie Sampson of Suring has bought a lot west of the railroad track and will commence to build a saloon next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Flynn attended the masquerade ball at Suring Tuesday night.
Mayor Spies mingled with the Breedites Sunday.
Mrs. Elnorah White spent several days in Morse, Ashland county, this week.
P. N. Peterson is having his tussle proper with the grip this week.
Charles Duell attended to business at the county seat Wednesday.
Mayme Dowen was a Suring caller Wednesday.
Peter Lundquist has now landed two million feet of logs and expects to land another million before sleighing breaks up. Good haul!
Wm. Nelson, sealer for the Anson Eldred Co., spent a couple of hours with us Saturday. He reports busy doings on the Waupee.
Wm. Flynn attended to business at Gillett Tuesday.
Our town has of late received a lot of free, though unenviable advertising, through the arrest of Ira Moody. We have seen this nauseating matter in dozens of papers and diverse languages.

Mrs. Henry Johnson spent last Monday with friends in Pulcifer.
Miss Mildred Davis was pleasantly surprised last Friday evening by a number of friends at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cooley.
Ida and Willie Groninger of Suring called on friends here Saturday.
Carl Andrewson came down from the woods and spent Sunday with his parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Shilleman of Gillett spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Nelson.
The Ladies' Aid met at Mrs. Andrew Nelson's last Tuesday.
Mrs. H. A. Cooley, who had spent the past week visiting friends and relatives here, returned to her home on the Waupee last Sunday.
School closes Friday, Feb. 27, for a month's vacation. Miss Davis, the teacher, will spend her vacation at her home in Green Bay.
Dr. Popple of Pulcifer called on friends here Sunday.
Dr. Pinch of Gillett called at Aug. Arvesen's Sunday.
Carl Odein of Pulcifer was also a guest of Aug. Arvesen this week.
Rev. A. J. Andrewson held his usual service at Pulcifer Sunday.
The Ladies' Aid of the Congregational church with Mrs. A. Nelson this week.
Fred Nelson of Oconto supplied our town with fresh fish this week.
K. A. Henricks is still night watch at Malkolm Bros. mill.


Mr. Cato, the Artist of Suring (photographer), was up here a few days ago calling on the camps for the purpose of taking pictures.
Harry Hines is now rid of the mumps and has gone back to camp to work again.
Mrs. Vernon Cole has been on the sick last for a week past with an attack of the grip being confined to the house and bed most of the time.
Mrs. Donald, who has been helping Mrs. Peterson this winter, was called home a few day ago on account of the sickness of her fifteen year old son. The doctor says his disease is softening of the bone and he is very much emaciated.

Miss Brunette of Green Bay is visitor with her cousin, Miss Anna Fredenberg.
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn of Breed attended the masquerade.
Nels Hanson is still quite ill.
Mrs. Sherren and daughter, Mollie, who have been visiting with the A. Fredenberg family, returned home last Wednesday.
Miss Raisler of Marinette is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. Thielke.
Peter Netzer was down Wednesday on business.
A. J. Caldwell went to Oconto Wednesday morning.
A. Fredenberg and son, Willie, were in Oconto Tuesday.
Louis Sampson was in Breed Wednesday hiring men to put up ice.
A. E. Baldwin and N. W. Milberry are loading large quantities of bark for shipment at present.
C.A. McAllister expects to finish loading cedar here for J. Spies in about ten days.
Mrs. A. Fredenberg is quite sick with an attack of pneumonia.
While Barney Burnett of Duck Creek who has been cutting cedar for A. Fredenberg was walking along platform in front of Groninger Bros. Monday night, he slipped off the platform, fell and broke his right arm at the elbow. Drs. Betcher and White reduced the fracture.
J. A. Kaufman has stone on the ground for the foundation of a thirty foot extension to the rear of his store which will be begun as soon as weather will permit.

A number of ladies surprised Mrs. Patrick Maloney Tuesday evening. Pancakes were served at eleven o'clock. All returned home in a jolly mood.
A number from here attended the Georgia Minstrel show at Oconto Falls Monday evening. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. James Clarey, Misses May and Delia Scanlon and Kate Devereaux  and Will McGuire. A good time was reported.
Frank Redding made a flying trip to Beaver Tuesday and has been on the sick list a few days this week.
A few of the married ladies from here surprised Mrs. Martin Van Cilan Tuesday afternoon. Good sleighing was reported and they had no hills to walk up.
Pat Devereaux returned home from the Green Bay college last week.
Miss Bridget Devereaux gave a candy pull Tuesday evening in honor of her friends.
A. Doren of Oconto Falls was seen in town Sunday.
Miss Agnes Alvord of Marquette visiting her sister, Mrs. Andrew Jarvey.
There was great excitement in our little town Wednesday morning when the pig pen of Marshal Martin was on fire. It was quenched with several pails of water. No further damage was done.

The blacksmith shop opened Monday under its new manager, Mr. Salchert.
Bert Knowles shot a wild cat one day last week.
Those wishing sewing done call on Miss Amanda Warrichaut, Main street.
Mrs. Geo. Wilson gave a church supper last Friday evening which everyone present enjoyed very much.
The young people had a jolly time at Mrs. Winan's Saturday evening. It was Howard's twenty first birthday.
Miss McKinnon spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday at her home in Marinette.
The R. N. of A. camp will meet in rooms at Mrs. J. D. Moody's house for the present.
The young folks gave Agnes Christian a surprise party Wednesday evening and all had a good time.

The house of James Smead burned to the ground one day last week. With the help of some men who were working close by Mr. Smead managed to save nearly all his household goods. No insurance.
Among the Timme people who took in the entertainment at Coleman Monday night, were J. P. Brazeau and daughter, Nora, the Misses Amy King, Cora Sutton, Jessie Magee and Exora Lessor, and Frank Geisler. After the entertainment a social dance was enjoyed by all.
John Scanlon, who has been in the hospital at Green Bay, is at home again.
Mrs. Whipple of Green Bay is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Gilbert Cardinal.
Dr. Rose Coleman was seen on our streets last week.

John Schneider made a flying trip to Stiles Junction Tuesday.
Eli Pelkey of Mishicot is visiting relatives here.
Jake Shenbourn is building a barn and will soon have a house on his premises large enough for two.
The social held at Mrs. A. Wardwell's was well attended and a neat sum added to the Methodist treasury. Thanks to the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Wardwell and also to those who attended.
The card party given by the Catholic Sewing Circle Monday evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. The prizes were awarded as follows: Miss Eliza Ruelle, first ladies' prize; Mrs. Geo. Schlosser, the consolation; Albert Dionne, first gentleman's prize: John Schneider, also received a consolation prize. Mrs. Albert Dionne drew the lucky number on the quilt very much to the gratification of all present.

H. C. Rymer is sick with an attack of the grip.
Miss Annie Bauers has returned from Coleman.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bauers are visiting friends here.
Mrs. Oehlwaldt from Oconto Falls visited Mrs. J. Major Tuesday.
Miss Edith Major of Laona is visiting her parents here.
Levi Cleveland is on the sick list.
Will Owen is visiting friends here.
John Major transacted business in Oconto Falls Saturday.
Shorty Simpson and Ed Templar came up from Waupun Tuesday.
Ernest Cleveland has been under the weather the past few days.
The infant daughter of A. E. Cleveland is dangerously ill.
Mrs. Lizzie Major visited friends in Abrams Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cleveland of Green Bay are visiting relatives here.

Miss Eva McDowell is spending a few days with friends in Green Bay.
Miss Mabel Taylor is slowly recovering from an attack of rheumatism.
Miss Anna Dudden of Little River entertained a number of her friends Friday evening. All report a good time.
Miss Edith McDowell spent Saturday with her parents at Little River.
Miss Emma McDowell is visiting friends at this place.
James McDowell transacted business in Marinette Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Whiting visited Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Windross at Oak Orchard this week.
Gad to note that Mrs. David Whiting, who has been quite ill has recovered.
Rev. Boteler held a large and enthusiastic meeting at the residence of James Whiting Wednesday evening at which Mrs. J. Whiting was elected secretary and treasurer of the new mission.

Frank Cole was in town Wednesday.
Matt Cane is down from the north.
Mrs. B. Gissenaas is home from Chicago, where she was being treated at a hospital. Miss Cora Cole is attending her.
There was a fire at the farm house occupied by Will Brooks, about a mile from here. A large part of the roof was burned off and considerable damage was done. But for the timely assistance of neighbors the building would have burned.
Mrs. C. C. Rice left on the afternoon train Thursday for Oconto, where she will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Russel.
C. C. Rice is increasing his stock and getting ready for a good spring trade.
Wm Murdock is clerking for A. F. Gissenaas.
Miss Kitty Dwyer, who has been clerking for W. W. Walker at Coleman, is at home again.

Chris. Madison finished his winter's work last week.
Martin Wick from Peter Lundquist's camp spent Sunday with his family.
H. Hankwitz, Herman Yakel and George Smith are harvesting ice from Ashler's Lake for Henry Johnson.
Etta Yakel is on the sick list with a cancer.
Mrs. Reynolds from Oconto Falls visited Art Gilkey's family last Saturday.

Oconto County Reporter
August 15, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

Camp Douglas, August 11.
Rifle practice began today with the First battalion on the range, and the average of individual scores was good, though the records of last week were not beaten except in volley firing. While the First was on the range, the Second and Third battalions put on a day of solid drill. The twelve highest scores were:
Q.M. Sergt Gerhardt, M.-232; Sgt. Block, M.-216; Sgt. Buffin, L.-216; Cpl. Stault, A.-207; Pvt. Zeitler, M.-197.
Lt. Cummings, M.-197; Lt. Meyer, A.-196; Cpl. Dorsch, L.-194; Pvt. Tingetaube, A.-192; Pvt. Ritter, M.-191; Pvt. Beel, C.A.-191.
The other scores made by Company M were:
Sgt. Haskins -188; Sgt. Simpson-173; Cpl. Frisby-189; Cpl. Kampo-186; Art. Seymour-104; Pvt. Burkhardt-145; Pvt. Burns-151.
Pvt. Harris-138,  Pvt. Johnson-118; Pvt. Klass-126; Pvt. Nygard-167; Pvt.  Nerenhausen-150;  Pvt. Seymour-137.

The volley firing established a record for the new system of firing; which is twelve shots a company instead of eight. It also breaks all records as to the percentage of hits and by a large margin. The average for today, 168, is two points of the highest score of last week. The scores were:  Company L, 217; Company A, 184; Company I-161; Company M, 109.

In the intervals of rifle practice and drill duty, the old members of the regiment have been busy court-martialing the "rookies," or newly-enlisted men. The alternative for purchasing a footing with the elders of the company has generally been a choice between $1 fine or an eighth-keg of beer, or a tossing in a blanket and ducking under the hydrant. The general choice has been the tine, and as a result there is plenty of beer and much hilarity in every company street tonight.

It must be borne in mind, however, that all this amusement is under the direct supervision of the officers and noncommisioned officers.  No company, no matter what its  finacial resources, is allowed to have more beer  than  is reasonable for the number of men in the company. And even this supply is carefully watched by noncommissioned officers,  to see that no man gets more than his just proportion or enough to hurt him.

The results are that there are no drunks in camp, while at the same time the boys, certain of their beer in camp, do not go down town, where they would be tempted by vile, cheap, whisky and probably get drunk if they were forbidden all drink in camp.

 A. C. Cardinal returned last Saturday from a two and a half years residence at Rutledge, Morgan County, Georgia, where he was engaged in farming.  He will live here in the future if the climate proves agreeable to Mrs. Cardinal who is a native of Georgia and accustomed to its milder climate.

Mr. Cardinal says the main crop in that section, as well as elsewhere in the south, is cotton, which while quite remunerative is a precarious crop to raise as it is easily damaged by unfavorable conditions. The average yield is about one half of a five hundred pound bale per acre which sells at about seven cents per pound on an average. It is not a hard crop to raise, except the picking which is usually done by negro labor at about thirty-five cents per hundred pounds of seed cotton. The soil is the fertile red clay of the south which however must be worked at just the right proportion of moisture or it is easily injured. Commercial fertilizers containing phosphoric acid and potash combined with the nitrogenous cotton seed meal are sown in the drill below the seed. While cotton remains the principal crop the farmers are taking up more scientific farming and practicing rotation and more diversified crops. The cotton seed also meets a ready sale at about twenty cents per bushel of thirty pounds. It takes about three bales of seed cotton to make one bale of the so called lint cotton which after it has been run through the gin and in the condition it is sold.

Walter N. Jerslid, who has been an employe of our popular general merchant, James Hemmingsen, for the last seven years, will open a new store at Fabry's Corner (School Section) tomorrow, with a full stock of general merchandise. While Walter will manage the new business, it is reported that Mr. Hemmingsen is financially interested in the new enterprise, which will insure its success, and it is believed it will be appreciated and liberally patronized by farmers of that vicinity.

A large concourse of friends met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. LeClair Monday evening, the occasion being the fortieth anniversary of their marriage. They were the recipients of many costly presents, also a beautiful rocking chair which was presented by several friends as a token of the esteem in which they were held. The rooms were very prettily decorated with ferns, carnations and white asters.

Last Tuesday morning D. M. MacQueen had been at work on the new furniture store being erected, was struck by an elevator crank and severely injured. He was giving four little girls a ride on an elevator in the rear of the store, which is operated by means of a crank on a windlass attached to the elevator and as they were descending and the elevator about six feet from the floor, the handle to the crank came off in his hand which allowed the platform to drop and the crank to fly backward and strike him in such a manner as to smash his nose, cut his right cheek under the eye and throw him to the floor. He was immediately taken to Dr. Stoelting's office, where the nose was straightened and cut dressed and is progressing finely, but may congratulate himself on a narrow escape from more serious results. The girls escaped without injury.

Big Trade in Horses: 
Jacob Ullman started to Earlville, Iowa, last Sunday night to buy horses. Messrs. Ullman and Hirsch have developed such a trade in all kinds of horses that it is hard to supply the demand of the last shipment destined for this city not a horse reached here as the last one was sold on the way before leaving Green Bay.

Last Friday afternoon Charles Collins was arraigned before Justice Reinhart on complaint of Wm. Belongia, charged with assault on the person of his mother, with intent to do great bodily harm, on May 14,1902. He was discharged on account of insufficient evidence to convict.

On Monday, Earl Barry was arraigned, charged with assault and battery on Joseph Nathan, Jr., of Frenchtown, Friday, August 8, and was found guilty and sentenced to pay a fine of $1 and costs.

The  case of Ferdinand Albein charged by John Schwenz with using abusive and obscene language on Saturday Au-gust 2, came before Justice Jones last Saturday and adjourned until today.

Albert Remington, charged with abandoning, on the seventh of last March, his wife and two minor children, aged six months and two years, respectively, was arraigned before Judge Jones, Wednesday and on examination bound over for trial in county court in a special proceeding yesterday.
On trial yesterday the case was given to the jury at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and after remaining out all night the jury at 9:30 this morning reported that they were unable to agree and on motion of the district attorney the prisoner was discharged. District Attorney Gill appeared for the state and Allan Classon and Victor O'Kelliher for defendant.

The C. M. & St. P. branch train made a special trip Tuesday morning to carry fourteen passengers to the early main line train. They constituted James Urquhart's crew bound for Bruce Crossing on the D. S. S. and A. where they have gone to clear up a farm and grade five miles of road bed for the Holt Lumber Company. Station Agent Perry thinks this a record breaking event as he arose at 3:40 a. m. to provide tickets for the party.

 Miss Maggie Walsh, the efficient clerk at the post office, has resigned her position which she had filled for so many years to the satisfaction of the public, left yesterday for a visit at Green Bay and tomorrow will leave that city for Duluth, Minn. A. W. Davis is installed in her former position in the post office.

Remember the young men's social on Rev. J. A. Selbach's lawn next Tuesday evening, Aug. 19. Admission 25 cents.

J. N. Hanek will open up a new blacksmith   and wagon shop on Michigan street Monday and will  undoubtedly meet with good success as he is said to be a good workman.

Insane Farmer Kill Wife: 
Ithaca, Mich.: Rather than permit her to suffer the opprobrium of being the widow of a man who committed suicide to escape insanity, S. S. Sower murdered his wife with an ax as she lay asleep. Afterward, it is supposed, he calmly sat down and wrote a letter to his son Ellis, described his mental condition, then went to his barn and hanged himself to a rafter. His body was found swinging above the heads of his horses. 

Two weeks ago Sower visited a physician and explained that he was sick. The doctor told him that he was slowly but surely becoming insane in time he must certainly become an Inmate of an asylum. Sower pondered over the physician's words and decided that he would kill himself. But he shuddered at the disgrace the act might bring on his wife. So, according to his letter, he decided to kill her, being firm in the belief that divine law would not hold him accountable for the taking of two lives.

Following is the text of the letter Sower left to his son Ellis:  Dear Ellis: This could not be any other way. I knew weeks ago that It must be insanity or suicide for me and I decided that insanity would be worse for all of us than suicide. But I could not possibly bring myself to feel that it would be otherwise than cowardly to leave mamma to the awful sufferings and death that either insanity or suicide would mean for her. So I decided it would be best for all and especially for her to take her with me. What can I say to you that will in any way help you to bear this awful blow? Nothing. 

No one is to blame for this. My wife has been an affectionate, patient and self-sacrificing woman and my son a most dutiful boy. I could not explain so I would be understood what has led up to this, but Nannie's death hastened it and if I should write page upon page I would not be understood. l have no fear whatever for the future, as I have done the very best l could with the light and strength I have had through life. No just God would punish me for what I could not help. Good-by all.   S.S. Bowe

Mrs. H. W. Gilkey visited relatives at Oconto Falls last week.
Mr. Pfeifer, the German Lutheran school teacher, left for Milwaukee Friday, where he intends to stay for a time
R. F. Zuehlke was in town last week and invested in a fine horse and buggy. He purchased the same of Joe Messar.
Miss Bessie Mills of Hickory visited the Gilkey family last week.
Louis Suring transacted business in Gillett Tuesday.
August Suring and Louis Zahn of Underhill were in town Sunday.

The Hankwitz family, Joe Messar, Robert Yakel and a few other friends are enjoying camping out at Sand Lake. They Intend to stay a week.

Mr. Fred Hule of Lakewood was In town Wednesday.
John Miller and H. Netzer drove to Gillett Sunday.
Ed Wescott and the Let Wescott family who have had the smallpox are out again.
A great many blackberries are arriving daily at Thielke's.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Wandell drove to Breed Sunday.
F. J. Martin, insurance agent of Shawano, was in town during the week.
William Banta was called to Pembine last week to attend the funeral of his father, who died of heart  failure at that that place.
Mrs. Alex Caldwell and children of Oconto are spending the summer here.
F. Elliott of Oconto Falls spent Sunday in town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Allan drove up to Keshena Monday, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Allan's grandmother.
Sheriff Orr of Oconto came up Wednesday morning and returned on the morning train with "his man."
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dunn of Shawano are visiting Mrs. Dunn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Suring, also their many other friends.

Frank Foelker and crew are threshing at Oconto Falls.
Wm.  Isack has his brother's family visiting with him this week.
Oscar Latterman  of Pembine is visiting his parents this week.
Leo Fitzgerald and Enos Schaal are working on the threshing machine.
Guy Gale visited with his cousin Floyd Fitzgerald this week.
A small son of Enus Gale's had narrow escape from being bitten by a snake. The little fellow was helping his father stack up grain, when he picked up the snake with a bundle, but it was discovered before it bit him.

The Ladies' Aid will meet at Mrs. T. Parkingson's Friday, Aug. 22.

Bruce Birmingham is at home taking a week's vacation.

The Junior Aid met at Mrs. E. Johnson's Wednesday and made several vary handsome articles for the church fair be held later.

Messrs. Bassett, Duncan, Heath, Pamperin and Miniely, aspirants for several offices and assembly, were in town during the last few days looking after their political fences.

Mr. Nickles of Chicago will preach at the Church of Christ beginning Thursday night of this week and continue over Sunday.
We are all pleased to see Will Sanders around again although he is not yet able to walk without his crutches.
Mrs. Henry Kingston has returned to her home at Mountain after a few days' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. McKinney.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller Elliott of Suring spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sanders.
Mrs. John Yance has returned to her home at Gillett, after a week's visit with her parents.
Mrs. Emma Stone and children of Pound are visiting her sisters, Mrs. Borden and Mrs. Cheffings.
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson recently visited relatives at Seymour.
We understand that C. S. Lord will soon build a dwelling house south of the store.
Messrs. and Mesdames R. P. Smith, Geo. Runkel and H. M. Lord of Oconto Falls spent several days at Kelley Lake.
Miss Belle Hanrahan of Oconto is visiting Mary Rierdon.
Mrs. Myrtle Coy of Lena is spending a few days' with her sister, May Coy.
J. Lawler of Dolliwer, Iowa, is visiting his family at the home of W. C. Mills.
T. P. Rierdon has been confined to the home the past week on account of sickness.
Geo. Cheffings, Sr., is visiting his daughters in Oconto.

Lela Simpson
of Underhill is visiting her sister, Mrs. Allan McMahon.
Mrs. A. B. Soule and son, Marlon returned to their home at Stanley last Saturday after a two weeks visit with friends here.
Mrs. Alex Caldwell and children of Oconto spent last week with Mrs. F. H. Butler.
Susie Mills returned home from Green Bay last week to stay the rest of the summer.

Mr., and Mrs. F. H. Butler returned home last week from a ten day trip on the lakes. They visited Escanaba, Gladstone and Nahma and stopped at the Chautauqua on their return home and heard Miss Stone lecture.

R: A. Miniely of Gillett and Attorney J. J. Gill of Oconto were Breed callers Friday.
Miss Minnie Zahn of Underhill has been  the guest of her aunt, Mrs. M. Klawitter, a few days this week.
Miss Annie Carpenter was a Suring caller Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson and children of Gillett came up Wednesday morning and paid a pleasant visit to their former neighbors and numerous friends here.
Mr. Kirby, the genial cigar maker of Gillett, was a business caller Wednesday and now we are enjoying ourselves indulging in the aroma of his Fan Tan cigars.

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Fredenberg
of Suring were guests of b several days this week, during which time they relieved Anderson Lake of several fine specimens of pickerel, pike and bass.

The Laona Dramatic Club elected the following officers Wednesday night: President, John Rice; Secretary, Mrs. John Rice; Treasurer, A. S. Casterton, Business committee, Mrs. John McGuire, Mrs. John Delamater and Wm. Traynor, Manager, A. Walsh. We wish them success.

The opening dance by N. Strack last week was well attended.
L. Sargent gave another of his popular dances last Saturday night
John Hughes of Cavour called on his family last week.
A. Walsh has gone to Lena on business.
Blueberries at A. Castertons and J. Rices.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Magaurn have moved to Black Creek.
Our barber, A. Walsh, has his new shop well started. Mr. Walsh is a hustler and doing a fine business.

Mrs.  Fraker and daughter visited Mrs. Hamilton  Monday.
Colin  Rymer  has gone to Suamico where he intends running Mr. McClauds threshing machine.
Mr. McDonald of Green Bay was on business at the Ranch this week.
Al. Hamilton was on business at Pound Thursday.
J. R. Orr was up to the ranch on business this week.
Misses Dilla and Stella Hamilton visited Mrs. Fraker Tuesday.
Albert Remington is visiting friends in Oconto.
Vernie Fraker went to Ellis to meet her father Tuesday.

Clarence Volk
of Oconto Falls is working at the Ranch, also his brother Claude. There are four superintends on the ranch and one boss, and are expected.

Martin Huebscher made a business trip to Green Bay Wednesday

PERSONAL AND LOCAL  - city of Oconto
Miss Helen Cole is visiting friends in Marinette.
Miss Inez McAllister is visiting friends in Milwaukee.
Miss Mabel Hart spent Sunday with friends in Menominee.
Phil Lingelbach transacted business in Appleton last Saturday.
Sol. Hirsch came down from Marinette to spend Sunday at home.
Miss Maude Hearld was a Marinette visitor the first of the week.
Miss Cora Rode has returned from a visit with Marinette friends.
Miss Lela Thomas is enjoying a vacation with friends in St. Paul.
Miss Fannie Dixon of Green Bay is a guest of Miss Nora O'Connor.
William Duffy attended the assembly exercises at Marinette Sunday.
David Turner spend Sunday in Marinette at the Chautauqua assembly.
Miss Maggie Mathewson has been enjoying the week with friends in Gillett.
Ed. Millidge and Miss Lillian McClure were at the Chautauqua assembly Sunday.
Mrs. G.S. Elliott and Mrs. G.L. Baker went to Marinette and Menominee Saturday.
Miss Flossie Byrne of Ashland came last week for a visit with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Ward Wescott of Madison is a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Phelps.
Mrs. Patrick Carrol, returned from a brief visit with Marinette friends last Friday.
Mrs. Wm. Burnett is visiting her daughter, Mrs. R.N. Hawks at Elmwood, Ind.
Miss Loretta O'Keefe is visiting with friends in Marinette.
Leland Joannes of Green Bay is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I.S.P. Hoeffel.
Miss Helen Barlow of Nahma, Mich., who has been a guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Flanders, returned home yesterday.
Misses Agnes and Cora Welch of Marinette, who  have been guests of relatives in the city for a few days, returned home the first of the week.
Mrs. Jas. Cook and children, who have been guests of Mrs. W. C. Duncan for the last three weeks, returned to their home in Nahma, Mich., the latter part of last week.
A surprise party was tendered Mrs. Henry McFarlane last Saturday evening, at the home of Mrs. J. K. McFarlane, prior to her departure Monday to join her husband at Duluth.
Misses Jennie and Libbie Williams, who have been spending a short vacation at home, will go to Chicago tomorrow to study the latest styles preparatory to their fall millinery work.
Miss Hannah Clayton who has been a guest of her sister at Stevens Point for several weeks  returned  home Sunday, accompanied  by her sister,  Mrs. John Duval and two children.
Mrs. C. A. Best went to  Menominee, Mich., Saturday to have her eyes treated by Dr. Elwood. Mr. Best went up in the afternoon and together they attended a assembly at the evening session.
Miss Carrie Thiele went to Stephenson, Mich., Friday to assist in preparing statements from the books for use in adjusting the loss by fire in C. S. Hart's cedar yard last week. She returned Monday.
Miss Phelan  and brother George, accompanied by Mrs. Brewer and family of Marinette, who at present are her guests, and other friends from Oconto, drove to Oconto Falls last Saturday and report a very pleasant time and enjoyment of the scenery found along the river by Bagley Flats and Rapids.
Mrs. A McAllister and daughters, Irene and Mary attended the Chautauqua Chautauqua exercises at Marinette Sunday.
Siver Anderson of Mountain was in the city on business Tuesday.
J. W. Hume and family spent Sunday at the Marinette assembly.
Rev. Breitenbach left  Monday for a vacation to be spent at various points.  From here he went to Kiel and from there will go to St. Louis, Mo.
H. M. Hoyt of Minnesota Junction is assisting at the St. Paul station this week in place of William Zeitler, who  is in camp with his company at Camp Swanson.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ford spent Sunday with Mrs.  Ford's parents in  Shawano.
James Mulvaney completed Mr. Ford's express run Saturday evening and took it out of this city Monday morning.
W.K.Smith of the Oconto National Bank went to Milwaukee Tuesday morning to attend the bankers' convention there Tuesday and Wednesday.
W. K. Smith, H. J. Solway and P. A. Schedler went to Marinette Monday afternoon to enjoy the closing exercises at the assembly.
Cashier Chas. A. Best of the Citizens National Bank went to Milwaukee Tuesday afternoon to attend the bankers' convention and banquet.
Miss Mary I. McFadden is one of the conductors at a teachers' institute in Dodgeville, which began Monday.
Mesdames Nelligan and Mayberry visited Marinette  and the Chautauqua assembly Monday. 
T. A. Pamperin  spent Sunday  at  Kelly Lake.
The following relatives from out of the city were here Monday to attend the funeral of H. M. Royce: Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Royce, Mr. and: Mrs. Covell Royce of Escanaba, Michigan and Miss Adele Royce of Oberlin, Ohio. 
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Belongia entertained several couples of young married people at their home in Frenchtown last Sunday afternoon and evening.
Rev. and Mrs. Barrett were among the Chautauqua visitors at Marinette Monday.
J. H. Waggoner attended the Assembly at Marinette Monday.
Louis Riendeau of this city has received an increase in his pension to ten dollars per month.
John Goddard of Brookside was an Oconto visitor Tuesday afternoon.
Thomas Swan of Sturgeon Bay who is prominently mentioned for leader of our new band has been granted an increase of pension to sixteen dollars per month.
Editor Perry of the Gillett Times was in the city Wednesday on his way to the congressional convention at Green Bay.
Miss Mae Edmonds of Oconto Falls and Miss Jessie Brokaw of Appleton spent Sunday at the home of C. H. Thomas the guests of Miss Minerva Thomas.
Mrs. M. E. Bergman has arrived in the city from Escanaba where she has been employed in teaching shorthand and typewriting. She will organize a class here in the near future.
O. F. Trudell made a business trip to Green Bay Wednesday.
Rev. Macartney has had a new window placed in the north side of the parsonage which improves the lighting of the rooms. It had become necessary to make this improvement or sacrifice the beautiful growth of vines over the west porch.
Mrs. S. D. Pitchard and daughter of Oshkosh are the guests of friends in the city.
James Hines of Mountain was an Oconto visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. A. C. Smith accompanied her sister, Mrs. H. G. McFarlane, to her new home in West Duluth.
Jack Safford of Shawano was a guest of Jack Shaw Wednesday, while on his way to Iron Mountain, Mich.
J. B. Wensing of Little Suamico was in the city on business Wednesday.
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Hanson returned Tuesday from camping on the assembly grounds at Marinette.
Mrs. J. H. Elliott and Miss Gertrude Morrissey attended the Chautauqua assembly at Marinette last week.
Charles Vendt, who has been employed as cook for the Garth Lumber company, returned home Tuesday.
Charles Vendt visited relatives and friends in Little River Wednesday.
Photographer J. W. Wishka will go Green Bay next Monday  for a  few days' visit with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mies  of Chicago arrived in the city yesterday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Luckenbach.
Rev. J. R. Macartney will leave Monday for a few weeks' vacation. He will spend the first ten days at Winona Lake, Ind., and the remainder of his vacation with friends in Ohio and Pennsylvania. His brother Rev. E. L. Macartney, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Holt at Island Lodge returned here Wednesday and accompanied him east. 
Rev. Buteler and family attended the Chautauqua assembly at Marinette during part of his vacation.
H. D. Whitcomb of Abrams was in the city on business Wednesday.
Miss Tressie Davis went to West Superior Tuesday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. William Gonyou.
Aubray Egan of Manitowoc has been in the city the last two weeks the guest of Miss Grace Classon.
Dr. Ryan of Oconto Falls transacted business in the city Wednesday.
Jacob Spies has sold his fine residence on east Main street to P. W. McDonald and will soon remove his family to the  farm which now occupies much  of his time.
Miss  Bessie Harvey returned from Chase Wednesday and has resumed her duties in her brother's office.
G. W. Burnside of Oconto Falls transacted business in the city Wednesday.
P. H. Saylor of Green Bay is in the city and tonight will organize, at M. W. A. Hall, Oconto Council of the National Fraternal League, with forty-two members.
Miss Hildegard Belongia has been very ill this week.
George Fitzgerald came home from Oshkosh Wednesday evening.
Herman Meyer came home from Arbor Vitae Tuesday for a short visit with friends.
Dr.  D. E. Wilcox has been suffering with a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism for the last two weeks and is likely to be unable to attend to his work for several days.
Dr. Stoelting has moved into his new offices over Klass' jewelry store where he has a suite of very pleasant and convenient rooms nicely prepared for handling his large practice.
AI Vanderheyden returned to his business in Iron Mountain, Mich., last Saturday.
Will Vanderheyden was a Marinette visitor last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers, who were the guests of relatives and friends in the city, returned to their home in Milwaukee Tuesday.
Mrs. A. J. Ransom of Waukesha, with her little nephew Harry Nelson, came yesterday for a few weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. W. M. Comstock.
Frank  Vandewall came from  Iron River last Friday for a visit at home.
Mrs. Seymour Eggleston and children are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Eggleston.
August Graffstrom has returned from British Columbia where he has been looking over mining properties.
Mrs. R. B. Ellis and son Asher,  went to Oshkosh Wednesday where they were joined yesterday by Mr. Ellis, who is taking his annual vacation from his desk at the Citizens National Bank.
DeWitt Brown, manager of Hart's Cedar yards at Stephenson, Mich., was in the city Wednesday with the representatives of several insurance companies with whom the  stock of cedar which burned in Mr. Hart's yard at Stephenson the night of August 5 was insured. The loss has not yet been adjusted but Mr. Hart will suffer a loss of probably $15,000 after all insurance is paid.

Miss Rice and Miss Dora Halsted of Oconto Falls visited relatives here last week.
Mabel Burbey has returned home.
Eugene Fitzpatrick, county surveyor, who has been in town several days returned home Tuesday evening.
Dan  Ruelle and Steve Grimm came home from the woods Wednesday.

Misses Kate and May  Glonderman visited Green Bay friends this week.
G.  Alvord did business in Oconto Tuesday.
Miss Agnes Duffy visited friends here last week.
Miss May Scanlan returned home from Oconto last Saturday.
Mrs. E. Van Laanen did  business  in Oconto Falls Saturday.
Mrs. Mat Van Laanen of Oconto is visiting friends here.
Mrs. P. Devereaux visited Lena friends Saturday and Sunday.

The case State of Wisconsin vs. William Prahl was called before Justice George Rugg, of Little River, Tuesday. Defendant was charged with destroying the fences of P. Lenhart, convicted and fined one dollar and costs, amounting to twenty-four dollars. This was Justice Rugg's maiden case and he is said to have presided in a fair, impartial  and able manner.

Trip to the Soo
Ernst Watterich returned Monday from his week's vacation, which is spent on a lake trip to the "Soo" and a call at tho noted summer resort of Petoskey, Mich., and the beautiful island of Mackinac, with its white cliffs fringed with green. He speaks very highly of the pleasures of the trip and nights at the "Soo," with its great locks, mammoth water power and other attractions.

Successful Concert at Pound 
The concert for tlie benefit of the Catholic church Sunday evening, Aug. 10, was given by Miss Rita Paradis, assisted by Mrs. Martens and Mrs. Mineau, Dr. Paradis and her brother, Edgar Paradis. Miss Paradis rendered a Rondeau by Lack, No. 2. was the twelfth sonata by Mozart, No. 3. The Palms by Fore, No. 4, a choral Scherzo. This Scherzo was very highly appreciated and was heartily applauded. For an encore Miss Paradis gave Le Papillon, by Calixa La Valle. Dr. Paradis sang Le Jerusalem, by Fore and played with his son, rendering several instrumental selections. Mr. Edgar Paradis brilliantly rendered a polonaise on the violin, which evinced his musical genius.

The duets by Mrs. Martens and Mrs. Mineau were very cordially received. Mrs. Mineau was received with great enthusiasm and after singing the Holy City was given a decided ovation and was honored with numerous encores. The hall was filled to its utmost capacity with the elite of Coleman, Pound and Beaver. Rev. Pocbecha, the new pastor, may congratulate himself in having achieved so artistic and genuine success for the that social function of his new congregation.

St. Mark's Picnic
 Bostedt's boat will leave the city next Tuesday for St. Mark's picnic 10 a. m., round trip, 25 cents.

Oconto County Reporter
August 22, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

PERSONAL AND LOCAL - city of Oconto

Mrs. E. Van Laanen of Stiles was in the city Monday.
Robert Sharp went last Saturday for a visit to Chicago.
Peter Netzel of Lena was in the city on business Monday.
Miss Maud Herald is visiting friends in Green Bay this week. 
Miss Emma and Maggie Bolen visited  at Brookside Wednesday.
Miss Delia Flynn visited friends at Kelly Brook this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frewerd is visiting in Green Bay this week.
George Bond made a business trip to Gillett Wednesday afternoon.
I. Shafford of the Fair store was a Marinette visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. John Stewart and son of Oshkosh visited friends in the city this week.
Edward Bolan left Thursday for Milwaukee where he will be employed.
Mrs. N. Turner of Marinette spent Sunday with the family of D. Turner.
Miss Nettie Dutton returned Monday from a visit with friends in Abrams.
R.A. Miniely of Gillett called on friends in the city Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Mary Strack of Marinette visited relatives in the city Tuesday and Wednesday.
John Seymour went to Madison last Saturday where he will visit friends this week.
Miss Francis McGee who has been visiting in Marinette returned home last week.
George Murphy went to Madison last Saturday where he will visit for a week.
Miss Alice Belanger of Marinette is in the city a guest of David Turner
Mrs. D. Morin who has been visiting relatives in Menominee returned home last Saturday.
Miss Maggie Mathews  returned home last week from Gillett, where she had been visiting friends.
Miss Belle LeClair left Monday for a visit with her brother, Victor, who is attending college at Chicago.
The Misses Ellen and Emily McDonald, who have been visiting friends in Maple Valley returned home last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ellis and son Asher returned Monday evening from their week's visit with friends in Oshkosh.
Mrs. Ernst Hanstchal and Miss Ethel McFadden returned last Friday from a week's visit with friends in Marinette.
Miss Segrid Moberg, a trained nurse from Marinette, Wis., spent a few days at the house of Miss Margaret Mathewe.
Fred C. Forbes of Chicago was a guest at the home of his sister, Mrs. C. A. Best, from last Friday until Sunday evening.
D. G. Classon went to Kelly Lake Saturday to spend Sunday with his wife who is rusticating there for a few weeks.
Charles Cook closed another contract in Oconto Falls last week for the erection of a large residence for P. H. Sharp.
Miss Maggie Walsh returned the first of the week from an extended visit with her aunt, Mrs. John McCrea, in Green Bay.
Mrs. S. Spice and little daughter Ellinor, who has been visiti  her mother at Bear Creek, returned  home Tuesday.
Miss Stella Kennedy of Duluth, came last week for a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kennedy, of the south side.
Carl Schultz came up from Stephenson, Mich., Saturday evening to spend a day or two with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Schultz.
Mrs. George Sutherland and Mrs. W. H. Sweet and children visited Miss McNenney of this city. They returned to Iron Mountain, Mich., Tuesday.

Misses Myrtle and Julia Gilson, who have been visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs. Tim Bolen and family returned last Saturday to their home in Green Bay.

Mrs. R. G. Flanders left Tuesday morning for Chicago to join her husband who will be employed in the Chicago office of the Holt Lumber Company for a few months.

Ed Dutton of Abrams made a call on the Reporter Tuesday. Mr Dutton brought to the city with him a horse which he intends to place on the track fair time.

Mr. F. G. Ilsley a member of the senior class at Nashotah Theological Seminary who has charge of the mission at Shawano has been visiting Father Barrett this week, but leaves today.

The St. Mark's picnic at Bostedt's park Tuesday was well attended and much enjoyed by those present. The day was much warmer than many have been and in consequence the park better appreciated.

Mrs. Charles Lacey returned Monday evening from a visit with relatives in Green Bay and De Pere with her sister, Mrs. Hollihan of Mason City, Iowa, who had been her guest for a few days previous.

Mrs. G. H. Gallagher who has been ill for nearly two weeks at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Young with typhoid fever is reported as showing improved symptoms today.

Mrs. W. M. Comstock and Mrs. E.J. McCall are entertaining about forty of their friends at a thimble party at the home of the former this afternoon.

The ladies of St. Martha's guild, with a few other friends, tendered Mrs. Julia A. Babcock a surprise party of her daughter, Mrs. L.C. Harvey, Tuesday evening, and with an appropriate remembrance.

Mrs. C. C. Rice wife of Pound's enterprising merchant visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Russell this week.

William Zeither, who has been visiting his parents at Republic, Mich., returned today and resumed his duties at the St. Paul railway office.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hume went to Green Bay Wednesday to attend the wedding of Mrs. Hume's sister.
Mrs. L. M. Plouff from Foster City, who has been visiting Mrs. John Reed left for Brookside Thursday to visit her mother, Mrs.  Noel.

Mrs. Dr. Barnette and two sons of Ishpeming, Mich., and her sister, Mrs. G. Braydon and daughter of Ripon stopped over from a train here last Friday on their way to Ishpeming for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Eggleston. Mesdames Barnette and Braydon are cousins of Mr. Eggleston.

James Johnson made a business trip to Green Bay yesterday.
Mrs. A. M. Martineau and children went to Milwaukee yesterday morning for a two weeks' visit.

Miss Nellie Morrisey visited friends in Oconto Falls the first of the week.
Mrs. R. P. Smith and daughter Mabel of Oconto Falls, who have been visiting relatives and friends here returned home Tuesday.
Miss Florence Post visited relatives in Oconto Falls Wednesday.
Jacob Ullman arrived from Iowa this morning with a carload of draft horses and will return there Sunday night to secure another supply.
Miss Eva Morin, who has been visiting relatives and friends in Menominee returned home last week, accompanied by her cousin.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Barlament went to Menominee, Mich., last Sunday to be present at the marriage of Chief of Police English to Mr. Barlament's cousin, Miss May Liberty. They returned Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sol G. Pelkey are expected home tonight from their several weeks' visit to Canada.
Mrs. W. E. Wilcox and Mrs. L. S. Bailey went to Milwaukee yesterday for a visit with their sisters.
Mrs. John Barrett went today for a visit with her mother and sister at Jackson and Milwaukee.
Miss Jennie Wigley of Richland Center is a guest at the home of her aunt, Mrs. J. H. Waggoner.
Miss Julia Babcock will leave tomorrow morning for an extended visit with her daughters in Milwaukee and Waterloo.

R. L. Cooley came up from Milwaukee Wednesday evening to shake hands with old friends in the city. He will leave tomorrow for Crandon where he is to condnct a teachers institute for a week.

The Misses Iny and Leah Elliott, who have been visiting with Mrs. Cleveland at Green Bay for the past two weeks have returned home.

The Ladies' missionary meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. W. Calligan on Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock. Subject "Foreign Missions at Home".

J. J. Huebscher of Brookside is in the city today in the interest of his candidacy for county clerk.
Walter J. Davis of Brookside was in the city yesterday on business.
H. P. Altman of Chicago is in the city for a few weeks filling the position at the Holt Lumber Company's offiice, until recently held by P. W. Johnson.

(Note: Complete Obituary found at Newspaper Deaths 1902 )


  Little Eddie Beetin the five year old son of Edward Beetin was drowned in the river Monday afternoon. 
He was buried from St. Joseph's Church at two o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

Before Justice Reinhart, Joseph Brandel was arraigned Monday eveningr, charged with shooting prairie chickens out of seaaon, was convicted and fined $10 and costs, amounting to $14.16.

M. Funnelle was arrested same day, charged with hunting without a license, pleaded not guilty and trial was adjourned until tomorrow. 

Before Justice Jones Friday, Ferdinand Albion was found guilty of using abusive language, fined $1 and costs, amounting to $30. He appealed to circuit court and gave a bond of $100 for appearance.

Wednesday Wenzel Boehm was arraigned on complaint of Chairman Greene of Armstrong, charged with selling liquor on August 18, the town having voted against granting licence. Trial adjourned until 2 o'clock p. m. September 10.  Bail was furnished at that time.

Fred Ellman handed us this week an interesting relic of Oconto's earlier history in a copy of the Oconto Times of September 2, 1874, A. Reinhart editor and proprietor. Mr. Reinhart seems to have been unnecessarily alarmed over the condition of the country as witness the following editorial article:

"A correspondent of the St. Louis Republican relates an interview he had with a United States Senator (supposed to be Carpenter) threatening to pass a United States libel law, which would virtually destroy the freedom of the press. Continue the present men in power and in less than two years we will have re-enacted the old alien and sedition laws, passed during the presidency of the elder Adams, by the old Federalists."

Gold in the Black Hills country and the Beecher-Tilton scandal were among the sensations discussed, account of a sad accident to Charles Pahl still of this city, but then a boy of twelve, is given. It stated that one hand was badly shattered by the premature discharge of a gun while holding it over the muzzle and that while it might be possible to save the hand it would be useless.

The sale of the Fond du Lac county court house for $11 and the jail and county poor house with 183 acres of land for $2 on a judgement in United States court for Sheboygan and Fond du Lac bonds is also recorded.

Among the leading advertisers were Holt and Balcom, H. Thelle, Ford and MaGee, Pahl and Bader, Wm. Brunquest, T. Millidge and F. Delmer & Co.

John Hanson, the man who lost a pocketbook with $2,220 in it, arrived here today to visit at the home of R. A. Swanke. Mr. Hanson succeeded in stopping the payment of the notes and has already secured the money on them, which shuts off any possibility of the theives getting any money on them.
There were drafts amounting to $1,500 on the bank of India and $700 on the Bank of Hong Kong. He had the first and second of exchange on them and negotiated the second of exchange as soon after theft took place as possible. There was forty five dollars in money also, which of course, Mr. Hanson will not recover. He says the pocketbook was taken from him on the train and not at Chautauqua.

Mr. Hanson is a locomotive engineer in India. He is a great stamp collector and came over here to visit with Mr. Swanke, who is also a stamp collector. They both have very valuable collections and will make exchanges so as to make them more complete. Mr. Swanke has one of the finest collections in the country.

Announcement: I desire to announce my candidacy for the office of county clerk, subject to the action of the Republican county convention, and pledge myself, if favored with the nomination and election, to the careful and painstaking fulfillment of the duties of the office. J. JULIUS HUEBSCHER

The following is from a Rogers Park paper of  last Friday. The residence of Rev. P. Gavan Duffy, rector of St. Paul's church, 4364.N. Paulina street, was broken into Thursday afternoon and nearly all of Mrs. Duffy's belongings, including her best clothes, were taken. The thieves did not find the silverware, or did not care to tackle it. A reliable watchdog was found shut up in one of the upper rooms. Rogers Park has been comparatively immune from burglars, for some time, but it will be well to be constantly prepared for them. Duffy has had more than his share of' misfortune since coming here -  first with a badly dislocated ankle that laid him up for several months.

Judge Jones held two sbort seasons of county court during the last week.  On Saturday Christine Hanson of this city was examined and adjudged insane and committed to the northern hospital at Oshkosh.  Wednesday in the contest on the will of N. B. Mitchell an amicable arrangement was entered into and property assigned.

NOTICE:  My wife, Florance Whiting, having left me and having concluded to support herself and child without any aid from me, I hereby forbid any persons from trusting her on my account as I will not pay any debts contracted by her after this date. Dated Aug 12th 1902, Fred Whiting.

K. Hughes of Laona working with the engineers north of the Soo was in town Saturday.
Albert Zahn returned from a political tour in the eastern part of the county Saturday.  Albert appears happy. 
Chester and Iva Young of Gladstone Mich., are visiting friends and relatives in the vicinity.
Albert Gillett and wife of Peshtigo Brook are at present stopping at his father's farm near the village.
Miss Anna Pagenkopf is spending a week's vacation with her parents in Green Valley.

The co-partnership of Frisble & Smith wood workers has been dissolved. Mr Smith retaining his interest and taking that of Mr. Frisble. It is the intention of Mr. Frisble at once to commence the erection of a machine shop in which line the gentlemen is a pastmaster.

Mrs. H. Tripp of Faribault, Minn., is visiting her brother, R. Gillett.
W. C. Zuree did business at Mountain last week.
Miss Dora Henningson of Oakfield Wis., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. I. Isaacson this week.
Henry Johnson was fixing up his fences here this week.
Louis Hanquet of Oconto did political business in the village Sunday night.
Emil Greenthal of Pound was a Gillett visitor this week.
Eugene Fitzpatrick, county surveyor passed through the village Monday on his way to Mountain.
Alex Caldwell and wife of Suring attended the game Sunday.
Tony Mauer has accepted a position in Oconto and took charge Tuesday.
J. G. Anderson of Lakewood was in town recently.

Will Compeau of Patus, Wis., was in town Monday on business. He will leave for Marshfield next week.  
Miss Sarah Abley of Rozellville, Wis., is visiting friends here.    
Lea Sargent went to Crandon on business Tuesday.
Gitius Myres and Mr. Dabler of Stratford arrived here Tuesday to construct the boiler room for the new planing mill.

Laona is to have an Opera house. L. Sargent has engaged a scenery painter who is now busily at work painting a beautiful set of stage scenery consisting of five scenes, A. Peabody of Knowlton, Wis., the scenic artist, is doing the painting.

On Saturday, August 30th, there will be a grand ball and entertainment given by the Laona Home Talent Comic Comedy Club.
Will Miller, our mason, is laid up with a very lame arm.
B.G. Harper was visiting his family at Marshfield last week.

The Sunday evening concert given by the Laona Cornet Band was a complete success. We congratulate Adam Otting, the leader as well as the other musicians.

The dance at Watermens last Saturday was an enjoyable affair.
John Olson is at present constructing a new residence.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rice and Mr. and Mrs.John Hutsell rusticated at Silver  Lake last week.
We are sorry to announce the departure of Mr. and Mrs. Jocks who left us Monday.
Mr. Chapman has moved into his new dwelling place.
Jerry Houghs who is surveying for the railroad company, visited at his home last week.
Alex Lucas was a welcome caller in our burg last week.
Chas. McDonald is on the sick list.
Miss Daisy Smith has gone to Marshfield to attend the high school.
W. Grady of Gillett called on F. Warner Monday.
Frank Enders and O. Johnson called on friends here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Rice will leave Friday for Green Bay where Mrs. Rice will receive treatment from Dr. Minnehan. Before their return home, Mr. and Mrs Rice will visit at Manitowoc and Hilbert.

Chet Starks has moved out of the Zahringer house. Nick Starks will take possession. Mr. Starks has erected a fine dwelling house.

Miss Alice Lafferty leaves Friday for Milwaukee.
Mrs. J. Rice spent a few days  in Gillett this week.
Will and Hugh Traynor were at Crandon Tuesday.
M. J. Dickinson, S. Moore and C. H. Himley of Wabeno called on friends here Wednesday.
Miss Ivy Snow has gone to Antigo to visit.

Chas. Dowen and Chas. Johnson spent several days at Star Lake and other fishing resorts,taking a well earned vacation this week.

Miss Jennie Hoffmann of Marinette, who has been spending several weeks with her aunt, Mrs. Cole, at Mountain, paid a pleasant visit to her aunt, Mrs. Alex Davis, Sunday.

Geo. M. Breed spent several days at Shawano and Oshkosh this week. Mr. Breed hints at darts from cupid's quiver.
Chas. Lundquist and Miss Annie Carpenter participated in the harvest dance at Suring Friday evening.
The Ames string band discoursed magic to a festive gathering at Mountain Saturday.

Moses Brunette, with children, Gracie, Mable, Russel and Robbie, of Duck Creek, were the guests of the Douyettes a few days last week, during which time they took advantage of our bountiful crop of blackberries.

John Quandt commenced threshing Tuesday.

Mrs. Frank Hintz of Rib Lake and Mrs. Fred Zahn of Underhill were the guests of Mrs. Mich. Klawitter last Saturday. Mrs. Zahn is a sister of our townspeople, Mrs. J. Kebel and John, Louis and Ed. Quandt.

Ralph Douyette came down from Lac du Flambeau Saturday to spend a few days here with his parents. He returned Tuesday night. Mr. Douyette holds a responsible position as machinist with the Lac du Flambeau Lumber Co.

Dell Johnson and D. Davis spent a few days on Mr. Johnson's homestead at Lakewood. They were sucessful in bagging a fine lot of speckled beauties.

The Gillett Times states that Grotulueschen and Savage have sold three forties of land in this town. This piece of land is very good and favorably located and we trust is sold to actual settlers.

E. W. Buche, brewer of Cecil, waited on customers here Wednesday.

A birthday dance was given by Wm. Flynn Thursday evening which was well attended. We wish Mr. Flynn many happy recurrences of his natal day.

N.P. Johnson is already planning for a fine exhibit of fruit grown in his large orchard at the county fair this fall. We'll wager Nels will carry away some of the prize.

Miss May Burrows returned last Saturday from Chicago, where she had been for three months past.
Miss Lizzie Volk left Saturday for Shawano, where she will visit friends for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. A. Kelly and daughter, Ina, went to Oconto on Saturday where they remained with friends until Monday, when they departed on one of the Hart's steamboats for Petoskey, Mich., at which place they will visit their son and brother, W. A. Kelly, and other friends, for a week or so.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bunn and children and Mrs. J. K. Volk spent Sunday with the family of James Volk at Hickory.
Mrs. Frank Cootware, of Oconto, spent Sunday with her husband here.
Carl Johnson of Oshkosh, formerly an Oconto boy and now a student at the Normal school, was the guest of Charles McCune on Tuesday.
Antone Salchert of Chicago is in town enjoying his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Salchert.

C. D. Post, candidate for sheriff, and C. R. Bassett, candidate to succeed himself as register of deeds were in town Saturday evening for a few hours.

A. J. Caldwell came down from Suring Saturday evening and remained over Sunday with his wife and parents.
H. W. Bauman is now comfortably settled in his new residence on the street fronting the high school block.

Mrs. H. M. Lord left Saturday night for Oconto, and on Monday, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. B. Brophy, left for a visit of a couple of weeks with relatives and friends at Nahma, Mich.

Mrs. J.  W. Hall, of Oconto, was the guest of Mrs. L. S.Lord last Friday afternoon and evening.

An enjoyable dancing party was held in K. of P. hall Monday night, which was largely attended, and for which the Peerless Orchestra furnished a superior quality of music.

E. A. Edmonds attended a meeting of the Board of Regents of the State University at Milwaukee on Tuesday, and later transacted business in Chicago before returning.

W. H. McChesney has purchased four building lots from Joseph Voll and expects to erect a residence thereon next spring. The lots front the street in rear of the Lutheran church.

Miss Ida Slattery, of Eagle River, Wis., is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. David Caldwell.
Mrs. H. W. Gilkey, of Hayes, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. S. Lord.

L. S. Lord has been at Hickory most of the week superintending operations on the new residence which he is building at that place, and which he expects to occupy within six weeks.

P. H. Sharp has been absent all week attending the meeting of the State Pharmaceutical association.  During his absence the drug store has been successfully conducted by Drs. Ohswaldt, Arndt and Ryan.

H. W. Gilkey, of Hayes, has purchased the interest of L. S. Lord in the mercantile business of Lord & Lord Co., of this place and will enter into possession on September 1.

John Flatley has taken the contract to grade the streets around the block of which the new high school will be built and to fill in the continuation of Manufacturers street, and yesterday commenced the work with a crew of men.

The members of Rev. Evans' congregation, with many other friends, tendered Rev. and Mrs. Evans a suprise party last Friday evening. Rev. Evans is soon to sever his connection with this conference and take up his labors in Indiana.

Last Saturday night council No. 4 of the National Fraternal League was Instituted in Oconto Falls, the instituting officers being Supreme Councilor P. H. Saylor and Supreme Auditor W. J. Thomas of Green Bay. The following officers were installed:  Councilor - Levi Lane; Vice Councilor - A. E. Bostwick; Past Councilor-H. F. Ohswaldt; Secretary-D. C. Elliott; Treasurer-Charles Wach; Warden-W. A. Meyer; Outer Guard-O. D. Halstead; Trustees-George Salchert for 3 years, William Schrubbe for 2 years, and Samuel Keegan for one year.

Wm. Nadler and son Herman, of Bonduel, were in town Wednesday. They came for lumber.
Wm. Buchee of Cecil attended to his regular business in town Wednesday.

M. Ehlinger invested in a new threshing machine, with a self feeder and a blower. Mr. Ehlinger began threshing this week. The other machine is also in motion.

Bill Strip must be going to housekeeping. He has purchased the house which was owned by Fred Roppold, for $275.
Mr. and Mrs. Seering and part of family of Bonduel, visited relatives here Sunday.
Herman Yakel and Bill John enjoyed a fishing trip up north Saturday.
Mrs. Robt. Grignon of Pentoga, Mich., is visiting the Sommers family. She formerly lived here.
Miss Mina Saunders of Hickory is enjoying a week's visit with Miss Cora Raymond.
Mrs. Aug. Radloff is quite ill.
Messrs. Albert Baer and Peterman of Cecil, cattle buyers, were in town Tuesday.
The share in the threshing machine which John Hoeffs owned was sold to Levi Gillmore last week.
Alla Hankwitz visited her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. Kregel at Underhill this week.

L. C. Hanquet of Oconto and B. J. Gallagher of Oconto Falls were in town Tuesday and Wednesday electioneering. Both are working for county superintendent.

The dance given at John Lemrod's Saturday evening was largely attended.
John Lemrod purchased a horse from William Kruger.
Miss Emma Krumpos has returned home from Milwaukee from a brief visit.

Miss Etta Powell returned home last week after an extended visit at Crivitz with her cousin, Miss Ella Rymer.
Mrs. Will Kain and Miss Alice Thornton visited with friends at Green Bay Friday and Saturday.
Dan McDermid of Wausaukee has bought his old farm back again. The family moved down Tuesday.
Will Simpser drives down to Abrams quite often.
Joe Hubbard is home again.
C. Schnider made a flying trip to Abrams Tuesday.
Ernest Cleveland and Tommy Major are working at Abrams.
Bert Major is working at South Chase and has purchased a big line of crockery and glass ware.
Miss Alice Thornton of Pittsfield is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. Kain.


Antoine Gomber has finished a fine basement barn and has it painted in fine shape, also his other buildings.
Graham Young's house looks nice since it was painted.
Alex Young's house of solid brick has received it's finishing touches which will make it one of the best in the vicinity.

J. H. Marsh made a trip three weeks ago to Milwaukee in the interest of his ferry bridge. As there is so much inquiry, we may say that it was endorsed as all right by the bridge builders and  is now a matter of time to put it in it's proper place. As it cannot be used except in certain places, it  may  require some time but may be adopted in some place at any time.

Isaac Stephenson left this morning on his annual fishing trip to the headwaters of the Escanaba River. In the party are Henry Swart, Dr. Colter, and Grant and Watson Stephenson, of this city. S.M. Stephenson, Isaac Stephenson, Jr., Wm. Somerville and Adam Durand, of Menominee, George T. Barns  and Frank Mead, Escanaba, H. A. J. Upham and H.P. Myrick, Milwaukee, and E. A. Edmonds, Oconto Falls, and Fred Hutchinson, also of this city.

Mrs. Tuttle of Brookside is visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. Bitters.
The dance given in Schoenebeck's hall last Wednesday evening was well attended.
Mrs. E. R. Chesley of Ohio is visiting at the home of Chas. Chesley.
Peter Hubert moved his family to Green Bay this week.
Mrs. Joseph Skochpol and Miss Annie Teteak returned home from Kewaunee last Saturday.
Miss Hattie Granger of Chilton is visiting relatives here.
Miss Emily Schug, who has been visiting friends here for several weeks left for her home in Reedsville Tuesday.
Peter Lucus was relieved of his surplus cash by someone who entered his room while he was asleep Tuesday night.
C. W. Halsted started threshing Monday on the farm of Dr. Grant.

Mrs. John W. Runkel very pleasantly received about forty-five ladies on Tuesday and a like number on Wednesday afternoon. The house was beautifully decorated with ferns and golden glow and delicious refreshments were served. A guessing contest on the number of marbles in a jar Tuesday afternoon and word writing contest Wednesday afternoon served to enliven the occasion.

Dislocated Patella: 
Vie, the little daughter of Mr. and Mr. H. J. Germond who was visiting at the home of Hon. Henry Johnson at Suring, slipped on the floor last Saturday and dislocated her knee cap. She had suffered a similar accident.

Miss Mary Morton received a very pleasant surprise Thursday afternoon, when a number of her little friends called upon her. Each little girl wore a half moon of sweet peas the effect of which was very pretty. The house was nicely decorated with flowers, and the favors were little bouquets of sweet peas. An interesting part of the afternoon's entertainment was a guessing contest, Stella Koch being the recipient of the first prize, while Ethie Rusch received the consolation award.  Dainty refreshments were served, after which the little guests repaired to their respective homes, all agreeing that Miss Mary is a very entertaining little hostess. The guests present were the Misses Ada Keene, Louisa Rusch, Jennie Bloch, Sadie Tribel, Ethie Rusch, Carrie Keene, Ella Rusch and Stella Koch.

On Tuesday of this week, Mrs. W. D. Connor, of Birch Lake Cottage, delightfully entertained a number of ladies at five o'clock tea. The afternoon was enjoyably spent playing ping pong and listening to a goodly bit of music. A dainty repast was served-the table decorations being wood vines and nasturtiums-the place cards were of birch bark etched by the hostess. Every one had a most enjoyable time and vote Mrs. Connor a charming entertainer. Those present were Mrs. E. A. Antes, Mrs. J. Goodwin, Mrs. Horace Hale, Mrs. Theodore Jacobson, Mrs. W. Harkins, Mrs. Mark Kieffer, Mrs. H. D. Edwards, and Mrs. Frank Lackner.

Dr. Farmer, presiding elder, was here Thursday to attend the business meeting held at the M. E. church.
Mrs. J. I. Bovee returned home Saturday, having been away some time visiting.
Mrs. McKinley has been quite ill, but is able to be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. George Volk of Oconto Falls spent Sunday here.
Landlord Chatell is greatly improving his premises with a cement walk.
Mrs. O. F. Trudell, daughter and niece of Oconto, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Yeaton a few days the past week.
Ladies' Aid met at Mrs. Brown's Wednesday afternoon.
There was a social given at G. M.Wilson's Thursday evening, Aug. 21, for the benefit of M. E. church.

A surprise was given in honor of Miss Tillie Olsen's seventeenth birthday. Refreshments were served, and a fine time reported by all.
Miss Eva Crow of Milton is stopping at Sever Anderson's.
Pete Peterson and wife of Claywood are in town.
Misses Bahem and Frances McNeil visited at Oconto and Shawano this week.
Myrte Elkey and family of Stevens Point are visiting with Geo.Elkey's family.
Charles Thurman has accepted a position at Fond du Lac.
A. B. Carson, Geo. Case, the Misses Bohem and McNeil spent Sunday at Crooked Lake.
Chris Jorgensen is remodeling his home at the farm.
Mrs. Monahan of Chilton is visiting her daughter, Mrs. B. Goggins.
Miss Sadie Dunlap is home after a month's visit in North Dakota.
John Buckley's family have moved to Fond du Lac.
Wm. Parish is on the sick list.

C. A. Fortier of Florence has been elected to the position of superintendent and principal of Oconto schools for next year. Owing to the death of Mr. Phillips, whom the board had previously hired, it was necessary to make a new selection and at the meeting held this week the choice fell on Mr. Fortier who is said to be well equipped for  the position. He is unmarried, about 26 years of age and graduated from the State University in the class of 1898. For the last two years he has been principal of the Florence schools and previous to that time at Chippewa Falls. He is a son of Dr. Fortier, formerly of Menoninee but now of Florence. The city schools will begin next year's work a week from next Monday, Sept. 8.

Nick Gaffney left for Green Bay Tuesday where he will work in the R. R. shops.
Mrs. Brunette is on the sick list.
Date Weed and wife left Wednesday morning for Frost Junction to take charge of a railroad boarding house where Ted Thomas is foreman.
Mrs. C. C. Rice visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Russell, at Oconto the first of the week.
Call on C.C. Rice for your tailor made suits.

A prize was given for the most popular married lady at the Well's show Monday evening. The result was, Mrs. Charles Benkey, 1,500 votes, Mrs. W. Mincke, 400 votes, Mrs. Frank McAllister, 300 votes, and Mrs. W. Schoeder, 100 votes. The prize was a set of silver knives and forks and was won by Mrs. Charles Benkey.

Mrs. J. Whipple and daughter Eva are visiting at Niagara Falls this week.
Misses May Scanlan and Alice Ryan drove to Gillett last Thursday.
A. B. Gunderson is on the sick list for the past two weeks and is not expected to live.
G. Alvord is visiting his sister, Mrs. Seymore at Mountain this week.
Mrs. E. Van Laanen is visiting friends at Suamico this week.
Charles Jarvey left Wednesday for Green Bay to work for the Diamond Match Company.

Oconto County Reporter
August 29, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

Jacob Spies is making repairs and remodeling the house recently purchased of Fred Wright and expects to move into it sometime next week. P. W. McDonald will then take possession of Mr. Spies' present residence recently purchased by him and Rev. Barrett will move into the house now occupied by Mr. McDonald.

A. B. Gunderson head bookkeeper for the Anson  Eldred Company, at Stiles for the last three years, died at eight o'clock last Saturday evening, August 23, after an illness of about ten days with peritonitis. Mr. Gunderson was born in Pine Lake Wis., April 27, 1866 and leaves a mother, one sister and one brother, residents of Green Bay, at which place he was taken for burial Tuesday, under the auspice: of the I. O. O. F. of that city, of which order he was a member. He was also a member of the M. W. A. in which order he carried $3,000 insurance.

Mrs. Charles Cornelius, daughter of Mrs. Charles Lippert, died Wednesday morning of lung trouble after an illness  of about eight months. Deceased was born in Oconto, February 17, 1874. January 18,1898, she was married to Charles Cornelius and went to Menominee to live. This spring they moved to this city. She leaves to mourn her loss the husband, mother and one brother Joseph Lippert. The funeral will be held from St. Joseph's church at 9 o'clock tomorrow  morning. Her uncle Joseph Hertges of Aberdeen, S. D., arrived here this norning in response to a telegram.

The remains of the infant son of Mr.  and Mrs. Michael O'Herron, aged about three months, was brought to this city last Saturday for interment. The parents are well known here, as Mr. O’Herron was formerly cashier and operator at the St. Paul railroad office, and is now agent at Pembine.

Henry Dienberg resigned his position at the Northwestern station last week and has started a general commission business at his home, and now has a cold storage in course of erection.

 In the Case of Michael Fumelle before Justice Rienhart last Saturday in which he was charged with hunting without a license, it was shown that while he was carrying a gun at the time charged, it was not for the purpose of hunting and he was promptly acquitted and discharged.

Elsie Clark, sixteen years of age was committed to the Industrial School for Girls at Milwaukee Tuesday on the grounds of incorrigibility.

Charles Margell a resident of the town of Chase near Pulaski was arraigned before Justice Jones Wednesday charged with committing rape on the person of Julia Teshner a little past 14 years of age about six o'clock on the evening of the previous day while she was driving the cows home from pasture about eight rods distant from her home. The girl testified Margell ran after her from the place he was working across the road from her home, threw her down and committed the assault. He was bound over for the trial to the circuit court, and bonds fixed at $500, which were furnished.

J. H. Robinson had his left hand badly injured at Spies' mill about 10 o'clock his forenoon, by having it caught in a dog on the carriage in such a manner as to tear out the muscle controlling the thumb.

Mrs. W. K. Smith gave a porch party to about twenty ladies Wednesday afternoon in honor of Miss Delia McCallun of Marquette, Mich., who has been her guest for the last two weeks. Dainty refreshments were served on the pleasant porches of the Smith home and the afternoon was a thoroughly enjoyable one to those present.

A. E. Gauthier made the Reporter a pleasant call Monday while on his way home to Enterprise, Miss., after a week’s visit with his mother, Mrs. V. C. Gauthier, of Hayes. Mr. Gauthier is employed as head sawyer for the Brookpark Lumber Company of Minneapolis at Enterprise and is one of three white men employed at the mill. He likes the country and the southern people and thinks it a good place for skilled but very poor for common labor which comes in competition with cheap negro help. Mr. Gauthier says he often sees another Oconto boy, James Glenn, who is located at Quitman, Miss., twelve miles distant and is in charge of the woods work at that place.

DISLOCATED PATELLA: Vie, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Germond who was visiting at the home of Hon. Henry Johnson at Suring, slipped on the floor last Saturday and dislocated her knee cap. She had suffered a similar accident to the other knee a year previous, so knew how to proceed and at once replaced the cap herself. Mr. Germond went to Suring Wednesday and brought her home. While still unable to use the limb, she is getting  along nicely.

DELEGATE TO INDIANAPOLIS:  At the reunion of Spanish-American war veterans held in Fond du Lac yesterday J. P. Frank of this city was elected as one of the delegates to the National convention to be held in Indianapolis in October with Major W. M. Lee as alternate.
Miss Jennie Hoffmann of Marinette who has been spending several weeks with her grandparents and visiting ofhe relatives in this vicinity, left for home last Wednesday, she will visit a few days at Breed, Gillett and Oconto before returning home. In honor of her a bountiful dinner was served at her grandparents also in the afternoon. Ice cream and cake all of which were partaken of by Daniel Cole and family, Ernest Cole and family and Mrs. Lettie Hines Although the gathering was small they had a very pleasant time.

Mr. Buckley has sold his piano to Charles Olson of Gillett, who has taken possession.
Nels Nelson of Oconto has moved his family into the house formerly occupied by George Case, our depot agent.
Mrs. Amer of Breed and Mrs. Nora White of Logan were at Mountain a few days ago and made a very pleasant call on V. and Ernest Cole's families.
Mr. Scott and wife of Suring made a call at V. Cole's last Sunday.
John Yauntz of Suring is in this vicinity threshing for the farmers.

Mrs. J. Berzee, Mrs. W. Cooley and Master Ralph, spent Sunday with Mrs. L. J. Bowman.
The Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. P. Scotts, Friday, September 5th.
Mr. Wolf thinks he needs a cane. Why?   Because he is a grandpa!

Chas. Lundquist
stumped and seeded the lot with mixed lawn grass. District No. 3 is now a fine object lesson and residents of other districts.

Mrs. Chas. G. Peterson is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Dwight Pratt from Butte des Morts.
R. A. Miniely and B. J. Gallagher of Gillett made a brief call Wednesday looking over their political fences.
Jonas Hamberg of Mosling paid us a pleasant visit Wednesday.

Peter Lundquist made a business trip to Oconto and Oconto Falls Monday.
Miss Hulda Foelker of Gillett and Ingeborg Sorensen of Mosling paid a pleasant visit to Mrs. S. .E. Johnson Monday and Tuesday.
Frank Dowen, accompanied by his daughter Mayme and grand-daughter Nettie Wright, left Monday night for a sojourn in Michigan. They will in particular visit Mr. Dowen's old home and father at Kent City.
Miss Etta Griebeler, who for nearly a year has made Marinette her home came down Friday to visit her mother, Mrs. Alex Davis and her host of friends.
Martin Jeronick has a new photograph outfit and is now taking pictures. Mr Jeronick is an expert and we trust he will receive ample encouragement.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Glynn of Oconto came here Friday to spend a couple of days with the Dowens, which visit however, was cut short by a dispatch from Tomahawk, notifying Mr. Glynn of the death of a sister at that place.
The officers of school district No. 3 are putting forth every effort to make their school house one of the finest and most up to date in the northern part of Oconto County. G. W. Krueger has put the finishing touches to the foundation of the building. H. A. Stedwell and L. Buchman fenced the lot and 


In the account of the marriage of Miss Lingensjo in this correspondence last week, the number of guests present should have read 100 instead of 10.


Laurence Denee and son Herbert came up from Stratford Saturday.
The Laona Cornet  Band serenaded W. D. Connor at his summer home last Sunday.  He  was surprised to see the boys and girls and gave them a hearty welcome.
Mrs. Len Sargent and son Joe are visiting relatives at Stratford this week.     
Charles Norton of Oconto was up in these parts list week.
Mrs. Joe Denee and Mrs. Phil Burkart came up here Wednesday.
Dr. Elliott of Stratford located his office here and is ready to receive patients.
Will Millers hand is all right now and he is again putting mud on everything.
Mr. Perry, the general editor of the Gillett Times was seen mingling with some half-breeds Tuesday.
Harry Lord was an Oconto visitor Tuesday.
A. M. Royce and J. P. Frank were seen in our burg Monday posting bills for the fair.
Rev. Fr. Bourgemeyer was so unfortunate as to step on a spike the other day and as a result has a lame foot.
Miss Ida Slattery of Eagle River, Wis., who was visiting her aunt, Mrs. D. C. Caldwell, returned home Monday.
Station Agent R. G. Baughm has returned from his vacation and is again at work.
Rev. Evans visited friends in Appleton Monday.
Will Bateman surprised his cousin, Mrs. M. A. McCune and Mr. McCune Wednesday. He is employed in the government printing office at Washington, D. C., and is making a brief visit to his Wisconsin relatives and friends.
Carl Meyer returned last week from a week's visit with friends at Green Bay and Kaukauna.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gumber and Mr. and Mrs. Graham Young of the town of Gillett spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M. A. McCune.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Lord, who for the past two years have been residents of this village, are packing their household goods preparatory to removal to Hickory, at which place Mr. Lord has purchased a hardware store and where he is now having a residence erected.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Simonds left last night for Sault Ste. Marie to be gone for three or four days.
W. C. Mills and sister, Mrs. Hunter of Hickory, visited Mrs. L. S. Lord on Wednesday.
Max Starfield, the efficient head clerk in A. Lipshitz's savings bank store, has tendered his resignation, to take effect Saturday.
T. F.Reynolds' new residence building is up and enclosed and is ready for the masons to lay the outer brick wall.
Joseph Hamilton, Jr., of Kaukauna, spent Sunday and Monday in town with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Sharp returned last Friday night from Milwaukee, where they had been in attendance at the State Pharmaceutical Association. They enjoyed the trip greatly.


Mrs. Jacquith was called to Tomahawk last week by the sudden death of her sister, Mrs. Etta Wooley.
Will Gordon is making some quite noticeable improvements about his house.
John Chatell has had a fine cement walk laid in front of his hotel building. Frank Morrison did the work of laying the walk.
Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Hanson were both quite ill last week but we are glad to note their convalescence at this date.
Mr. Evans of Green Bay, spoke at the M. E. Church last Sunday night on the subject of "Temperance." He is working in the interest of the "Prohibition Alliance."
E. J. Johnson left last week for Nebraska,
Arthur Whitcomb, Gilbert Moody and Mr. Murphy have gone to Oshkosh to attend the (Normal school.
James Gray has purchased the house and lot east of the one previously owned by him, of L. C. DeLano.
Mrs. Campbell of Green Bay has been visiting her sister, Lizzie Whitney the past week.
The ladies of the R. N. A. had a sewing bee at Fred Fisher's Friday.
The Ladies' Aid met at Mary Shultz's this week.
The Junior Aid, christened the Happy Nine, met with Harriet Morrison this week.
M. F. Whitney is clerking for G. W. Sargent.
Little Margaret Birmingham has been quite ill.
Mrs. Edith McKeever is visiting relatives here.
The Misses Hazel and Lorena DeLano of Manitowoc, are visiting at L. C. DeLano's.


James Hines of Mountain was in the village Wednesday.
M. Frisby has sold his interest in the pail factory to Mr. Smith his partner who will continue the business alone. Mr. Frisby is on part of the the land formerly owned by the firm, and with a well equipped shop and  Mr. Frisby’s  experience, Gillett will have a machine shop to be proud of.
Albert ZahnRobert Miniely, Dr. Pinch and Editor Perry attended the love feast at Oconto Falls Tuesday.
Frank Foelker is  threshing  at the Oconto Company's farm. Frank is doing a land office business this season with his threshing machine.
Attorney Crawford and Constable Zahn drove to Pulcifer and Green Valley Monday on legal business.
Chas. Peterson an old salt who served on the Merrimac in the days of the war was in the village Wednesday. Mr. Peterson lives on a farm near Breed and like other adventurous men of those days tells great war stories.
Angus McAllister of Oconto was in the village Monday.
Joe  Laev of Milwaukee was in the village Monday.
Frank Heath and Attorney Gill, both of Oconto, were in the village Monday.  Mr. Heath is  a candidate for county superintendent of schools and Mr. Gill is after the office of district attorney which he now holds.

PERSONAL AND LOCAL: (City of Oconto)

Miss Mary LaComb made a visit to Peshtigo friends this week.
Mrs. A. S. Paull and Mrs. Louis J. Lefebvre made a trip to Lena and a short visit with Mrs. W.  A. Kalk Monday.
Mrs. A.  S. Paull of Chicago arrived here last Saturday for a week’s visit with her sister, Mrs. Antoine Sharrow.
Mrs. Joseph Martin of Escanaba, Mich. came Wednesday for a visit with her aunt, Mrs. Antoine Sharrow.
Dr. Atwood has laid cement walks in front of his residence which is nearly completed and also a walk leading from the street to the barn.
A telegraph was received here this afternoon by Mrs. J.W. Runkel stating that her brother Henry Dillon was dying in the hospital at Ely, Minn.
Mrs. W.F. Westfall who has been ill this week, is now much improved.
Miss Amanda Bluteau is making weekly trips to Green bay for the purpose of receiving instruction of pipe organ, mandolin and guitar.
Mrs. S. G. Elliott and Mrs. E.  J. Ford went to Shawano Wednesday for a few days visit at the home of the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dodge.
Mrs. H.M. Barlament went to Oconto Falls Wednesday for a visit with friends.
J. Sylvester and daughter made a visit to North Branch Wednesday.
Victor O’Kelliher has begun the practice of law and is at present domiciled in the office with F. X. Morrow.
J.J. Gill made a business trip to Green Bay Monday.
Mrs. F.W. Heath, who has been quite sick for some days is now convalescent.
Mrs. W.A. Kalk of Lena made a brief call on friends in the city Monday.
Mrs. F. J. Fisher has returned home from a week’s visit with friends at Appleton.
George Bond and E. J. McCall made trip through Pensaukee Tuesday to advertise the coming county fair.
Mrs. A.M. Dill stopped over here a few hours Monday on her way from Iron Mountain to her old home in Illinois.
Michael Exferd one of the oldest settlers of the town of Stiles was in the city Saturday and made a pleasant call on the  Reporter.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whitney moved Monday from the Spies house on East Main Street to one of the flats in the M. W. A. building.
Joseph Jarvey of Stiles was in and city on business last Saturday. He had just finished two and a half months' work for the Holt Lumber Company.
Miss Nettie Comstock, who has been the guest of her brother, W. M. Comstock and niece, returned to her home at Ithaca, Mich., Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Mattie Lacey went to Green Bay last Saturday for a week’s visit with friends. Miss Elsie Burke is filling Miss Lacey's place at the telephone exchange during her absence.
A. M. Martineau, manager of the . Goodrich and Martineau Company, went to Chicago Wednesday to purchase a large stock of goods for filling up their new quarters, which will be soon be ready for occupancy.
Frank Olshefski and William Hartwig of Spruce were in the city drawing the necessary papers for the transfer of the Bertha Hartwig hotel and saloon property in Spruce, to Mr. Olshefski, who will take possession at once.
Mrs. Julia A. Babcock left Monday morning for a six weeks' visit with her daughters in Milwaukee and Waterloo. Her little grandson, Harold Hanson, who had been visiting friends here accompanied her to his home in Milwaukee.
W. W. McCollough of the Connor Land and Lumber company of Laona was in the city home from Milwaukee, where he had been to employ men for work on their new railroad. He reports men very hard to get even at large wages.
John VanBoven returned home  Saturday from a two months stay at Marinette and Menominee, where he went with a badly sprained ankle.   He is much better but the ligaments were so badly torn as to make it probable the ankle will be weak for some time.
Asa M. Royce and Secretary Julius Frank made a trip through several towns the first part of the week advertising  the fair to be held next week. They report much interest manifest everywhere in the amusement and musical attractions and also in the making of good exhibits.
Miss Tillie Davis is enjoying a very pleasant visit with friends at Brookside.
William Rosenfeldt has built a new sidewalk along the west side of his residence lot.
Herman Pecor of Peshtigo was an Oconto caller Monday.
Judge Jones will go to Milwaukee tomorrow and remain until Monday to consult his physician there. He is constantly improving but not so rapidly as he would like.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Morrow returned Monday from a six weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Canada and Massachusetts.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kadlec of Spruce visited at the homes of Mr. Kadlec's uncle and aunt, Adam Tisher and Mrs. Joseph Housner, this week.
Rev. John Barrett went to Milwaukee Wednesday and will return tomorrow.
I. S. P. Hoeffel spent Sunday and Monday with friends in Green Bay.
Allan Classon made a trip to Iron Mountain the first part of the week on legal business.
Mrs. E. J. Ford was a guest of Mrs. M. A. McCune at Oconto Falls Wednesday.
Mrs. Francis Urwan visited her son Geo. at Oconto Falls the first of the week.
Frank Housner returned Monday from a visit at the Kewaunee street fair.
Register of Deeds Bassett and family went to Brookside today for a little vacation and a week's visit with relatives.
J. C. Barney of Brookside transacted business in the city today.
George Scofield went to Superior Monday night.
Miss Jessie M. Pelton, who has been the guest of her cousins, Mrs. H. J. Germond and J. G. Campbell went to Racine yesterday for a visit after which she will return to her home in Madison.
Miss Clara Levitt of Milwaukee arrived in the city Wednesday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. I. Shaford.
Miss Flossie Byrne, who has been visiting friends here the past two weeks returned to her home in Ashland last Saturday.
Miss Frances McGee, who has been visiting relatives and friends in Peshtigo returned home Saturday.
F. J. Steffick of Spruce was in the city Wednesday, while on his way to Oshkosh where he is attending the normal. The Reporter acknowledges pleasant call.


Quite a number of our young people took in the dance at Mountain last Saturday evening. Jesse Scott and wife furnished the music.
Mrs. Alex Caldwell and little son returned to Oconto Falls last Saturday. Mr. Caldwell accompanied them and spent Sunday with his parents.
Mrs. Jas. Allan is visiting her mother at Keshena.
Dave Carrie of Hickory transacted business here one day last week.
The work on August Giese's house is being pushed very rapidly and when completed will be a fine one.
Serier Bros. are having an ice house built.
Jas. Brennan of Oconto, with a crew of men are camped near here, clearing out the river.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith entertained Hickory friends one day last week.
Soren Peterson of Maple Valley did business in town on Wednesday.
Mrs. S. Greely visited relatives at Breed recently.
E. Crosse from Peshtigo Brook was in town Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hanson of Maple Valley were shopping in town Tuesday.
The work on John Dieck’s new hardware store is progressing finely. When the store is completed it will be a credit to the town.
Dr. Boetcher has a fine new carriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zingler spent Sunday with Mrs. Zingler 's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Thompson.
Mrs. Will Gamble of Shawano is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bert Webster.
F. Cheffing of Hickory was in town on Saturday.


Miss Alice Lafferty visited her sister Mrs. Charles Benkey last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Van Laanen drove to Suamico Sunday.
Miss Deal Scanlan visited friends at Oconto Falls last week.
Miss Eva Whipple returned to Oshkosh Wednesday to attend the Normal.
G. E. Alvord, of Stiles, will return to Valparaiso, Indiana, the 13th of this month to take the Commercial and Photographic courses. The date on which he will return is uncertain, so he bids all his friends a kind farewell.


Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Kuhn were the guest of the latter's parents Sunday.
Elner Hansen accompanied by his sister May, from Fontenoy visited with J. Knudsen's last week.
Miss Plantz has returned to her home in Cashton, after spending the summer at her uncle's, A. Plantz.
Misses Clara and Ida Krouse are visiting relatives in Wausaukee.
Miss Havey Knudsen is spending her vacation at home.
Emery and George Elliot have returned home after pulling in a long month at Brownsville.
Miss Louise Heinaman is home from Chicago.
Miss Carrie Krouse is once more in our midst.
Walter Harvey is home to superintend the management of the threshing machine, assisted by Ben Horsch and Pat Kiley.
The Misses Silas are home for the annual harvest dances.
Mrs. Welderman and daughter from Fond du Lac are guests of Fred Regal.
Lawyer Minnahan of Green Bay did business here the past week.
Richard Krouse Esq., of Sobieski may be seen on our streets quite often, rain or shine. What can be the attraction?
J. Knudsen is making preparations for an extended trip west in two weeks, in search of a new locality.


Charley Cleveland visited friends here last week.
The dance given at L. R. Birr's last Friday night was well attended. All report a good time.
Herb Rymer has purchased a blower for his threshing machine and it proves a grand success.
The show given in L. R. Birr's hall by Frank Cole were well attended.
Miss Alice Thornton returned to her home in Pittsfield last Monday after an extended visit here.
Service was held in L. R. Birr's hall last Sunday evening.
Miss Murphy attended the dance Friday night and called on friends here.
M. Powell made a  flying trip to the Ranch at Crivitz.
John Rymer of Ranch Lake visited with friends here a few days last week.
H. McDermid is hauling lumber from Stiles.
Thomas Major is on the sick list.
Tona Hearteau is staying home this summer.


George LeValley left for Nahma, Mich., Saturday where he be employed in the lumber woods this coming winter.
Os. Hodgins and Dewitt Reed left for Fargo, North Dakota, Friday.
Miss Deal Flynn has returned home after a two weeks visit with friends at Kelley Brook and Amanda.
Art McArthy of Gillett, visited our berg Thursday and Friday.
Dave Morton was seen on our street Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LeValley of Niagara, are stopping for the present with E. LeValley, Sr., of this place.
Edmund Tessier has returned from a six week’s sojourn in Canada.
Joe. Tessier and wife of Oconto visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Tessier of this place Sunday.
Ed. Callard Jr. and Warren Hodgins went to Stiles Thursday.
Frank Bartlett and Art LaValley attended the ball game at Oconto Falls Sunday.
Our school will be in session Monday, September 1, with Miss Elizabeth Thomas as teacher.
James Pecor of Marinette called on friends in the western part of the town Friday.


The Pensaukee Ladies’ Aid met at Mrs. Eular's last Thursday.
Frank Gould and D. Cool are working at Little Suamico.       
Mr. and Mrs. A. Beaucock of Escanaba are visiting with Mrs. Beaucock’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cool.
Jim Barney is pressing hay in this vicinity this week.
Mrs. Talmadge and daughter, Mrs. H. Neil of Oconto visited with Mrs. A. Christian, part of Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Peterson of Brookside spent Sunday with Mrs. A. Christian.

Oconto County Reporter
September 5, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

The Democratic county delegates to elect delegates to the state and congressional conventions was held at the court house Monday afternoon.  Chairman Badour called the convention to order and John Noonan of this city was elected chairman and Matt Finnegan of Gillett, secretary. P. A. Badour, L. J. Newald, J. B. Wensing, A. B. Pelkey and W. E. Flatley were appointed committee in credentials, J. O. W. Lacourciere, city, Dr. W. F. Betcher, Suring and J. M. Melchoir, Gillett, commlttee on resolutions and Francis Doyle, Herman Yakel and John Anderson, committee on permanent organization. The committee on credentials found all towns in the county represented except four, Armstrong, Chase, Pensaukee and Spruce.

Capt. O. W. Bloch

(Note: Complete Obituary found at
Newspaper Deaths 1902 )

Capt. O. W. Bloch
, our efficient county clerk, died at his home in this city at seven o'clock Monday evening, September 1, after having been ill the greater part of the last two years and for between seven and eight months not out of the house.

January 8, 1868, Mr. Bloch united in marriage with Miss Kate M. Siereth of Chicago and to them eleven children were born, seven of whom, and the widow, survive him namely, Walter, Lincoln, Bernard, Almeda, Jennie and Mrs. J. O. W. Lacourciere

The funeral was held from the house at ten o'clock yesterday morning, Rev. Richardson officiating. The remains were escorted to their last resting place in Evergreen cemetery by  E. A. Ramsey, Post, G. A. R., of which deceased was a member, and company M. and the Spanish war veterans, where the G. A. R. burial service was performed by the post, and company salute fired.

Among those who followed his remains to the grave was John Beth, of Green Bay, who is now the only surviving member of Company F.

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Hall and son Garrard returned last Friday evening from Milwaukee where Mr. Hall attended the postmasters' convention. While there Mr. Hall took up the matter of another mail each way for Oconto and from communications since received he has hopes that the new service will be inaugurated next week. If granted it will be a pouch mail from Green Bay for points south thereof and will leave her on the ten o'clock train south and be received on the four o'clock train north.

All pupils desiring to take lessons this year must register at the studio Saturday, Sep. 5, 4 to 6 p.m.  Yours truly, Mamie A. Turner.


FIRE  THIS AFTERNOON:  About two o'clock fire was discovered issuing from the roof of the house on Main Street occupied by Frank Rens and owned by Mrs. Ferdinand Armstrong, of Beaver. The alarm was first turned in from box 28 instead of number 25, which caused the fire company to go out of its way and with a few moments delay but it soon had two streams playing on the fire and soon obtained control of the flames. Considering the slight delay and the brisk wind that was blowing the department did excellent work. There is no clue to the origin of the blaze as Mrs. Rens was at the fair ground and there had been no fire in the house since morning and no stove in the main part of the house, where the fire started, since spring. The roof and ceiling upstairs are practically all destroyed and the interior below badly damaged by water. Most of the contents downstairs were removed but those upstairs nearly a total loss insurance.  insurance of $900 was carried in the Wilcox and Royce and Frank agencies.

Joseph Forvilly, 30 years old, held a posse of officers and citizens at bay all night. Forvilly suddenly went insane and, retiring to his father's barn, defied the family or officers to take him. Three times he set fire to the barn because they tried to take him and the barn was partially destroyed. The officers finally charged on the maniac and after getting the handcuffs on him he broke away and was shot by Officer Zimmerman of Peshtigo. The shock of the bullet wound seems to have made him perfectly rational and all traces of insanity have apparently vanished.

Our school is now in session under the auspices of Bernard Mulvany, of Oconto, in the higher department and Miss Mary Beck from the Oshkosh Normal, in the primary department.

A circumstance of accidental shooting occurred near Mountain a few days ago. James Johnson and William McAllen were out on a sporting recreation, and while out they saw a squirrel in a tree and in endeavoring to shoot it the ball hit a limb and glanced off and fell striking James on the shoulder producing a skin wound but has not resulted in anything very serious as yet.

Ernst Cole is preparing to build a new house this fall. He is getting timbers ready for the foundation.
John Rasmussen has built a new house this summer near Harry Baldwin's and has moved into it.
A. C. Frost since going to Florida has gone into the mercantile business.
Henry Kruger has bought forty acres of land near C. C. Cole and will build a house and move his family in the near future.
Mrs. Abe Collins and Mrs. Henry Kruger made V. Cole's family a very pleasant call last Monday.

The dance at Corbett's hall was well attended.
C. C. Rice is painting his new store building.
Miss Ollie Dwyer of Powers,  Mich., is visiting her parents.
W. Squires went to Channing, Mich., last week.
Mr. Ballard of Menominee has opened a meat market here. He has a good supply of fresh and salt meats and conducts his business in a very creditable manner. Pound people should give him their patronage.
Mr. Herman Heisel of Pound attended the German Baptist Convention at Milwaukee. He was a delegate of the German Baptist church of this place.

Albert Zahn attended the fair Wednesday.
Edward Stross of Marshfield, Wis., was in the village Wednesday.
When Hotel Roddant is finished it will be the finest hotel building in the county, and as the village is greatly in need of a good hotel, they no doubt will do a thriving business.
Alex Caldwell, also Miss Ida Groninger, both of Suring passed through the village on their way to the county fair.
Herman Berndt Jr., who has been conducting his father's bath house at Michigan City, returned home on Friday last and reports cold weather along the lake.
Atty. Crawford and Herman Berndt attended the county fair Thursday.
Miss Olive Watts, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Dr. Pinch returned to her home in Green Bay on Wednesday last.

District No. 2 is having a fine brick school built 36x40. They have completed the foundation which is of stone and will cost upward of $500. There are 135 barrels of lime in the stone wall furnished by Henry MaGee.

Chas. Watterman had a serious accident while working as mason on the new school house. He fell 18 feet upon a pile of stones and knocked his front teeth out.

Mrs. A. Willett was seen on our streets this week.
Will Lembke has bought his brother John's farm at Seymour and will move soon.  
Dr. Guyett was seen on our streets last week.
While knot sawing at Bolle mill at Coleman, Will Hooper had his left thumb cut quite badly.
Mrs. Meno is a weekly caller at Oconto as long as berries last.

F. Heath of Oconto was in town recently.
J. Kaufman made a flying trip to Oconto the first of the week.
S. F. Greely who has been employed at Lakewood is again at home.
Dr. Betcher, H. Smith, Geo. Elliott, W. Fredenberg and Chas. Elliott drove to Oconto Tuesday to witness the ball game.
Mrs. Harry Serier is visiting relatives at Sheboygan.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaufman are contemplating to attend the state fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Barston of Hickory spent Wednesday at Miller Elliott's.
Mrs. B. Webster is visiting her brother at Pulcifer.
Mr. Hasley is having his lots graded and some other improvements made.
Miss Wyman of Oshkosh visited Mrs. C. Serier the first of the week.

Mesdames Hinsey of Iowa and Warner of Racine, who spent Sunday with Isabel and Pettys, returned home Monday, Grandma Gould accompanying them.
Algo and Sadie Bunday have gone to Spalding to stay with their sister, Mrs. Tripp.
Mr. and Mrs. Erdman, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. F. Erdman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Erdman,  Mr. and Mrs. Straes and Louie Erdman spent Sunday with Mrs. Lohoff, their sister at Escanaba.
Mrs. Partlow spent Sunday in Escanaba.

Miss Emma Armstrong returned Saturday from a week's visit with her parents at Seymour.
Mrs. Barney Campbell of Green Bay, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. D. Ryan, left on Sunday for her home.
Miss Alma Kelly returned to Milwaukee after a two months' visit with her mother, Mrs. A. Kelly.
Miss Carrie Hurley returned Saturday from a three weeks' visit with friends at Cedarburg and Milwaukee, and is again at her accustomed duties in The Herald office.

Mr. Al Pecor of Oconto is the guest of relatives and friends at this place this week.
Miss Anna Le Valley has left for a visit at Oconto and Marinette.

PERSONAL AND LOCAL - city of Oconto
Hon. Henry Johnson of Suring is in the city this week in attendance to the fair.
Miss Gertrude Morrissey went to Green Monday to attend  Business College.
Charles and Samuel Couvillion of Timme are spending the week in the city and taking in the sights at the fair.
Frank Stackpole of Suring was in the city on business this week and attended the fair.
Editor Perry of the Gillett Times is a fair visitor this week.
Theo. Christenson of Maple Valley is ending the fair this week.
L. C. Delano, one of Abrams  successful merchants, with his wife, is in the city in attendance at the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wall spent Sunday in Oconto Falls.
Miss Emma Wall of Oconto Falls is the guest of friends in the city and in attendance at the county fair.
Miss Louise Morrow went yesterday  for a two months' visit with friends in Chicago.
Frank Forbes of Marinette attended the fair Wednesday.
G. Rabes of Lena was the guest of J. W. Wishka over Sunday.
J. W. Wishka made a two days' trip through the country last week, calling at Stiles, Brookside, Oconto Falls, Lena and Spruce.
J. N. Wishka of Spruce was in the city Monday, the guest of his brother J. W. Wishka.
Dr. D. J. Ryan of Oconto Falls transacted business in the city Monday.
Miss Lura Heath went to Stiles to commence her school Tuesday.
Miss Grace Allen of Little Suamico is spending the week in the city the guest of Miss Essie O'Connor.
Ed Brohn of Peshtigo is the guest of friends in the city and is viewing the fair attractions.
Arthur Cleveland of Chase is in the city, during the fair assisting as one of the clerks in the secretary's office.
Claud Menkee of Oconto's new band, will be here Monday and will open up a music store in the room recently vacated by Soyer's restaurant in the Hart-Smith block.
George Urwan came home from Oconto Falls where he is employed in Lord and Lord Co's. store, to take in the fair and visit friends in the city.
W. B. Elliott, who has been employed for many  years as janitor at the court moved his family to Oconto Falls, where they will make it their home.
Miss Laura Spice of Little River was in town the first of the week.
Mayor Spies has moved from his former  residence to the house recently purchased of Fred Wright and which has been greatly improved.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Larson were callers in Green Valley Sunday.
C. A. Jorgenson was transacting business in Oconto Tuesday.
Andrew Larson Jr. left for Springfield, Ill., Monday, where he will attend college.
John Leubke, J. D. Larson and C. A. Jorgenson spent a few days up at Waupee fishing. They report a good time but not many fish.
Jesse Cox is on the sick list.
We are glad to see Robert Hintz back to our berg.
A. Larson is erecting his basement for his new barn, which will be a fine one.
R. Hintz is hauling lumber from the Hall mill.
Miss Olga Bubolz and sister Julia went to Wittenberg Saturday.
Miss Alma Weber has returned home from Seymour.
Miss Josie Pfeffer is visiting friends near Cecil.
Otto Bubolz returned home from Cecil last week, where he has been employed on a farm.
Rob Hintz and family moved to Hintz last week. Mr. Hintz has been farming this summer.
Roger Brooks is clerking at Mosling. He was employed in Holls store last winter. (note: Owner Edward Holl)
Louis Rusch made a business trip to Pulcifer last Friday.

Mr. Lawrence Volk left last Saturday morning for his home in Oconto Falls and  returned Saturday night to the Ranch.
Misses Dilia and Stella Hamilton visited friends in Ellis, Saturday.
Miss Dilia Hamilton's school started Tuesday.
Lawrence Volk called on Mrs.  Hamilton Friday evening.
Claud Volk and George McClure made a flying trip to Ellis Monday.
It was a mistake in the Sampson news last week, M. Powell did not visit friends in Crivitz, just at Ranch Lake.
Mrs. Fraker and children called on Mrs. Hamilton Monday.

Bedore and Wedgwood are doing good work with their new machine.
Mrs. Jim Purcell is speaking about returning to her home in Madison next Monday.
G. A. Grosse Jr., is building a new barn.
Jim Regan is tending bar for G. A Grosse.
Louis Brats lost a horse Thursday.
One night this week a couple of apple thieves shot Alex Zoeller's dog.
Miss Ellen Foster has the promise of a school at South Chase.
Wm. Gokey is having his house raised.
Fred Foster is suffering with one of his arms which was badly hurt last Wednesday at Zoeller's.

Mrs. G. M. Dillon of Peshtigo is visiting at J. H. Marshes. Her little girl, 6 months old is very sick and they telephoned for Mr. Dillon to come at once.
F. Reed, D. Hodgins and O. S. Sie and some more men from Seymour have gone to Dakota to work in threshing.

The Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Livermore next Thursday, Sept. 11.
Mary North, who has spent the summer here has returned to her home in Chicago.
Mr. Larson gave a dance in his new barn last Saturday night.
Lova Cool of Menominee spent Sunday here.

Mrs. J. E. Friess and children, Jennie and Irv of Saukville visited friends here last week.
Miss Kate Glouderman left Monday for Powers, Mich., and will remain there for some time.
Miss Bridget Kehoe of Kelley Brook visited friends here last week.
Mrs. E. VanLaanen visited at Underhill a few days this week.
Mrs. Theodore Stern is visiting at Milwaukee.
Mrs. J. Brennan did business in Lena Saturday.
A. Whipple spent a few days home last week.
Dell Alvord returned home from Valparaiso Saturday and went to Gillett Saturday evening.
Mr. Mat Van Lannen returned home to Oconto Monday.
Gerrod Phelan left last Saturday for Valparaiso, Ind. to attend college.
Miss Dora Bidwell of Greenwood visited friends here last week.
A horse belonging to Mr. Wheelock was killed by a freight train Saturday morning.
Guy McGuire, fireman on the C. M. and St. P. Railway spent a few days here last week.
Miss Nora Olson returned to her house in School Section Sunday evening.

Oconto County Reporter
SEPT 26, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

MAJOR LEE received a message yesterday from Julius P. Frank who was a delegate to the National Association of Spanish -American War Veterans that the former had been elected by the association, National chief of Artillery.

Postmaster Hall has received notice that rural route number 2 will be put in operation November 1. He has not as yet been officially advised as to who will be carrier.

At a meeting of the Oconto Bar Association held in the office of O. F. Trudell, the following resolutions were adopted.
Resolved.  That in the death of Henry L. Buxton his profession has lost a faithful, able and courteous member and his friends a kind companion. Resolved, That we extend our heartfelt sympathy to his grief stricken family and, Resolved, That the secretary be requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to the family of Mr. Henry L. Buxton.
J. F. Trudell, Pres., J. O'Keliher, Sec., James J. Gill, L. S. Bailey, Alex Brazeau, Francis X. Morrow, A. Reinhart, D. G. Classon, Allen Classon.

In Justice Jones court Monday it was decided that the seed company for which seed is grown by a farmer under contract is the absolute owner of the seed. The question came up in the case of the Jerome B. Rice Seed Company vs. Charles Windross. It seems that the seed was raised by a Mr. Jones of Pensaukee who sold a portion of crop to Charles Windross of the same town who when the seed company demanded the seed from him claimed he had a lien on the same for the amount paid and was entitled to a refund of money before surrendering the seed.  The court decided that the company was absolute owner free from all liens and rendered judgment against defendant.
CASE ADJOURNED:  The Peshtigo-Hunt examination before Court Commissioner Morrow, which occupied several days of last week and this has been adjourned until 11:00 a.m. October 21. This examination is for the purpose of perpetuating testimony in the civil case between the Peshtigo Company and R. O. Hunt et al.
IN CONTEMPT:  William Derks of Underhill and Charles Derks of Cecil were before Judge Jones Wednesday in the contempt proceedings adjourned from the previous Wednesday and admitted they had not provided for the support of their aged father as directed their testimony, however they were found guilty of contempt and ordered to pay what was due and costs of $61.13 each, and to be committed to jail for six months.  Thursday morning the defendants filled notice of appeal and gave bond for $250. 

 B. J. Halcomb, representing the manufacturer of Velox paper gave a practical demonstration of its advantages at the Rembrandt studio Wednesday evening, which was much enjoyed and of practical benefit to the sixteen local amateur photographers who were present.

Mrs. C. H. Brigden entertained about twenty of the old friends of Mrs. J. M. Donnelly, formerly Miss Edna Coburn of Los Angeles, Cal., at a thimble party Tuesday afternoon.

On next Thursday the delegates from the several towns and wards in the county will meet in this city to select the Republican county ticket to be presented to the people in this campaign. Many of the best and most competent citizens of the county are candidates for the several positions and we believe the convention will have little difficulty in choosing a strong ticket worthy of the cordial and enthusiastic support of the county.

Five candidates have entered the race for the office of sheriff and are making an active canvass for the position. B. H. Armstrong is an old resident of the town of How and very popular among his wide circle of acquaintances. John Duncan the popular landlord of the Richard House has been a resident of the city 18 years and a staunch supporter of Republican principles since he attained his majority. Peter Netzer of Lena is another life-long Republican who aspires to this office has made many friends in his long residence in the county. He has served his town as  treasurer. C. D. Post the present efficient clerk of the court who has been  repeatedly chosen to serve the people in an official capacity is also making a canvas for the position. Albert Zahn, Gillett's candidate is also making a strong canvass and claims he will show up strongly when the convention meets.

Of the four candidates for county clerk, two are from that rock-ribbed Republican town of Pensaukee. Julius Huebscher is a thorough going German American farmer and solicitor for farmers insurance company, speaks and writes English, German and Polish fluently, and is well qualified for the position. F. M. Thomas the other Pensaukee candidate was born in Little River 35 years ago. He is a graduate of Oconto High School, has been a resident, and taught school in Oconto Falls and Pensaukee, and is now farming. Has always been strong in his Republican affiliations. Lincoln Leigh is a well known Republican of his town as was his father, Hon. John Leigh, former member of Assembly and one of the Republican pillars of this section. J. D. Larsen of Underhill is another candidate whose father was one of the landmarks of the county. He is well qualified for the position having taught school and speaks and writes both English and German with ease.

Probably greater interest taken in the nomination for member of assembly than in any other office. Walter J Davis of Pensaukee is a good clean business man and proprietor of the creamery at Brookside. He is well qualified for the position and thoroughly in touch with the farmers.

For Superintendent of schools, the three candidates are B. J. Gallagher, principal of the Gillett schools, F. W. Heath of our city high school and Louis C. Hanquet, principal of the Hurley, Wis., schools. Mr. Gallagher is a graduate of Oshkosh Normal and a successful teacher whose parents moved into the county about a year ago. Mr. Heath is a very efficient and successful teacher of eighteen years experience in our city and county schools. Mr. Hanquet is also a normal school graduate and a former Oconto high school graduate. He is now on his second year as principal of Hurley schools.

Mrs. Allie E. Armstrong Worthy Grand Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star of the state of Wisconsin inspected Oconto chapter at its meeting in Masonic hall last evening. Two candidates were initiated into the order and after the close of the work refreshments were served.

Two Nights, Sept. 29 and 30.
Vaudeville spectacular 
Given by St. park's Guild.
Under the direction of PROF. H. E. SPEEDY. 
100 -- DANCERS -100.
Solo-"Sing On"... Miss Jennie Wigley
Colonial Gavotte - Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kampo, Mrs. M. P. Bellow and Mr. L. Nathan, Mrs. R. Whitney and H. J. Solway, Miss Louise Hall and Mr. L. Jensen.
Greek Dance of Ancient Greece - Misses Bessie Harvey, Elizabeth Hall, Eva Safford, Cora Keene, Edna Lacey, Anna Ansorge, Hilda Belanger.
My Caroline," Song and Dance-Misses Lucile Brazeau, Eva Young.
Dance of the Flowers, No. 1-Misses Myrtle Burke, Bernice  and Verna Arnold, Helen Koeppen, Eva Hidde, Irene DeBeck, Gladys Germond, Myrtle Campbell.
Dance of the Flowers, No. 2-Misses Emma and Florence Urbanek, Ruby Elliott, Vida McClelland, Eva Cool.
Dance of the Flowers, No. 3-Misses Dora Heyman, Marjore Best, Melba Caldwell, Rena Ullman.
Dance of the Flowers, No 4-Misses Dorothy Carr, Mildred Beyer, Zelma Caldwell, Marian Perry.
Dance of the Flowers, No. 5-Misses Marion and Mildred Hoeffel, Pauline Cole, Eleanor Watterich, Vivian Duncan

A 1-Act Comedy-"The Watch."

John Brown Running for Mayor...Prof. H. E. Speedy
Mrs. John Brown-Miss Jennie Wigley
Capt. G. Montgomery-F. A. Knapp
Burglar-L. M. Dedrich
Servant Girl-Miss Lucile Brazeau
At the close of this act Mr. Knapp will sing "Fight for the Girl You Love."

A Sketch-''The Farmer & City Maid."

Josiah Peabody-J. H. Kampo
Mary Peabody-Mrs. M. P. Bellew
At the close of this act Mr. Kampo will dance a Grotesque Jig,; and Mrs. Bellew the Serpentine Dance.

Silence and Fun-L. M. Dedrich

Japs Songs and Dance.

Japanese Love Song-Miss Maude Perry
Drink a Cup of Tea-Misses Maude Perry, Lucile Brazeau, Eva Young



Spring-Queen of May, Dora Perry; Dancers: Misses Pearl Johnson, Grace Lusk, Martha Pike, Maud Bourassa, Nellie Starkey, Lulu Lenz, Agnes Simons.
Summer-Misses Louise Noel, Vina King, Messrs Frank Starkey, Hugh Murphy.
Fall-Misses Inez McAllister, Mina Frewerd, Messrs. Gus Cecil, Chas. Keith.
Winter-Misses May Johnson, Hattie McAllister, Messrs Bert Waters and Mark Milberry.
Scotch Highland Fling-Miss Nellie McDonald.
Frontier Heel-(Cow Boys) Misses Julia Herald, Carrie Warner, Matie Lacey, Maggie Debeck, Lettie Morrow, Messrs James Fitzsimmons, Wm. Duffy, Louis Nathan, David Milberry, Joseph Heller.
Polish Driving Dance-Misses Eva Young, Lucile Brazeau.
Topsy Dance-Misses Louise Hall, Hilda Belanger, Eva Safford, Bessie Harvey, Mrs. J. H. Kampo.
Spectacular grand finale by all in the last act.
Admission: 25, 35 and 50?. Reserved Seats on sale at Watterich's Jewelry Store Monday
A young child of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Leinhouts of Kaukauna expelled a bean from its nostril which had developed several sprouts. A month ago, unknown to any one, the child snuffed the bean up its nose. Recently the mother noticed a swelling on one side of the organ and a few days later suppuration began. At the suggestion of a neighbor strong snuff was administered, and the seed, which had commenced to grow, was impelled by. the violent paroxysms of sneezing.

Mrs. Bridget MacDonald, aged 90 years, said to own valuable property in Oshkosh and Berlin, was killed at Manawa by an engine, under which she had crawled in search of potatoes. The old woman was deaf and near-sighted. She had been gathering potatoes in the railway yards and it is thought that she mistook the engine for a freight car. Both legs were severed from her body and instant death resulted.

Ralph Baker, a brakeman is the employ of the Milwaukee road, lost both legs under a logging train at Irma. He was riding on the pilot of the engine, and in attempting to jump off to turn a switch his trousers caught, tripping him and he fell under the engine.

A 12-month-old child of Guy Rymer of Green Bay scalded itself fatally. The infant turned over a kettle of hot water while its mother was out of the house, and its body was scalded in a most frightful manner. It lived some hours after the accident and died is terrible agony.
The Epworth League will give a pumpkin pie social at the home of P. W. Johnson, on Friday evening, Sept. 26th.
Rev. Paul, the new pastor appointed by the Wisconsin Conference to succeed Rev. Richardson, occupied the pulpit last Sabbath and will  be here for the work from now on.

The Archdeaconry of Algoma convened Wednesday last, at St. Paul's church, Marinette. There were present the Rev. Fathers Gardner of Algoma, Foster of Green Bay, Barrett of Oconto, Merrill of Oneida, Minguy of Duvall, Thorn and Dafter of Marinette. Bishop Weller and Father Hopkins were expected, but did not arrive. There were two masses, 7  and 9 in the morning, and a very sumptuous luncheon was served at one o'clock  by several ladies of the parish in Marinette. The afternoon was devoted to a business session. Reports were given of past work and plans made for the opening of a new mission. Father Foster will  open a work on the west side, Green Bay, Father Thorn has promised to institute services in Peshtigo and Father Barrett is asked to look after the church families in Oconto Falls and Shawano.

LOCAL - city of Oconto

B. C. Waldron of Chase was an Oconto visitor Monday.
William Guthrie was a Milwaukee visitor Wednesday.
Richard Kiehl went to Milwaukee for treatment Tuesday.
Levi Hale of Lena transacted business in the city Monday.
Henry Connor of Underhill was in the city Wednesday.
Miss Lura Heath returned Monday to her school at Stiles.
H. D. Whitcomb of Little Suamico was in this city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Vye spent Sunday with friends at Marinette.
 L.C. Harvey made a business trip to Oconto Falls last Saturday.
Asa M. Royce and John F. Spies were Milwaukee visitors this week.
L. C. Harvey made a business trip to Abrams Monday and Tuesday.
County Surveyor Eugene Fitzpatrick was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. John Theide of Little Suamico was in the city on business yesterday.
Mrs. James Walsh and son, Boyd are visiting at Menominee, Mich., this week.
The Misses Anna Baldwin and Stella Kain visited Green Bay friends last week.
Hayes Caldwell of Oconto Falls transacted business in the city yesterday.
William F. Nicholas of Brookside transacted business in the city last Saturday.
Charles Appleby of Escanaba, Mich., formerly of this city visited friends here this week.
Henry Teakes and Miss Edith Miller spent Sunday at the Miller farm in School Section.
Hon. Henry Johnson came down from Suring Tuesday evening and spent Wednesday in the city.
William A. Hanop and sister Emma of Abrams were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sharpley last Sunday.
James Ramsay returned last week from Duluth where the tug Balcolm which he took to this city is now tied up.
Mrs. E. G. Low and infant son and Evangeline Johnson of Chicago this week.
F. M. Thomas of the town of Pensaukee a candidate for county clerk was in the city Tuesday  looking over the political situation.
Judge D. G. Classon and family moved last Saturday into the house on Main Street recently purchased of Dr. J. B. Atwood.
J. D. Larsen of Underhill one of the candidate for nomination on the Republican ticket for county clerk was in the city calling on friends Tuesday.
Mrs. C. E. Armstrong returned last Friday evening from an extended visit with relatives and friends in Stoughton, Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee and Fond du Lac.
A. J. Macdonald of West Superior arrived in the city Saturday evening and was a guest at the home of Mrs. MacDonald's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Waggoner.
Mr. and Mrs. William Kennedy and children, Ashton and Thero, who have been visiting with Timothy Bolan and family, returned to their home in Fond du Lac.
Joe Sargent is laid up with a sore hand.
Joe Snaggle severed one of his fingers on a circular saw in the mill Tuesday.
The Kirby and Nutz Contracting Co. are sawing wood for Len Sargent.
Otto Olson, Mrs. Antis and Annie Hansen, Mabel Sargent and Peat Kimbol are on the sick list.
Mrs. Tillie Pendleton who has been the guest of friends in the city for sometime went to Green Bay Wednesday where she will visit for a time previous to her return to Arizona.
Mrs. J. M. Donnelly of Los Angeles, Cal., who as Miss Edna Coburn was a resident of Oconto until eleven years ago is a guest at the home of Mrs. J. A. Ramsay. Mr. Donnelly is expected here tomorrow and after a few days stay they will leave together for a visit to Toronto and New York and thence to their home in Los Angeles. 
Mrs. W. A. Holt and children returned last Friday from their summer's outing at Island Lodge on Archibald Lake and were accompanied by Mrs. Holt's sister, Miss Minnie  Rumsey of Lake Forest, who is making a few days' visit here.
A. McAllister and daughter, Irene went to Marinette Tuesday to attend the funeral of John D. McAllister, of Tacoma, Wash., whose remains were brought to Marinette from  Missoula, Mont. He was buried under Masonic orders. Floral offerings were received from Tacoma Knights Templar and Marinette Masons.
Ex-Governor and Mrs. Scofield went to Milwaukee Tuesday to be present at the banquet in honor of President Roosevelt's visit. They had reached the city previous to the announcement of the abandonment of his trip. Mr. Scofield continued on to Superior.
There is good interest in the Ladies society at Oak Orchard which met with Mrs. Rhan this week.
The Couillardville society met with Mrs. Rosencrantz this week with good interest and full meeting.
There was a good attendance of the Little River Ladies missionary society at Mrs. Boteler's Thursday.
Rev. Boteler filled his appointment at School Section on Wednesday evening and Thursday evening at Oak Orchard and reports good attendance.
Mrs. S. S. Wood of Marinette is the guest of Mrs. Thos. Riley.
Miss Norma Johnson returned Wednesday after a three or four week visit in the southern part of the state.
Henry Cole went to Green Bay Tuesday.
J. M. Garvey was a Milwaukee visitor Tuesday and Wednesday.
O. F. Trudell received word this week that Gregors Frost (note: son of A.C. Frost) formerly of this county has been nominated for mayor at his new home in Titusville, Florida.

Mr. Ed Dutton entertained Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. Matravers, of Couillardville, Mrs. Schultz, nee, Ettie Sympser, of Chicago, Mrs. George Bauder, of Marinette and Mesdames Bauder, Powell, Jauquith, Dutton and Gordon, of Abrams, for dinner.
Mrs. Scofield and Miss Ella Powell, of Menominee, were Abrams visitors last week, Wednesday.
Miss Lizzie Dodds and Miss Marion Brookside, were visiting friends Wednesday afternoon of last week.
We are glad to be able to note that Mrs. Helen Winans and grandson Chester, are getting along nicely at the Pasteur Institute, Chicago and will soon be able to return home.
Vina Eliot spent Sunday with relatives here.
J. Knudsen  made a business trip to Green Bay Tuesday.
The last dance at Branch Grove is over for the season, and all claim this to be the most successful one of all.
Ed Plautz has gone to Milwaukee.
Rev. A. Stelmacher has gone to Chicago to attend the conference.
Miss Kittie Kilox is again in our midst.


Mrs. Alex Davis and daughter Etta Griebeler are visiting friends and relatives at Mosling and Belle Plaine this week.
Miss Effie Peterson of Leapolis is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Cora Breed.
Miss Maggie Moran, who is teaching in the Waupee settlement, spent Sunday with her friend, Miss Mary Johnson.
Miss Norine Rathke of Oconto, is teaching in district 2 and Miss Wyman of Oshkosh, in district 1.
A well-attended dance was given by Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Peterson  Saturday evening.
Gus E. Johnson has gone to Mosling to assist in building a new dwelling house for his parents.
Jacob Coleman and Nels Sandberg, of Mountain, were Breed visitors  last Friday.
Geo. Huntley has finished his new dwelling and moved into it. Mr. Huntley has now one or the finest residences in this neck of the woods.
Wm. Flynn and C. H. Dowen drove to Shawano Sunday returning Monday.
Fred Lemke has bought a handsome new buggy.
J. K. Johnson took in the Rose speech at Suring Wednesday.
Mrs. L. M. Peterson returned to her home in Leopolis Friday, after a couple of weeks' visit with relatives here.
Miss Annie Fredenberg of Suring spent Saturday here with' friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Flynn were called to Shiocton Monday evening to attend the funeral of a sister-in-law at that place.
Lawrence Jorgenson of Chicago came up to visit his brother Anton last Tuesday.
John and Edward Quandt were business callers at Gillett Wednesday.
Peter Lundquist has commenced skidding logs already. He has nearly one million sawed.
Mrs. Geo. High, of Maple Valley paid a visit to Mrs. Wm. Flynn Wednesday.
Geo. Porter has an offer to become proprietor of a hotel and saloon at Carter. He has not yet definitely decided whether to accept or not.


A. Kimball did business in this vicinity the past week.
Mrs. Couillard and daughter have been visiting at James McCimes.
Mrs. L. Drews is rapidly recovering from her recent illness.
Peter Regal and Fred Swart are doing a rushing business with their new clover machine.

Charles Brown is building a new house on his lot.
The work on the Laona and Northern Rail Way is progressing finely and it will be a first class road when complete.
The dance at Sargent's opera hall last Saturday was a complete success.
A basket social was given at Waterman's hall for the benefit of Laona Dramatic Co. last Tuesday.
Will Ross building a new house and barn on his homestead. Pete Bakeman is doing the carpenter work.
Phil Bennett went way back home Tuesday.
Joe Burkart will go to Stratford Friday for a visit with his parents.
Mr. Hubbel of Crandon was visiting Mr. Bishop Monday.
Will Ross has a crew of men building a house on his homestead. The work is superintended by Peter Bakeman a contractor from Rat River.
Geo. Shaddock went to Gillett Monday and returned Tuesday.
Joe Bauman is on the sick list.
Miss Bettie Hansen returned from Maple Valley Wednesday.
Court is in session this week in Crandon. James Kelley, Casper Boeler and James Konnard were called as jury men from here.
Tony Bergen, A. L. Richardson and Chas. Schirm of Wabeno were in town Tuesday, en route from Crandon where they have been attending court.
Earnst Wynn raffled his rifle Tuesday evening and Nick Stark was the lucky man.
Fred Severt had an attack of the hay fever last Saturday which almost proved fatal. We are glad to see that you are around again Fred.
Len Skeel, Paul Heller and Adam Ottinger of Connor Town took in the dance at Wattermen's Saturday.


Jos. Kaufman of Oconto Falls was here last Saturday and Sunday with his Merry-go-round which was well patronized.
Matt Marglovetz lost a finger while working on a feed cutter last week.
Rev. Fisher and wife of Oconto Falls made several calls in town Wednesday afternoon and also attended the Ladies Aid at Mrs. C. W. Halsted's.
Miss Julia Burbey is home on a visit.
Miss Ottie Widger is visiting in Appleton for a few weeks.
Miss Lina Sarrow of Milwaukee, who has been visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Jos. Schug for the past month, returned to her home on Friday.
Mrs. Schoenebeck, Miss Jeanette Marek and Miss Sarrow were Oconto visitors

Mrs. R. Cleveland and Amy Yeaton are spending a few days with their father, C. F.. Yeaton.

Miss Ottie Widger has gone to Appleton to visit relatives.
Miss Gertie Nutt and Marie Rymer of Abrams spent Sunday here.

P. S. Saylor of Green Bay was in town Saturday.

Our schools are progressing nicely under the instruction of Miss Mary Fitzgerald, principal, Miss Emma Buchberger in the intermediate grade and Miss Martha Gillis in the primary grade. We all look for a very successful year we have a most excellent corps of teachers.

A successful social party was held at Schoenebeck's hall on Wednesday evening it being a farewell party to Miss Lina Sarrow of Milwaukee, who has made many friends during her visit by her pleasant and winning manners. Music by the Peerless Orchestra of Oconto Falls.

Our new warehouse man, Mr. Henry Pierre is proving a very pleasant addition to our young folks society and his square dealing and gentlemanly treatment of all with whom he comes in contact is gaining him friends and customers every day.

The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. Church met with Mrs. Maigatter Wednesday afternoon. About twenty were present. They will meet with Mrs. Halsted next week. Everybody cordially invited.

Albert Gerndt and wife went to Bear Creek last week to visit friends.
Mrs. H. F. Mueller went to Cecil last week to visit friends.
Wm. Buche from Cecil was here last Friday on business.
Emil Baddaut from Shawano was here last Tuesday on business.
Robert Schmidt, J. Gardeboecht, Aug. Buhrandt, G. Gust and Richard Tuschey went to Underhill Tuesday on business.
Herman Dieck got hurt on his right hip last Friday in a sand pit, while hauling sand.
Mrs. Elma Kregel from Underhill came here Tuesday to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. Hankwitz, for a few days.
Ed. Wickert from Underhill called on friends here Sunday.


A. Schuster is busy hauling grain to Mosling.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Larsen celebrated their silver wedding last Sunday.
C. B. Dallman has bought a young horse.
Miss Martha Weber is going to Clayton next week.
Ed Holl and L. Rusch spent a pleasant time here last Sunday.
T. Larson has a new sulky plow this fall which is doing fine work.

Joseph Detiege and Eugene Hermans transacted business in Green Bay last Monday.
George O'Neil of Nahma, Mich., came down last Saturday to call on friends and relatives returning on Wednesday.
Mrs. Wm. Gokey intends to drive to Duck Creek next Sunday.
George Smith, who is employed at Powers attended the dance at the Little Suamico house last Friday evening.
Jacob Johnson and family have moved in their new house which has been recently completed.
Supt. Asa M. Royce called at school District No. 1. last Wednesday.
Miss Minnie Huss and Miss Emma Zutter of Oconto have been visiting Miss Lydia Huss and relatives at Little Suamico.
Mrs. Geo. Matson and son of Menominee, Mich., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Huss.
Earl Huss and Walter Dudy attended the state fair at Milwaukee last week.
Misses Lydia and Minnie Huss, Emma Zutter and Mrs. Geo. Matson heard the speech of Mayor Rose at Sobieski.
Miss Emma Zutter of Oconto also visited at Menominee, Mich.
Fred J. Huss station agent spent Monday evening with his parents

Father Polacheck
, John Leigeois and W. E. Smith camped out to the bay shore, and succeeded in their hunting. Reverend Polacheck, who is pastor of the congregation of St. Pius's church returned to his home at Flintville with about 60 mudhens and wild ducks. Hunting is the late sport.

George King has recently rented the upper part of George Grosse's house, where he intends to live.
Constance Hanson who has been at Lakewood for sometime is home for a week's visit.
We are glad to see Stella Mosling back at school again.
A party was given Monday evening by Alma Kusbob in Gustav Anderson's new house.
Charley Hanson had a bee last week so as to get stones for the a new barn.
Miss Hagen who has been staying in Mosling has returned to her home.
Miss Hilda Hansen who is staying at Shawano visited her parents Sunday.
The following have not been tardy from school the past month: Dagmar Sorensen, Jennie Carlsen and Esther Thorsen.

Andrew Johnson and wife of Racine who were only a few years ago, citizens of Mountain, are here visiting relatives and friends. 
Rev. W. F. Barstow of Maple Valley held services here last Sabbath.

Mr. Larsen, the Milwaukee telephone man, was in town Wednesday.
Miss Maud Cole, of Dunbar is visiting friends here.
Miss Susie Hubbell has returned from Garden River, Canada, where she has been spending the summer making water color sketches of the beautiful scenery there. She will make her home with Mrs. Ad. McEwan here for the winter, having music classes in Green Bay, Coleman and here.


Mrs. Chas. Chase, who has been living at Oconto, came here last Thursday to spend the winter with her parents, Mr.  and Mrs. Daniel Fenske.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen Jr. went to Green Bay last Thursday to attend the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Waters of Green Bay are the guests of Mrs. Larulla Plouff.
Herman Prieve of Pittsfield spent Sunday at the Fenske home.
George Smith, who is employed at Powers made a short call on friends and relatives, between trains last Saturday.
Herman Lade is employing men putting in a foundation for his kitchen.
Julian DeMaiffe is busy hauling stone for the foundation that he intends to put under his residence.
Otto Fenske called on his parents last Friday before leaving for Escanaba.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wensing drove to Pensaukee last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Smith of Ashwaubenon were the guests of Jacob Johnson and family Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Ida Karrow of Brookside is now working for Mrs. G. A. Grosse Jr.
Herman Braemer and family of Oconto spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fenske.
Miss Emma Schmidt of Green Bay spent Sunday and Monday here.
Robert Scarraly has sold his house and lot, including stock, to Frank Allen Jr. for the sum of $700. He now intends to leave Suamico.

Mr. Furbur and servant, Jac, returned to Chicago last Thursday after spending the summer here. That is the cause of the forlorn looks on some of our young ladies, as Jac was quite an enterprising gentleman.

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Fredenberg Sunday at Oconto Falls.
Mrs. Harry Serier returned from a visit at Sheboygan Falls last Saturday.
Mrs. Bert Webster and family moved to Pulcifer Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson of Maple Valley visited Mr. and Mrs. Nel Hanson on Wednesday.
Ellinger's steam thresher passed through here on the way to Maple Valley Wednesday.
Dick Zuelke and Dr. Boetcher did business a Keshena Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller Elliott did business at Keshena on Saturday of last week and Monday of this week.
H. A. Cooley was in town during the week.
Mrs. Flynn visited her sister during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen spent Sunday at the South Branch, the guests at Lundquist's and Kruger's.
Miss Tillie Wagner and Miss Emma Raisler drove to Bonduel Saturday to spend Sunday.
Peter Netzer was in town looking for votes for the convention.
Dr. French of Mountain was in town Wednesday.
John Dieck received the plate glass for his store front Tuesday.
The saw mill, formerly owned by John Anderson was shipped out of Suring Wednesday.
Levi Gillmore is moving his household goods to his new farm near Hayes.
Abe Fredenberg and wife drove to Green Bay Tuesday.
Wm. Zingler and wife left Wednesday for Shawano to attend the wedding of Mr. Zingler's sister.
A party of young folks attended a party at Ellinger's last Tuesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Fredenberg left for Mosling Wednesday to visit Mrs. Fredenberg's parents.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Giese has been quite ill.
Dr. Conard and Dr. Pinch were Suring callers Wednesday.
George Suring who had been up and around since his serious illness is again very low.
Thos. Smith of Hickory spent Sunday with his son Harry.
Miss Emma Erickson visited her sister, Mrs. J. Kaufmann this week.
Mrs. C. A. Raisler, who spent the summer here, returned to Shawano last week.


Mayor D. S. Rose, Democratic candidate for Governor made a one hour speech in town Tuesday morning.
Mrs. J. Sullivan of Menominee, is visiting friends here.
Miss Agnes Duffey of Oconto visited here a few days this week.
Miss May Scanlon visited Oconto friends Sunday.
Mrs. D. Ryan of Oconto Falls visited here Sunday.
T. Hollice and son, Dall of Manton, Mich., left for their home Tuesday. They have been employed in the Eldred mill, here all summer.
Miss Nellie Ryan and Mr. Barrett of Oconto Falls visited in town Sunday evening.
Mrs. Welock is visiting friends at Detroit.


One of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dessell's little girls got a finger blown off and another badly hurt by a dynamite cap last Monday.
Charley Cleveland left town last week.
Mrs. Grant of Menominee is visiting friends here.
Mr. Hardy visited at J. S. Gifford's the past week.
Miss Edith Major visited friends at Green Bay a few days last week.
Miss Hattie Golumbuski of Krakow visited with friends here Friday.
Misses Annie Madsen and Ella Powell drove to Pensaukee last Tuesday.
The lecture given in the town hall by Mr. Evans and daughter, Emily, was well attended. You are always welcome, Mr. E.
J. Schneider and O. Collier of Oconto Falls are seen in our town quite often.
Little Norman Forcil was badly burned one day last week by gun powder. He has lost the sight of one eye altogether, and his face was also badly burned. He is slowly recovering.
Ernest Cleveland is working on the railroad again.
Max Boldt called on friends at Morgan last Sunday and Monday.

Oconto County Reporter
October 10, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moody celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding at their home in Brookside Wednesday in a very pleasant manner. A large number of their friends were present and remembered them with presents of silver.  Among those present were their son William and bride of Iron River, Mich., who were married Monday and the following from this city: Messrs. And Mesdames D. G. Classon, W. J. Classon, Jr., G. W. Classon and Franks Lens and Mr. Allen Classon and A. L. Classon of Couillardville.

 Mrs. John Petty of Little Suamico sent us today a sample of the King variety of potatoes which weighs three and one half pounds and a sugar beet of excellent shape weighing five and one half pounds.
About forty teachers were present at the meeting of the Oconto County Teachers' Association which was held at Oconto Falls last Saturday. At the business session held in the morning Miss Julie Servaty was elected president, Miss Cora Gillett, vice president, George Murphy, secretary, and Miss Minerva Thomas, treasurer. The following program was rendered during the forenoon and afternoon sessions:      
Industrial Geography            Emma Buchberger, Lena
Mental Arithmetic            Elizabeth Winn, Oconto Falls
Study of Literary Reading        Julie Servaty, Oconto Falls
School Records            Supt. A. M. Royce
Each subject being followed by discussion.  In the evening a social gathering was much enjoyed until a late hour as the evening train was delayed until about twelve o'clock.

In county court Judge Jones disposed of the following matters Tuesday:

Estate of Batrice Lambert, will proved and allowed.
Estate of Peter Johnson, will, proved and Anna Johnson appointed executrix.
Estate of Jane A. Volk, administrator's final account allowed and estate assigned to heirs.
Estate of Paul Prickett, administrator appointed.
Estate of Lovina Burnside, will proved and notice to creditors given.
Estate of Frank Couvillion, hearing on objections to will adjourned until 10:.00 A. M., October 17.
Estate N. Bridget Mitchell, administrator's final account allowed and estate assigned to heirs.
Frank Felt was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. H. Ellman.

L. F. Oehlman, who has been employed at Hotel Beyer, and O. Oberich of Sheboygan are making arrangements to open a marble cutting establishment in Oconto for the cutting and selling of tombstones. They expect to get in running order about the first of January and will undoubtedly do a flourishing business. Mr. Oberich is said to be a practical workman, while Mr. Oehlman has had considerable experience in selling and placing the work.

About 11:35 Wednesday night just after A. Vye's bus going to the 11:53 train passed him an unknown man shot himself through the head with a revolver and expired at the waterworks, where he was taken, about 1:45 a. m.  On the front seat of the bus was Mr. Vye and Thos. Maloney and in the bus Robert and Francis Sharp. As they drove past the man he was standing with legs crossed leaning on his cane on the sidewalk across the street from Frank Smith's residence on Chicago Street, but immediately after sat down on the edge of the sidewalk and when he has was about 100 feet west of him fired the fatal shot. All heard the retort and Francis Sharp saw the flash of the revolver and the man fall to the walk and exclaimed, "there's a man shot himself." Mr. Vye at once turned his team and drove back to where they found the suicide breathing heavily and moaning, but unable to speak, and with a revolver clutched in his right hand which lay at his side. He never spoke afterward. Dr. Dufresne and other assistance was summoned and the man removed to die waterworks where he expired about two hours after the shot was fired. Dr. Dufresne probed the wound for about four inches from where the ball entered directly over the right temple to where it apparently glanced from the frontal bone, but was unable to locate the bullet. The revolver is apparently a new H. & R. Arms Co., five chamber weapon and when found contained three loaded cartridges and one empty shell. In his pocket were found an open face Waltham watch, a pocket knife, empty purse and a paper containing half a dozen large fish hooks. His left leg had been amputated above the knee which was replaced by an excellent artificial limb in good condition.  This with the articles found in his clothing may serve as a clue that will eventually disclose his identity. After death the remains were taken to C. A. Brigden's undertaking rooms where an inquest was held by Coroner Nells Johnson at nine o'clock yesterday morning and a verdict that said unknown man came to his death from the shot of a revolver in his own hand was rendered by a jury composed of Chas. Hall, Isaac Jones, Geo. Classon, Sol Pelkey, Jas. Johnson, and Homer Don Levy. Deceased was five feet inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds, middle aged, dark hair slightly streaked with gray.

At the meeting of the Funeral Director's and Embalmer's Association held in Milwaukee this week C. A. Brigden responded to the address of welcome, delivered by J. F. Donovan on behalf of the mayor in a very happy manner and at the election of officers was promoted from vice president to president of the association. This is an honor not only to Mr. Brigden but to Oconto and shows that her undertakers are thoroughly abreast of the times.
Mrs. John Martineau gave a delightful five o'clock tea to a large number of her friends at her home Tuesday evening. Refreshments were served in three courses and the home was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and cut flowers.
Peter Heller received the appointment Tuesday as carrier on rural route number 2 with instructions to commence delivering mail on that route Saturday, November 1.

P. N. Peterson was at Mountain Sunday.
Prank Dowen, C. H. Dowen and J. E Johnson with their families enjoyed the splendid sociable given under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid at the home of Hon. Henry Johnson, Friday evening.
A. W. Breed is serving on special committee work at the county board this week.
John Quandt Sr. of Underhill spent Sunday with relatives here.
P. Lundquist has a sidetrack put in a little above Netzer's spur where he will load about 1,000 cords of hemlock tan bark.
Frank Dowen spent Sunday in Oconto.
Wm. Flynn has had a new stable built and is now in position to accommodate any and all who entrust teams to his care.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dowen were Mountain visitors Sunday.
Geo. L. Griebeler, formerly of this town but lately employed at Laona, made a pleasant call here Tuesday evening. He was en route to Shawano.
A report reaches us at the time of mailing this letter that forest fires have totally devoured all the hemlock tan bark peeled by Peter Lundquist, about 1000 cords, also all the logs skidded, about one million feet. We trust the report is unfounded.
A. W. Breed was an Embarrass and Clintonville caller this week.

Mr. Napper of Portland, New York, is visiting his son, Robert Napper of this place.
Mrs. Johnson and daughter were Amberg visitors last week.
Mrs. Hamilton called on friends at Beaver last Wednesday.
The barn on Mose Armstrong's marsh was burned last week. Mr. Rymer lost about twenty tons of hay by the fire.
A pleasant time is reported by those who attended the picnic in Mr. Hamilton's grove Saturday afternoon.
John Bowers and daughter Lillie called on Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Sunday.
John Armstrong and Colon Rymer have purchased a mill and threshing machine.
Ida Hamilton went to Coleman to stay with Mrs. Bowers for the winter.
Grace Van Leuven entertained a large number of her friends Sunday afternoon.
Reginald Van Leuvan, who has been on the sick list, is rapidly recovering.
Mr. Holt has his camps completed.


About forty young people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hoyt and enjoyed themselves with Missic, plays, pulling candy and other pleasures. Those present report a good time.
Henry Thario is hauling sand to commence laying the foundation for the erection of his new house.
John Gomber's new house is nearly completed.
J. W. Hoyt, Jr. , has purchased a new driving team.
Isaac Hoyt and Walter Olsen are home from the woods for a few days.

B. B. Lefevre of Brookside did business here Wednesday.
J. Foss, M. Scanlon and Mr. Whipple business in Oconto Tuesday.
J. Bergermier  and P. Devereaux did business in Green Bay last Saturday.
Peter Hanson returned  from Green Bay Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Wheelock drove to Lena one day last week.
Miss May Sanborn drove to Couillardville Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lura Heath visited at Oconto over Sunday.
Miss Ella Pertile, who has been the guest of relatives for several weeks, has returned to her home at Garden Bay,  Mich.
Miss Alice Jarvey, who is staying in Couillardville, visited at her home Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. William Langner visited Green Bay friends one day last week!
Dr. Grant of Lena made several calls here last week.
Misses Agnes Duffy and Sena Hemmingsen of Oconto visited here recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Veghel returned from their visit at Reedsville on Monday.
F. T. Smith of Suamico visited here Tuesday.
Misses Anna Foss and Bridget Devereaux left Wednesday for Oconto, where they will attend the sewing school.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ryan returned Saturday, accompanied by N. Ryan of Green Bay.
Mrs. E. Van Laanen and Miss Alice Bedore returned from a visit at Green Saturday.

Misses Nora, Hattie and Ida Colson of School Section visited friends here Sunday.

Mrs. E. S. Wheelock returned Friday morning from an extended visit at Detroit, Mich. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs.  J. Bedore, who will visit here for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deveraux and daughter Eva, of Stiles spent Sunday at Curley's.
Our teacher, Miss Hanson, accompanied by Nellie Gray visited in Oconto Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fortier of Coleman spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. A. Pelkey last week.
The house on the Alberts farm known as the Roullier farm which has been vacant for some time is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. F. Early.
Mr. Barribeau drove to Oconto on business Monday.

Julius Cayo who has been visiting here to the past two weeks has returned to his home at Niagara.

Louis Valley went to Marinette to see his son-in-law, who is very ill at the hospital.
Louis Whiting is building an addition to his house.
Mr. and Mrs. Cota of Pembine were called to see her father, Mr. Marek, who is very ill.
Wm. Whiting drove to Oconto Falls Wednesday.
Mrs. McNulty is on the sick list.
Mrs. Hansen was called to the bedside of her brother, George Brown who was badly crushed by the cars at Dunbar. He is at present at the hospital at Marinette.

A. W. Breed of Breed and H. B. Conners of Underhill were in the village Wednesday on their way to the town of Chase.
Dr. White is seriously ill at his home in the village but his recovery is slow and steady.
Attorneys Crawford and Ebel were at Suring Monday before Hanson's justice court.
The new assistant postmaster has taken charge of the post office and everything is working in fine shape apparently.  Mr. Stuelke will serve in the capacity of assistant postmaster equally as well as the former incumbent which certainly was satisfactory.

Joseph Ratly left for Fond du Lac Friday. He will return sometime this winter.
Frank Jenuman went to Stratford Wednesday.
John Colburg went to Suring Wednesday.
Mrs. Mike Boultice of Auburndale is visiting her husband here this week. Mike is the foreman at camp 4.
Will Miller departed to Marshfield Wednesday. His many friends bade him farewell at the depot and will be glad to see him return.
Miss Anna Hanson went to Maple Valley Friday to receive medical treatment.
James Kelley and Louis Sindorf were on the sick list Tuesday.
Mrs. Robert Antis has opened up a milliner shop on Main street.
Mr. Majoure will keep a laundry basket in his barber shop hereafter.
The M. W. A. will give a grand ball in the opera hall Saturday evening and will try to make it the greatest event of the season. The hall will be decorated with evergreens and the members will be dressed in their regalia.


The dance given in L. R. Birr's  hall was well attended.
Misses Jennie, Ferrie and Golla Wilson and Johns of Berry Lake attended the dance.
Miss Martha Pagel visited with her sister here, Miss Elsie Pagel.
Mrs. Rose Waldron drove in Oconto Falls Sunday.
Herb Rymer visited friends it Berry Lake last week.
Miss Hattie Marrson visited the Misses Etta and Ella Powell a few days last week, and took in the dance at Morgan.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Kane drove to Mill center Saturday night and came back Sunday.
Mrs. Stella Cleveland and daughter Esther are visiting friends at Chicago.
Miss Ella Birr called on friends here Sunday.
Mr. Simpson is visiting at Waupun this week.
E. George is on the sick list.
Miss Annie Madson is home now to stay for the coming winter.


Mr. and Mrs. C. Schoenebeck and Miss Jeannette Marek went to Iron Mountain Wednesday to visit with the family of Ed. Neubauer, Mrs. Schoenebeck's brother.
Mrs. Roy Cleveland returned to her home at Green Bay Monday after a week's visit with her father, C. P. Yeaton. Miss Amy Yeaton went with her to spend the winter and will attend school in Green Bay.
Dennis Dionne, the next county treasurer, was in Oconto on Thursday.  Sorry to lose you Dennis, but our loss will be the county's gain.
Supervisor of assessments, Levi Hale, is the busiest man in town now, compiling, and tabulating assessment returns for the county board of equalization.
Mrs. Cyrus Widger of Randville, Mich., is visiting at the home of Mrs. Widger this week.
Hale and Harley have a crew of men clearing up, their farm recently purchased in town 28-19. There is a fine lake on the tract and they contemplate building a club house and having a fishing and sporting headquarters second to none in this section of the country.
Frank Burke of Oconto is stopping in town at present.  We hope he may continue to abide with us permanently.
N. C. Netzer is placing a new platform scale in front of his store for the accommodation of the public, something we have been greatly in need of for a long time.
Wm. Allie is doing the mason work on the wall of the pit.
Miss Julia Burbey of Kenosha is home for a short visit with her mother.
Fred Gidney and wife have moved to Kelley Lake where he bought a place. Fred spent a good share of his time there before, hunting and fishing, so he thought he could save time by moving there.


W. Flynn of Breed has sold his house and lot here to R. Miniely of Gillett. Mr. Miniely will rent the house, which is at present vacant.
Will Sanders and wife of Hickory visited friends in town last Friday.
Miss Amelia Gollin of Shawano visited friends here for a week past.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Trecartin of Hickory spent last Sunday at H. B. Smith's.
A. C. Cato, Suring's artist, will spend two or three weeks at Laona.
Sylvester Newton was a guest at Miller Elliott's Sunday.
Post & Johnson are having a large shed built to store their shingles.
Aug. Giese's new residence is about completed.
Harry Smith went to Mountain Tuesday to assist in fighting the forest fires. He returned the same evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilbur spent the last two years at Morse, Wis., returned last week and will make this their home.
Mrs. Henry Johnson spent Sunday at Hickory.
Alex Caldwell spent Sunday with his family at Oconto.
Albert Erickson killed a large wolf, near their farm, last week.
Serier Bros have received a full line of ladies fine winter jackets, ladies' melton overskirts, men's jackets also rubbers, and stockings.
Dr. W. F. Betcher, W. J. Thielke and R. F. Zuelke went to Oconto Monday evening to attend the Democratic convention, to serve as delegates of town of How.
E. Nieman of Menominee, Mich., was in town on his regular trip Wednesday
Art. Goodchild and wife attended the Shawano county fair.
Herchel Cooley came up from Oconto Wednesday morning.
Miss Amelia Gollin, who has been visiting Suring friends, returned to her home in Shawano Wednesday.
A surprise party was tendered Miss Gollin Tuesday evening. The party consisted of the Mesdames Harry and Cornelius Serier, Stackpole, Donald Thielke and Zingler. All had a good time.
Miss Tillie Wagoner and Emma Raisler drove to Gillett Sunday.
W. J. Thielke and John Miller took a ride to Kelly Lake last Sunday.

Mr. Nadler, son Julius and daughter Emma, and Mr. Krake and daughter Effie of Bonduel were guests of the H. Hankwitz family over Sunday.
Mr. Habeck and wife and Fred Doering and wife of Bonduel were guests of the Otto Gipp family. Mrs. Gipp is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Habeck.
Mrs. Kantz and daughter Lane were guests of Fred Luebeck and family over Sunday.
Mr. Bast and wife of Pulcifer were guests of the Fred Luebeck family over Sunday.
Harry Cooley of Maple Valley was seen on our streets last Thursday.
Albert Seering of Bonduel was here last Thursday on business.
Mr. Becker of Oconto transacted business here last Thursday.

Tom Gilkey and Allan  Classon were on our roads announcing the lecture be held at the Town hall next Saturday night
The dance which was to be held at  Robt. Spice's Friday, Oct. 10, has been postponed until Oct. 17, on account the death of Mrs. Spice's mother.
Last month only 35 pupils were enrolled in our school. I suppose this is due to the great amount of work. We hope soon to have enrolled and besides a decidedly better attendance. Those who were not absent or tardy last month, from Sept. 8th to Oct 3rd are Minnie Lindgren, Nina Eckberg, Leslie, Lyle and Pearl Shufelt.


Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Larsen arrived on Monday night from Shawano, where they have been visiting friends the past week.
A surprise was  given Saturday night by a number of people. All had a good time.
Miss Edna Anderson visited at Shawano Monday.
Johnson's have their cellar completed and are now erecting their new house.
Glen Hagen visited at home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Hansen and  family spent Sunday with Charley Hansen.
James Sorensen has completed his new barn.

LOCAL - city of Oconto  
L. C. Harvey was a Gillett visitor Tuesday.
Albert Schultz spent Sunday with friends in Kelley Brook.
John Podvan spent Sunday with Oconto friends.
John Gardner of Marinette spent Sunday with friends in the city.
Mrs. W. Calligan enjoyed the week with friends at Oconto Falls.  
W. J. Dodds of Brookside transacted business in the city Tuesday.
John M. Johnson of Pensaukee was in the city on business Tuesday.
Martin Kehoe of Kelley Brook transacted business in the city Monday.
Mrs. Mary Fulton has been spending the week with friends in Brookside.
Dr. R. C. Faulds of Abrams drove to the city for a brief call on friends Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Mooney are the happy parents of a young son born last Saturday.
Miss Carrie Thiele spent the first of the week in Green Bay, on business for C. Hart.
Mrs. Sol. Hirsch. returned Saturday from a few days visit with friends in Appleton.
S. L. Heyman went to Chicago, Tuesday, to select a large line of goods for the fall trade.
Mrs. Nick Strack pleasantly entertained the Kaffee Kraenzchen Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Chris  Hansen of Carbondale, Mich., is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Rasmussen.
Chas. Norton and Chas. Schultz made brief business calls at Lena, Spruce, Oconto Falls and Stiles, Tuesday.
Mrs. James Shea started Tuesday for Wilder, Kansas, where she will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Anderson.
Superintendent Asa M. Royce spent last Saturday in Oconto Falls in attendance at the teachers' association where he read a paper on "school records."
Peter Hanson of Kelley Brook made a business trip to the city Monday.
Argo M. Dill formerly of the Reporter force, was elected one of the fifth ward Republican committee at the ward caucus in  Iron Mountain, Mich., last week.
Miss Edith Thiele, who has been enjoying a month's vacation at  home,  resumed her duties at Green Bay Business College, Monday.

George McCartney entertained a number of friends at his home in Frenchtown last Monday evening. The occasion was one of much pleasure, refreshments and dancing were enjoyed until a late hour.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frewerd, who have been spending the summer months in different parts of the state, returned home Monday.
Mesdames H. and D. Martin of Storm Lake, Iowa, and Miss Amelia Stoelting of St. Louis, sisters of Dr. C. W. Stoelting were guests at his home over Sunday.
Rev. H. Eisenbach and Miss Ada Eisenbach returned yesterday from a few days' visit with Rev. Ollrogge, at Seymour.
Miss Sarah Chosa, who has been a guest of Miss Annie Valley at Kelley Brook the last week, returned home today.
Mrs. Jacob Ullman and son Clarence went to Milwaukee Sunday for a week's visit with relatives,
Alex Caldwell came home from Suring to spend Sunday in the city with  his family.
Walter J. Davis of Brookside was in the city on business Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rabas of Lena were guests of Mrs. Rabas' brother, J. W. Wishka, last Sunday.
Mrs. C. A. A. McGee of Milwaukee accompanied her husband Wednesday when he came to deliver his political address.
Mrs. H. J. Germond returned last week from a very pleasant visit with Mr. Germond's mother and sister at Rhinelander.
J. N. Wishka of Spruce was in the city Wednesday on a visit to his brother, J. Will Wishka.
Mrs. C. S. Coffin of Manitowoc and Mrs. G. Sagerman of Green spend Tuesday at the residence of E. Weidner.
Mrs. William Don Levy of Green Bay attended the Harry Don Levy wedding Tuesday.
Mrs. Mary Goodrich entertained about fourteen lady friends at a twelve o'clock dinner last Saturday.
Misses Ruby and Leona Sharrow entertained about 100 of their friends at Forester's hall recently. All had an enjoyable time and considered their hostesses very good entertainers. The grand march was at 10:45 P. M. after which light refreshments were served. The guests from out of town were Misses Johnson of Chicago, Edith Sheldrich and Maude Osgood, and Messrs. Noah and Arthur Gognon and Jack Taylor of Marinette.
Mrs. William Lonergan of Marinette was in the city Wednesday the guest of her son, D. H. Mooney, and family,
W. H. Burnside came home from Madison on business this week. He returned to his duties at the capitol yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ellis have closed their residence and gone to reside with Mrs. Ellis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Runkel, Sr., for the winter.
Dr. D. E. Wilcox is at the Mt. Clemens Mich., springs taking treatment for rheumatism from which he has suffered for some time.
Mrs. J. Parkinson of Green  Bay is guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hume this week.
J. J. Huebscher of Brookside was in the city yesterday and incidentally brought in a few sample pumpkins weighing over fifty pounds each.
Henry Grade of Stiles is in the city today and made a pleasant call on the Reporter.
David Wedgwood of Little Suamico was in the city on business yesterday.
Jacob Ullman is in Chicago on business this week.
Engineer Morton of the Klondike run is taking a vacation and will go to South Dakota for a visit with his son.
Henry Gauslin of Everett, Washington spent Sunday in the city visiting his sister, Mrs. C. A. Langlois.
Conductor Mort Williams, who has been running a train on the main line returned to his old run Tuesday.
Conductor C. A. Langlois of the Ashland division of the Northwestern is laid up with an injury to his finger received while handling freight. He went to Kaukauna today.

The Wisconsin Telephone company's gang of linemen arrived in the city this week and are at work rebuilding the system in the city. The exchange will soon be located in the new quarters over Germond's drug store.
Mrs. M. Armstrong of Beaver was a guest of her sister, Mrs. S Simpson a few days this week.
Miss Emma Brazeau of Spruce is visiting with Ethel McFadden this week.
Frank Fox of Iona is employed in Chas. Deleware's barber shop.
Friends of Rev. S. E. Very will be grieved to learn that he is seriously ill at his home in DeMain, Iowa.
About forty friends agreeably surprised Mrs. J. Dunton Wednesday evening and left as a remembrance a handsome willow rocker.

Oconto County Reporter
October 17, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

A notable social event of the week in Hickory was a reception given by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trecartin on Saturday evening, Oct. 11th . The occasion was the fortieth anniversary of their marriage. About one hundred guests were present, among whom not the least important were the youngest grandchildren, twin boys, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Good. Mrs. Good is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Trecartin. All the old friends of years, who reside in Hickory were present. Members of the family were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Good, nee Emma Trecartin and eight children, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Gilkey, nee Nettle Trecartin and five children, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Briggs, nee Rose Trecartin and one child and George Trecartin, Jr. Friends from abroad were Mrs. John Sheldrick, Sr., Mrs. George Hawkins, Mrs. Alec Boyd and Mrs. J. J. Gillespie from Marinette, Mr. and Mrs. William Orndorff and son, of Canton, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Heath and two daughters, of Oconto, and Mrs. Nettie Johnson and Mrs. Frank Warner, of Rockford, Ill., Mrs. George Good, of Oconto and Mrs. E. S. Hubbell, of Chicago. 

Numerous, beautiful and appropriate gifts testified to the esteem and friendship of the guests. The gift which attracted the most attention and admiration was a beautiful sofa pillow, the handiwork of Mrs. Jane Peters, mother of Mrs. Trecartin and Mrs. John Sheldrick. Mrs. Peters is ninety years of age and it was much regretted that she was unable to be present. If she had been, four generations would have been represented.

Mrs. Peters resides with Mrs. Sheldrick at Marinette and the journey was too much for her to undertake. A bountiful and elegant supper was served under the direction of Mrs. Hubbell who is now a caterer at Chicago. She is an old resident of Hickory and is visiting Mrs. Trecartin and other friends after an absence of fourteen years. Many old friends journeyed through the years as neighbors of the bride and groom. Reminiscences of forty years were indulged in. Old stories were told, grave and gay, merry and sad. All expressed a hope that they might meet together again at the golden wedding. A great many of the guests were present on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Trecartin's marriage. They found that the years had powdered their heads with snow and their shoulders were somewhat bent with the burden of years, but their hearts are still young and few jollier gatherings have been attended by those who enjoyed the hospitality of the occasion.

The following is the list of jurors drawn for the November term of circuit court on last Saturday:
Charles McAllister ,Charles Kessler of Spruce
Julius DeMaiffe, H. D. Whitcomb of Little Suamico
Warren Cooley of  Maple Valley
George Don Levy, Albert Shilling, Albert Hidde, Frank Knapp, George Classon, Albert Klass, Phil Lingelbach, Nick Strack, Ed Milledge, Paul Grunert of Oconto
Charles Birr, Thomas Goodman, Lewis Ruche of Chase
J. P. Brazeau of Brazeau
Ferdinand Nicholas, John Chatell, George Sargent, Frank Hifenbergh, A. W. Grunwaldt of Pensaukee
John McLean, A. E. Pelkey of Lena
Henry Bubolz, Robert Hintz of Underhill
Thomas Savage, Peter Gomber of Gillett
William O'Neil of Stiles
August Zipple of Oconto Falls
Sever Anderson of Armstrong
August Otto of How
Samuel McDowell, William Jackson of Little River

Kewaunee, Wis., April 2, '92 - Editor New Era: I have noticed the frequent references in the newspapers relative to John Wattawa's abusing other people on account of their nationality. I have also noticed Wattawa's denial of this and his reference to those who made those statements as liars. I chance to know something about this, and inasmuch as he sees fit to bring my name into the controversy, I will state it: At the close of a spring election three or four years ago, after some of the candidates of this man Wattawa had been defeated. I heard him publicly and earnestly, on the street, denounce the Germans as "d-----d Dutch -----------" for having voted against his candidate. At least two others were present who heard and remember the same, and Mr. Wattawa can have their names at any time he sees fit to call for them. Furthermore I took I occasion to charge Mr. Wattawa to his face with having used derogatory language, and he did not deny it. I know a little something about his pension practice also. E. A. DUVALL.  E. A. Duvall is a son of Joseph Duvall, a member of the state central committee, and the leading merchant, as well as a banker, in that city. 

About thirty ladies enjoyed Mrs. M. P. Bellew's hospitality Wednesday afternoon at a "Stocking Bee" given in honor of Mrs. E. A. Wescott. The guests were old friends of Mrs. Wescott and were invited to bring stockings for darning. Mrs. Cleveland Keith won as a prize for the best work a pair of infant stockings, while the consolation prize awarded to Mrs. E. M. Bellew was a stocking darner. The invitations were issued on paper stockings, decorations tissue paper stockings, place cards card board stockings tied with zephyr and souvenirs bon bon stockings. Delicious refreshments many of which were cut in the form of stockings were gracefully served by four of Mrs. Bellew's juvenile friends namely, Mesdames E. F. Paramore, Chas. Hall, T. H. Phelps and E. C. Whitney.

BUYING POTATOES: The potato warehouse is now ready and I will be prepared to begin buying potatoes next Monday, Oct. 20. Round white potatoes 24 cents, long white 23
cents, red 20 cents Ed Cota

Joseph Lishka, who had his right foot amputated July 19 as the result of an injury received at the Holt Lumber Company's mill, was taken to the hospital at Green Bay Monday to have another piece of the bone taken off as the  limb was not healing properly.

OUR BAND:  Our band is doing excellent work now under the direction of Mr. Menkee and is holding a regular rehearsal once each week for all members and two or times each week for the purpose of instructing the members that are young in the work. There is a chance for three or four more bright young men who would like to take up alto or clarinet.

On Tuesday of this week there were numerous candidates in town: Assemblyman Badour, Register of Deed Wensing, Clerk of the Court Kadlec, Treasurer Dionne, Lieut. Gov. Wattawa and Hon. John Visch of Milwaukee were circulating among their constituents and in the evening all went to Spruce, where a grand Democratic rally was held. Those who accompanied them report a large and enthusiastic meeting. Attorney Alex Brazeau and Sol. Pelkey from Oconto and W. H. Western of Lena were present.

Mrs. Crooks of Brookside and Mrs. Tourtilotte of Amanda called on Mrs. Widger Wednesday.
Jos. Rosera is on the sick list this week. Jos. Couchinet is filling his place on Hale and Harley's drilling machine, which is at Oconto Falls.
The Ladies Aid will meet with Mrs. Widger next Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 22.
Chris Daniels of Suring was in town Wednesday.
Tuesday Ed Ruelle left for Mountain, where he will run a camp for a cedar post company.
Ed Cayo and son Walter of Niagara have been visiting friends in Lena last week.
Miss Jeannette Marek, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Schoenebeck, the past month, returned home last Saturday.
Supervisor of Assessments Hale is in How and Armstrong this week looking up the assessment of those towns. He expects to be in the city next week, look out for him. He will equalize the equilibrium of the equal assessments to an exact equality, so be warned in time and take in your clothes lines.

Frank Kernan, with Wellaueg Hoffman & Co., Milwaukee, one of the most Jovial Knights of the Grip on the road, was doing business in town Wednesday. 

Earnest Elliott ran a nail in his foot while at work on the new school house.
Silver Bradley of Cavour was a Lena caller Tuesday.
Frank Major has accepted the agency of the Clintonville Steam Laundry.
J. L. Elkey of Mountain, agent for the National Protective Society is in Laona on business this week.
Len Sargent and daughter Mary went to Wausau for a few weeks' visit.
Miss Edna Hopkins is on the sick list.
The Laona Cornet band has turned management over to L. F. Sargent and Joe Burkart who will conduct the band in partnership. Mr. Burkart will be musical director and Mr. Sargent business director. All persons wishing to join will apply before November 1st 1902.

August Giese is preparing for an auction the latter part of this month in which he will dispose of horses, vehicles, etc.
Isaac Serier, who has been enjoying a lengthy vacation, will again assume his duties at the depot.
W. Flynn of Breed was in town Tuesday.
Hon. Henry Johnson did business at Lakewood the first of the week.
D. Burns of Oconto was shaking hands with Suring people the first of the week.
Jesse Scott furnished the music for a dance at Mountain last Saturday night.
Mrs. P. Lundquist of Breed was the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. Allan on Tuesday.
P. W. McDonald of Oconto spent Sunday here.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Clark of Kaukauna are visiting the latter's parents.
Miss Irene Kuskie has left for Kaukauna, where she will remain all winter.
Miss Gusta Rosen has returned home after spending a few weeks with friends and relatives in Green Bay.
Mrs. J. S. Harvey is visiting relatives at Rhinelander.
Emile F. D. Domine has resigned his position with Fisher Bros, of Angelica and is once again in our midst.
John Kuskie has sold his farm and retired from business and will probably live on the interest of his money in the future.
Misses Harvey and Kittie Knudsen spent Sunday at home.

L. Sargent, the popular hotel man of Laona, was in the village Wednesday.
Phil Lingelbach of Oconto was in the village Wednesday.
P. A. Badour, Dug Burns and Lincoln Lee, all office seekers were in the village the first of the week.
Herschel Cooley and John Hansen of Suring were in the village Tuesday.
Herman Ihlenfeldt of Johnson's Siding was in the village Wednesday on his way to Clintonville.
Charles Gillett who has been in the village during the illness of his mother returned to his home in Washington.
Herman Berndt has moved his family to his farm in the town of Green Valley.
Mrs. John Magaurn had his face badly burned last week as the result of an accident.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank McAllister visited William McAllister at Leighton Sunday.
Miss Delia Scanlon returned home Monday from a visit with her sister, Mrs. A. Campbell of Marshfield.
Jim Anderson left for the north Tuesday night.
Mrs. E. Van Laanen did business Oconto Tuesday.
Mrs. York returned home Tuesday from a visit with friends at Hilbert Jct.
J. Brennan did business in Lena Saturday.
Mrs. Mat Van Laanen returned to her home in Oconto Monday.
Grand Dance will be given at Van Laanen's hall at Stiles on Friday evening, Oct. 24. Moody's Orchestra will furnish the music. All invited.


A grand opening dance will be given at Underhill Saturday night.
Mrs. G. Anderson is still on the sick list.
Mrs. J. Holl and Agatha and Ervin visited friends at Lena the first of the week.
We are glad to hear that Mrs. Modine is improving in health every day.
Julius and Martin Hanson are pressing hay at Lakewood this week.
Mr. Carlson has finished the foundation for his new house.
Mr. Wickert and family have moved to Underhill.
Nels Wallin is busy hauling logs to Gillett this week.
Our dressmaker, Miss Olga Andersen has all the work she can manage and more is coming in every day.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. Kassberg attended church at Pulcifer Sunday.

Miss Dora Bidwell is working for James Barney.
Walter and Mandus Henning are working for John Porterfield.
Miss Lizzie Peske of Abrams visited Emma Kelm last Sunday.
Mrs. Lacourt of Green Bay visited Mrs. Charley Thome last week.
Harry Minckee is working for Grant Matraves.
Our school is under the management of Miss Edith A. Leigh.
Mrs. Best and daughter Mabel, of Oconto visited Mrs. Albert Pankow Saturday.
Mrs. John Lenord moved to Sagola last Saturday.
Henry Van Boven is working for J Barney.
Mrs. Fredia Wolb of Stiles is working for Mrs. Henry Van Boven.
Sid Delano is working on the hay press

Fred Luebeck went to Shawano Friday on business.
Alvin Matzke came home Monday from Mores, Ashland Co., where he was working for P. B. Chase in the sawmill for about nine months.
H. Hankwitz and Alvin Matzke went to Bonduel Wednesday on business.
D. Burns of Oconto, candidate for sheriff on the Democratic ticket, was here Wednesday electioneering.
A. Ahlers and wife went to Marinette last Thursday on a visit.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
James Mulvaney spent Tuesday at De Pere.
Miss Louisa Noel visited friends in De Pere Tuesday.
Rev. Boteler attended the Synod at Wausau this week.
Mrs. E. Van Laanen of Stiles transacted business in the city Tuesday.
A. C. Weber of Shawano transacted business in the city yesterday.
Ed Brault of Peshtigo transacted business in the city Wednesday.
Miss Mina Plant of Clifton, N. C. is in the city to spend the winter.
Misses Belle and Antonie Deis Porte were Marinette visitors Tuesday.
Joseph Coleman of the Hotel Beyer, was a Milwaukee visitor this week.
Mrs. I. Shafford returned Tuesday from a two weeks' visit in Milwaukee.
F. Cross of Wausau was the guest of C. H. Thomas and family over Sunday. \
Miss Julia Tibbitts returned home Tuesday from her vacation of several weeks.
Don Aird of Kaukauna was in the city Tuesday to attend the dance at Turner Opera House.
Miss Violetta Morrow was a guest of Miss Theresa Ziegers at De Pere, the last three days.
Miss Flora McAllister of Marinette was a guest at the A. McAllister home the first of the week.
Mrs. C. R. Macartney of Beaver Falls, Pa., is a guest at the home of her son, Rev. J. R. Macartney.
Mrs. S. J. Files and Miss Lucile Brazeau visited friends in Marinette, a few days of this week.
Rev. J. R. Macartney went to Wausau Tuesday to attend the annual meeting of the Wisconsin synod.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pendleton of Everett, Washington, are in the city the city guests at the Millidge home.
Mrs. Reinhart Fenske entertained a few friends at dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. George Groth of Madison.
Mrs. F. A. Dodge of Shawano was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ed Ford, several days this week. She returned home yesterday.
Dr. C. E. Sisson who had been a guest if Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Perry, returned to his home in Elgin, Ill., last Friday afternoon.
Hon. Edward Scofield was in Milwaukee in attendance at Senator Spooner's speech at Schlitz park Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bodenbach of Milwaukee were in the city the first of the week, guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George
J. H. Waggoner.
Mrs. George Fritsen and Mrs. Andrew Anderson left Monday to join their husbands at Niobrara, Kansas,. They will remain through the winter.
The Misses Minerva Thomas of Oconto Falls and Libbie Thomas of Kelley Brook spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Thomas.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reid accompanied by Mrs. Reid' sister, Miss Margaret Krueger, are home visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Krueger.
L. Tuttle of Brookside was in the city Wednesday with 150 pounds of strained honey. He reports a poor yield this year on account of the great amount of wet weather.
A. McAllister is enjoying a visit at his old home at New Mills, New Brunswick, where he will probably stay there several weeks. This is his first visit there for a number of years.
Word was received yesterday that Sheldon Cook is ill with typhoid fever in the hospital at Sault Ste. Marie. It is thought he is not dangerously ill, but that the fever will have to run its course.
The Rev. Corcoran one of the professors in St. Vincent's institute of Chicago stopped off here Wednesday on his way to Escanaba to call on B. Mulvaney whose son George, attends the institute.
Mr. and Mrs. George Groth, who were married Wednesday, Oct. 8, at Madison and are on their wedding tour north stopped here to enjoy a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Arndt and cousin Edith.
Mrs. Duane Jones and two daughters, of Wausau and mother, Mrs. Daniel Jones, of Fond du Lac, came last Friday for a visit with Mrs. J. G. Campbell and Mrs. H. J. Germond. They returned Monday for Wausau.
Editor Badour of the Enterprise received word Tuesday that his father, J. A. Badour, died at his home in Grand Rapids, Mich., on the previous evening. Mr. Badour was 78 years old and had not been in good health for some time.
Mrs. S. Schauers, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. Giguere, for the last two weeks at Wausaukee and Lena, has returned home accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Giguere and children, who will visit friends, here a short time and will also visit Appleton before returning to their home.
George Lince of Brookside was in the city Monday and in speaking of his recent visit to his old home in Jefferson county, N. Y., remarked the more rapid strides the west is making compared with the east. Of his old associates none knew him not even his mother. He had been away 32 years.
L. C. Harvey received a telegram this morning that his mother, who recently went to Rhinelander for a visit, was dangerously ill and again about 11:00 a. m. that she was sinking. He immediately sent a team for his father, and sister Bessie, who are at the farm in Chase and they will leave for Rhinelander at five o'clock this afternoon. As Mrs. Harvey has been afflicted with Bright's disease for sometime it is very much feared she may not recover.
Congressman E. S. Minor was in the city this week looking over the political situation and while here looked over our harbor and suggested a plan of procedure that would insure us a good harbor.
M. M. MacQueen has a line new furniture wagon put into service this week that is a credit to the business and also to our workmen who made it, Ernest Hantschell and George Curren.
Mrs. William Adams went to Escanaba, Mich., yesterday, where she will spend the winter with Mrs. G. H. Gallaher.
William Underhill has been seriously ill for several days and as we go to press is reported no better.
Mrs. Tillie Pendleton of Green Bay was the guest of friends in the city this week.
L. Jensen went to Florence last Saturday for a visit and returned Sunday evening.
C. A. H. Porter went to Florence last Friday and returned Sunday evening.

Oconto County Reporter
October 24 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

Mrs. H. J. Germond entertained about thirty-five guests at thimbles Tuesday afternoon and a like number yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Germond is a charming hostess and the two events were very enjoyable to her guests. Choice refreshments were daintily served by the Misses Irene Gilkey, Eva Mann and Vie Germond. The favors were carnations. The guests from out of the city were Mesdames C. E. Sisson, Elgin, Ill., W. H. Orendorf, Canton, Ill., D. L. Ullman and B. W. Lederer, Appleton, and C. R. Macartney, of Beaver Falls, Pa.

About one hundred ladies enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. George Beyer at her capacious home on Park Avenue Wednesday afternoon at a five o'clock tea. The house and tables were beautified with roses, smilax, chrysanthemums and cut flowers, with carnations for favors. The delicious repast was tastefully served by Misses Evangeline Johnson, Mabel Richard, Adelaide Hurt, Sue Waggoner, Laura Schultz, Ella Jennings Agnes Cook and Bessie Hall. The following guests from out of the city were present: Mesdames Manfred Jacobi of Green Bay, C. R. Macartney of Beaver Falls, Pa., B. W. Lederer and D. L. Ullman of Appleton and W. H. Orendorf of Canton, Ill., and Misses Mabel Richard of Menominee and Evangeline Johnson of Chicago.

About sixty ladies and gentlemen gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mulvaney Monday evening without having sent notice of their coming. After a very enjoyable time spent in progressive cinch, choice refreshments were served.


We present herewith a picture of the Goodrich and Martineau Company store as it appears with the new addition that was opened to their trade last Saturday. This institution is one of which all our citizens should be proud as it is an indication not only of the enterprise and push of our business men who are determined to keep up with the best the times affords, but also of the solid and prosperous growth in the material condition of our community.

The building which they now occupy with their dry goods department is 80 feet front on Main street, with a depth of 90 feet on Superior street, both floors of which are filled with goods of every description in their line, and so well lighted that goods may be seen to advantage in any portion of the building. They have installed the air line system of carriers running from every department to the cashier's and bundle wrappers' desks located in the gallery. In the old apartment are to be found the general line of dry goods, ladies' furnishings, clocks and carpets, while in the new is their large line of gentlemen's clothing and furnishings. The back wall of both rooms on the first door is taken up with gentlemen's, ladies' and children's shoes. This large business has grown in fourteen years under the able management of A. M. Martineau, the president and manager of the company, from a small beginning in one room on Superior street and is a credit to his business ability. A factor which has contributed in no small degree to this success has been the liberal and judicious advertising under their capable ad manager, John M. Martineau, whose talking "ads" have led many a prospective buyer into their place of business.

Wm. Pankratz of Menasha was in town Saturday.
Jonas Hamberg of Mosling is here making preparations for logging this winter.
J. E. Johnson is building a warehouse alongside his store.
Levi Hale of Lena registered at the North Star Hotel the other day.
Mrs. Elnarah White sold her farm Saturday to a gentleman from Cecil. We understand the consideration is $1600.
Louis Peterson of Leopolis bought 40 acres of land from A. W. Breed last week. He will move up here next spring and commence farming.
Antone Coleman of Mountain was a business caller Friday.
C. F. Hall of Cecil, who about a year ago bought the farm of Geo. Hoffman has now moved up here and will work the farm himself.
Miss Tillie Olsen of Mountain was sewing for Mrs. Lizzie Linquist last week.
Fred Grippentraugh and Mr. Caine of Mountain were in town Sunday.
A brother to George Porter lately returned from the state of Washington is the guest of the Porters.
J. E. Johnson was in Oconto Tuesday and listened to Senator Quarels' speech.
Dell Johnson and Jonas Hamberg did business in Gillett and Underhill Wednesday.
P. W. Peterson sold his farm to Angus Kruz of Cecil, Wednesday, for a consideration of $975.
P. Lundquist attended to business at Oconto and Oconto Falls the first of the week.


Mrs. Chas. Chase of Oconto is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fenske this week.
Mrs. Angeline Smith and son Raymond, went to Crystal Falls last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Fenske drove to Green Bay one day last week on business.
Mrs. Henry Kohne who been on the sick list for a long time is gaining slowly.
Mr. Allians has sold his farm and intends to try the northern country.
Ed. Grosse and Herman Lade went to Green Bay Monday on business.
Robert Scarrah has gone to Green Bay to live.
Mr. Lade is quite busy loading a car of oats this week.


Fred Knuth left Monday for Oshkosh to have an operation performed. His brother Renold, James McCurdey and Otto Brunk left Wednesday to accompany him while being operated upon. The operation was to have been performed yesterday.
Misses Annie Foss and Bridget Devereaux visited home Sunday.
Miss Alice Fitzgerald of Oconto Falls visited Miss Tot McIver Saturday and Sunday.
J. Van Debourger our popular mill boss left Saturday for his home in Marinette.
Miss Nellie Alvord and her sister Mrs. Andrew Jarvey drove to Oconto Falls Sunday.
Arthur Caldwell of Oconto Falls did business here Wednesday.
Miss Myrtle Welock returned home from Marinette last week where she attended school for a few months.
Misses Deal and May Scanlon drove to Oconto Falls Sunday.
Mrs. and Mrs. D. Colson of School Section visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jarvey Sunday.
E. Van Laanen came home from Underhill last Saturday evening.
J. Van Debogard made a flying trip to Marinette Tuesday.
Mrs.  E. Van Laanen and Mrs. T. Stearns attended L. O. T. M. meeting at Oconto Falls last Tuesday.
Mrs. York visited at her home in Hilbert Jct. last week.


Miss Olga Andersen went to Saturday and returned Monday.
A surprise party was at home of Jonas Hamberg last night. All the young people report a  good time.
Martin and Julius Hanson who had been at Lakewood returned Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson of Lakewood returned home last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson of Lakewood visited at Gust Anderson's Sunday.
Mrs. N. Nelson and children of Mountain are visiting Mrs. Nelson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallis.
Dagmer Sorensen visited Gillett Saturday and Sunday.
Arthur Sellnow shot a rabbit while out hunting Sunday, while his cousin, Julius Pfeiffer, shot a fox.
Glen Hagen, who has been at Mosling for some time has returned to his home at Advance.


Last Friday Joe Meaner gave a turkey shoot which was well attended and about thirty-five turkeys were disposed of Henry Johnson, who got five turkeys, was the luckiest man. Some of our county candidates of both parties were present.
Last Saturday Hilbert and Alla Hankwitz drove to Bonduel to spend Sunday with friends.
H. Hankwitz went to Oconto Monday to hear Senator Quarles speak.
Last evening Mr. Hotschick of Madison addressed our citizens on Republican policies, in the German language.
John Hoeffs went to Shawano Monday on business.
Frank Gouthier came home from the asylum near Oshkosh last Saturday, where he has been for about six months. He appears all right again.
Wm. Strehlow (or Stripp) is under quarantine with smallpox.
Effie Krake of Bonduel is here visiting the H. Hankwitz family and to do some dressmaking.
Mrs. Otto Gipp is at Bonduel visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Habeck.
Frank Peterman went to Mosling Monday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Yakel and Mrs. Leo Hischke went to New London last Friday to visit friends.
Martin Wick, who is working near Kingston for Peter Lundquist, spent Sunday with his family.


Mr. and Mrs. Shimel and son are visiting Van Leuven and Napper.
John Armstrong and Ed Griebeler did business at Marinette last Friday.
Holts' camp men and Hamiltons' gave a surprise party on Mr. Duer Saturday. They reported a good time.
John Armstrong and Colon Rymer are running their mill this week.
Dow Rymer is home from Newbauers.
John Rymer visited his daughter Sunday at Marinette.
Misses Alma, Anna and Gusta Johnson are home for a few weeks visit.
Mrs. Hamilton called on friends in Crivitz last Wednesday.
Mrs. Hattie Shimel and little son who have been on the sick list are recovering.
Jack Armstrong and Ed Griebeler did business in Marinette Friday and Saturday.
C. M. Rymer and Mrs. Jack Armstrong transacted business at Ellis Jct. Saturday.
Mr. Brendmehl intends to move on Dr. Schellman's farm about two miles from Crivitz. He expects to move Tuesday.
The Misses Johnsons visited Misses Dillie and Stella Hamilton Saturday and Sunday.


H. E. Smith and W. Fredenberg drove to Oconto Falls last Thursday, returning Friday.
Bert Webster came up from Pulcifer last week to visit friends and took in the turkey shoot at Hayes last Friday.
Miss Cora Raymond is assisting Miss Clara Gerndt in the dressmaking department.
Miller Elliott and wife drove to Oconto Falls Monday, returning the same day.
Mrs. H. B. Smith suffered a severe attack of neuralgia during the week.
Chas. Norton of Oconto was in town during the week.
Drs. Goggins and Ryan of Oconto Falls were in town last Wednesday.
Peter Buchberger and family of Hickory visited at Miller Elliott's Sunday.
H. W. Gilkey of Oconto Falls was in town: last Friday.
J. W. Arney, eye specialist, of Green Bay, spent two days of this week here.
Mr. Hasley of Gillett has been building a sidewalk across his vacant lots which adds much to the appearance of the place.
C. Daniels drove to Oconto on Wednesday.
Henry Netzer is employed at the new elevator.
Our druggist is kept very busy serving his customers. Mr. Trompczyski has a first class drug store and is doing a good business here.


T. F Maloney is working as millwright on the new sawmill at Beaver.
C. Crowley has built a new barn on his lot here. It greatly improves the appearance of his place.
Mr. McDonald is painting Jos. Brooks' new house.
Frank Dionne has erected a horse shed on his hotel premises, it will accommodate nine teams and will be appreciated by his patrons this winter.
Jacobson and Brooks have moved their hay scale office back from the road to make way for the new sidewalk to the Catholic church.
Mr. Hessler of Antigo, was in town Saturday in the interest of the Modern Woodman Accident Insurance Co.
C. W. Brown is at Sobieski, Wis., working on the Catholic church there.
C. C. Rice is buying potatoes every day, putting them into his new potato warehouse.


August Pownto, and the Misses Clara and Mae MacKraw visit with their aunt, Mrs. Juneau,
Miss Kate Gray, who is learning the dress making trade at Oconto visited with her mother Sunday.
Mrs. Conell spent the past week in Oconto.
Alex Pelkey and Felix La Plant made a flying trip to Wausaukee last Tuesday.
Our teacher, Miss Hanson spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in Maple Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Corey drove to Oconto Wednesday.
Myrtle Gray has gone to spend the week with her sister, Mrs. Hanson.
Miss May Dionne of Lee spent Saturday with her cousins, Elsie and Eva Pelkey.
The Albert Bros, left for the woods last Monday.
Antone Graef, who has been away the past year has returned home.
Mrs. Connell and Annie Curley drove to Oconto Tuesday.


Miss Anna Wiesmiller and Kittie Basten of Green Bay spent Sunday at Jens Knudsen's.
Miss Zora Couillard visited at her home in Couillardville the latter part of the week.

Rev. C. H. Jaquith returned Tuesday from Jefferson Co., where he had been living to attend the funeral of his youngest sister. Rev. Jaquith has the sympathy of all in his affliction.
The Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Will Nicholas last Friday.
Mrs. J. P. Weztcot has returned to her home at Spalding, Mich.
Gena Bundy has gone to Spalding to spend the winter.


Miss Ruby Smith of Hickory is visiting Lettie Simpson a few weeks.
Mrs. McMurry of Cecil is the guest of M. Berbech over Sunday.
Mr. Weickert has moved his family from Berry Lake to this place as has also Mr. Hartel.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Cragel spent Sunday with Mrs. Cragel's parent, Mr. and Mrs. Hanquet.
Miss Margaret Roddy spent Saturday and Sunday with Lela Simpson.
Mr. Van Laanen expects to have his Grand Opening in about two weeks.


Miss Edith McDowell is attending business college at Marinette.
Jones McDowell made a business trip to Suring on Thursday.
Little Florence, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will McFarland, who has been quite ill for some time, is recovering rapidly.
Miss Edna McDowell began teaching Monday, Oct. 20th, in District No. 4.

LOCAL - city of Oconto

Ervin Cleveland of Chase was in the city to listen to Senator Quarles' speech Tuesday evening.
H. Hankwitz of Hayes was in the city Tuesday to hear Senator Quarles and also to see the Senator in regard to his claim before the interior department for supplies furnished to Indian loggers.
Joseph Ford of Chicago was in the city visiting relatives on Sunday.
B. E. Crane of Spruce was in the city Tuesday to hear the Quarles' speech and attended the meeting of the Republican county committee.
Hon. Henry Johnson was in the city the first of the week in the interest of his candidacy for member of assembly.
R. A. Miniely our next clerk of the court, was in the city Tuesday and attended the Quarles meeting in the evening.
Ex-governor Scofield and Charles Hill attended the Spooner meeting at Green Bay last Friday night.
J. E. Johnson of Breed was in attendance at the meeting of the Republican county committee and the Quarles' speech Tuesday.
Walter Eckhardt came up from Green Bay Tuesday and was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. Funke.
Mrs. Louis Delaporte who was called to Green Bay by the serious illness of a niece, returned home Tuesday.
Miss Louise Morrew, who has been a guest of friends in Milwaukee and Chicago for the past seven weeks, returned home Wednesday evening.
Miss Eva Pettigrew returned Saturday from a two weeks with friends in Marinette.
Miss Jessie Breckenridge, who is attending business college at Marinette spent last Saturday and Sunday at home.
The Misses Hartung of Green Bay are guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Funke and were present at the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Funke on Tuesday.
Mrs. Ed. Breckenridge has returned from an extended visit with her son and daughter at Dunkirk, N. Y.
Mrs. David Wedgwood and little daughter, Margaret, who have been the guests of Mrs. Mary Grunert the past two months, returned to her home in Little Suamico, Tuesday.
Mrs. S. J. Files and Miss Lucile Brazeau returned Tuesday from a visit with Marinette friends.
Mr. and Mrs. P. .A. Martineau of Marinette were guests of relatives during the week.
Mrs. A. H. Griffith of Ashland is visiting her mother, Mrs. A. Nudd.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer McGee visited Miss Minnie Vendt last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vendt and little son, Fred drove through School Section on their way to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bitters last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H M. Soyer left yesterday morning for their home in Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pendleton left yesterday for their new home in Everett, Wash.
Miss Berenice Griffith, who has been the guest of friends in the city and vicinity for the last month left Wednesday for Menominee, Mich., where she will visit a short time before returning to her home in Ashland.
Harry J. Germond will go to Chicago Sunday to buy a large line of holiday goods for the approaching holiday season.
Miss Mabel Plumb of Marinette is acting as stenographer in L. C. Harvey's office during the absence of Miss Bessie Harvey, at her home in Chase.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hume and Mrs. Mort Williams went to Green Bay Wednesday evening to attend a school of instruction and banquet of the ladies' auxiliary of the O. R. C.
Mrs. Manfred Jacobi of Green Bay is visiting friends in the city this week.
O. A. Ellis returned Monday evening from a several days' fishing trip near Lakewood.
Mrs. W. H. Orendorf of Canton, Ill., a guest at the home of her sister, Mrs. F. W. Heath.
Mrs. B. W. Lederer and Mrs. D. L. Ullman of Appleton are guests of Mrs. Jacob Ullman this week.
Hear Governor La Follette at Turner Opera house at ten o'clock Monday Morning.
J. H. Waggoner and family shipped their household goods to Eau Claire today, and tomorrow will follow them to their new home. They will however visit for a time in Superior before taking up their abode in Eau Claire.
Mrs. Chas. L. Keith entertained a few friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Waggoner at tea as a farewell to their departing friends.
M. Waterman of Laona was in the city Tuesday.
John Elliott returned from the Klondike country Tuesday.
A. D. Sharrow has been improving the interior of his barber shop with a coat of paint this week.
Carl Webster came home from John Spies' farm near Keegan, Wednesday and is quite ill at Mrs. Goodrich's.
William Doty was brought home from the woods last Saturday evening with a badly injured shoulder caused by his being knocked to the ground by a falling tree. No bones were broken and he is getting along nicely.
Mrs. Ernst Funke entertained the German Ladies' Birthday club at her home Tuesday afternoon and the large number present thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.
William Underhill, who has been seriously ill for the last week with pneumonia, is much improved and on the road to recovery.

Oconto County Reporter
October 31 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil 
Last Tuesday morning at about 2:45 the alarm of fire awakened the citizens of the east ward. The location of the fire was discovered to be on the corner of Jones and Second streets and the buildings, the barns belonging to J. E Keefe and Wm. Rosenfeldt. These barns stood side by side the sills being only four feet apart. The fire was discovered first by the families of Messrs. Herald and Perry, and was blazing up brightly when first seen. Mr. Herald and son and J. R. Keefe got the horses, harnesses and wagons, from Mr. Rosenfeldt's barn. There was considerable delay before the fire department reached the fire and both the buildings were enveloped in flames before their arrival. After the hose was turned on the blaze the pressure of the water was so very low that had there been much of a wind more property would have been greatly endangered. The origin of the fire is unknown. Mr. Keefe's barn contained about $150.00 worth of furniture and other goods which were entirely consumed. Both barns were partially covered by insurance. This fire emphasized the need of another fire alarm box near the corner of Jones and First Street. The nearest one now being No. 13 at the Electric lighting plant.

Another call was sent in Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. This time it was the house of John Hollihan in the 8th ward.  This was extinguished however before the department reached the house.

 Mrs. J. E. Nelligan entertained eighty five ladies at thimbles yesterday afternoon and seventy-six at cards last evening. Her beautiful home on Oconto street was decorated for the occasion with autumn leaves, similax and chrysanthemums, and the favors carnations. in the afternoon Dr. Hopkins won first prize for working the best buttonhole in five minutes and Mrs. Dr. Paramore the consolation prize. At cinch in the evening Mrs. Mort Williams carried off first prize, Mrs. I. S. P. Hoelfel second, while Mesd. Frank  Heath and Frank Knapp were given the consolation award. Delicious refreshments were served and Mrs. Nelligan's hospitality thoroughly enjoyed. The guests from outside the city who were present are Mesdames Cleary, Carney and Campbell, Marinette; Armstrong, Beaver; Lord, Oconto Falls; Sharkey, Hilbert; Jacobi, Green Bay; Dill, Iron Mountain. Mich., and Orendorf, Canton, Ill.

For Congress:  We present herewith the portrait of the Republican nominee for member of congress from this, the Ninth, congressional district. Edward S. Minor was born in Jefferson county, New York, in 1840, and when five years old came to Wisconsin with his parents, settling in Milwaukee county. In 1857 he moved to Door county, where he now resides. He enlisted in the 2nd Wis. Vol. cavalry as a private and served in all its campaigns until his discharge with his company as its first lieutenant. After the close of the war he was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Sturgeon Bay until 1884, when he was appointed superintendent of the Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan ship canal, which position he held for seven years. He has often been called to local positions of trust, served as mayor of Sturgeon Bay, three terms in the assembly, two in the state senate, four years on the Wisconsin fish commission and the last eight years as member of what was the old Eighth district. Mr. Minor's long experience in congress; and other walks of public life coupled with his persistent industry makes him invaluable to the district and to the country at large. He is an indomitable worker in the interests of his constituents and the citizens of this city and county have never before had an opportunity to do as much toward securing a good harbor as they can do by casting a ballot for Congressman Minor next Tuesday. His wide acquaintance with congressional methods and members gives him influence that no new member can wield and his large experience an superintendent of the Sturgeon Bay canal gave him the knowledge of this methods of procedure that allows him to present the question to the powers that be in the proper manner and when here he looked over the situation, and suggested a plan for successfully making a harbor that met the approval of all who considered it. Not only is Mr. Minor able to ac-complish better result for his district but he is in harmony will Republican policies and will assist in retaining them and the large measure of prosperity the country is now enjoying.
Sol G. Pelkey is a Laona visitor today.
Judge H. F. Jones was a Milwaukee visitor this week.
Mrs. Amos Young, who has been quite ill, is somewhat better.
A. C. Frost has returned from Florida and is in the city today.
J. J. Nechodom of Lena was in the city on business yesterday.
Alex Mocco of Pensaukee was in the city on business yesterday.
A. J. Schoenebeck of Spruce was in the city on business Monday.
State Game Warden Overbeck of Sturgeon Bay was in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. O. A. Ellis went west to Pasadena, Cal., today where she will spend the winter.
Mrs. H. M. Lord of Oconto Falls came down yesterday to attend the party given by Mrs. Nelligan.''
Miss Ada Livingston went to West Superior last Friday for an extended visit with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A, Edmonds of Oconto Falls were in the city Monday to attend the La Follette meeting.
Mrs. A. M. Dill came down from Iron Mountain, Mich., yesterday to attend the parties at Mrs. J. B. Nelligan's.
John Wilson of Underhill was in the city Monday and was accompanied home by his daughter, Mrs. John Blaha.
Miss Louise Morrow returned last Saturday from a seven-week visit with friends in Chicago and Milwaukee.
H. J. Germond returned yesterday morning from his trip to Chicago to purchase his supply of Christmas goods.
William Underhill who has been ill for the last three weeks is so much improved as to be able to be out of doors.
Attorneys W. B. Quinlan of Marinette and J. H. McGillan of Green Bay were in the city on legal business yesterday.
F. E. Noyes, editor of the Marinette Eagle, was in the city on business yesterday. The Reporter enjoyed a friendly call.
William McAllister of Stiles was in the city Monday to take in the La Follette meeting and made a pleasant call on the Reporter.
H. M. Lord of Oconto Falls has sold interest in the store in that village and his partner, H. W. Gilkey, who now becomes sole owner.
Mrs. W. H. Orendrof, whose musical talent is well known and appreciated, will sing in St. Mark's church next Sunday morning, at the 10:30 service.
Rev. J. L. Macartney arrived Monday morning from Albia, Iowa, where he has been temporarily filling a pulpit for the next month, to visit his son, Rev. J. R. Macartney, and family.
William Jamieson who has been employed in the government service at Washington, D. C., since his return from the Philippines, came home to vote and for a visit with friends here.
L. C. Harvey and family moved Wednesday into the house made vacant by the removal of J. H. Waggoner and family to Eau Claire.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McCall
moved yesterday into the house recently occupied by Mr. Harvey and family.

L. C. Harvey received a message yesterday from Senator Quarles advising him that his father, J. S. Harvey has been allowed a pension of eight dollars dating from January 19, 1898 This will give Mr. Harvey about $450 in back pension.
C. A. Best and family are moving to their new home in one of the Ford residences across from the high school building. Their former residence will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Urwan upon their return from their wedding journey.
Carl Webster, who has been in poor health for a week or so, went to his father's old home in Farmington, Mich., Sunday evening where it is hoped he will improve from the change. He was accompanied by his uncle, J. J. Webster, of Winona, Minn.
A. J. Lowell of Abrams was in the city Thursday and made a pleasant call on the Reporter. Mr. Lowell is an old soldier and says he has voted the straight Republican ticket from the time of General Fremont until the present and expects to continue in the good old way.
George Trepanier, with his family has returned from Petoskey, Mich., where he went to work in a paper mill, and will return to Oconto Falls to work for the Falls Manufacturing Company.
Mrs. F. Cota of Janesville is in the city the guest of Mrs. E. H. Gilkey.
A very entertaining program was rendered at the Presbyterian church parlor last Tuesday evening consisting of a number of musical renditions and an excellent Scotch reading by Mrs. J. Macartney.

***** FOR SALE OR RENT:  A farm of 70 acres, 30 acres clear, good barns, and house, situated in South Chase. All personal property for sale.   Mrs. JOHN KUSKIE, Chase, Wis.
***** ESTRAYS: Came into my enclosure at Kelley Brook, October 10, six yearling heifers, four red and two black.  Owner claim and pay charges. GEORGE W. PIPER
***** FOR SALE:  4 show cases as good as new, also 3 second hand, high grade bicycles. Inquire A. H. Luckenbach.
***** FOR SALE:  Cook stove and other household furniture, extracts and toilet articles for sale. MRS. JAMES GERHARD, Frenchtown, Oconto, Wis.   
***** HELEN M. GILKEY:  Teacher of Piano, Organ, Mandolin and Guitar. Terms: 20 lessons (45 min.), $10. Studio,  Park Ave., opposite court house.
***** Some fine imported canary birds for sale.  Good singers. Mrs. H. Frewerd.


The Democratic rally held at Van Laanen's hall last Friday night proved very interesting, the speakers of the evening being Attorneys Doyle of Green Say and Smith of Oconto Falls.
Albert Whipple, foreman on C. M. & St. P. railway is spending a few days with his parents.
J. E. Friess, formerly station agent at the St. Paul depot, but now located at Saukville, was welcomed by his friends last week.
Miss Kate Glanderman, who has be visiting friends and relatives for some time past has returned to her home in Mich.
E. S. Wheelock accompanied his mother to Chicago, Friday, where she continued the journey to her home at Detroit, after spending a few weeks with relatives here.
Messrs. R. A. Miniely and F. W. Heath, candidates for county offices, spent Tuesday in this vicinity.
A very successful Republican rally was held Wednesday evening at the Van Laanen hall, Attorney O. F. Trudell being the principal speaker of the evening.
Miss Edna Henderson entertains tonight, the event being a Halloween gathering.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Meyers, who have occupied part of the Maloney house have moved to Oconto Falls.
Miss Anna Glanderman of Green Bay is visiting her sister, Mrs. Adam Shedore.
Dr. J. C. Grant of Lena was called here on professional business this week.
Miss Mae Scanlan will leave this week to attend school at Oshkosh normal.

Supt. R. C. Ramsay visited the school District No. four, Monday.
Colin Rymer has sold his interest in the new saw mill to George Michaelis of Ellis Junction.
The Holt Lumber Company 's logging operations are progressing nicely under the foremanship of H. Bateman.
J. S. Rymer and son Lloyd did business in Ellis Saturday.


Mr. Fitzgerald of Oconto Falls, was here Wednesday electioneering for his daughter for county school superintendent on the democratic ticket.
Wm. Kregel and wife move from Underhill here last Monday.
Last Wednesday some of our young citizens had a good time at Joe Massar's saloon. They all felt jolly, one went a little too far on his hands and knees looking for something on the ground he could not find. That is what the boys call fun.


Mrs. Hanson has gone to Menominee to see her brother, George Brown, who is sick in the hospital.
William and Jake Whiting drove to Spruce Sunday on business.
Alex Pelkey and son Milton have gone to the woods.
Mr. Barribeau has purchased a horse from Little Mike.
Mae Brown visited at her home Sunday.
Mrs. Surprise, Annie and Louis Frosch drove to Oconto Falls Friday.
We are glad to see Otto Ellman back to school again.


Mesdames Larson, Redfield, Christian, Morgan, Misses Ross and Eva Livermore attended the Ladies' Aid at Rev. Boteler's, at Oconto.
John Toushak is in Manitowoc.
Will Anderson of Big Suamico spent Sunday here.
Mr. and Mrs. Nickoli and Mr. and Mrs. M. Williams spent Sunday  with Mrs. Kerchner and family.
Mr. Maley and D. Cool are on the sick list.

Oconto County Reporter
November 14,  1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

Chas. Schmolinski who has a contract to grade the road which runs by the school house with his crew of six men was at work near the building when school was dismissed for dinner. The men had their dinners with them and as the weather was inclement they were invited to come and eat their dinner in the school, by Miss Edna McDowell, the teacher. They did so and as a terrific hail and thunder storm was in progress they remained within until the afternoon session was begun. Shortly after school was called the building was struck by lightning and almost immediately was  enveloped in flames. The electric shock threw most of the occupants to the floor. Mr. Schmolinski who was seated near the stove was badly burned about the right leg. The shoe upon that foot was literally torn to pieces. The other men escaped almost unhurt being only slightly stunned. The scholars were all badly stunned, and several severely burned. They were unable to help themselves and had to be carried out of the building by the men. Miss McDowell, also whose clothing was on fire had to be assisted from the building. The most severely injured were Mr. Schmolinski and a little child named Goldsmith who was very severely burned.

The fall term of the circuit court convened in this city Monday. The jury was impaneled after which the business of the court was begun. The first case to come before the court was the famous Hunt case which has caused such widespread interest throughout the state. Mr. Hunt's attorneys, W. H. Quinlan of Marinette and W. H. Timlin of Milwaukee, succeeded in procuring a change of venue, an affidavit of prejudice of the people. Affidavits to the number of one hundred, which were secured in the city and in every town in the county, were produced. Dist. Attorney Gill when change of venue was granted desired that it be tried in Langlade county, but the defense desired trial in Shawano for the reason that their client's health was feeble and a more speedy trial could be had there. The request of the defense was granted by Judge Hastings and trial will be before Judge Goodland in that  city in December. Court adjourned today. The following is the disposition made of the cases:
Ferdinand  Radtke vs. L. J. Newald.  Judgment by default for plaintiff, $148.85.
Frank K. Pendteton vs. City of Oconto.  Verdict directed for plaintiff, $444.50
The Baker Mfg Co. vs. L. E. Whiting. Issues of fact tried by court, law issue to be argued by counsel.
H. U. Cole vs. L. S. Bailey et al. Settled.
Adam Tisher, Special Administrator, Estate of Ruby LaPoint, deceased vs. W. A. Holt et al.  Continued by consent.
R. A. Miniely
et al vs. Oconto Company. Continued by consent.

Jacob Ullman vs. C. A. Schmolinski. Not for trial.
Frank Foelker and L. F. Hanstedt vs. R. A. Miniely and J. W. Pinch. Settled.
Adolph Weiss vs. The Anson Eldred Company. Discontinued by stipulation and order of court.
City of Oconto vs. Oconto County.  Continued by consent.
Elia M. Smith vs. George Beyer.  Settled.
Ross Behling vs. Albert Behling et al. Continued by consent.
William Anderson et al.vs. Samuel Hunter. Jury disagrees.
W. K. Smith vs. William Gordon.  Settled.
Mary Jane Kelley by her guardian ad litem, Lavina Sanders et al vs. B. F. McAllister et al. Continued.
Sol. G. Pelkey vs. Mary Jane Kelley et al. Continued.
Ella K. Beebe vs. O. F. Trudell. Affidavit of prejudice died.
S. V. Olson vs. L. Elizabeth Buckley et al. Trial for present application for change  of venue.
Henry Blonheim vs. Rachael Blondheim. Judgment by divorce.
Mary Zelle Burleand vs. Louis Albert Burleand. Judgment by divorce.
State of Wisconsin vs. Albert Tiegs. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. W. A. Flatley. Notice of motion to dismiss.
State of Wisconsin vs. R. O. Hunt. Change of venue to Shawano.
State of Wisconsin vs. John Lane, Thomas Ward, James Clark, Edward Hogan, F. F. McCormick and James Horn. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. Jozefa Brzyckowski. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. Chas. Margell. D. G. Classon files plea in abatement. Court sustains plea. Defendant pleads guilty of assault. Sentenced by court to pay fine of $25, costs of $50, which were paid.
State of Wisconsin vs. Ernest Blondheim. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. Delia Gardiner. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. Harry Tourtillott and Arthur LaValley. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. Albert Frank. Continued.
State of Wisconsin vs. Dan Fraker and John Fraker. Question of costs to be determined by the court. Continued.
Mary Jane Kelly by her guardian ad litem. Lavina Saunders vs. Oconto Land Company. Continued.
W. H. Carter, assignee of J. H. Seiberling and co.  vs. Albert Zahn. Referred to Judge Jones.
Mary Jane Kelly and Lavina Saunders vs. A. McAllister. Continued.
J. H. Wilson vs. H. B. Conners. Verdict for plaintiff.
M. Kaufman vs. Mary Theresa Durand et al. Settled.
Jacob Spies vs. Mary Theresa Durand et al. Settled.
Libbie Lehner vs. John Lehner. Answer withdrawn. Divorce granted.
State of Wisconsin ex rel H. B. Conners, F. W. Knaus and Carl Zahne, supervisors of Town of Underhill vs. Charles Derks and William Derks. Judgment affirmed.
Ferdinand Albion vs. John Swanze. Being argued.
Isaac Elliott et al. vs. Nathaniel D. Elliott et al. Under advisement.
Frank McVeagh et al vs. Oconto Land Company. Settled.
Menominee River Brewing Co. vs. Jamas McGuire. Judgment of foreclosure for plaintiff.

BOUGHT ICE BUSINESS: A deal was made yesterday between Fred Wright and William Rosenfeldt, by which the latter gentleman became the owner of the entire plant of the Klondike Ice Company, together with teams and everything pertaining to the ice business. The consideration was $2500.    

Mrs. Orendrof will sing at the concert on the 25th at the opera house.

A motion was made during this week's term of court by which Victor J. O'Keliher, of this city, and Adelbert A. Alvord, of Coleman, were admitted to practice at the Oconto county bar. Both young men are well known in Oconto county and their ability is unquestioned. We predict that they will be successful in their chosen vocation.

Mrs. H. Frewerd is agent for Otto Pietsches dye works and dry cleaning.

The post office at Hickory which is kept in the store of Fred Butler was entered by burglars Tuesday night. Their haul was not a very profitable one however, as all they secured was some change, a few stamps which were not locked up in the safe and belonging to H. M. Lord, who happened to be visiting his sister, Mrs. Butler. The crooks did not succeed in opening the safe although there was evidence that it had been tampered with. It is probable that they were not experts at their business or that they were frightened away before they had time to complete their work.

 W. H. Webster returned Tuesday evening from Farmington, Mich., his old home where he has visited far the four months. We are pleased to note that he has entirely recovered from his recent illness and is enjoying his accustomed good health. He reports that  his son Carl, who remained at Farmington. Mr. Webster will leave Monday for Salt Lake City, Utah, where he has important business interests which require about a month of his time, after which he will spend the winter in Oconto.

G. J. Flanders met with a serious and very painful accident last Saturday. He was chopping the limb of a tree upon the block when the end flew up and struck him in the face, cutting his nose slightly and also the ball of his right eye. Mr. Flanders lost the sight of his left eye some time ago and in consequence the eye recently injured has been rather weak. Dr. Armstrong who is attending the case expresses the belief that the sight will not be permanently impaired.

In the case of Frank R. Pendleton, against the city of Oconto, which was continued from last term of court and brought to trial during the session held his week, the plaintiff received judgment against the city for $444.50.  The case in question grew out of a controversy over a strip of land that was known as the Lindsey field in south ward, owned by Mr. Pendleton, which the city took and used as a public highway refusing the pay therefore. It appears that an agreement was made between the city council and Mr. Pendleton in 1895 that each appoint an appraiser giving them power to select a third in case the first two did not agree as to the value of land needed for road. It was also agreed between the two contending parties that each would be satisfied with the price as fixed by the appraisers, which money was to be said by the city of Oconto to Mr. Pendleton. The appraisers appointed were Col. Young, G. D. Knapp and J. J. Porter, who fixed the price at $412.50 for the land and damage to land by reason of road passing through. The city council considered this price too high and refused to pay it, but took the road by a resolution and used it for five years. Mr. Pendleton brought suit in 1901 which was continued to this term of court, the result as stated, the Judge directing the jury to find verdict for plaintiff, for the original amount fixed by the appraisers together with interest making the sum $444 50.

Word was received by Louis Neubauer in this city yesterday that his brother Joseph, who was visiting his mother in Pound, Wis., met with a serious accident at that place Wednesday. It appears that in operating a corn husker one of his hands was caught in the machine which crushed and held the mutilated member. It was necessary to take the machine apart in order to release him, during which time he suffered much pain. Mr. Neubauer is in the employ of the American Express Company and has a run out of Milwaukee.

Adolph Gauthier, who is employed at the paper mill at Oconto Falls, met with a severe accident while at work here Tuesday morning. He was turning the felt on the No. 1 paper machine when his hand in some manner got caught in the belt, which pulled his arm into the roller, breaking it in several places between the elbow and shoulder. Dr. Ohswaldt was called who attended to the injury.

J. M. Porterfield raised on two-thirds of an acre of land a crop of sugar beets only a trifle behind that of W. K. Smith which we reported recently and which by the way we through an error reported 4,000 pounds too low, the total yield being 24,040 pounds instead of 25,040. Mr. Porterfield's yield was 23,895 pounds; only 145 pounds behind Mr. Smith's. These beets have not been tested as to the content of sugar, but there is no question as to the percentage being high. The tests made this year make it plain that our farmers can raise large crops of beets rich in sugar. The above was in type for last week but was crowded out on account of an excess of other matters, but since that time the result of tests of the beets raised by Swan Nelson, James Larson of the town of Stiles and J. Hallett and J. Lebenger of Lena have been received showing the following percentages respectively, 14.54, 14.97,16.25 and 15.25, the first two on clay loam and the last two on black sandy soil.


Miss Gulla Valley spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
Peter and Joe Alberts are down from the woods.
Myrtle Gray visited with her cousin Hattie Brown, last Sunday.
Mrs. Jugger has returned home.
Mrs. E. Connell visited Mr. and Mrs. Walsh Sunday.
Miss Ella Hanson and Miss Nellie Gray called on Mrs. Corey Saturday.
Mrs. Juneau is still very ill.
Homer and Elsie Pelkey attended the teachers' meeting at Oconto Saturday.
Mr. Gilchrist and sister-in-law, Miss Nellie Church, drove to Oconto Saturday.
Peter Graef has sold his farm to Mr. Hartie.
Alex Crutton is working for Joe Allie.
Mrs. Alex Pelkey received news from Mishicot informing her that her sister, Mrs. Ed  Niquette of that place was quite sick.
Miss Jessie La Plant, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Lee, at  Pound, returned home Monday.
Miss Mable Allie visited with her grandma last Wednesday.
Norbert Allie lost another cow last week.
Mrs. Wm. Drager, who has been ill, is slowly recovering.
William Allie is busy hauling hay to Lena.
The Ladies' Aid all met with Mrs. Scheffen last Tuesday.
Antone Graef is working for Mr. Hannow.
Frank Juneau drove to Lena on business Saturday.
Mr. Drager has a new horse.
Mrs. Kruger and Mrs. Melc of Little River visited at Mrs. Drager's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. McKee drove to Oconto Saturday.
Antone Cretton and family and Miss Lena Kingsinger, their cook, left for the woods Saturday.
Mrs. Ed Corey is on the sick list.
Mrs. J. Allie who has been sick is well again.
Peter Graef was seen in Oconto Saturday.
Mary McKeogh, who is teaching in Little River, spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Nelson Valley.
Louis Whiting went to Peshtigo Tuesday.
Mrs. Gray visited her daughter, Lizzie, last Saturday.


A. C. Frost of Florida was shaking hands with old friends here last week.
F. Elliott, Art Caldwell and Harry were in the town last Thursday.
Merit Greely of Clark county and arrived at his brother, Sewell Greely's the first of the week. He has rented the Minely house and will make this his future home.
Miller Elliott was loading wood last week, for Post and Johnson.
Mat Gardner left Saturday for Pentoga, Mich. to spend the winter in Krueger's mill as head sawyer. On his way he stopped off at Wausaukee and spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. J. Thersey.
Mrs. Holmes is visiting her sister, Dr. Phillips at Black Creek.
Soren Peterson and wife and Mrs. Hendricks of Maple Valley were shopping in town Saturday and called on friends.
Mrs. Harry Smith is visiting relatives at Oconto Falls.
John Dieck is moving his stock of hardware into his new store which is a handsome building and a credit to our town.
Clarance Post passed his way north to Pendleton and Gilkey's camp.


J. I. Bovee has been transacting business in Oconto for a few days.
Postmaster William McKinley who has been very sick with pneumonia, is much improved.
Gill Moody is home from the Oshkosh Normal for a few days.
W. A. Gordon, agent for the Quaker Medical Association, is making his usual trips this week through Oconto county.
Mr. and Mrs. George DeLano entertained last Friday evening.
Mr. Marr and Miss Brazier entertained the upper department school pupils recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Delan Barker are expected here this week having been in Wyoming the past few years.
Rev. Jaquith assisted in the work on the Sampson church Monday.
Mrs. Gray and children spent Sunday with relatives in Brookside.
Mrs. R. B. Yeaton and Mrs. Lowell visited at Mrs. Livermore's in School Section one day last week.
The Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Davie Bauders Thursday afternoon.


Otto Hemlke, section foreman on the Klondike road between Claywood and Gillett, was transacting business at Claywood one day this week.
Mary Schuster is working at August Peterman's.
The Misses Dagmer and Hilda Johnson spent Sunday with friends at Gillett.
Miss Hannah Christiansen returned home last week from Oconto, where she has been attending sewing school.
Mr. Larsen has his new house nearly completed.
Our teacher, Miss Flynn spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents at Oconto.
Willie Christiansen has been confined to the house the past few days with a severe cold.
A. Peterson, accompanied by Nels and Antone Jorgenson went away for a few days on a hunting trip.
Mrs. Nels Jorgenson accompanied by her sister, Jennie Wood visited relatives at Hintz one day this week.


Mrs. M. Dally of Oconto is visiting friends here.
Mrs. Price of Laona is visiting Mrs. C. Kenkey this week.
Miss May Sanborn attended the teachers' meeting at Oconto last Saturday.
Misses Alice Bedore and Alice Jarvey drove to Oconto last Friday.
Miss Emma Foss visited Oconto friends last week.
Miss Maggie McCarthy left Monday for Green Bay.
Miss Alice Ryan visited Miss Nellie Ryan, at Oconto Falls last week.
Mrs. Will Ryan has been on the sick list for the past month.
Mrs. Leduke returned to her home in Green Bay Monday.

LOCAL - city of Oconto

Mrs. Will Ross of Escanaba is visiting in the city.
Dellan Barker returned Monday from Barnum, Wyoming.
Mrs. E. A. Links went to Chicago Monday for a short visit.
Mrs. Alex Brazeau visited with friends in Menominee this week.
S. A. Brazeau was a visitor at Lena Wednesday and Thursday.
Herbert Edwards has left for Chicago where he will attend the Bixler Illinois Business College.
Mrs. J. Galland, who has visited friends in Oconto the past week, returned to her home in Wautoma Thursday.
Messrs. Sam McDowell and James Smiley returned this week from an extended visit with friends and relatives in Wautoma Thursday.
Mesdames Boteler, Olsen and Miss Eva McDowell attended the meeting of the Ladies' society at Mrs. J. LaCourt's last Thursday.
John Le Clair and Jerry Reed are among a party of duck hunters who are camping at Little Tail point, near Suamico for a ten day hunt.
The National Protective Legion will give card social at the residence of Mrs. S. J. Files in the south ward next Tuesday evening. All are invited.
J. H. Herriman, wife and family of Smithport, Pa., came Wednesday for a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J  V. Herriman of this city.
Freeman Gilkey spent several days this week visiting with his mother in this city. Freeman is now a real estate man having recently embarked in that business in Grand Rapids, Wis.
Jessie E. Breckenridge, who returned from Marinette the first of the month, after a course in stenography in the Marinette Business College, is filling the position of stenographer in L. C. Harvey's  insurance office until Miss Bessie Harvey's return.
Angus McAllister returned from New Mills, Canada, last night from an extended visit.
P. C. Corbin of Menominee was in the city Thursday.
C. F. Metcalf and George G. Green of Green Bay were Oconto visitors Thursday.
R. J: Hunter of Shawano transacted business in Oconto Thursday.
John Morrisey, an aged resident of the south ward is very low at his home with blood poisoning in his left hand and arm.
L. F. Newald of Gillett was in town Sunday.
W. A. Kalk and wife were in the city Monday.
Albert Zahn of Gillett was in the city Tuesday.
Frank Smith was a Gillett visitor Tuesday.
H. Conners of Underhill is in this week.
John F. Spies was a Marinette visitor this week.
H. M. Lord of Oconto Falls was in the city Monday.
R. L. Cooley of Milwaukee was in the city Saturday.
S. V. Olsen of Gillett is attending court here this week.
J. H. McGillan of Green Bay was in the city Monday.
Rev. Fr. Therien of Niagara was in the city this week.
George Runkel of Oconto Falls was in the city Wednesday.
Miss Maggie Walsh visited friends in Green Bay this week.
Nick Berg of Green Valley was in Oconto visitor Monday.
Geo. Beyer returned Saturday from business trip to Duluth.
Rev. Fr. Burgomeyer of Oconto Fall was in the city Monday.
J. J. Porter of Milwaukee was an Oconto visitor this week.
J. S. Harvey and son, Walter, of Chase were in the city Monday.
J. D. Brazeau made a business trip to Fond du Lac Wednesday.
Mrs. W. J. Robinson of Green Bay visited in Oconto Saturday.
C. F. Yeaton of Lena transacted business in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. Walter Elliott of Oconto Falls was in the city Wednesday.
Cyril Bartelott of the town of Brazeau was in the city this week.
County Surveyor Eugene Fitzpatrick of Abrams was in the city this week.
Ed Erickson of Lake Gogebic, Mich. spent several days in town this week.
George Urwan and Arthur Caldwell of Oconto Falls were in the city Sunday.
J. E. Flatley and family of Oconto Falls spent Tuesday with friends in the city.
Mrs. B. Brophy visited with her daughter, Mrs. H. M. Lord, at Oconto Falls this week.
Miss O. M. Saunders and Mrs. R. G. Baum of Oconto Falls were shopping in the city Monday.
Attorneys A. A. Ebel and George Crawford of Gillett are attending circuit court session here this week.
Attorneys Jerome North and Joseph F. Martin of Green Bay transacted legal business in Oconto Monday.
Mrs. S. L. Heyman and children, Esther and Arthur, are spending a week visiting relatives in Chicago and DeKalb, Ill.
P. H. Lynch came up from Milwaukee for a week's visit with friends. He reports that his eyesight is gradually improving.
Ralph Whitney went to Chicago last week where he has secured a position as bookkeeper in the office of the International Harvesting Machine Co.
Attorneys W. H. Timlin of Milwaukee and N. B. Quinlan of Marinette who are conducting the defense in the Hunt case, were here Tuesday.
Chas Jones left this week for Black Duck, Minn., where he will be employed in a hotel recently built by the O'Keliher Land and Town Site Co.
Rev. and Mrs. J. L Macartney who have been the guests of their son, the Rev. Macartney, of this city, left Tuesday for their home in Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Delaporte and son Edward of Green Bay and Lou Delaporte of New London attended the Baker-Delaporte wedding in the city Wednesday.
Guy Ramsay, son of James Ramsay, is in the city to spend the winter. He has been employed in Duluth for the past several years but has recently returned from Mt. Clemens, Mich., when he has been under treatment for inflammatory rheumatism.
Ernest Baldwin, John Carr, Nick Strack and Niels Johnson left Wednesday for the woods in quest of venison. Other hunters in the woods from this city are P. A. Badour, Sol G. Pelkey, Hibbard, Melvin and Roy McDonald Hilder and Gus Ahlborg, H. E. Lucia, John Kehl, Joe Marek.

Oconto County Reporter
November 21, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil


The following is a portion of a letter received by Mr. and Mrs. A. Reinhart from their daughter, Mrs. Dr. Hansen, who writes of the experience of herself and husband and children on their return voyage to their work in the missionary field.


Dear Parents:  We arrived here safely last Saturday. We were nearly shipwrecked. On Oct. 6th a terrible gale struck the steamer in the morning and continued for twenty-four hours, everyone expected the boat would go to the bottom. About three o'clock the waves were mountain high and one came over the boat bursting all the doors of the staterooms on the north side of the boat and filling saloon and social hall with water, the glass in the port holes was broken and the whole upper deck wrecked. We had our stateroom on that side of the boat and were nearly drowned. The children were in the upper berth playing and doctor was standing by them. I was very sea sick and was lying in the lower berth, with my eyes shut when the wave came. It burst our door in and I got the full weight of the water in my face. The room was filled five feet deep with water and I never knew what struck me. I remember choking and trying to raise a terrible weight that was smothering me. Then the wave receded and the water left me lying in the berth soaked through and through.  The children were splashed by the water and wet through and frightened terribly. They cried and as soon as I could get my breath I called for help, for I expected another wave would come and wash us out in the sea. The officer, or one of the officers and Japanese sailors came and helped us out and down in a dry stateroom. Everything we had was soaked with water, including our trunks and satchels. That was on Monday and on the Wednesday following another gale struck us, but blew from behind us, from the east. We were able to keep in front of it so the boat did not suffer any damage. The captain told us afterwards that storm was worse than the previous one; that is the boat was in more danger. We had storms all the way across the ocean, one day a snow storm. It was very cold and altogether a very unpleasant trip. I never want to take another across the northern Pacific. We went nearly up to Bering sea, down the coast of Russia, or Kamchatka and the coast of Japan to Yokohama. 


  Lovers of music will have a treat on Tuesday evening when Mrs. Orendorff is to sing at the opera house. It is needless for old residents to be told the wonderful voice which Mrs. Orendorff has, but to those who have come to Oconto since she moved away we can only say that probably no such singing can be heard outside of the great cities of  the country. The program aside from Mrs. Orendorff's singing will be well worth the price of admission. The choruses are especially strong and our local favorites, Mrs. Heath, Mrs. Knapp and Dr. Armstrong will certainly please. In addition to the music, Mrs. Nellie MacDonald will, by special request, dance the  Highland Fling. Those who saw this dance at the recent Vaudeville pronounced it alone, worth the price of admission. The management have decided to furnish the galleries with fine chairs, rugs and curtains making them into boxes. It is thought by many that for a concert the galleries are the best seats, if only they were reserved and free from noise, and so, for this occasion they will be the choice seats. The gallery chart and tickets (75cents) will be at Cleveland R. Keith's shoe store, but the regular reserved seats (50cents) will be at Watterich's as usual. The general admission will 85 cents which will entitle the holder to back seat on the main floor. Arrange a box party and secure your box at once.


A number of our deer hunters have returned and the markets in the city are well supplied with venison. Among the successful ones as reported to us are the members of a party of nine composed of A. E. and Ernest Baldwin, Nick and Conrad Strack, D. Dillon, W. Tripp, Mose Pocquette, J. Carr and H. U. Cole. The party mentioned bagged ten deer. Ernest Baldwin securing the prize buck and J. H. Carr two fine bucks. Other successful hunters were A. J. Palm, Thos. Remington, H. E. Lucia, George Frewerd, T. A. Badour, Ed Cota and Frank Richards.


Last Monday evening Clem and Alphonse Vandernack, two fisherman from the bay shore, were peddling fish and called at the home of Octave St. Peter in Frenchtown. Alphonse and St. Peter got into some altercation which resulted in Alphonse throwing St Peter to the floor. St Peter as soon as he was on his feet, threatened to shoot the Vandernaks and started for his shotgun. Clem Vandernack was the last of the two out of the house and just as he was closing the door the gun was discharged tearing the entire side of his overcoat away but miraculously the shot did not penetrate the flesh. St Peter was arrested and brought before Justice Jones Tuesday morning charged with "assault with intent to do great bodily harm." The hearing was adjourned until 10 a. m. Nov. 28th. Bail was fixed at $300 which was furnished.


Last Tuesday C. A. Brigden sold his furniture and undertaking business to W. D. Wright and Co. In the eight years that Mr. Brigden has been engaged in the furniture business here, he has through his courteous treatment and fair dealing worked up a large and lucrative business. W. D. Wright, who will have the management of the business hereafter, is a young man of pleasing address and good business qualifications.  C. A. Brigden will continue in charge of the undertaking business. A new department will be added, that of upholstering, repairing and picture framing. We bespeak for the new firm a liberal patronage.


The new store of M. M. MacQueen on Main street has been completed and is now occupied by them. Their full stock has not all arrived but they have a large line of furniture on hand with more arriving daily. The building is a two story brick, 30x110 in dimension, both floors are entirely taken up with their furniture and undertaking departments. The front room upstairs is the casket room of the undertaking department and is modern in its arrangement being especially designed for displaying the caskets.


Yesterday afternoon the Oconto County Fair Association met at the court house. The faithful work of the secretary, J. P. Frank, was endorsed by the association in a substantial manner. The association gave a vote of thanks to O. C. Madsen for his three years service as treasurer of the association.  The following officers were elected tor next year: President - O. A. Ellis, Vice President- H. D. Whitcomb, Secretary - J. P. Frank, Treasurer - John Lindgren.

SURPRISED:  About fifteen young friends happily surprised Gordon Links last Saturday evening by calling at his home and making the evening merry with their laughter, games and refreshments.


On Thursday of last week while John Van Boven was driving near track running to Holt Company's yards, his horse became frightened at switch engine and ran away up Huron Street. When in front of Johnson's Livery the buggy to which the horse was attached struck another vehicle standing in front of the barn. This broke the left forward wheel and the thills, throwing Mr. Van Boven out spraining his ankle. The horse was stopped in front of Phillips' barn on Oconto street.

The following is the program concert to be given at Turner House Tuesday, Nov. 25:
Chorus - "Bridal Chorus"  Rose Maiden
Baritone Solo - "She Alone Charmeth My Sadness" Queen of Sheba. Mr. F. A. Knapp
Soprano Solo - "Cavitine"  Queen of Sheba …………………………...Mrs. W. H. Orendorff.
Piano Solo - "Polonaise"  Chopin………………………………………..Miss Neva Mayberry
Alto Solo - "Angels Serenade" with obligato  Braga……………….Mrs. F. W. Heath
Tenor Solo - "Toreadores Song"  Carmen………..……………………Dr. C. E. Armstrong
Soprano Solo -  "Sognal"  Schira………………..……………………..Mrs. W. H. Orendorff
Scotch Dance - Highland Fling ……………………………………...Miss Nellie MacDonald
Duet - "Hear Me Norma" Norma…………………………………….Mrs. W. H. Orendorff, Mrs. F. W. Heath
Anvil Chorus  il Travatore ………………………………………….Misses Neva Mayberry and Rhoda W. Smith, Accompanists


  Joseph Beck of Menominee, the self-confessed murderer of Julia Wozniak, 10 years old, on Sept. 28, pleaded guilty in the circuit court Wednesday morning and was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor at the branch state prison in Marquette by Judge Stone, the trial lasting only twenty minutes.


Marinette, Nov. 17. The Peshtigo Co. vs. Hunt examination was continued Saturday. The important feature was the testimony of Clara Sulk, a young woman of Peshtigo. She was one of the witnesses in the examination of E. A. Hargraves, the Chicago detective, who was accused of trying to steal valuable papers from the home of R. O. Hunt. Her testimony at that time was against Hargraves. In the examination Saturday she claimed that she had perjured herself in the Peshtigo examination for a consideration of $45. When questioned by Mr. Timlin, attorney for Mr. Hunt, she said she would not have done it for less than $40. When its known that she admitted a crime before the law the grave character of her testimony is apparent. She claimed that she did it because "Robert O. Hunt had coaxed her." She denied all the statements she had made in the first examination and told how Mr. Hunt, Charles L. Mann and others had persuaded her to testify as she did. Miss Sulk is a rather demure looking miss and during her testimony she kept her eyes to the floor except when asked some pointed question by one of the attorneys.-Oshkosh Times

ENTERTAINMENT:  Last Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. C. R. .Keith entertained a number of heir friends at cards. On Thursday evening they entertained at a dinner. Both events were thorough enjoyed by those in attendance.


Yesterday morning at the early hour of 12:45 the alarm of fire was given startling the residents of Oconto Falls from their slumbers. It was found that fire had broken out in the blacksmith shop of Geo. Salchert and despite the heroic efforts of the citizens had gained such headway that the blacksmith shop and the large building owned by Kilmer brothers and occupied by their large hardware store and residence rooms were entirely consumed. The fire also partly destroyed the residence of J. F. O'Neil. The loss of Kilmer Bros. is: Stock $3,500, building $2,000 with only $2,300 insurance. Mr. Salchert and Mr. O'Neil both carried insurance.

IN COUNTY COURT:  Mrs. Ella Cota was adjudged insane in County Court last Monday and committed to the State Hospital at Winnebago.


Last Monday the Marinette Council of K of C was instituted. A class of eighty-one was initiated into the order. Of this class the following were of Oconto: Dr. Halloran, W. H. Vanderheyden, A. H. Luckenbach, Theo. Meeuwsen, Jas. Don Levy, M. P. Bellew, J. E. Nelligan, Henry Dienberg, and J. N. Bassett of Lena. In addition to these, A. M. Martineau, David Turner, L. W. Brazeau, J. Garvey, Tom Maloney, Dr. P. F. Gaunt and Martin O'Donnel, all members of the order were at Marinette to participate in the exercises. The institution of the Council took place in The Elk's Hall. The administration of the first degree was by the Menominee team, the second degree by Oshkosh team, and the third degree by Milwaukee team. A big banquet was given to the guests in the evening at Hotel Marinette.    


Ex-Governor Scofield and son George started today for Boise, Idaho. They will spend Saturday in Chicago and then continue their trip. They own 10,000 acres of the finest pine, located near Boise, and the object of their journey is to make arrangements to put this timber on the market.

W. T. Walsh went to Oconto Wednesday on business.
Patrick Curley drove to Marinette and Menominee on Monday, returning Tuesday evening.
As Mrs. Gray was going to town Saturday evening on turning the corner at Crozier's corner, the evener broke and frightened the horse, who started and broke away, leaving the wagon and its occupants in the middle of the road gazing after them. They ran until they were tired and then returned home about twelve o'clock p.m.
Albert Allie has gone up north on a hunting trip. Success Al, we hope you will catch several dears.
Mrs. Nelson Valley and son Louis visited Mrs. A. Pelkey Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Graef visited at Mr. Brown's Sunday.
Mr. Graef has bought a farm near Stiles.
William Allie is doing mason work for Peter Surprise.
Amos Valley went to Mountain last Monday to look after his logging interests.
Mr. Gilchrist dehorned several head of cattle for Mr. Drager.
Mrs. Mike Lassick and children of Porterfield are visiting at Mrs. Gray's.
Mr. McNulty raised a barn yesterday.

Mr. McAllan is building a new dwelling for himself and family, which .they will occupy in a few days, as it is nearly completed.
George Elkey met with an accident a few days ago. As he stood talking with some persons and swinging a gun to and fro, it discharged and shot off the toe next to the big one, on his right foot, also injuring the big toe.
Ernest Cole and family have gone to Lakewood to visit Mr. Cole's sister, Mrs. Fry and family.

The pupils of Hayes graded school have been working under the motto "rowing not drifting." The members feel that a decided personal effort on the part of each one as well as the hearty cooperation of all is necessary to keep their school up to the standard they have placed for it. The following have proved successful oarsmen during the past week:
Upper Department:  Clara Yakel, Elsa Johnson, Esther Suring, Edyth Gardner, Lillian Johnson, John Johnson, Cora Suring, Hugo Krueger, Viola Cato, Emma Radloff, Rosa Radloff, Alice Dieck, Elsa Gerndt, Mabel Serier, Mary Massar.
Primary Department:  Ella Yakel, Herman Gerandt, Hattie Wescott, Eva Aldrich, Emma Yakel, Ella Hieschke (Hischke).
Flora M. Carncross, Principal, Josephine H. Mann, Primary Teacher.

The Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Mat Gardner last Thursday and with Mrs. Jean Dorris of Hayes on the 20th.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Serier attended the wedding of Mrs. Serier's brother, Fred Larson, at Pulcifer last Thursday.
Alex Caldwell spent Sunday with his family in Oconto.
Miss Tina Nelson of Gillett is visiting her parents.

Mrs. Geo. Tyrell of Bear Creek visited with Mrs. R. U. Fitzgerald last week.
S. V. Olson of Mountain was in town one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. U. E. Buckman of Lakewood passed through here enroute to Hortonville to visit with Mrs. Buckman's parents.
R. U. Fitzgerald made a business trip to Tigerton one day last week.
Mrs. August Latterman is in town this week.
Wm. Nieland, who has been hunting at Lakewood, passed through Gillett en route to his home at Greenville last Tuesday.

Miss Mayme Dowen is on the sick list his week.
A. W. Breed attended the annual meeting of the county board this week.
N. P. Johnson sold forty acres of land in section 22 Monday to Herman Spiering of Little River. The price, $450, shows that the quality of the soil in this town is being recognized.
Thomas Anderson of Maple Valley was in town Tuesday soliciting orders for nursery stock.
J. Black of Shawano, representing The Wolf River Paper & Fiber Co., was doing business here Wednesday.
Ed Quandt moved into his camp on the Waupee Thursday.

STILES:  A Thanksgiving Ball will be given at Van Laanens Hall, Stiles, on Thursday evening Nov. 27th. Moody's Full Band. Roast Turkey supper. All invited.

Regular Coronation of Evergreen Chapter, R. A. M., at Masonic Hall, next Wednesday evening.  S. W. Ford, H. P.
Regular meeting Oconto Chapter, O. E. S., next Thursday evening.  Mrs. W. M. COMSTOCK, W. M.

Mr. Churchill and wife left Wednesday for their new home at Big Suamico.
Mr. and Mrs. Delan Barker have returned from Arizona and their many relatives and friends are glad to welcome them back to Wisconsin.
Web Leonard, Hunter Orr and several others, who went hunting last week, succeeded in bringing home some venison.
While pressing hay on the farm of Mr. Boles, near this village, Ben Allen of Little Suamico was caught in the machinery, causing a broken leg.
We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Liegeois, Sr., is quite ill. Her recovery is very doubtful.
Mrs. Grunwald's sick child is getting better.
The social at Mrs. Harry Shultz's Tuesday evening was more of a success socially than financially. Every one present ate lots of pie and had a good time.
L. C. DeLano is north on business. He also took his guns along.
Mrs. Lina Dutton went to Coleman Wednesday to visit her sister and other relatives for a few days.
Sheriff and Mrs. Orr were in town last Sunday.
The Ladles' Aid met with Mrs. Peters last Thursday.

Will Race, who is running a section up north, was home on a short visit.
Herman Lade was at Oconto last Tuesday on business,
Miss Annie Johnson returned to her home in Green bay on Monday of last week.
Mrs. G. A. Grosse, Jr., was pleasantly surprised with a new piano recently.
Mrs. G. H. Wilsie of Green Bay was a visitor in our town recently.
Daniel Fenke drove to Oconto yesterday, accompanied by Mrs. Charles Chase and Miss Ella.
Mrs. Angeline Smith returned home last Thursday, after a three weeks visit at Crystal Falls, Mich., with her son and daughter, Mrs. and Mrs. J. C. Smith.
A number of young folks enjoyed themselves at a party given in honor of Miss Cora Foster. All reported a jolly time.
Ferdinand Lade transacted business in Oconto on Wednesday.

Moslings have moved into the new store and are now in nice working order.
Mrs. F. Foelker of Gillett visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Sorenson, Monday.
We are glad to see Glen Hagen back again.
Mr. and Mrs. Burbeck of Underhill and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and children called on Mr. and Mrs. Sorensen Sunday.
Nora Hansen has returned home from Lakewood and is at school again.
J. P. Mosling and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peterson at "The Plains" Sunday.
Miss Olga Anderson called on Olive Eklund Sunday.

Louis Peterson was in town Wednesday.
Bert Knowles of Abrams made us a pleasant call yesterday evening on his way out hunting.
C. C. Rice is buying all the potatoes that are offered and is shipping at the rate of one car a day.
Nathen McClure and John Rymer were in town Monday.
The Wausaukee Telephone Co. have put a phone in Rice's store.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
Charles Cook came home from Oconto Falls Saturday to spend Sunday at home, returning Monday.
Mrs. Sol. Hirsch was a guest of relatives and friends in Marinette the latter part of the week.
Mrs. Wm. Cain has returned after a few weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. J. Greenwood of Marinette.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Digan of Oconto Falls transacted business with some of our merchants last Friday.
H. D. Whitcomb of Abrams was in the city on business Wednesday.
Mrs. John McLean of Lena is visiting friends in the city.
G. C. Morrow transacted business in Coleman Tuesday.
Mrs. W. Richer and daughter Alta of Brookside were in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. J. Gerhard and Miss Gertrude Bowman attended the Richer-Whiting wedding at School Section Wednesday.
Elmer Curran went to Green Bay, where he will be employed for some time.
William and Alex Matheson went to Mountain ;Monday, where they will remain during the winter.
Rev. Eisenbach spent the first of the week at Laona and Seymour.
Miss Maggie Riley spent part of Tuesday and Wednesday with Marinette friends.
Mrs. Wm. Luberger, who has been visiting relatives in Chicago for the last four or five weeks will return home tomorrow.
W. H. Phillips has been reshingling his barn and making other improvements about his place on Oconto street this week.
M. C. Thompson and Peter Shufelt went to Lake deer hunting Wednesday.
A number of friends spent a very pleasant evening last evening with Mrs. James Roy. It was a happy surprise and all enjoyed the occasion very much.
Will Doty, who was injured several weeks ago in the woods by a falling limb, has so far recovered as to be able to be out again.
Claude McCartney went to West Superior Wednesday for the winter.
Chas. W. McDonald, one of the prominent farmers of the town of Oconto, is very low at his home with Brights disease.
Mrs. Southworth of Wichita, Kan., is making an extended visit in this city with friends. She is a former resident of Oconto having left here 37 years ago.
Miss Lillian Whitney of Sagola, Mich., is the guest of friends in this city.
Fred Richards of Menominee was in the city Tuesday.
M. L. Reinhart of Algoma was an Oconto visitor Tuesday.
H. Burns of Menominee transacted business in Oconto Wednesday.
J. V. DeCremer, L. W. Hoffman and C. E. Meier of Green Bay were in the city Thursday.
P. V.Annen of Green Day transacted business in Oconto Wednesday.
Miss Ada Barling one of the high school teachers on account of sickness went to her home in Milwaukee yesterday for a vacation until January 1st. A. A. Blondin of Oshkosh will fill the vacancy during Miss Birling's absence.
P. Nerenhausen returned Thursday evening from a three days trip to Norway and Iron Mountain, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. John Landreth of Sheboygan are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Landreth in this city.
Mrs. Jacob Ullman is enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Gottchalk, of Milwaukee.
Miss  Mattie Lacy was a guest of Green Bay friends Monday.
Miss Evangeline Johnson, who has been a guest of friends in Oconto for some time, has returned to Kelly Lake.
Sol. Hirsch came up from Marinette to spend Sunday at home.
Mrs. Ed. Villeneuve and little daughter of Ellis Junction came Tuesday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hall.
Chas. Schultz transacted business in Little Suamico Saturday
The Kaffee Kraenzchen was very pleasantly entertained by Mrs. J. Ullman Wednesday afternoon. Social intercourse and refreshments were enjoyed.
Will Sullivan, foreman at the Enterprise, returned from Antigo Monday evening, where he had been enjoying a few days' recreation.
Louise Hall spent Saturday and Sunday with Menominee 
Mrs. M. L. Masterson returned Sunday from a week's visit at Appleton.
A company of young people enjoyed surprise party on Mildred Beyer Wednesday evening.
Ed. Richard is employed at Sobieski this week.
Miss Nora Klass left Monday for a six weeks' visit with relatives at Rice Lake, Duluth and Hibbing.
Lam Soon was a Marinette visitor Sunday.
Mrs. L. S. Bailey went to Duluth last week for an extended visit with her brother, George Waters, and family.
Mrs. L. B. Keene, who has been at Green Bay for the past month, has returned home.
George Burbey of Marinette enjoyed last Friday with Oconto friends en route to Antigo
Joseph Heller, James Mulvaney, and Morton and Ed Smith attended the Peshtigo-Gillett ball game at Peshtigo Sunday.
Mrs. Manfred Jacobi of Green Bay was a guest of Mrs. George Beyer Wednesday and Thursday they went to Channing, Mich., for .a visit with Mrs. S. W. White.
Miss A. Irene McAllister returned Saturday from a brief stay in Milwaukee.
Mrs. Angus McAllister and daughter Mary spent Monday at Stiles.
Mrs. W. Barnes and little son, Clayton, of Marinette, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Hantschal.
Rudolph Schultz was in Green Bay Monday on business.
Miss Eva McAllister of Marinette and Miss Mott of Portland, Oregon, who have been guests of Mrs. Fred Wright, returned to Marinette Monday.
Mrs. George Beyer spent last Friday and Saturday in Green Bay and was accompanied home by the little Misses Bessie Jacobi and Eva Pendleton, who remained over Sunday as guests of Miss Mildred Beyer.

Oconto County Reporter
November 28, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis

Transcribed by: Janet McNeil


F. W. John, the genial and popular postmaster of Gillett, and his wife celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding at their home, in the west part of the village, last Saturday. Those present to enjoy the festivities of the day were all their children and grandchildren and a few old time friends whom they had known for years. Mr. and Mrs. John have been residents of Gillett for more than forty years and possibly no couple of the county have a wider acquaintance than they have. Mr. John is in his 76th year. He was a native of Prussia. He served his adopted country through the war of the Rebellion. Mrs. John's maiden name was Johanna Deidrich. She was born in Brunswick. They were married in Milwaukee in 1852. They have five children living, fifteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. They received numerous congratulations by mail and telegram and were the recipients of many substantial and beautiful gifts from relatives and friends both at home and abroad, a few of which came from far off Germany.


Last Monday H. E. Davis opened to the public in his father's; Edw. Davis' old stand, Corner of Main and Park Ave, a gent's furnishing store. The main room of the store has been made smaller by the building of a partition, and has been freshly painted making a neat showy room for displaying goods. Mr. Davis is a wide awake young man of pleasing address and will keep an up-to-date stock. He is deserving a good patronage and undoubtedly will have such.


H. M. Lord, who recently sold out his business at Oconto Falls has located at Lena. Last Saturday Mr. Lord closed a deal with C. D. Gidney by which he comes into possession of the store building, stock, and residence property of the latter. The consideration was $5,000 and immediate possession was given. Mr. Lord is a genial and thorough business man and as Lena is one of the best business points in the county we bespeak for him a lucrative trade.


It is of rare occurrence that a reunion of five generations is held. However, the home of J. V. Herriman was the scene of a gathering of this kind yesterday. The five parties representing the five generations were Mrs.  Henry Prosser, age 83, of Smethport, Pa.; Mrs. Herriman, age 83; Mrs. John Livingston, age 48; Mrs. Spencer Crane, age 26; and Master Lester Crane, age 8, all of this city. It is of interest to know that all five are enjoying the best of health. All of the above were present excepting Mrs. Henry Prosser who, on account of the distance from her home, could not be in attendance. About thirty relatives were present, including A. E. Herriman of Austin, Pa., J. H. Herriman, wife and children of Smethport, Pa., and Miss Addie Taylor of Oshkosh Normal. An old-time Thanksgiving dinner was served -- turkey, plum pudding, etc., and a general good time enjoyed.

(International Opera Star born in Oconto Count - maiden name Porter)

The concert on Tuesday evening was a most enjoyable entertainment to all lovers of music. The house was good. The opera house was prettily decorated, the galleries being curtained off into boxes added much to the effect. The stage also was decorated with potted plants. Mrs. Orendorff was greeted with loud applause and was each time recalled, responding most graciously. She has certainly lost none of her marvelous voice; in fact such a voice is seldom heard outside of Italian opera. We are unable to give any correct idea of the pleasure of listening to her, but to all who have heard her is easy to imagine the pleasure enjoyed on this occasion. Mrs. Heath sang at her best and greatly pleased, responding to an encore and again winning loud applause. Miss MacDonald took the house by storm with her dancing. There was much complimentary comment on the skill shown by the pianists, the Misses Smith and Mayberry. F. A. Knapp and Dr. Armstrong each sang solos in his pleasing way, and the duet by Mrs. Orendorff and Mrs. Heath was one of the most enjoyed numbers. The choruses were exceptionally well rendered. The concert will long be remembered by those present.


Yesterday morning, when Truman Williams ,the fourteen year old son of Conductor Mort. Williams took his cows to the pasture lot northeast of the canning factory, he went to the sand pit to look for flint atones and espied a portion of the hip bone of a man exposed and on digging around with a stick, uncovered the skull. He then covered it over with sand and went for a shovel and on his return dug over the sand for several feet finding most of the large bones of a human frame. The skull was in good state of preservation and showed an abundant growth of brown wavy hair while near it lay the brim of a felt hat. This hill was formerly a cemetery and it is generally supposed that these are the remains of a body that were not removed and that the wheels of the wagons drawing sand had forced the bone first found to the surface. The skeleton was found about three or four feet below what was originally the surface but a driveway had been cut to the pit leaving the bones nearly uncovered.

Notice  The members of the Advancement Association are requested to be present at a meeting to be held next Tuesday. Important business is to be presented.  Geo. E. Bond, President.


In response to the desire of a number of the representative women of the four churches of the city, a meeting was held at Guild Hall Friday, Nov. 21, at 2:30 p. m, for the purpose of organizing a local branch of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. The meeting was called to order by Miss Magee. After a few minutes spent in devotions Miss Lola Russell, the State Organizer, took the chair. Those present proceeded to ballot for officers which resulted in the election of the following: President, Mrs. N. C. Gilkey; vice president, Mrs. Boteler for Presbyterian Church; Mrs. S. W. Ford, M. E. Church; Mrs. John Nelligan, St. Joseph's Church; Mrs. John Morten, St. Mark's Church; recording secretary, Mrs. G. H. Armstrong; corresponding secretary, Miss Magee; treasurer, Mrs. El Caldie. Meetings to be held the second Saturday of each month at 2:30 p. m. and fourth Saturday of each month in the evening.  Meeting then adjourned to meet with Miss J. Magee Saturday evening, Nov. 29, at 7:30 p. m. All interested in the temperance work are cordially invited to this meeting. Mrs. G. H. Armstrong, Secretary.

BURNED TO THE GROUND  The former Mercer  home recently purchased by John Van Boven from his brother Frank, on the School Section road just west of the city limits, was entirely consumed by fire about five o'clock Sunday morning. The fire department tried to reach the blaze but was unable to do so with its allowance of hose.

BOUND OVER  Octave St. Peter was examined before Judge Jones this morning on the charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm and was bound over for trial at the next term of circuit court, under $300 bond.

DEDICATION NOTICE  The new Methodist Episcopal Church at Lena will be dedicated Sunday, Dec. 7. The service will be at 10:30 a. m. and will be in charge of Rev. J. E. Farmer of Appleton, who will preach the dedication sermon. All friends of the work in that place are cordially invited to attend that service. Special music will be provided. Rev. Earl V. Fisher, Pastor.

Special meeting of George C. Norton Circle Ladies of G. A. R. Thursday, Dec. 4th, at 8 o'clock sharp. 

Miss Ida Miller is at home again.
Our school is doing nicely under the careful management of Miss Martha Wollenberg. We hope she will continue n the good work.
Edgar Whiting is about ready to start for the woods.
Miss Alta Richer will stay in our midst for a few weeks.
Joseph Juneau and daughter, Laura, of Cedar River, are visiting Mr. Juneau's parents.
Lewis Whiting went to Green Bay Wednesday on business.
Edward Drager and Charles Bitters left for the woods Wednesday.
Wm. Whiting is building a barn for Mr. McNulty at School Section.
Edgar Whiting is about ready to start for the woods.
Miss Alta Richer will stay in our midst for a few weeks,

A surprise party was given Chris Daniels at Liberty Hall last Thursday and was well attended. Everybody enjoyed a good time.
W. J. Thielke, who attended the wedding of his sister at Bear Creek, returned last Thursday.
Miss Martha Raisler of Welcome is visiting her cousin, Mrs. W. J. Thielke.
Abe and Will Fredenberg  returned from hunting Monday.
Frank Messerschmidt is ill with a bad cold.
Math Wagner drove to Bonduel Saturday, returning Sunday.
Miss Dena Miller spent a few days with her aunt, Mrs. Shroeder, of Hayes.
Mrs. Jensen of Underhill  visited her sister, Mrs. I. Fredenberg, last Sunday.
G. Abrams and family visited with Abe Fredenberg the last of the week.
Benny Donald came down from Kingston on Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Mathews left for Wabeno where they will remain until next spring.
J. Suring and Miss Lillie Best attended the party at Yearndt's Sunday night.
Aug. Giese  has moved into his new residence.
Hon. Henry Johnson and his party returned from hunting Monday night bringing home four fine deer.

Martin Sorensen, who has been at Gillett for some time, has returned home.
Gilbert Kassberg, Nels Wallin, and Mr. Wallin left Friday for the woods.
Miss Paul Pfeiffer visited her sister at Shawano Saturday and Sunday.
We are glad to see Agatha and Irving Holl back to school again (children of the late Joseph C. Holl who died 24 Oct 1901 of Tuberculosis at age 31 years).
Our teacher, Miss Wright went to Oconto Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving at home.
Miss Olga Anderson visited Mrs. J. D. Larsen at Hintz Sunday.
Congregational services are to be held at Kassberg's Saturday night.
Mr. Wenling and family have moved to Underhill, where they will reside in the future.
Miss Margaret Roddy, teacher  in District No. 2, was seen in Mosling Saturday.
Those not absent or tardy the past month are: Benny Moeller, Oscar Sorsen, Eda Eklund, Jennie Carlsen, George Ek-lund, Alfred Carlsen, Godfred Carlson

Chas. Lundquist, who has been employed a couple of months at Bruce Siding, Mich., returned home Friday.
Miss Annie Carpenter came up from Suring and spent Sunday with Mrs. Flynn.
Peter Pestien of Manitowoc bought a carload of  Christmas trees here last Friday.
Dr. French of Mountain, was here several times this week.
Jas. Carpenter of Black Creek was the guest of his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Flynn, this week.
Anthony Grimmer and Mike Wagner are building camps at Netzer's Spur this week. They will employ about ten men.
Miss Ida Lemke is seriously sick.
Miss Olga Mosling at Mosling is visiting her friend, Miss Hilda Hanson.
Little curly-headed Olga Hanson is visiting her sisters, Hilda and Cora.
Miss Emily Johnson is again with Mrs. J. E. .Johnson.

Will Parish was seen on our streets one day last week. He seems to be on the gain.

Mrs. Will Ryan, who has been on the sick list for sometime, is rapidly recovering.
Joe Chatell of Abrams was seen in town Friday.
Misses Deal Scanlon and Alice Jarvey visited Oconto Falls friends last Thursday.
Mrs. E. Van Laanen was at Oconto Falls last Thursday.
Florence Scanlan, who is working at Mountain, visited home Sunday.
E. Van Laanen did business in Oconto Tuesday.
Miss Mayme Glouderman is spending a few weeks at home.
C. Mincke came down from Mountain Sunday.
Mrs. Smith of Chicago is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. Brennan.
Miss Annie Foss returned home from Oconto Saturday. She has finished the dressmaking trade.
Mrs. Price returned to her home in Laona this week.
Misses Heath and May Sanlon drove to Oconto Monday night.

The following is the list of those neither absent nor tardy for the month Nov. 21, 1902:  Upper Room:  Thomas Caldie, Fred Johnson, Jessie Colburn, Blanche McGuire, Lillian Martin, Ida Foss, Granville Caldie, Edward Brunke, Evelyn Bedore, Arthur Foss, Mamie Jarvey.  Primary Department:  Tillie Birkenmeir, Viola Bedore, Christine Martin, Barbara Hartle, Mayme Ryan, Jennie Devereaux, Arthur Brunke, Agnes McCarthy, Claude Caldie, Hazel Caldie, Irene Maloney, Edna Maloney, Leo Clarey, Willie Throp, Harry Burdick, Frank Marlowe, Carroll Devereaux, Nellie Murray.  May Irene Sanborn, Principal; C. Lura Heath, Primary

Attorney Ebel was at Green Bay the first part of week.
Dr. Ewart spent Wednesday at Laona doing dental work.
L. P. Perry coeditor of The Gillett times, is spending a few days hunting deer.
Mr. and Mrs. John Magee of Timme were in the village Tuesday.
Homer Kindners of Oshkosh is visiting relatives in the town of Gillett.
Charles Johnson of Oconto was in the village Monday.
Joe Laev of Milwaukee formerly of Oconto and one of the first residents of Oconto county has been in the village the past week arranging matters on his farm.
J. Wilson from Berry Lake was in the village Monday shipping pressed hay.
Peter Gomber made a business trip to Gillett on Tuesday.
Oscar and Wessley Schaal caught a wildcat Tuesday near school.
Mrs. Watts is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rocknow.
Miran Schaal went hunting last week.

A pretty wedding took place at Mr. Hiram Gilcrece's last Thursday afternoon of their only daughter, Jennie, to Mr. C. Benning.
Miss Gertie Nutt of Abrams visited with friends here last week.
Dan Dunnivan of Wausaukee visited with friends here Saturday and Sunday.
A wood cutting bee was given by D. McDermid last Tuesday. They sawed and split wood all day and danced all night at the McDermid house.
The dancing party given at Ed. Rymer's last Tuesday night was well attended, and all report a fine time.
Miss Belle McDermid, who has been ill with measles, is able to be out again.
Robert Dickey drove to the Falls on very important business last Sunday.
Arthur Cleveland's new houise is nearly completed.
H. Gilcrece and H. McDermot: have moved into their new houses which are very nice.
We are all glad to see George Rymer in town again.
Our school in the town hall, under the management of Miss Bertha Pagel, is progressing finely.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Collier of Oconto Falls visited at H. McDermid's last week.
Grace Simpson is staying with her grandmother again.
L. B. Hurley visited with friends is here the last week.
Miss Gertie Nutt and Mark Rymer attended the wedding at Lena last Wednesday.
Miss Alice Thornton is visiting her sister here, Mrs. Wm. Kane.
Mr. Thomas of Green Bay visited friends here recently.

Frank Yakel of Shawano visited his brothers, Herman and Robert last week and took in some deer and rabbit hunting
Mr. and Mrs. Streblow of Fond du Lac were here last week visiting their son Edwin and other friends. Mrs. Streblow is a sister of Fred Sasse.
Mr. and Mrs. Gassmeier of Dakota came here last Friday to visit Henry Krueger and family and left again Monday evening for Milwaukee.
Emil Klatsch and Minnie Jagow are visiting the Henry Krueger family. Mr. Klatsch is a brother of Mrs. Krueger and Minnie Jagow, a niece. They will stay till New Years.
Mrs. Rosenkranz from Oconto came here Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with her daughter, Mrs. Art Gilkey.
Albert Rockow went to a Green Bay hospital for an examination for cancer of the stomach.
John Deede and family went to Bonduel last Saturday to visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs.  H. Hankwitz went Cecil Monday to call on some old friends
Fred Kruschke is laid up with a sore hand.
H. Hankwitz is  making contracts now for the Menominee River Sugar Co., with farmers of the towns of How and Underhill for raising sugar beets for 1903.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
George V Ansorge spent Sunday at Green Bay.
Frank Smith returned from Green Bay Monday evening.
Charles Davis returned from Green Bay the first of the week.
James Fitzgerald and L. M. Dedrich were Green Bay visitors Sunday.
Earl Tilton of Green Bay will spend Sunday at the Beyer residence.
Miss Carrie Jacobi of Green Bay spent Thanksgiving with friends in the city.
Miss Rose Pocan spent Thanksgiving with her sister, Miss Addie in Coleman.
Chas. Norton and Chas. Schultz transacted business Lena and Spruce Tuesday.
Miss Mabel Hart, who has been in Milwaukee for several weeks, returned home the first of the week.
Mrs. Sol Hirsch entertained two tables at cards last Saturday evening in honor of Mrs. Gottschalk, of Milwaukee.
Mrs. C. W. Stoelting gave a card party Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Gottschalk of Milwaukee.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kunkel, Jr., returned Saturday evening from a few days' visit at Oconto Falls.
Mrs. George Fritsen and Mrs. Andrew Anderson returned yesterday from a two month visit with their husbands at Niobrara, Neb.
John Theide of Little Suamico was in the city on business last Saturday.
A. E. Herriman and J. H. Herriman and family left last night for their homes in Austin and Smithport, Pa., after a two week visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Herriman.
Mrs. Annie Housner of Oconto and daughter, Mrs. Frank Tetek, of Lena, spent Thanksgiving at the home of Peter Neidl at Dunbar.
Hilder and Gus Ahlborg and Howard Lucia returned from their hunting trip in the north branch Tuesday, bringing with them five deer as trophies of the chase.
Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Briggs and daughter Alfreda of Hickory were guests of Mrs. Briggs' sister, Mrs. E. H. Gilkey over thanksgiving.
Dr. C. E. Sisson of Elgin,, Ill., came Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with his wife, who is a guest of her sister, Mrs. H. D. Perry for several weeks. He will return Sunday evening.
Mrs. George Adams of West De Pere returned home Wednesday morning after a visit of several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Fred Schadler and family.
Mrs. Patrick Digan of Oconto Falls was in the city last Saturday.
Mr. and: Mrs. W. M. Comstock and children returned Wednesday night from a three weeks visit with relatives in Ithaca, Mich.
Mrs. Robert Dunn of Ellis Junction was in the city last Saturday.
John Bertrand and family of Marinette, brother-in-law of Mrs. Antoine Sharrow, and her mother, Clarissey Gonley, and son John enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Sharrow yesterday.
The Wisconsin telephone company will soon move its exchange into the new quarters over Germond's drug store  and is now ready to receive orders for new phones to be installed with the other lines in the new quarters.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Starkey entertained a number of relatives at dinner in honor of the latter's brothers, Messrs. Herriman, who are visiting here from Smethport, Pa.
Miss Ella Slattery, who has so satisfactorily filled the position of stenographer and deputy in the county clerk's office since coming here one year ago last June, has tendered her resignation to take effect today. She will tomorrow go to Oconto, Wis., for short visit with her parents and Monday return and go to Dowagiac to accept the position of the stenographer in the offices of the International Congress. Miss Slattery, by her uniformly pleasant manner, has made friends of those transacting business at the clerk's office who will be sorry that she has determined to leave, while congratulating her on the promotion. Cassopolis (Mich.) Vigilant 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Starkey and J. H. Ullman and family spent Sunday with relatives at Lena.
H. M. Barlament transacted business in Oconto Falls last Saturday.
Leah Elliott of Oconto Falls was an Oconto visitor Saturday.
Mrs. H. Belongia went to Menominee today for a week's visit with relatives.
Lillie Frewerd, who has been dangerously ill for several days, is rapidly improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Delaporte and daughter, Miss Antonie, attended the funeral of Mrs. Delaporte's niece at Green Bay Sunday.
S. L. Heyman went to Chicago Tuesday to buy more goods for his department store.
Ben Jackson went to Hermansville the first of the week, where he will be employed during the winter.
Mrs. Manfred Jacobi, who has been a guest of Mrs. George Beyer, returned to her home in Green Bay Tuesday.
Samuel Wiseman has returned from Oconto Falls, where he has been engaged in putting stone for the new school house and pulp mill of the Union Manufacturing Company.
Mrs. Margaret Jackson of Little River spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Duncan.
Miss Laura Schultz went to Green Bay Sunday to attend the funeral of her friend, Miss Lizzie Hills.
Peter Dowd took a spin on his wheel to Lena Sunday.
L. C. Harvey transacted business at Oconto Falls Monday.
Arthur Caldwell of Oconto Falls spent Sunday with friends in the city.
Paul Wilhelm has gone to Green Bay Business College.
Miss Hilda Belongia, who is teaching dressmaking at Oconto Falls, spent Sunday at home.
Dr. and Mrs. McKee and children, who were called here by the serious illness of Mrs. McKee's father, Jos. Wiseman, returned to their home in New Haven, Pa., the first of the week
Arthur Simons went to Iron River, Wis., Monday.
Rev. Macartney went to Lakewood Monday, returning Wednesday.
Joseph Blahnek of Green Bay spent Monday and Tuesday with friends in the city.

Oconto County Reporter
December 5, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

BUSINESS IMPROVEMENTS:  Wittkopf Bros. have built a two story twenty by thirty foot extension on their store building, which much im-proves their facilities for showing their stock of furniture and on the second floor of the new portion have fitted up a modern casket room which adds to the convenience and their ability to properly show their stock to customers. The lower floor is used for work and additional storage room needed to accommodate their business.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Moser of Clintonville who were visiting at W. J. Thielke's returned home Wednesday.
J. J. Johnson has received his new electric piano which seems to be a fine instrument.
The Thanksgiving dance given a Groninger's was a success.
Miss Emma Raisler who has been staying with her sister, Mrs. W. Thielke returned to Marinette Friday.
Miss Ella Raisler spent Thanksgiving with Green Bay friends.
Miss Anna Fredenberg and Dena Miller drove to Gillett Sunday.
Dr. French of Mountain did business here Wednesday.
F. Stackpole went to Mountain Wednesday.
Mrs. A. Fredenberg and Miss Bell Finley spent Sunday at Breed.
Mrs. Clarence Shimmel who has been visiting at Ranch Lake returned home a few days ago, accompanied by her father, Mr. Van Luven, will make a short visit here with relatives.
Peter Don Levy of Oconto is again with us.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilbur left Tuesday to cook in one of Post and Johnsons' camps at Maple Valley.
R. A. Miniely of Gillett was in town Tuesday.
The Greeley Bros. are building on their farm at Breed and expect to move their families up there soon.
Harry Smith spent Sunday with his family at Oconto Falls.  
Mrs. Smith is spending a few weeks at that place, the guest of her father.
A. McAllister of Oconto was in town the first of the week.
Hon. Henry Johnson visited his camp on the Waupee, the first of the week.
Will Parish is very ill at Mr. Raymond's.
Johnson and Nelson have a fine new piano in their saloon.
Robert Grignon of Pentoga, Mich. was in town during the week.
Alex Caldwell went to Oconto Wednesday evening.
Chris. Daniels is doing a hustling business in his elevator.

H. Blackmer is visiting at Mill Center.
C. C. Rice has been appointed town clerk to fill vacancy. Arthur Cole resigns to qualify as clerk of the circuit court.
Emma Walker is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ketchem, up north.
C. C. Rice shipped a car of potatoes to Crystal Falls last Tuesday and is now loading one for Chicago.

Herb Grady and Willie Bruse went up the line on business last week.
Miss Laurella McDowell visited friends near Mosling Saturday.
Mrs. Watts is visiting friends in Gillett this week.
B. Grady made a flying trip to Stiles Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady went to Gillett Monday. We are all glad you found your stove door Mr. Grady.
Mrs. Stickney while eating head-cheese accidentally swallowed a pin.

Rev. Anderson was seen today on Main street in our city hauling a load of hard wood. Guess it must be a cold winter coming on.
Miss Ella Johnson is making her friend, Helen Hallan, a pleasant visit at Pulcifer, this week
W. J. McMahon attended the funeral at Hickory today.
Cooler and McMahon are seen very busy now days putting up supplies for camps.
Miss Anna Peterson, who has been very ill, is some better.
H. E. Groninger of Suring drove through town this morning, making his trip to Lena as usual.
The Johnson boys are busy putting up wood for the cold weather that's coming.
Mrs. H. Johnson our first class dressmaker is very busy for the holidays, with the assistance of Mrs. A. Goodchild and Miss Ida Groninger, both of Suring.
Miss Davis our school ma'am, is going to spend the holidays with her parents at Green Bay.
Claus Peterson still makes his regular trips to Suring. How do you like living in your new house, Claus?
Mrs. M. Johnson is still on the sick list.

Mrs. Mel Whitney, Mrs. Geo. Wilson and several others attended the dedication of the M. E. church at Green Bay last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C DeLano spent Thanksgiving with Mr. DeLano's brother at Manitowoc.
Miss Marion Tripp of Sparta, is expected here soon, to spend the winter with relatives and friends.
There were several days' vacation in the primary school this week on account of Miss Braisher's being ill.
Miss Beth Miller of Green Bay spent a few days in Abrams last week.
Arthur Wilson ate Thanksgiving dinner with his parents and tarried with them until Monday when he returned to Niagara.
John Hyland spent the past week in Green Bay visiting friends.
Blanche Simpson is attending school in Abrams.
Mr. Becker of Sturgeon Bay was visiting at G. M. Wilson's a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Orr drove over to their farm last Monday.
H. D. Whitcomb is going to have a flowing well on his fine farm.
Mr. Winans has another cow sick with hydrophobia. Their loss from that cause has been very heavy.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Shultz were visiting in Little Suamico and Brookside most of last week.
Miss Emma Nowak of Rosiere, a first class dressmaker, is staying with Miss Julia Svoboda.


*** John Kominsky, who lives on a homestead near Loon Lake, had a narrow escape from being killed Sunday. While near Netzer's Spur someone fired two shots at him, one penetrating  his cap and the other his arm. Whether he was fired upon with any criminal intention or mistaken for a deer, nobody knows. He is under the care of Dr. French.*******
A. B. Ames lost his trotter, Calamity Jane, last week.
Maryat Greely of Clark County has bought a piece of land near the North Branch in this town and is building a dwelling house on same.
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn attended the Woodman dance at Mountain Saturday.
A. W. Breed is prepared to make contracts with farmers to raise sugar beets for the sugar refinery at Menominee, Mich.
George Nelson of Green Valley up Saturday to work for his grandfather Nels Peterson.
Miss Bessie Wyman of Oshkosh, who has been teaching in District No. 1, returned home last week.
Louis White has been granted a back pension of $483. His father was killed in the war.
Dell Johnson and Jonas Hamberg and the Misses Mary Johnson, Norine Rathke and Hilda Hanson took in the Woodman ball at Mountain Saturday.
Rodman Gillett of Gillett was in town Monday.
Mrs. Geo. Porter is seriously ill.
Nels Peterson did business at Suring Thursday.


McMahon's Camp.

Our cook J. Kent put up a royal Thanksgiving dinner for the boys.
Jim McMahon, last Friday, skidded and decked 21,150 feet, 156 logs of hemlock. Can anyone beat that on Peshtigo Brook?
The road crew was boarding with A. J. Borden, last week.
Mr. Milbury took dinner with us last Sunday.
Hon. Henry Johnson sent the boys some post election cigars.
Warren Cooley and L. Bowman of Brookside called last Saturday.
Our scaler, W. S. Hager, reports nearly two million on skids now.
H. Wilber has left to go and cook for Post and Johnson.
T. K. Borden shot a large buck last Thursday. Hunters have been more numerous than deer.
W. S. Hager made a trip to De Pere last week where he sold some real estate.

Leonard left for the woods Tuesday to work for Mr. Duncan.
The following pupils were not absent this past school month: Jessie Telford, Raymond Telford, Lily McDowell, Fred Le Court and  Minnie Lindgren. Minnie has not been absent since September 8th.

Michael Ehlinger has moved his saw mill machinery in Jacob Holl's woods to saw some timber and lumber for a barn 45x100 feet with basement.
Wm. Kregel and wife went to Cecil last week Thursday on a visit.
Fred Zimmerman from Belle Plain was here last Tuesday and Wednesday to visit friends.
Wm. Kregel left last Wednesday for Morse, Ashland Co., to run the engine for F. B. Chase's sawmill.
John Hoeffs was kicked on his right hip by his own horse last week Friday which laid him up several days.

Mrs. James Morrissey of Kelley Brook stopped off in Oconto Tuesday upon her return to St. Mary's Hospital, at Oshkosh, where she will remain until her health is improved.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
George Bond made a business trip to Gillett yesterday.
L. C. Harvey made a business trip to Marinette Monday.
John Goddard of Brookside was an Oconto visitor Tuesday.
A.  LaGould of Marinette visited with Oconto friends last fall.
Charles Vendt was a Little River visitor the first of the week.
M. Waterman of Laona transacted business in the city Monday.
Ted Murphy spent a couple of days with friends in town last week.
Mrs. H. LeClaire is quite ill at her home on the south side. Mr. Le Claire is no better.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Teche of Spruce were in the city Wednesday, guests of  J. W. Wishka.
C. R. Bassett went to Shawano Tuesday evening as a witness in the Hunt case which is now on.
Mrs. Harry O'Neil  and children of  School Section were the guests of her mother, Mrs. S. Roy last weed.
Dr. C. E. Sisson of Elgin, Ill., returned home Sunday evening, after a few days' visit at the home of H. D. Perry.
Mrs. C. R. Bassett and Mrs. Maggie Cool went to Shawano Wednesday as witnesses for the state in the Hunt case.
Mrs. W. M. Comstock and children 'went to Milwaukee and Waukesha Tuesday for a weeks' visit with with relatives.
J. W. Wishka has just improved the interior of his photographic studio with a new coat of paint, paper and some fine new furniture.
Geo. E. Hannon of Denver and Fred B. Hannon of Colorado Springs spent a few days this week with their brother, H. W. Hannon of Little River.
The Misses Lizzie Davis and Jessie Lowhead of Marinette who were guests at the Davis residence on Second street, returned home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Perry pleasantly entertained three tables of their friends at progressive cinch Monday evening. Mrs. C. E. Armstrong carried off the high prize.
Miss Lucille Thomas spent Thanksgiving with her sister, Miss Elizabeth at Kelley Brook and was also the guest of Miss Evangeline Johnson at Kelley Lake Friday.
Fred O. Ellison of Milwaukee, who is associated with District Attorney Gill in the prosecution of  the Hunt case spent his spare time this week visiting Oconto friends.
Mrs. W. K. Smith and daughters, Ella, Mabel and Rhoda went Thursday, to Lake Forest, Ill., where the young ladies entered Ferry Hall connected with the university Monday.
District Attorney Gill made a trip, to Shawano Monday preparatory to taking up the Hunt case, which is now on trial at the Shawano session of court under change of venue from this county.
G. S. Elliott returned Monday from a several day visit at Waukesha with his parents and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Elliott and little daughter remained there and will visit friends in Chicago before her return.
The department was called to a fire at the home of Mrs. Sharrow in the West ward last Saturday afternoon but no  damage was done as the alarm was turned in on account of a chimney burning out.
John Runkel went to Chicago Tuesday evening to purchase his stock of holiday goods. He was accompanied by his mother-in-law, Mrs. Dillon, who will go to Montgomery, Alabama, to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Page.
Mrs. Edward Scofield went to Milwaukee yesterday.
Wm. Ellis of Peshtigo was in the city Sunday.
A. W. Moody of Green Bay came to this city on a business trip Tuesday.
Louia Bocher of Gillett was an Oconto visitor Tuesday.
Vic Johnson of Gillett was here for a few days this week.
Ralph Whitney came home Saturday night from Chicago.
Mrs. Quinn of Milwaukee has been visiting her sister, Mrs. L. Delaporte since Saturday
Prof. R. M. Fellow begins his weekly piano lessons here tomorrow.
Mrs. Philip Lingelbach returned the first of the week from Sheboygan.
Edwin Delaporte went to Berlin Saturday to visit his brother Christ.
Mrs. Goldschmidt and two children of Marinette, who have been visiting with Mrs. Sol Hirsch returned home today.
The Kaffee Kraeuzchen met with Mrs. A. Watterich on Wednesday.
Fred Hirsch spent Saturday at Appleton.
T D. Parkinson. Jr. of Brookside was in the city for a few hours today.
Stan and James Parkinson of Brookside left Wednesday for Phoenix, Ariz., where they expect to remain for some time.

Oconto County Reporter
December 12, 1902

Researched and contributed by: Cathe Ziereis
Transcribed by: Janet McNeil

Shawano, Wis., Dec. 9. A lone robber held up the Shawano stage between here and Green Bay yesterday afternoon and stole the mail pouch and all the records in possession of the driver. He stepped from the woods near Louie Joia's saloon, at the edge of the Oneida Indian reservation, grabbed the horses bits and attempted to seize the mail pouch behind the driver's seat. Frank Lucke, the driver, aged 20, clung to the pouch, but the man slashed his hand with a knife, cutting through his mitten, and he was forced to relinquish his hold. It is not known whether or not this pouch contained valuable matter. The mail is all put into one pouch, registered letters and all. It is composed of Shawano mail and also that brought to Shawano by other stage lines. Lucke has driven the Shawano stage for some time. in telling of the holdup he said: "It was about 5 o'clock and growing dark. I was about three and a half miles from Green Bay, when a man appeared and stopped my horses by catching their heads. He then came up to me and said: 'Young fellow, give me that mail bag. 'I guess not,' I said, and when he reached for it I reached over behind the seat, too. He made a slash at my hand and I felt the knife on my wrist. He had his revolver under my nose, and I let him take the bag. He then walked off. I didn't have any weapons of defense with me and was so bundled up that i couldn't have done anything anyhow, so I came on to town. I wouldn't know him if I saw him."

Green Bay, Wis., Dec., 9. The mail pouch reported missing by the driver of the Shawano stage last evening was brought to this city this morning by Albert Fisher and C. Stephenson. The pouch was found under a small bridge crossing a creek near the place where the driver claims to have been robbed. When in this city this morning Mr. Stephenson said that he had made up his mind that the bag was under the bridge, and found it as he had surmised. The registered and unregistered letters amounting to $79 were gone, and a quarter and three stamps were left in an open envelope. The straps of the bag were gone. One of the registered letters, containing about $40, was sent by Mr. Fisher. The thief has not been caught.


John Macris has rented the vacant room in the Chase block east of the Fair store and tomorrow will open up a "Candy Kitchen" for the manufacture and sale of homemade candies.


Game Warden McGee arrested Joseph Burkhart last Saturday for illegal fishing and confiscated his fish net and about thirty pounds of fish.  Burkhart was arraigned before Justice Reinhart Saturday evening, pleaded guilty and was fined ten dollars and costs which he paid. Mr. McGee also confiscated fourteen tanned deer skin while up the Wabeno branch of the Northwestern last week.


Miss Anna Wrolstad of Iola, Wis., first-class dressmaker with several years experience, solicits your patronage. Shop at Chas. Deleware's residence, South side.


The case of the state against R. O. Hunt charged with mutilating and destroying records in the register of deeds' office of this county was taken up before Judge Goodland, at Shawano, last Friday on a change of venue from the county and occupied the time of the court until Wednesday of this week when the judge dismissed the case and discharged the defendant. The defense offered in evidence a certified copy of portions of the last pages purporting to show his interest in the disputed lands which would show he had no motive in destroying the records. The state offered the testimony of the abstractor in this and Marinette counties to show this certified copy wrong, but the court after extended argument by the attorneys on both sides held the certified copy the best evidence and refused to admit the parole evidence offered by the state. This was a practical decision of the case against the state and they rested with result above.

is a question that arises in the minds of our citizens in view of the apparent  incendiary origin of recent fires. Wednesday morning fire was discovered in one of the two small buildings on Park avenue, owned Miss Louise Morrow and occupied by Gus LeComte as a depository for buggies and farm implements and before the fire department could get there it was practically consumed with all its contents. Before the fire could be extinguished the small  building directly north, formerly a blacksmith shop, was about destroyed and Charles Davis residence on the south badly damaged. The north wall and roof of Mr. Davis' house was ruined and will have to be rebuilt. All the plaster was loosed and the upstairs furniture and all carpets practically ruined. His insurance of $450 on the building and $50 on furniture are held by the Royce & Frank agency in the Niagara company, will cover the loss. Miss Morrow's buildings were not insured, while of the $500 held by Mr. LeComte on his buggies and implements $250 was secured when he was still in Frenchtown and never transferred to his new location on Park Avenue, hence will not be available to cover this loss. The remaining $250 in the Brazeau and Pelkey agency will be all he can recover. The building inside which this fire started contained no stove and no fire had been inside it for months. Fire was discovered at the electric light plant this morning by Jacob Spies as he was returning home from the five o'clock train, which consumed a considerable amount of wood and the shed in which it was piled and the general opinion of those first at the fire was that it was set in this shed and from there crept under the iron doors to the boiler room, where it burned about three cords of four foot wood and created such heat as to considerably damage to the room and fixtures and it was only because of the fire proof nature of the room that more damage was not done. No insurance. Other fires of recent date have had every appearance of having been set on fire and it would be well if every officer and private citizen keep special look out for the miscreant.

LOCAL - city of Oconto
A. McAllister made a business trip to Hickory and Mountain Wednesday and on account of the train on the Wabeno branch being delayed was compelled to spend the night at Gillett.
Mrs. Wm. Barnes who has been visiting with her aunt, Mrs. E. Hantschal, for several weeks, returned to her home in Marinette last Friday accompanied by Mrs. Hantschal.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker who had just gone to housekeeping in the Richter house, suffered considerable loss to their furniture the other day by the falling of the plaster from the parlor ceiling.
Albert Vendt and son Charles left for the woods Tuesday.
Ex-Governor Scofield was a Milwaukee visitor Tuesday.
Cyrus Wondrash of Lena was an Oconto visitor Tuesday.
John Goddard of Brookside was an Oconto visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. George Beyer was a Green Bay visitor last Friday afternoon.
Little Claudine Armstrong has been quite sick during the last week.
Charles Schultz and Peter Vullings were Spruce visitors Wednesday. 
Mr. and Mrs. William Wolf of Brookside are in the city on business today.
George  Cheffings of Hickory spent the first of the week with Oconto relatives.
The Kaffee Kraenzchen was pleasantly entertained by Mrs.  Louis Delaporte Wednesday.
Fred Files, who has been at Duluth for some time is home visiting his mother, Mrs. S. Files.
Misses Maggie Welch and Matie Lacey will go to Green Bay next Monday to attend the "Prince of Pilsen."
Will Curran and Claude McCartney went to Suring Tuesday where they will be employed for the winter.
Miss Mary McFadden of Oshkosh spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. McFadden.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Erdman and infant son, Lloyd of Marinette are visiting Mrs. Erdman's parents, Mr and Mrs. August Ellman on Superior street.
John Hansen one of the old settlers of the town of Maple Valley was in the city on business Monday.
G. S. Elliott ran down to Waukesha Saturday night to spend Sunday with his wife and daughter, who are visiting his parents in the Spring city.
R. E. Telford returned last week from Norway, Mich., where he had been employed on the new extension of the Wisconsin and Michigan Railway.
Miss Bessie Totman of Hamilton, Montana arrived in the city Monday evening to remain about two weeks as the guest of her uncle P. Shufelt.
Chairman A. W. Breed of the township of Breed was in the city Wednesday on business.
Hon. Henry Johnson of Suring was in the city Wednesday transacting business and visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M: Comstock and children returned Monday from a visit with relatives in Milwaukee.
Clerk of the Court elect R. A. Miniely of Gillett was in the city Wednesday calling on friends and transacting business.
Joseph Ryan came down from Nahma, Mich., last week Thursday to spend a week at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan spent Sunday at Green Bay with their daughter, Mrs. Henry Nineway. Mr. Ryan returned to Nahma yesterday.
Henry Dienberg has been taking a vacation from his duties at the Northwestern freight Office this week and visited Marathon and Milwaukee during the time.
Mrs. Manfred Jacobi and daughter, Bessie returned to their home in Green Bay Wednesday after a few days' visit with Mrs. George Beyer.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McCall went to Chicago this afternoon to spend Sunday with Mrs. McCall's brother who is a student at Rush Medical college.
The Oconto Advancement Association has ceased its earthly existence and its affairs were wound up Tuesday by a committee composed of T. A. Pamperin, F. W. Heath and T. H. Phelps, who found the assets of the Association sufficient to pay seventy cents on a dollar of the bills presented for payment. This however, does  not cover the indebtedness incurred for the pickle factory building which has not yet been adjusted.
Mrs. H. W. Landreth gave a very pleasant thimble party to fourteen ladies last Saturday afternoon. One of the pleasant features was a guessing contest in which Mrs. H. J. Germond won the first prize, a Battonberg centerpiece and Mrs. W. Wright, the second, a Dresden cup and saucer by drawing lots with Mesdames Perry and McCall, who had the same number of correct guesses. The consolation prize was won by Mrs. Phelps. A delightful five o'clock tea was enjoyed by the guest.
Mrs. C. E. Sisson has been ill during the last week at the home of her sister, Mrs. H. D. Perry.

The monthly business meeting of the C. E. Society was held at the home of Mr. Albert Fulton in the south ward. Though it was a very cold night a large gathering was present when the president called the meeting to order. The report of the several committees showed a healthy activity in all the departments of the society. The following officers were elected for the ensuing six months:  President, Albert Fulton; Vice-President, Ellen McDonald; Rec. Secretary, Bennie; Richter; Cor. Secretary, Lenora Klass; Treasurer, Anna Johnson; Pianist, Myrtle Smith; Editor, Eva Pettigrew.


The family of Mr. and Mrs. Carey are very ill with the whooping cough.
Miss May and Annie Curley visited Nellie and Julia Walsh Sunday.
Mrs. Blair of Oconto visited Mrs. Alex St. Louis last week.
Mike Lassack and family, who have been visiting relatives here have returned home.
Myrtle Gray is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. Hanson of Oconto.
Isidore Baribeau left Monday for Cedarville where he will be employed by Alex Pelkey & Co.
Henry Cretton came down from the woods after a load of supplies last week.
William Walsh drove to Lena on business Wednesday.
Mrs. Fortier of Oconto is visiting Mrs. Juneau.
Mrs. Jos. Marek is visiting Mrs. Tiegs of School Section.
Wm. Drager drove to Oconto Wednesday.
Mrs. Alex Pelkey received a massage last Friday informing her of the death of her cousin, Ed Cayo.
Annie and John Curley drove to Lena Monday.
Mr. Gilchrist dehorned several head of cattle for Mrs. Gray last week.
The carpenters are kept busy working at L. Whitney's residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Fortier of Coleman visited Alex Pelkey Sunday.
Miss Ella Hanson and Nellie Gray drove to Oconto Saturday.
Mr. Galif and family have settled down in their new home.
Ed Corey made a flying trip to Coleman, Pound and Little River last Tuesday.
Mrs. Gray was in Oconto Monday.
Joe Allie is getting supplies to leave for the woods Monday.
Miss  Elsie Pelkey visited at home Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Corey is getting ready to build a new residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Whiting drove to Oconto last week.

Miss Olga Anderson and Olive Eklund who have been at Mountain the past week returned home Monday night.
Miss Constance Hanson is home from Lakewood.
Mrs. J. Holl
(wife of the late Joseph Holl) who has been at Hintz for some time is now home.
Mr. and Mr. Frank Foelker
of Gillett visited at Sorenson's Sunday.

Peter Don Levy of Oconto was in the village Tuesday.
L. J. Newald was in Shawano Wednesday.
James Orr, Ernest Baldwin, Chas. Bassett, Attorney Fred Ellis and Wm. Hall were in the village Saturday, on their way to Oconto.
Hon. Henry Johnson of Suring assemblyman elect, was in the village Wednesday.
James Ramsay was here Tuesday on his way to the camps of the Holt Lumber Company.
John Bergman has bought the Wm. Kohn farm four miles north of the village and will commence farming at once.
Mr. Chas. Wistke, who has been confined to her bed for some time, died Wednesday afternoon.
Chas. Post was in the village Monday.
Frank Foelker was in Shawano Wednesday.
L. P. Perry, editor of the Gillett Times is again in the north woods in pursuit of game.
"Doc'" Kindness, formerly of Oshkosh, has opened up a barber shop in the new hotel. "Doc" is a first-class barber and no doubt will do a fine business in the village.

Mr. and Mrs. Rual and children visited her parents last Sunday.
Miss Lizzie Kupthot visited friends in Oconto last week.
Miss Annie Telford visited Miss Elna Henderson last Sunday.


Mrs. Sheller and her sister Miss Bennet, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. M. Berbick.
Eddy Wieckert and Geo. Ely attended the Thanksgiving dance at Suring.
Miss Mina and Ella Saunders spent Saturday and Sunday with their friends Misses Leila and Lettie Simpson.
Chas. Lamkey and family moved out of town Monday.
Miss Leila Simpson, Margaret Roddy, Mina an
d Ella Saunders spent Saturday at Cecil.
John Frank had his horse seriously hurt last Tuesday while hauling Christmas trees.
Miss Margaret Roddy and Leila Simpson spent Thanksgiving at Oconto.
F. W. Smith, our candy agent, was in town Tuesday.

Miss Katherine Hoyt has returned to her home in Hickory after enjoying a month's visit with her friend, Kate Netzer.
Mr. Philips and Miss Pearl Hoyt of Hickory attended the dedication of the new M. E. church here Sunday.
Joe Weber is going to Chicago for a while but we hope he will come back as happy as he goes.


Gusvav Wascow brought a fine Newman Bros. organ of H. W. Hennings of Oconto last Saturday.
John Goddard drove to Oconto Wednesday.

Mrs. Annie Laplant and little daughter, Vivian, from Coleman, who have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Ruelle drove to Kelley Brook Friday to spend a few days with her sister, Mrs. Jessie Bellond.
Eva, the eldest, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Greenwood is very sick.
A. Moulton and G. LaPage had several of their cattle dehorned last Friday.
Elvina and Verna Corey, who have been on the sick list are able to be around once more.


Upper Room:  

Arnold Suring, Fred Gerndt, Grace Holmes, Iva Dieck, Emma Radloff, Hugo Krueger, Elsa Gerndt, Lillian Johnson, Rosa Radloff, Mamie Massar.  Primary Department:  Herman Gerndt, Millard Johnson, Emma Yakel, Eva Aldrich, Anson Miller.  FLORA M. CARNCROSS, Principal, JOSEPHINE U. MANN, Primary.

Miss Mammie Glodermon visited Green Bay friends a few days this week.
Miss Alice Bedore left Saturday for Grafton, Wis.
Misses Deal Scanlon and Tot McIver are attending the sewing school at Oconto Falls.
Joe Devereaux of Green Bay visited here a few days last week. 
Misses Eva Whipple and May Scanlon, who are attending the Oshkosh Normal spent Thanksgiving at home.
A surprise party was given on Miss Alice Bedore last Thursday evening and a good time was reported.
Mrs. Frank Moody of Abrams spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Andrew Jarvey.
Mildred and Pat Maloney visited friends at Saukville a few days last week.