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Flash From The Past - 1928

Oconto County Reporter
September 2, 1928
contributed by Ron Renquin

Four Auto Accidents Reported in 24 Hours on Highway 41

Four auto accidents were reported Friday evening and Saturday morning on Highway 41 between Oconto and the Brown County Line.  The most serious accident was a head-on collision which occurred between Abrams and Sobiskicorners, Friday evening when Harry L. Whitcomb, 20, was instantly killed.

The Ford truck in which he was riding was struck by a large sedan driven by E. F. Grubb, Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee man was driving his car south and was going at a good rate of speed for he had been summoned home by the serious illness of his wife, it is stated.  Directly in front of him, also going south was a wagon and hay rack which he did not notice until it was to late to stop his car. To avert striking the horse drawn vehicle, he turned to the left and crashed into the Whitcomb truck which was traveling north.  In the collision, "Hallie" Whitcomb sustained a fractured skull and a broken neck, and died instantly.  His brother, Crosby Whitcomb, who was driving the car, and another companion received only minor cuts and abrasions.  Mr. Grubb had one other occupant in his car, but neither of them was hurt beyond a few scratches.

An ambulance was summoned and the body of Whitcomb was brought to Oconto.  Coroner Clyde Davis and District Attorney John B. Chase of Oconto are investigating the case but have issued no statement yet.

Harry Whitcomb was the third youngest in a family of six children. He is survived by his father, Lester Whitcomb, Sr., who owns a large farm near Sobieski Corners, four brothers, Russell and Lester Jr., of Milwaukee, Crosby and John and a sister Beatrice at home.  Funeral services were held Monday morning at 10 o'clock from the Abrams Catholic church, with interment in the Brookside cemetery.

 Oconto Falls Herald 
Thursday September 20, 1928
researched, transcribed and contributed by Richard La Brosse

An elaborate ceremony was celebrated in Oconto Falls on Tuesday which resulted in launching on the sea of matrimonial bliss Miss Sadie Flately, one of the most popular young ladies in Oconto Falls, and Mr. Marion Alphonse Becker of Milwaukee, a young gentleman of recognized ability, genial disposition and social standing.

The ceremony was performed at St. Joseph’s church at nine in the morning, and the seating capacity of the edifice was taxed to its limit.

The Three priests who sang solemn High Mass at the marriage ceremony are brothers, and are first cousins of the groom.  They are Rev. Fr. James Huepper, vice rector of St. Francis Seminary at Milwaukee; Rev. Fr. Aloysius Huepper, of St. Mary’s parish, Belgium, Wis., and Rev. Fr. Joseph Huepper, of Sebastian’s church, Milwaukee.  Rev. Fr. Felix Sippel, pastor of St. George’s church, Ilkhart Lake Wis., is a lifelong friend of the Becker family, and assisted at the celebration of the Mass.  The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Fr. P.J. Grosnick, pastor of St. Anthony’s Church, Oconto Falls, who pronounced the words that united the twain for the journey of life.

The bridesmaids were Misses Dolly Lane, cousin of the bride, and Miss Dorothy Goggins.  The groomsmen were Messrs. Anthony J. Becker, brother of the groom, and Gregory Flatley, brother of the bride.  Messrs. Joseph and Emil Plain officiated as ushers.

After the ceremony the bridal party and their numerous relatives returned to the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Flatley, where a most elaborate wedding banquet was served.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Flatley, and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Flatley of pioneer days, early settlers on the banks of the Oconto River at Oconto Falls.  Her father, Mr. W.A. Flatley, is well known in the business and political circles of this county, and is highly regarded as a substantial and progressive citizen.  On her maternal side the bride is the great granddaughter of Hubertus Wolfgang Plain, another pioneer who came to this county in the latter years of the Civil War, purchased farm land along the Oconto River near what is now the village of Stiles, and with his family and household goods reached Oshkosh by train.  There, as horses had become scarce, he was compelled to purchase a yoke of oxen to transport his family and possessions to his new home.  Here he erected a small settlement, with boarding-house, general store and school building and dwelling houses, and also followed for a time his trade as the manufacturer of pottery.  Mrs. Annie Plain, grandmother of the bride, and widow of Capt. Peter Plain, eldest son of the pioneer, is still living and was one of the prominent members of the wedding party.

Mrs. Becker is a graduate of the Oconto Falls High School, and is also a graduate of Marquette University of Milwaukee, and has been a successful teacher in the public schools in Chicago and Milwaukee for several years, and is a very popular member in the young set in this community.

The groom, Mr. Marion Alphonse Becker, is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse M. Becker, of 999 Fourth Street, Milwaukee, who are pioneer residents of that city.  The senior Mr. Becker is well known as one of the eminent members of the American Institute of Engineers, and has to his credit many original inventions.  He has followed his profession in many European countries, and is a graduate of the University of Lorraine.  His son, the groom, is a graduate of Marquette University, class of “22”, and a fraternity man of the Alpha Gamma Phi and Theda Nu Epsilon.

Among the out of town guests at the wedding were Mrs. Peter Plain of Green Bay, grandmother of the bride; Mrs. Clement C. Young, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Flatley, of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Sanderson of Menominee, Mich.; Mrs. Jacob Maurer, Mr. and Mrs. A. Stromberg, little son Dickie and daughter Joan, Mrs. Ella Golden and daughter, Mrs. Clarence Noels and son Sherman, Misses Stella and Margaret Flatley, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lane, all of Green Bay; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flatley and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Flatley all of Chilton.  All of the foregoing are relatives of the bride.  There were also present Mrs. John Runkel of Oconto, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse N. Becker, parents of the groom, Anthony Becker, brother of the groom, Miss Anna Schimmels, Mrs. Sophia Huepper, Mrs. Anthony Becker and Mrs. Hannah Mueller, all of Milwaukee.

Mr. and Mrs. Becker will make a considerable tour among places of interest throughout the west and south, and on their return will commence housekeeping in a newly erected home in the city of Milwaukee.  


Rev. J.H. Huhn of Luxemburg visited his sister, Mrs. B.R. Reiss, in this village, Sunday.

M. Melziva and son William returned on Tuesday of last week from Detroit, Mich., after spending the summer in that city.

Oconto Falls

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Peterson, son Orville, and daughter Mrs. Kenneth Carlson, and Mrs. R.P. Smith motored to Green Bay yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. M.J. Bonn and brother Maynard Lunde, of Prosper and Canton, Minn., are visiting at the home of their sister, Mrs. Herbert McMillan.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Gauthier and daughters Patricia and Mary, and Pat. O’Hara, of Niagara Falls, N.Y., are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gauthier.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brownell, who have been visiting for some weeks at the home of Mrs. Brownell’s sister, Mrs. A.J. Peterson, returned on Monday to their home at Milwaukee.

Mrs. W.J. Rousseau of Oconto spent Sunday afternoon in this city with her mother, Mrs. Charles Olson.

Mrs. Hattie Orendorf and sister-in-law, Mrs. Grant Porter, of Kelly Lake were in the city on business last Saturday.

Mrs. Frank Cota and daughter Meryl motored to Marinette last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Rifenbergh of Green Bay motored up Sunday and visited at the home of Mrs. Rifenbergh’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Peterson.

Miss Lydia Marks, who is receiving nurses training at the West Suburban Hospital at Oak Park, Ill., is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marks in this city.

On Sunday, September 9, Mrs. Theresa Lucas and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lucas and daughters Joyce and Betty of Green Bay, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ama.  Mrs. Theresa Lucas is a sister of Mrs. Ama.

Mrs. O.M. Sanderson of Menominee, came down the first of the week and visited at the home of her sister, Mrs. W.A. Flatley., and remained over to attend the wedding of her niece, Miss Sadie Flatley.

Mrs. Fred Vollmer of this city left on Monday, Sept 4 on a trip to the Pacific coast.  She arrived at Portland, Oregon, on Friday, Sept. 8, where she visited her son and daughter, John Vollmer and Mrs. E.E. Cooper.

Mr. and Mrs. James Fye and daughter, Ida May, and Eunice Zimmerman spent Sunday in Oconto.

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Crane and Mrs. Patrick Hyland motored to Oconto Falls Wednesday afternoon where they enjoyed a visit with Mrs. Hyland’s mother, Mrs. Sam Patterson.

Oconto County Reporter
December 6, 1928
contributed by Ron Renquin

Rev. Ralph A. Garrison, who has been pastor of the Presbyterian church for the past six years, will bid farewell to the congregation Sunday.

According to reports from Madison yesterday, Miss Myra Cashman of this city was again victorious in her action against the Rock county sugar company, when the supreme court turned down the appeal of the company to be relieved of damages of $ 10,205 awarded her.

Oconto County Reporter
December 13, 1928

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartmann and Mss Marcella Helmer of Sheboygan visited at the Charles Helmer home over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Adams and Mrs. Jennie Hansen attended the funeral of Mrs. Dethardt Monday.

Miss Eunice Strutz, Beatrice Drafz, Minnie Vendt, Arthur Kahr and Alfred Vendt attended the show at Lloyd’s theatre in Menominee Sunday evening.