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Descendant contact: Gloria

The Vincent Forcier gravestone in St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery (Stiles - Abrams Cemetery), Stiles, Oconto County, Wisconsin, states:
Vencent (sic) Forcier
Born in Canada N. A. (North America)
Apr. 15, 1821
Aug. 28, 1901

According to censuses, Vincent Forcier was born in French Canada and immigrated to Wisconsin Territory (not yet a state) in 1840 at the age of 19. He was with his parents, farmers Jacques. Forcier  and  Charlotte Grondin

Also were Vincent's younger brother and older married sister, Bazile Forcier and Olive Forcier (St.) Thomas.

First mention of Vincent was on the 1842 State Census Index  which was a government survey taken in preparation for the entry of Wisconsin into statehood in 1848. Vincent Forcier lived in Green Bay North Ward, Brown County (Page 14). This index only gives the head of the household. His wife of the marriage of 1841 would not be listed.

Vincent Forcier is listed in the 1849 List of Mixed Blood of the Menominee Indian Nation.

Pre October 1907 Brown County marriage index lists:
1. Jan 10, 1841, Vincent Forcier married Henrietta Godfrey.
2. Jan. 10, 1841, Vincent Farcier married Harriet Bernardo. Probably the same couple.
3.  Oct. 28, 1850 Vincent Forcier was married to Mar Sanglois (sic - Vol. 1 page 25).
4. Oct. 28, 1854 (Vol. 2, page 86) Vincent Forcier was married to Mary Langlois who was also born in Canada. Parents of Vincent Forcier were listed as Jacques Forcier and Charlotte Grodin of Green Bay / Sorel, Quebec, Canada. These earliest Brown County civil records were actually recorded years after the events, by government agents in the late 1800's, who used local church record books for the information. Thus the many discrepancies in name spellings and dates.

By 1849 Vincent's mother Charlotte had died and his father Jacques Forcier had remarried to:
 +Josetta Rasche - #2  wife of Jacques, no children with him.
    Born: 1787 in Canada
    Marriage: Oct 10, 1848 Brown
    Died: before 1880 in Brown, Wisconsin
The August 7, 1850 Brown County census has Bazile and Vincent Forcier (spelled phonetically 'as French' Bosell and Vasan Ferchean) living together in District 12 of Green Bay, town of Lorenzo. They are the only residents in the household, showing no wives or children.

Roselle,, Moses and  Louis, the children of Vincent Forcier (all born in Wisconsin) and the late Henriette were living with Edward and Olive Thomas, who had no children listed of their own. This is the older sister of Vincent and Bazille Forcier. The residence was also in District 12 of Green Bay, near where Vincent lived.
By 1860 Vincent and second wife Mary had settled to framing in town of Scott, Brown County, Wisconsin, with Moses Forcier who was then 17 years of age and born in Wisconsin. Among their neighbors were other families well known to early Wisconsin. These included the surnames of Langlois, Gagnon, De Long, Hartmann, Harteau,  St. Thomas, Descham (Ducharm), Grignon and others, many of which had ties to the early voyagers of the North American fur trade and Canadian French farmers.

Father Jacques Forcier was now married to Josette, his second wife, and continued to farm in town of Scott, Brown County. Also in that household was son Bazille, age 30 and his wife Mary J., age 17, with their two children, Mary age 1 and Bazil age 2 months.

Louis Forcier was living with, and had adopted the last name, of his aunt and uncle, Edward and Olive Margaret St. Thomas. He was age 14. This family farmed near the Olive's father Jacques and 2nd wife Josette Forcier in town of Scott, Brown County.
Vincent, with wife Mary and son Louis lived next to son Moses and his wife Jane with children Frank and Mary. They farmed in town of Scott, Brown County, Wisconsin. Also in farming Scott were Bazille and wife Mary with 7 children.
Louis Forcier was married to Mary and had four children. They were farming in town of Stephenson, Menominee County, Michigan.

Bazille Forcier had moved to Pensaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin. He is listed on the census as being widowed and has sons Frank, Leon, Moses, Joseph, John and daughters Toulice and Louisie living in the farming household.

Moses Forcier and Jane remained on their farm in Scott, Brown County and had 6 children. Vincent Forcier age 68 years, father of Moses, was now part of this household, having been widowed since 1870.
Bazille Forcier farming in Chase, Oconto County Wisconsin. In his household was only his single daughter Helena, age 25.

Brazille's son Frank lived and farmed next door  to his father with wife Harriet and sons Volfred E. age 11, Amos age 9 and daughter Scotina age 5.

Next door was Moses Forcier and his family who had moved to Oconto County from Brown County. That farm included his wife Jane, sons George, Freddie, Norman, and daughter Hattie. Granson Jerome Poquett age 4, was living there, having lost his mother Mary Forcier Poquette. Elder Forcier, Vincent, now 78 years was also in residence.

Moses son Frank Y Forcier also lived as a neighbor, farming with his wife Mary J., singles daughters Eleanor L., Gladys J, and Edna E. Forcier. Also in residence were grand daughters Edith A. Wilson age 12, Mary E. Wilson age 11 and Lillian Wilson age 9.

1. Jacques Forcier
    Parents:  Antoine A. Forcier  &  Genevieve Cardin-Loiseau
    Birth:  1791 Sorel, Quebec, Canada
    Died: after 1880 Brown County, Wisconsin
 +Charlotte Grondin - #1 wife of Jacques
    Marriage: 1818 in St Francois, Du Lac, Quebec, Canada
    Died: before 1848
   Children Jacques and Charlotte:Generation 2
        1. Olive Forcier
            Born: 1819 in Canada
        2. Vincent Forcier
            Born: April 15, 1821 in Canada
            Died:  August 28, 1901 in Stiles, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            Burial: St. Patrick Cemetery (Abrams - Stiles Cemetery) , Oconto County, Wisconsin
        3. Bazille Forcier
                Born: 1829 in St. Francois, Du Lac, Yamaska, Canada
 +Josetta Rasche - #2  wife of Jacques, no children with him.
    Born: 1787 In Canada (1860 census Brown County)
    Marriage: 10 Oct 1848 Brown County, Wisconsin (Index)
    Died: before 1880 in Brown, Wisconsin


Children Jacques and Charlotte Forcier:
        1. Olive (Margaret) Forcier -  Generation 2
            Born: 1819 in Canada;  moved to Brown County, Wisconsin by 1860
         + Edward Thomas  - husband of Olive. No children surviving them.
            Born: 1812 in Canada
        2. Vincent Forcier - Generation 2
            Born: April 15, 1821 in Canada
            Died:  August 28, 1901 in Stiles, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            Burial: St. Patrick Cemetery (Abrams - Stiles Cemetery) , Oconto County, Wisconsin
         +Henrietta Godfrey / Harriet Bernard - 1st wife
             Married:  Jan. 10, 1841, Brown County, Wisconsin, Brown County Marriage Index
         + Mary Langlois - 2nd wife
             Married:  Oct. 28, 1850 or  Oct. 28, 1854 Brown County Marriage Index
        Children of Vincent and Henriette were: Generation 3
               1.  Moses Forcier  - PVT Civil War Co G 41 ST. Regt. Wis Vol.
                    Born: October 20, 1843 in Brown County, Wisconsin
                    Died:  May 20, 1915
                    Burial: St. Anthony Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                + Jane Young  -  wife of Moses; gave birth to 11, 9 living in 1900
                    Birth:  1847 Quebec, Canada
                    Marriage: 1867 (1900 Fed. Census)
                    Death:  1933 Morgan, Oconto, Wisconsin
                    Burial: St Anthony Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                    Children of Moses and Jane Forcier were: Generation 4
                    1. Frank Y. Forcier
                                Born: June 10, 1864 in Wisconsin
                                Died: December 5, 1910
                                Burial: Morgan Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                            + Mary J. ? - wife of Frank; gave birth to 6 children, 6 living in 1900
                                Born: June 30, 1867
                                Married: 1886
                                Died: July 23, 1901
                                Burial: Morgan Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                        2.  Mary Forcier
                                Born: August 15, 1869 in Wisconsin
                                Died:  April 18, 1896
                                Buried: St. Partrick Cemetery - Stiles, Oconto County, Wisconsin (Stiles - Abrams Cemetery)
                             + Jerome Poquette Sr. -  Husband of Mary,
                                    Generation 5  Daughter Poquette, Jane Apr. 28, 1895 to Aug. 23, 1895 buried Stiles - Abrams Cemetery  Daughter of J. & M. Poquette
                                    Generation 5 Son Poquette, Jerome M. born April 11, 1896 in Wisconsin WI Pvt. Btry B 6 FA REPL DEP WWI Army; died May 7, 1970; buried Oconto Catholic Cemetery
                        3. Rose Forcier
                                Born: May 7, 1871 in Brown, Wisconsin 0009  001056
                          + Elmer George - husband of Rose
                                Married: 1890
Oconto County Reporter
Mar 29 1890

An enjoyable wedding dance was participated in by the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer George, March 20th. The groom has made his home in Idaho for the past for years, where he owns an interest in several mills; the bride, formerly Miss Rosa Forcier, has the best wishes of a host of friends as she leaves us for her new home. They will start next month for Idaho
                    4. Phoebe Forcier
                                Born: July 1, 1875 in Bay Settlement, Brown County, Wisconsin
                                Died:  September 25, 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                                Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                            + Sam Tolman
                                Born: 1873
                                Married:  May 8, 1892, Chase, WI
                                Died: November 11, 1929
                                Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin

Mrs. Sam Tolman Funeral Held on Monday P.M.

Mrs. Phoebe Tolman, 58, passed away at her home at 1307 North Jackson street, Milwaukee on Sept. 25th, the cause of her sudden death being chronic myocarditis. The body was brought to Oconto Falls for burial and taken to the home of her brother, Fred Forcier by the Flatley funeral car.

Mrs. Tolman was born Phoebe Forcier at Bay settlement, Brown County on July 1, 1875. After her marriage to Sam Tolman, they resided in Oconto Falls until 17 years ago when they moved to Gwinn, Michigan. Her husband died on Nov. 11th nearly four years ago, and two children a boy and a girl died in infancy. Survivors are four sons Wesley, Orville, Samuel and Raymond of Guinn, Michigan, one sister, Mrs. Charles Leemon and three brothers, George and Fred of Oconto Falls and Joseph out west.

Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. V. T. Nearhoof on Monday afternoon at the M.E. Church. Internment took place at Woodlawn Cemetery, Messrs. John Waldron, Louis Sceling, George Cleveland, Wm Murphy, Oscart Heaney and Thomas Daffy.

Out of town folks at the rites included; Mr. and Mrs. Claude Charn, Mrs. ??? Larsen and Margaret Forcier of Neenah; Mr. And Mrs. Chas. Leemonand two daughters, Mrs. Olice Ketchum and Miss Lina Gonion, Mrs. M. M. Deane and Rollo Tolman of Milwaukee; Mrs. Elisa Rederman, Mrs. Emil Mundt and Mrs. Jessie Radke of Advance.
                        5. Joseph Forcier
                                Born: 1876 in Brown, Wisconsin
                        6. George Forcier
                                Born: April 22, 1879 in Scott, Brown,  Wisconsin 0319  DX1064
                                Died: December 14, 1945
                                Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                            + Myrtle ? - wife of Frank
                                Born: June 26, 1877
                                Died: Aug. 22, 1926
                                Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                        7. Catharine  Forcier
                                Born: Feb 7, 1881 Brown, Wisconsin  0012  001622
                        8. Fred Forcier
                                Born: November  27, 1882 in  Brown, Wisconsin 0012  002002
                                Died: 1965
                                Burial: St. Anthony Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                            + Angeline ? - wife of Fred.
                                Born: 1902
                                Died: 1992
                                Burial: St. Anthony Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                        9. Norman Forcier  - carpenter, 1920 lived in Oconto Falls; 1930 lived in Florida
                                Born: December 1, 1887 in Oconto,  Wisconsin  0220 00047
                                Died: November 1968 Shawano, Wisconsin
                            +Clara ?
                                Born 1891 in Wisconsin -  Generation 5 son Vernon born 6 Dec 1912 Wisconsin; died 17 May 1988 Saint Augustine, Saint Johns, Florida
               2. Louis Forcier (also St. Thomas)
                    Born:  August 6, 1845 Brown County Index  0007  002699
                + Mary ?
                    Born 1854 in France
                    Children of Louis and Mary: Generation 4
                        1. John Forcier
                                 Born: 1874 in town of Stephenson, Marinett, Michigan
                            2. Louis Forcier
                                Born: 1873 in town of Stephenson, Marinett, Michigan
                            3. Theodore Forcier
                                Born: 1877 in town of Stephenson, Marinett, Michigan
                            4. Joseph Forcier
                                Born: 1879 in town of Stephenson, Marinett, Michigan
               3. Roselle Forcier - gave birth to 10 children with 5 living in 1900
                    Born:  March 8, 1847 Brown County Index  0007  002813 (may be misread on index and actually 1842)
                    Died: March 9, 1906
                    Buried: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto Wisconsin
                 + Louis M. Bergevain - husband of Rosella ( please see:  BERGEVAIN Family Page )
                    Born: November 1837 in French Canada (1870 & 1900 census)
                    Immigrated: 1852  (1900 census & Petition for Citizenship)
                    Married: 1862  (1900 census)
                    Died: May 17, 1911
                    Buried: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto Wisconsin
                    Children of Rosella and Louis:Generation 3
                            Amelia (Emily) Bergevain - born 1863; married June 31, 1882 Oconto
                            Rosalie Bergevain - born 1868; married July 2, 1890 Oconto
                            Henrietta (Hattie) Bergevain - born 1869; married Aug. 8, 1887 Oconto
                            Louis  Bergevain - born 1871; married May 10, 1890 Oconto
                            Mary Bergevain - born 1880; married  July 30, 1906 Oconto
                            Infant - July 10, 1884 Oconto
        3. Bazile Forcier -Generation 2
                Born: 1829 in St. Francois, Du Lac, Yamaska, Canada
         + Mary ? : wife of Bazille
                Born: 1843 in Belguim (1860 Census)
                Married: 1858
                Died: before 1880 (1880 census)
                Children of Bazile and Mary: Generation 3
                        1. Mary Forcier
                                Born: 1859 in Scott, Wisconsin
                        2.  Bazille (Basil) Forcier
                                Born: August 1860 in Scott Wisconsin
                        3. Christian Forcier
                                Born: 1862 Scott, Wisconsin
                        4. Frank Forcier
                                Born: 1863 in Scott, Wisconsin
                        5. Al ??  Forcier (son)
                                Born: 1865 in Scott, Wisconsin
                        6. Leon Forcier
                                Born: 1866 in Scott Wisconsin
                        7. Moses Forcier - single when he died at age 30
                                Born: 1869 in Scott Wisconsin
                                Died: September 1899
                                Marriages: Unknown  May 8, 1892 Oconto
                                                     Adeline Literren 11 Jul 1893 Oconto
Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 15, 1899


Moses Forcier was probably fatally injured in the Eldred mill, on Tuesday afternoon. He rolled logs unto a carriage and was endeavoring to move an unusual heavy log with a cant hook when he slipped and fell in front of the fast moving carriage, from the end of which projected a ten-inch cant. The timber caught him under the arm, dragging him some distance and lacerating his head, shoulder and abdomen in a fearful manner. He was taken to the Stiles House and medical aid was summoned.
                        6. Joseph Forcier -
                                Born: 1872 in Wisconsin
                        7. John Forcier -
                                Born: 1873 in Wisconsin
                        8. Toulice( Helena) Forcier -
                                Born: March 1875 in Wisconsin
                        9. Louisie Forcier -
                                Born: 1876 in Wisconsin