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(also Gardepie, Garriepy, Guardepier, Guardapee, Gardupie, Gardipee, Garriepe, Gardapier)

Descendant contact: Lynn Austin

 My great great grampa's name  is  Alexander Gardipier. He could not read or write so there are about 25 different ways I have found it spelled so far. He was married to Catherine  Le Roy (Le Roi) the granddaughter of the Menominee chief Standing Earth and her mother's name was Marguerite who married Joseph Le Roy. You can  add the Le Roy name, as well, and maybe some new information will come in for them which may be helpful. We spell our last name Gardipee now.

I have found it spelled Gardepie, Garriepy, Guardepier, Guardapee, Gardupie on various old documents. It seems he was part Chippewa, and part Menominee, as well as possibly part Ottawa. We think he was a descendant of Jacques Le Guardier, the great grandson of Jean Nicolet. I hope some information may turn up.

Notes: Roy and La Roy are historic Oconto County, Wisconsin, surnames

An Alexander Gardipier apprears on the Michigan Territorial census for 1930 and 1934. Boneventure Gardipier also appears on the same censuses. Both live in Brown County, which is now Wisconsin State (1848).

Title: The Wisconsin Creoles
Author: Rentmeester
Pages:  251-252
(no sources given for book family information)

This name is also spelled GARDAPIER and GARRIEPE.
    A voyageur by the name of Guardapier (probably Alexander St. Guardapier) had several children with a Menominee Indian woman during the Revolutionary War days.
Some of these children were:
  GERMAINE (b.  1783) had an Menominee Indian wife named Emily (b. 1796);
            Jeremiah Jr. their son, (b. 1809) married Louise Jeanvine and received mixed-blood Menominee payments in 1849 for himself, his wife,  five boys and two girls.
            Jeremiah Jr. and Louise Jeanvine had these children:
                    Alex (b. 10 jan 1833)
                    John (b. 1837)
                    Louis (b. 19 June 1839)
                    Jeremiah (b. 1841)
                    Mary (b. 1843)
                    Joseph (b. 1836
                    Madeline (b. 1849)

   ALEXIS (b. 1784) married Catherine Roy (Le Roi, Roy, La Roy) (b. 1787), daughter of Joseph and Margaret Roy (also Le Roi, Le Roy), in 1806. Catherine's Menominee name was MA SHA QUA. They lived on Lot #15 on the West side of the Fox River in Green Bay which had been farmed by the Roys, before 1796. The Roys turned it over to them in return for taking care of the older couple - their form of social security.

        Some of their children (of Alexis and Catherine) are:
            Alexander (b.  1805 d.  1895) and his wife,  Angelique (b. 1812), had about seven children; they lived in Prairie du Chien.  The local paper reported that Alexander walked into a saloon in 1895, had a glass of gin, asked the time of day and died.
            Some of their (Alex and Angelique) children are:
                Charles (b.  1839);
                Victoria  (b.  1842);
                Frank  (b.  Feb 1850)
                Jacques, a river pilot.
                Joseph  Gardipee,  who was a resuident of Prairie du Chien, married Julia Menard in 1822, and may have been Alexander' s son.
                Bonaventure (b. 1806).
                Francois (b. 1808) had a wife  MA SON QUA SOV SAT. Their daughter, Polly (b. 1828 d. 1897) married Aikin Brunette.
                Mary (b.6 Oct 1814 d.  18 Apr 1867) married Alexis Clermont.
                James (b. 1816) James worked at Wisconsin  Rapids in a lumber mill during the 1859 to 1892 timeperiod. James and his wife, Philomene (A GE TE AZ -AQ),  had these children: Michael  (b.  1832);  Charles b.  1837) ; and, Appolonia (b.  1828). Mary Gardapee (b.  1825) married J. L.  Levigne and also lived in Wisconsin Rapids. The three chiIdren received Menominee payments in 1836 as orphans.
                 John Charles (b. 9 Jan 1835)  married Marguerite Houle.

There was another James Gardapee (b. 1816) and his wife, Mrgaret St. Roc (b. 1818), who had these children: Joseph (b. 1841); Francis (b. 1843); Mary (b. 1844); and Catherine (b. 1850).