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Submitted by Len Gilmore

Martha Gillmore was my great great Aunt. Her brother George F. Gillmore was my great great
grandfather. The Reverend Henry & Mary Hartsell Gillmore brought there family to Michigan from
Elgin Co., Ontario Canada in 1854, to Croton, Newaygo County, Mich. Martha & James were married June 21, 1861. I have unconfirmed that says that they had a large family. Abt. 1880 they lost several children to deptheria. My understanding is that they had to burn the bodies and bury them at night. 

This is when they picked up and moved to Wisconsin. The other family also started moving into some of the other counties under Newaygo Co. and spreading out. In 1886 Martha`s father passed away, Her brother Henry R. and one of his 5 sons , came to Oconto County, Wisconsin and bought property there. They then came back to Michigan to move there families to Oconto Co. I found this information on the Wisconsin GenWeb site in the City of How Paper which covers several years. There`s mention of the Gillmore`s but nothing specific about where they lived. The last mention was of Henry R.`s death in 1906.

I don`t know if the family stayed there ( meaning his son and his family) or moved on. I don`t know if Henry R. is buried there or brought back to Michigan. Before Elgin Co., Ontario, Rev.
Henry lived in Smithsville and St. Catherines Ont.  These cities are by Niagra Falls.  Before this the Rev. Henry was married in Lewiston, New York. It`s not known if they lived there or not.

Rev. Henry`s father was Benjiman Gillmore. Suppossedly he fought in the Revelutionary War. He came to this country to New Jersey, then Massachusetts, then New York, then Ontario.
I received this information through my Aunt who was contacted by Mrs. Norma Benisch in Madison
Wis. in 1977.  Mrs. Benisch`s maiden name is Schaal.  Her great grandmother was Martha Gillmore. Her mother was Phila Armstrong, b. abt 1884, and Phila`s mother was Mary Ann Hannah Armstrong who had married her 1st cousin Benjamin Hunter Armstrong in Feb. 1880 in Michigan.