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of Underhill
Contributed by family descendant in Denmark: Birgit Nielsen

Hans P. Hansen with his wife Laura stand in front of their home in Underhill. Sitting on the porch is believed to be their only child, daughter Nellie. Nellie remained single and lived with her parents throughout their lives.
(Correction: Nellie Hansen married Herbert Christ, see photo and obituary, right
 Dawn Shepard) This photograph was sent to the brother of Hans, Jeppe Hansen, in Denmark

 Contributed by: Dawn Shepard

Hans P. Hansen and his family lived on a farm in Underhill, Oconto County, Wisconsin. Danish family descendant, grand niece Birgit Nielsen , has spent the past 15 years searching for the American immigrant segments of that family.

She finally found Hans on the Underhill Cemetery transcription pages, matching his birth year and using the US Census to verify dates and immigration. Buried with Hans P. Hansen are his wife Laura and their daughter Nellie along with nephew Paul Hansen. Paul is not buried with a spouse.

Cemetery documents also have the entire family plot purchased by Herbert Hansen asa Christ (husband of Nellie Hansen). He is also buried there. Herbert Hansen  asa Christ (husband of Nellie Hansen) is related to the family by marriage to only daughter Nellie Hansen. Herbert originally had the surname of Christ. He lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a child and later while married to Nellie. Herbert used the name "Christ" in Milwaukee and "Hansen" in Oconto County. The 1930 Census for Milwaukee shows Herbert and Nellie residing there. It is not known if they had children.

Parents to Herbert Walter Christ were:

Father: Emil Christ, born in Brandenburg in Germany, January 1859
Mother: Augusta Rieckhoff, born in Brandenburg in Germany, July 1862. In October 1883, at  21 years of age, she immigrated to Iowa together with her parents, John and Anna Rieckhoff and her sister Elsa.

Beside Herbert Walther Christ there was one more child:

Nellie Ann Hansen (later Christ) born 20 July 1890 in Underhill WI, died in Milwaukee on 19 October 1987, buried in Underhill cemetery with husband Herbert Christ.
Photo & Information:
 Dawn Shepard

Sister: Lillie Christ, born in Wisconsin, August 1887

Underhill Cemetery Records:
Hansen, Hans 1851 - 1935

Hansen, Laura 1860 - 1940  - wife of Hans Hansen (above)

Christ Hansen, Nellie 1890 - 1987  - daughter of Hans and Laura Hansen, did not marry (Correction: Nellie Hansen married Herbert Christ, see photo and obituary, above. Husband: Hubert Christ; b: August 25, 1894 in Milwaukee; d: September 8, 1964 in Milwaukee; Both buried in Underhill Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin; Nellie is buried under the surname Hansen; no children. Dawn Shepard)
Hansen, Paul 1891 - 1912   - nephew of Hans and Laura Hansen, son of Jeppe Hansen in Denmark.
Christ Hansen, Herbert 1894 - 1964 - ? relationship unknown, purchaser of the family cemetery plot. (Addition: Herbert Christ, husband of Nellie Hansen, sometimes went by the surname of Hansen in later years. He is buried under the surname Christ.)

Known Family History

In Denmark, records provide that Hans P. Hansen was age 20 years when he immigrated to North America on 4 October 1872, as confirmed by his travel contact number. While living in Denmark, he had also used the old family name of "Tage".  His last residence in Europe was in Nakskov, Denmark. Hans was born in Denmark 3, August, 1851. His brother was Jeppe Hansen, whose family remained there. Hans first immigrated to Marquette, Michigan upon arrival in 1872.

Hans was found on the 1900 US Census for Underhill, Oconto County, Wisconsin. He owned a farm and was married to Laura ? for 17 years (about 1883). Laura had given birth to one child, Nellie age 9, living with them. She was born July 1890 in Wisconsin. Immigration for Hans confirmed the 1872 year, as well as the month and year of birth in Denmark. Laura had also been born in Denmark Sept. 1860 and had immigrated to North America in 1873 at age 13.

In 1907 Hans nephew, Paul Hansen, immigrated to America, destination was Hans P. Hansen in Underhill, Wisconsin. Paul had been born to Jeppe Hansen in Denmark 13 May 1891. Family oral history in Denmark said that Paul had died of Tuberculosis in America at a young age. The gravestone in Underhill Cemetery has his death in 1912 at age 21 years.

In the near future research on the obituaries or death notices, death certificates of all members and birth certificate of Nellie Hansen offers the hope of finding out more information for the family still in Denmark today.  Many questions remain to be answered. If you can help, please consider doing it. Questions include the maiden name and family of Laura Hansen; how does Herbert Hansen fit into the grouping; was Hans P. Hansen married/widowed with children before his marriage to Laura at age 31; were there other descendants of this Hansen family branch in America?

Family In Denmark

Stokkemarke Kirke the family church in Denmark

Hans Rasmussen ”Tage” (Hans Peter Hansen’s father):
Born 29.11.1808 in Birket Sogn, Maribo Amt, Denmark.
Dead 25.12.1883 in Birket Parish, 75 years old.

Married with:

Ane Hansen (Hans Peter Hansens mother):
Born 24.11.1812 in Hjelmholt, Birket Sogn, Maribo Amt, Denmark.
Dead 09.12.1907 in Birket Parish, 95 years old

   v      Maren Kirstine Hansen - born 05.09.1837 - dead in Denmark
   v      Rasmine Hansen - born 15.03.1839  - dead in Denmark 04.11.1927
   v      Hans Peter Hansen - born 24.03.1841 - dead in Denmark 05.04.1850
   v      Jeppe Hansen - born 18.09.1843 - dead in Denmark 05.05.1930 in Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County.
   v      Hans Peter Hansen - born 03.08.1851 in Birket Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - Dead in Oconto, Underhill, Wisconsin, USA

Jeppe Hansen - brother of Hans Peter Hansen of Underhill

Jeppe Hansen and wife Anna Maria Rasmussen
with children in 1905.

The picture is showing Hans Peter Hansen's brother, Jeppe Hansen, and wife Anna Maria Rasmussen (my great-grandparents). Jeppe Hansen was 67 years of age when their youngest child was born.

The house belonged to Jeppe Hansen and his son my grandfather bought it in 1930 when Jeppe died. My great-grandfather lived with them until 1945, where she moved to a residential house for elderly persons. Many childern are born in that house. I was born there in 1954, my mother was born there in 1936 and all my grandfathers brother and sisters are born there too.

Jeppe Hansen ” Tage” (Hans Peter Hansen’s brother, my great-grandfather) -
born 18.09.1843 –
dead 05.05.1930 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County

He was married 3 times and became father to 17 children.

    First marriage in 1869 with Nielsine Nielsen Plough -
born 24.05.1844 -
dead 05.07.1880 after giving birth.
Children in this marriage:

   v      Anna Hansine Hansen - born 11.08.1869
   v      Karen Kirstine Hansen - born 17.12.1871
   v      Hans Peder Hansen - born 23.09.1874  (maybe named after Jeppe Hansens brother which immigrated to USA?)
   v      Karl Frederik Anton Hansen -  born 28.07.1877
   v      A boy without name - born 03.07.1880 - dead 03.07.1880

    Second marriage in 1882 with Hansine Marie Clausen -
born 27.01.1851 -
dead 12.02.1894 after giving birth.
Children in this marriage:

   v      Klara Nielsine Hansen born 12.08.1884
   v      Axel Christian Hansen born 19.04.1886
   v      Frederik Ludvig Hansen born 21.05.1889
   v      Poul Hansen born 13.05.1891 in Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 1912. Buried Underhill cemetery, Wisconsin, USA
   v      A boy without name - born 27.01.1894 - dead 27.01.1894

    Third marriage in 1895 with Anna Maria Rasmussen (my great-grandmother) – born 09.04.1866 Vejleby Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 25.04.1961
Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark, 95 year old
Children in this marriage:

   v     Hans Alfred Hansen ”Tage” (my grandfather) - born 19.03.1895 in Skørringe Parish, Maribo County, Denmark – dead 13.09.1885 in Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark.
   v      Svend Einar Hansen born 12.01.1897 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark. Dead 1955 in Maryland, Baltimore, USA. He was sailor, living in Baltimore.
   v      Kristian Frederik Hansen - born 07.04.1899 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 1926 in a shipwreck at the Atlantic Ocean. His body was never found.
   v      Karen Paula Hansen - born 14.02.1902 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 20.02.1982 in an elderly home in Nakskov, Maribo County, Denmark
   v      Holga Juliane Hansen - born 28.12.1904 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 14.10.1989 Copenhagen, Denmark.
   v      Ane Johanne Hansen  - born 02.10.1908 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 19.08.1999 Copenhagen, Denmark.
   v      Ellen Akseline Margrethe Hansen - born 30.04.1911 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark - dead 20.03.1990 Copenhagen, Denmark

 Hans Alfred Hansen ”Tage”

 Hans Alfred Hansen ”Tage”
Soldier in Denmark 1918


Hans Alfred Hansen and wife Ingeborg in their home 1974 in Denmark

Grave of Hans Alfred and Ingeborg Hansen
in Denmark


 Hans Alfred Hansen ”Tage” (my grandfather) -
born 19.03.1895. Skørringe Parish, Maribo County, Denmark –
dead 13.09.1985 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark

Married 12.05.1930 Stokkemarke Church, with:

Ingeborg Marie Elisabeth Rasmussen (my grandmother) -
born 17.02.1904 Stokkemarke Parish, Maribo County, Denmark -
dead 20.07.1990 Maribo Parish, Maribo County, Denmark

Kristian Frederik Hansen

Kristian Frederik Hansen

A brother to my grandfather, Hans Alfred Hansen, Kristian Frederik Hansen was born in Denmark and drowned in the Atlantic Ocean after a shipwreck. His body was never found.

Svend Einar Hansen

My Grandfather Hans Alfred Hansen's brother, Svend Einar Hansen, was born in Denmark in 1895 and died in Baltimore, 9 April 1955. He had been a sailor in the Navy of Denmark and later was a Merchant Marine for his adult life. He remain single and had made his home at several ports in the United States. The 1930 U.S. Merchant Marine Census has him living in Port in 1930: St Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Ship Name: Steam Ship Delecto. His last Port of residence was Baltimore, Maryland.

Svend Einar Hansen

This picture was taken in Markiewicz Studio, 7 S. Broadway Baltimore MD.

Svend Einar Hansen, left, and friend visiting while at an unidentified port.

Svend Hansen Funeral Photo sent to the Hansen family in Denmark, from Baltimore, USA
The two ladies on the picture are Mrs. Jensen and her daughter. Sven rented lodgings from her in Baltimore.