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Submitted by
Patricia Stickels
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James Heath was born in Jefferson County, New York on January 6, 1828 according to the Heath family bible.  There were many Heaths in Jefferson County at that time, some being descended from William Heath (originally of England) who died in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  There are over 40 Heaths and relatives buried in Adams Center, Jefferson County on State Road Cemetary.

In 1850 James Heath resided with his wife, Mary Ann (Kelsey) Heath in Hounsfield Township, Jefferson County, New York,  He was a farmer and the father of a son, George, who was two years old at that time.

During this time, there was a vast movement to settle Wisconsin, with heavy recruitment from New England, and in particular the State of New York.  In 1850, 36% of American-born in Wisconsin were from New York, and Wisconsin became known as “New York’s Daughter State.”  Perhaps one of the biggest contributions New York made to Wisconsin was the dairy industry.  By 1860 the factory system of cheese making was in place in New York, which soon was adopted in Wisconsin.  New Yorkers also introduced hop growing, as well as lumbering techniques.   By 1860 James Heath and his wife and family (now consisting of George, 12, Mary - 9, Frances 6 and John 8 mos old) had become a part of this immigration and were residing in Columbia County, Wisconsin.

On September 21, 1864, James, well into his late 30s, enlisted as a Private in the Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry, as well as his son, George, to fight in the Civil War.  During his time serving in the Civil War, he was involved in southern campaigns.
Both he and his son George served their time and returned to Wisconsin.

Added Information:
James Heath was Drafted into the Permanent Guard, Wisconsin Infantry, on September 21, 1864.  At the time he was drafted he was living in Ft. Winnegabo.  (Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865).

His oldest son, George W. Heath, was a Sergeant in the First Regiment Heavy Artillery, Company E.  His regiment was sent to protect Washington, D.C. and saw the end of the war there. He enlisted August 18, 1864, and mustered out June 26, 1865.  At the time he enlisted, he lived in Janesville, Wisconsin. (Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865). Patricia Stickels

In May 1865 towards the end of the Civil War,  James’ wife, Mary Ann (Kelsey), died.  Almost immediately he sold his farm, and he and his children moved back to Watertown, Jefferson County, New York, where in November 1865 he married his second wife, Mary Ada Fisher, who had also grown up in Jefferson County. Mary Ada Fisher was born May 22, 1846 in Jefferson County, and was several years younger than her new stepson, George Heath. (In the Jefferson County, New York 1850 census she was listed as being 4 years old and living with her parents, Stephen and Maria Fisher, while James was a married man of 24 in the same county!).

By 1870 the Heath family moved back to Wisconsin, to settle in the City of Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin, along with James’ new in-laws, Stephen and Maria Fisher. James Heath remained in Oconto County for the rest of his life.  He and his family lived next-door  to Stephen and Maria Fisher. James and his new father-in-law were listed as “laborers” in the 1870 census.   In 1880, the Heath family had grown to include son George - 32, Nellie-12, Jennie-9, Kate-5, and Lura-2.  James Heath was working as a carpenter by this time, and his son George was a drayman.  No mention is made of the other children of the first marriage (Mary, Frances, and John), although there is a grave site at Riverside Cemetery for two small Heath children in close proximity to James’ grave stone.  In 1880 James Heath conveyed Lots 68 and 69 of the Union Addition to the City of Oconto to his oldest son, George W. Heath.




James L. Heath - January 6, 1828
Mary A. Heath - May 22, 1846

Children of the Above:

Nellie Isadora Heath - May 28, 1868
Jennie Viola Heath - September 18, 1870
Lillian Virginia Heath - September 23, 1872
Julia Kate Heath - June 3, 1875
Celia Lura Heath - January 8, 1878
Martha Edith May Heath - December 11, 1879
Roy L. Heath - January 18, 1885


James L. Heath and Mary A. Fisher - November 10, 1865
Nellie Isadora Heath and Harry P. Bruce - August 9, 1892

 Child of the above:
 Edith Mae Bruce and Karl C. Neubauer - July 19, 1913 at Chicago

  Children of the above:
  Bruce Neubauer - Born August 10, 1915
  Paul Neubauer - Born April 10, 1919

Jennie Viola Heath and Andrew J. Bradley - November 26, 1892 at Oconto, Wisconsin
Julie Kate Heath and Samuel Danby - June 10, 1896 at Oconto, Wisconsin
Celia Lura Heath and George Allen - July 26, 1905 at Oconto, Wisconsin
Roy L. Heath and Myrtle Erickson - September 12, 1912 at Marionette, Wisconsin


James L. Heath - March 15, 1898     Mary Addie Fisher Heath - January 22, 1914

Lillian Virginia Heath - August 20, 1874
Martha Edith May Heath - December 31, 1879
Harry Randall Bruce - April 29, 1909 at Merrill Wisconsin, age 38
Celia Lura Heath - January 7, 1948
Karl Neubauer - March 9, 1950
Nellie (Heath) Bruce - April 22, 1950
George Allen - July 1, 1964 at Oconto, Wisconsin
Donald Heath Allen, Sr. - April 28, 1956

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