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Anton Hoffman & Family of Little River

Family ResearcherEric Mixdorf

Anton Hoffman first shows up in city of Oconto in 1895 in the Wisconsin State Census. In the household were 3 males and 2 females, with 4 born in the United States. Anton had been born in Bohemia in 1861.  By the time he arrived in the USA in 1884, his homeland was part of Austria. He had married Mary Fait who was born in Wisconsin and had also come from a Bohemian family according to Eric Mixdorf.  

By 1900 the Hoffman family was settled on a general farm in Little River, Oconto County, and had 6 children.  Mary had given birth to twin sons on March 14, 1900. Frank died at birth and buried on March 15th in Evergreen Cemetery (please see explanation below on the Family tree under Frank's name) and his brother Joseph was on the 1900 census, but did not appear on any following censuses. Mary had given birth to 6 children, with 6 children living. 

The 1910 the census showed that 8 children had been born to Mary Hoffman, and 6 were living. The two missing were sons Frank and Joseph, whose burial has not been found but is likely in Oconto Catholic Cemetery without a visible stone where his parents Mary and Anton and brother Arthur are buried. Youngest son Arthur had been added in 1907 and he died in 1914 only two years before his mother, Mary Fait Hoffman died. The other Hoffman sons reached maturity, married and lived outside of Oconto County where they raised families;  William and Edward to Muskegon, Michigan and Louis (Emma L. DePauw of Oconto County) to West Bend, Wisconsin. Two daughters married and remained in Oconto County, where they also raised families; Caroline/Carrie (John Sucharda) and Harriet/Hattie (Frank DesJarlais).

Anton Hoffman lived on his farm in Little River into the 1830's and spent his final years with his daughter Caroline. He died in 1941 and is buried with his wife Mary
, daughters Caroline, Hattie and their husbands
in Oconto Catholic Cemetery.

Anton Hoffman Family Tree

Anton Hoffman

    b: March 6, 1861 in Austrian Bohemia 
    immigration: 1884
    naturalization: 1890
    occupation: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 general farmer in Little River,Oconto County, Wisconsin
    d: May 10, 1941
    burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
(notes on Anton Hoffman: 1920 widowed, living on the farm with only son Louis; 1930 living alone on the Little River farm; 1940 Living with widowed daughter Caroline Sucharda in Oconto)
+ Mary Fait - wife of Anton
    b: March 1869 in Wisconsin (cemetery record: 1868)
    marriage: 1888 at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Milladore, WI. Eric Mixdorf
    d: December 16, 1916 at age 47 years in Oconto County, Wisconsin
    burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
(notes on Mary Fait: 1880 census has Mary living in  Wood County, WI in the Auburndale area  Eric Mixdorf.)
    children of Anton and Mary: 1900 - 6 births, 6 living; 1910 - 8 births 6 living
        William J. Hoffman
            b: January 1889 in Wisconsin
            occupation: 1930 Supervisor in railroad machine shop in Muskegon, Michigan;
            d: 1959
            burial: Mona View Cemetery, Muskegon Heights, Michigan
         + May E. (nee ?) - wife of William J.
            b: 1889
            d: 1959
            burial: Mona View Cemetery, Muskegon Heights, Michigan
        Caroline A. (Carrie Ann) Hoffman
            b: January 6, 1892 in Wisconsin
            d: May 26, 1941
            burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
         + James V. Sucharda - husband of  Caroline A.
            b: March 19, 1889
            d: October 16, 1937
            burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
(notes on James V. Sucharda: 8th Company 161st Department Brigade: )
         Harriet (Hattie) Hoffman
            b: October 16, 1894 in Wisconsin
            d: March 5, 1963
            burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
        +  Frank DesJarlais - husband of Harriet
            b: April 8, 1888
            marriage: September 24, 1913 in Oconto County, Wisconsin (Oconto County Marriage Index, Vol. 5 Page 810)
            d: May 2, 1865
            burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
         Edward D. Hoffman
            b: June 1897 in Wisconsin
            occupation: 1930 Automobile Mechanic in Egelston, Muskegon County, Michigan;
        + Emma L. (nee ?) - wife of Edward D.
            b: November 1, 1903 in Illinois
            d:  December 14, 1990 in Ionia, Michigan (SSDI)
         Louis J. Hoffman
            b: July 12, 1898 in Wisconsin (pre - 1907 Wisconsin Birth Index)
            occupation: 1920 farming labor with father in Little River, Oconto County, Wisconsin; 1930 Machine Operator in Frenching Machine Factory in Muskegon, Michigan;
            d: April 9, 1965
            burial: Holy Angels Cemetery, West Bend, Wisconsin
        + Emma L. De Pauw/ De Pow (cemetery spelling) - wife of Louis F.
            b: March 17, 1904 in Oconto County, Wisconsin
            father: John J. De Pouw b: May 4, 1875 in Oconto; d: September 16 1953 in Oconto County
            mother: Ida VenHefty
            marriage: 1924 in Wisconsin
            d: July 22, 1986
            burial: Holy Angels Cemetery, West Bend, Wisconsin
(notes on Emma De Pauw: 1930: living Muskegon, Michigan, with husband, son, daughter and brother Franklin J. De Pauw age 23 [1907] born in Wisconsin, single, machine operator in a furniture factory; Son LaVern Hoffman [1924 - 2006] is buried with his parents at Holy Angels Cemetery, see obituary at
         Joseph Hoffman
            b: March 1900 in Wisconsin (1900 US Federal Census - Little River, Oconto County)
            d: before 1910
(notes on Joseph Hoffman: Twin of Frank; burial could not be found but is probably in Oconto Catholic Cemetery and there may be no stone. Joseph is not found on the 1910 or later censuses)
         Frank Hoffman
            b: March 14, 1900 (pre - 1907 Wisconsin Birth Index)
            d: March 14, 1900 (pre - 1907 Wisconsin Death Index)
            burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin
(notes on Frank Hoffman: Twin of Joseph; Sexton notes; Son of Anton & Mary [no stone] died in Little River Township; The only family member in Oconto County not buried in Oconto Catholic Cemetery; Evergreen Cemetery is not a Catholic cemetery and the burial here may be  because, at that time, when an infant died before being baptized, the baby could not buried in a consecrated Catholic ground, and was buried either on the unconsecrated edge of a Catholic Cemetery, in the closest non Catholic cemetery, or on private land.)
         Arthur Hoffman
            b: August 30,1907 in Little River, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            d: December 28, 1914 in Little River, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            burial: Oconto Catholic Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin