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(Other spellings found in documents: Holihan, Holehan, Houlihan, Houlehan)
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Census  Year: 1900; Census Place: Oconto South Ward, Oconto, Wisconsin; Roll: T623 1808; Page: 20A; Enumeration District: 140.

In 1900, the Hollihan Family lived on Third Street, city of Oconto South Ward, Oconto County, Wisconsin.

John Hollihan, age 50, was born in March 1850 in Ireland. He came to North America in the year 1851 as an infant. This was during the Irish Potato Famine which caused half the Irish population to emigrate to other countries and half of those remaining in Ireland died of starvation and disease. Both his parents were also born in Ireland. He was an engineer which was a much sought after and highly skilled profession. He was married 20 years, about 1880, at the age of 30 years.

Mary Ann Hoy Hollihan, age 42 was born December 1857 in Iowa. Both her parents were born in Ireland. She was married 20 years in 1900 and had given birth to 11 children, 10 of whom were still living in the year 1900. Mary Ann Hoy Hollihan died March 13, 1902 in Oconto, WI at the age of 43 years, 9 months.

Children of John and Mary Hoy Hollihan are in 1900:

Katie J Hollihan  born in Wisconsin Apr 1881   Daughter
William F Hollihan   born in Wisconsin Mar 1883  Son
Agnes L Hollihan born in Wisconsin Apr 1885   Daughter
Timothy P Hollihan born in Wisconsin   Nov 1886   Son
May T Hollihan  born in Wisconsin  Jan 1889   Daughter
John M Hollihan born in Wisconsin Dec 1890   Son
Arthur J Hollihan born in Wisconsin Sept 1892   Son
Jennie T Hollihan born in Wisconsin Apr 1894  Daughter
George T Hollihan born in Wisconsin Sept 1896  Son
Francis L. Hollihan, born in Wisconsin  Sept 1898 Son

In 1870, at the age of 13, Mary Ann Hoy was living with her family in Troy township, Troy county, Iowa.

Patrick Hoy, age 45, farmer, born in Ireland.
Catherine, age 38, born in Ireland

All the children of Patrick and Catherine Hoy were born in Iowa:
Joseph age 15
Patrick age 15
Mary A. age 13
Jane age 11
Wm age 9
Thomas age 7
Alace age 5
Katy age 2
Martin age 1

The parents and family of John Hollihan are possibly found in the Census reports below:
(clues: The correct name, age and place of birth for John Hollihan later of Oconto County, WI.
From the 1900 census we know that John and his parents immigrated from Ireland in 1851 to the US. The first US child born in the censuses below is Mary, 1852, the next one after John.
Michael Hollihan lived in Oconto County, WI in adulthood and was probably the uncle of John Hollihan who later lived there.
William Hollihan who died 27 Aug 1907 in Oconto was probably either the son or uncle of John Hollihan Jr. William's son Miles had died 24 Sep 1906 in Oconto. These connections will need verification with birth, death and/or marriage certificates before being considered accurate)

1860 Census  Town 10 Range 6, Wabasha township, Minnesota

John Holihan, 35 (?42), Head, farmer, born in Ireland
Mary, 35, wife, born in Ireland
Timothy, 12, son, born in Ireland
John, 10, son, born in Ireland
Mary, 8, daughter, born in Connecticut
Ellen, 5, daughter, born in Conn.
Michael, 2, son, born in Minnesota - Lived in Oconto County WI, as an adult in the late 1800's.
    Oconto County Reporter
    Sep. 8, 1899
    Michael was married to the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer who attended the
    funeral of their grandchild and Michael's son, Johnnie Hollihan; also
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gordon, from Oconto, and Mr. and Mrs.
    Moses Williams and Mr. and Mrs. M. Nickhe from Oak Orchard.
    ( Michael was the probably Uncle of John Hollihan Jr.)
William, 1, son, born in Minn.

(One of the Hollihan daughters married Andrew O'Connell and lived in Kaukauna.)

Roll:    M593_12
Year:    1870

1870 Census Sherman township, Wabasha County, Minnesota

John Houlihan, 52, Head, farmer, born in Ireland (about 1818)
Mary, 45, wife, born in Ireland (about 1825)
Timothy, 21, son, Raftsman on Mississippi, born in Ireland
John, 20, son, born in Ireland
Ellen, 15, daughter, born in Conn.
Michael, 11, son, born in Minnesota
George (William), 10, son, born in Minn.
Kati, 8, daughter born in Minn.

Mary, 18, daughter, not found in the family residence.