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The following pages contain news items about the people who lived and died in the town of How and the events that accured that made the newspapers. These items were gathered over a period of months from microfilmed copies of the SHAWANO COUNTY JOURNAL and the OCONTO COUNTY REPORTER. Since none of the libraries in Oconto County own a microfilm reader, all reading had to be done in our neighboring counties.

I have taken the liberty of changing some of the very earliest items as there was little if any punctuation. At times is seemed as if the printing office was suffering a drought of commas and at other times it seemed as if the type setter sneezed them. One item that comes to mind that is not included here, read like this: "Mr. Joe, Doe, of, the town, of How, this county, was, a visitor, to the, city of, Oconto, last, week."

Included are items that appeared concerning the visits of relatives from other parts of the county and state. This may at some timfa act as a clue to anyone wishing to engage in genealogical research.

This collection also contains the 1880 and 1900 Federal Census Returns for the town of How. Please remember that all items and information contained in this collection is a part of the public record.

There were often months between columns, and, at times, whole years when no news from the town of How was submitted to the papers.

Surprisingly, there was but one item that I found that I felt it important enough to omit the name of the family involved. Even though there are no families by that name left in the area any more I felt it best to omit the name. It is my hope that you will enjoy this "TOWN OF HOW SCRAP BOOK."

Bruce Paulson
Suring, Wisconsin
October 1986