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 Contibuted by researcher Lola Ziesmer Bridger, descendent.

Henrietta Peters Huebscher
photo: 1911
Wife of Christian (Chris) Huebscher 

William Huebscher (1888 - 1964) and Amelia Schliep Wedding

Son of Christian (Chris) Huebscher and Henrietta Peters, born in Brookside, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                                    First Generation

          1.  Mathias HUEBSCHER, son of Martin HUEBSCHER and Anna Rosina FRANZ, was born in Krotchin, Posen, Prussia 1808. Mathias died 1870 at 62 years of age. He married Maria Elizabeth PUSCH in Germany, 6/14/1840. Maria was born in Gross Lenka, Germany 12/6/1816.  Maria died 2/19/1898 Pensaukee, Oconto County, WI., at 81 years of age.
          Maria immigrated, 1870. Destination: Pensaukee, Wisconsin.
              Mathias died of cholera. in Germany.
              His sons August and Frederick served in the German army in Russia during the war and when they returned to Germany could not find work.  So they decided to immigrate to the United States. Lacking funds to do so, they divised a plan where they  would hopefully be picked up at sea by a boat headed for the United States. This occured circa 1865.
              In 1870 after the death of their father they sent for  their mother and other sibling to immigrate.

             Mathias HUEBSCHER and Maria Elizabeth PUSCH had the following children:

                    i. Anna HUEBSCHER was born in Germany.  Never  married and lived with her brother Jule.
                   ii. August HUEBSCHER was born in Germany 7/7/1842. August died 1/07/1929 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, at 86 years of age.  He married Ernestine TOAST in Green Bay, WI, 4/22/1870. Ernestine was born in Germany 1845.  Ernestine was the daughter of Gotlieb TOAST and Susan ? TOAST.  Ernestine died 6/24/1922 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, at 76 years of age.  Ernestine  was divorced from August HUEBSCHER in Oconto, WI., 1908.
                           August immigrated, 1868. Destination: Oconto County, USA.
                           August was a personal body guard for the Kaisers in Germany before he left.
                           August and his brother Frederick walked from  Krotensehein, Germany to Holland.  There they bought a skiff, put a sail on it, enough supplies for several days and set sail into the sea.  They encountered strong winds and lost their sail and after several days of drifting they were picked up by a passing ship headed for America.  They were lucky to be picked up and landed in New York. This occurred circa 1865.
                           From New York they worked their way to Wisconson.  They settled in Abrans and worked for  the logging camp until they bought the farm in between Pensaukee and Brookside near the Bell Bridge.  According to his obit they were in the  Pensaukee area by 1866.
                           In 1870 they sent for their mother and five  other siblings to immigrate to the United States. Ernestine Toast came with this group as the bride to be of August.
                  iii. Julius HUEBSCHER was born in Germany 1844.  He married Dorothea Johanna Sophie BECKENDORF in Oconto County, Wisconsin, 12/26/1882.  Dorothea was born Zabel, Meklenburg, Germany 11/23/1849. Dorothea was the daughter of John BECKENDORF and Christina CHRISTENSON.  Dorothea died 11/02/1913 Pensaukee, Wisconsin, at 63 years of age.
                          Julius immigrated. Destination: Oconto County,  USA.
                   iv. Caroline HUEBSCHER was born in Krotenschein, Germany 4/4/1845.  Caroline died 6/1/1917 at 72 years of age.  She married twice.  She married  William SACHES in Germany.  She married Reinhold REIM in Brookside, Wisconsin, 1/21/1871.  Reinhold was born in Gohr Circit Metitz, Prussia 8/4/1838.  Reinhold died 5/1/1923 in Abrams, WI, at 84 years of age. The marriage with Reinhold Reim was an arranged meeting for which Caroline dressed very properly for.  At the introduction she was evidently wearing an elaborate hat, which prompted Reinhold to ask "What can I do with a woman like that? I need a wife who can work."  Supposidly a friend  of his said, "Turn the hat upside down in the  barn and chickens can nest in it."  Evidently at the time of the fires in 1871 Caroline was working in a hotel were her and her daughter were in extreme danger. Caroline is recorded in the 1910 plat book as owning 40 acres of land on Green Bay south of  Pensaukee.
                    v. Martin HUEBSCHER was born in Krotenschein, Germany 4/4/1847.  Martin died 1/6/1940 in Oak Orchard, Oconto Co., WI, at 92 years of age.  He married Bertha GUHEL.  Bertha was born 1852. Bertha died 1945 in Cleveland, Ohio, at 93 years of age.
                           Bertha lived for 28 years with her daughter  Ida in Cleveland, Ohio.
Martin immigrated, 1869. Destination: Oconto County, USA.
                           Martin and Bertha had 17 children, 10 of which lived. They were living in Green Bay in  1929. They were later divorced when Martin was 70.
                   vi. Frederick HUEBSCHER was born in Germany 1850. Frederick died 1935 at 85 years of age.  He married Caroline PIETRUSKOHSKE in Wisconsin, circa 1870.  Caroline was born 1848.  Caroline died 1932 at 84 years of age.
                          Frederick immigrated, 1869. Destination: Oconto County, USA.
                          Fred served in the Grerman army, like his brother, during the Franko-Prussian war.
                  vii. Christ HUEBSCHER was born in Germany 1860.  Christ Huebscher,entered US at Baltimore, Md. and his first sponsor was Charles Norton. Christ died 10/1/1913 at 53 years of age.  He  married Heneretta PETERS in Oconto County, Wisconsin, 30 Sept. 1883.  Heneretta was born in  Provence of Pozen, Germany 6/15/1867.  Heneretta was the daughter of John PETERS and Dorthea LEPIN.  Heneretta died 1944 at 77 years of age. Christ immigrated, 19 March 1870. Destination: Oconto County, USA.