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LEFT -  The Letter of Intent for United States citizenship that was submitted to the Jefferson (New York state) County Clerk of Courts by Cyrus Isabell on the 29th of January, 1870. It is an excellent example of the first step in the US Naturalization process of that time. This petition was entered at the county of residence and often (but not always) within a short time after settling in this country. 

RIGHT -  It was then followed by the actual act of Naturalization petition which was submitted to the county clerk of courts where the person resided at that time. Cyrus Isabel made this second application at Oconto County, WI. When his citizenship petition was accepted by the court, he was sworn in and received this certificate of validation which says this process was finalized on the " 7th of November, in the year nineteen hundred and thirteen,  and of our Independence, the one hundred and thirty-seven".

These two petitions are often found in different counties and states, as the applicant traveled for employment or to find suitable farmland. In many cases, the second petition was never submitted and the Letter of Intent is all that can be found. Women did not apply for citizenship until after 1919. Until then, they received their citizenship from the nearest male relative, or through a male owner of a factory that employed them. If they lost their job, or married a man who was not a citizen, they lost their citizenship, even if they were born in the US. (note added by RITA


CYRUS GORDON ISABELLE [son of Lewis Isabelle (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Thorp (b. Canada)]

b.  03/13/1848   Iroquois, Matilda Township, Dundas County, Ontario, Canada (d.c.)
d.  05/21/1929   Abrams, Oconto County, Wisconsin  (county file #11/179)

  81y-2m-18d     Buried:  Brookside Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin


            Immigrated 1861 (1900 census) – Citizen Declaration 01/29/1870 – Wilna, Jefferson County, New York

            Certification of Naturalization - No. 261566 issued 11/07/1913

            Petition:  Volume 8, page 218 and sub Volume 9962, page 16 - Circuit Court, Oconto County, Wisconsin


            [1851 census (Canadian) – Lewis Isabell (40), Elizabeth Isabell (36), Hester A. (16), James (14),

                                    George (12), Levi (10), Fidelis (8), Cyrus (6), E Ann (4), Catherine (2)

                                    and Mary J. living Dundas County, Ontario, Canada

                                    (roll:  C-11717 – page 141 – line 36)]


[1870 censusCyrus Irable (23-b.Can) living Wilna, Jefferson County, New York                                           

                          (M593-945 – page 810 – image 801)]


ELIZABETH “Eliza” ADELINE GOULD (daughter of Charles Gould & Jane Pearson)


b.  07/20/1853   Town of Wilna, Jefferson County, New York (d.c.)
d.  02/18/1936   Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin  (county file #15/514) 82y-6m-29d
Buried:  Brookside Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin


            [1860 Census – Charles Gould (37-b.VT), Jane Gould (34-b.NY), Mary J (13), Ambrose (9),

                                    Eliza A (5) and Ellen (1) living Wilna, Jefferson County, New York

(M653-761 – page 276 – image 279)(ID# NY29578781)]


[1870 census – Andrew Gould (20) and Eliga Gould (17-b.NY) living Wilna, Jefferson County,

New York (M593-945 – page 812 – image 804)]


Married:         05/01/1870, Town of Wilna, Jefferson County, New York – 4 witnesses: 

                        Mary Jane Gould, Ambros Gould, Armenia Tredenburg and George Tredenburg

(Moved to Pensaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin 09/01/1870)


            [1880 censusCyrus G. Isabelle (farmer-33-b.Can), Eliza Isabelle (wife-27-b.NY) and

                                    Roseltha(dau-8-b.WI) living Pensaukee Township, Oconto County, Wisconsin

                                    (T9-1440 – page 294.1 – ED 107)]


            [1895 censusCyrus G. Isabelle living Pewaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin

                                    (Wisconsin State Census 1895 – Line 17 – Roll v226-17)]


            [1900 censusCyrus G. Isabel (head-53-b.Can), Eliza A. Isabel (wife-46-b.NY)

                                    living Pensaukee Township, Oconto County, Wisconsin

(T623-1808 – page 14A – ED 144)]


            [1905 censusCyrus G. Isabel (57), Eliza A. Isabel (53)

                                    living Pensaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin]                 

                                    (Wisconsin State Census 1905 – Line 34 – Roll CSUSAWI1905-20)]



            [1910 censusCyrus G. Isabel (head-62-b.Can), Eliza A. Isabel (wife-56-b.NY) and

Hazel Christian (gdau-9) living Pensaukee Township, Oconto County, Wisconsin

(T624-1729 – page 15A – ED 111 – image 1154)]

            [1920 census – (No Record) Herb Risto (head-19-b.WI), Hazel Risto (wife-18-b.WI) and

Helen Risto (dau-4m) living Pensaukee Township, Oconto County, Wisconsin

Probably living with Risto’s on the Isabelle’s farm in Brookside

(T625-2007 – page 1B – ED 176 – image 1109)]


            [1930 censusEliza Isabel (head-76-b.NY), Herb Risto (grandson-in-law-30-b.WI), Hazel Risto

(granddau-29), Helen Risto (ggranddau-11) and Hollie Risto (ggranddau-2)

living Pensaukee Township, Oconto County, Wisconsin

(T626-2602 – page 5A – ED 31 – image 1039.0)]


Children:  (3)


1.         Roseltha Katherine (Rose) 

            b.  05/26/1872   Pensaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin (maybe 1873)

            d.  02/11/1947   Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin  (State File #383)

                                    Buried:  Riverside Cemetery, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

2.         Leora 

            b.  06/??/1874   Brookside, Oconto County, Wisconsin

            d.  09/20/1874   Brookside, Oconto County, Wisconsin

                                    Buried:  Brookside Cemetery, Oconto County, Brookside, Wisconsin

3.             Winora  

            b.  06/08/1880   Brookside, Oconto County, Wisconsin  (county file #31/517)

            d.  12/27/1953   Marquette, Marquette County, Michigan

                                    Buried:  Maple Grove Cemetery, Munising, Alger County, Michigan

Married:            11/29/1899 - Albert James CHRISTIAN

b. 02/05/1874, Abrams, Oconto County, Wisconsin

d. 12/02/1951, Munising, Alger County, Michigan)


            Children:  (4)     Hazel Isabel      (b. 01/10/1901, Wisconsin – d. 06/25/1987, Wisconsin)

                                    Zelma Gay        (b. 07/01/1902, Wisconsin – d. 07/01/1985, Michigan)                             

                                    Zada Marie       (b. 08/20/1903, Wisconsin – d. 11/19/2000, Michigan)                 

                                    Russell Cyrus    (b. 06/06/1917, Michigan – d. 06/29/2004, Michigan)

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