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Richard & Family

Canada to Oconto County

Includes related Oconto County surnames: 
Volk, McKenny, Blue, McAllan, Matherly, Waterman, Conrad, 
Minar, Heimerl, Mathison, Matherly, Ramsdell,
McGorgan, McCutchen 

Contributed by:  John Green 

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Walter Kingston
photo contributed by:  John Green 

photo contributed by:  John Green
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kingston.
Mrs. Kingston, born Alice McAllan, is of course the girl often mentioned as the first white child born in Mountain. The Kingstons lived for many years in the old stone house on highway W about a mile west of Mountain.  The first house after you cross the river.

photo contributed by:  John Green

While going through the effects of my mother Fern Kingston of Mountain, WI,  who passed away in October, I found this photo.  The following is written on the back.
(Mt. Grade School. Teacher Florence Baldwin. Mother 2nd in back from right in dark dotted dress.  Mary Thompson next to her.
As I knew Mary Thompson as a child I am pretty sure she is standing to Grandma's right.  No date is given but as Grandmother Alice (McAllen) Kingston was born in 1886,  a fair guess would be about 1906 .

Viola McKenney in 1897 shortly before her marriage to Henry Kingston
Contributed by descendant great grandson of Viola:  Chris Wacker

photo contributed by:  John Green 
Kate Kingston Waterman Conrad who owned and ran a drugstore for many years in Suring, was a registered Pharmacist. (Note: Kate was widowed in 1905 when her first husband, Henry Waterman, died and left her with two very young children to raise. In 1908 Kate married Dr. Jules Conard, the first Medical Doctor to practice in Suring, town of How, Oconto County. They had one child and were raising her two old children. Kate was college educated had began assisting Dr. Conard in the pharmacy he established. In 1918, Dr. Conard died from influenza while caring for patients during the world-wide epidemic. Kate received her Pharmacists License and continued to own and operate the pharmacy in Suring while raising the family.)

photo contributed by:  John Green 
Making maple syrup on the Kingston farm. I certainly have fond (sweet) memories of this work as a child.  Shown here are three generations of the Kingston Family.  On the Left is Walter, on the right Wesley, and behind Wesley is Wilbur. Supervising the whole operation is Max the family dog.  Making Maple syrup usually begins in late February while the snow is still on the ground.  The temperature should fluctuate between freezing at night and rise into the 40s during the day.  In those days we collected the sap from the bucket attached to each tree by hand.  One can see that this is an awful lot of work when one realizes that the sap will be boiled down as much as 40 to 1.  Plenty of fuel was always available in the form of scrap wood from the saw mill operated on the farm. 
 Since Wilbur appears to be about seven years old I would guess this photo was taken about 1945.

Many references to the settlement of Kingston are made in the early Oconto County newspapers. This cluster of homes was actually called Kingston Station because it was along the railroad route and named for the Kingston brothers who lived and logged in the area. The school was still standing when  the booklet Mountain Memories was published in 1989 and Kingston family children not only attended, but also taught there.

(Note: "The sections of land south of the townsite [Mountain in town of Armstrong, now town of Mountain] on what was then the main route of the North Branch Road were the families of Thomas Anderson, Carl Peterson, J. P. Jensen, V.E. Cole, James Hines, Jorgen Jensen and P.A.. Qlson. Further south of the homes of the above settlers was the settlement called Kingston Station. The Kingston School is still standing today where it once served to educate the childron of that area's first settlers. Settling west of this school on our present Highways 32/64, were the families of Richard Kingston, John Heim, John Foley, Elias Palmer, Charles Duel, Fred Green, Spafford Way, and Charles Wight." Mountain Memories, written 1989) 

contributed by Dick Volk
The three children of Henry and Viola McKenney Kingston are present on this April 22, 1904 photograph from Mountain, Oconto County, Wisconsin. Mrs. , Mattie McKenney (James) Volk, was mother of Hazel, Oliver and Emily Volk, was the sister of Viola McKenney

Top: Hazel Volk, Oliver Volk, Olive Kingston (b: 1899),
Lower: Lyle Kingston (b: 1901), Russell Kingston (6 mo b: 1903), Emily Volk (3 mo), Norman Volk

Kingston Family Tree

Richard Kingston
    birth: December 5, 1844 in New Bruswick, Canada
    immigration: 1866
    naturalization: April 12, 1881
    occupation: 1870, 1880
farmer in Gillett
    death: November 17/18, 1892
, Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin, USA
(notes on Richard Kingston: 1870 single farmer in Gillett; Richard Kingston's death by murder, see news article below; Richard's sister Catharine Kingston married Angus Mathison March 26, 1874 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, died October 1, 1882, buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin)
+ Mary Louise Smith
    birth: October 1862 in New York, USA
    marriage: April 15, 1875  in Oconto County, Wisconsin
    death: 1937 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

(notes on Mary Louise Smith: Both parents were born in Sweden; 1880 brother Henry Smith lived with Richard and Mary at age 15 in Gillett working the farm at age 15; 1900 census for Oconto County shows her at age 37, widowed and head of household; 1900 was a farmer; 1900 had given birth to 12 children with 9 living; 1930 married to Leonard Knutson and living with son William Kingston and family in Armstrong (Mountain) Oconto County, Wisconsin)
    children of Richard and Mary Louise:
        1. Henry Kingston
            birth: Feb 15, 1877 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            occupation: Real Estate Man in Timber, Logging, Lumber Mill Owner
            death: December 5, 1945 in Stambaugh, Iron County, Michigan
            burial: Hickory Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin

(notes on Henry Kingston:1903 Armstrong Township Assessor; lived until 1920 at Mountain, Oconto County, where Mr. Kingston became a well known logger, then moved to Marinette where they lived until 1940. They then moved to Stambaugh, Michigan where Mr. Kingston established a saw mill.)
        + Viola McKenney - wife of Henry Kingston (please click
McKENNEY - William C. & Family )
            birth: January 18, 1878 in Oconto, Wisconsin
            marriage: Mar. 10, 1898 in Oconto County, Wisconsin
            death: June 24, 1969 
in Stambaugh, Iron County, Michigan
            burial: Hickory Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin

(notes on Viola McKenney: The couple had three children, Olive Kingston b: March 13, 1899 in Mountain, Armstrong (now Mountain) Oconto County, Wisconsin; Lyle Henry Kingston b:  December 17, 1901 in Armstrong (now Mountain), Oconto County, Wisconsin, d: 1990 Armstrong (now Mountain), burial in Hickory Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin; Russell Kingston b: 1903 in Armstrong (now Mountain), Oconto County, Wisconsin, d: 1969, burial in Hickory Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin)
        2. William James (Willie) Kingston
            birth: July 6, 1878 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            occupation: 1910 farmer; 1930 jobber in lumber works
            death: September 14, 1936 in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
            burial: Dale, Outagamie County, Wisconsin

(notes on William Kingston: spent most of his life in town of Armstong (now Mountain), Oconto County, Wisconsin; cause of death at age 58 in 1936 was pneumococcal Meningitis)
        + Lula G. Blue - wife of William Kingston
            birth: October 1883, Wisconsin
            marriage: 1907 in Oconto County, Wisconsin
            death: between 1917 and 1920 

            burial: not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries
(notes on: The Blue Hotel built in early Mountain was owned by Lula's family;  husband William Kingston listed as widowed in 1920; children were Grace E. Kingston b: 1908 in Wisconsin; Ircel Kingston b: 1911 in Wisconsin; Ruth Kingston b: 1914 in Wisconsin; Eloise Kingston b: 1917 in Wisconsin)
        2. Walter Albert Kingston
            birth: October 6, 1879 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            occupation: 1930 general farming in Armstrong (now Mountain), Oconto County, Wisconsin
            death: October 15, 1852 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

            burial: Mountain Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
        + Alice  McAllan - wife of Walter Kingston
            birth: November 24, 1886 in Wisconsin
            marriage: about 1908 in  Wisconsin
            death: December 6, 1947 Green Bay, Wisconsin

Mountain Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
(notes on Alice McAllan: Father Thomas McAllan was born in Maine and mother Alice T. Rutherford was born in Scotland; parents buried in Armstrong [now Mountain] Cemetery; children of Alice McAllan and Walter Kingston: Wesley Kingston  b: October 17, 1909 in Oconto County, d: December 27 1986, married Marcella Matherly [1910 - 1981], burials: Mountain Cemetery; Ruby A. Kingston b: September 2, 1911 in Oconto County, d: February 20, 1983, married: Jalmer L. Nass [1918 - 1964], burials: Mountain Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin; Vivian Kingston b: July 15, 1913 in Oconto County, d: April 26, 1977, burial in Mountain Cemetery, Oconto County; Fern Kingston b: 1917  in Oconto County; Lincoln Kingston b: July 14, 1918 in Oconto County, d: August 27, 1984, married: Leona Faleusky , burial: Greenwood Cemetery, DePere, Brown County, Wisconsin;  Sheldon Kingston b: Aug. 09, 1921 d: Nov. 05, 1993, burial: Mountain Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin)
        3. Catherine A. Kingston
            birth: April 29, 1882 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin

            occupation: 1900 School Teacher; 1918 registered pharmacist, owner of   pharmacy
in Suring (known in 1918 as a druggery)
            death: February 3, 1973 in Oconto Falls, Oconto County, Wisconsin
Wanderer's Rest, Oconto County, Wisconsin
(notes on Catherine Kingston: became a registered pharmacist in 1918 after assisting her husband Dr, Jules Conrad in the pharmacy he established before his death; Catherine continued the pharmancy business on her own after husbands death in 1918; children with Henry Waterman: Earl Waterman b: 1902 in Wisconsin d: 1930 at age 28; Henrietta K. Waterman b: June 8, 1904 in Wisconsin, d: March 1972 in Onalaska, La Crosse, Wisconsin, married: Harold Ankerson [1904 - 1973 in Onalaska, La Crosse, Wisconsin]; child with Jules Conard: Ramona Conard b: November 7, 1910 in Suring, Oconto County, Wisconsin d: April 9, 1962 in Wausaw, Marathon County, Wisconsin, married George Hans Gaulke [1911 - 1990] burials: Wanderer's Rest, Oconto County, Wisconsin)
        + Henry Waterman - husband #1 of Catherine Kingston
            birth: July 1876 in Iowa
            marriage: 1901 in Wisconsin

            occupation: 1900 farm laborer

            death: 1905 in Oconto County, Wisconsin
            burial: not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries
(notes on Henry Waterman: died at age 28; father born in Germany, mother born in Iowa; Single in 1900)
        + Jules Conard - husband #2 of Catherine Kingston
            birth: July 1866 in Wisconsin
            marriage: 1908 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

            occupation: 1910 Physician in General Practice in town of How, Oconto County, Wisconsin

            death: 1918
            burial: not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries
(notes on Jules Conard: parents both born in Belgium; first Medical Doctor in practice in Suring, town of How; establish a pharmacy in Suring; died in the flu epidemic of 1918)
        4John (Johnnie) Kingston
            birth: February 1884 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            occupation: Logging
            death: March 1907 in Rheinlander, Oneida County, Wisconsin

            burial:  not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries gravestones
(notes on John Kingston: 1900 laborer in town of Armstrong [now town of Mountain] and living with mother and siblings)
        5  Wesley Kingston
            birth: July 29, 1886 in
Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            occupation: 1920 farmer in town of Armstrong (now town of Mountain)
            death: 1923 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries gravestones
(notes on Wesley Kingston:1910 farming, living with mother in town of Armstrong [now town of Mountain] who was then Mary Knutson; 1920 married and no children in household)
        + Virginia Minar - wife of Wesley Kingston
            birth: 1892 Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin
            occupation: 1910 millinar in millinary, city of Oconto
            marriage: 1920 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

            death: January 12, 1981 in Muskegon, Michigan
            burial: Union Cemetery in Oconto County, Wisconsin
(as Virginia Heimerl)  
(notes on Virginia Minar: father Stephan Minar [1858 - 1934] born in New York, mother Rose [1858 - 1936] born in Wisconsin, both parents buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto, Wisconsin; no children listed with husband Wesley Kingston; remarried Raymond Heimerl [1893 - 1971] November 5, 1924 in Oconto County and had 4 children with him)
        6. Lenora (Nora) Kingston
            birth: April 3, 1891 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin

            death: September 8, 1983 possibly in Co Ca, Long Son, Vietnam, most likely Los Angeles, California
 not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries gravestones
(notes on Lenora Kingston: Social Security Death Index lists her last residence as Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, California; 1920,1930 lived in town of Armstrong [now Mountain], Wisconsin; children: Keith Ramsdell b: 1919 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, Richard Ramsdell b: 1922 in Oconto County, Wisconsin)
        +  Emmett Ramsdell - husband of Lenora Kingston
            birth: October 29, 1891 in Wisconsin
            marriage: 1916 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

            occupation: 1920 gemeral farmer; 1930 carpenter

            death: March 1965 in California
            burial: not listed in Oconto County Cemeteries
(notes on Emmett Ramsdall: father Henry Ramdell, born in Vemont, mother Nettie born in Pennsylvania; 1910 living with parents in town of Armstrong [now town of Mountain] Oconto County, farming)

        7. Richard Lawrence Kingston
            birth: May 30, 1893 in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin (cemetery records)
            occupation: 1940 insurance agent
            death: December 14, 1989 in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin

            burial: Wanderer's Rest Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
(notes on Richard Lawrence Kingston: 1940 Richard L. with wife and family lived in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin; they had 4 children)

        + Amanda McCutchen - wife of Richard Lawrence Kingston
            birth: April 24, 1886
            marriage: 1920 in  Wisconsin
            death: December 6, 1947 in Oconto County, Wisconsin

Wanderer's Rest Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin
(notes on Amanda McCutchen: 1920 Richard and Amanda lived next door to Amanda's parents at Long Lake, Florence County, Wisconsin; 1910 Alex and Emily M. [McGorgan] McCutchen at Long Lake, Florence County, Wisconsin. Her father and both his parents were born in "Scotch Canada" and he immigrated in 1885, Her mother was born in "Scotch Canada", maternal grandmother in England and maternal grandfather in Ireland and her mother immigrated in 1892. Amanda and her brother Henry and two possible half siblings were born in Wisconsin) 


News Reports and Obituaries

Mountain Memories

By 1876 the community was becoming more heavily populated. Among these early settlers Al Johnson, Darius Martin, the Cooleys, Ways, Posts, Clapps, Mathewsons, Sylvesters, McKenney's, Christensens and the Davis and Saunders families to name but a few.  (Catherine Kingston, sister to Richard Kingston, married Angus Mathewson March 26, 1874 in Oconto County, Wisconsin)

RICHARD KINGSTON, the man whom Bob Newton shot at Gillett last week Tuesday, died Saturday; Newton is now on trial at Oconto.


Oconto County Reporter
April 21, 1893

Newton Is Guilty

The Jury Brings in a Verdict of Murder in the Second Degree.

The trial of Robert Newton, of Gillett, charged with the killing of Richard Kingston at that village in November, 1892, came to an end Tuesday afternoon at six o'clock at which time the jury filed into the court room and the foreman pronounced the ominous words; "We the jury, find the prisoner, Robert Newton, guilty of murder in the second degree." Thus ended a trail that had engrossed the attention of the circuit court and several hundred of our citizens for eight days.

Three special venires, consisting of 100 men, were exhausted in the work of obtaining a jury and nearly 100 witnesses were examined. The prosecution was ably conducted by District Attorney P. A. Martineau, who managed his points like a veteran, when in fact it was the first criminal case he had ever tried. Attorney D. G. Classon appeared for the defense, and considering the preponderance of evidence he had to contend against he made a valiant fight.

The jury was composed of the following persons: Mike Femell, foreman; R. J. Livermore, Wm. Shew, Jas. Collins, John Courtois, Joseph Melchor, J. J. Greetans, A. Whittaker, S. W. Smith, Herman Yakel, Wm. Ross and Thos. Perkins. As soon as they had handed in the verdict, Judge Hastings discharged them, first complimenting them upon the result of their work.

Story of the Crime.
The crime in which Newton was convicted was the shooting of Richard Kingston last November, the particulars of which are as follows; Sometime before the fatal day Kingston had brought a bag containing blankets from his home in the town of Armstrong to the village of Gillett, and meeting Newton in the store of Weber Runkle comp'y asked him to carry the bag up to the house of George High, (Newton's brother-in-law) with whom Newton lived, stating that the blankets belonged to High. Newton promised to do so, and Kingston thought no more of the matter. Later High sent word to Kingston to return the blankets, and Kingston sent a reply to the effect  he had given them to Newton to carry home. Subsequently, upon visiting Gillett he was accosted by Mrs. High (Newton's sister) who stated Newton denied receiving the blankets from him. Kingston said he would see "Bob" about it, and on being told by Mrs. High that Bob was at her house he in company of Mrs. High's son, started for the house. Upon entering the house young High passed into a rear room and told his uncle Bob that Kingston was in the front room and he had come to see him about the blankets. Newton at once stepped into the room where Kingston was and before a dozen words had passed between them commenced shooting with a self-cocking revolver. Kingston fell with a shattered limb and five bullets in him, when he claimed Newton seized a chair and struck him several blows with it. 

Newton then left the house by the rear door, while Kingston managed to drag himself out the front door and to a neighbor's. As the shooting commenced young High ran down the village and gave the alarm, and a number of persons at once started for the scene. They found Kingston lying in front of Klemp's house, and conveyed him to the hotel, where he lingered until the fourth day, when death ended his suffering.


William J. Kingston

Newspaper unknown
Sept. 1936

John Green
W. J. Kingston Was Prominent in County and Town Affairs

William J. Kingston, 68, prominent Mountain resident for many years, passed away, midnight Monday, at Madison, where for three months, he had been seriously ill with meningitis.

Mr. Kingston, who was born in Gillett, July 6, 1878, spent all his life in the county, 'and for the past 46 years had been a resident of Mountain. He was married to Lulu Blue, Hortonville, on Sept. 7, 1907. Mrs. Kingston preceded him in death 18 years ago.

For many years, Mr. Kingston had been active as a lumber cruiser and scaler. He served as county surveyor, in addition to his work as assessor in the town of Armstrong.

Survivors include four daughters: Mrs. Marion Dieck, and Mrs. Albert Slang, Suring; Mrs. Harvey Bartz and Miss Elois Kingston, Mountain; three grandchildren; three sisters: Mrs. Kate Conard, Suring; Mrs. Henry Lewis, Carney, Ill., Mrs. Emmett Ramsdell, Clintonville, and three brothers. Henry, Marinette; Walter, Mountain, and Richard, Gillett.

Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Robert Broetzman at the home at Mountain on Thursday afternoon; Pallbearers were: Bert Piepenburg, Henry Stohr Axel Olson, Otto Clover, John McAllen and Fred Gripentrog. Burial was at Dale, Wis

Contributor's note: The Kingston Family Bible lists William Kingston's death as Sept. 14, 1936.
Newspaper unknown
Dec. 1947
Rites Tuesday For Mrs. Walter Kingston, Mt.  

Funeral services for Mrs. Walter Kingston, 61, of Mountain, who passed away at a Green Bay hospital December 6, following a brief illness, were held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Church of Christ at Mountain with the Rev. Lloyd Huenink of Green Bay conducucting the final rites. Burial was in the Mountain cemetery.

The flowers were carried by Lucile Larsen, Shirley Whiffen, Joan Gripentrog and Mary Louise Marsh, pall bearers were Elmer Snow, Roscoe Wilson, Ed Palmer, Ossie Isaacson. Harry Bartz and George Whiffen.

Mrs. Kingston, nee Alice McAllan, was born Nov. 24, 1886, at Mountain. She has resided in Oconto County all her life.

Survivors are the husband, 3 daughters, Mrs. Jalmer (Ruby) Nass, Green Bay; Vivian, Marinette; Mrs. James (Fern) Greene, Mountain; three sons, Wesley, Lincoln and Sheldon, all at home; four brothers, William McAllan, Marinette; John McAllan, Milwaukee; Charles McAllan, Wabeno, and Henry McAllan, Green Bay; one sister, Mrs. Edward Banta, Green Bay and five

Funeral arrangements were in. charge of the Souiek Funeral Home at Suring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Newspaper unknown
June 1969

Mrs. Henry Kingston

Mrs. Henry Kingston, 91, former Oconto County resident passed away Tuesday afternoon at Mercy Hospital, Oshkosh. The former Viola McKenney was born Jan. 18, 1878, in Oconto, and grew up on a farm in the town of Maple Valley. She married Henry Kingston, Mar. 10, 1898 and from then until September of 1920, they resided at Mountain, where Mr. Kingston became a well known logger.

In 1920 the couple moved to Marinette where they lived until 1940. They then moved to Stambaugh, Mich. where Mr. Kingston established a saw mill. Mr. Kingston preceded her in death Dec. 5, 1945. She lived at Stambaugh until January of 1968. She was a charter member of the Christian Church at Hickory and was very instrumental in the establishment of the Christian Church, Mountain.

Survivors are one daughter, Mrs. Eysten (Olive) Andersen, Miami Lakes, Fla.; one son, Lyle, Green Bay; two sisters, Mrs. Gladys Polzin; Addell McKenney, both of Oshkosh; one brother, William, Waukesha; six grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. One son, Russell, died Nov. 4, 1968, at Key Largo, Fla.

At Soulek Funeral Home, Suring, after 2 p.m. Thursday. Funeral services Friday at Christian Church, Hickory. Burial will be in Hickory Cemetery. A memorial fund has been established.

( Note to John Green, January 12, 2014 : In searching for my ancestors in Oconto County I found this page , which is your posting of my great grandmother's obituary. I can add that the date of her death was June 24, 1969. 

Her parents were William Colbrook McKenney (B. 1848, Fair Haven, Deer Isle, New Brunswick, Canada; d. 1921) and Emily Cooley (b. 1852, d. 1922).
Best regards,
Chris Wacker - South Africa.)  


Newspaper Unknown
Feb. 3, 1973
Kate Conard Dies At 90  

GILLETT—Mrs. Kate A. Conard, 90, of 1313 E. Washington St., Gillett, died this morning at Community Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls following a brief illness.

The former Kate Kingston was born April 29, 1882, in Gillett. She attended Kaukauna Schools, graduating from Valparaiso College in Valparaiso, Ind. She had resided in Gillett since 1947, moving there from Suring where she operated a drugstore.

She was married to Henry Waterman, who died in 1905 She was then married to Dr. Jules Conard in 1908. He died in 1918. Mrs. Conard was a member of Tabor United Methodist Church in Gillett and the Methodist Women's group of the church.

She was a past member of the Legion auxiliary in Suring. Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Lenora Ramsdell of Azusa, Calif and Mrs. Helen Bosch of Carmi, Ill.; a brother, R. L. Kingston of Gillett and two grandsons. She was preceded in death by a son, Dr. Irl Waterman, and two daughters, Mrs. Henrietta Ankerson, and Mrs. Romona Gaulke.

Friends may call at Kuehl funeral home in Gillett from 3 to 9 p.m. Friday and at the church Saturday from noon until time of services. Final rites will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the church with the Rev. Glenn E. Skatrud officiating. Burial will be in Wanderers Rest Cemetery.


Green Bay Press Gazette  
Wednesday, 10 October 2001  

Fern E. (Kingston) Sheraske, 85, Milwaukee, formerly of Mountain, died Oct. 6, 2001, at Silver Spring Convalescent Center, where she had been a resident for the past six years. Fern was born in Mountain, April 27, 1916, to the late Walter and Alice (McAllan) Kingston. She graduated from Harrington Beauty College in Milwaukee and was employed as an instructor for the Beauty College. Fern married William Sheraske in 1958, he preceded her in death. She had been employed by W. H. Brady Co. from 1966 until retiring in 1981. Fern loved to travel in America, over the years she had visited nearly all the states with hers brothers and sons. She had been a member of the Mountain Church of Christ.

Survivors include her three sons, Walter and Robert Green, both of Glendale, Wis.; John (Joanne) Green, Lexington, KY, three grandchildren, Sean, Erick and Trisha.

She was preceded in death by her husband William, her two sisters, Vivian in April of 1977, Ruby in February of 1983; her three brothers, Lincoln in August of 1984, Westly in December of 1986 and Sheldon in November of 1993.

Funeral services were held 11a.m. Tuesday Oct. 9, 2001, at the Mountain Church of Christ with Pastor Robert Jeffrey Officiating. Burial in Mountain Cemetery. Gruetzmacher Funeral Home, Suring in charge of arrangements.