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Contributed by descendant; Faye

Ship's Manifest 00036564
Ship - Braunschweig
Port of Bremen, Germany to Port of New York, USA
Steerage Travel
Arrived April 22, 1882

KUEHL, WILHELM,  age 42, occupation carpenter
EMMA age 09
WILHELM age 03
MARIE age 01

Kuehl General Store in Breed, Wisconsin
Breed Main Street with milk oxen team standing in front of
Kuehl's Store, built in 1889 and added on in 1902. 

Bruce Paulson Collection (posted with his permission)
Area Research Center - Cofrin Library

William F. Kuehl brought his family from Stettin, Kreis Pommern, Germany, to the United States in 1882. The family first settled in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. According to family history, the family first lived in Manitowoc and lost 4 children to black dysentery while living there.  Descendants were told that  the couple would come home from burying a child and the next one would be dead.  It must have been a horrible time for them in Manitowoc. Suviving son Albert (also Arthur) was born to William and Louisa on March of 1887 in Wisconsin. Daughter Ida was born June 12, 1885 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin shortly before the family moved away. Sons William and August were the other two surviving children. William F. Kuehl died April 24, 1891 and is buried in Friedens Lutheran Cemetery, Slab City, near Bonduel, Shawano County, Wisconsin(This is per Edna Ponsegrau).

By June of 1900 Louisa (nee
Guze) Kuehl had been married to Herman Durin, age 45, a farmer in Shawano County, Wisconsin, for 7 years. In that household was Louisa's 13 year old son Arthur Kuehl and Herman's three children; Annie, a daughter age 15, born October 1884 in Germany, Else, a daughter age 10 born June 1889 in Germany and William, a son age 9 born October 1890 in Wisconsin. Louisa had given birth to 10 children with 4 living in 1900. Louisa's son August "Gus" Kuehl was working as a cook in Aurora, Illinois, at that time.

In June of 1900 Emma Ziegenhagen (1900 census spelling) was a 20 year old servant, born May 1880 in Wisconsin, working in the household of Edward Bugin on Marshall Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Bugin was the successful Irish-American proprietor of a printing company.

Emma Ziegenhagen and August Kuehl

December 12, 1900
Photo contributed by:  Faye Krueger 

August Kuehl married on December 12, 1900 in Zachow, Wisconsin. Emma Kuehl's parents were Fred Zieganhagan b. Dec 1831 Pommern , who came to the US in 1874, and  wife Dora (Dorothy) (?).  Emma was born July 7, 1879 at Cicero, Wisconsin.  (This is per Edna Ponsegrau).
St. Paul's Evengelical Luthern Church in Zachow, Wisconsin  has records for the Ziegenhagen
family(church record spellings below). These include:
August Kuehl & Emma Ziegenhagen
December 12, 1900
August, son of Wilhelm and Louise Kuehl and Emma, daughter of Friedrich & Dorothia Ziegenhagen

BURIAL - in church cemetery
1907 (
 9 February)  Frederick Zeganhagen
1921 Dorothy Ziegenhagen

By 1905 August and Emma Kuehl had purchased a general store from John E. Johnson in Breed, Oconto County, Wisconsin.
At the time they bought it, it was only the part that was later used as a house.  August built the big store building. The couple had three children;  Erma age 3, Arthur age 2 and Esther age 1. In 1907 son Raymond joined the family at the store in Breed.

Photo contributed by:  Bill Fonferek

By 1910 the couple reported on the census that they had been married 9 years and had 4 children, all surviving. They lived in Breed, Oconto County, Wisconsin and owned and operated a general store. August was age 39 and Emma was age 30 on the report. Children were daughter Erma age 8, Arthur age 7, Esther age 6 and Raymond age 3. Also in the household was the brother of August; Arthur was age 22, single and a clerk in the general store. August Kuehl was postmaster, with store as post office. This was an important hub for the community.  He also became village treasurer and treasurer of the school board.

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Ziegenhagen had beautiful long hair. She developed headaches and it was decided that she needed to cut her hair. She had this photo taken in Milwaukee before her hair was cut.
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Kuehl children (left to right)
Arthur, Erma,
Raymond, Esther.

Photo from Marlene 
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On the 1920 Breed Federal census Emma Kuehl is widowed and running the store. Living in the household are children Erma, Arthur, Esther and Raymond.  

Also in 1920 residence is Arthur (also Albert) Kuehl, youngest son of William Sr. and Louisa, who died in 1918. This youngest brother of August and William Kuehl Jr. is buried in Union Cemetery, Breed.  He had married Alma Hinkfus on October 5,  1911 in Zachow, WI.  They had a son named Harold Kuehl born 1918, near the time of his father's death. On the 1920 census Harold was 1 year and 3 months old. The widow Alma Hinkfus Kuehl and her son were living in Breed with her single brother Robert Hinkfus that year. Alma Hinkfus Kuehl later married John H. Boettcher and lived in town of Hartland, Shawano County, Wisconsin, where Harold Kuehl was raised.

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Emma Ziegenhagen Kuehl is shown standing on the store porch. Sitting in the wheelbarrow is an unidentified friend. The general store sold all types of needed merchandise, which is also seen displayed in the window.
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Breed Main Street in the 1920's.
Note the very early gas pump in front of the Kuehl Store (center building).  The requested amount of gas was hand pumped from the underground tank into the glass measuring cylinder on top. It was then put into the vehicle gas tank by hose and nozzle, using gravity to empty the cylinder. Store employees went out to pump the gas for customers.

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Beed in the 1940's
Cars still traveled the dirt road, but the original gas pump was replaced with two more modern ones.

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The Kuehl Store household in Breed was joined by Emma's mother in law Louisa Kuehl Durin and her second husband Herman by 1920. Emma's oldest son Arthur Kuehl was running the store. Emma's son Art ran the store until he sold it to his John Ponsegrau,  Edna's brother-in-law in the 1930's. It is still in the Ponsegrau family. Emma Zieganhagan Kuehl died in 1933 and is buried in Union Cemetery, Breed.

William Kuehl  (born b. Feb 23, 1879, Stettin, Pommern, Germany) was married April 30, 1908, in Oconto Falls, WI to Meta ( Quandt on gravestone Union Cemetery - Breed)  born 1871, the daughter of Edward (1875 - 1946) and Martha (1876 - 1965) Quandt.  The couple settled into general farming on land near Union Cemetery - Breed, Wisconsin. Infants born to them did not survive in 1912, 1913 and 1916.  By 1930 they were raising 3 children.   William Kuehl passed away in 1956 and Meta (Mattie) Quandt Kuehl followed in 1971. Son Ervin W. Kuehl ( 1922 - 2000) and his wife June A. ( 1928 - 2000) later took over the farm near Breed.

Ida E. Kuehl was born June 12, 1885 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Very shortly after her birth, the family moved to a homestead near Slab City, Shawano County, Wisconsin. Her father died in 1891 and in 1902 her mother remarried to Hermine Dorin in Bonduel, Shawano County and they moved to Breed, living at the general store purchased by her brother August Kuehl.  Ida married Ludwig (Louis) Abraham in 1907.  He was born in Wisconsin, February 1887, to Peter Abraham (born 1858 in Canada to German parents) and Theresa Abraham originally of Pommern (now Germany born 1865). The family owned a farm in Muka, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Louis was the oldest of 11 children. His father, Peter was dead by 1910 and the Abraham family had moved to New London, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.  Ida and Louis lived next door to her husband's widowed mother and siblings in New London,where Louis worked in a factory. The couple had two children in 1920; daughters Vivian W. and Lolita L. In 1930 Ida's mother Louisa and step father Herman Dorin(e) were living with the Abraham family in New London.  Ida Kuehl Abraham died May 17 1967 in New London, Wisconsin.

Generation 1

William F Kuehl   Farmer 
     Born June 9 1840  Pommern Germany
     Occupation  Farmer
     Died April 24 1891  Bonduel WI 
     Buried Friedens Luth Cemetery  Bonduel WI 
+ Louise Guze Kuehl wife of William F.   Homemaker 
     Born Feb 11 1843  Pommern Germany
     Occupation  Homemaker
     Died Sep 9 1930  New London WI 
     Buried New London Cemetery  New London WI 
 Married #1 William F Kuehl 1875 Pommern Germany 
 Married #2 Herman Dorine 1902 Bonduel WI 
 Notes on Louisa Guze Kuehl Dorine (also Dorin and Durin)
 Came to United States 1882 Bremen Germany  Manifest IDS 36564  Ship Braunschweig.    
 Settled in Manitowoc - Lost 4 children to black dysentery while there    
 Moved to Bonduel 1885 - bought a farm at Slab City (a few miles south of Bonduel)    
 Moved to Suring in 1902 --  Son August had already gone there. 
1910 she and her husband  lived with son William and family on the farm.
1920 Louisa and second husband lived in Breed with widowed daughter in law Emma Kuehl at the general store.
1930 Louisa and Herman were living with daughter Ida Kuehl Abraham's family in New London, Wisconsin.
 1. August Kuehl - Storekeeper 
     Born 1877  Pommern Germany 
     Died Possibly May 1915 -circumstances unknown   
 Married Emma Ziegenhagen Dec 12 1900 Zachow WI    
 2. William R Kuehl  Woodsman & Farmer 
     Born Feb 23 1879  Pommern Germany 
     Died Feb 21 1956  Suring WI 
     Buried Union Free Cemetery  Breed WI 
 Married Meta Rueckert Apr 30 1908 Oconto Falls WI 
 3. Ida E. ,Kuehl   
     Born June 12 1885  Manitowoc WI 
     Died May 17 1967  New London WI 
 Married Ludwig S. (Louis) Abraham  New London WI -  factory worker. Born 1888 in Wisconsin
 4. Albert ( Arthur) Kuehl   
     Born Oct ? 1887  Bonduel WI 
     Died Dec 6 1918  Gresham WI  - Death also found April 17, 1990
     Buried Union Free Cemetery  Breed WI 
 Married Alma Hinkfus Oct 5 1911 Zachow WI 
 5. Emil Kuehl   
     Born Nov 11 1890  Bonduel WI 
     Died Apr 25 1891  Bonduel WI 
     Buried Friedens Luth Cemetery  Bonduel WI

HUSBAND Fred Zieganhagan    
     Born Dec 3, 1830  Pommern Germany 
     Married ??   Germany
     Died   Feb 9, 1907
+ Dorothia ??   wife of Fred.
     Born Feb 7, 1839  Pommern Germany 
     Immigration  1874    
     Died Jan 23, 1920

Children Dora and Fred.     
     1. Fredericka   
         Born May 6 1867  Germany 
         Died 1933  Zachow WI 
         Buried   Zion Luth Cemetery  Zachow WI 
     Married Theodore Hinkfus 1889 Cicero WI farmer born 1861: died 1932 Zachow WI
     2. Gusta   
         Born January 16, 1870   Germany
         Died July 6, 1939  Bear Creek WI
          Buried (both) Trinity Lutheran Cemetery  Bear Creek WI
     Married Fred Balhorn (harness shop) Bear Creek WI.  Born: February 22, 1864 Died November 8, 1948 Bear Creek WI
     3. Bertha   
         Born 1873  Cicero WI 
         Died Bertha's death1954 New London
     Married Wm Brensike (Painter) New London WI  born 1865 died 1938
          (Note: Daughter Ruth born 1879  died 1985).
     4. Herman  Farmer 
         Born Feb 7 1876  Cicero WI 
         Died :  March 6, 1965  buried in Wauwatosa Cemetery, Home for Aged Lutherans, Milwaukee WI 
     5. Emma  Storekeeper 
         Born July 7 1879  Cicero WI 
         Died Apr 23 1933  Breed WI 
     Married August Kuehl Dec 12 1900 Zachow WI 
         Buried Union Free Cemetery  Breed WI 
     Children of Emma and August Kuehl   
             1. Erma   
                 Born Jul 20 1901  Bonduel WI 
                 Died May 13 1977  Breed WI 
                 Buried Union Free Cemetery  Breed WI 
             Married Floyd Tate July 1919  farmer
             2. Arthur  Storekeeper 
                 Born Jul 3 1902  Suring WI 
                 Died  April 17, 1990 in South Carolina; burial Milwaukee.  He is buried next to his second wife in Wisconsin Memorial Cemetery;
                (Note: Arthur's daughter Amber Kuehl Atkison was born March 22, 1927 and died July 25, 1990.)

             Married #1 Melba Buchberger October 1925  
                          #2 Isabel Sieckman November 1943  
             3. Esther   
                 Born Sep 6 1903  Breed WI 
                 Died Sep 10 1958  Green Bay WI 
                 Buried Ft Howard Cemetery  Green Bay WI 
             Married Lawrence F Huss May 25 1927 Gillett WI 
             4. Raymond   
                 Born Nov 28 1906  Breed WI 
                 Died Apr 29 1957  Milwaukee WI 
              Married Viola Huss Jan 4 1935  

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Nicholas and Minnie Huss
Wedding in 1893
Parents of Viola and Lawrence Huss who married Raymond and Esther Kuehl.
The Huss family lived on a farm just outside of Suring (east), on Hwy 32

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