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 .La May - Le May.

(also found as Lammá, Le Maye, Lamay, Lemay)

descendant contact: Marie

.The 1900 census gives the most individual information. The Ovide family surname was spelled (or misspelled) "Lemay" on this census page. This family lived on State Street in the city of Oconto, Wisconsin. Here is a summary of each person listed on lines 98 through 100. Since they list having 7 children living and only  6 are listed in the family, the oldest may have already moved away from home by 1900.

Once you have names, dates or ages and location you can start to send for birth, marriage and death certificates to find out who is related and how from other generations.
Rita - Oconto County WIGenWeb Coordinator

1900 Federal Census - city of Oconto, West Ward
Ovide - head of household; age 38; born July 1861 in French Canada; both parents born in French Canada; immigrated in 1864 (35 years earlier); occupation - day laborer.
Cecilia (Cecilia Guillon / Guillaume) - wife; age 35; born June 1864; married 17 years (Married: 28 August 1882 in Oconto County, Wisconsin); had given birth to 11 infants with 7 still living in 1900; born in (French) Belgium; both parents born in Belgium; immigrated in 1881 - 19 years earlier.
All children were born in Wisconsin (middle 6 possibly in Wisconsin Rapids)
(Note: Ellen Mary LaMay - born June 2, 1883 Oconto Wisconsin was the oldest and not found living with the family in 1900.
Vina - daughter; age 15; born November 1884; occupation - servant.
Arthur - son; age 13; born June 1886; occupation - day laborer.
Abraham- son; age 11; born May 1891; at school.
George - son; age 9; born May 1891; at school.
David  (also W. A.)- son; age 4; born June 1895.
Oscar - son; age 1; born October 1898

1900 Federal Census - city of Oconto, West Ward - additional children born after the 1900 census, listed in 1910 for the Ovide household are:
Le Maye,  (spelling is changed)
W. C. - son; age 8.
Walter - son; age 6.
Eva - daughter; age 11 months.

Please keep in mind that the censuses were not legal documents. They were government surveys only, so they contain a lot of imaginative ways to spell names. It is probable that  the 1870 census page for Oconto contains the original Ovide La May family. Although it is not certain, several things match. Line 19 has an Ovid or Orvil that is the right age for Ovide LaMay. Lammá, when pronounced, sounds like LaMay. All the family was born in Canada; the youngest was in 1863. Ovide LaMay stated on the 1900 census that he immigrated from Canada in 1864, so this fits the family. This family also lives in city of Oconto - West Ward, where we find Ovide and his wife Cecilia Guillon (Guillaume) and their children in 1900. If so, these are Ovide's parents and siblings. This takes things back one more generation if it connects by using other vital records.

1870 Census - Oconto, West Ward
Lamma (LaMay?)
John - age 40; laborer.
Mary - age 38; keeping house.
Lacy - female; age 19
William - male; age 15
Orvil (or Ovid?) - male; age 10.
Mary - female; age 8.
Amelia - female; age 7

Possible Parents of Cecilia Guillon/Guillaume LaMay/LaMay
François Guillaume
Born:  29 Aug 1824; Ernage, Namur, Belgium
Died:  30 Sep 1911
Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA
Ursule Dupierreux
Born: 17 Feb 1826; Ernage, Namur, Belgium
Died: May 1880 in Wisconsin, USA

Possible Grandparents of Cecilia Guillon/Guillaume LaMay/LaMay
Henry Joseph Guillaume
Marie Thérèse Marguerite Lamy
Born:  12 Sep 1721
Died:  1780