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Joseph, John,
Contributed by descendant:  Dorothy Buchholz

The Liegeois Family of Incourt, Belgium

Joseph Liegeois JR. and Rachel Collins

Written by Irene Ruth Doran
Grand-daughter to Joe and
Rachael Liegeois, 1987

Joseph Liegeois and Rachel Collins were both born in Robinsonville.  Both sets of parents were immigrants from Belgium and Wisconsin pioneers.  They grew up on their parents small farms  in the little settlement of Robinsonville.  Joseph and his brothers John and Louis learned the blacksmith and wagon-maker trade from the village blacksmith, Paul Abts, who was their neighbor.

Josephus Liegeois, filius Josephi et Mariae Thereseae  Morreau, cum Rachael Collins,
Filia Joannis et Antoinietae L’Host, neoconversa, matrimonium iniut duas post
Proclamations bannarum, hodie post missarum solemnia, hora 10:AM
Testes fuerunt Eugenius Liegeois et Julia Abts.
Robinson 16 July, 1885
Latin Record of the wedding of Joseph and Rachel as received from
The Green Bay Catholic Diocese Archives
Joseph and Rachel lived on their 40 acre farm just south of the Joseph Liegeois Sr. farm.  They also owned forty acres of woodlot in the north section of the Town of Green Bay.  John, Fred, and Jennie were born in Robinsonville.

About 1891, the Liegeois land in the Town of Green Bay was sold.  Joseph and Louis formed a partnership and began a business in Abrams, Oconto County, Wisconsin.  They had a blacksmith shop, built wagons, sold farm machine supplies, and had the local saloon.  John Liegeois had a similar business in Little Suamico.

Frank and William were born in Abrams.  Little William died at the age of 4 and ½ months.  Rachel died as the result of childbirth on September 10, 1900.  The baby was stillborn.

Soon after Rachel’s death, grandfather left the blacksmith trade and went into the saloon business full time.  The old saloon was torn down and he rebuilt the residence to have the saloon in the front part and the living quarters in the rear and upstairs.  Uncle John left Little Suamico and took over the farm machinery business in Abrams.

Joseph married Josie Gilland of Stevens Point.  They were married on April 21, 1902 in Menominee, Michigan.  The marriage lasted until March 26, 1907 when Josie was granted an uncontested divorce in the Circuit Court in Oconto.

Joseph remained in the saloon business until prohibition.  He then moved to Kenosha and worked for the Northern Wisconsin Railroad the “Whiskey Northern Railroad.” He was a watchman or “Cinder Dick”.  Grampa lived in a rooming house at 5627 24th Ave. in Kenosha. It was here that about 3:30 PM on June 17, 1932, he died. He suffered from a debilitating skin disease called “St. Antony’s Fire.”  Today the disease is easily cured with antibiotics.

Both Rachel and Joseph are buried in the Brookside Cemetery.  Take the center road into the cemetery, and you will see on the left side of the road, a large tall gray stone with a cross atop.

She sleeps in the valley—so sleep.
But the Spirit has taken its flight.
Tho’ her form is but dust ‘neath our feet.
While she is an Angel of Light.

Photo: Oconto County Reporter

Please click on photographs below to see the full size view

Liegeois Saloon - The Sample Room
Joseph Liegeois Jr is at far left, John Liegeois is next to him, 
Louis Liegeois is at far right.
This photograph is a fascinating study of the times. 
On the enlargement details that stand out include:
The lead-charcoal drawing of the bartender at the top of the mirror. These were 1870 - 1890's commissions from prestigious art school instructors such as The Milwaukee School of Art and drawn from much smaller photographs. Also on the mirror are photograph portraits of lovely young ladies and the good luck horse shoe. The top surface of the nicely crafted wood bar is varnished and highly polished

On the wall to the left of the bar is a advertisement featuring the likeness of a sassy lass in comely entertainment costume of that period . Also on that wall is a calender of events. Below that is a large rendering of the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds featuring the race track. A shiny polished oil lamp hangs over bar, which also features a brass foot rail and sawdust beneath, to catch spills, etc. On the back bar stands a collection of fancy glass containers. Also on the backwall are two framed outdoor views that may depict someone's original homeland. The men are dressed for work. To the far left is the thick leather apron of a blacksmith, which protected from heat and sparks. The bartender is well appointed in high collar shirt and vest. Hats need not be removed in the bar room as ladies were not present. They were sometimes served at tables in a separate Dining Room, that would be found next to a Sample Room such as this.

To the right above the mirror is a sign that says
"Meet Friendly
Drink Moderately
Pay on Delivery
Fart Quietly
& Call Again"

Photos contributed by descendant:  Dorothy Buchholz
This photo is of the John Liegeois and Louise Janssen wedding at Brookside.  John was son of Joe Liegeois and Rachel Collin Liegeois-brother to my grandmother Jennie Liegeois Wagner. 

Joe Liegeois is to the right holding a grandchild.  The wedding couple are left of the tree. 

John is wearing a dark suit.  Frank Liegeois brother of John is seated third man from right. 

My grandparents Jennie and George F Wagner are also in the picture. Grandma Jennie is second woman on right. George is behind the first lady on the right.  I believe Grampa Liegeois' brother John is the fourth gentleman on the right. 

John Liegeois was in partnership with Grampa Joseph Liegeois in the saloon, implements, etc businesses.  He was bank president of the Abrams bank for quite some time.

Photos contributed by descendant:  Dorothy Buchholz
This photo is John Liegeois, brother to Joe, and Abrams bank president at the Dutton Farm.

Photos contributed by descendant:  Dorothy Buchholz
 This photo is John Liegeois, brother to Joe, after a Golden Plover hunt.

Antoine Liegeois’ parents were: Lambert Liegeois and Therese Berger.

Jean Joseph’s parents were: Antoine Liegeois, born 03 August, 1785 in Huppaye, Province of Brabant, Belgium; and Henrietta Joseph La Loux, born 12 February, 1794 in Incourt.  Henrietta J. La Loux’s mother was Marie Joseph La Loux.  No name given for father. They were married 07 Sept 1814.


1. Antoine Liegeois………………………………………….(M)  Born 15 May 1816
2. Maximillienne Liegeois……………………………….. ...(F)   Born 29  Aug 1819
3. Jean Baptiste Liegeois…………………………………...(M)  Born 30 Dec 1821
4. Jean Joseph Liegeois (Sr)…………………………….....(M) Born 21 April 1825
5. Clemence Joseph Liegeois……………………………... (F)   Born 05 Feb 1828
6. Victoire Liegeois…………………………………………..(F)   Born 08 Jan 1831

Joseph Liegeois Sr, was born Jean Joseph Liegeois, 21 April, 1825 in Incourt Belgium.  The town of Incourt is small – perhaps a few hundred.  It is a French speaking hamlet, located in the Province of Brabant.  Liege is not many miles away.  Joseph Liegeois Sr. and his new wife Marie Therese Moreau traveled from Antwerp to Boston on the "Buena Vista".  They left 3 March 1856 and arrived in Boston 17 April 1856.


1. Emerance/Emerence  Liegeois…………………………………………..(F)  Born 1858 in Robinson or Champion
2. Josephine Liegeois……………………………….. ..............(F)  Born 1862 in Green Bay, WI
3. Joseph Liegeois…………………………………..................(M)  Born 1864 in Green Bay, WI 
4. Eugene Liegeois (Sr)……………………………..................(M) Born1866 in Green Bay, WI

5. John Liegeois……………………………. ............................(M)  Born Dec. 1869 in Green Bay, WI, 
6. Leon Liegeois…………………………………………..........(M)  Born 1871 in Green Bay, WI
7. Eugenie Liegeois…………………………………………......(F)  Born 1876 in Green Bay, WI

Please click on image below to see the full size view

contributed by descendant:  Dorothy Buchholz

**Both Jean Baptiste and Jean Joseph Liegeois emigrated to America and settled in the Town of Green Bay, Wisconsin—Robinsonville, now called Champion, Wisconsin.  Both were farmers.

Jean Joseph purchased land in the Town of Green Bay on 27 May, 1856.

*Belgian information is from the Maison Communal (Town Hall) of Incourt Belgium, in 1987.




 The following is the verification of the information my mother had with the additional information on Clemence Liegeois who also emigrated to Wisconsin. Raymond is an elderly researcher in Belgium whose work is incorporated.  Dorothy Buchholz

Descendants of Lambert J. LIEGEOIS

Generation One

1. Lambert J. LIEGEOIS, b. 1 Jan 1752 in Huppaye, d. 0 ___ 0000.

 He married Thérèse BERGER, married 25 Jan 1780 in Huppaye, b. 20 Jul 1755 in Huppaye (see note 1), d. 25 Oct 1786 in Huppaye.

  + 2 i. Antoine LIEGEOIS b. 3 Aoû 1785.

Generation Two

2. Antoine LIEGEOIS, b. 3 Aoû 1785 in Huppaye, d. 26 Déc 1839 in Incourt, buried 27 Déc 1839 in Incourt.

 He married Henriette LALOUX, married in Incourt, b. 12 Fév 1794 in Incourt, d. 28 Mar 1852 in Incourt, buried 26 Mar 1852 in Incourt.

     3 i. Jean Baptiste LIEGEOIS, b. 30 Déc 1821 in Incourt (see note 2), baptized 31 Déc 1821 in Incourt (see note 3), d. 0 ___ 0000 in WI(USA).
  + 4 ii. Jean Joseph LIEGEOIS b. 21 Avr 1825.
  + 5 iii. Clémence J. LIEGEOIS b. 5 Fév 1828.
     6 iv. Victoire J. Charlotte LIEGEOIS, b. 8 Jan 1831 in Incourt (see note 4), baptized 8 Jan 1831 in Incourt (see note 5), d. 0 ___ 0000.

Generation Three

4. Jean Joseph LIEGEOIS, also known as Joseph Jean, b. 21 Apr 1825 in Incourt, baptized 21 Avr 1825 in Incourt (see note 6), d. 24 Mar 1887 in WI(USA).
 Emigré aux USA avec sa femme Marie Thérèse Moreau. Ont quitté Anvers le 3/03/1856 à bord du "Buena Vista", arrivé à Boston le 17/04/1856. Leur destination était Green Bay. Dans le recensement US de 1860, ils sont répertoriés à Green Bay (maison 1926) avec deux enfants Emérence et Eugène, tous deux nés au Wisconsin.

 He married Marie Thérèse MOREAU, b. 24 Jan 1832 in Beauvechain, (daughter of Jean J. MOREAU and Marie Catherine DEBECKER) d. 4 Nov 1892 in WI(USA).

     7 i. Emérence LIEGEOIS, b. 0 ___ 1857 in WI(USA), d. 0 ___ 0000.
  + 8 ii. Eugène LIEGEOIS b. 0 ___ 1859.

5. Clémence J. LIEGEOIS, b. 5 Fév 1828 in Incourt, baptized 5 Fév 1828 in Incourt (see note 7), d. 5 Avr 1905 in Red River,WI(USA).

 She married Charles POTIER, married 13 Aoû 1847 in Huppaye, b. 1 Mai 1820 in Huppaye, d. 6 Jun 1894 in Red River,WI(USA).
 Charles: Emigré aux USA avec sa femme et ses trois enfants. Ont quitté Anvers le 3/10/1855 à bord du "Telegraph", date d'arrivée inconnue. Ils doivent avoir fait escale à Hull, où ils ont peut-être changé de bateau. Dans le recensement US de 1860 ils sont répertoriés à Green Bay (maison 1813) avec les filles Victoria et Félicie. Peut-être Louis se trouvait-il à Robinsonville ?

     9 i. Victoria POTIER, b. 0 ___ 1848 in Huppaye, d. 0 ___ 0000.
   10 ii. Félicie POTIER, b. 0 ___ 1849 in Huppaye, d. 0 ___ 0000.
   11 iii. Louis POTIER, b. 0 ___ 1854 in Huppaye, d. 0 ___ 0000.

Note 1  Ou 3/04/1756 ?
Note 2  21:00h.
Note 3  Parrain : Jean Baptiste Villers
Marraine : Marie Thérèse Van Osmael
Note 4  8:00h.
Note 5  Parrain : Charles François Dury
Marraine : Victoire J. Delfosse
Note 6  Parrain : François Guillaume (Roux-Miroir)
Marraine : Jeanne Joseph Looze (Sart-Risbart)
Note 7  Parrain : Antoine Liegeois
Marraine : Anne Buit ? (Jodoigne-Souveraine)

 Lambert Liegeois Family Chart

Generation 1
1.  Lambert Liegeois 
 + Therese Berger - wife of Lambert
Generation 2
1.  Antoine Liegeois - son of Lambert and Therese Berger Liegeois
     born: August 3, 1785 in Huppaye, Province of Brabant, Belgium
 + Henrietta Joseph La Loux - wife of Antoine 
     born February 12, 1794 in Incourt.
Generation 3
1. Jean Joseph Liegeois Sr. - son of Antoine and Henrietta La Loux Liegeois
     born: April 21, 1825 in Incourt, Belgium
     died: March 24, 1887
 + Marie Therese Moreau  - wife of Jean Joseph Sr.
     born:  February 25, 1832 in Beauvechain, Brabant Wallon Province Belguim
     Death: November 4, 1892
     buried: St. Joseph Cemetery, Champion, Brown County, Wisconsin 
Generation 4  - Children of Jean Joseph Sr. and Marie Moreau Liegeois 

1. Emerance Liegeois 
     born: March 1, 1858 in Champion, Brown County, Wisconsin   
     died: October 24, 1926 in Tonet, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin 
     buried: October 27 1926 St. Martin Cemetery, Tonet, Luxemburg Township, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin 
     married:  May  21, 1877 in St. Joseph Catholic Church, Champion, Brown County, Wisconsin
 + Julian Joseph Jadin - spouse of Emerance Liegeois 
     born: May 18, 1853 in Melin, Brabant, Belgium
     immigration: September 20, 1855 from Melin, Brabant, Belgium,  aboard the sailing ship "John Bright"
     died:  April 19, 1932
     Children: 13 infant births, 7 living in 1926.
2. Eugene Liegeois 
     born: January 1860 in Wisconsin 
     died: in youth
3. Seraphine Liegeois 
     born:April 4, 1862 in Wisconsin 
     died: June 7, 1877 
     buried: St. Joseph Cemetery, Champion, Green Bay Township, Brown County, Wisconsin 
4. Joseph Liegeois
              born: July 1864 in Wisconsin
5.  John Liegeois 
              born: 10 Nov. 1869 in Robinsonville or Chamion, USA
              maaried: Constance 13 May 1893 - divorced after 1912
              died: Nov. 01, 1956 
              buried: Riverside Cemetery, Little Suamico
6. Eugene Liegeois
              born: April 9, 1867 in Brown County Wisconsin 
              died: January 7, 1898 in Brown County, Wisconsin
              buried: St. Joseph Cemetery, Champion,  Brown County, 
7. Louis Liegois
              born: November 1872 in Wisconsin
              died: May 20, 1930 in Seymour, Outagamie County, Wisconsin - blacksmith shop accident. 
              buried: Brookside Cemetery, Oconto County, Wisconsin 
Name: Eugenie Liegeois 
Sex: F 
Birth: 24 NOV 1876 in Wisconsin 1 2 
Death: 25 MAR 1882 2 
Burial: St. Joseph Cemetery, Champion, Green Bay Township, Brown County, Wisconsin 2 

In Oconto County
1. Joseph Liegeois
      born: July 1864 in Wisconsin
      died: 1932 in Oconto County, Wisconsin
      buried: Brookside Cemetery
  + Rachel Collins wife of Joseph Liegeois
      born: May 13,  1865
      married: July 16, 1885 in Brown County, Wisconsin
      died: September 10, 1900
      buried: Brookside Cemetery "Wife of Joseph: Her Spirit has taken its flight,
lo her form is but dust and neath our feet, while she is an angel of light.":
Aged 35 yrs 3 mos 28 days"

     Children of Joseph and Rachel:
          1. John (Jean Francois) Liegeois -
              born: March 1886 in WI
              married: Louise Wilhelmina Janssen b: May 2, 1884
              died: June 1963 
          2. Jennie Liegeois - born July 1888 in WI
          3. Freddie Liegeois - born March 1890 in WI
          4. Frank Liegeois - born May 1892 in WI
2.  John Liegeois - no children, one step-daughter Rowena Armstrong Zilisch
     born: November 10, 1869 in Robinsville, Wisconsin 
     marriages: #1 Constance Maechand; May 13, 1893 Brown County, WI,    
    #2 Rowena Wedgewood Armstong; May 21, 1917, Oconto County, WI

     occupation: blacksmith, impliment sales, real estate agent
     died: Nov. 01, 1956 
     buried: Suamico Riverside Cemetery 
Oconto County Reporter 
John Liegeois, 86 
Accident Victim 

John Liegeois, 86, Abrams died Thursday afternoon at the Oconto hospital as the result of injuries received from falling off the roof of his home which he was inspecting the chimney. The deceased was born in Robinsville, Wis., on November 10, 1869 has resided in Abrams for the past 60 years. He has been an implement dealer and the president of the Abrams bank for many years. 
The Gallagher funeral home was in charge of arrangements. Services were held Sunday afternoon at the funeral home with the Rev. Harold Riebe, pastor of the Methodist church officiating. Burial was in Little Suamico cemetery. 

Survivors include his wife, the former Rowene Wedgewood, one (step) daughter, Mrs. Herbert Zilisch (Rowena Armstrong), West Allis, and two grandsons, Robe and David.
 + Rowena Wedgewood Armstrong - wife #2 of John Liegeois 
     born: 1871 
     Mother: Rowena Peters
     Father: David Wedgewood
     marriages: #1 N. Armstrong, #2 John Liegeois
     died: March 6, 1963 
     buried: Suamico Riverside Cemetery 

1900 Pensaukee

Joseph Liegeois - head; age 35;married 14 years; born July 1864 in Wisconsin; parents born in Belgium; Blacksmith
Rachel Liegeois - wife, age 35; married 14 years; born May 1865 in WI, parents born in Belgium; birthed 5 infants with 4 living
John Liegeois - son; age 14 years; born March 1886 in WI
Jennie Liegeois - daughter; age 11 years; born July 1888 in WI
Freddie Liegeois - son; age 10 years; born March 1890 in WI
Frank Liegeois - son; age 8 years; born May 1892 in WI
Louis Liegeois - brother; single; age 37 years; born November 1872 in WI; parents born in Belgium; wagonmaker

1910 Pensaukee Oconto
Joseph Liegeois - head; age 75; divorced; born in WI; Parents born in French Belgium; Barkeeper in Saloon.
John Liegeois - son; age 24; married; born in WI; tinman in hardware store.

John Liegeois - head; age 40; married 18 years;  born in WI; agent farm machinery.
Constance Liegeois - wife; age 38; married 18 years; born in WI; no children.