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January 21, 1915 Menominee, MI George E  Faulds 23 Oconto, WI Lucy L Saucier 24 Oconto, WI John Salen John Alfredson
January 26, 1915 Menominee, MI Russell  Burnett 23 Neopit, WI  Elizabeth Lawe 22 Keshena, WI  Russell Dittmore Eleanor Jones
February 8, 1915 Menominee, MI Earl  Topel  20 Oconto, WI   Marie Tunney  18  Oconto, WI Eleanor Jones Anna Anderson
February 20, 1915 Menominee, MI Ralph F  Copperschmidt  21 Oconto, WI Minnie Wallace 26 Oconto, WI Carl Jones Eleanor Jones
March 23, 1915  Menominee, MI  Ed Rasner 22  Pound, WI  Laura  Fredrich 18  Forest Junction, WI  Charles Rasner  Eleanor Jones
March 23, 1915 Menominee, MI Charles Dufeck  25  Lena, WI  Louise  Ladroun 21 Oconto Falls, WI Eleanor Jones  Anna Anderson
April 7, 1915  Menominee, MI  John E  Tohnan  39 Oconto Falls, WI  Mary  Van Neldsen  33  Oconto Falls, WI   A W Ekly W Richard
April 9, 1915  Menominee, MI Gustave J Warsco, Jr 21 Brookside, WI  Jennie M  Hunter 19 Green Bay, WI    Frank Charetske Eleanor Jones 
April 15, 1915 Menominee, MI Amiel  Burkhardt 35  Oconto, WI Helen Schultz 18 Oconto, WI  W Richards  B A Nohlecheck
May 1, 1915 Menominee, MI  Albert Vanjompel  21  Lena, WI  Ella Revoir 19  Lena, WI  Ursula Raanquette Ed Kuplis
May 1, 1915  Menominee, MI Albert E Lafortune 24 Oconto, WI Clara Noack 18 Oconto, WI  Charles Noack Corella Lafortune
May 4, 1915 Menominee, MI John Speller 29 Oconto, WI  Irene Morrow  18 Oconto, WI Agnes Speller Joe Speller
May 8, 1915  Menominee, MI August A  Pagel  22  Spruce, WI Elizabeth Fuller 18 Oconto Falls, WI  Alma McGuire Dave N Pocan 
May 13, 1915 Menominee, MI William  Bastien 22  Gillett, WI  Josephine Arnond  22 Gillett, WI Lotha A Smith Eleanor Jones
June 21, 1915 Menominee, MI William  Puck  24 Pound, WI  Martha Jevorsky 18 Oconto Falls, WI Carl Jones Eleanor Jones 
June 23, 1915 Menominee, MI David  Faulds 22  Oconto, WI Amanda Johnson  21 Oconto, WI Frank Charnetski Eleanor Jones
June 28, 1915  Menominee, MI Patrick  Hyland 39 Abrams, WI Anna Roit 25 Suring, WI Hilda Roit  Joe Hylund
July 2, 1915 Menominee, MI Dale C  Hickok 27  Suring, WI Gertrude McEwan 20 Shawano, WI Eleanor Jones Carl Jones
July 5, 1915  Menominee, MI Ralph Fredenberg 21 Neopit, WI  Verne Harper 18  Neopit, WI William P McGowan Eleanor Jones
July 15, 1915  Menominee, MI Otto Cudonfske  28 Oconto, WI Emma Schwittay 18  Grover, WI   John Schwittay William Radunz
July 17, 1915 Menominee, MI  Jerry M   Phoades 34 Oconto, WI Lottie Bladwin 17 Oconto, WI  Mr W M Baldwin Ina Nylund
July 20, 1915 Menominee, WI Earl Alfred  Madrow  21  Oconto, WI Florence M  Dory 20 Green Bay, WI   Lillian Pease Anton Bauer
August 9, 1915 Menominee, MI Oscar Gouiou 42  Lena, WI Annie Block 26 Peshtigo, WI  Charles Block Stell Block
September 28, 1915 Menominee, MI   Louis Gritson 23 Pound, WI  Ruth Swan  23 Wausaukee, WI  Axel Schmidt  Eleanor Jones
October 21, 1915 Menominee, MI Henning Lindgren  19 Oconto, WI Gladys Grade 17 Oconto, WI  Carl A Anderson Anna Anderson
October 30, 1915 Menominee, MI Mike  Renier 21 Stiles, WI Mildred Lucas 18  Stiles, WI   Desire Jaquart Josie Lusca
November 15, 1915 Menominee, MI Fred Anderson 29 Oconto, WI  Elvina  Riley 23 Oconto, WI Mrs I A Leppla W Richard
November 24, 1915  Menominee, MI  Charles Witake  40 Oconto, WI Josephine (Mrs)  Chadek    Lena, WI  Maria Kloida   Chas Kerchek 
November 30, 1915 Menominee, MI  Emmet  Sharrow 23 Oconto, WI  Margaret Pahl 21 Oconto, WI Marie Topel  Eleanor Jones
December 7, 1915 Menominee, MI Walter O Netzer  33  Lena, WI Bertha May (Mrs) Carweick    Mountain, WI  Carl Jones Eleanor Jones 
December 29, 1915 Menominee, MI Victor  Johnson 44 Mountain, WI  Anne  Moede  37  Mountain, WI A M Conant W B Flynn
January 11, 1916 Menominee, MI August W Bittner, Jr  28  Oconto, WI Irene  Koeppen 25 Oconto, WI  Anna Anderson  Eleanor Jones 
January 18, 1916 Menominee, MI  Emery  Belanger  25  Mountain, WI  Minnie Backmann 20 Mountain, WI  Anna Anderson  Eleanor Jones
January 26, 1916  Menominee, MI William Erickson 22  Green Valley, WI Nettie Gilbertson  18 Gillett, WI  Eleanor Jones Carl Jones 
February 2, 1916 Menominee, MI  George   Better 24  Marinette, WI Antoinette DesJarlais 19 Oconto, WI William Weber Eleanor Jones 
February 10, 1916 Menominee, MI  Harry Spice 27 Oconto Falls, WI Josephine Gallas 18 Oconto Falls, WI  Will Grun Mrs Will Grun
February 15, 1916 Menominee, MI Arthur F Buntin  23 Green Bay, WI Esther Charbonneau 18 Little Suamico, WI Russell Dettmore Axel Jones
February 19, 1916 Menominee, MI  Ovid T Anderson 32 Pulsifer, WI Adele H  Radloff  22 Gillett, WI Eleanor Jones Carl Jones
March 7, 1916  Menominee, MI Joseph Shaturski  26 Oconto, WI  Hattie Worbleski 18  Oconto, WI Seward Haskins  Mrs Seward Haskins 
March 17, 1916 Menominee, MI  Howard Marshal Haley 22 Mountain, WI  Ruth Edich 18 Mountain, WI  Anna Anderson Eleanor Jones
May 4, 1916 Menominee, MI William W  Dearme 33 Oconto, WI  Hattie Thrall 30 Oconto, WI  Eleanor Jones Carl Jones
June 13, 1916 Menominee, MI Francis E Porter 24 Green Valley, WI Alla T   Sorenson 31 Gillet, WI  Mrs I A Lappla Carl Jones
June 15, 1916 Menominee, MI Willie L Moede 24 Breed, WI Florence Leeman 19 Suring, WI Salalia G Thielke  Arnold H Moede
June 20, 1916  Menominee, MI Louis  Tessier 21 Kelley Brook, WI Anna Massard 21 How,WI  Eleanor Jones  Carl Jones
July 1, 1916 Menominee, MI Peter  Marcellis 21 Amberg, WI Anda  McEwing 19 Oconto, WI Anna Anderson  Eleanor Jones
August 12, 1916 Menominee, MI  Ernest Veto, Jr 19 Oconto, WI Ruth Shark 18 Oconto, WI Eleanor Jones Gus Dittmore
August 15, 1916 Menominee, MI Frank F   Weeks  26 Oconto, WI Hattie  Hessel 19 Kewaunee, WI Edith Riley  Eleanor Jones
August 22, 1916 Menominee, MI William Peters 33 Pound, WI  Hattie Murock  29 Pound, WI   Eleanor Jones Norma Jernquist
September 5, 1916 Menominee, MI Lester Holbrook  22 Masinee, WI  Hattie  Salzer 19 Neopit, WI Eleanor Jones Carmen Jernquist
September 11, 1916 Menominee, MI Arthur O Ferdon 25 Cecil, WI Florence Coutley 21 Lena, WI Norma Jernquist Eleanor Jones
September 15, 1916 Menominee, MI  William Krueger 26 Chicago, IL Etta Pope 21 Pensaukee, WI Anna Anderson Eleanor Jones
September 20, 1916 Menominee, MI  William F  Peterson 26 Gillette, WI Irene  Scott 16 Suring, WI  Albert W Kaschke Grace Kaschke
September 26, 1916 Menominee, MI Frank Borkover  30 Neenah, WI Mary  Shores  23  Stiles, WI Charles Cook   Alfred Nelson
October 5, 1916 Menominee, MI Oscar Rowell 54 Abrams, WI Kate Foster 40 Little Saumico, WI H G Olander   Ina Nylund 
 November 15, 1916  Menominee, MI George Reed  51 Stiles Juction, WI Anna (Mrs) Martin 43 Green Bay, WI Eleanor Jones Norma Jernquist 
November 29, 1916 Menominee, MI  Lawrence  Junko 22   Oconto Falls, WI Verne Ball  20 Oconto Falls, WI Edward N Gerhard Margaret Heinke
November 29, 1916 Menominee, MI  Edward M Gerhard 26 Oconto Falls, WI Margaret Heinke 18  Oconto Falls, WI Lawrence Junko Verne Ball
December 5, 1916 Menominee, MI  Louis Kandro 26 Dunbar, WI   Augusta Nutrick  21  Pound, WI  Anna Anderson  Eleanor Jones 
December 5, 1916 Menominee, MI  Charles  Valley 29 Lena, WI  Nellie Grindle 24 Mountain, WI  Carmen Jernquist Eleanor Jones
December 14, 1916 Menominee, MI Arthur Morrell 25  Lena, WI   Molly Javeruski  21 Pound, WI E A Kronaburg Fred Defury 
December 19, 1916 Menominee, MI  Frank Adelbush 26  Breed, WI  Anna Hanschel 23 Pella, WI   Walla Adelbush Alice Adelbush