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contributed by Jan
Written by Velma Birr
School - South Morgan
Age 14
Grade 8th
History of Morgan Wisconsin

.Morgan was first called West Pensaukee because it was the West section of Pensukee.

Mr. Carl Meyer came in 1875 from Pensaukee Mill which was owned by F B Gardner, and the Mill could not pay in cash, so the men including Carl Meyers, took the land as pay. There were two kinds of land, Canal land worth two dollars an acre, and school land worth ten dollars and acre. The money they got for the school land was to build and keep up schools. Every sixteenth section was school land. Carl Meyer bought school land from F B Gardner, where his son , Charles Meyer is now located.

When Mr. Carl Meyer came in 1875 there were Indians down the River Road by the North Branch River. Their wigwams were made of hides and bark. Every year a group of tribes of Indians would go past the place where Carl Meyer lived, they went to hunt, and nearly every onw came back with a deer.

In 1876 the first school was built where tje Evangelical Church now stands. It was organized after they settled. Mrs. Harteau, Tont Harteau's Grandmother was the firs school teacher there. She walked to school barefoot to save her shoes when it was very muddy, so her shoes and stockings would also be dry. Mr McKinley was the first Superintendant of Oconto County Schools.

The pioneers had to go to Pensaukee to send letters and get groceries, they walked or either took oxen. So Carl Meyer went (to) Pensaukee to draw up a petition to hace a Post Office. But the Government said, they would have to carry mail for a year, so they had the mail come to Chase and Dickey's Mill. So everday a man or sometimes Carl Meyer's son, Charlkey Meyer, would go because there were only a few letter and papers. They carried the mail from Chase and Dickey's Mill to Old Dad Rymer's place, where the Evergreen now stands, for a year. Then the Post Office was put in Levi Cleveland's house. He lived where Chrley Peters lives now. Then when the director (Mr. Morgan) came to sign the papers, he asked what they were going to call the Post Office, They didn't really have a name so the director (Mr. Morgan) said that if the called it Morgan, after him, he wouldn't charge them anything.

During this time Chase was being set off from Pensaukee. Then the people of Morgan wanted a township of their own around this community, so they asked to be set off from Chase. O C Madson was the first Chairman of Morgan.

In 1877 there was a tonado that passed through Pensukee. 7 people were killed. John Dinse, an old settler was bown out of a two story building. John Birr, another old settler humg onto a door knob to keep form being blown out of his home.

The first cheese factory built in Morgan was built by Charlie Blirr. He lived where Henry Pautz now lives, West if Morgan, and Dick Bliss was the first cheesemaker. He li8ved down East of Morgan, about 1/4 mile from where Henry Birr lives now. The foundation of his hone is still there. The land is now owned by Tom Rymes and sons.

Charlie Meyer us the oldest settler in Morgan now (1946). For more about Morgan please click  HERE !