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What happened to Daniel B. Newton?

Written By Cecial N. Ralston
For all the future
Generations of Cynthia's Posterity

We know that they came to Wisconsin about 1858. My grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth (Newton) High told us that she was six years old when her family came to Oconto County. You see we were in her home for awhile after she had been hospitalized. My mother and I and my eldest brother Casey and my sister Audrey were there for awhile and she told stories that I couldn’t forget. I was six years old at the time myself.

She told about the hardships they had endured, one story was that in order to keep warm, they would run out into the woods, without shoes and pick up limbs and pieces of wood for their fire. When their feet were very cold, they would stoop down and pull their skirts around their feet until they were warm enough to continue their hunt for fuel. In the following spring she said they went in the same woods and where ever a patch of ground had some sun reached through the trees, they scratched patches of garden. They used forked sticks to scratch the ground. Then they had planted the few things that would grow. She said they lived on rutabaga for a whole winter.

I wish I knew more about Daniel. The story my grandmother told said that when the family came to Wisconsin they shipped their household belongings overland. At that time it must have been shipped by stage freight. It never arrived. This possibly was a great part of the hardships the family endured. At that time they probably waited some time for their things to arrive and then came the civil war with all the implications that meant to this country. Later he decided to back track to see if he could find their possessions. He never returned. No one knew what happened to him.

Grandma Booker

Grandma Booker, as my father remembered her, was an expert in a lot of ways. One story he told about himself gave some proof that she could handle perverse children. My father had quite a temper and as a child he would demonstrate it very actively. Howling and screaming, he would throw himself on the floor and hold his breath till he would turn a shade of blue. Cynthia never paid much attention except to pick up the water pail and douse him with the entire contents and proceed to walk from the room, leaving him to figure out his own predicament. She was a very cool lady. She is also reported to be a bit on the spiritual side. My father told us that when one of her sons died she was told about (it) by rapping noise that went all around the house. The next day she received the news. It was true. Cynthia did many things for other people. They could count on her if they were ill. They called on her day or night and it didn’t matter who they were. White or Indian, she would go to help. On one of her nighttime missions she was making her way through the trees and brush. Parting the undergrowth with her hands. Suddenly her hand contacted a heavy furry head, and in her way of not letting anything stand in her way, she patted that furry head and said, “Mr. Bruin” you go your way and I’ll go mine, and off she went. I think she had a very deep and abiding faith in a Supreme Being, and I am sure he watched over her at all times. The more I learn about her the more pride I feel that I have such a strong person for an ancestor. I feel that I know her.

Deaths prior 1907

Robert Newton – 13/Mar/1895 Dodge Co.

Charles H. Newton – 12/Jul/1901 LaCross Co.

Charles Newton – 10/Apr/1895 St. Croix

George Newton – 18/Sep/1894 Fond du Lac Co.

Harriet Newton – 22/Jan/1878 Douglas Co.

Edw. Newton – 13/Dec/1895 Columbus Co.

Daniel Newton – 26/Mar/1901 Wausau Co.

Marriages Prior to 1907

Alonzo Newton – 5/Mar/1892 Eau Claire Co.

Charles H. Newton – 30/jan/1877 Adams Co.

Cynthia Newton – 19/Apr/1874 Oconto Co.

Edw. Newton – 17/Jan/1905 Brown Co.

Edward Newton – 30/Mar/1880 Oconto Co.

Edward Newton – 4/Jul/1892 Crawford Co.

Edwin H. – 2/May/1899 Calumet Co.

Edwin J. – 30/Aug/1898 Milwaukee Co.

Cora Maude Newton – 2/May/1897 Oconto Co.

Hattie Newton – 18/Feb/1873 Jefferson Co.

Herman B. Newton – 1/Jan/1877 Jefferson Co.

Leah Newton – 3/Sep/1897 – Douglas Co.

Truman O. Newton – 24/Feb/1890 Oconto Co.

William L. Newton – 4/Apr/1872 Oconto Co.

City of Oconto – Oconto Co. WI Courthouse

Marriage Record Vol. 4 – page 18

C. E. Peterson – Daughter of Robert and Julia Palmer, married 10/Dec/1885, to George Booker, son of John and Elizabeth Booker, Occupation – Farmer. Born in England.

Cynthia Newton – Daughter of Robert Palmer and Julia, married 19/Apr/1874 to Charles Peterson, son of Hans Peterson and Martha. Occupation – Millman. He was born in Norway – Certificate issued 19/Apr/1874 Civil Cer. Reg. 4/May/1874, Vol. 2 Page 109

Robert Newton – Son of D. B. Newton – Occupation - Farmer. Born in Essex, VT. Wife’s name Hannah Tourtillotte, Married 1/Jul/1973 Vol 2 page 97.

Edward Newton – Son of Daniel B. Newton, Occupation – farmer Birthplace ?, Married Elsie Duell, 3/Mar/1880. Vol. 3 page 216.

Truman Orlando Newton – Son of Daniel B. Newton and Cynthia E. Newton. Occupation – Lumberman Married Bertha Bublitz, daughter of Ferdinand Bublitz Married 24/Feb/1890 Vol. 4 page 82

Myron Alonzo Newton – Son of D. B. Newtyon and Cynthia E. Newton Married Ida Duell 5/Mar/1892 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Cora Maud Newton – daughter of Myron Alonzo Newton and Ida May Duell married John Slusser Jr. born in Manitowac, Wis son of John Slusser and Barbara Green. Married 2/May/1897