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Researched and contributed by Richard LaBrosse


The following information was printed in the Oconto County Reporter on Friday, August 10, 1917. Each county in WI had a draft quota of men, dependent on the local population, who were required to serve in the U.S. Military. This list includes volunteers and draftees serving at that time.

Company "M" 2nd Wisconsin National Guard was formed during the initial stages of the American Civil War (1861 -1865)  and continued afterward as an active national guard unit and volunteer local fire fighting team through the late 1800's. Many of the people whose names appear below are descendants of those who served in the Civil War and Spanish - American War (1898).

Men between the ages of 21 and 31 were required to register for the draft. A local Exemption Board was established to oversee the draft process, and consisted, on this day in time, of:

Chairman - Ira Telford
Secretary - H. C. Orr
Examining Physician - T. C. Clarke MD
Re-examining Physician - C. W. Stoelting MD
E. G. Mullen
W. A. Flatley
J. P. Perry
Joseph Brauzeau

Colonel Wilber M. Lee    Major William B. Hall

Captain James H. Kampo
1st Lieut. Albert C. Pate
2nd Lieut. Herman H. Modrow

* * * * * * * * *

1sr Sergeant Ray McDonald
Supply Sgt. Herman R. Meyer
Mess Sgt. John Marek
Sergeant Edwar A Bartel 
Sergeant Eric Eckberg
Sergeant Charles Heller
Sergeant William Heller
Sergeant Fred Marek
Sergeant Donald Mathewson
Sergeant August C. Meyer
Sergeant Francis M Roden

* * * * * * * * *

Corporal Frank Augustine
Corporal Charles Biron
Corporal David Bostedt
Corporal Edgar R. Farley
Corporal Truman Farrell
Corporal Robert D Freeborn
Corporal Lee Hoyt
Corporal William Krueger
Corporal Edward Lykke
Corporal Joseph Olson
Corporal Leonard Prue
Corporal Oscar A. Sorenson
Corporal Wesley Spice
Corporal Roland Sylvester
Corporal Howard Touchette
Corporal Kenneth Ward
Corporal Henry Zimmerman

Cook Henry Molesh
Cook Henry E. Peterson
Cook Albert Riemer

Bugler Charles E. Baldwin
Bugler Edwin B Beaudin

Mech. Byron Minnick
Mech. Frank Topel

* * * * * * * * * 

Privates - First Class

Charles W. Adams
Henry Adams
William Baldwin
Claude Caldie
Francis Davis
Everett Finnegan
Garth Germond
Clarence Hateau
John Hausner
Eugene O. Hoffman
James J Holm
Joseph Hyland
Willie Kobes
Edward W Koeppen
John LeFave
Earl Lewind
Norman McClure
Leslie McIver
Walter Olson
Gordon Patterson
Grant Patterson
John Peter
William Rosenfeldt Jr.
Morris Sharpley
Wayne Wilbur
Joseph Witeck
Edward Zimmerman

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Floyd Barker
Arthur M. Batel
Duffy Belongia
Wesley Belongia
Paul Berbey
Vlarence Blahnick
Alvin Bocher
Howard Blahnick
Raymond Bridger
Cyril Brown
Milton Cain
Peter Carriveau
Adoph Castonia
Fred J Castonia
Viggo Christiansen
Lester Crane
Peter Davis
Edward Delorm
Wilfred DeRoseria
John Eklund
Howard Elliot
Sylvester C. Estabrood
James Faulds
Harry Fingel
Ralph Fisher
Howard Fitzimmons
Edward Follett
Paul Frewerd
Willis Fumelle
Myril Gillett
Ward Gillman
Gaylord Goddard
Leartis Gray
Paul Grunert
John Hanson
Russel Hawkes
Carl Hillman
Fred Hoffman
Claude Hollinshead
Frank Jelinske
Paul D. Johnson
Clyde B. Jones
Jacob Karbon
Adolph Krause
Leonard LaFortune
Floyd Lane
Joe M. Lieb
Earl Magee
Peter Mathey
Grover McClelland

Wayman J. McGregor
Frank D McTavish
Carl Miller
Herbert H Morris
Walter MorrowJohn T. Murphy
Mike Murray
Chuck Noack
Harry Olson 
Earl A Percy
Antone Peshek
Frank Plain
William J portier
Wilbur Putman
Robert J. Read
Walter Rhode 
Walter Rosebfeldt
Archie Ruelle
Clarence Ryan
Joseph Schlader
Lloyd Scott
Sheldon Sharpley
Raymond Shores
Calrence Smith
George E. Smith
Albert Spearbreaker
Jacob Spies
Harry Starbuck
William Stegeman
Austin Stibbe
Victor St. Peter
Fred Teteak
Wilfred Trepanier
Earl Wilson
Arthur Wolfe
William Zomdars

Men Attached

Edward Ama
Adolph Anderson
George Arseneau
Wilfred Barribeau
Oscar Bartel
(Illegable due to fold wear)
(Illegable due to fold wear)
Francis Brow
Leo Burkley
Oscar Carson
Alfred M. Christensen
Matt Clement
Walter Como
Deforest Davis
Roger Davis
Desite DeGraves
Minard Dodds
Joseph Duprey
George Eick
Edwin Eklund
Earl Flowers
Walter Gallas
Elmer Gerondale
John Gilbert
John M. Glass
Emil G. Goodman
William Graham
John Greenwood
Edward Halloran
Manley Hansen
Bert A. Harper
Everett Harteau
Hugo Hemminger
Edward L. Holm
Persey Hudson
Joseph H. Huget
John Kalbes
Lorin Kieffer
Roy Kieffer
Forest Kitchenmaster
Henry Klatwitter
John Krause
Deleft L. Lambert
Louis LaMountain
Alex Langley
Frank Langley
Louis LeFave
Walter LaFave
Vernon Leonard
Fred A LePage
Archie McDougald
Orby McGlachlin
Henry Metzner
Leo Mineau
Harold Monson
Patrick Morris
Mike J. Nickolas
Wilfred Ouellette
Joseph Peshek
Edward Quimby
Murray Rickaby
Herb Robbins
Carl Rusch
Glen Scott
Earl Seipold
Truman W. Sharpley
Fred T. Shefdore
Ralph Shimp
Dewey Simpson
James Smith Jr.
William Suring
Harold Tracy
Howard Trepanier
Paul Wendt
Robert Wendt
Norman Wittman
Stanley Wojner
Bennie Young
George Young
George Young
Alfred Zahn

Attending Training Camp

William Heller
James Urquhart


Sgt. Alfred Merline
Pvt. Walter Belongia
Pvt. Floyd Brown
Pvt. Clarence Kinziger
Pvt. George J. S. Saucier

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