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January 29, 1881

MARRIED—On Monday 24th inst., in St. Peter’s church, this city, by Rev. Father Vermsre, Mr. Antoine Sharrow, of this city, and Miss Jennie LeClaire, of Fond du Lac.

So at last this long-talked of event has been consummated.  The wedding was a quiet one, only the nearest friends of the bride and groom being present.  The bride was attired  with exquisite taste, while the groom looked as though he had just emerged from a band-box.  In the evening the happy event was celebrated by a supper and dance, to which almost everybody in the city had been invited.  The supper was served in the spacious dining room of the American House, the residence of the groom’s brother.  After ample justice had been done  to the sumptuous repast, the newly married couple and their friends repaired to the large hall in the Waterloo House to indulge in the mazes of Terpsichore. Nearly all those who had invitations extended them were present and consequently the hall was densely packed; and a more jolly crowd of young folks it would be hard to find.  The light fantastic was tripped until early morn, when the crowd dispersed wishing the happy couple, no doubt, many years of happy wedded bliss, in which wish THE REPORTER joins.

  Jennie, may you ne’er regret
   The day you took Antoine;
  May lots of little Sharrows
   Assemble at thy shrine.


February 12, 1881

MARRIED.—In this city, Sunday evening, 6th inst., at St. Joseph’s church, the Rev. Father Sweibach officiating, James Darrow, of Oconto, and Miss Mary Crane, of Quinnesec.

March 5, 1881

MARRIED.—Mr. Walter S. Harsha, the genial and popular deputy county clerk, was married to Miss Isabella Mott at the residence of Mr. William Harsha, No. 113 Larned street west, yesterday evening, and the newly married pair took the evening train for a week’s absence.  The many friends of the bride and groom will unite in wishing them joy and happiness in the new relations they have assumed.—Detroit Post, Jan. 19.

The bride is the sister of Mrs. David Wright and H. W. Mott, of this city.

April 23, 1881

MARRIED.—In this city, on Saturday, 16th inst., by W. B. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Winfield S. Cool and Miss Maggie May Melville, both of Pensaukee.

On Tuesday, 19th inst., by the same, Mr. George Cervancy and Miss Mary Slager, all of this city.

On March 27th  at the residence of Mr. Frank Wilson, Upper Pensaukee, by Rev. S. H. Couch, Mr. Herman Sear and Miss Hannah Wilkawsky, both of Pensaukee.

On the 17th inst., at the M. E. Parsonage, Coulliardville, by Rev. S. H. Couch, Mr. Leroy Gossage and Miss Lizzie May Lince, both of Brookside.

In this city, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. E. Yeager, Mr. Alex. McDonald and Miss Rachel Thomas, all of this city.

May 14, 1881

MARRIED.—In this city, on Monday, 9th inst., by L. S. Bailey, Esq., Mr. D. H. McCartney and Miss Jennie M. Doran, all of this city.  The happy couple were united in the presence of a numerous company of friends, and after the ceremony, all adjourned to Laury’s Hall, where many had already assembled, and the mazy dance was tripped to the music of Dunton’s band until the early hours of the morning.  The night was rainy and very unpleasant, but the large hall was filled to overflowing, and a more happy crowd never assembled to dance at the wedding of their friends.  Dan and Jennie have a host of friends, who wish them every happiness in life, and THE REPORTER also wishes them long life and prosperity.

May 28, 1881

MARRIED.—At the residence of the bride’s parents, on May 23rd, by L. S. Bailey, Esq., William L. Shurtleff and Mary P. Juneau, all of this city.

After the ceremony a sumptuous wedding dinner was served to the assembled guests, and in the evening a large party of friends gathered in Laury’s hall to dance until the early hours of morning in honor of the newly wedded and happy couple.  THE REPORTER extends its congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Shurtleff.

*AT Oshkosh, on Wednesday, 25th inst., Mr. L. S. P. Hoeffel, of this city, and Miss Jennie G. Heath of Oshkosh (the Oconto County Reporter begs to differ and considers Miss Heath to be of the city of Oconto) . After the ceremony the newly wedded pair started on a short wedding tour, which will include Chicago and other places of interest.  May the matrimonial bark carry them safely down o’er the sea of life is the wish of their many friends.  “Syl.” And Jennie, THE REPORTER extends to you its ____ , and wishes you many, many years of happy wedded bliss. *  See June 4, 1881 item for same wedding.

IN this city May 9th 1881, by W. B. Mitchell, Esq. Joseph Stoll and Rosa Baumgartner, both of Pensaukee.

AT the residence of the bride’s parents in the town of Little River, May 25th, 1881, by E. L. Widger, Esq., D. C. Deacon and Maggie, eldest daughter of James Lucas, Esq.

The newly wedded pair have the best wishes of THE REPORTER for their future happiness.

June 4, 1881

MARRIED.—Mr. Hugh McDermid and Miss Fanny George, both residents of this place, were recently married.  They have the best wishes of their many friends for their future happiness.

At the M. E. parsonage, in Coullardville, on May 16, Mr. Orson Johnson and Miss Rebecca  Dodge of Pensaukee, were made man and wife by the Rev. S. H. Couch.

MATRIMONIAL.—On Wednesday, May 25th, Mr. I. S. P. Hoeffel, of Oconto, and Miss Jennie G. Heath, daughter of the late J. H. M. Heath, of this city, were joined in wedlock in St. Peter’s Church, by the pastor, Rev. Father James O’Malley.  The ceremony took place at seven o’clock, after which the wedding party was driven to the residence of the bride’s mother, where breakfast was served.  At 9 o’clock the happy couple took the southern bound train.  Presents were numerous, some being from this city, while the rest were in Oconto, their future home.  The newly wedded couple carry with them the best wishes of a host of friends and acquaintances, several of whom have been Mrs. Hoeffel’s schoolmates.—Oshkosh Times.
*See May 28, 1881 for more about this wedding.

June 11, 1881

MARRIED.—June 6th, 1881, at St. Peter’s church in this city, by the Rev. J. Vermare, Mitchell St. Peter to Louisa Carivou, and Louis Lamontyne to Emma Meno.

The double wedding was celebrated by a grand ball at Laury’s hall, in the evening.  We wish the newly wedded pairs unbounded happiness and prosperity through life.

MARRIED, in this city, at the residence of the bride’s parents, May 27th, 1881, by W. B. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Edward Roan and Miss Annie J. Applebee, all of this city.

July 16, 1881

CHAS. TINNEY  and bride—formerly Miss Dollie McCourt—of Oconto, have this week been visiting relatives in this village.  The newly married pair have the best wishes of friends in Medford for their future blessedness.—Medford Star

MARRIED.—Maloney—McMillan.—On 9th of July 1881, by the Rev. C. R. Burdick, at the residence of officiating clergyman, Mr. Thomas Francis MaLoney to Miss Catherine Harriet McMillan, both of Peshtigo, Wis.

MARRIED.—Mr. J. Reid and Miss Eva Bacon joined hands in the bonds of connubial bliss last Monday afternoon, and  in the evening a large circle of friends gathered around the happy pair to tender their congratulations and wishes of prosperity and happiness.  A social dance, in which all participated, was soon instituted, which lasted until day-break, when the parties repaired to their respective homes.  Judging from the pleasant time that all present enjoyed we think that Jack, in after years, will refer back with pleasure to the day when he bargained for his Bacon.  May they live long and prosper.

Oconto County Reporter
May 21, 1881

Mr. Joseph Stall and Miss Rosie Baumgardtner of this place joined their hands, In wedlock bands, last Wednesday. The congratulations of a host of friends are extended to them, and that they always walk in the path of prosperity is the wish of all.

        August 6, 1881


HOUSKA-FISHER-In this city, on June 25th, 1881, by W. B. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Frank Houska to Miss Franceska Fisher, all of this city.

DURENICK-HORN-In Oconto, on July 16th, by W. B. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Frederick Durenick to Miss Theresa Horn, of this place.

NEMITZ-KALKORA- On July 20th, 1881, in this city, by W. B. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Joseph Nemitz to Miss Frantiska Kalcora, all of Oconto.

COVIAU-BRITTON-In this city on August 3rd, 1881, by W. B. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Julius Coviau to Miss Julia Ann Weathers Britton, all of this city.

August 20, 1881

CHARLES I. MARTIN, editor and proprietor of the Sturgeon Bay Expositor, has taken unto himself a wife in the person of Miss Ella Lawrence, one of the most estimable young ladies on the peninsula.  We regard both as extremely lucky in having obtained each other, and hope, that they may live long, and that their Martin’s nest will in the course of time become the abode of young Martins.

August 27, 1881

MARRIED.—In this city, Monday evening last, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. C. R. Burdick, Mr. John Kain and Miss Malissa R. Phinney, both of upper Pensaukee.

MARRIED.—At the residence of H. Lindeman, of west Pensaukee, August 15th, by Rev. C. J. Kunst, Mr. Fredrich Voss and Miss Wilhelmien Marten.

September 3, 1881

MARRIED.—In this city, August 27th, 1881, by Wm. R Mitchell, Justice of the Peace, Mr. Wm. Doran to Miss Elizabeth Coveau, all of this city.

By the same, August 28th, 1881, Mr. Nels Johnson, of the town of Maple Valley, to Miss M. Christina Clausen.

One of the happiest events of the season occurred last Sunday evening, being the marriage of Miss Emma Windross, a handsome daughter of Mr. Chas. Windross, of Oak Orchard, to Mr. Andrew Morrissey, telegraph operator at Oconto.  The pleasing ceremony was performed at St. Joseph’s church, Oconto, shortly after seven o’clock, in the presence of several friends of the contracting parties.  Rev. Father Sweibach officiating.  Miss Hannah Windross acted as bridesmaid and Mr. John Roddy as groomsman.  Congratulations followed immediately after the impressing ceremony, and then the bridal party proceeded to the depot, where the happy pair took the train for Chicago, in which city they will stop some time, while on their wedding tour.  The bride is one of the most highly esteemed, graceful and charming young ladies of this locality, and she has long been noted for her benevolence as well as her lovely looks.  The groom is a young man of energy and perseverance, and he is held in high estimation by everyone who knows him.  May the ship that carries them on through the voyage of life always be decked with happiness and prosperity. 

September 10, 1881

MARRIED.—At the residence of the brides mother West Pensaukee, Thursday, Sept 1st 1881, by Hunter Orr, Esq, William Utter of Peshtigo, and Nellie Rice, of West Pensaukee.  After the ceremony, the couple were conveyed to Pensaukee where they took the cars for their future home at Peshtigo, followed by the good wishes of all their friends.

Alos. Zoeller and M. D. Durand, were lately made happy by marriage.

Hunter Orr was unexpectedly called upon last Thursday to perform the marriage ceremony of Nellie Rice and Mr. Utter, of Peshtigo.  The  happy pair took the p. m. train for their future home at Peshtigo.

September 24, 1881

MR ALEX McNAIR and Miss McCloskey were united in the holy bonds of matrimony Thursday evening, by the Rev. Wm. Dafter,  “Sandy,” as he is familiarly known, is one of the salt of the earth, and as popular as he is genial.  The bride is fair and accomplished, and worthy of the man of her choice.  May their brightest anticipations be realized, is the hope of the REPORTER.

October 1, 1881

ORANGE BLOSSOMS.  A quiet wedding took place at the residence of Mr. G. J. Flanders in the East ward in this city, Wednesday evening, the contracting parties being our popular townsmen, Mr. W. E. Barlow, and Miss Lillian Stannis, one of our most prominent society belles.  The ceremony took place at 8 o’clock, the Rev. C. R. Burdick officiating, after which, the Garfield Band of which the bridegroom is a member, furnished some very appropriate music for such an occasion.  During the reception a wedding feast was served to which all present were all invited.  The menu being of a sumptuous and inviting character.  The happy couple start out on the matrimonial sea with the best wishes of a host of friends, none more sincere than those of the REPORTER.

AFTER the marriage ceremony Wednesday evening which united Mr. Will. E. Barlow and Miss Lillian Stannis, the bride was presented with many valuable presents, among which were an elegant gold watch, a magnificent set of diamond ear rings, a pair of costly bracelets, silver creamer, sugar bowl, silver pickle dish, silver cake dish, castor, waiters, knives, forks and spoons.  The same being gifts from friends present and absent. 

October 8, 1881

MARRIED.  In this city, at the residence of the bride’s brother, John Crawford, Thursday Sept. 29, 1881, by Rev. C. R. Burdick, Mr. George Travis, of Florence to Miss Lizzie McTaggart, formerly of this city.

In this city, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Sept 29th, 1881, by the Rev. C. R. Burdick, Mr. Will  E. Barlow and Miss Lillian Stannis, of this city.

In the town of Oconto, Sept. 24th, 1881, by James A. Glynn, Esq., Mr. John a Couillard, of the town of Oconto, to Miss Josephine Lecore, of the town of Little river.

The marriage of M. John S. Couillard and Miss Josephine Lecore, which occurred on the 24th ult., at the residence of James A. Glynn Esq., unites two who are peculiarly adapted for each other, and they enter the matrimonial life with bright prospects, and the wishes of a legion of friends for their happiness and prosperity. 

October 15, 1881

COLE-HOEFFEL.  The nuptials of Mr. Henry U. Cole, only child of Augustus Cole, and Miss Aggie, youngest daughter of Joseph Hoeffel, all of this city, were solemnized last Monday between the hours of 10 and 11 a. m., at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic church in this city, in the presence of a large number of friends and invited guests.  The bridal party left the residence of the bride’s father at precisely 10 a. m. and repaired in carriages to the church.  Upon the approach of the cortege the bell tolled out its joyous tones, welcoming the happy company.  While the party entered the church, in the order given below, the glad peals of the organ pealed out a brilliant wedding march, selected for the occasion by Miss LeClair, of Green Bay, who presided at the organ. 

The order of entry as follows:
   Lizzie Hoeffel
   Hattie Halcombe

   Frank Hoeffel
   Albert Boylan

 Miss Aggie Hoeffel, Mr. J. Hoeffel
 Mr. Henry U. Cole, Mr. A. Cole
 I. S. Hoeffel and wife

Messrs. Frank Hoeffel and Boylan acted as ushers.

The first part of the ceremony, known as we are informed in the ritual of the church as, “marriage in Mass,” was then performed by the Rev. Sweibach, pastor of the church, after which Solemn High Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fathers Sweibach, Vermare and Schulthoffer, officiating clergymen.  The choir, composed entirely of the LeClair sisters of Green Bay, specially engaged for the occasion, gave one of their favorite anthems, which has been pronounced one of the finest efforts ever presented in this city.

The day was all that could be asked for.  There was not a cloud in the sky, which we hope prefigured the life of the happy couple, and that there may not be a cloud in their domestic and social lives.  If happiness rests in loveliness, not the tinniest shadow will ever darken the young bride’s brow.

The bride was dressed in cream colored satin, in train, trimmed with Spanish lace and brocade satin, a handsome silk elusian vail, and hair decorated with orange blossoms. 

November 5, 1881

On the 25th ult., John Danak, of this city, and Miss Anna Kuccra, of West Kewaunee, were joined in holy bands of matrimony at the home of the bride.  We are unacquainted with either of the interested parties, but wish them heaps of happiness just the same.

November 19, 1881

MARRIED.  At the Town of Oconto, Oconto County, at the house of James a. Glynn, Nov. 13, 1881.  Mr. William Whiting, of the Town of Oconto, to Miss Mary Rector, of the same place, by James A. Glynn Esq. May the midday and evening of their married life, be as cloudless and beautiful, as the morning.

IN OCONTO, Nov. 13, 1881 at the residence of the brides parents, by Rev/ S/ Reynolds pastor of the M. E. church, Clarence M. Brooks and Miss Emma A. Porter.
November 19, 1881

November 26, 1881

MARRIED.  In this city November 19th 1881, by L. S. Bailey Esq., Mr. Mangus Nelson and Miss Sophia Peterson, all of this city.  


December 17, 1881

FRANK PAGE has gone and done it.  Feeling that it was good to be alone, and that the injunction to multiply and replenish the earth was right and spirit and practice, he went forth on the 1st inst., from his mothers house at Pulcifer, and returned with Miss Ella Ames and the two exchanged vows in the evening, the Rev. Mr. Cox being present on the interesting occasion to pronounce them man and wife and to extend to them his ministerial congratulation.  Frank’s many friends in this city will wish him happiness in his new departure.

December 24, 1881

NEXT Monday evening, a quiet wedding will take place at the residence of Mayor Young, the contracting parties being Miss Minnie Lawrence, of this city, and Fremont N. Jaynes, of St. Paul, Minn.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, the happy couple will take the evening train for St. Paul, where they will reside and where Mr. Jaynes is engaged in business.  The bride who has taught school in this city a number of term and is deservedly popular, will carry with her to her new home the best wishes of a host of friends.

December 31, 1881

MARRIED.  McINTYRE-LEPP - At Flintville, Wis., December 12, 1881, by L. R. Lamb Esq., Mr. George McIntyre, of Pensaukee, to Miss Ellen Agness Lepp, of Flintville, Wis.