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January 14, 1882

MARRIED.  ENGLAND – SMITH.  On the 20th ult., at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Rev. Wm. Dafter officiating, Chas. England, formerly of this place, to May E., daughter of Geo. Smith, of this city. 

Oconto County Reporter
January 14, 1882

JERRE C. MURPHY, of the Marinette Star, and Miss Pauline S. Olmstead, of Ripon, were married at the latter place on the 3rd inst.  We haven’t the words to express our approval of J.C. course or our congratulations.  We can only say here’s our hand and a welcome into the ranks of the benedicts.

Oconto County Reporter
January 21, 1882

MARRIED:  CARRIAR – VANDERLL-January 7, 1882 at ST. Peters church by the Rev. Father Vermare, J. L. Carriar and Lizzie Vanderll, both of this city.The bride and bridegroom are well acquainted in this city and have a host of friends who wish them a life filled with domestic joy and none more sincere than those of the REPORTER.

RICHARDSON – JENESON –On January 9, 1882, at the residence of Wm. Taylor, Little River, by Rev. C. J. Kunst, Mr. Frank Richardson and Miss Bella Jeneson, both of Little River, Oconto Co., Wis.

PAYETTE – BRANSHAWE –At St. Peters church, Jan. 15th 1882, by the Rev. John Vermare, Mr. D. J. Payette, of Peshtigo, and Miss Libbie Branshawe of this city.  The interested parties will please accept the sincere congratulations of all connected with the REPORTER.

February 4, 1882

MARRIED.  Frank Baley and Mary Lucia, both of Little Suamico, were married Sunday last, at the residence of Edward Laine, Esq.

February 11, 1882

MARRIED.  BETTS – BURGESS.  At the M. E. parsonage Couillardville, Oconto Co., Wis. On the afternoon of the 3rd inst., by the Rev. William Rowbotham, Mr. Charles Betts and Miss Senath Burgess, both of West Pensaukee, Wis.

March 18, 1882

MARRIED.  KEENE – WATERS.  March 12th, 1882, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. C. R. Burdick, Mr. Luther F. Keene and Miss Delia L. Waters both of this city.  This happy couple have resided in this city many years and count their friends by the hundred all of whom congratulate them upon their new departure, and none more sincerely than those connected with this office.

MARRIED.  BARKER-WILLIS.  At the residence of Alexander Urquhart, March 14, 1882, by Edwin Hart, justice of peace, Mr. W. C. Barker, of this city and Mrs. Lucy Willis, of Plano, Illinois. We congratulate W. C. upon the happy event, and hope, that he and his lady will enjoy all the blessing vouch safed to mortals. 

March 25, 1882

THE MARRIAGE of Peter Jamison, of Maple Valley, which appeared recently in one of our contemporaries was a trifle premature.  He is still a batchelor and the probabilities are, that when he joins the ranks of the benedicts he will know it as soon as anybody does. 

APRIL, 1882


JAMISON - MEAD.  At the residence of the bride in the town of How, on the 22nd inst., by T. W. Brownell Esq., Mr. Peter Jamison of Maple Valley, and Mrs. Carrie R. Mead of the town of How. We congratulate our old comrade-in-arms upon his new enlistment and can assure the happy bride, that if Mr. Jamison makes as good a husband as he did a soldier, she will have no cause for complaint.  We wish the happy couple all the pleasure and blessings vouchsafed to mortals, and hope that their brightest anticipations will be more than realized.

Oconto County Reporter
APRIL 8, 1882

MARRIED:  DELERVILLE-GOULD.  In this city April 3rd 1882, by L. S. Bailey, Esq., August Delerville and Sarah Gould, all of this city.

(NOTE: The correct spelling of the groom's surname is DeTarville - Great Great Grandson Kevin)

Oconto County Reporter
APRIL 29, 1882

HAZEN-LORD.  At Marinette Saturday April 22, 1882, by the Rev. William Dafter, Mr. Alfred Hazen and Mrs. Lucy Lord, both of this city. Our congratulations and best wishes are theirs.

ARMSTRONG-BEACH.  At the residence of J. M. Armstrong Esq., in the town of How, April 20th 1882, by J. M. Armstrong, Esq., D. H. Armstrong and Miss Sadie O. Beach, both of Shawano, Wis.

FINLEY-THOMPSON.  April 20, 1882, at the residence of William Wilton in the town of How, by T. W. Brownell Esq., Mr. Finley, of Oconto city and Miss Minnie Adell Thompson, of Kent city Mich.

** LITTLE Minnie House, of this city and little Ellsworth Drown, of Vermont were married at the residence of Mr. Allen McDonald Sunday, by the Rev. C. R. Burdick, and in the evening, took their departure for their home in the Green Mountain state.  They were undoubtedly,  the most diminutive couple that were ever married in this city, but if the best wishes of the friends of the little bride are taken into consideration the happy couple will enjoy the biggest kind of happiness and experience Lilliputian prosperity.

MAY 27, 1882

PECOR-TREPANIA.  Sunday at St. Peters church, by Father Vermare, Mr. David Pecor, and Miss Mary Trepania, both of this city.

CHRISTENSEN – PETERSON.  At the residence of Michael Oleson, on the 23rd inst., by Frank Deimer, justice of the peach, Mr. Nils Larson Christensen and Miss Oline Jensine Peterson, both of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
JUNE 10, 1882

Sisters Married In Double Wedding

NELLIGAN - DELANCY;  FILES - DELANCY, at St Joseph church Tuesday, June 6th 1882, the Rev. Father Swelbach, rector, Offiniating, Mr. Jolin Nelligan and Miss Kittie Delancy, and Mr. Samuel Files and Miss Nellie Delancy, all of this city.

The contracting parties have resided here for many years, the happy brides from their early childhood, and both the brides and bridegrooms are universally respected and esteemed by all who have enjoyed their acquaintance, and they have their best wishes for their future prosperity and happiness.  The church, during the marriage ceremony was crowded with the friends of the interested parties, all of whom could have manifested, no greater interest had the happy couples been related to them by the closest ties of kinship.  The brides looked very beautiful in their bridal robes, as also did the bridesmaids who were attired in white.  After the nuptial ceremonies the parties held a reception and received many beautiful and costly presents and hearty and earnest congratulations of their friends.

July 1, 1882

MOTIS – KOUPEK.  At the residence of Joseph Brucha, in this city June 24, 1882, by Frank Deimer, justice of the peace, Mr. James Motis and Miss Josephine Koupek, both of this city.

Oconto County Reporter
July 29, 1882

SHAW – VANSCUTEN.  At little River Wis, July 23rd 1882, by Capt. E. L. Widger, justice of the peace, Mr. John A. Shaw and Miss Hattie A. VanScuten, both of Black Creek.  We have not the pleasure of an acquaintance with the happy couple, but we wish them a long and happy domestic life and an abundance of prosperity, just the same.

August 5, 1882

M. JOE GREETAN, steward of the tug W. H. Alley, was last Monday morning joined  in holy bonds of matrimony with Miss Emily Berabin of Oconto at St. Peters church, by the Rev Vermare.  As congratulations are the order of the day, here is ours Joe, and may you prosper, live long and be happy. 


STREESE – GRUETZMACHER.  On July 31st, by F. Delmer, Justice of the Peace, Willhelm Aaron Streese, of Quinnesee, Mich., to Imilia Gruetzmacher, of Oconto.

CIZEK – HROMATKOA.  On July 28th, by F. Delmer, Justice of the Peace, Anton Cizek, to Mary Hromatkoa, all of Oconto.

September 9, 1882

BENIS – WISE.  At little River Aug. 23, by E. L. Widger, Justice of the peace, James Bemis, of Boston, Mass., and Minnie Wise, of Peshtigo, Wis.

ZEROT – MICHOE.  At the residence of Frank Pelliser, Little River, on Sunday Aug. 27, by E. L. Widger justice of the peace August Zerot, of Little River, and Adell Michoe, of Gibson, Manitowoc, Co., Wis.

REDMOND – TRACY.  At St. Joseph church, by the Rev. Father Swiebach, Monday, Sept. 11th, 1882, Mr. J. Redmond, of Eau Claire, and Miss Rosanna Tracy, of this city.

September 23, 1882

MARRIED.  Hausur – Hamernik. At the residence of Joseph Hausur, in the city  on the 29  of August 1882, by Frank Deimer, justice of the peace, John Hausur and Anna Hamernik.

researched by Richard LaBrosse

We learn from the Green Bay Advocate that Wilbur Bush of Brookside and Miss May Barker of West Pensaukee were married at the Methodist church in West DePere Sunday, the Rev. H. Stone Richardson performing the ceremony.

October 7, 1882

MARRIED.  BOSS – MITCHELL.  At the Presbyterian church, in this city, Thursday, October 5, 1882, by the Rev. C. B. Burdick, Mr. Clarence M. boss, of Yipsilanti, Mich, and Miss Agnes Mitchell of this city. 

October 21, 1882

**DR. JOHN GODDARD, of Brookside, and Miss Hattie Whitney, of West Salem, Wis. Concluded that each would be happier if they were permitted to slip their heads into the matrimonial noose, so they got married.  The doctor was awful sly about it for which we forgive him; and if it were possible for him and his bride to enjoy all the felicity and joy we wish them, this earth would indeed be a Heaven.

Oconto County Reporter
November 11, 1882


HELLMAN – HOPPE.  At the residence of the officiating clergyman, Friday, Nov. 3rd 1882, by the Rev. J. H. Kerr, Mr. Adolph Hellman and Miss Antone Hoppe, both of West Pensaukee.

PERRY – TASSEL.  At the residence of the bride, Menasha, Wis., Nov. 2nd, 1882, by the rev. Mr. Ferris, of the Congregational church, Mr. Charles Perry, of Oconto, and Miss Lillie Tassel of Menasha,

Oconto County Reporter
December 2, 1882


 SKOCHPOL – MARECK. On Saturday, November 25th 1882, by Frank Deimer justice of the peace, at his office, Joseph Skochpol and Filomena Mareck, both of this city. 

HOLYOKE – THOMAS.  At the M. E. parsonage in Oconto, November 30th 1882, by the Rev. S. Reynolds pastor of the M. E. Church, Thomas A. Holyoke and Miss Sarah A. Thomas, both of Stiles, Wis.

Oconto County Reporter
December 9, 1882


ZONBEK – OURADO.  In this at the residence of Joseph Minarek, December 2nd, 1882, by Frank Deimer, Esq. George Zonbek and Mary Ourado, both of this city.

Oconto County Reporter
December 23, 1882


STEFEL – EKNER. At the residence of Joseph Hauson, December 16th 1882, by Frank Deimer Esq., John Stefel and Anna Ekner, both of this city.



At the Richard House, Le Mars, Iowa, on Thursday, December 11, Mr. D. E. Wilcox and Miss Flora Page, both of Oconto, were united in matrimony, the Rev. Father Meis officiating. 

Oconto County Reporter
December 30, 1882


BROWN – HARTONG.  At the residence of Frank Brown, in the town of Little River, Dec. 25th 1882, by James A. Glynn, Esq., William H. Brown and Catharine F. Hartong, both Little River, Oconto county Wisconsin.

WILCOX – WATERS.  At the Presbyterian church, Wednesday evening, Dec. 27, 1882, by the Rev. J. H. Kerr pastor, Wilton E. Wilcox and Carrie F. Waters, both of this city.

KELLY – BELLEW.  At St. Joseph church,Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1882, at 10 o’clock a.m. by Rev. Father Swiebach pastor, George F. Kelly of Florence Wis., and Miss Ella Bellew, of this city.