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Not all issues of past newspapers have been saved to microfilm, however, every effort is being made to research what is available for this collection. Our goal is to help in researching ancestors and add a sense of history. This page is a continuing effort and will be added to, often, as more research is completed. Researched by Cathe Ziereis unless otherwise credited.

Oconto County Reporter 
Jan. 12, 1884    


       Sharpley – Elliott

       At the residence of the bride’s father, in Little River, Wis., Jan. 8, 1884, by Rev. W. C. Bancroft, Mr. Cyrus Sharpley, of Norway, Mich. And Miss Laura A. Elliott, of Little River, Wis.

Oconto County Reporter 
Jan. 19, 1884

       Adams – Powell 

In this city January 12, 1884, by Rev. W. G. Bancroft, Mr. Ira Adams and Kate Powell, both of Big Suamico, Wis.

       Watters - Bailey 

There is to be a marriage in this city this evening. The parties to the interesting event are well and favorably known, both having lived in our midst many years. That they May be happy and enjoy a domestic felicity as boundless as time and enduring as eternity, is the sincere wish of the Reporter. Tonight Miss Mary Watters and Mr. L. S. Bailey will be united in the holy bonds of matrimony.  

Oconto County Reporter

Jan. 26, 1884

       Bailey – Watters

At the residence of the bride’s parents, Saturday evening, Jan. 19, 1884, by the Rev. J. H. Kerr, pastor of the Presbyterian church, Mr. L. S. Bailey and Miss Mary Watters, both of this city.

Oconto County Reporter 
Feb. 9, 1884

       Emery – Hibbard

At the residence of the brides mother in St. George, New Brunswick, on Monday, January 21, 1884, Mr. James T. Emery of West Bay City, Michigan and Miss Minnie Hibbard, of St. George, N. B. The young couple are well and favorably known in this city, where they have a host of friends and well wishers. The bride is a daughter of the late Honorable Francis Hibbard, of New Brunswick and the sister of Mrs. W. H. Young, of this city, with who she spent nearly two years and who while here endeared herself to a large circle of acquaintances and friends by her winsome ways and kindly impulse. The bride groom is an Oconto boy, having lived here many years with his father, Nicholas Emery, whom for a long time was in charge of the Holt and Balcom’s extensive milling interests here. He is a young man of the business and social qualities, upright and correct in life, and one who will be in power in society for good. A singular coincidence connected with the marriage of the young people was that it occurred the same day that Uncle Paul McDonald, the bride’s Uncle reached his 70th birthday, making congratulations reciprocal.

Oconto County Reporter 
March 8. 1884

       Grady – Pagel

March 4th 1884, by Frank Diemer, justice of the peace at his office in this city, Mr. Otto Grady and Miss Ida Pagel, both of Little River.

       Cayo – Payant

At St. Peter’s church, in this city, Feb . 19, 1884, by Rev, Fr. Valliant , pastor, Mr. Louis Cayo and Miss Cleotide Payant, both of Maple Valley Crossing, (Lena I. O.) The bride is the Daughter of Alphonse Payant, one of the most enterprizing men of our county, and we hope that she has done well, and that she and her husband will experience joy and prosperity.

Oconto County Reporter
April 5, 1884

Reinholdt –Messenger 

At the residence of Jacob Messenger on Friday evening, March 28th, 1884, by Rev. J. H. Kerr, pastor of the Presbyterian church, Mr. Henry Reinholdt of Reedsville, Wis., and Miss Mary Messenger, of this city. The bridegroom reached here at 9 o’clock the evening of the marriage which was solemnized soon after his arrival and he and his bride left next morning at 4:10 o’clock on their bridal tour. Mr. Reinhold is a young man of excellent character and business qualifications and is well thought of by all who enjoy his acquaintance. The bride has resided in this city many years, in fact, most of her life has been spent amongst us, and all who knew her appreciate her worth and she departs from the home of her childhood followed by the best wishes of friends.

Shew – Petty

At the house of James L. Glynn in the town of Oconto, on the 3rd day of April, 1884, Nathaniel U. Shew, of Brookside, Wisc. to Miss Carrie Petty of the same place, by James A. Glynn, Esq. The happy couple departed at once on their wedding tour to Crystal Falls, Mich.

Young – Tillman

At Mayville, Dodge County, Wisc., on Monday, March 31st, 1884, by Rev. O. S. Smith, of Fon du Lac, Mr. Alexander Young, of Oconto and Miss Augusta E. Tillman, of Mayville. The happy bridegroom with his beautiful bride, returned to his home on Tuesday evening, where they were given a reception by their friends and relatives. That they maybe happy is the earnest wish of all that enjoy their acquaintance.

Oconto County Reporter
April 12, 1884

         Page - Dean

Frank A. Page, of this city, and Miss Lydia Dean of Green Bay, were united in marriage at the residence of A. Greenwood, in Florence on Monday, March 31, 1884, by the Rev. H. P. Cory. Mr. Pages many friends in this city wish him and his bride a happy and prosperous voyage through life.

        Johnson – Johnson 

By Frank Diemer, justice of the peace, at his office in this city April 9, 1884, Mr. John Johnson and Miss Carren Johnson.

Oconto County Reporter
April 19, 1884

    Keegan – McMahon 

At the residence of the brides parents, in the town of Maple Valley, April 3, 1884, by the Rev. S. H. Couch, Mr. Samuel Keegan and Miss Mary McMahon, of Maple Valley, Oconto Co., Wis.

    Trecarten – Smith 

April 10, 1884, by the Rev. S. H. Couch, Mr. John Trecarten and Miss Maud Smith, both of Maple Valley, Oconto County, Wis. 

    Labor – Rowell 

At the residence of the bride’s parents in the town of Pensaukee, April 8, 1884, by Hunter Orr, Esq. Mr. George S. Labor, of Cedar River, Mich., and Miss Mary E. Rowell, of Pensaukee, Oconto Co., Wis.

Oconto County Reporter
April 26, 1884

       Longrie – Degeneffe 

By F. Deimer, justice of the peace, at his office in this city, April 22, 1884, Mr. Peter Longrie and Miss Mary Degeneffe, both of the town of Oconto.

       Maynard – Baraba

At Nagaunee, Mich. April 21, 1884. Mr. Jos. C. Maynard, of this city, and Miss Mary Baraba, of Nagaunee, Mich.

Oconto County Reporter
May 3, 1884

The cards have been issued for the marriage of B. F. Tilton, of Green Bay, son of Frank Tilton, of the Advocate, and Miss Minnie Chamberlin, of Fort Howard, the ceremony to take place at the residence of the bride’s parents, on next Wednesday evening, May 7.

Oconto County Reporter
May 17, 1884


Johnson – Robbins 

In this city May 14, 1884, by Rev W. J. Bancroft, Mr. John Johnson and Miss Mary E. Robbins, both of Stiles, Wis.

Pasek – Rabas 

At the residence of Joseph Hausner in the city of Oconto, May 8, 1884, by Frank Deimer, justice of the peace, Mr. James Pasek, of Maple Valley and Miss Francis Rabas, of Oconto, city.

Nutt – Lowell 

In the town of Oconto, Sunday, May 11, 1884, by J. S. Ordway, justice of the peace, Mr. Nathaniel Nutt and Miss Ada Lowell, both of Abrams, Oconto Co. Wis.  We sincerely hope that Nathaniel will never prove a hard Nutt to Ada, and that their domestic associations during their earthly pilgrimage will be of such a character, that many little Nutts will come to them to be cracked with a slipper; and that in due time, the shells of the parent Nutts will be broken that their kernels may go forth to be clothed with immortality.

Oconto County Reporter
May 24, 1884

Hodgins – Stephenson 

At Marinette, May 20, 1884, Mr. Joshua Hodgins and Miss Maggie Stephenson, both of Marinette. Mr. Hodgins is a young gentleman of high moral character and splendid business qualifications. The bride is the daughter of the Hon. Isaac Stephenson and exceedingly popular wherever known. We congratulate both on the auspicious event, which we are confident will result in happiness.

Oconto County Reporter
May 31, 1884

On Thursday next, Mr. and  M. B. Miller (Jake Scheider) will be united in marriage to Miss Maggie Dow, of Winchester, Ill., a most amiable and attractive young lady, we extend to “Jake” and his estimable “Katrina” out hearty congratulations, and express the wish that Pocahontas (der shild) May repeat itself numerously – to the joy of Bert and Maggie.

Oconto County Reporter
June 14, 1884

Moran – Barker

At the residence of the bride’s mother in this city, June 9, 1884, by the Rev. J. H. Kerr, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Mr. Dennis Moran and Miss Flora Barker, both of this city. The happy couple has many friends in this city who wish them all the joy and prosperity vouchsafe to mortals and none more sincere then those connected with the Reporter establishment.

Miller – Dow 

At the residence of the bride’s mother, Tuesday evening, June 3rd 1884, by the Rev. Dr. Lyman, Mr. Marion B. Miller, of Homer, N.Y., and Miss Maggie A. Dow, of Winchester, Ill. Well, “Jake” has gone and done it and we hope has found a woman who is “True Blue.” His many friends in this city wish him and the lady of his choice, all the joy and prosperity that the most sanguine could expect or anticipate, and that in due time a real flesh and blood Pochontas, will join their family to bless their union.

Oconto County Reporter
July 12, 1884

Orange Blossoms

Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock, Miss Grace E Walsh and Mr. Thomas G. Delaney were married. The ceremony occurred at St. Joseph church and was performed by the Rev. Fr. Sweibach. The bride was attended by Miss Maggie Walsh, the bride's sister, and the groom by Mr. Foley as “best man”. The church was well filled with the friends of the young couple who are exceedingly popular in our city, having resided here since childhood.
( Note from transcriber; this is a very long article, anyone wishing a copy can contact me. Editor  Cathe Ziereis)

Oconto County Reporter
July 19, 1884


Karcek – Kobes – July 14, 1884, by Frank Deimer justice of the peace, at his office in this city, Mr. John Karcek and Miss Mary Kobes, both of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 9, 1884


Louise and Walter
Saturday evening, August 2nd, 1884, at 8 o'clock, Miss E Louise Grunnert and Walter J. Ellis were married. The ceremony occurred at the Presbyterian church and was performed by the Rev. J. H. Kerr, pastor. Although the weather was unpropitious and stormy, the church was filled with the friends of the contracting parties who have a multitude of friends in this city, the bride having lived here most of her life and endeared herself to all by her quiet and winning ways, and the groom, who is a nephew of Mr. O. A. Ellis and who came from the east about three years ago and has been a frequent visitor to this city, his, by his gentlemanly deportment, made himself exceedingly popular with all who have made his acquaintance.

Clark – LaPauny – At Marinette, Wis. August 6, 1884, by C. E. Daley, justice of the peace, Mr. H. W. Clark and Miss Josephine LaPauny, both of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 16, 1884

If Matt Armstrong, of How, has not already done so, he will soon leave for Brussels, Canada, for the purpose of visiting relatives. Rumor says; that when he returns, he will be accompanied by a lady who will bear his name and be his wife. That is just as it should be Matt, and we extend congratulations in advance.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 23, 1884


Hill – Leigh – At the residence of Mr. Thomas Leigh, at Leightown, on the 15th of August, by Rev. J. H. Kerr, Mr. Jerome M. Hill, of Minneapolis, Minn., and Miss Ada Leigh of Leighton, Oconto, Wis.

W. A. McKinley, came down from Dagget, Mich., where he had been resticating several weeks Monday, and after shaking hands with his many friends in this city he left for Leighton where he will teach the coming winter.

Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 6, 1884

Lee – Perrigo 
At the residence of Mr. Harrison Perrigo, the bride's father, in this city Friday, August 22nd 1884, by Rev. W. G. Bancroft pastor of the M. E. church, Mr. Charles Lee and Miss Pearlie Perrigo, both of Oconto.

Lebeau – LaCourt 
By Frank Deimer justice of the peace, at his office in the city of Oconto, September 1st, 1884, Mr. Joseph Pierre Lebeau and Miss Mathilda LaCourt, both of Oconto.

Maloney – Myers 
At St. Joseph church in the city of Oconto, by the Rev. Fr. Sweibach, September 1st, 1884, Mr. Patrick Maloney and Miss Agnes Myers, both of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 13, 1884


Kelly – McGovern  At St. Joseph's church, September 8th, 1884 at 8 o'clock am by the Rev. Fr. Swiebach, Mr. John Kelly, of Marinette and Miss Maggie McGovern, of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 20, 1884


Picken – Lucas  At the Methodist parsonage in this city, Sept. 15th, 1884, by Rev. W. G. Bancroft, Mr. Thomas R. Picken and Miss Emma Lucas, both of Oconto.

On Sunday, the 14th, Mrs. Mahala Sutton and Mr. Joseph Churchill were united in marriage.

Oconto County Reporter
Nov. 8, 1884


The marriage of Mr. T. A. Pamperin and Miss Nellie Birningham took place Wednesday evening, Oct. 29, 1884 at the residence of the bride's parents. About 100 relatives and friends were present. The Rev. W. Rowbotham of Seymour performed the ceremony.

Oconto County Reporter
Dec. 6, 1884


Balls - O'Leary - 
In this city Nov. 14, 1884, by Frank Deimer, justice of the peace, William Balls, of Peshtigo and Miss Kate O'Leary, of Oconto Falls.

Oconto County Reporter
Dec. 13, 1884


The happy event which made Mr. Will H. Dutton and Miss Dora Burgess, both of Abrams, man and wife, occurred at the residence of S. Dutton, Wednesday evening, December 10th, 1884, in the presence of a large number of invited guests and relatives of the happy couple. The presents received by Mr. and Mrs. Dutton were many and beautiful, and they start out on the matrimonial sea followed by the best wishes of a host of friends, and none more genuine and earnest then those from the Reporter.

Married on the 6th inst., at the residence of the bridegroom by Vernon Cole, justice of the peace for the town of Little River, Mr. Joseph Krumpus of the same place and Miss Mary Stapal, of city of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
Dec. 27, 1884


Wurl – McLeod –
In this city, Dec. 22nd, 1884, by G. W. Wilcox, Justice of the peace, G. A. Wurl to Laura McCloud, both of Shawano.

Feak – Wise 
At the residence of the bride’s parents, Little River, Nov. 11, Charles Feak, of Oshkosh, and Henrietta E. Wise, of Little River by E. L. Widger, Justice of the peace.

Ford - Dukelow
A quiet wedding ceremony was preformed at the residence of Mr. Peter Shufelt, in this city at 5:00 on Wednesday (Christmas Eve) the contracting parities being Mr. J. S. Ford, of this city, and Miss Grace Dukelow, of LaCrosse, Wis., sister of Mrs. Shufelt. The marriage rites were performed by Rev. S. W. Ford, father of the groom, and only the relatives of the happy couple and limited number of friends were present.