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Oconto County Reporter
Jan 2, 1886

  On Sunday last, Miss Emily Gonyou of this city was married to Mr. Jorden of Minneapolis Minn. Rev. Father Vailliant officiated. The happy couple took their departure on the evening train for their future home, on Monday evening. We wish them joy.

Oconto County Reporter
Jan. 9, 1886

 Married at the residence of the bride's father, in town of Maple Valley, January 1st, 1886. Mr. Ormus D Halstead to Miss Alice R Daily, by Rev S H Couch.

Mr. Ed. Hines has taken to himself a better half, and we wish him and his lady much joy and prosperity.

Oconto County Reporter
Jan. 16, 1886
Maple Valley
I am informed that a wedding took place last week in the eastern part of our town - contracting parties, J. Borden and Mary Wescott. Oocnto County Reporter
Jan 23, 1886

At ST Peter's R. C.  Church, this city 9 o'clock a. m. Tuesday the 19th. ,  Rev. Father  Vailliant officiating, Mr.  Nicholas Netzer and Miss Emily Buraby all of Maple Valley Station.  The parties are well known  in  this  city where the bride has made her  home for some time.   The
reception was held at  Maple  Valley station in the evening and was attended by a goodly number from Oconto. The REPORTER extends   congratulations.

Oconto County Reporter
Feb. 13, 1886

Mamie McDermid and Charley Richer were united Sunday eve., last.

Oconto County Reporter
March 13, 1886

Winfred Parkenson and Mrs. Orsie, of Marinette, are to be married last of this month.

Oconto County Reporter
March 20, 1886

Quite a number of Gillettonians attend the Krake - Umphrey wedding at Pulcifer, last Wednesday.

Oconto County Reporter
April 3, 1886

We have the pleasure of recording the marriage of our eminent townsmen, Mr. A. C. Frost, on Sunday last. The bride, Miss Mary Hansen is a very estimable young lady, and a resident of this town. The affair took place at the residence of the groom, the Rev. Mr. Couch tying the knot. we wish them success and much happiness in their new relation.

Oconto County Reporter
May 29, 1886

Mr. Frank Lenz, of Bessemer, and Miss Lizzie Strack of this city, were married at the St. Joseph's Catholic church, on Tuesday afternoon, at 5 p.m. They have the well wishes of the Reporter in their new home.

Mr. Joseph Beaudeau and Miss Anna Buckley, of this city, were united in wedlock, on Tuesday afternoon at the St. Joseph's Catholic church, May 25th. The contracting parties have the best wishes of the Reporter for their future happiness.

William Esliger and Maggie Maloney, daughter of Patrick Maloney, Esq., our enterprising Section Street grocer, were married Monday evening last, at the Roman Catholic church, this city, Rev. Father Sweibach, officiating. The contracting parties have the congratulations of the Reporter.

Oconto County Reporter
June 5, 1886

Fred Byng and Meta Mehrman, were married a few days ago, and the wedding guests enjoyed the supper and dance, last Saturday.


The many friends of Mrs. David Wilton will be pleased to notice that she has joined hands and fortune with Mr. Patrick Quinn, of Oconto. the marriage ceremony being performed by Squire Folsom. We sincerely hope she may enjoy many years of wedded bliss.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 14, 1886

Miss Emma Barker of this city, and Fred Miller of Marinette, were married at the Presbyterian church, Tuesday Eve., at 7 o'clock, Rev. Mr. Kerr officiating.

Mr. Frank Brown, son of B. J. Brown, of Menominee, was married at Oshkosh the first of the week, to Miss Lottie Ault. Miss Ault is a young lady well known in Oshkosh, where she has graduated from The high school and has attend the Normal. The young couple will take up their residence in Menominee.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 14, 1886


One wedding yesterday and another today. Mr. Herman Elva to Miss Mary Schulpeltz yesterday and Gust Hearky to Miss Huldah Petkey today by Rev. Mr. Dickie of the town of Washington. All the parties are residents of our town and they have our best wishes for their health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 11, 1886

Mr. Edward Angle and Miss Hattie Waters were married Monday evening at the Presbyterian church, by Rev. J. H. Kerr. Mr. John Runkel and Miss Mary Fisher were the groomsman and brides-maid. The presents were numerous and very pretty.

Oconto County Reporter
Dec 12, 1886


Mr. Geo. Brown and Miss Louis Lynes, both of this city were united in matrimony, Thursday afternoon at 5:00, at the bride's home. The wedding was a private one, only relatives, and a few intimate friends being present. The REPORTER wishes them unbounded joy and happiness in their new life.


Mr. McKinley was seen on our streets one day last week. He has exchanged his pedagogic sternness for a 12 X 20-honeymoon smile. We are informed that he has secured a flower from the Garden city to brighten his home. We offer congratulations. 

Oconto County Reporter
Dec 18, 1886

Mr. Amherst Chapman has gone and done it, that is, he has got married to Miss Ada Kent. Well, they have our congratulations and best wishes for their health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Oconto County Reporter
Dec. 26, 1886

Mr. Albert Krumpus and Miss Mary Hanna, both of this city, were united in marriage Dec. 21, 1886, by Justice F. Deimer.