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Oconto County Reporter
Jan 1, 1887

Major C. J. Ball and Carrie C. Richards of Lemara, Iowa, were united in marriage at St. Paul, Minn., Christmas Day, 1886. The ceremony took place at the residence of the Hon. C. K. Davis, at half past eleven in the forenoon, Rev. Dr. S. G. Smith officiating. At 2:00 refreshments were served to a few invited guests. No cards.

Miss Carrie Richards is the daughter of Mr. Napoleon Richards, formerly of this city, and is well known in social circles here. The Reporter wishes their days of happiness as well as the little Balls, may be numerous.


Mr. Everett H. Gilkey and Miss Nettie Trecartin will be married at the residence of Mr. Thomas Trecartin, Maple Valley, January 3d, 1887 at 8:00 p.m. May their days be bright and fair, free from the withering touch of care, is the wish of the Reporter. (See Jan. 8, 1887)

Married, in Shawano, Dec. 22, 1886, at the residence of Mr. F. H. Plumb by Rev. E. A. Wanless, Mr. Wesley Scott to Miss Mamie Gillett; both of the town of Gillett, Oconto, Wis.


Married at the residence of  T. S. Bennett, at DePere, Wis., Dec 29th, 1886, George E. Woodruff to Grace F. Harris. Ceremonies conducted by the Rev. P. S. Bennett. (See Jan. 8, 1887)


Married at the Presbyterian parsonage, on Wednesday, Dec. 29th, by Rev. J. H. Kerr, Mr. W. A. Leavitt of Westboro, Wis. and Mrs. Lucy Barnes of Flintville, Wis.


Married at the Presbyterian parsonage, by the Rev. H. H. Kerr, on Xmas Day, Mr. Geo. H. Laughlin and Miss Viola Minnick, bith of Brookside, Wis. (See Jan. 8, 1887)


Christ Hanson of this city and Miss May Atkinson of Green Bay, were married at the residence of the brides parents Christmas.


Mr. Henry Wilson and Miss C. Waldron were married by Squire Lane at St. Nathans, Dec. 3rd, 1886.

Oconto County Reporter
Jan 8, 1887

We were very much-astonished last week to hear that Miss Grace Harris had taken upon herself matrimonial obligations. Miss Harris is a sister of Mrs. Jessie Birmingham and has visited here, and made Mrs. B's house her home six or eight months out of every year, the past three or four years, consequently she is well known here. She is a bright energetic little lady, and has made not a few friends here. The man of her choice, G. E. Woodruff, a gentleman from N.Y. state, has taught school nearly a year at this place, and in that length of time has made a host of friends. We wish them all the happiness imaginable and a long life of it.


Two of our young people concluded to surprise their friends so drove to Oconto, Christmas, and were united in the bonds of matrimony. The happy pair were Geo. Loughlin and Miss Viola Minnick. They have the congratulations of a host of friends.


A goodly number of the friends and relatives of Everett Gilkey and Miss Nettie Trecartin, were assembled last Monday evening to witness their marriage ceremony, which took place at the bride's residence. After partaking of a sumptuous repast, their friends presented them with numerous testimonials of their regard and affection. The young couple start out in life with the good wishes of the entire community, and a prosperous and happy life is predicted for them.

Oconto County Reporter
Jan 15, 1887

Mr. Jerre. Strong, head clerk in A. Eldred and Son's store at Stiles, Wis. and Miss Ada Hamilton, of this city, were married at Green Bay, on Saturday last. The Reporter extends the happy couple congratulations, with the hope that their future may be replete with joy and prosperity.

Oconto County Reporter
Jan 22, 1887

How, is not behind in the matrimonial circle, two weddings having taken place recently, the contracting parties being, Mr. A. B. Chapman to Miss Ada Kent of Grand Rapids, Mich. and Mr. Ed Dunton to Miss Jane Latender, both of How, and "Little Willie" says if we can wait a short time we can chalk his name down on the list also. But we will give "Little Willie's Romances" in the due season.

Oconto County Reporter
Feb 5, 1887

Wedding Bells – The wedding of Mr. Chas. L. DeLano of Ripon, Wis., and Miss Myrtie E. Coburn, daughter of Capt. H. M. Coburn of this city, occurred at the Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening, Feb. 1st, 1887, Rev. J. H. Kerr officiating. Miss Myrtie has long been one of our leading young ladies in church circles, and her host of young friends will miss her greatly in their church work. That their pilgrimage in life's journey may prove as long and as happy as the fondest hopes of the young couple has pictured it, is the most cordial wish of the Reporter. Mr. and Mrs. DeLano left the same evening for Loa Angeles, Cal., where they will reside in the future. They will stop at several places on the way to visit friends. 

Oconto County Reporter
Mar 12, 1887


Mr. Jas. Hoskings, of Norway, Mich. and Miss Libbie High of this city, were married at the home of the brides parents, on Thursday afternoon. The young couple started the same evening for Hurley, Wis. where they will reside in the future. They have the well wishes of the community in their new life.

Oconto County Reporter
April 16, 1887

The many friends of Mr. John Kinney of Bessemer, who is well known in the city, will be pleased to hear of his marriage. The bride was Miss Lizzie Kane of this city. The marriage ceremony took place at the St. Joseph Church the officiating clergyman being Rev. father Schewbach. The happy couple took the evening train for Chicago where they will stop a few days before going to Bessemer their future home.Oconto County Reporter May 7, 1887


Mr. Herman Behling, of Brookside and Miss Anna Meincke, of this place, were last Wednesday, united as one at the Lutheran church and a grand repast and good things in general, was served at the Bride's residence, where a happy company were assembled and numerous presents were received. Mr. and Mrs. Behling will go right to housekeeping at Oconto.

Married, at Beaver, Wis., on Saturday, April 9th by Rev. John H. Kerr, of Oconto, Mr. Wm. M. Jones and Miss Lillian E. DeLano, daughter of Wm. W. DeLano, all of Beaver.

A quiet wedding took place at Green Bay last Monday, the contracting parties being Miss Mollie Powers of this place, and Curtis Allen, of Brookside. Their many friends wish them God’s speed, and perpetual happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Allen will remain here for the present.

April 9, Charles Basset of Abrams and Miss Phenie Blackbird of Brookside were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock, by J.T.H. Churchill, J.P. The happy couple will reside at Abrams and will be followed by the kind wishes of a host of friends.

April 10th, C.H. Allen concluded it was not good for man to be alone so he heid himself to Pensaukee and was united to his other half, Miss Mollie Powers. They left for DePere Sunday evening, accompanied by Will Powers and Cora Allen. We extend to each and all the translated ones our hearty congratulations and best wishes for their future happiness.

Oconto County Reporter
Apr 30, 1887

Mr. John Kenny and Miss Lizzie Kain were united in marriage at St. Joseph’s Church, Wednesday afternoon. The young couple will make their future home in Bessemer.

Oconto County Reporter
May 7, 1887

At St. Joseph’s church, in this city, on Thursday, May 5, 1887, by Rev. Fr. Sweibach, Mr. George M. Williams and Miss Grace M. Phelps. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Phelps and is one of the most popular young ladies in this city. The numerous and costly presents and expressions of good will which were tended her by a legion of friends are indicative of the estimation in which Grace was held. Mr. Williams, the fortunate gentleman, was for sometime bag master on the Oconto branch of the Lakeshore Railway, but is now a conductor on the main line, in both of which positions he has made himself very popular by his genial manner and accommodating disposition. The young couple will take up residence in Kaukauna for the present, and The Reporter joins their many friends in wishing them long life replete with unalloyed pleasure.

Mr. Herman Behling, of Brookside and Miss Anna Meincke of this place, were last Wednesday, united as one at the Lutheran church and a grand repast and good things in general, was served at the Brides residence, where a happy company were assembled and numerous presents were received. Mr. and Mrs. Behling will go right to housekeeping at Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
May 28, 1887

Married in this city, May 25, 1887, at the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. L. D. Hopkins, rector of St. Mark’s church, Mr. Thomas Ryan, of Lowell, Wis., and Miss Lena Runkel, daughter of John Runkel.The marriage was solemnized in the presence of relatives and a few friends of the family only, and was performed in accordance with the impressive ritual service of the Episcopal church. After partaking of the wedding feast, the happy couple boarded the 8:00 train for Chicago and other southern points, and were followed by the best wishes of their friends. The Reporter extends congratulations, with the wish that their lives may be replete with pleasure.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 6, 1887

We are informed that Mr. Gust. Haine has taken himself a better half. Congratulations are in order. (Gustav Hein, 31 Jul 1887, to Henrietta M S Schroeder both of Oconto County)

Oconto County Reporter
Jul 9, 1887

Married, at the residence of the bride’s parents in the town of Pensaukee, July 3rd 1887, by Rev. Wm. Thomas, Mr. John F. Westcott and Miss Lillian R. Bundy, all Pensaukee.

Married, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Abrams, July 5th, 1887, by Rev. Wm. Thomas, Wm. A. Gordin of Oconto, and Miss Carrie, oldest daughter of Peter and Jane Christian, of Abrams.

Miss Cynthia Gardner, of Green Bay, a young lady well known in this city, was married to Mr. Fred J. Lee, of Chicago, on Thursday last.

Oconto County Reporter
Jul 30, 1887

A quiet wedding took place at J. T. H. Churchill’s on Sunday last. Miss Kip Churchill and A. Wood, of Bessemer, were the contracting parties. They were given a serenade by an amateur band of “pickled” musicians in the evening. On Monday evening, Mrs. Cornelius Lince gave a very pleasant party, in honor of the bride, at which all went merry as the time honored wedding bell is supposed to go, until the happy father-in-law became so full of ice cream, lemonade and joy that he made a misstep and fell off the porch, fracturing his elbow and sustaining a few minor bruises. At present writing he is able to be out although he limps a little. The happy couple took the noon train for Marinette, on Tuesday accompanied by the good wishes of a host of friends.

Married, June 24th, at the residence of her parents, in Brookside, Angeline A. Churchill, and Sam A. Wood, of Irondale, Michigan, by J.T.H. Churchill.

Married at the residence of the bride’s brother, in the village of Abrams, Jul 23rd, 1887, by Rev. Wm. Thomas, Mr. Wm. E., only son of Isaac and Elizabeth Trask, of the town of Pensaukee, Oconto County, and Miss Laura M., oldest daughter of F.L. and M.H. Whitney, of Abrams.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug 13, 1887

Married, on Monday, Aug. 8, 1887, at St. Peter’s church, by Rev. Fr. Vaillant, Mr. Frank E. Henne and Miss Hattie Barjoin, both of this city.

Oconto County Reporter
Sep 10, 1887

Married, on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 1887, at St. Joseph’s church, by Rev. Father Sweibach, Mr. Michael Kane and Miss Emma Keefe.

Oconto County Reporter
Sep 17, 1887

Mr. Charles Zippel, of Oconto, and Miss Emma Haas, of Little Suamico, were married at the Charles House, in this city, on last Thursday afternoon, Sept. 8. Miss Mamie Roth, of Oconto and Mr. Charles Redeman Jr., of this city, were bridesmaid and groomsman. The happy couple took a wedding took a wedding trip to Chicago. Green Bay Advocate.

At Wessington Springs, Dakota, on Wednesday, Sept. 7,  1887, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bateman, Mr. M. A. McCune, of Wessington Springs, and Miss Mary Ford, of Oconto. The bride is a daughter of Rev. S.W. Ford, and a sister of S.W. Ford, Jr. and J.S. Ford, of this city. She is a very exemplary young lady who has a host of friends in Oconto, all of whom entertain the best wishes for her in her new relations in life.

At the residence of the bride’s parents, in the town of Stiles, on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 1887, by the Rev. S.W. Ford, Miss Hattie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Johnson, and Mr. Charles L. Shores, of the same town. Both parties are well and deservedly popular, and make their start on the matrimonial sea followed by the best wishes of a host of friends, in which the Reporter heartily joins.

Miss Alice Glynn, daughter of Mr. James A. Glynn, of this city, was married to a Mr. Laird, of Chilton, at Green Bay, on Tuesday evening. The couple will reside at Chilton in the future.

Oconto County Reporter
Sep. 24, 1887

Married, at the Methodist church in this city, Sept. 22nd, by Rev. S.W. Ford, Mr. L.W. Flannagan and Miss Lucy M. Good, all of this city. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Good, and is an accomplished and popular young lady. The groom, Mr. Flanagan, is a prosperous lumberman, and a supervisor in the county of Dunn, Michigan. They carry with them the best wishes of a legion of friends. The Reporter extends congratulations.

Mr. Herman Blase and Miss Matilda Tolman will be married on Monday, the 29th of September, at Green Bay. We wish them much joy and prosperity through life. Boys, get ready with your cowbells and saws and give them a little music. 

OcontoCounty Reporter
  Oct 8, 1887

  Rumor has it that Miss Clara Foster, oldest daughter of Mr. William Foster, is to be united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The happy gentleman who has won this fair daughter of Eve is a Mr. Crane, in the employ of the C. & N. R.’y.

  The event of the season so far in this vicinity, and the subject of conversation, is the marriage last week Monday, of Mr. Herman Blaser and Miss Tillie Tolman of this place. The ceremony was performed at Green Bay, and on Tuesday evening following, they gave a reception and dance at the home of the bride’s mother. Supper was served from 5 to 7:00. A large number of presents of beauty was well as utility attested the esteem win which they were held by their friends and associates. They have already settled down to practical life, housekeeping.

OcontoCounty Reporter
  Oct 15, 1887

  Married, Oct. 1, 1887, by Frank Diemer, justice of the peace, Charles Diemer and Miss Minnie Sederstrom both of this city.

  The community was startled last week by the announcement of another wedding. Mrs. J. H. Rymer and Ed. Rymer were united in the 4th inst. by Sire Lane. No cards.

  Our town is getting noted for marriages of late. This time it is Mr. Ed. Rymer to Mrs. Hannah Rymer. Mr. Rymer is a brother to her husband that died last winter. However they are getting quite well related. She being his aunt, sister-in-law and wife.

  OcontoCounty Reporter
  Oct 22, 1887

  Married, Oct. 20th, at the residence of the bride’s father, in the town of Stiles, by Rev. S.W. Ford, Mr. Lincoln Leigh and Miss Emma Donney, both of Stiles.

  Mr. C.C. Cole, of North Branch, has recently returned from the east, where he has been visiting friends, bringing with him a bride to share his new home with him. We wish them much happiness in their matrimonial relations. The new bride is from Chautauqua Co. N.Y.

  OcontoCounty Reporter
  19 Nov 1887

  Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Geo. R. Arnold, of Marinette and Miss Marion Orr, of this city. The prospective bride is the niece of Mrs. E. Scofield, and is one of our most popular young ladies. Mr. Arnold is a nephew of Maj. Scofield, is bookkeeper for the Marinette Saw Mill Co., and is an estimable young gentleman. The Reporter extends congratulations in advance, and express the hope entertained by all their friends, that their future May be one of bliss and prosperity.

  OcontoCounty Reporter

  Nov 26. 1887

  On Thursday afternoon, Nov 24, about 100 guests assembled at the palatial residence of Senator Scofield on the Avenue,  to witness the consummation of the marriage vows of Mr. Geo. R. Arnold, of Marinette, and Miss Marion Orr, of this city.
 (Transcriber has complete write up if interested, contact  Cathe Ziereis)

  John D. Campbell, of Florence, and Miss Mary Hanson, of Oconto, will be married at the latter place on the first of December. Mr. Campbell is a C. & N. W. station agent and lumber operator. – Diamond Drill, Crystal Falls.

OcontoCounty Reporter
  Dec 17, 1887

  Married, Dec. 10th at the Methodist parsonage, by Rev. Wm. Moyle, Mr. Kinsley G. House to Mrs. Mary A. House all of Oconto.

  Campbell – Hansen At the Presbyterian church in this city, on Wednesday, Dec 14, 1887, by Rev. Mr. Luther, Mr. John Campbell, of Florence,Wis., and Miss Mary Hansen, only daughter of Mrs. A. F. Hansen of this city.

  The bride is a young lady of many attainments, a native of this city, and was deservedly popular among a host of acquaintances, who admired her for her excellence of character and bright, cheerful disposition. The groom is station agent at Florence and also a dealer of timber. He is a young man of most exemplary character, and is much respected in the community in which he resides. The happy couple left on the 8:00 train for Kansas, where they will visit the parents of Mr. C. after which they will settle down at Florence. The Reporter extends its best wishes.

  Small – Wheeler At St. Joseph’s R. C. Church in this city, on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 1887, by Rev. Fr. Sweibach, Mr. John Small and Miss Maggie Wheeler, both of this city. The bride is a most excellent young lady who has lived in Oconto most of her life, and is held in high esteem by her many friends and acquaintances. Miss Maggie at one time held “cases” in the Reporter office, and her genial disposition made her popular with the entire office force who entertains for her the most kindly feelings and best  wishes in her sphere in life. Mr. Small, the fortunate gentleman, has lived in this city since his youth, and is a young man of strict integrity, and being possessed of habits of industry, success in life is assured.

  Lafortune – Krumpos At the residence of F. Deimer, Justice of the Peace, Dec. 15, 1887, Mr. Fred A. Lafortune, of Pike and Miss Mary Krumpos, of the town of Little River, Wis.

  Rusch – Kimpel  At the Lutheran church, in this city, on Thursday, Dec. 15, 1887, by Rev. Mr. Woeltner, Mr. Albert Rusch and Miss Lizzie Kimpel.