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. Oconto County Reporter
Jan. 3, 1896

George E. Carlin and Miss Mary R. Stewart were quietly married at the parochial residence in West Duluth, by Rev. T. J. Mackay, on Christmas Eve. H. J. Clyne acted as best man and Miss Jennie Patterson as bridesmaid. They will begin housekeeping at once in Mr. Carlin’s fine home in the Munger row.

By Rev. C. R. Burdick, Dec. 23, Mr. John Follett and Miss Emma Thompson.

Oconto County Reporter
Feb. 21, 1896

Vows of Constancy

The marriage of Charles Pahl and Miss Martha Schulzpelt of the town of How is announced, Rev. H. Eisenbach performing the ceremony. They will reside in this city.

Oconto County Reporter
March 6, 1896

Capt. John B. Nicholson of the steamer I. W. Stephenson and Mrs. Alice E. Whitman were married at Peshtigo on Monday evening by the Rev. E. N. Andrews.

Oconto County Reporter
March 27, 1896

C. M. Tuttle and Miss Ida Lince were married at Oconto, March 12, 1896, by Rev. Bossard. We extend congratulations. 

Oconto County Reporter
30 October 1896 
contributed by Ron Renquin

      At St. Joseph's church, Tuesday morning, Mr. Frank Urwan and Miss  Carrie Whitcomb pledged themselves to vows which place them in the relations  of husband and wife.  The ceremony was performed by Fr. Lochman and Fr. Vaillant  sang the mass.

Charles Dagen and Miss Alvina Schroeder were united in marriage at the home  of the bride's parents, attended by Paul Fiegs and Miss Olga Ellmann, Rev. H.  Eisenbach officiated.  They will reside in this city. 

By Vernon Cole, Justice of the Peace, at his residence, October 25, Antoine Champayn and Miss Hattie J. Collins, both of Mountain.  May they enjoy a long  life of happiness and usefulness.

Oconto County Reporter
April 10, 1896


Miss Gertie Routheal and Wm. Cypea were married by the Rev. Fr. Lochman, at the latter’s residence, yesterday morning. 

Wm. Moore was married about a week ago to Miss Pearl Miracle of Rose Lawn.

Oconto County Reporter
April 17, 1896


Sidney DeLano and Miss Mary Bundy were quietly married at Mrs. DeLano’s home, April 8, 1896, by Rev. E. D. Upson of Peshtigo. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Bundy and family, Mrs. Fred Fisher of Oak Orchard, and Mr. and Mrs. H. DeLano of Little River. Their future home will be in Little River.

Oconto County Reporter
April 24, 1896

Mr. Ed Cardinal recovered so quickly from facial injuries aquired in Oconto Company’s sawmill last Friday as to be married on Sunday, according to previous arrangements, to Miss Josephine Lambert, the Rev. Fr. Valliant tying the knot.

Oconto County Reporter
May 1, 1896



The marriage of Miss Clara Bellow, youngest child of James Bellow, proprietor of the New Beyer House, and Robert M. Cook, bookkeeper in the office of the Oconto Company, was solemnized during High Mass at St. Joseph’s church last Tuesday morning, the Pastor, Rev. P. J. Lochman, officiating. (..Bellew Note from transcriber; there is a big article on this marriage. Anyone wanting a copy can notify Cathe Ziereis)


Miss Kate Stusse of Peshtigo, a sister of Mrs. Herman Pecor of this city, and John Gaydeau were married at St. Joseph’s church, Peshtigo, on Wednesday, April 29. A large number of friends of the young people were present on the occasion. Flattering testimonials of esteem were in evidence in the shape of beautiful and costly presents. Mr. and Mrs. Gaydeau will make their home at Marinette. 


Miss Alvina Buchard of this city and Felix Lafenniere of Stephenson, Mich., were married at St. Peter’s church last Sunday afternoon by the Pastor, Rev. Fr. Vallant officiating. 

Oconto County Reporter
May 8, 1896


At Abrams, Saturday, May 2, by E. J. Johnson, justice of the peace, Mr. John Gallas, of Pensaukee, and Mrs. Mary Kolodzieg were united in marriage. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jerslid have entertained the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Nelson, from Neenah, this week. On Tuesday the four went up to Marinette to witness the marriage of Miss Emma Popineau to their nephew and cousin, Louis Peters.

Oconto County Reporter
May 22, 1896


Married, in the town of Pensaukee, at the home of the bride’s parents, by Joseph T. A. Churchill, Esq. John Brown of Oconto to Emma Purdell of Pensaukee.

By Fr. Lochman, Thursday morning, May 21, Frank Bitters and Miss Mary Fitzgerald, both of this city. Friends extended congratulations.

John Ondeans, one of the paper finishers, was married Thursday by Rev. Mr. Newey.

Oconto County Reporter
May 29, 1896


Oconto friends have received announcement of the approaching marriage of Samuel W. Klass and Miss Frances B. Waters on June 3, at Hesperia, Mich., June 8. The groom is the eldest son of William Klass of this city.

Oconto County Reporter
June 5, 1896


At his residence at Kelly Lake, Oconto County, on Saturday, May 30, by James A. Glynn, Esq. Miss Mabel Green to James H. Schroeder.

Also Miss Nettie Gribble to John B. Armstrong.

Invitations are out for the wedding of Miss Lillian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Temple of Oconto Falls, to Yardwood Matravers of the town of Oconto, next Wednesday afternoon, at the residence of the bride’s parents. The good wishes of their numerous friends will attend the young people.

At the residence of the bride’s parents, on Wednesday, June 3, at 5 p.m., by Rev. G. C. Carmichaels, John Teuch Duval, of Chicago, and Susie Alice Clayton; daughter of George W. Clayton, this city.
Capt. Duval was at one time connected with the Salvation Army in Oconto, but now connected with the Volunteer movement recently organized by Ballington Booth. The bride and groom wore full uniform of the Volunteers. The uniform for the men is modeled after that of the U.S. Army – the ladies uniform cadet blue, with a very neat bonnet to match. The happy pair left on the evening train for Chicago.

A wedding in the near future. Charles Windross talks of not keeping “bach” any longer.

Web. Leonard of this vicinity and Rose Touchette were quietly married at Coleman, Wis., May 24.

Pat Parker and Miss Mary Biourski were married Tuesday. We wish them much joy.

At the home of the bride’s parents, on Wednesday evening, at 7:30, Louis Bowman and Miss Clara Cooley were united in the bonds of holy wedlock. An elegant supper was served at the reception and many beautiful and costly presents were received. The bride is the daughter of Treasurer Cooley and a favorite. The groom is from Brookside. We wish them much joy in their wedded life.

James Jensen and Emma Adlebush, both of Maple Valley, were married at the home of the bride’s parents on the 28th ult., P.S. Olson officiating. 

Oconto County Reporter
June 12, 1896

Town of How

We had a notable wedding here last Monday. Over two hundred guests were in attendance, and six barrels of beer were consumed. The boys honored the occasion with a serenade. One family were so eager to be present that they started before six o’clock in the morning. Contracting parties – Octotropskey and Phillippi.
(NOTE: Actual names were Anton Otradovec and Margaret Miller, stepdaughter of Matthias Philippi)

Miss Lillie Temple, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George temple, was married to Yarwood Traverse of Couillardville, at the home of the bride’s parents, on Wednesday.

June Weddings and Marriages Soon to be Solemnized

At the home of the bride’s mother, Wednesday evening, June 10, occurred the marriage of Samuel Danby of Marinette and Miss Kittie Heath of this city. It was a quiet home wedding, and the couple left on the evening train for their new home in Marinette.

Miss Rose Lowell of Marinette was married to Lieu Wakeman, lately with Pemberthy, Cook & company, of Menominee, at Milwaukee, last week. Mrs. Wakeman is a niece of Mrs. Frank Paige, whose husband fills a responsible place with Schofield-Arnold Lumber company and is a brother of Captain Foss Paige of Oconto. The newly wedded couple will make their home at Hinsdale, Ill. Miss Lillian Finke and Charles G. Wakeman of Illinois were married at the same time and place.


William Teske and Miss Maggie Falarsh were joined in wedlock by Judge Jones at his office, yesterday. They are residents of Spruce.

A pleasant wedding took place Wednesday evening, June 3, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Cooley of Maple Valley – the marriage of Miss Clara Cooley to Lucius Bowman, of Brookside, in the presence of many friends and relatives of bride and groom. The wedding march was played by Gentle Brooks, and the marriage ceremony was pronounced by the Rev. P. S. Olson. The bride and groom were attended by Millie Miller and Nellie McDonald as bridesmaids and Herschel Cooley and George Bowman as groomsmen.

Cards are out announcing the coming marriage of Harry M. Sutton chef at the Beyer House, to Miss Helena Hutchingson of Oshkosh, on Wednesday, June 24, at St. Peter’s church, in that city – “at home” in Oconto after June 28. The many friends of both parties are patiently waiting to tender congratulations.

Oconto County Reporter
June 19, 1896


William Englehardt of Peshtigo and Mrs. Mary Arts of Little Suamico were united in marriage, Sunday, by Judge E. J. Johnson. The happy couple will live near Peshtigo.

Oconto County Reporter
June 19, 1896


Announcements of the marriage of Miss Lillian D. Reinhardt of this city to Dr. Carl C. Hanson of San Francisco, Cal., at the American consulate in Bagdad, Turkey, on May 8, last by the Rev. Thomas Prarit, have been received by Oconto friends of the bride, to whom their best wishes are cordially extended.

Rev. N. H. Burdick and Miss Caroline Trowbridge were united in marriage by Rev. W. S. Byron, at the Church of the Covenant in Chicago, Monday evening, June 15. They arrived in this city, Tuesday. Mr. B. has just graduated from the McCormick Theological Seminary, in the largest class that ever graduated from the seminary. The first Sunday in July, Mr. Burdick will assume a charge of the First Presbyterian church at Rochester, Minn., to which he recently received a call.

On the 19th instant, Sig. Houg and Miss Rosa Wright were united in welcome by Justice Jones. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Edna Wright of this city.

At the Lutheran church, Wednesday afternoon, Charles Krueger and Miss Annie Giese. After the ceremony there was a wedding dinner at the residence of the bride’s parents.

Oconto County Reporter
June 26, 1896


W. A. Flatley of Oconto Falls and Miss Theresa Plains of Oconto were married at St. James Catholic Church in Milwaukee on Thursday of last week and are now “at home” to their friends.

At the German Lutheran church yesterday afternoon, by Rev. H. Eisenbach, pastor, assisted by Rev. Newey of Oconto Falls, Miss Mary Baumgartner to E. J.Hennings, teacher of the parochial school. The best wishes of all who know them attend the happy couple for long life, happiness and prosperity.

Oconto County Reporter
July 3, 1896


One of the prettiest weddings ever witnessed in St. Peter’s Church was celebrated Tuesday – that of Miss Melissa Barribeau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Barribeau, to George Picard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Picard. The ceremony was preformed at 8 o’clock mass. The bride was attended by the Misses Hilda Bellanger and Melina Barribeau. The groomsmen were John Picard and Joseph Picard. The Rev. Fr. Valliant officiated. The couple will make this city their home.

In St. Peter’s Church, Oshkosh June 24, 1896, occurred the marriage of H. M. Sutton of this city and Miss Helena Hutchinson of Oshkosh, in the presence of a large gathering of friends. The ceremony was preformed by Rev. Father Cumane, and the couple were attended by Albert Arnold of this city, and Miss Tillie Casey of Oshkosh.

Miss Carrie Brouette, a former teacher in the schools of Peshtigo, and Dr. J. N. Aubin, were married at St. Michael’s Church on Wednesday.

Oconto County Reporter
July 31, 1896

In St. Peter’s church, Sunday, July 26, Miss Josephine LeClue and Ernst Surprise, jr., by Rev. Fr. Vaillant.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 7, 1896

At Stiles on the 4th inst., John A. Wall and Miss Maud Robbins. They go to housekeeping at once. Congratulations.

Maple Valley

One of the happiest social events of South Maple Valley is just ready for the Reporter – the wedding of Miss Isabelle Palmer of Spruce to Mr. A. A. Tillman of Gillett, which took place on the 5th inst. At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Young in South Maple Valley, P. S. Olson of Hickory officiating. James and Mabel Glynn of Milwaukee acted as pages. The bride and groom received a number of valuable presents. All extend congratulations.

On Wednesday evening, August 5, about sixty guests assembled at the residence of Mr. Poppy to witness the marriage of Miss Emma Waldron to Fred Poppy. The bride received a large number of beautiful and useful presents. Both young people are well and favorably known here. The best wishes of the community go with them on their journey through life.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 14, 1896

By D. O’Keef, J. P., Wednesday, Aug. 13, Michael Carney of Trout Creek and Mrs. Michael Baumgartner.

At St. Joseph’s church on Tuesday, Aug. 11, by Rev. Fr. Lochman, Miss Johanna Ennis, of Little Suamico, to Henry Dagen, of Oconto.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 21, 1896

Albert Behling of Abrams and Miss Rose Bloom of this place were quietly married in the city of Oconto, August 5, Herman Schultz of Abrams acting as groomsman and Bertha L. Bloom as bridesmaid. The bride was beautifully dress. Congratulations.

Oconto County Reporter
Aug. 28, 1896

John Keron and Miss Almira Bohan were married at St. Joseph’s church, Monday morning, by the resident priest, Rev. Fr. Lochman, in the presence of many friends – Andrew Nolan officiating as best man and Miss Julia Bohan as bridesmaid. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Keron left for a weeks visit in Minneapolis. Mr. Keron is lumber grader for the Oconto Company and a trusted employee, and the  bride has been for some time a teacher in the Pecor school. They will reside in Oconto.

An exchange thus chronicles a wedding: “John Lewis, a popular young man of this community, and Miss Ida Jones, a long hollow school teacher, were married last week.”

Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 18, 1896

Gertrude Wetting and Hiram Wescott.
Will reside in Shawano.

Sept. 16, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Rev. George N. Mead, priest of St. Mark’s church, joined together in holy matrimony George MaGee of Shawano and Miss Harriet May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lacy of Oconto, in the presence of Gilbert Morrow, jr., and Miss Edna Lacy, as subscribing witnesses. The only other persons present were the bride’s parents and her younger sister, Matie. Mr. and Mrs. Magee left for Milwaukee, shortly after the ceremony, on the 2 o’clock train. On their return from their wedding trip they propose to take up their residence in Shawano. We wish them a great deal of happiness in their new life and their new home.

Oconto County Reporter
Sept. 25, 1896

On September 23, just as the sun was sinking in a clear sky, lighting up the grand forest scenery of many hued maples and evergreens, with all the gorgeous splendor of a Wisconsin September sunset, Joseph McMahon, jr., one of our most worthy young farmers, led Miss Lizzie, the lovely and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Chamberlain, under a pretty floral arch in her mother’s parlor, where, in the presence of all their near relatives and a few other friends, P. S. Olson, after a few impressive remarks on the divine origin and sacredness of the home, pronounced the ceremony which made them husband and wife. Presents were displayed. A bountiful repast was served with a genial hospitality which ever characterizes these worthy people, and later as the happy pair started for their carriage, a shower of rice rattled over their heads as an emblem of the multitude of good wishes for their new home in Maple Valley.

At St. Joseph’s church, Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock, H. F. Bornheimer and Miss Lizzy Delaney were united in holy wedlock, Rev. P. J. Lochman officiating. They were attended by Frederick Bornheimer, brother of the groom, and Miss Loll O’Keefe, cousin of the bride. Ushers were Theodore Meouwsen and Joseph Urwan, the church being filled with the friends who had met to bid them Godspeed on the journey of life. 

  Oconto County Reporter
Oct. 3, 1896


In De Pere, Miss Bertha Simons and Abram Vye. They are residing in Oconto for the present.

Oconto County Reporter
Oct. 9, 1896


Mr. William Seidel of Tigerton and Miss Lucy Mayhew of Gillett were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. F. F. Schall, on Sept. 29, Rev. Mr. Newey officiating. The bride was attended by Miss Minnie Seidel, daughter of the groom, and the groom was attended by Roy Fitzgerald, cousin of the bride. Mr. Seidel was formerly a resident of Oconto. After the ceremony an elegant dinner was served to which the guests did full justice. The many present received attested the esteem in which the couple are held. Amid a shower of rice they boarded the train for Tigerton, their future home.

Oconto County Reporter
Oct. 16, 1896


The Philadelphia Ledger of late date contained an announcement of the marriage, in Germantown, of Miss Caroline E. Knorr to Daniel Whitney, son of Mrs. Ernest Funke of Oconto. Mr. Whitney was born in Green Bay, where he was reared, and is the grandson of Daniel Whitney, one of the pioneers of Green Bay. He is known also to a number of Oconto people. The Ledger’s account of the wedding is quite full, showing it to have been an event of uncommon significance even in that great city. The ceremony was performed in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, at Germantown. Two clergyman officiated, the bridal party was large, and the affair in every respect was resplendent. The bridal tour of the couple includes Montreal, St. Louis and Bermuda.

Oconto County Reporter
Oct. 30, 1896


A. Icke of Kembley, Wis., and Miss A. Rusch of this place will be married Saturday evening, Oct. 24, at the home of the bride’s parents.

Charles Dagen and Miss Alvina Schroeder were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, attended by Paul Fiegs and Miss Olga Ellmann, Rev. H. Eisenbach officiated. They will reside in this city.

By Vernon Cole, justice of the peace, at his residence, Oct. 25, Antoine Champayn and Miss Hattie J. Collins, both of Mountain. May they enjoy a long life of happiness and usefulness.

At St. Joseph’s church, Tuesday morning, Mr. Frank Urwan and Miss Carrie Whitcomb pledged themselves to vows which place them in the relation of
husband and wife. They were attended by Joseph Urwan, brother of the groom and Miss Eta Whitcomb, sister of the bride. The ceremony was performed by Fr. Lochman and Fr. Valliant sang the mass. The newly married couple are well known and popular – Mr. Urwan conducting a successful grocery business and the bride a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Whitcomb. Upon their return from a brief trip they will reside in the Tunney house in the East ward.  

Oconto County Reporter
Nov. 20, 1896


Mr. Peter Verdette of Green Bay and Miss Mary Stieger of this city were married on Tuesday morning at the Bay. They are to reside for the present with the groom's parents in the latter city.

At St. Joseph's church, Tuesday, Nov. 17, Mr. Albert Colson and Miss Frances Bitters, both of this city, Oconto will be their home.

Mr. H. R. Birr and Miss C. Rymer were married at this place November 18. Those acting as maids and groomsmen were Winner Usable of Brookside and Herb Rymer, R. F. Birr and Miss Temple of Oconto Falls. The couple received numerous presents.

Oconto County Reporter
Nov. 27, 1896

Ernest Heath and Miss L. M. Mager were married at the home of the groom’s parents last Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Wm. Newey. Their
friends wish them a long prosperous life.

Oconto County Reporter
Dec. 4, 1896


R. F. Birr and Miss Frances Temple were married on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Their many friends extend hearty congratulations.

Oconto County Reporter
Dec. 18, 1896


The marriage is announced at Green Bay of Robert Barlement and Miss Cora Griffis, formerly of Oconto. W.L. Giffis, brother of the bride, was best
man, and Miss Barlement, niece of the groom, was bride’s maid. The home of the newly wedded couple will be at 800 South Broadway, Green Bay.

By Rev. G. Bossard, Saturday evening, Dec. 12, Mr. Charles E. Burns and Miss Stella Hudson, both of Green Bay.

Mr. Richard Hall and Miss Jennie Fitsgerald were united in matrimony last evening.

Judge Bauder tied the matrimonial noose for Herman Peters of Petersville and Miss Josie Gokey on Monday evening. All concerned were very happy.

A Chicago Wedding

Marriage of a Chicago Lady to George Farnworth of Bay de Noquet.

Invitations are out for the wedding of Miss Alice Brooks, daughter of J. C. Brooks, president of the Oconto Company, at the Brooks residence, 235 Dearborn Ave. Chicago, on Thursday evening, Dec. 31, Mr. and Mrs. O A Ellis of this city and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Scofield of Marinette will be present, and after a couple of days with Chicago friends, will go to Madison to be present at the inauguration of Governor elect Scofield. Mr. and Mrs. Farnworth will make a European visit of three months.