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The Orr family first appeared in Wisconsin on the 1850 pre-county census which was taken just before Oconto County  was organized in 1851. Andrew Orr was the only Orr listed that year. His connection, if any, with later migrating  family is not yet known.

This branch of the Orr Family came to Oconto County from Pennsylvania in 1868. The biography that follows offers a picture of the pioneer family after they had settled  30 years in the county.

Oconto County Reporter
1889 News
Our Reporter Among the Farmers

Finding the gate open at the farm of Hunter Orr we drove in and were easily persuaded to stop for dinner. Mr. Orr is 73 years old and is robust, rugged man does much work and manages his own farming business, which is quite extensive. He came to this country in 1868, from Pennsylvania, where he had been engaged in the manufacture of pig iron, and engaged in the manufacture of lumber at Oconto, which he followed only a few years. He bought the farm near the site of Abrams known as the Sanford Hale place, he has since sold to Mr. Winans, a part of the property including the buildings, and built himself a very comfortable and pleasant home. His barn, 60X66 with underground stable and root house, is one of the most complete we ever saw, with room for several hundred head of stack, if economically used, with all the feeding arraignments handy. It would pay to go and see this plan before building. Only a slight rise is necessary to have a stable under the barn. We were shown some of the rare presents received by this gentleman and his estimable lady, on the 28th day of last April, when they celebrated their Golden Wedding, amid a large gathering of their relatives and friends.

           George Hall Collection
Hunter Corbett Orr
Born: August 1882 in Wisconsin
Died: Dec. 18, 1922 at age 42 in Oconto, Iconto County, Wisconsin
Using  cemetery records, contemporary newspaper articles, vital records indexes and census reports along with paying special attention to age, first names, residence and other data, the Orr family of Oconto County was traced back in time to the 1790 Pennsylvania census.. Vital records, court documents, cemetery and church records and other documents should be used as verification for connections found on this page.


Although the American Revolution declared independence in 1776, it was January 14, 1784 when the Treaty of Paris was ratified by Congress. The Revolutionary War officially ended for our brand new democracy only 6 years before Robert Orr appeared on the first census.

Only the head of the household was named in earliest censuses. In 1790 the other members were listed by age group and gender. Number of males over 16 years of age, under 16, all females (of any age), other free people present, and slaves. As with  all neighbors in that area, the Orr family had no slaves.

In 1790 Robert T. Orr lived in Washington township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. In his farming household lived 3 males over the age of 16 years and 4 males under that age. A total of 2 females of all ages also resided there.

Thomas Orr living next to Robert Orr, may also be related. There was one male over age 16 and one female in that household.


Samuel Orr Esquire, son of Robert Orr, farmed in Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, with a household which included 2 males under 10 years old, 1 male between 10 and 15 years old and one male between 26 and 44 years old. Females included 1 under age 10 years, 1 between 10 and 15 years and 1 between 26 and 44 years for a total of 7 inhabitants.


Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, was home to Samuel Orr (son of Robert Orr) who had three males under age 10, one male between age 10 and 15, one male age 26 to 44, one male age 45 and over, females were 2 age 10 to 15,  one each 16 to 25, 26 to 44 and 45 years and over, for a total of 11 residents.


Samuel C. Orr Esquire was head of household in Clarion Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.  The large number of residents included 6 males. There was one each in the following age groups, under 5 years, 5 to 9 years, 10 to 14 years, fifteen to 19 years, 20 to 29 years and 50 to 59 years. There was one female under age 5 years, 2 females between 10 and 19 years, and one female in each of 20 to 29 and 40 to 49 years. Seven residents were present.
Clarion Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania was home to Margaret MARGARET McCready (McCurdy) SLOAN Orr who was head of the household  on the census that included one male age 20 to 29 years, one female between 15 and 19, three females between 20 and 29 and one female between 40 and 49 years of age. Living in the next residence was the family of Hunter Orr. this group included one male under age 5, one male between age 20 and 29, and one female between 20 and 29 years of age. Nearby was the household of John Orr with one male between  30 and 39 years of age and one female between 20 and 29 years old. Two houses away lived John Orr Jr. with one male age 20 to 29 years old, one female under age 5 years and one female 20 to 29 years of age.


The 1850 Federal Census was the first to list all the names of members living in the household, as well as place of residence, ages and occupations. The relationships, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, etc., of the members of the dwelling to the head of the household was not asked.

Hunter (James) and Margaret Orr, both age 38 years, are found in Madison Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Children in the household were Robert Orr age 13, Isabelle Orr age 9, Mary Orr age 7,  David C. Orr age 5, and Sammie (sic) age 2 years. Father Hunter Orr was working as a teamster.

In Oconto County, Wisconsin

Hunter Orr was now age 48 years and his occupation was Furnace Master. Present in the household were wife Margaret, also age 48,  Wilber R. (Robert Wilberforce) Orr was age 23 and working as a clerk, Isabelle D. was age 19, Fanny N. (Mary) Orr was age 17, David T. Orr was age 15 and also working as a clerk, followed by Samuel C. (Culverson) Orr age 13, James R. (Ross) Orr age 8, and Grier M. Orr age 4.

David T. Orr saw service in the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865. However, he is not found after the 1860 census. The Archives holdings indicate he died while in service in 1865 from disease (see image below). His General Index Card reads: - Searchable Government Records Web Site for Civil War Soldiers and Sailors

Name: David T. Orr
Side: Union
Regiment State: Pennsylvania
Regiment Name: 155 Pennsylvania Infantry
Regiment Name Expanded: 155 Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Company: H
Rank In: First Sergeant
Rank In Expanded: First Sergeant
Rank out: First Sergeant
Rank Out Expanded: First Sergeant
Film Number: M554 roll 93

155th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry 

Organized at Pittsburgh and Harrisburg September 2-19, 1862. Moved to Washington, D. C., September 4. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps, Army Potomac, to May, 1863. 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division. 5th Army Corps, to March, 1864. 4th Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to April, 1864. 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to June, 1864. 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, June, 1864. 2nd Brigade. 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, to July, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to December, 1864. 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to June, 1865. 

SERVICE.- Moved to Sharpsburg, Md., and duty there till October 30, 1862. Movement to Falmouth, Va., October 30-November 19. Battle of Fredericksburg December 12-15. Burnside's 2nd Campaign, "Mud March," January 20-24, 1863. Duty at Falmouth, Va., till April 27. Chancellorsville Campaign April 27-May 6. Battle of Chancellorsville May 1-5. Gettysburg (Pa.) Campaign June 11- July 24. Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3. Pursuit of Lee July 5-24. Duty on line of the Rappahannock and Rapidan till October. Bristoe Campaign October 9-22. Auburn October 13. Advance to line of the Rappahannock November 7-8. Rappahannock Station November 7. Mine Run Campaign November 26-December 2. Duty on Orange & Alexandria Railroad till April, 1864. Rapidan Campaign May 4-June 12. Battles of the Wilderness May 5-7; Laurel Hill May 8; Spottsylvania May 8-12; Spottsylvania Court House May 12-21. Assault on the Salient May 12. North Anna River May 23-26. On line of the Pamunkey May 26-28. Totopotomoy May 28-31. Cold Harbor June 1-12. Bethesda Church June 1-3. Before Petersburg June 16-18. Siege of Petersburg June 16, 1864, to April 2, 1865. Mine Explosion, Petersburg, July 30 (Reserve). Six Mile House, Weldon Railroad, August 18-21. Poplar Springs Church, Peeble's Farm, September 29-October 2. Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, October 27-28. Warren's Raid on Weldon Railroad December 7-12. Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run, February 5-7, 1865. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Junction Boydton and Quaker Roads and Lewis Farm, near Gravelly Run, March 29. White Oak Road March 31. Five Forks April 1. Appomattox Court House April 9. Surrender of Lee and his army. Moved to Washington, D. C., May 1-12. Grand Review May 23. Mustered out June 2, 1865. 

Regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 137 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 111 Enlisted men by disease. Total 254. 

Pennsylvania State Archives holdings:


The loss of son David must have been very difficult for this close nit family that kept in close touch with each other for the next two generations.

In the year 1868, Hunter and Margaret Orr brought members of their family west to Oconto County, Wisconsin. Logging and lumbering was the fast growing "King" of industry in northeaster Wisconsin, which offered dense forests of valuable pine. Hunter Orr invested in heavily wooded land, some of which was near Peshtigo, with the intention of contracting logging.  He was successful and built a sawmill with partner Mr. Mix in 1869  in the city of Oconto where logs cut up river were floated downstream for milling. He also had farming operations, much of the produce of which was used  for logging camps. Mills often ran farms that provided the meats, flour, grains and vegetables to logging camp cooks as well as the horse and oxen teams for winter tree harvesting. Part of his investment was destroyed in the Great Peshtigo Fire that struck the County on Sunday night October 8, 1871.


The Hunter and Margaret Orr were living in the city of Oconto, South Ward, in 1870 with Hunter listed as a Lumberman.  In the household were  Samuel C. Orr, age 22, a "fireman in mill." James Ross Orr at age 17, was a laborer, and youngest, Grier Orr, 14, was attending school.

Also living one door away was Wilber (Robert Wilberforce) Orr, age 32 and Manerva (Adelaide Potter), age 30, both born in Pennsylvania. This is the son of Hunter and Margaret Orr. Children in the Wilber Orr household were Marion age 7, born in Pennsylvania, James age 5, born in Pennylvania, Hunter, age 8, born in Ohio and Agnes age 1, born in Wisconsin. These birth places outline the family's travels during the previous decade.

The next house to Hunter and Margaret was their 27 year old married daughter Fanny (Mary) Orr, who was wife to George Stone age 32. George was a native of Pennsylvania working as a book keeper. Children were James, age 4, born in Ohio and Belle age 1, born in Pennsylvania. By 1880 the census tells us this family was back in Washington township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, where George Stone was a clerk. Added to the family by then were Samuel, Sarah, Margaret and Nettie.


Oconto County Pioneers
October 8, 1871

Orr's sawmill was located at the lower bridge on the south side of the (Oconto River at Oconto) river.

This was a very busy and productive time for Hunter Orr and his family in Oconto County. As a Cruser for logging in the area, he walked the woods determinings the quantity and quality of the borad lumber that could be sawn from the standing timeber. He would also negotiate and sign contract with land owners and logging crews. It was a busy and strenuous life that frequently lead to unexpected adventures.

The Oconto Lumberman
Oct. 17, 1874

As Hunter Orr and John Lesperance were crusing through the woods about one and a half miles South of the Ox-Bow road on the Oconto river, they came on the skeleton of a man who evidently been hung as the rope was in a noose around his neck, his coat and shoes can be seen at the store of Hunter Orr & Co.

October 31, 1874

**MURDER. - On Monday afternoon a party of our citizens, consisting of Hunter Orr, Wm. M. Underhill and Dr. Beebe, started out after the remains of the man that Hunter Orr had discovered in the vicinity of the Big Bend on Friday last. The remains, as we before stated was found 1 ? miles southwest from the Big Bend of the Oconto River. Further discoveries that this brings it about ? miles west of Wm. Nason's place between this city and Pensaukee. Upon examining the remains it was ascertained that the rope was not more than 5 feet long with a noose at each end and both them around the neck. It was also noticed that the body or skeleton was not laying directly under any tree, but on the contrary there were no trees within several feet of it's vicinity, as both ends of the rope round it's neck, and the loop naturally formed by doubling the rope was only two feet long, which would not admit of tying to any limb of sufficient size and strength to hold such weight. Upon examining the skeleton at the office of Dr. Beebe, where it was brought, it was proven beyond a doubt that the man had meet with foul play, as his shoulder blade had been broken, besides the fractured skull that we spoke of in our last issue. And it was the opinion of all present that the rope had been placed around the neck for the purpose of dragging the body to the place where found, from the place it was murdered. Another thing we had almost forgotten to state, was that no hat was found in the vicinity of the body, which is another proof that it was drawn there, If it was the case of suicide the hat would have been found as all the rest of the clothing was unmolested. The question is, who was the man and who was the murder.

The following article was a plea to avoid mounting resident vigilante actions regarding the murder. 

The Oconto Lumberman 
Dec. 19, 1874 

And Yet that Skeleton
It Turns out to be Mcknight- The Remains of his Dog Found

Mr. Hunter Orr, who was one of the parties that discovered the skeleton of a human being, in the woods near Hotel de Nason, called upon us this week to state that a dog was also dead near the man’s remains, with skull and foreleg broken.- evidence of course of brut force. Mr. Orr, can give a description of the animal. We reiterate:- let the authorities act and the criminal may be discovered. It is more then certain that McKnight was the victim. His friends should see to the matter. We have officers paid for the transaction of such business, and these officers should not be sinecures.

Hunter was elected Justice of the Peace. Numerous mention of the weddings he performed, some in the middle of the night, were in the local newpapers. Probably the most important function of the office at that time was as local judge. He presided over important court hearings that keep the rugged pioneer lives safer. During this time the Orr & Mix Mill was sold to Lenz and Brauns, and a short while afterward to Eldred & Son.


Oconto County Reporter
December 18, 1875
The Orr mill at the foot of Section street bridge, south side, was sold at auction on Saturday of last week for the sum of $ 3,700.  Lenz and Brauns were the fortunate purchasers.

There was more to life than business and law. The Orr family was also busy and mobile in the following decade. Activites included marriages with other local families and sharing news from Orr family who had moved away.

Oct. 24, 1875
MARRIED.- ORR - HURD At the residence of the brides father, on Wednesday evening Oct. 20th 1875 by Rev. R. C. Burdick, Mr. Sammuel C. Orr to Miss Ida Hurd, all of this city. No Cards

The family married members of other long time county resident families. Ida Herd was the great grand daughter of Thomas Tourtillott Sr, one of the earliest settlers in Oconto County. This first wave emigrated from Maine and New Bruswick, Canada, to what was then the wilderness Territory of Northeastern Wisconsin, before statehood in 1848.  The local paper shared the joy these early families took in get-togethers that could included several generations.


Sept. 28, 1878
A Long Life

There arrived in this city, one day last week, Mr. Thomas Tourtillott Sr., father of Abel, Henry and Thomas Tourtillott, of this place, who has attained the somewhat remarkable age of more than 92 years, having been born in Penobscot County, Maine, on the 22nd day of April, 1786.

He has been married twice and has raised 14 children (7 by each wife) all of whom lived to raise families of their own. We believe the oldest (Able Tourtillot) is about 66 years old and lives here. The old gentleman has had the pleasure of greeting two great great grandchildren, the children of Mrs. Sam Orr his great grand child. Thus five generations gathered under one roof. Truly a long life, which began before Washington was President of the United States, and indeed, before the United States existed as a government.

The article above  was a happy time for the Orr family and appeared shortly after sad news had also entered their lives.

Sept. 7, 1878
** Peshtigo Items
We learn that (Robert) Wilbur Orr, recently of this city, now of the oil districts of Pennsylvania, has lost, by death, his youngest boy, named Hunter. Diphtheria was the disease.

By the year 1880 Hunter Orr and Margaret Lawson Orr were 68 years old and living alone on their farm in Pensaukee. Oldest son R. W. (Robert Wilberforce Orr) age 43 and wife Minerva Potter age 40, were living in in Beaver, Clarion township, Pennsylvania. Oil wells were being dug and a new industry brought many original residents back to the state as job opportunities grew. R. W. Orr had the occupation of Gauger of Oil Tanks. The couple in Pensylvania had daughters Marian age 17 and Agnes age 12, who had been born in Pennsylvania, daughters Agnes age 12, Flora age 10 and Mary age 8 along with son Benton age 5, all having been born in Wisconsin.

James Ross Orr age 26, had married Mary (Laney) Magdalene Helmerlich age 25 and they were residing in Menominee, Michigan where J. R. worked as a laborer and Laney took in 2 boarders to help with finances. The couple were newly weds.


Oconto County Reporter
September 11, 1880

 Grier Orr, son of Mr. Hunter Orr of West Pensaukee left for Ohio on Tuesday last.
Note: Grier Orr was single, and an  Attorney at Law in Lanier, Preble County, Ohio on the 1880 Federl census.

Oconto County Reporter
October 23, 1880

Mrs. Samuel Orr, of Quinnesec, is in the city visiting her mother Mrs. George Knapp.

James R. Ross 17 May 1880 in Oconto to Lanny Helmerich


On August 16, 1881, the Anson Eldred mill (formerly the Mix and Orr mill ) burned to the ground. Two scows loaded with lumber nearby also burned. Over 130 men were out of work. Another mill was not built in its place then, so Oconto suffered a great loss at the time.

On August 16, 1881, one of the three most complete mills in Oconto, owned by A. Eldred & Son, of Fort Howard, burned to the ground. The mill was built by Messrs. Mix & Orr in 1869


Oconto County Reporter
Feb. 2, 1884

Sam C. Orr is in the city visiting his family having reached here from Oregon Saturday morning. We understand he thinks Northern Wisconsin far superior to Oregon for an abiding place.

Oconto County Reporter
June 7, 1884

Miss Marion Orr departed for her home in Pennsylvania, Sunday. During her residence in our city the past three years, she made a host of friends whose good wishes follow her.


Oconto County Reporter
Jan 1, 1887

Greer Orr, of Minneapolis, Minn., was in the city for a few hours on Friday on his way to visit his father, Hunter Orr, Esq., of Pensaukee.

Oconto County Reporter
Mar 19, 1887

Greer Orr, of Minneapolis, Minn., was in the city for a few hours on Friday on his way to visit his father, Hunter Orr, Esq., of Pensaukee.

Marion S Orr 24 Nov 1887 in Oconto George R Arnold
OcontoCounty Reporter
  19 Nov 1887

  Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Geo. R. Arnold, of Marinette and Miss Marion Orr, of this city. The prospective bride is the niece of Mrs. E. Scofield, and is one of our most popular young ladies. Mr. Arnold is a nephew of Maj. Scofield, is bookkeeper for the Marinette Saw Mill Co., and is an estimable young gentleman. The Reporter extends congratulations in advance, and express the hope entertained by all their friends, that their future May be one of bliss and prosperity.


Oconto County Reporter
Jul 19, 1890

Family Reunion

A reunion of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Orr of Abrams, occurred on last Sunday, being the first time all the children were home in 26 years. There were present the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Orr, and the children, R.W. Orr, of Akron, Ohio, Mrs. H.M. Herman, of Maimsburg, Ohio, S.C. Orr, Duluth, J.R. Orr, Abrams, and G.M. Orr, St. Paul, Minn. Besides the children there were present, Mrs. Herman’s daughter, Mrs. Weaver, and her son Paul, making four generations in all. It is needless to say that it was a very happy family gathering.

 Orr Samuel C      23 Nov 1890

World War I Draft Registration Card
Hunter Corbitt Ross,
    Born August 22, 1882,
    Oconto County Clerk of Court in 1918,
    Age 36.
    Living at 157 Butler, Oconto.
Description: Height - tall
Build - small
Eye collor - brown
Hair color - dark
Notation - Both legs off.


Oconto County Reporter
Jan 30, 1891

Married – At Stiles, on Thursday, Jan. 10, Mr. W. H. Orr, of Wausaukee, to Minnie Vartz, of this place, Rev. Fr. E. Leccia officiating. A dance was given in the evening at Mr. L. Ruell’s house and the wedding folks enjoyed themselves by dancing until the “wee sma’ hours”, and then walked home; only two and a half miles. Beebo is above carrying women folks in his carryall.

Oconto County Reporter
June 19, 1891

HUNTER ORR, of Abrams, is disposing of his farm and personal property, and with his wife will remove to the home of their childhood, in Pennsylvania, where they will spend their declining years. Mr. Orr has been a resident of this county for more then twenty years, during which time he has proved an upright and progressive citizen, and he and his estimable wife will be followed to their new-old home with the best wishes of a legion of friends.


Oconto County Reporter
20 April 1895
Mrs. Orr Very Ill
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Knapp returned Monday from Indianapolis, accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Orr, who is lying dangerously ill at her home.
died Apr. 30, 1895

Profound Sorrow Expressed Throughout
The City. - A Patient Sufferer.
The death of Mrs. Ida H. Orr, which took place at the home of her stepfather and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. D. Knapp, on Tuesday night, has caused profound sorrow in the city, which has been her life-long home.

Eight weeks ago she went to Indianapolis to submit to a delicate operation by Dr. Eastman, of a renowned surgical institute. The operation was successful and she promptly rallied; but a relapse followed during the third week, and Mr. and Mrs. Knapp repaired to her bedside.

A week later it became apparent that her recovery was more than doubtful, and she was brought home. Here she received most loving care and skillful attention, and she struggled with uncommon power against fate; but death was the victor at last.

Funeral services were held at the Knapp residence on Thursday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. Bossard, of the Presbyterian Church. A large concourse of friends testified to their esteem for the deceased and their sympathy for the bereaved family by their presence at the home and on the burial ground.

Mrs. Orr was born in Pensaukee on January 4, 1857, and in 1874 was married to Samuel C. Orr, whose untimely death, by drowning, occurred five years ago. Two daughters survive their parents - Myrtle and Edna, the former a pupil in the Commercial College at Appleton, and the latter a pupil in the Oconto high school. Pupils of the high school expressed their sympathy by the contribution of a beautiful floral anchor, procured from Fond du Lac. The floral tributes at the funeral were numerous and suggestive of the love of friends and neighbors.

The singing was exceptionally fine and consisted of two numbers - "Only waiting till the shadows have a little longer grown," and "Rest in Heaven." Those who took part in this service were Mrs. S. W. Ford, Mrs. C. S. Hart, Dr. C. E. Armstrong and Ralph Flanders; Mrs. Wolcox, accompanist.

The pall bearers were Messrs. Frank W. Heath, W. A. Hold, Edward Millidge, W. G. Links, Fred W. Wright and Edward Links. Relatives present from other localities were Judge G. N. Orr of St. Paul and Ross Orr from Pensaukee.

Judge Grier N. Orr of St. Paul, brother of the late S. C. Orr, was present at Mrs. Orr’s funeral. The Judge was one of the boys of Oconto 20 years ago and has resided in St. Paul ten years. A year ago he was elected one of the three municipal judges of St. Paul; salary $4,000 a year.


Oconto County Reporter
Where Did They Go?

Hunter Orr, now a resident of Pennsylvania, was once a mill-owner in Oconto. He is now over 80 years of age, resides with a daughter and has retired from business. Wilbur, his son, is travelling salesman for a wholesale house in Akron, Ohio.


Oconto County Reporter
Nov. 12, 1897

Miss Edna Orr is visiting relatives in St. Paul. (Judge Grier N. Orr )


April 11, 1907
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Banta of Walker, Minn., are guests at the home of Mrs. Banta's sister, Mrs. J. R. Orr.


Oconto County Reporter
Sept 15, 1910

Miss Julia Walsh captures the $400 piano in the Reporter's big voting contest and also won the diamond ring offered as a special prize by the Reporter. Second went to Pearl Shufelt, third Frances Orr, and fourth Ida Desjarlais.


AUGUST 31, 1911 - Hunter Orr today completed the purchase of the Jimmy Johnston bus business and had previously bought out the W. H. Button business, barns and residence property. He now has exclusive control of the bus business in this city. (In 1913, Orr sold out to M. C. Langlois, who ran a four-wheel-drive auto bus, seating 20, to meet all trains, including the 1:20 a.m.)


Mrs. Caroline Dudley Called Home Recently

Chase, Wis., January 20, 1916 - Mrs. Caroline Dudley passed away January 5 at her home in Chase, after an illness of only a few days.

Deaceased was born in London, England, June 15, 1828. When she was two years old she came to this country with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Priest, and settled, in the city of Odgnesburg, New York, where she grew to womanhood. In 1844 she was married to Henry Blondheim of that place. After the death of her two daughters, Mrs. Alice Orr and Mrs. Emily Campbell, they came to the town of Chase in 1876 where her husband preceded her in death Oct. 12, 1879. In 1885 she was married to Mr. John Dudley of Chase.


Oconto County Reporter
September 5, 1922

Hunter C. Orr, for the past eight years County Clerk of Oconto county, passed away Monday at his home, 197 Park Ave. after an illness of about one and one half years.


Oconto County Reporter
8 July 1926

The funeral of Mrs. Lenora C. Orr was held Friday afternoon from the Presbyterian church with Rev. R. A. Garrison officiating. The church was packed with hundreds of friends, including county and city officials, members of the Rebekah and Royal Neighbor lodges of which she was a member.

Mrs. Lenora Constance Orr, nee Wright, was born in Oconto on November 15, 1884, and was 41 years and 7 months of age at the time of her death. Since the age of 14 she had been a member of the Presbyterian church and had taken a prominent place in the choir. On December 21, 1909, she was married to Hunter C. Orr who proceeded in in death four years ago.

She served as deputy county clerk for her husband for ten years and became county clerk upon her husband's death. She was elected again two years ago and was a candidate for re-election this fall. She was secretary of County Clerk's Association of Wisconsin.

The pallbearers were Carl Riggins, Robert Sharp, Ira Telford, Wm. Munsert, Allan V. Classon and Julius Heisinger. Several cars full of flowers preceded the body to Evergreen Cemetery.

NOTE: Harriet McAllister along with Lenora C. Orr and Ina E. Reynolds drown in a triple accident while swimming in the Green Bay.

Family Orr

(from the Burke Brewer Tree)

    Father John Orr of Derriaghy, Northern Ireland
    Mother Mary Corne of Derriaghy, Northern Ireland
       m. Derriaghy Parish Church, Artrim, Northern Ireland


1. William Orr of  County Derry, Ireland
 +Unknown Wife #1 of William Orr
        Children of William and Unknown wife Orr
             1. Mary Orr
             2. William Orr
             3. Samuel Orr
             4. James Francis Orr
             5. Jane Orr
             6. John Orr
             7. Robert Thomas Orr
 +Eliza Huddleton wife #2 of William Orr
          b. Jan 27, 1735
          m. November 1, 1851 in Lisburn, Atrim, Northern Ireland


1 Robert Thaomas ORR
     b: 1744 McKasky County, Derry, Ireland
     d: 4 SEP 1833 Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
  + Rachael CHAMBERS Wife #1 of Robert Thomas Orr
          b. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
              m. 1799 in Pennsylvania
              d. 1837 Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
       Child of robert and Rachel Orr:
          1. Chambers ORR , SR.
                b: 6 MAR 1800 b. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
                d: 8 APR 1873
            + Hannah (Dorney) TURNEY
                b: 1804
                d: 13 JAN 1891
  + Frances CULBERTSON Wife #2 of Robert Thomas Orr
      b: 1753 Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
      m. 1774 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
      d: 1788 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
      Children of Robert and Fancis Orr:
        1.  John ORR
              b: 1774
              d: 1833
        + Jane MAFFIT #1
              b: 1777
             d: 1809
        + Margaret  DICKEY #2
        2. Samuel Culbertson ORR
             b: 6 MAY 1779  Hannastown, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
             d: 21 JAN 1866 Limestone township, Clarion, Pennsylvania
          + Margaret McCready (McCurdy) SLOAN #1 Samuel Orr
         b: 13 JAN 1786
              d: 6 MAR 1859
        3. Nancy ORR
             b: 1788
          +  MCCARTNEY
          +  JONES
      4.  Robert Thomas ORR , JR
             b: 5 MAR 1786
             d: 22 MAY 1881
          + Martha GRIER
              b: 3 DEC 1797
              d: 7 DEC 1881
  +  Mary Scott HUNTER Wife #3 of Robert Thomas Orr
      b: 1746
      d. 1792
       Child of Robert and Mary Orr
        5. William ORR
               b: 11 APR 1796
               d: 10 FEB 1859
          + Catherine TARR #1
                b: 12 SEP 1799
                d: 1889
          + Frances (Fannie) CULBERTSON #2
                 b: 1750
                 d: 1788


1.  Samuel Cuthbertson ORR
      b: 6 MAY 1779 Hannastown, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
      d: 21 JAN 1855 Limestone township, Clarion, Pennsylvania
  + Margaret McCready (McCurdy) SLOAN
      b: 13 JAN 1786  Latrobe, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
      m. 21 August 1804 Latrobe, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
      d: 6 MAR 1859 Limestone township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
      Children of Samuel and Margaret Orr:
       1. Lavina Orr
               b. 1 December 1805 Limestone Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
               d. 15 December 1888 Limestone Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
           + James Lawson
               b. 4 February 1808 Kitting, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
               m. 28 October 1830 - 9 children born
               d. 28 October 1896
          2. Robert Wilberforce Orr
                b. 18 January 1808 Limestone Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
            + Eliza Carter - 5 children
           3. John Sloan Orr
                b. 7 April 1809 limestone
                d. 30 December 1894 Clarion
             + Jane Maffett
                b. 1814 Clarion
                m. 30 January 1836 Clarion - 9 children
                d. 29 January 1892
          1. Hunter ORR
           b: 13 AUG 1812   Limestone Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
                d: 25 DEC 1901 Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio
           + Margaret LAWSON
             b: 7 MAR 1812 Kitting, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
                  m. 28 April 1836  Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
                  d: 21 JUN 1903 Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio
          2. Francis Cuthbertson ORR
              b: 8 AUG 1815
              d: 27 JAN 1899
           + Ross Mitchell CORBETT
               b: 8 FEB 1810
               d: 1 JUL 1890
          3. Nancy Jane ORR
               b: 25 NOV 1817
               d: 1907
           + John NEIL
            d: 1904
          4. Samuel Culbertson ORR II
               b: 15 MAR 1820
               d: 26 SEP 1904
           + Nancy J. SMITH
               b: ABT. 1832
               d: 21 FEB 1865
           5.  David S. ORR
               b. 1822
               d: 5 APR 1912
           + Jane C. PAUL
               d: 16 APR 1868
          6. Franklin ORR
               b: 29 SEP 1825
               d: 5 JUN 1903
           + Nancy CRAIGHEAD nee NEIL
               d: 1867
          7.  Margaret McCurdy ORR
               b: 11 JUL 1828
           + George SMITH

* to Oconto County, Wisconsin

1. Hunter Orr (Federal Census - 1840, Clarion, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania; 1850, Madison, Clarion County, Pennsylvania; 1860 Madison, Clarion County, Pennsylvania)
        born: August 1812 in Pennsylvania (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
        d. Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio , date unknown
 +Margaret Lawson
       b. March 7, 1812 in Pennsylvania (1900 Fed Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
        m. 1836 in Pennsylvania (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
        d. June 21, 1903 Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio, date unknown
        children of Hunter and Margaret Orr: Margaret gave birth to 8 infants, 4 living in 1900  (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
       1. Robert "Wilber" Wilberforce Orr
            b. March 8, 1837 in Limestone, Pennsylvania (1900 Fed Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                d. February 1918 Akron, Ohio
         + Minerva Adelaide Potter - wife #1 of  Robert W.
            b. 1838
                m. November 1, 1860 - 8 children born
                d.: September 3, 1881
          + Mary Flick - wife #2 of Robert W. (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                 b. April 23, 1860 in Pennsylvania
                 m. April 3, 1883 - 1 child born
                 d. December 21, 1929
        2. Isabell Dickey Orr (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                b. September 1840 in Greenville, Clarion County, Penn (1900 Fed Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
            d. August 31, 1920 Dayton, Ohio
          + H. M. (Henry Miller) Herman - husband (1900 Fed Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                b.  March 1834 in Ohio (1900 Fed Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                m. 1862 (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio) - 6 children
                occupation: Clergyman (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                d. March 10, 1915 in Dayton, Ohio
        3. Mary (Fanny) N. Orr (7 children 1880 Fed Census - Washington, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania)
            b. 1843 in Pennsylvania(1860 Fed Census - Madison, Clarion, Penn)
                d. May 12, 1886
        + George Stone
             b. 1839 in Pennsylvania (1880 Fed Census - Washington, Armstrong County, Penn
         4. David T. Orr
             b. 1845 in Pennsylvania (1850 Fed Census -Madison, Clarion, Penn)
            died: March 24, 1864 Lawson, Pennsylvania.
                  note: Not found on Federal census after 1860.
                    U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
                    Name: David T. Orr
                    Side: Union
                    Regiment State/Origin: Pennsylvania
                    Regiment Name: 155 Pennsylvania Infantry
                    Regiment Name Expanded: 155th Reg, Penn Infantry
                    Company: H
                    Rank In: First Sergeant
                    Rank In Expanded: First Sergeant
                    Rank Out: First Sergeant
                    Rank Out Expanded: First Sergeant
                    Film Number: M554 roll 93
           5. Samuel C Orr
                    b. February 20, 1848  Pennyslvania (1900 Federal Census - Madison, Clarion, Pennsylvania)
                m. 20 Oct 1875 in Oconto
                d. November 22, 1890  (buried Evergreen Cemetery records in Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin) age 42.
             +  Ida J Hurd  - wife
                b. January 4, 1857 in Pensaukee, Oconto County, Wisconsin
                    m. 20 October 1875 in Oconto County (WI State Vital Records)
                    d. Apr. 30, 1895  ( buried in Oconto Evergreen Cemetery records)
                Children of Samuel and Ida:
                   1. Myrtle Orr

Oconto County Reporter
Thursday, 11 September 1930

Judge Classon was elected to the bench of the twentieth judicial circuit upon the death of Judge W. B. Quinian, to fill the unexpired term from June 1928 to January 1, 1930. He took the position immediately after election in April upon appointment by Governor Zimmerman. 

In 1899 he was married to to Miss Myrtle Orr of this city. Five children were born, all of whom survive. 

He is mourned by the widow, his aged mother, Mrs. Adeline Classon, Oconto, five children, Abigail, Richard and Peggy at home, Mrs. Clarence Leigh, Milwaukee, and Mary in Valparaiso, Florida; three brothers, William, Edmund and Allan V., all of Oconto and four grandchildren.

                         2.  Edna Orr
Mildred L. Ross 
Oconto County Reporter 
April 11 , 2000 

Mildred L. Ross, 100, of DePere, WI passed away April 8, 2001 at Rennes Health Center, DePere. 

Mildred was born January 12, 1901 at Oconto to the late William Edward and Edna Orr Ross. Mildred was a registered nurse and was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Oconto. Survivors include a brother, Colonel Will Orr Ross, Niceville, FL; a sister-in-law, Marion Ross, Oconto; a niece, Marlene Fournier, Milwaukee; a nephew, Patrick Virginia Ross, Milwaukee; many great-nieces and nephews.

Her parents and a brother, Edward Ross, preceded her in death. Friends may call at the Gallagher Funeral Home, Oconto from 10 to 11 a.m. Thursday, April 12. 

Memorial service will be 11 a.m. Thursday at the funeral home with Rev. Thomas Beck officiating. Burial will be at Evergreen Cemetery. M 

                     3.  Edward Ross Orr
            6. James Ross Orr
                b. July 29, 1853 in Pike Furnace, Lawsonham, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
                    d.  17 May 1880 in Flint, Michigan
              +Mary Magalene (Lanny/Lanna) Helmerich - wife #1
                     b. October 1859 born in Wisconsin; both parents born in Wisconsin.
                     m. 17 May 1880 in Oconto County, Wisconsin
                     d. September 15, 1916
             Child of James and Lanna Orr:
               1.  Hunter Corbett Orr
                        b. August 1882 in Wisconsin
                            d. Dec. 18, 1922 at age 42 in Oconto
                            burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Oconto WI
                  +  Lenora C. Wright - wife # 2
                             b. November 15, 1884 in Oconto
                             m. December 21, 1909 in Oconto
                             d. July 1926 drowning in Green Bay of Lake Michigan.
                    Children of James and Lenora:
                             1. Hunter Orr
                             2. Margaret F. Orr
                             b. September 1891 in Wisconsin
                             3. Grace L. Orr
                             b. May 1895 in Wisconsin
           7. Grier Malancthore Orr (Judge)
                 b. May 1856 in Pike Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania (1900 Fed Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery,  Ohio)
                     d. 1938 in St. Paul, Minnesota
            + Etta White
                 b. October 1866 in Maine (1900 Federal Census - St. Paul, Minnesota)
                     m. 1896  (1900 Federal Census - St. Paul, Minnesota)
             Children of Grier and Etta Orr:
                         1. Unknown Etta gave birth to 2 infants, one living in 1900  (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)
                         2. Helen M. Orr
                         born: July 1897  (1900 Federal Census - Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio)