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(also Ostrega)

Descendant contact: Tina Marie

I was wondering what information is available on my surname of OSTRENGA.  My grandfather owned a tavern in Little Suamico and my great uncle owned a farm on Geano Beach Rd.  My grandfather’s name was Mitchell (Mike) Ostrenga and my great uncle’s name was Johnny Ostrenga.

Additional notations provided in RED by  Jane Delveaux <>

Original research into the Ostrega genealogy was conducted in Milwaukee, WI & completed by Albert Ostrenga in 1989.  Albert & I belong to the Jozef Ostrega ( b. 10-28-1842   d. 6-27-1906 ) Branch. ( Jozef was the father of Michael Ostrenga of Oconto Falls, who was my grandfather ) Information that has been collected over the years is now being entered on the website:  More than 400 names have been entered as the genealogy is now going forward.  Some progress has been made in connecting the different Ostrega families who immigrated from the Galicia, Poland region. 

Several problems occur in verifying the connections.

1.     Although we have found Ostrega ancestors dating back to the 1760s, we find that this was a common name.  Was this a regional name adopted by unrelated Austrian families who lived in an earlier century ?

2.     We can trace the Jozef Ostrega ancestry to his parents: Apolonia (Pearl) Starzyk b. 9-09-1816 & Marcin (Martin) b 9-04-1810.

3.     We can trace the Jozef Ostrega ancestry, further, to his grandparents: Zofia (Grabczynsia) & Maciet Starzyk –Marianna Janos & Maciet Ostrega (no dates)

4.     Problem with surnames:  Jozef Ostrega married into another very separate Ostrega family.

5.     Jozef Ostrega ( m. 11-10-1869 in( SWl Wojchiecha---St. Aldaberts Church) Lisia Gora, Tarnow, Poland ) to Tekla Ostrega b. 6-16-1851 d. 10-12-1945

6.     We can trace our Tekla Ostrega ancestry to her parents:  Zofia Klek b. 5-02-1821 & Wojciech (Albert) Ostrega b. 3-27-1814; grandparents: Agata Schab & Mateuse Klek – Teresa Flis b. 10-07-1790 & Maciet Ostrega b. 1-29-1784; & great grandparents: ---Agnleszka & Mateuz Ostrega (no dates)

7.     We have the names & birth dates & most dates of death for the siblings of both Jozef & Tekla.  This is not enough information to connect all of the branches.  We are left with making assumptions until we can collect the names of the brothers & sisters of Jozef & Tekla’s parents & grandparents

8.     At present we rely on the verbal history that we learned from Michael Ostrenga, son of Jozef.  He told his 11 children that the Ostrengas living in Little Suamico were cousins .  They knew each other well & visited each other.  The favored assumption is that Jozef ‘s father, Marcin, had brothers whose sons emigrated.  These would have been Jozef’s cousins & Michael’s second cousins.  This assumption is also favored because the men who brought their families to Northeast Wisconsin were all about the same age; came from the same region, & the Starzyk name reappears in WI  .  

9.      Problem with given names:  The Ostrega families that we have found  were all large.  Each Branch  was started by Ostrega’s whose names & birthdates were almost alike.  Their children were all about the same ages, but most of all they generally used the same “given” names. 

10.  Another problem seems to arise from the inaccuracy of recorded dates.  Example:  Some records indicate that our Jozef Ostrega arrived in the USA in 1894.  However, the Manifest of the Steamship Munchen lists a Jozef & Tekla Ostrega family as sailing from Bremen on July 6, 1899 & arriving in Baltimore on July 19, 1899.  The names  of the children all correspond to the names & birthdates closely correspond of our family members.  ( Daughter, Mary, who was married to Andrew Starszyk, was the mother of Victoria.  Mary & Victoria (child) appears on the Manifest.  The Manifest, also,  has an unusual annotation that is scrawled in & seems to have been a later entry . It indicates that the destination of the family is Sobieski, Jan Ostrega.  We have not been able to access any other Manifests showing a different Jozef Ostrega family of this size arriving on another date.

11.  It is speculation that  if Marcin Ostrega’s brother (if he had one) would have had a son & called him John (Jan )Joseph b. 1843, this  John Joseph would  be  the cousin of Jozef b. 1842.  We hope to be able to one day find proof of the link.

12.Verbal history offers a further hint about the relationship.  Jozef’s son, Mike,  spoke of his belief that his family were wealthy landowners  who   had servants.  Jozef emigrated with his whole immediate family.  The Manifest shows there were twelve members & no servants,   If they had servants, they may not have made the crossing because  of the added expense of such a large group.  But, the Manifest for  John Joseph’s family shows that there were only five members & they did travel with @ least one   servant. ( Their party also consisted of Maryanna, ?John Joseph’s sister ? & her servant )
 Jane Delveaux <>

Shipping Manifest: 1893 Port of New York

John Joseph Ostrenga (Ostrega in the ship's manifest is the original Polish spelling) and his wife Agata arrived in North America from Austrian occupied Poland (Galacia), in May 31,1893. They traveled on the S S Ems. The family was listed as:
Ostrega, Jan, age 50, male, laborer, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.
Agata, age 47, wife, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.
Tekla, age 24, servant, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.
Maryanna, age 18,, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.
Katarzyna, age 11, child, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.
Michal, age 3, child, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.

Also on board:
Ostrega, Maryanna, wife, age 51, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.
Agata, age 30, servant, from Galacia, to Little Chute, Wisconsin.


The 1895 Wisconsin State Census lists John Ostrenga and family living in Little Suamico, Oconto County, Wisconsin. There are 3 females and 3 males in the household.


The John J. Ostrenga Family farmed in Little Suamico in 1900. All were born in Galatia.  John was born July 1836 and was 63 years old. His wife Agata was born June 1852 and was age 57 that year. In 1900 they were married 34 years (abt. 1866).  Agata had given birth to 7 infants and 5 were living in 1900.  Their children living in the household were daughter Tekla, age 29, born July 1870;  sons Albert, age 27, born April 1873 and Michael, age 9, born October 1890. Also living in the household was John Joseph Ostrega's single sister in law Mary Ostrega, age 64, born in 1834. The family immigrated in 1892. (Note:  Was Mary the widowed wife of one of John Joseph’s brothers or was she the sister of Agata, his wife?  If the later, that would indicate that John Joseph had also married into another unrelated Ostrega family.) Might John Joseph’s wife, Agata, be the sister of Tekla Ostrega or the sister of Jozef Ostrega.  This husband & wife both had sisters named Agata & Mary who were born in the 1850s.   Again , these were very common names.  Jane Delveaux <>

John R. Ostrenga, born June 1876 in Austrian occupied Poland (Galacia), immigrated to the US in 1880 and was a boarder at the Niergncki home in Marinette, Michigan. He was single, age 24 and working as a common laborer. Tekla Niergncki immigrated the same year, from the same place, and may have been the sister in law of John R Ostrenga.

John Roman Ostrega’s father was Piotr Ostrega.  Was John Roman’s father the same Peter   b. 5-20-1856 who was the brother of Tekla Ostrega (maiden name), who became the wife of Jozef Ostrega in 1869?  Their parents, Zofia & Wojciech (Albert) Ostrega had fourteen children.  Agata b.7-19-1859, Mary b. 9-03-1861, & Piotr b. 5-10-1856 were three of their children.  Other children: Katarzyna b. 11-13-1842,  Michal b. 5-30-1844 d. 11-22-1851,  Jan b. 8-02-1846 d. 8-21-1847, Andrzet b. 7-14-1848 d. 7-23-1848, Jozef b. 1-28-1850 d. 3-16-1850,    Tekla b. 6-26-1851 d. 10-12-1945, Jan b. 12-07-1853, Agata b. 8-19-18558 d. 8-23-1858, Anna b. 6-08-1863, Michal b. 9-16-1865 d. 3-6-1866, Ignacy b. 7-15-1867.

 John R. was orphaned & Mrs. Schturek raised John R.  He later boarded in the Niergncki home.  Tekla Niergncki emigrated the same year as Piotr Ostrega & his son, John R, & may have been a sister-in-law to Piotr. 

The family moved from Michigan to Little Suamico & it was Julius, John R’s son, who took over the farm from John R.
 Jane Delveaux <>


Members of the household in the Little Suamico farm changed slightly by the 1905 Wisconsin State census. John J. and Agata (here Agnes) Ostrenge (sic) were now living with Son George (also Miriam age 30) and daughter in law Victoria (age 28), daughter Tillie (Tekla), son Mike and John J.'s sister in law Mary.


On the 1910 Federal census the John and Agata Ostrenga household had grown considerably. The couple had been married for 46 years. Son Georgie (sic) and daughter-in-law Victoria, who were married for 8 years, had given birth to 7 infants, with 4 still living in 1910. Children of George and Victoria were Frank age 7, Michael age 6, Agata age 4, John age 10 months. Daughter Tekla was single and living in the household along with John's single sister in law Maria (Mary) Ostrenga. George also became a naturalized citizen of the USA in 1910.


WWI Draft Registration Card for:
John Ostrenga of Route 2 Sobieski, Oconto County Wisconsin.
Age 42
Born June 15, 1876
Naturalized Citizen
Occupation - Farming
Wife - Kathryne Ostrenga
Height - Medium
Build - Medium
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Brown
Notation of physical injury: Ankle of right leg previously broken.
Signed September 12, 1918
Oconto Local Board


By 1920 son George, who had immigrated in 1892, and wife Victoria Ostrenga, who had also immigrated from Galacia in 1894,  had taken over the farm and John and Agnes (Agata) remained living in the household. Tillie, John's single sister, resided there as well as John's single daughter Tekla. Children of George and Victoria living in the household were Mike age 16, Agnes age 13, John age 13, Anton age 12, Stanley age 6, and Louis age 4 years and 10 months.

Another Ostrenga family owned a farm in Little Suamico in 1910. John R. age 42 and wife Katharine age 40,  lived with son Peter age 15, John K. age 13, Mike age 9, Frances M age 6, Sophie L. age 4 years 5 months and Julius age 2 years 8 months. All of their children were born in Wisconsin. John R. had immigrated in 1880 (1879 on 1920 census) and Katie had immigrated in 1891 (1893 on 1920 census). Naturalization was in 1910. John R. Ostenga's father and mother in law were also in the household. They were Mathias, age 73, and Mary, age 85,  Kurek. Both were born in Posen, Poland and immigrated in 1891, naturized in 1910.

Michael Ostrega, age 38, was living in Oconto Falls in 1920. He immigrated from Possan, Poland, in 1898 and became a naturalized citizen in 1904. He worked as a laborer for the city. His wife, Louise, was age 28 and had immigrated from Posan, Poland in 1894. The couple had 3 children; Joe age 10 was born in Michigan, Walter age 8 was born in Wisconsin, Edward age 5 was born in Wisconsin, John age 1 year 2 months was also born in Wisconsin. They had two boarders.


The George and Victoria Ostrenga continued to farm in Little Suamico in 1930. Family patriarch, John Joseph Ostrenga was no longer in the household. His widow Agata (Agnes) was 89 years old. Also missing in the household was John Joseph's sister in law Maria Ostrenga. George's sister Tillie (Tekla) was age 63 and in residence. Children of George and Victoria in remaining in the household were John age 22, Antone age 17, Stanley age 16, Louis age 15, Sophie age 8. Son Mike was not found in the household.

Michael Ostrenga, son of the late John Joseph and Agata and brother of George, was found in Menominee, Michigan in 1930, He was 41 years old and married for 29 years. He was a boarder  working labor at a saw mill and his family was not living with him.

In the John R. and Katie Ostrenga farming family, Katie's mother, widow Mary Kurek age 97 was in residence. Children living in the household were John K. age 23, Michael age19, Frances age 16, Sophie age 14 and Julius age 12. Next to this Ostrenga houshold lived Macy Surek (Polish spelling of Kurek) age 96 and his wife Antonia age 95. Both had been born in Poland and immigrated in 1876.

Ostrenga Family Goupings

John Joseph Ostenga (Ostega) Family

 John Joseph Ostenga (Jan J. Ostega)
    born: July 1836 in Galatia (Autria occupied Poland)
    died: 1926 in Little Suamico, Oconto County, Wisconsin.
    buried:  St. John Cantius Church Cemetery
    immigation: 1892, May 31,1893, on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
+Wife Agata (Agnes) ?
    born: June 1852  in Galatia (Autria occupied Poland)
    marriage: In 1900 they were married 34 years (abt. 1866) in Galacia.
    immigation: 1892, May 31,1893, on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
    died:  1933  in Little Suamico, Oconto County, Wisconsin.
    buried:  St. John Cantius Church Cemetery
    Children of John Joseph and Agata (7 births, 5 living in 1900):
        1. Tekla Ostrenge
                born July 1870;  Galacia
                immigation: 1892, May 31,1893, on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
                marriage: single
        2. Albert,
                born April 1873   Galacia
                immigation: 1892, May 31,1893,  on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
        3. Maryanne
                born 1874  Galacia.
                immigation: 1892, May 31,1893, on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
        4. George (Giergien)
                born 1869 Galacia.
                immigrated:  1892
                died: 1949
                buried: buried:  St. John Cantius Church Cemetery
            + Wife Victoria Kurek
                born: 1876
                immigration: 1894
                marriage: 1902
                died:  1949
                buried:  St. John Cantius Church Cemetery
                Children of George and Victoria:
                    Frank (late birth registration: Francis Ostrega 10 Sep 1902 Oconto)
                        born: 11 Sep 1902
                        died: Oct 1986 King, Waupaca, Wisconsin
                        born: 1903
                        died: 1972 on same stone as John J. Ostrenga
                        buried: St. John Cantius
                    Agata (Agnes)
                        born 1906
                    John J. (late birth registration: Jan Antoni Ostrenga 16 Jun 1907 Oconto)
                        born: 11 Jun 1907 
                        died:  22 Jul 1990  on the same stone as Michael T. Ostrenga
                        buried: St. John Cantius
                        born: 22 Apr 1907
                        died: 14 Jul 1991 Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin
                        born: 13 Nov 1913 27
                        military: Tec 5 WWII 360th Station Hospital
                        died Feb 1990 Little Suamico, Oconto, Wisconsin
                    + Wife  Cecelia ?
                        born: 1913
                        died: 1988
                        buried: St. John Cantiu
                        born: 27 Feb 1915
                        died: 28 Oct 2006 Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin
                        buried: St. John Cantiu
                     + Wife Genevieve ?
                        born: 1914
                        died: 1984
                        buried: St. John Cantius
        5. Katharine
                born 1881  Galacia.
                immigation: 1892, May 31,1893, on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
                marriage:  05 Sep 1898 Oconto County, Wisconsin
        6. Michael Ostrenga
                born October 1890. Galacia
                immigation:  May 31,1893, on the S S Ems. to Port of New York
                buried:  St. John Cantius

Michael Ostrenga Family
Can Be Found On
 Jane Delveaux <>

Michael "Mike" Ostrenga

    born: June 7, 1881 according to original records in Lisia Gora, Tarnow, Poland (SW Wojcicha---St. Adalberts Church) Jane Delveaux <>
    died: Sept. 12, 1958 Jane Delveaux <>
    immigrated: 1898 from Posen, Poland
    buried: Sept. 12, 1958 Jane Delveaux <>   St Anthony Catholic Cemetery
    + Wife Louise (Ludwicka) Kolodziej = John Golec b. 1825  d. 1927 was her grandfather.  Louise’s mother, Mary (Golec)Kolodziej  b.1864  d. March 30, 1946 was widowed, later married John   Gallas of Oconto Falls, Wisconsin.  They had five children: Walter, Josephine, Edward, Julia, & Frank, who were Louise’s half brothers & sisters. The children of Edward Gallas have developed the record of the Branch of their Gallas Family Tree.  Edward & Julia both married into the Andrew Konitzer family.  Agnes (Konitzer) Bast another daughter of Andrew Konitzer compiled a thorough genealogy for the Family Trees of both her parents.  It is an exhaustive work that traces the Berton/Konitzer family ties back to the 17th century in one large volume.  It has been downloaded onto a DVD & is available for anyone who wishes to purchase it.Jane Delveaux <>
    born: 4 Mar 1891 (Social Security - 1892) 1910 census records abt 1893 Jane Delveaux <>
    immigrated: 1894 from Posen, Poland 1910 census records show that Louise’s mother, Mary (Golec) Kolodziej emigrated in 1889.  Louise was Austrian born ----another conflict of dates on official  records Jane Delveaux <>
    married: July 5, 1909
    died: Jul 1985 Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin July 18, 1985 Jane Delveaux <>
    buried: St Anthony Catholic Cemetery
    children of Michael and Louise: There were eleven children Jane Delveaux <>
            born: 1910 in Michigan, Joseph ,named after his grandfather Jozef ,moved West & became an adventurer, a world traveler, a successful miner/geologist.  His life is worth remembering for passion that led him into the dangers & the isolation of the deserts & mountains where he explored & prospected.  Joe is especially remembered for the bitter battle with Bruce Babbitt, Sec. of the Interior, & Janet Reno that he waged in the courts to regain the GML rights that had been stripped from him. His exploits are a part of the history of the West & as such have been recorded in a book, called Win Some Lose Some – The Mother Lode (written by Jane J. Delveaux, RN & published by Tate Publishing) scheduled for early release in early spring of this year  Jane Delveaux <>
            born: 1912 in Wisconsin
            + Wife Margaret ?
            born: 1914
            married: 1936
            died: 1996
            buried:  St Anthony Cath
            born: 1915  in Wisconsin
            born 1918 in Wisconsin.

Also buried:
James Ostrenga - Son of Walter M. Ostrenga
    born: 3 Dec 1953
    died: Oct 1980 Suring, Oconto,  
    buried: St Anthony Cath

Albert George Ostrenga
    born: Dec. 26, 1932
    died: June 24, 1955
    buried:  St Anthony Cath
    military: CPL KOREA
    + Wife  Barbara J.

Stanley M. Ostrenga1
+Wife   Mae (Fredericka) Mae Ostrenga
    born:1 Oct 1913
    died: 14 Dec 2003   Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wisconsin
    buried: St Anthony Cath

See for complete history of the Michael Ostrenga Family Jane Delveaux <>

John R. Ostrenga Family

John R. Ostrenga
    born:June 15, 1876  in Austrian occupied Poland (Galacia)
    immigrated: 1880
    naturalized:  1910
    died: 1941
    buried: St. John Cantius
+ wife Katherina Kurek and  and immigrated in 1891, naturized in.
    Father: Mathias Kurek (also Kuvek) born 1847 in Posen, Poland and immigrated in 1891, naturized in 1910.
    Mother: Mary ? born 1835  in Posen, Poland and immigrated in 1891, naturized in 1910.
    born:1880 in Posen, Poland
    immigrated: 1891
    marriage: 26 Nov 1900 Oconto County, Wisconsin
    died: 1933
    buried:  St. John Cantius
    children of John R and Katherine Ostrenga:
        1. Frank
            born: 11 Sep 1902
            died: Oct 1986 King, Waupaca, Wisconsin
        2. Peter
            born: May 02, 1904
            died: Jan. 10, 1967  Wis. Pvt Co I, 410th Inf WWII
            buried: St. John Cantius
        3. John K.
            born: 9 Sep 1906
            died: 5 Mar 1993 Little Suamico, Oconto, Wisconsin
        4.  Michael 
            born: 9 Sep 1910
            died: 15 Mar 1984 Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin
            buried: Suamico Riverside
        + Wife  Norma E.
            born: 1912
            died: Feb. 14, 1989
            buried: Suamico Riverside
            Child of Michel and Norma E:
                 Mitchell Wendell  Ostrenga May 03, 1936  Baby
                      Buried Suamico Riverside No Stone
        5. Frances 1914
        6. Sophie 1916
        7. Julius
            born: 12 Apr 1917
            died: Jun 1980 Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin