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 Peter BARRETTE, Sr., 1800 - From Accounts of 1884

Peter BARRETTE, Sr., was born in Montreal, Canada, January, 1800. In 1816, he came to Prairie by way of the Great Lakes, Green Bay, Fox and Wisconsin rivers and for five years he worked for fur traders and others. In 1821, he married Theresa LaPOINTE, daughter of Charles LaPOINTE and Susan ANTAYA. (For further notice see recollections of Mrs. (Theresa LaPOINTE) BARRETTE which is in thisbook.) He farmed for many years after his marriage and in 1835, he took a Government job contract for carrying mail from Prairie du Chien to Platteville and return three times a week. At this time he moved out from the village, and locating established a pole ferry on the Wisconsin river about two miles below the town of Bridgeport. Here were no highways in those days and the mail was carried on horseback. In 1839, he bought 300 acres from H. L. DOUSMAN, the Village of Bridgeport stands on part of this purchase. In 1854, he went out of the mail service. In 1857, the Bridgeport bridge was built. His residence since 1839 was on the DOUSMAN purchase where he had a fine farm and when he lived until his death, August 5, 1863. His widow still lives on the old homestead with her grandson, Samuel, son of Lewis BARRETTE. 

Their residence is a substantial heavy walled stone house, the walls wer made by John BURNETTE and the building was completed by Mr. BARRETTE, after his purchase of the H. L. DOUSMAN property. The house is on an elevation, giving a lovely view of the opening of the Wisconsin-Mississippi valleeys, as well as the Iowa bluffs beyond. In the living room stands an old stove in good condition, it was bought of Joseph ROLETTE's family in 1839. Peter BARRETTE, SR., left a long line of descendents, eight sons and four daughters as follows: Susan born January 18, 1822, died in infancy; Louis born Febraury 29, 1824, of Minneapolis; Charles born February 26, 1826, at Bridgeport; Peter, Jr., born May 7, 1829 at Prairie du Chien; Antoine born May 20, 1831, at Bridgeport, Julia born June 25, 1833, died in infancy; Moses born August 10, 1835, of Watertown, S.D.; Paul born September 22, 1836, of Prairie du Chien; Samuel born January 30, 1838, died in infancy; Henry born July 20, 1841, Bridgeport; Margaret, born March 5, 1844, died April 17, 1864; Philomena born August 12, 1846, died December 20, 1857.

Charles BARRETTE, son of Pierre BARRETTE, Sr., was born February 26, 1826, at Prairie du Chien, Wis. He owned and resided on the Samuel GILBERT claim, made about 1826. He has one of the best improved farms in the town with all good buildings. In 1849, he married Emily J., daughter of H. L. DOUSMAN, and lived with his father the first two years after his marriage. In 1852, he moved into what is known as the mill farm of H. L. DOUSMAN and lived there 18 years. His wife died April 8, 1874. They had eight children: Virginia born September 20,1850, wife of Thomas WARD; Theresa born September, 1852, wife of Exis BROTHERS, died August 15, 1877; Jane born December 7, 1858, wife of Chas. BRANDES; Minnie born December, 1860; Susan born in 1862, died in 1864; Mattie born February 9, 1864; May born December 15, 1865; Charles L. born in 1867, died in 1875.

Henry BARRETTE, son of Peter BARRETTE, Sr., and brother of Charles BARRETTE, was born July 20, 1841. He married Anna M. KANE, January 3, 1864. She was a daughter of Bernard KANE of Pittsburg, Pa. She was born September 24, 1841. They had 18 children: Lizzie O. born November 14, 1864, Jennie May, born May 1, 1866; George W. born February 22, 1868; Walter H., born July 28, 1870; Louis B. born September 6, 1872; Willie E. born and died September 27, 1874; Anna V. born October 9, 1876; Mary Josephine, born May 16, 1878. That's all I can account for.


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