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Contributed by Gloria Olson


First Generation

      1. Isaiah POWELL was born New York State 1799. Isaiah died 2 July 1881 Chase, Oconto Co. WI., at 82 years of age. Buried Brookside Cemetery dates from gs. age 81 years, 9  mo.

 He married Louisa C. REMINGTON New York State. Louisa was born New York State 1815. Name appears as Caroline, on some records and Louisa C. on others,  name is probably Louise Caroline aka Caroline. Caroline was definitely the mother of Susan and all children born in WI.  If she was mother of those born in N.Y. is not proven or disproven. Name on Susan’s 2nd marriage record.

Louisa died 24 October 1863 in Wisconsin, at 48 years of age. Buried Brookside cemetery, age at death 48 years, name on stone is Caroline M. The stone also has the death of her son John  recorded on it.

 Written history states Isaiah worked at the Peshtigo mill for the Jones family in 1838 as a  millwright. In 1837 when Arndt bought out Childs from the Pensaukee mill, he hired Isaiah Powell  to run the new mill.

 Richard L. Hall wrote the following in his 1876 article "The first night we reached Pensaukee. Here Mr. Powell was living -- obliged to watch most of the night to keep some troublesome  animals away from his "crops", he gave us his bed and treated us kindly. The next day, July 3rd 1844, we arrived at Menominee and were welcomed by kind friends to the old house which was  so long our home."

 (sources- Richard L. Hall 1876 articles and "The history of Logging" book.)

Isaiah is enumerated on the 1850 census at Pittsfield, Brown Co., WI. on 25 August, 1850. It  is believed, based on dates on census sheets, Pittsfield was located south of the area now in Oconto County, probably Suamico River area. Isaiah is age 51 born NY, Caroline is age 36, born  NY and living with them are Augustus P. age 16, born N.Y., Francis A Ketchum, daughter age  18, born N.Y.; all other children born WI. Susan age 11, George W. age 9, John age 9, Oliver  age 5, Mary age 2 and Lewis age 5 mo.

 The family is living in a dwelling that includes Joseph Mead, Johnathan Hale family and Lews Hustings all from New York state.

  Isaiah purchased land in Sec. 20, T-27, R-21 in 1858. U.S. Bureau of land records.

 In 1870 Isaiah is enumerated in the town of Pensaukee, living in the home of C. C. Parkinson,  age 36, farmer; wife Mary age 21. born WI. with son Charlie age 3 and Asa age 1. He is listed as  Issac age 68, born N.Y., no occupation and there is a Charles Powell age 17, labor. This is  probably his daughter and her family. His son Lewis, age 19, is living in a boarding house and   working in the mill.

  Following Isaiah's obit from the Oconto County Reporter, July 9, 1881.
 Passed to a higher life. Mr. I. Powell, July 1st, 1881, a former resident of Brookside and one   of the first settlers of Oconto Co. Mr. Powell came here (so I am informed) when there was but  one other white man, Mr. Hardwick, in the vicinity. He died at the residence of Mrs. Ketchum, his daughter, St. Nathan (now Chase). Funeral service, in the M. E. church in West Pensaukee and   was buried in the Brookside cemetery, July 4th.

 Isaiah POWELL and Louisa C. (?) POWELL had the following children:
  +      2 i. Frances A.2 POWELL was born 1832.
          3 ii. Augustus P. POWELL was born New York State 1834.
  +      4 iii. Susan POWELL was born Aug. 1840.
  +      5 iv. George W. POWELL was born 8 Apr. 1841
          6 v. John POWELL was born in Wisconsin 1843. John died 19 Jan. 1862 at 18 years of age. Buried Brookside Cemetery. Age 19 when he died.
  +      7 vi. Oliver Twist POWELL was born 5 May 1845.
  +      8 vii. Mary E. POWELL was born 1848.
          9 viii. Lewis POWELL was born in Wisconsin 1850. is 5 months old on the census.
         10 ix. Charles POWELL - enumerated on 1870 census with father, 1880 and 1900 in town of Pensaukee with his family.

                                        Second Generation

  2. Frances A. POWELL (Isaiah1) was born New York State 1832

  She married twice. She married Henry B. KETCHUM in Wisconsin, prior to 1850. Henry was born New York State circa 1815.

 On the 1850 census he is enumerated at Marinette. Henry is enumerated on the 1860 town of  Pensaukee census with the surname indexed as Ketchens. Henry B. is age 38, born N.Y.,  occupation, ships carpenter; Francis is age 28, born N.Y. Their children living with them are  David, age 9; Schuyler, age 5; Susan age 4 and Ann age 1.

 On the 1860 census the family is identified in Pensaukee with the surname spelled Ketcham  indexed Ketchens.   Henry is age 38, occupation ships carpenter; Frances is age 28, and their  children are Daniel age 9, Schuyler age 6, Susan 4 and Ann age 1.

 By the time of the 1870 census Henry is located in Little Suamico, with occupation farmer.  Henry is age 55, Francis, age 38. Their children living with them are Daniel age 20; Schuyler, age  18, Susan age 14; Sarah, age 12; George, age 10, Oliver age 3 and Edson age 2. They also have a  farm hand Bood, age 25 living with them.

 She married George PAGE circa 1890.

 George is enumerated on the 1880 census at Little Suamico, occupation farmer; age 54, born   Canada; with wife Ages 45, with a daughter Agnes age 7.

 At time of 1850 census Francis is living with her parents in Pittsfield and Henry is listed in  Marmette District census taken on 20 Aug. which is for Peshtigo area.

 On the 1900 census Frances age 62, born New York; married at age 43 to George age 75,   born Canada. His occupation farmer and they had no children living in Chase.

 By  the time of the 1910 census, Frances is enumerated living with her niece Emma Plucker  married to John Mealy living in Suamico, along with her husband. It states its was a second marriage for both, and they had been married for 20 years. She stated she had 8 children all living. Frances is age 77 and George age 85.

 Frances A. POWELL and Henry B. KETCHUM had the following children:

      10    i.   Daniel3 KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1851.
  A Daniel W. Ketchum was the first postmaster of St. Nathans, later the name  was changed to Chase. If this is the same Daniel has not been proven.

      11    ii.   Schuyler KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1853.

      Schuyler with surname spelled Ketchem is found in Ward 2, of Marinette on  the 1900 census. He was born June 1853, in Wisconsin of parents born N.Y. He is age  46, single,  working as a carpenter and living in a boarding house run by Edwin and  Annie Denisha.
      12    iii.   Susan KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1856.
      13    iv.   Sarah KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1858.
      14    v.   Ann KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1859. Ann died 22 July 1859 at less than  one year of  age. Died at age 2 years 7 months. Stones state children of H.B. and F. A. Ketchum.
      15    vi.   George KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1860.
      16    vii.   Frederick KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin Sept. 1862. Frederick died 19 Aug.  1864 in  Wisconsin, at 1 year of age. Buried Brookside Cemetery, age 1 yr. 11 mo. Children  of H. B. and F. A, Ketchum.
      17    viii.  Oliver KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1867.
      18    ix.   Edison KETCHUM was born in Wisconsin 1868. He married Frances E. WALKER  Oconto Co., Wl., 31 May 1890. Pre 1907 Oconto marriage index.

 4. Susan POWELL (Isaiah1) was born in Wisconsin Aug. 1840. Parents born NY.

 She married Henry "Hank" PLUCKER in Wisconsin. Henry was born in Prussia 1830.  Henry died 18 July 1896 Oconto Co., Wl., at 66 years of age. Oconto VR., Vol. 3, pg. 131.  Buried Brookside Cemetery.

  Biography from Oconto County Reporter, 1895. Henry Plucker

 In 1846 Henry Plucker sailed from Oconto to Chicago with ship-loads of lumber for Huff  Jones' father, and on '52 went to Pensaukee on the brig Mary, one of Gardner's boats. He entered  a homestead, cleared the land, and with duties of a farmer added lumbering and fishing. A gunshot wound received while hunting prevented his acceptance as a soldier, and he is one of the very few  pioneers of Oconto county who were not allowed to enter the service of their country in time of oppression. He married a young lady named Powell and eleven children were born to them, eight  of whom are now living.

 Henry is enumerated on the 1860 census, in town of Pensaukee, Pensaukee post office. He is   age 30, occupation former, Susanna is ae 22, and they have daughters Mary age 4, and Emma age  2.

  The 1870 census surname spelled Pluker, shows Henry age 39, born Prussia, occupation farmer; wife Susan age 30, with the following children all born WI. Mary, age 13; Emma, age 12; Sarah, age 10; Susanah, age 8; Delhia age 6 and Henry age 2. Also living with him is Henry Swerie, age 19 born WI. and Charles Burzel age 20 both farm laborers. The next dwelling is Charles Swerie (Swaer), born N.Y.

 Henry is on 1880 U.S. census, age 49, born Prussia as were his parents, occupation farmer;  Susan is age 40 born WI., parents NY; children living with them are William H. age 12, Mina J. age 9, Lydia age 5, Jose age 2, and Herbert age 5 mo., all born WI. Surname spelled Pluker on  census.

  Susan POWELL and Henry "Hank" PLUCKER had the following children:

       19    i.   Susan3 PLUCKER. She married Joseph WESSING Oconto Co., WI., 22 June 1880. Oconto  VR., Vol. 3, pg. 221. Name spelled Wessing on record. Married by Shweback, wittnesses Johnny Powers and Mary Wessing. Oconto County Reporter,  June 26, 1880.

  Mr. Joseph Weasing, and Miss S. Plucker, were joined in the hoty bonds of  wedlock on  Tuesday last at Oconto. Joseph was the son of John WESSING and  Mary (?)  WESSING.

 +   20    ii.   Marie "Mary" PLUCKER was born 1856.
 +   21    iii.   Emma "Emily" PLUCKER was born Aug. 1858.
      22    iv.   Sarah PLUCKER was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 1860. She married James  RILEY.
      23    v.   Delia PLUCKER was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 1864. Delia died May 1882 Spaulding, WI,  at 17 years of age. Oconto County Reporter, May 13,1882. We are pained to note the death of Miss Delia Plucker, youngest daughter of Mr. and  Mrs.Henry Ptucker of this place, which occurred at Spaulding, on last Sunday  morning. Heart disease being the fatal malady. The remains reached here   Monday evening, and were followed to their last resting place at Oconto, by a large concourse of friends on Tuesday.
      24    vi.   William Henry PLUCKER was born in Wisconsin 1868. He married Cora  ANDERSON in  Oconto County, Wisconsin, 19 Aug. 1895. Oconio County Reporter, August 30, 1895.


 William Plucker and Miss Cora Anderson were united in marriage on the 19th instant by  Judge Jones. The will reside in Oak Orchard.
       25    vii.   Mina J. PLUCKER was born in Wisconsin 1871.
       26 viii.   Lydia "Lillie" PLUCKER was born in Wisconsin 1875. She married Ernest PAPENFUS in  Oconto, WI, 29 Jan 1893. Oconto Cty md. index. Oconto County Reporter Feb. 3,1893.


 At St. Joseph's church, in this city on Sunday, Jan.29. 1893, by the Rev. Fr. Locfcman, Miss Lydia Plucher, of Oak Orchard, to Mr. Ernst Papenfus, of this
city.  After the church services a reception was held at the residence of Henry K. Ansorge, at 5  o'clock p.m. A sumptuous repast was spread and partaken of by 50
couples.  When the inner man was well satisfied, the military band struck up it's strains and the "light fantastic"  was enjoyed until the "we sma' hours".

  Ernest was born Little Sumico 1867. Ernest was the son of Ferdinand PAPENFUS and  Mathilda (?) PAPENFUS. Ernest was divorced from an unknown person Prior  to 1910.

 Enumerated on 1910 census Little Suamico, living with his parents. His  occupation is  fish peddler and he is divorced.
        27    ix.    Jose PLUCKER was bora in Wisconsin 1878.
        28    x.   Herbert PLUCKER was born in Wis. Jan. 1880. Oconto County Reporter, Jan.  31, 1880 .

 An eleven pound new masculine infant accounts for Hank Plucker strutting  around as  though he had struck a gold mine.
        29    xi.   George PLUCKER was born Oconto Co., WI. 1882.

  Located on 1910 census living with his niece Algie Mealy married to George Laduron,  along with his wife Matte age 17, occupation fisherman.

    5. George W. POWELL (Isaiah1) was bom in Wisconsin 8 Apr. 1841. Date from gs.  George died 4 Sept. 1937 at 96 years of age. Buried Brookside Cemetery.

 He married Mary A. FARLEY in Oconto County, Wisconsin, 28 Feb. 1872. Oconto VR.  Vol. 2, Pg. 81. George's residence Pensaukee, occupation mechanic. Oconto County Reporter, 2 Mar. 1872

 MARRIED. - By Rev. W. J. Olmstead, on the 28th day of Feb. 1872, at the city of Oconto,  Miss Mary Farley  to Mr. George Powell, both of Pensaukee.

 Mary was born in New Hampshire 15 Sept. 1850. Mary was the daughter of Owen W.  FARLEY and Almira (?)FARLEY). Mary died 29 Apr. 1913 at 62 years of age. Buried Brookside Cemetery, dates from gs. George is on the 1880 census, working in the sawmill at Pensuakee, his age is 37, born in WI. his parents born NY, wife Mary age 29, born NY, lather  Ireland, mother NY with one daughter Emma age 5, born WI.

 George is on the 1880 census, working in the sawmill at Pensuakee, his age is 37, born in WI. his  parents born NY, wife Mary age 29, born NY, father Ireland, mother NY with one daughter Emma  age 5, born WI.

 On 1900 census Geoge is still in town of Pensaukee.  He is age 58, born Apr. 1842, occupation  farmer.  Mary A. is age 49, born May 1849 and they have living with them children Estella, born  July 1881, age 18 and Dolly, age 13 born Apr. 1887.

 George W. age 65, married once for 38 years to Mary A., age 59 on the 1910 census.  They had 3  children all living.  George is now a sawyer at the saw mill.   It appears George is boarding with the  William Westcot family in 1930 in Abrams.  He is age 88, born Wisconsin, married at age 33.

 George W. POWELL and Mary A. FARLEY had the following child:
+      30    i.   Emma Olive3 POWELL was born 1875.
                ii - Estella "Stella" Powell married George W. Bowman
                iii.  Dorothy POWELL was born 1887. Died 1932, buried in same gravesite as parents.

     7. Oliver Twist POWELL (Isaiah1) was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 5 May 1845. Oliver died  7 Feb, 1923 in Morgan, Wisconsn, at 77 years of age.

 He married Fidelia "Delia" RYMER in Little Suamico, WI., 5 July 1874. Oconto VR, Vol. 2,  pg 113. Olivers occupation is lumberman, living in Pensaukee. They were married by J. Harris,   Lt. Saumico with the witnesses: H. B. Ketchum and Mary E. Harris. Fidelia is the daughter of  John RYMER and Mary (?) RYMER.

 Oliver and George are listed next to each other on the 1870 census living in boarding house in  Pensaukee evidently working for Gardner.

 In 1880 still living in Pensaukee, age 35, occupation farmer:; wife Fidelia age 25 born Canada  as where her parents, with John age 3 and Mary age! both born WI.

  Oliver Twist POWELL and Fidelia "Delia" RYMER had the following children:
         31    i.   John3 POWELL was born in Wisconsin 1877.

         32    ii.   Mary Elizabeth "Mazie" POWELL was born Jan. 1879 Pensaukee, Wisconsin .  She married Albert Chase TEMPLE Oconto Co., Wl., 13 May 1899. Pre 1907   marriage index.

 Albert was born Oconto Falls, WI. 19 Aug. 188I- Albert was the son of George W.  TEMPLE and Maria VOLK. Albert died 4 Sept. 1909 Oconto Falls, WI.,
at 28 years of age. Oconto Vital Records, Vol. 5, pg 530, cause of death typhoid fever. Buried in Volk cemetery
    8. Mary E. POWELL (Isaiah1) was born in Wisconsin 1848.

  She married Christopher PARKINSON Pensaukee, Wisconsin, 1  Jan. 1866. Oconto VR  Vol. 1, pg 14. Performing the marriage Robinson Henry, from Oconto. Witnesses L. J. Henry, B.   E. Minik.  Religious Ceremony. Christopher's occupation is farmer.

 Christopher was born New York State 1834. Christopher was the son of Moses PARKINSON and Freelove (?) PARKINSON. He married Elizabeth MOSES Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1 June 1861.

  In 1870 census Christopher is enumerated in the town of Pensaukee, as C. C. Parkinson, age  36, farmer; wife Mary age 21. born WI. with son Charlie age 3 and Asa age 1. Living with him are  Issac Powell, age 68, no occupation and a Charles Powell age 17, form laborer. Probably his  father-in-law and brother-in-law.

  Mary, Christopher and family, found in Washington Township, Yolo County, California, enumerated on 1880 and 1900 census.  They have 9 living children, children born WI., Kansas, Nebraska and California.

  Mary E. POWELL and Christopher PARKINSON had the following children:
         33 i.   Charles3 PARKINSON was born Oconto Co., Wl. 1867.
         34 ii.   Asa PARKINSON was born Oconto Co., Wl. 1869.

                                         Third Generation

         20. Marie "Mary"3 PLUCKER (Susan2 POWELL, Isaiah1) was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 1856. Marie died 1888 Cadott, Chippewa Co., WI., at 32 years of age. Information from husbands biography.

 She married Johann B. WENSING Oconto Co., WL, 15 Nov. 1871. Oconto VR, Vol. 2, pg. 78. Married by Schruebeck, city of Oconto. Witnesses Joseph Wensing, and Emma Plucker. Oconto VR,

 Johann was born in Prussia July 1848. Johann was the son of Gerhard WENSING and Elizabeth HUNIG. He married Elizabeth CHRISTIANSON Litttle Suamico, WL, 2 Jan. 1889. Johann died Prior to 1920 in Wisconsin, at 71 years of age.

 According to Jan's biography in the Commorative Biographical Record of Notheastern Wisconsin he came to Pensaukee township in 1871 were he married Mary Plucker. For the first 3  years after his arrival he engaged in farming before engaging in fishing, an occupation he pursued for 18 years until 1893. During his years of fishing he employed four to six men during the season.

  In 1894 he built the "Pensaukee House" a two story building, 32 x 60 feet in dimensions from which he did a good business with the traveling public. He also continued to farm on his 40 acres plus had a dwelling near the Chicago & North Western railroad depot in the community of Pensaukee.

 The 1900 census locates John B. age 50, in Little Suamico as a hotel keeper. His wife Anna  age 37, they had been married 12 years and had 3 children all living. They are Dora M., age 12, Lloyd C., age 2 and Mildred C, age 5 mo.

  By the time of the 1910 census John, is 60 years old and a hotel keeper at Little Suamico with  his wife Anna C., age 47, married 20 years; they had 3 children of which only two are living with  them Lloyd B, age 12 and Mildred C. age 10. By 1920 Anne is age 56, widowed, living in Little Suamico with son Lloyd age 22 single.

 Marie "Mary" PLUCKER and Johann B. WENSING had the following child:

        35    i.   Suzanne Elizabeth "Lizzie"4 WENSING was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 1872.  Known as Elizabeth. Suzanne died 1942 in Wisconsin, at 70 years of age.  Buried Brookside cemetery,  death date from gs. She married Albert Theodore Reinhold KRISCHEFSKI  Pensaukee, Wisconsin, Dec. 26, 1888.  Chrustis Lutheran Church records. Married by Chas. J. Waltner,  Pastor.  Witnesses: Ferdinand Topel, Heinrich Schwiderke, Otto Strichansner, Ida Topel, Martha Gandi and Maria Schwiderke.

  Albert was bom Kleinosin, Pommern Germany 16 Nov. 1864. Also known as  Albert K. . Topel, Jr. Albert was the son of Martin KRISCHEFSKI and Wilhelmina  DIX  AKA DICKS.

 Albert died 22 Feb. 1910 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, at 45 years of age. Oconto VR., Vol. 5, pg. 693. Cause of death paralyses. Occupation hotel and tavern keeper.  Chrustis Lutheran church records read Krieschefski. Buried 24 Feb. 1910 Brookside cemetery.

Oconto Reporter
27 Apr. 1895-
  Albert Topel is building a large barn, 20x80, in connection with his hotel at  Pensaukee.

 It now appears that Albert also went by Topel as evidenced by the 1900  census. There is an Albert K. Topel enumerated on 1900 census born Nov. 1864, in Germany.  Married to Lizzie for 11 years, they had 4 children 3 living. They are Annie, age 9, born   Mar. 1891; William, age 5, born June 1893 and Walter, age 4 born July 1896 all born WI.  Albert  immigrated in 1880, occupation hotel keeper.

 This fits the family of Albert Theodore Kerschefeki, married to Susan  Wensing as does the information of the children.

 It is farther proven that Albert was aka Albert Topel, Jr. as recorded in the  baptizm record of his nephew Clifford Henry Albert Mealy, in 1905. Clifford son of his half-sister  Mary married to John Mealy. Two of his sponsers are recorded as Albert Tope], Sr., which would  be the grandfather, and Albert Topel, Jr., step-son Albert Krischefski Topel. That is the only  way you could have a Sr. & a Jr. His step father's death certificate, also records him as Albert Topel, Sr. The other Albert Topel's father is John therefore, not need to use Sr. and Jr. On the 1910 census he wife is enumerated as Krescheiski.

 Albert and Susan did take over the Pensaukee House from her father John Wensing, which has been proven.

Suzanne as Elizabeth S. is enumerated on the 1910 census age 37, widowed living on Main St. in Pensaukee. occupation hotel keeper with the surname spelled Kreschefski.  Living with her are daughter Anna M., age 19; sons, William A., age 17 occupation fisherman, net fishing and Walter W. age 13.

      21. Emma "Emily"3 PLUCKER (Susan2 POWELL, Isaiah1) was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin Aug. 1858. Emma died 1928 at 69 years of age.

 She married John MEALY 1878. John was born in Wisconsin circa 1851.

  Enumerated on 1900 census in town of Pensaukee surname spelled Maley. John age 49, Emma age 41 married 22 years. Had 6 children all living all born WI. They are Henry age 20; John age 18; Lizzie age 16; Algie age 14; Grace age 12 and Evaline age 8. Also living with the family is Susan Plucker age 59, mother-in-law, widowed and William Windross, boarder, age 79, single  and Verna Benson, age 15, servant. John age 55, born WI. of Irish and German parents is enumerated on the 1910 census, with  occupation fisherman in Suamico, Brown Co., WI. His wife's name is recorded as Emily age 52,  born WI. father born Prussia, mother Wisconsin and they both have been married once for 33   years. They have living with them their daughter Evelyn age 20 plus an aunt and uncle George and  Francis Page ages 85 and 77 respectively who had 8 children all living. Francis is Frances Powell,   sister of Emma's mother, who was first married to Henry Ketchum. Daughter Elizabeth "Liz" "Lizzie" Mealy  married Albert ROSS, the son of  Louisa HARDWICK and George ROSS, who was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 1874. Albert died 1946 Oconto Co., WI., at 72 years of age.. Elizabeth  Mealy Ross died Sept. 8, 1946, Little Suamico.

 The children as they appeared in the census married as follows.  Henry married Elza “Elsie” Lince daughter of George W. and Carrie (Benjarmin) Lince; John married Maria “Mary” Topel daughter of Albert and Wilhelmina (Dix-Dicks) Topel;   Elizabeth married Albert Ross as you have it. Algie, married George Laduron aka Ladrow son of Gerard “Jerry” and Mathilda Fabry Laduron.  Grace married Benjarmin “Ben” Valentine and Evelyn also married a Valentine, possibly John Cook Valentine.

 By the time of the 1920 census John is age 66, and Emily 59 and they are living by themselves, next to their daughter Algie married to George Laduron.   John's occupation is listed as farmer.

 John is enumerated on 1930 census living with his daughter Algie married to George A  Laduron in Suamico.

 Emma "Emily" PLUCKER and John MEALY had the following children:

     36    i.    Henry J.4 MEALY was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin 23 Aug. 1879. AKA James  Henry.  Henry died 4 Oct. 1941 Oconto Co., WI., at 62 years of age. Oconto VR. Vol. 14,  pg 537.   Informant, wife Elsie Mealy of Abrams. His name is now recored    as James Henry, age 62, occupation fisherman. Parents John Maley and Emma Pluckcer. He married Elsie (?) MEALY 1902.

 Enumerated on 1910 census town of Pensaukee. Henry is age 31, married to  Elsa, age 23, married for 7 years. His occupation fisherman and they have one daughter, Leona,  age 6. His  place of birth is indicated as Iowa.

  In 1920 enumerated at Abrams, Henry is age 50 married at age 23, his wife's  name is Elsie, age 43, married at age !6. They have a daughter Ida Mae, age 10.
 Occupation fisherman.

    37    ii.    John "Jack" MEALEY was born in Wisconsin Aug. 1881. He married Maria "Mary"  Wilhelmina Pauline TOPEL 1906. Maria was born in Oconto County,  Wisconsin 6 May 1884. Baptized Chrustis Lutheran Church on 11 May 1884, sponsors Johann Warschkow,  Berta Weigelt,  Catherine? Brunke.

Maria was the daughter of Albert TOPEL and   Wilheimina DIX AKA DICKS. Maria died 18 Jan. 1969 in Oconto, WI., at 84 years of age. Oconto VR., Vol.
 29, pg. 537.  Informant Mrs.Wilbur Zimmerman. Cause of death cerebral  thrombosis,  Parkinson. DR. Zantow.

 Maria was divorced from John MEALY in Oconto County, Wisconsin, prior to  1930.

 Mary age 45, divorced, had been married at age 19, is enumunerated on the 1930 census,  living in the town of Pensaukee with her son Clifford age 25, single occupation fisherman. Also living in the household is her daughter Violet, age 20, married at age 17 to Wilbur Zimmerman age 25, who married at age 22 and their daughter Bonnie Lee age 2. They are residing in a home  which also includes the Herbert Livermore family. Clifford and Wilbur's occupation is fisherman.

 Enumerated on 1910 census on Main St., town of Pensaukee, surname spelled Malay. John is age 26, born Wisconsin as was his mother, lather not indicated with his occupation fisherman. His wife Mary age 26, born Wisconsin of German parents. They had been married four years and have two children Clifford A., age 3 and Violet S., age 2.

 John and Mary with the family are enumerated on the 1920 census still living in town of  Pensaukee with his occupation still fisherman with both his parents recorded  as being born in Wisconsin with no additional children.

 It appears that John, age 44? may be a boader living with A. J. Savis(?) working as a general laborer. The surname is spelled Maley and he is in Pensaukee. If this is not   him, I  could not located on 1930 census.

     38    iii. Lizzie MEALY was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin Oct. 1883.
     39    iv. Algie A. MEALY was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin Jan. 1886. She married  George Laduron in Oconto County, Wisconsin, June 12, 1905. Vol 4, page 411. Witnessess Desire Lauron & Grace Mealy.

 George was born in Brookside, Wisconsin May 28, 1882. George was the son  of Gerard [Jorda] Joseph LADURON and Leonora Matilda FABRY [aka Ann   Matilda].  George died 1965  in Wisconsin, at 83 years of age. George and Angle are  buried in Little Suamaco, Wisconsin.  George was a commercial fisherman in Little Suamico, Wisconsin. He and Algie  had no children.

  They were residing in Lt. Suamico when the 1910 census was enumerated. George was 27, Algie age 23 they had both been married once for 4 years and had no children. George's occupation was  fisherman, net fishing. Living with them was  George Plucker, 28 and Mattie M. age 17, they had been married one year, Algie's aunt and uncle. George's occupation was also fisherman.

 Shown on 1910 census Pensaukee, pg. 249. On the 1920 census enumerated  in Suamico,  Brown County surname spelled Ladrow. George is age 47, married at age 22,  occupation  fisherman; Algie is age 43, married at age 19. Living with them are John Mealy, age 77,   father-in-law and John W. Swaer age 47 single, born WI. of Irish  parents,  occupation laborer.

 The 1920 census shows George with occupation, framer age 37 and Algje is  age 36.
        40    v.  Grace MEALY was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin Dec. 1887.
        41   vi.  Evelyn MEALY was born Pensaukee, Wisconsin July 1891.

        30. Emma Olive3 POWELL (George W.2, Isaiah1) was born in Wisconsin 1875. Emma  died 2/29/1919 in Brookside, Wisconsin, at 44 years of age. Oconto VR. VoJ 7, pg 749. Oconto County Reporter, 6 March 1919

                      MRS. P. WHITCOMB DEAD

                 Passed Away Friday After Several Months' Illness

  Mrs. Percy Whitcomb answered her final summons last Friday, death occurring at her home in the town  of Pensaukee, after having been ill for several months with cancer. She passed away at the   age of  44 years, 8  months and 7 days.

  Her husband and eight children are left to mourn the loss of a devoted wife and mother. Her  father, George Powell, of Abrams also survives.

 The funeral was held Monday afternoon from the M. E. Church at Brookside, Rev. E. W. Wright officiating, with burial in Brookside cemetery. Donald MacQueen of Oconto was called to prepare the body for burial.

 She married Percy H. WHITCOMB in Wisconsin. Percy was born in Brookside, Wisconsin  8/07/1869.  Percy was the son of William Wallace WHITCOMB and Elizabeth C. BARKER. Percy died 5/24/1956 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, at 86 years of age. Oconto County Reporter, 24 May  1956 and Green Bay Press Gazette 21 May 1956

            Funeral Tuesday of P. Whitcomb

 Funeral services were held at the Gallagher funeral home Tuesday for Percy Whitcomb, 86, Pensaukee, who died Saturday from complications due to old age.

 The deceased was born in Pensaukee Aug. 7, 1869 and was a lifetime resident. He worked as  a well driller, carpenter and did masonry work. The Reverend Harold Riebe, paster of the Methodist church officiated at services. Burial was in Brookside cemetery.

 He is survived by six daughters, Mrs. Claude Papenfus, Oconto; Mrs. Racil Leonard, Abrams;  Mrs. Harold Terry, Mrs. James Terry, and Mrs. Alfred Nichols, all of Chicago; and Mrs. lone  Cool, Little Suamico; one son Howard (Fritz) of Pensaukee; two brothers, Herb of North Dakota and Eric of Milwaukee; one sister, Mrs. William Nichols, Pensaukee, 17 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren.

 Emma Olive POWELL and Percy H. WHITCOMB had the following children:

        42   i.    Amy S.4 WHITCOMB was born in Oconto County, Wisconsin 11/14/1898.  Amy died 1971 at 72 years of age. She married Racil C. LEONARD in Abrams, Wi, 06/30/1921.

 Racil was born in Oconto County, Wisconsin 04/02/1897. Oconto VR, Vol. 3, pg. 428. Racil  was the son of Charles Webster "Webb" LEONARD and Rose   TOUCHEITE.   Racil died 08/03/1965 at 68 years of age. Buried Brookside Cemetery dates from gs.

 Enumerated on 1930 census, living with his parents in the town of Pensaukee.  Racil, is a  machinest at a auto plant. Racil and Amy had been married for 8 years.

        43   ii.  Lynn WHITCOMB.
        44   iii. Howard WHITCOMB was born in Brookside, Wisconsin 5/12/1901. Howard died 11/03/1987 in Oconto, WI., at 86 years of age. Oconto County Reporter 4 November 1987

  Howard E. "Fritz" Whitcomb

 Howard E. "Fritz" Whitcomb, 86, 1410 Superior Ave., Oconto, died November  3, 1987,  at Oconto Memorial Hospital, after a long illness.

 He was born May 12,1901, at Brookside.

 He married the former Ermine DcHut June 25, 1949, at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Oconto.  he died Aug. 8, 1980.

 He worked for 9 1/2 years for Art Swaer Fish Co., in Pensaukee. He owned and operated Oak Park Tavern there for 17 years. He also worked for 17 years for Fox Valley Construction  Co., retiring in 1974.

 He is survived by three sisters, lone Cool of Little Suamico, Sally Nichols of Oconto and Dorothy Terry of Fountain, Colo.  A brother, Lynn, and three sisters, Amy Leonard, Estelie Terry, and Mary Papenfus diied previously.

 Friends called at Gallagher-Pinkart Funeral Home, Oconto, where a wake   service was held. Final rites were held there on Friday. The Rev. Joel Tuller  officiated. Burial in Brookside  Cemetery.

  He married Ermine DEHUT in Oconto, WI., 6/25/1949.  Ermine was born in  Oconto,   WI. 11/10/1914. Eniiine was the daughter of Charles DEHUT and Ida GEHRING.  Ermine died 08/13/1980 in Oconto County, Wisconsin, at 65 years of age. Ermine DeHut Whitcomb obit appeared in the Oconto County Reporter, 13 August 1980.

  Mrs. Howard Whitcomb

 Mrs. Howard Whitcomb, 65, 135 Bridge St., Oconto, died at the Oconto Memorial Hospital  Friday very unexpectedly.

 The former Ermine DeHut was born Nov. 10, 1914 in Oconto and was a lifetime resident.  She married Howard Whitcomb June 23, 1931, at St Peter's Rectory. The couple operated Oak Park tavern at Pensaukee for 17 years.

 Survivors are her husband and one sister Mrs. Gordon (Lucille) Swaer of Green Bay.

 Friends may call at the Gallagher-Pinkart funeral home where prayer service and St. Ann's Rosary service were held Sunday evening, Church services were Monday morning at St. Peter's Catholic church, the Reverend Earl Schuh officiating. Burial was in Brookside cemetery.

        45    iv. Mary E. WHITCOMB was bom in Wisconsin 1901. She married Claude Russell PAPENFUS 1925. Claude was born in Oconto, WI. July 30 1900. Claude was the son of C. Charles PAPENFUS and Mary (?) PAPENFUS.

 Registered for the WW I draft on Sept 12, 1918. He was a laborer employed by Charles H. Papenfus who was also his next of kin.

 Claude and Mary are enumerated on 1930 census living with his mother in Oconto. He is age 29, Mary E. is age 30 both married at age 24. His occupation is clerk at grocery store.

       46    v. Ione WHITCOMB was bom in Oconto County, Wisconsin. She married (?) COOL.
       47    vi.Estelle WHITCOMB. She married (?) TERRY.
       48   vii.Sally WHITCOMB. She married Alfred MCHOLS.
       49  viii Dorothy WHITCOMB. She married (?) TERRY.