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List of persons entitled to 80 acres of land each, under the provision of the sub-division 7 of the 2nd article of the Treaty of September 30, 1854, with the Chippewas of Lake Superior, each of said persons being the head of a family, or 21 years of age (at the time of the treaty) of the mixed bloods of Lake Superior, Chippewa Indians. Made by the undersigned at LaPointe, in September, 1855, according to instructions received from the Indian Commission of Affairs, Henry C. Gilbert, Indian Agent:

Norbert ALLIE, Hiram S. ALLEN, Benj. C. ARMSTRONG, Henry BRESETTE, Charles BRESETTE, Michael BRESETTE, Angeline BREBAN, Michael BAIERGER, John Bpts. BAIERGER, Augustine BEESON,

John Bpts. BERRIOT, Augustine BAZINET, John Bpts. BAZINET, Joseph BAZINET, Michael BOSQUIT, Sr., Michael BOSQUIT, Jr., Joseph BELLAIR, Joseph BOECHER, Joseph BURKET, Mary and Edward BLANCHARD,

Henry BLACKFOOT, Alexander BILION, John Bpts. BRUNET, Peter BRUCE, Joseph BOVIN, Stephen BUTTERFIELD, Charles BELLISLE, John Bpts. BARTOUM, John BELL, Francis BELANAGER,

Thornton BISHOP, Augustine BECHOT, Genevieve BELANGER, Joseph CHARRETTE, Alexis CHARPENTER, Michael DEFOE, Joseph DEFOE, Louis DEFOE, J. Bapt. DEFOE, Antoine DEFOE, Joseph DEFOE,

Antoine CADOTTE, John Bpts.CADOTTE, Francis CADOTTE, John Bpts. CADOTTE, Augustine 2nd CADOTTE, Antoine CADOTTE, Michael CADOTTE, Joseph CADOTTE, J. Bpts. CADOTTE, Jr., Susan CADOTTE, Andrew CADOTTE, Augustine 1st CADOTTE, Charles CADOTTE,Joseph CADOTTE, Jr.,

Antoine COUVIGON, Joseph COUVIGON, J. Buts. COUVIGON, Joseph COTURE, Elizabeth CONNER, Edward CONNER, Patrick CONNER, Thomas CONNER, Peter CONNER, Charles CHALOUS, Sr., Charles CHALOUS, Jr.,

Peter CREBBASSA, Benj. and Josetta CLOUTIER, J. Bapt. CRANE, Pierre CHARETTE, Louis CORBIN, Alexis CORBIN, Augustine CORBIN, Sr., Augustine CORBIN, Jr., Ester CORBIN, Charles CORBIN, Antoine CORBIN, J. Bapt. CORBIN,

William CROSS, Mary CHICKASAW, widow, Maurice CALIFOUSE, Antoine COURNIER, John Bapt. COTE, Josetta CHASSE, widow, Catherine, Francis and Nicholis DeCOTEAU, Joseph DENNIS, BEnj. DENNIS, Basil DENNIS,

Mary DINGLY, Joseph DEJADON, Sr., Joseph DEJADON, Jr., Charles and Edward DINGLY, Francis DEJADON, Sr., Francis DEJADON, Jr., Joseph DEJADON, Michael DUPEREZ, Sr., Michael DUPEREZ, Jr., Mary DUBAY, widow,

Joseph, Louis and J. Bapt. DESMARIS, J. Bapt. DENOME, Ambrose DeRAGEAU, Souvrie DENNIS, Felexe DETOIR, Predum DUGALL, Oliver DELARUS, George DAY, Elijah ERMATINGER, Isaac ERMATINGER, Jas. ERMATINGER, Moses FRENCH, Edward FELIX, Duane FOSTER, Francis, Pierre and Annabelle FOURNIER.

Anyoine GAUDIN, J. Bapt. GAUDIN, Joseph, Louis and Angeline GAUDIN, Joseph GORNOS, Louis GODFRAY, Charlotte GODFRAY, widow, Joseph GAUTHIER, SR., Joseph GAUTHIER, Jr., John GAUTHIER, Francis GAUTHIER, Antoine, GAUTHIER, John Bapt. and Esther GAUTHIER, Elizabeth HERBERT, widow, John HARTNEY, Sr., John HARTNEY, Jr., J. Bapt., Francis, Joseph and J. Bapt., Jr. HEUHLE, James HOLLADAY, Sr., James HOLLADAY, Jr., John, John M. and Mary HASKIN, William HERBERT, Abel HALL, Ira ISHAM, Louis and Jaseph JAUNDRON, Louis JOHNSON, Joseph and Charles JANUARY, Simon JANVIERE, Ilert and Francis JENERAUSE, Charles JANVIER, Josetta LESSEUR, widow, J. Bapt., Annabella, Francis and Peter LEMIEUSE, Miss Marg. LaPOINTE, Antoine and Joseph LEMAREAUXE,

J. Bapt. LeSAGE, J. Bapt. LEGARDE, J. Bapt. and Joseph LAUNDRY, Angeline LeROSE, widow, Francis and Antoine La De BAUCHE, Zebadee LaFONT, Joseph LEMIEUSE, Benjamin and Charles LeROSE, Charles LEWIS, Antoine LAGUENNES,

Eustach LEGARDE, Augustine LaROCHE (LaROQUE), Joseph, J. Bapt, 1 and 2 LaROCHE, J. Bapt. LaSA_T, 2, Peter LAMBERT, Geo. LEGROS, John LaSARET, Francis LeCLERE, John B and Henry LaPRAIRIE, Nickolas MENICKLER,

John, Andrew and Donald D. MORRISON, Jeremiah MARTELL, Michael and Joseph MICHAUER, Joseph MORRISON, Louis and Elizabeth MONTREILLE, Peter MARKMAN, Charles MENICKLIER, Robert MOTIN, Benj. MORVIN, George MILLETT,

John and Narcisse MAIGNANT, Lewis NEVEAUSE, Louis NAYWAWGOO, Francis and Louis NOLAN, Alexis NEVEAUSE, Joseph and Antoine PICARD, Antoine PEDINGIER, Joseph PIQUETTE, Sr., Joseph PIQUETTE, Jr., James PRIOR,

Andrew PRICOUT, David PENNOCK, William PEPIN, Joseph QUATONSE, Vincent ROY, Sr., Vincent ROY, Jr., J. Bapt, 1, Francis, Jopseh, Louis, Charles, Peter, J. Bapt. 2, Joseph 2 and Angeline ROY. Angleine ROY, widow,

Ignace RABEDOUSE, Francis ROUSSAIN, Theopilus REMILLARD, Joseph RIELL, Joseph RAIMON, Paul and Mary, widow, SOLOERE, J. Bapt and Francis ST JOHN, John SAYRE, Isadore SOUTHERLAND, Alexander SLATER,

Edward St. ARMAUDE, George TOTRCHAND, Eliz. TREMBLE, widow, Francis TRUCKEY, John TARRIERE, Joseph TREPANER, Francis and J. Bapt. VISNEAU, Wm. E. VANDEVENTER, Peter B. VANTASSEL, Mary Geo. and William WARREN, William WILEY.


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